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nice one
1:72 MAN LE 10.220 Flugzeugschlepper (Planet Models MV120)
MAN LE 10.220 Flugzeugschlepper
Planet Models 1:72
2018* | New tool
15. December at 13:29:39 Share
15. December at 16:30:02
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December 12, 2017

what type of truck is this?
17. March at 09:37:42 Share
17. March at 13:11:40
Timothy Heimer My guess would be a Isuzu. by the door window pattern.
17. March at 15:33:36
Eugen P. I think it is a fantasy truck, cause the manufactures don't want to get in touch with this.
20. March at 18:21:31
Terry Ashley It's a Mitshubishi Canter Truck Series 1996-2001
22. September at 03:08:23
scalemates Thank you Terry!
22. September at 08:07:23
Kace Wong nice...!
12. December at 05:06:10
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December 10, 2017

Christopher Dworjan@scalemates
I was trying to add some new kits to the database, and got two of them that said they were duplicates and provided the links to the duplicate entries in the database. But neither of these two entries are searchable or visible in any way. The only way I can find these two entries is by going to the Contribute kit and entering the company name and the product number. They are basically invisible.

Is there anything I can do to get these two entries to display as searchable?

B-17 Wing Intake Upgrade Set (RESIN2detail AC48008, 1:48)
B-17 Control Yokes (RESIN2detail AC48044, 1:48)

1:48 B-17 Wing Intake Upgrade Set (RESIN2detail AC48008)1:48  B-17 Control Yokes (RESIN2detail AC48044)
04. December at 17:51:12 Share
D. Ninetalis@scalemates
Hey Tim,

For some reason it seems that walkarounds are no longer viewable nor addable to the website?
19. November at 23:12:54 Share
Phil Net-Maquettes Idem for me
22. November at 14:31:44
Phil Net-Maquettes No answer ?
25. November at 07:59:12
D. Ninetalis Nope, still nothing... And after one week I still can't seem to add walkarounds, and the search results sometimes seem to show walkarounds in general, but at other times I can't find ANY walkarounds.
25. November at 20:21:33
Phil Net-Maquettes Strange Tim is usually reactive, There is an error in the code of the contribute page
26. November at 06:02:06
Phil Net-Maquettes ReferenceError: $ is not defined
26. November at 06:02:46
D. Ninetalis Strange, I don't even get an error code. I just add the link, press enter like always but nothing happens. Tried it at three different places, in different browser, both on my phone and computer and nothing seems to happen on either devices.
28. November at 02:19:26
Phil Net-Maquettes Hi, the error code is in web-developer console ((i'am web developer :) )
28. November at 06:26:25
D. Ninetalis Ah yes okay like so! I have my own website but to be honest I never liked webdesign or (de)coding :P
28. November at 14:34:33
D. Ninetalis Bit weird Tim isn't answering...
28. November at 14:35:18
D. Ninetalis It works again for me, what about with you Phil?
09. December at 18:35:54
Phil Net-Maquettes It's good for me, thks
10. December at 04:38:20
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December 08, 2017

resetting search....stash looks empty for a few minutes
08. December at 15:20:57 Share

December 02, 2017

Filter options seems to have disappeared in stash- /wish lists
02. December at 10:43:02 Share
Sören Reifert There are indeed.
Thought it was a browser problem at first.
02. December at 10:52:38
scalemates Since when?
02. December at 11:11:22
Lars ? I had just noticed it, when I reported the problem.
02. December at 11:32:13
Sören Reifert For me it was yesterday night around 11-12 pm maybe?
02. December at 12:14:46
02. December at 13:15:06
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Phil Net-Maquettes@scalemates
Error on Page Contribute...
01. December at 07:48:55 Share
scalemates fixed!!!!!!!
01. December at 21:44:34
Phil Net-Maquettes Good, I load the "walkaround" pending, Thks
02. December at 07:07:08
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November 29, 2017

Eugen P.@scalemates
Hi Tim,
can I put more than one aircraft type into the topic when I edit a book like this?
SCM Book: Swedish Jet Fighter Colours

29. November at 10:05:12 Share
scalemates nope! (not yet). Should me assigned to topic: Reference material (Cross topic)
29. November at 10:06:17
Dave Norman @Eugen. It can always be categorized under Reference material (Cross topic).
29. November at 10:07:49
Eugen P. Okay. Thanks.
29. November at 11:44:35
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November 25, 2017

Scalemates BLACK FRIDAY special: Tell all your scale modeling friends, scalemates has a special action today. New members can register for free today! :)
24. November at 11:40:36 Share
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Stephan Ryll Nice try ;)
24. November at 22:16:27
Augie Haha nice one :D
24. November at 22:54:15
Rui S hehehe NIce :D join today or you lose this great opportunity hehehe
24. November at 23:18:35
Dave Morris So, do existing members get a rebate? :)
25. November at 15:24:47
scalemates absolutely, I just reimbursed all subscription fees from the last 2 years :P
25. November at 15:26:35
Rui S hehehe not for me, so? :D
25. November at 15:34:34
Dave Morris WOW! Your generosity knows no bounds! :)
25. November at 15:35:56
Rui S Just Like in all BLACK FRIDAY's hahaha
25. November at 15:40:27
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November 18, 2017

Martin Oostrom@scalemates
View whole post doesn’t work properly. At least on mobile phone. E.g. SCM Newsfeed
18. November at 10:15:11 Share

November 17, 2017

Quick one, I'm seeing a lot of Hobby Master die cast models being added, Is this ok to add.

For example Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Hobby Master HA5215, 1:72)

1:72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Hobby Master HA5215)
17. November at 00:02:08 Share
17. November at 12:45:29
Augie Ok, you may wanna scan the db, i'm aware of 11 so far
17. November at 15:50:00
scalemates I'm aware of 500 ;)
17. November at 17:02:06
Augie O.o jesus that be a lot
17. November at 17:03:14
Derek Huggett I can only see (on a search under 'Hobby Master') 9 aircraft and 2 tanks of the 'completed die cast' description (the rest appears to be mostly 'Model Master' paints!). Glitch? (Sorry if I am joining when not wanted!)
17. November at 18:55:14
Augie Lol Your more than welcome Derek, I suspect SCM has already been at the database to reduce numbers somewhat.
17. November at 19:09:54
Christian Ristits Ihhh...die cast ;)
17. November at 19:25:32
Derek Huggett @Augie - Yup, SCM moves in mysterious ways its wonders to perform! ;) @SCM - Is there actually a defined list of and items that should/should not be added to the database? (A bit late to ask now really - I have always tried to exercise caution, but have a stash of 1/6 scale plastic kits of sidearms/rifles/SMGs/etc that I have so far kept to myself!).
17. November at 19:32:19
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November 16, 2017

scalemates added this magazine to his wishlist
16. November at 00:08:06 Share
scalemates added this book to his wishlist
Panavia Tornado ADV F Mk2/3 (Linewrights 21)
Panavia Tornado ADV F Mk2/3
Aeroguide Nr. 21
Roger Chesneau
16. November at 00:07:31 Share

November 15, 2017

scalemates added M113 to his favorite topics.
Add to favorites
15. November at 23:52:37 Share

November 13, 2017

To all contributors. We are getting rid of generic topic "Ordnance". All items are being moved to more specific topics. Like for example AIM-9 Sidewinder or GBU-12. Please don't assign new kits to them.
12. November at 00:20:44 Share
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scalemates ps: don't mix up "contains multiple topics" with can be used "on multiple topics"

Right now we only support "contains multiple topics".

- Eg. Don't link modern remove before flight tags to all modern topics. It only contains remove before flight tags. So it should be linked only to RBF topic.
- Eg. Don't link a generic product linked to topic AIM-9 Sidewinder to F-14 and other planes.
- Don't link US Navy flags insignia to all US navy planes.

What can you do:
- A multi-kit set containing multiple models from different topics
- A decalsheet containing markings for individual subjects
- A Weapons set containing multiple missile types can be linked to individual missile types

13. November at 11:26:17
Wim van der Luijt works like a charm....thnx for implementing this Tim!
13. November at 11:40:37
Günther Debiscop Did my stash and whishlist... on to the others :)
13. November at 11:57:10
scalemates I'm keeping an eye on the changes as this is a very complex change in the backend. (spent time in the last years to prepare for this)... Fixing some logic to make things better. (e.g. when a decal sheet is assigned to 3 topics you'll see it in 3 locations in your stash, but I only show decal options matching the topic itself)
13. November at 12:01:51
Günther Debiscop One thing I noticed... if you have a box with two subjects... it is count twice in your stash total
13. November at 13:05:50
scalemates Yes, this is by design. Just like we count kits you have twice just as one. If you are interested in seeing stats you should look at the stats tab
13. November at 13:07:35
scalemates Topic pages and related products now also show multi-topic kits eg. SCM Topic: AGM-84 Harpoon

and AGM-84 H/K SLAM-ER (2 Pcs.) (Attack Squadron 72051, 1:72)

1:72 AGM-84 H/K SLAM-ER (2 Pcs.) (Attack Squadron 72051)
13. November at 13:53:13
Augie superb!!
13. November at 18:57:00
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Somebody spots a new feature in progress? SCM Search: 08655
12. November at 20:33:16 Share
12. November at 20:35:10
Augie looks good :)
12. November at 20:44:35
Christian W Interessting ;)
13. November at 07:40:15
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November 12, 2017

Es George@scalemates
Hi Tim. At the moment my stash is only showing 2 kits. I have a lot, lot more. Anyone else having the same issue?
12. November at 15:54:12 Share
Ingo F Yes me. Also the search engine is not working for me.
12. November at 15:55:02
modeler sofiane same here, only 1 kit on the stash and nothing on wishlist/completed kits, but I can still find them when I go to the corresponding pages.
12. November at 15:55:55
Sebastian Meyner Same here. Only one item in my stash... So where did the other 1244 go to!? ;)
12. November at 15:57:54
scalemates fixing now (no stress, all will be back)
12. November at 15:59:03
Ingo F I was middle in the process of adding new kits and coversion. Thought i broke the database... :D
12. November at 16:03:04
Es George Thanks for the quick response Tim
12. November at 16:04:15
scalemates 5 more minutes, added some new fields to support multi topic entry. Hadn't seen it cleared all :)
12. November at 16:05:11
scalemates all is back
12. November at 16:06:49
12. November at 17:02:24
Es George Confirmed!
12. November at 17:29:22
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The database seems to have disappeared almost completely i.e its only showing 3 Airfix kits
12. November at 15:54:39 Share
scalemates fixing now (no stress, all will be back)
12. November at 15:58:58
adie Thanks
12. November at 16:17:30
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scalemates added the Revell Reno Racer Set P-51D & T-6 in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Reno Racer Set P-51D & T-6 (Revell 04347)
Reno Racer Set P-51D & T-6
Revell 1:48
2000 | Model set
12. November at 16:13:13 Share
scalemates added the Wolfpak Decals Casey's Buc's & FAC's in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Casey's Buc's & FAC's (Wolfpak Decals 72-019)
Casey's Buc's & FAC's
Wolfpak Decals 1:72
2009 | New tool
12. November at 14:59:40 Share

November 07, 2017

To the UK modelers, can someone confirm he saw eModels banner in the last day/week on scalemates?
07. November at 20:28:32 Share
scalemates added a new photoalbum.
View 2 images: | |
View album
Updated: November 05, 2017
05. November at 21:29:25 Share
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Acki Was ist aber mit Farben und Büchern? What about colours and books. Can't get to sleep now.
05. November at 23:04:47
Andy W. Bausatzverwaltung ist gut. Wahlweise würde auch Lager- oder Inventarverwaltung passen.
05. November at 23:23:06
Acki Bausatzverwaltung ist auch mein Favorit. Bücher/Farben/Werkzeug sind eben integriert.
05. November at 23:42:38
Urban Gardini I agree on Bausatzverwaltung and then you should think about the fact that I don't speak German but I still get the word for what it is. And yes, the same in Swedish. If you say a word as one you write it as one as well so I believe that it's the same for all Germanic languages. The flyers do look good as well...
06. November at 00:37:00
scalemates Thx!!!! 5000 flyers printed and on their way to MBK!
06. November at 19:17:52
Ingmar Stöhr That means I'll have to place an order just to check them out ;)
06. November at 20:51:00
06. November at 20:53:38
07. November at 14:57:10
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November 05, 2017

resetting search engine....stash temporary empty (next 10mins)
05. November at 10:58:52 Share
resetting search engine, stash/projects will be temporary empty
05. November at 10:53:16 Share

November 03, 2017

Just added Paint range: Real Colors to the paint database
03. November at 15:38:20 Share
The Fujimi Porsche 911 (997) GT3R is listed twice.
By different topics is also a mess of relevant accessories.

Porsche 911 GT3R (Fujimi 123905, 1:24)

Porsche 911 GT3R (Fujimi 12390, 1:24)

1:24 Porsche 911 GT3R (Fujimi 123905)1:24 Porsche 911 GT3R (Fujimi 12390)
03. November at 08:01:59 Share
03. November at 08:54:33
03. November at 10:47:45
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November 01, 2017

cleaning search engine::::: stash temporary invisible
01. November at 22:50:09 Share
scalemates 40% done
01. November at 22:52:20
Edward May Is this why suddenly like 4 products seem to be listed under "Civilians"? O.o; I thought I'd done something VERY bad suddenly while moving products to the "Civilians (WW2)" topic!
01. November at 22:55:16
scalemates yep, all should be back
01. November at 22:55:57
Edward May Yes indeed, all is back as it should be - though still most 1:87 Figures cannot be seen here on Scalemates. (But some additional ones CAN be viewed if you click on the few that ARE visible here.) Looks like all 1:160 figures are now hidden though.
01. November at 23:00:51
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restarting search engine:: :Stash temporary empty
01. November at 20:35:52 Share
To all contributors..... adding something to a topic starting with accessories is in 99.9999% of the cases not the best choice. Please add it to more specific topics.
01. November at 19:21:17 Share
scalemates and if you can help clean up these topics that would be great, today 600+ products were already reassigned. (only do those were you are sure)
01. November at 20:00:17
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