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Jos Jansen (Banshee13)

DONE..!! | RAF Phantom FGR Mk.2 - Wildenrath




45 | 26. November 2019, 21:51
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Jos Jansen
Welcome Hans...according to my research, the did...?!
26. November 2019, 21:57
Jos Jansen
Thx Hans and Roland.... my plan is to build the XV413 of 92 squadron based on RAFG Wildenrath, July 1977...I love the yellow and red checkered marking...!!
26. November 2019, 22:16
Jos Jansen
AIM-9D on the wing pylons...
26. November 2019, 22:38
Maciej Bellos
29. November 2019, 04:18
Erik Leijdens
Great work so far mate :). Cockpit looks great, who needs Aires..?
29. November 2019, 21:08
Jos Jansen
@Erik... ;)
30. November 2019, 11:43
Stephan Ryll
That Rhino from Wildenrath is Comming along nicely Jos
30. November 2019, 14:42
Jos Jansen
It is not an easy kit, the necessary sanding and filling work will still have to be done for the primer...
4. December 2019, 21:29
Jos Jansen
This kit is not a Zoukei-Mura, so the cockpit needs some scratch-build manual work...
30. December 2019, 22:47
30. December 2019, 23:54
Holger Kranich
Excellent work on that cockpit, Jos!
31. December 2019, 08:44
Jos Jansen
Thx Roland and Holger....and welcome aboard Sergej I... !!
31. December 2019, 09:10
Stephan Ryll
The pit is looking very good Jos
31. December 2019, 09:16
Jos Jansen
Thx Stephan...HUD in place (Polarize Finish, Hasegawa)
2. January 2020, 19:43
2. January 2020, 19:59
late to the Party, but not too late :) really good job so far
2. January 2020, 23:21
Günther Decock
Al mooi gedaan Jos. Vooral de details in de cockpit. Is dat met upgradesets van Eduard gedaan? Ik ben een fan. ????
3. January 2020, 00:01
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice so far Sir.
3. January 2020, 00:17
Jos Jansen
@Playtime 222...welcome on board!

Thx Daniel, Gunther, Clifford and James...

Been busy today with what will be hanging under the wings of my Phantom ...
5. January 2020, 17:08
Clifford Keesler
Watching with interest, I finally got my grubby little paw's on one. They have been kind of hard to come by here in the States.
7. January 2020, 00:49
Jos Jansen
Black primer is ready...Alclad Black Primer and Microfiller...
20. January 2020, 21:06
Jos Jansen
@Gunther Decock...jazeker, onderstaand setje:
20. January 2020, 21:11
Jos Jansen
Bottom fuselage and wings ready with the black-basing technique...this weekend some subtle post-shaden with blended light grey...
23. January 2020, 20:01
Clifford Keesler
This is looking very nice Jos.
24. January 2020, 01:15
Jos Jansen
Thanks Clifford...!
24. January 2020, 12:32
I agree, great start into painting
24. January 2020, 17:52
David Deavall
Nice so far
24. January 2020, 18:25
Jos Jansen
Thx guys....ready phase 1 RAF scheme Gunze H330 Dark Green BS381C:641
25. January 2020, 20:15
Jos Jansen
The cold war colors have been sprayed on my RAF Phantom ... I will have to paint some transition lines here and there and then some shading with slightly lighter green and gray. For the second color of my scheme, I used Gunze H331 Dark Seagray BS381C:638.
27. January 2020, 20:32
Sergej I
Hi Jos, very nice paintjob, can't wait to see it further enhanced!
On another note, did you consider the Ammo/AKI camo putty? All the tamiya tape and the labour of cutting and sticking... To me it saves precious time and repeating work...
27. January 2020, 20:40
Michael Phillips
Very nice camo Jos! This one is really coming alive, glad I came aboard right when the fun is starting!
27. January 2020, 21:20
Jos Jansen
Hi Sergej....I have never used this masking putty before, but it is definitely worth giving this product a try, thanks for the tip!
27. January 2020, 21:20
Clifford Keesler
Excellent camo Jos. I use Silly Putty for masking camo.
28. January 2020, 02:25
Jos Jansen
Welcome aboard Michael, it's a privilege to have you here!

@ Thanks Clifford, I definitely gonna look if masking putty is something for me...!

Tonight I restored the lines of the camouflage, also added some extra shading ... I say he is ready for the Gloss ...
28. January 2020, 22:40
Jos Jansen
Thx James...layer of Gloss coat ready, Alclad II ALC-600-60 Aqua Gloss.
29. January 2020, 17:37
Jos Jansen
Tonight I had the right mojo, made a lot of progress!
29. January 2020, 22:27
Jos Jansen
Beginning of the first wash, the undercarriage...
3. February 2020, 20:28
I have a question about your gloss coat stuff. I have a bottle of AlC AC600 Aqua Gloss, but never used it. How would you recommend applying it, and how do you clean the airbrush afterwards? Would regular airbrush cleaner do, or must one use some different type of solvent?
3. February 2020, 21:18
Andrea Morris
Do not stir or shake, 25-30psi using your biggest neadle. Apply even layers, do not allow to sag. I find two coats some hours apart ok. No special clean up required as long as you clean after use, it sets like concrete!!!
3. February 2020, 21:50
Jos Jansen
Well Dave Morris, I don't agree your adjustment on the pressure. My experience with Aqua Gloss is that you get the best result at a low psi around 0.8 / 1.0. Because you don't have to shake it, you can use it directly from the bottle. Make sure that your surface is smooth. I use Gunze paint and it can be sanded very well with a 3000-grain scourer. If you have a smooth surface, then you can apply the Gloss of Alclad perfectly with a low pressure in one layer. For cleaning after using Aqua Gloss from Alclad, I use the revell Aqua Color Clean for my airbrush. Clean your airbrush right after use because Morris is right about this, this Gloss will get really hard. I don't change needles, the Gloss can be sprayed well with a 0.2 needle.
3. February 2020, 22:51
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Jos. I spray my Alclad aqua gloss with a .02 needle at 10psi, and use auto winshield washer fluid to clean my air brush. I use the winshield washer as my standard air brush cleaner for all my acrylic paints. For all others I use Laquer thinner, followed by a final clean with the wiper fluid. Works great for me.
4. February 2020, 00:15
Michael Hickey
Looking good so far.
4. February 2020, 02:34
Jos Jansen
Thx Clifford and Michael ...slowly making progress...!
4. February 2020, 21:35
Slavo Hazucha
Woopsie, wasn't watching properly and now it's almost done... Nice "classic" - well-matched camo colors & balance! Also nice to see Rosie being busy around the panel lines ;)
4. February 2020, 21:45
Jos Jansen
No worries Slavo, glad you're back...! Probably this weekend the undercarriage James...

I made a start with the several metal colors in the exhaust area...
5. February 2020, 20:10
Clifford Keesler
That is just awesome Jos. Hope mine looks half as good, when I get around to it.
5. February 2020, 20:39
Jos Jansen
@Clifford, thx...sure man, you're a great builder!

I haven't work a lot with metal colors... made a start with it!
6. February 2020, 22:58
Thomas Bischoff
Great work
7. February 2020, 18:21
Maciej Bellos
Whoa! Great metal work!
7. February 2020, 18:44
Christian Ristits
Oh yes, Looks very promising!
7. February 2020, 18:58
Konrad Limmer
Alright this is going to be another stunning build ! Cool Metal work Jos.
7. February 2020, 20:22
Michael Phillips
Now that is some awesome metalwork Jos!
7. February 2020, 20:26
Jos Jansen
Thx Thomas, Maciej, Christian, Konrad and Michael...glad you liked it, I didn't had a lot of experience with the metals but Iam very satisfied. Tomorrow it's time for some panel line wash...
8. February 2020, 18:54
Jos Jansen
Due to some small recovery points at the top of the fuselage, these are now in the Gloss, I just put the bottom in the Deep Gray PLW from Mig, also made a start with the decals.
9. February 2020, 18:46
Clifford Keesler
It looks awesome Jos, the decals are looking very nice.
11. February 2020, 01:12
Jos Jansen
Thx Clifford...wash upper fuselage and wings ready, tonight decal-time!
11. February 2020, 08:06
Clifford Keesler
Looking most excellent sir. She is going to be a stunner.
11. February 2020, 22:21
Clifford Keesler
I will be glad when I get moved in and settled in my new house so I can get back to building again.
11. February 2020, 22:23
Jos Jansen
I hope Clifford...Iam very satisfied so far, I couldn't do all the decals these days, hopefully end of the week...but the undercarriage is in place, let it dry baby!
11. February 2020, 22:25
Erik Leijdens
Looking mighty fine Jos! As usual off course
12. February 2020, 20:35
playtime 222
Hope mine turns out half as good as this one has!
13. February 2020, 14:17
Jos Jansen
Thx Erik, James and playtime...halfway through applying the decals ... this is not one of my favorite things to do, but the Phantom comes alive...happy :)!
13. February 2020, 19:42
Clifford Keesler
Looking excellent Jos.
15. February 2020, 20:10
Roland Gunslinger
The finish line in sight! Looks awesome
15. February 2020, 20:20
Jos Jansen
Thanks Clifford and Roland, appriciate your comments!

Mates help me out...!!!
I'm finally done with all the decals and stickers. Now I only find the decals of Xtradecal (the British roundels and Wildenrath markings) enormously bright in color. What kind of tip would you give me to moderate that bright color tone...?
16. February 2020, 23:11
Roland Gunslinger
Hmm, not sure if it helps but I would try overspraying with for example Tamiya X-19 smoke clear or something else highly thinned.
17. February 2020, 06:16
Hey jos, I would seal them in satin and use a grey oil filter, the radical solution would be to mask&paint your own roundels over these. I usually do the wash after decalling, which helps a lot blending them in. Really like your phantom, excellent paintjob again mate
17. February 2020, 11:08
Looking stunning mate
17. February 2020, 19:07
Clifford Keesler
I always apply my wash after decals also, tones them down quite a lot. Looks awesome by the way.
17. February 2020, 23:34
John Ballman
Coming along very well, keep up the good work.
18. February 2020, 00:02
Thorsten Ungerechts
Wildenrath - Hometown ;) Near by...
18. February 2020, 01:01
Jos Jansen
@Roland and Daniel...your suggestions were also my first thoughts, I also shared this question on various FB pages ... I had very good ideas and suggestions. I am going to try out several techniques on a test piece of plastic...thanks mates!

@James worries mate, appreciate your comment!

@Clifford...I have had problems in the past that the wash ended up under the decals, the possible cause was probably that the surface was not smooth enough. Since then I have the habit of first doing the panel line wash and then applying the decals, after having sealed them with a gloss I always add some subtle weathering. Only this time the decals of Xtradecal are very bright in color, I have never experienced that before!

@John Ballman...doing the best I can mate...

@Thorsten...awesome, a shame that the RAF left...?! ;)
18. February 2020, 20:05
Thorsten Ungerechts
I lived at that time in Birgelen. Not far from Wildenrath Air Base and next to the Mercury Barracks of the BAOR.
Well, the Phantoms scared me a lot as I was younger XD
Sometimes they flew very very Deep ;)
18. February 2020, 21:50
Clifford Keesler
She sure still looks great to me Jos. Looking forward to seeing her finished.
18. February 2020, 22:06
Jos Jansen
@Thorsten...okay, I can imagine that it scares you when they come flying low ... the Rolls-Royce engine wasn't silent .. ;)

@Clifford...I have very little time in the coming weeks, but I too cannot wait to have her ready!
20. February 2020, 18:22
Clifford Keesler
I will not be doing any modeling for a few weeks also. We will start moving into our new house next weekend, so alas I must pack up my workbench. LOL.
21. February 2020, 00:54
Nathan Dempsey
That's looking VERY nice Jos. You are making me a fan of this variant.
21. February 2020, 03:02
Günther Decock
Weer prachtig gedaan, Jos. Ook een leuke too' om je vliegtuig op te plaatsen. Zelf gemaakt?
21. February 2020, 14:07
Phantastic :)
22. February 2020, 16:02
Jos Jansen
@Gunther...dankjewel, op deze site verkrijgbaar:
24. February 2020, 22:07
Jos Jansen
24. February 2020, 22:08
Slavo Hazucha
Some lovely progress going on here - I last saw the metalworks around the nozzles - which turned out great - and the underbelly also got some fine weathering - very nicely toned & balanced together indeed - another one for the print? ;)
3. March 2020, 10:19
Jos Jansen
Thanks Slavo, good to have you back mate!! I have just found some time to continue working on my FGR. I only have a small problem with the canopies. There is probably some Tamiya polish residue left after I dipped them in the Future. Both canopies have become slightly dull. I am now going to try to get a new sprue from the clear parts via Revell.
4. March 2020, 23:21
Clifford Keesler
Weapons looking good.
5. March 2020, 02:23
I remember painting my 1:48 sidewinders and they looked nice and clean, but eventually, after touching them, the clean look disappeared. I should have added a gloss coat right after painting them I think.
5. March 2020, 09:06
Jos Jansen
Thx Clifford and Treehugger...

Started with the weathering of my Revell 1/48 RAF FGR.2 Phantom.I have made the bright color decals slightly duller by putting on a dark PLW. On the underside of the fuselage I have subtly applied oil leaks and dirt with the Abteilung 502 oil paints (black and raw umber). The super detailed Sidewinders AIM-9D from Eduard are ready for a subtle wash and can then be placed on the pylons.
7. March 2020, 22:23
Slavo Hazucha
Very fine & well measured belly weathering, lovely to behold how it evolves from a clean front to more grime & streaks around the engines & where it all belongs x someone knows what he's doing again ;) & some seriously cool looking Sidewinders on top too!
8. March 2020, 07:31
arne vd burg
Beautiful work Jos
11. March 2020, 05:59
Günther Decock
Jos, de cockpit is echt mooi gedetailleerd. Hoe begin je eraan (heb zelf nog maar een Spitfire gebouwd)? Dus op ''t gebied van vliegtuigen bouwen ben ik zeker een leek. Ik heb nog wel een paar vliegtuigmodellen in mijn verzameling. Maar eerst mijn opel blitz en een Apache longbow. Echt top.
13. March 2020, 15:27
Jos Jansen
Thx Slavo, Arne and Gunther...much appreciate it your fine comments! By working more at home due to the COVID-19 infection, I have a little more time to work on my FGR. Finally started with the canopies. Great service from Revell, within a few days I received new canopies. With a good masking set it saves a lot of frustration to get everything properly masked!
19. March 2020, 22:50
Jos Jansen
Bottom fuselage ready ... panel line wash, wash, oil streaks, weaponry in place and the final varnish layer of 50% Satin and 50% Matt Lacquer Clear Coat from HATAKA ... my favorite own mix...!
20. March 2020, 17:38
Slavo Hazucha
Exactly as a Phantom in best years should look like! & carrying a nice loadout too - what exactly is the piece in the center?
20. March 2020, 20:47
Urban Gardini
It's a gunpod
20. March 2020, 20:49
Urban Gardini
Spey power, what's not to love! She's a beauty mate!
20. March 2020, 20:53
armed to the teeth, love it!
20. March 2020, 21:05
playtime 222
What's not to love? The British putting more powerful engines in but having to make the fuselage wider and so offsetting the performance gain with the drag *sigh
20. March 2020, 21:09
Urban Gardini
Yes, it's lovely!
20. March 2020, 21:55
Jos Jansen
Thanks a lot guys for your friendly and constructive comments...much appreciate it! This weekend hopefully the reveal...fingers crossed!!

@Slavo...that's a Vulcan SUU-23 20mm Gunpod. The first Phantoms did not yet have an internal gun, and it was discovered that the missiles Aim-7 and 9 were not sufficient for dogfighting.
20. March 2020, 23:49
Clifford Keesler
Looking awesome Jos, very nice weapons. Looking forward to the final reveal.
21. March 2020, 02:43
Slavo Hazucha
Thx Urban & Jos, of course, should have noticed, I'm not a Phantom expert, mixed it up & thought the RAF had cannons just like the Luftwaffe versions - ignored the absence of the under-nose "afterthought" - my bad! :)
21. March 2020, 06:12
Nathan Dempsey
I can't wait to see the reveal pics of this build.
21. March 2020, 12:58
Jos Jansen worries ;)!

Thanks Clifford, Slavo and Nathan...!

Matt/Satin coat on top of the fuselage and wings, before I add some grime streakings from oil leaks on top of the wings. Put in place the FOD covers with glossy look, gives a nice contrast with the matt layer.
22. March 2020, 17:26
Jos Jansen
...almost ready... :)!
28. March 2020, 20:32
Slavo Hazucha
Those Brassin seats... :o!!!

+ Adding some smart wash & patina on the pre-painted PE just makes the key difference - well done
29. March 2020, 08:27
Erik Leijdens
Amazing work Jos, those seats are just.. wow! As is the whole build, you're an expert mate Glad to have you in our WhatsApp modellers group :D
29. March 2020, 20:41
Clifford Keesler
Amazing looking seats Jos. Question, what color did you use on the underside of your F-4>
30. March 2020, 02:12
Jos Jansen
Thx Slavo, Erik and Clifford...this weekend the reveal with the final cool pics of my latest masterpiece...very happy with it so far!

@Clifford...I used for the underside: Gunze H332 Light Aircraft Gary BS381C-527
30. March 2020, 19:29
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much sir. If the latest photo's are any indication of the final product. we are all in for one huge treat.
1. April 2020, 01:11
playtime 222
1. April 2020, 08:00
Slavo Hazucha
Definitely a good motivation to get us through another Corona-ridden week! ;)
1. April 2020, 08:14
Roland Gunslinger
Boah, these seats are awesome :o
1. April 2020, 08:24
Jos Jansen
Thx guys...have a seat and enjoy the reveal pics of my RAF Phantom FGR Mk.2... :)
2. April 2020, 20:41
Eelco Gregoire
Perfect!! Prachtig resultaat Jos!
2. April 2020, 20:45
Jasper Breur
Another stunning work of art!
2. April 2020, 20:53
Urban Gardini
Stunningly beautiful, well done mate!
2. April 2020, 21:27
Erik Leijdens
Speechless!! Amazing work mate Hope mine will turn out half as good!
2. April 2020, 21:41
love it! really love it
2. April 2020, 22:02
Slavo Hazucha
The announcements were not over-selling, you landed a big one here Jos! There is no sense of scale, it simply looks like the real deal - colors, metal, the degree of weathering, everything just right... Praetorian guard of 48-scale aircraft modeling! ;) It's a pleasure to work while watching projects like this, learning & sharing tricks & ideas!
2. April 2020, 22:17
seeing this beauty, reminds me i need to add some weathering to mine....
2. April 2020, 22:47
Nathan Dempsey
You've made me a real fan of this scheme Jos! An absolute beauty!
2. April 2020, 23:52
playtime 222
Bloody marvelous
3. April 2020, 00:11
Michael Phillips
Absolutely fantastic! This is indeed a masterpiece. It's hard to believe, Jos, but I think you are getting even better with each build. Bravo!
3. April 2020, 00:16
Clifford Keesler
Just Beautiful Jos. Very well done indeed.
3. April 2020, 00:53
Utterly superb rhino!
3. April 2020, 10:13
Maciej Bellos
It's a beauty Jos! Just excellent! Well done mate!
3. April 2020, 10:51
Martin von Schreckenstein
Absolutely majestic
3. April 2020, 11:12
Amazing work on that spook, jos, really top notch all around, couldnt think of anything improvable here - phantastic!
3. April 2020, 12:19
Günther Decock
Dag Jos, mooi eindresultaat. Ik heb een vraagje. Ben net gestart met mijn nieuw project. Een Apache helikopter. Maar wat is de truc om de canopy te vrijwaren van krasjes ed. Ik had bij mijn opel blitz gauzy agent gebruikt en daarna de 3 deluge compound van Tamiya, maar dat was geen super resultaat.
3. April 2020, 12:24
Thomas Bischoff
Beautifully done - the paintwork is absolutely convincing
3. April 2020, 14:03
Jos Jansen
Thanks...Eelco, Jasper, Urban, Erik, SCM, Slavo, Spanjaard, Nathan, Playtime, Michael, Clifford, Augie, Maciej, Martin, Daniel, Gunther and guys are phenomenal, suchs awesome and enthusiastic comments from great modelers here on SCM !!

I love to read that you like my build, this is a crown on my effort during the last three months!

Thank you so much guys...
3. April 2020, 23:23
Clifford Keesler
You are most welcome sir. Praise most surely deserved.
5. April 2020, 00:44
Jos Jansen
Thx Clifford... :)
5. April 2020, 12:59
Sehr schöne Phantom! Excellent build and paintwork!
5. April 2020, 13:30
Jos Jansen
Danke schön Neuling...many thx!!
5. April 2020, 17:13
Konrad Limmer
Everything mentioned above is absolutely true. So I have nothing more to add ;)!
Congrats mate !
5. April 2020, 17:14
Jos Jansen
I've had a lot of positive feedback from world-class builders, including yours...thx Konrad!
5. April 2020, 21:24
Norman Gruss
Absolutely fantastic british Phantom!
8. May 2020, 11:08
Günther Decock
Proficiat Jos, knap gedaan.
8. May 2020, 21:30
Jos Jansen
Many thanks Norman, I really appreciate your kind words!

Dankjewel Gunther...mooie woorden!
9. May 2020, 11:34
Jos Jansen
Ordered display base from Coastal Kits arrived today, I'll participate with my Phantom in the modeling contest during the ESM this year in Houten, the Netherlands...!
18. July 2020, 18:21
Michael Phillips
That is a very cool base, and really showcases the magnificent model!
18. July 2020, 19:04
playtime 222
@Joe - When is that?
19. July 2020, 23:49
november 21st Euro Scale Modelling 2020 (21. November, Houten NL)
looking forward to it
20. July 2020, 06:33
Slavo Hazucha
Let´s see if it stays with participation... ;)

Phantom looking even better & meaner on the the dark-toned display base Pity cannot show it belly-up at the same time, with all that cool streaking and the metal-job on the tail & elevators. Next time got to make two... :D
20. July 2020, 10:01
playtime 222
Ah= quite a while off then.
22. July 2020, 19:51
Jos Jansen
Thx guys, unfortunately through all the COVID 19 measures there will be no contest during the ESM '20 :( ...hopefully next year there's one!

@Slavo... your'e so right, but I don't like those mirror displays so that you van see the belly. Recently I purchased again a Revell Phantom, because it is such a great kit. 8) I think I'm gonna make a Navy version of it... :S
15. August 2020, 07:24
Sven Schönyan
Very nice Phantom!
15. August 2020, 07:27
Clifford Keesler
This one to is calling me. Darn I hate trying to figure out what to build next. LOL.
16. August 2020, 02:29
Günther Decock
Jos, ben er even uit geweest. Wederom knap werk. Het is precies kinderspel als je de foto's ziet, maar er komt veel passie en ervaring bij kijken. En ook of de beurs doorgaat of niet. Het is een prijswinner.
24. August 2020, 13:31
Daniel Mysak
F(Ph)antastic Phantom
24. August 2020, 13:52
Jos Jansen
Today I won "Silver" in an online competition with my Revell/Hasegawa F-4 Phantom FGR Mk2 from the former RAF AFB Wildenrath in Germany. My model was rated in the category: Military Aircraft >72.
Due to corona, the Dutch ESM could not take place physically, so they decided to do this show online. I am really pleasantly surprised by this fantastic result...! :)
21. November 2020, 20:00
Nathan Dempsey
Well done Jos! Woohoo!
21. November 2020, 21:22
congratulations, well deserved!
21. November 2020, 23:54
Clifford Keesler
Congratulations Jos. well deserved.
22. November 2020, 00:30
Maciej Bellos
Congrats Jos!
22. November 2020, 06:41
Jos Jansen
Thanks Nathan, Spanjaard, Clifford and Maciej...great compliments from great modelers!
22. November 2020, 07:18
Alex Rodionov
Congratulations. Great model.
22. November 2020, 07:39
Sven Schönyan
Congrats Jos!
22. November 2020, 08:04
Murad ÖZER
Big huge congrats Jos
22. November 2020, 09:34
Erik Leijdens
Congratulations mate, well deserved !!
22. November 2020, 09:34
22. November 2020, 10:25
Erik No
There was an online competition?! I miss the SMC...
22. November 2020, 11:07
22. November 2020, 11:27
Looks absolutely stunning - well deserved price in the competition!
22. November 2020, 14:13
Sergej I
Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on the prize!
22. November 2020, 17:33
James C
Congratulations Jos. Well deserved mate
22. November 2020, 18:09
Ludwig Micallef
Beautiful!! Well done!
22. November 2020, 18:43
Christian Kohl
Jos, this is absolutely beautiful. Very well done! Congrats...
22. November 2020, 18:55
Urban Gardini
Well deserved mate!
22. November 2020, 21:03
Jos Jansen
Wooooh...many thanks gentlemen for your overwhelming nice and kind words...!
23. November 2020, 21:43
Top notch... Way to go!
24. November 2020, 04:38
Patrick Hagelstein
Nice!!! Good job and well deserved!
24. November 2020, 04:45
Paulo Costa
Amazing!!! Great job!!! Congrats.
24. November 2020, 10:44
Alexander Clayson
Looks cracking mate
24. November 2020, 10:55
Jos Jansen
...and again gentlemen, what a great response...thank you !!!
27. November 2020, 14:31
Kees Kleijwegt
Well deserved mate, awesome build!
27. November 2020, 16:30
Jos Jansen
Thanks, Kees ... your modeling is inspiring!

@Joshua...where do I start my friend, my modeling involves years of experience. The most important thing is that you have fun building your model and then the outcome doesn't matter much! After all, it is your model, and nobody else's. Just get started and get inspired by for example here on Scalemates, there are so many great modelers among them. Good luck and happy modeling... ;)
27. November 2020, 19:20
Urban Gardini
For a starter, you can't learn anything if you don't ask the questions. So never be afraid of asking questions, even the small ones! There's a lot of builders out there willing to help and we've all started from the ground. In your case I suggest you to concentrate on small steps at a time so that you try to better a few things with each build instead of going all in. As you've said the quality on the brushes makes a big difference. As for brush painting you're better off with thin coats gradually building the paint up with each new layer perpendicular to the previous one. And remember that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask!
27. November 2020, 23:08
Jos Jansen
True...well said Urban...
27. November 2020, 23:12
Ben M
Hi Joshua, I think using a much smaller brush would be called for to do details like a cockpit or a pilot. I just go to Hobby Lobby and look and see what they have. I'm just now getting to the point where I am forming strong preferences for what kind of brush to use in a certain situation. When I was a kid I switched from testors to humbrol because I found it leveled better, leaving fewer brush marks. I now prefer painting acrylics because I just don't need all the toxic cleanup hassle with enamels. One thing that might help you get better finishes is to use spray paint.

I find when trying to be meticulous about things like gluing small parts it works best if I rest both my hands on the table. I bought one of those cheap magnifying lamps from amazon and it helps me see as I wear glasses. With guns and antennas I try to glue those on last so I don't break them as I handle the model while building it. I think everyone breaks them off man, don't sweat it.

For a long time I worked on the dining room table, so I had to clean things up and put them away every night. Working in a small space can be done, just don't get out all your stuff at once.

Don't feel bad about seeing better results here than you can obtain yourself, I think it is great to see what is possible and learn from the awesome models, like this absolutely beautiful phantom build! I'll never build competition class models, but that's fine, I don't have to be the best of everything i do, or competitive about everything I do. For some people, that will be part of the fun, but it doesn't have to be that way for everyone. I think hobbys should be about doing what you find fun, not what you find not fun.
28. November 2020, 01:32
If i can give you just one advise.... the most important is patience. try to relax and enjoy the ride :)
focus in improving just one thing at a time, for example paint. back in the day I was using so much paint that I used it as if it were putty to cover the gaps between pieces. you need to use thinner and make several very, very thin layers. first one, you can still see the color of the plastic though it. Result will be a lot better than one thicker (and you use less paint, which means that your paint will last longer). you will be able to see all the details of the plastic clearly.
28. November 2020, 12:08
Holger Kranich
Freaking great, dude! And deserved!
28. November 2020, 13:57
i do not want to hijack this thread, so i will answer you in another message, Joshua. for those who know more than i do, please join the discussion
28. November 2020, 14:06
Tahsin Topal
Awesome job. Love it. Which gunze paints did you use for camo?
24. February, 11:47
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
Congratulations, it's a great work.
24. February, 12:04
Jos Jansen
Thank you mates, I really appreciate your nice words! I am currently working on a Phantom again, an Israeli Kurnass.

WIP Israeli Air Force | F-4E Phantom II Kurnass 2000 | Album by Banshee13 (1:48)

@Tahsin Topal: Gunze H330 Dark Green BS381C-641 and Gunze H331 Dark Seagray BS381C-638
25. February, 10:29

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