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Hi mates, in case your password is on this list:
Using such a password is even worse than not having a password, please change it!
19. June at 11:47:26 Share

June 18, 2017

Eugen P.@scalemates
Hi Tim,
I have still the problem with books for sale. I write all, like price, currency...
But with the click on “Save“ all input data are away.
18. June at 23:01:16 Share

June 17, 2017

For those who got a permission denied? I'm sorry but there was a manual error on my side (basically I blocked a few large countries from entering scalemates. eg. France and Germany were affected)
17. June at 20:36:54 Share

June 16, 2017

Łukasz Gliński@scalemates
When adding a inbox review link I had to go through the following procedure three times yesterday and once today:
- copy the link into the field
- save
- read the warning message that it has been removed
- refresh the page to see it back there
A bug maybe? Or a feature? ;)
14. June at 18:22:15 Share
Frank Krause Now as you say it - experienced the same...
14. June at 18:26:31
Jörg Luther Same here. (Chrome 58, Android 7)
14. June at 19:54:20
Ekki Me too.
14. June at 20:35:02
Lars Has happened to me for the last two weeks.
16. June at 11:21:22
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June 03, 2017

The registration issues have been fixed!
03. June at 08:34:07 Share

June 01, 2017

Bart Goesaert@scalemates
hey, when at the main page, it doesn't seem possible anymore to click on the bell symbol for the notifications, in all other tabs it works fine. You can click it, but it doesn't seem to react.

With kind regards,
01. June at 09:22:30 Share
EnsignExpendabl I found that this is a problem too, but it gets even stranger: on the News Feed tab, the bell button works, but with some delay.
01. June at 16:24:13
Michael Phillips Haha, I am glad I am not the only one that noticed that! I just click on to my page and click my notifications from there. It works fine from there.

01. June at 18:36:25
James C Same here, but found it works ok from the news feed page.
01. June at 22:33:05
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May 30, 2017

30. May at 23:57:26 Share
scalemates added the Eduard Crusader in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Crusader (Eduard 11110)
Eduard 1:48
2017 | Changed parts
30. May at 11:34:26 Share
Don't know when this bug was introduced, but when you were on the homepage you could not click on notifications nor did the search autocomplete work. It is either there since a few months or since yesterday :)
27. May at 14:39:46 Share
Martin Oostrom Autocomplete worked fine last week for me
27. May at 15:39:53
Martin Oostrom The notification issue is still here on IE11. But only from the main page. Works fine from the newsfeed-subpage. After reading all notifications, the page is accessible from the main page as well.....
No issues on my iPhone.
30. May at 09:23:45
wilky Notifications have been playing up for a couple of days for me. I'm using a Sony android phone
30. May at 11:17:01
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May 29, 2017

scalemates added the Eduard M4A3E8 fenders ITALERI 6529 (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 M4A3E8 fenders ITALERI 6529 (Eduard 36351)
M4A3E8 fenders ITALERI 6529
Eduard 1:35
2017 | New tool
29. May at 22:30:58 Share
scalemates added the Mirage Hobby Pz.Kpfw. IV D in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Pz.Kpfw. IV D (Mirage Hobby 728056)
Pz.Kpfw. IV D Tropenpanzer
Mirage Hobby 1:72
2017 | Changed ???
29. May at 22:27:14 Share
scalemates added the Bandai AT-AT (1:144) to his stash.
1:144 AT-AT (Bandai 0214476)
Star Wars
Bandai 1:144
2017 | New tool
29. May at 22:03:58 Share

May 28, 2017

Hi Tim. I was thinking (!) - maybe it would be an idea to ad string/thread (I think "rope"has a way lager diameter), (synthetic) mesh (older Tamiya kits) and metal chain to the "content" section? Stay safe. Lars
28. May at 22:03:12 Share

May 27, 2017

For those who missed it, we moved to a new server last night to cope with the increasing amount of data and traffic. In case you see weird things on SCM, let me know. (Eg. Stuff missing, slow performance,...)
27. May at 08:07:33 Share
Rui S Hi Tim,
Yes I've missed it. I will let you know...
27. May at 15:22:49
27. May at 15:55:48
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May 26, 2017

Back online
26. May at 19:34:47 Share
scalemates When there is anything weird you see. (e.g.. uploading images, or stuff not updating) let me know
26. May at 19:37:48
Luc B all seems to be OK
26. May at 19:50:37
Augie Looks good and feels quicker.
26. May at 19:56:59
Choppa Nutta My notifications sometimes doesn't open when I click it
although it does open with the "right mouse click/ open in another tab"
But other than that all good so far :)
26. May at 20:41:30
Michael Phillips All of my projects are gone! :(
26. May at 20:43:27
scalemates let me check (they qre certainly not lost)
26. May at 20:44:44
scalemates projects back
26. May at 20:46:59
Michael Phillips Pshew! I was a little worried there. All the work I put into those entries might have made me rage quit if they were lost for good. LOL

Thanks for fixing this Tim!
26. May at 20:48:23
James C Thanks for all the work your doing behind the scenes Tim. Much appreciated.
26. May at 21:27:26
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scalemates added the Calder Craft German WWII 10,5 cm leFH 18M Field Gun (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 German WWII 10,5 cm leFH 18M Field Gun (Calder Craft 5458)
German WWII 10,5 cm leFH 18M Field Gun
Calder Craft 1:32
1982 | New tool
26. May at 19:33:47 Share
scalemates add to stash works
26. May at 19:34:18
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scalemates added the AFV Club leFH18 10,5cm Howitzer (1:35) to his completed kits.
1:35 leFH18 10,5cm Howitzer (AFV Club AF35050)
leFH18 10,5cm Howitzer
AFV Club 1:35
2003 | New tool
26. May at 19:33:31 Share
scalemates added a new photoalbum.
View 4 images: | |
View album
Updated: May 26, 2017
26. May at 19:19:01 Share
scalemates tesing album
26. May at 19:29:18
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scalemates added a new project.
Status: Ideas | Scale: 1:32 | Albums: 0
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1:32 German WWII 10,5 cm leFH 18M Field Gun (Calder Craft 5458)
26. May at 19:28:56 Share
scalemates testing project
26. May at 19:29:10
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scalemates added a new photoalbum.
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This album does not contain any images.

Updated: January 01, 1970
26. May at 18:59:48 Share
Scalemates will go in Maintenance mode in one 15 minutes. We will move to the new server. You'll be able to browse and search but not make any changes/posts/comments
26. May at 17:51:23 Share
26. May at 18:13:17
26. May at 18:59:35
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May 24, 2017

Hi, apparently this website does not exist anymore, link lead to a "lottery page":
19. May at 15:33:25 Share
scalemates thx fixed (and many others)
24. May at 20:51:21
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May 16, 2017

Finalising settings on the new server... should be up and running this week
16. May at 23:33:14 Share

May 15, 2017

Choppa Nutta@scalemates
Hi Tim,
seem to be getting a number of 502 gateway errors lately,
plus a couple of 504 errors etc.

Thought I'd let you know :)
12. May at 11:33:59 Share
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Choppa Nutta Lol Holly,
I wonder if crazy is the German spelling for "Stupid" by any chance ?
haha :D :D :D
15. May at 11:01:21
scalemates Should be stable now! Any 502 or timeouts please repprt
15. May at 11:04:46
Derek Huggett Holger - Thank you, I take that as a compliment! :D In fact these days, I will take ANYTHING as a compliment!!! :) :)
15. May at 11:10:49
Choppa Nutta Roger Wilco :)
15. May at 11:10:54
Holger Kranich Thx Tim!

Derek, it was meant as a compliment! ;)To be crazy makes mor fun in live!
15. May at 11:17:57
Choppa Nutta haha Derek, I'm with you there mate :D
and yeah Holly, Hendrix said the same thing,
you gotta have a little crazy in your life :)
15. May at 11:29:22
Holger Kranich When Jimi said it, it must be true! :D And crazy means crazy and stupid means blöd! :) :) :)
15. May at 11:33:02
Choppa Nutta blöd ! what a great word !
good name for a character of simple inclinations :D
15. May at 11:36:57
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May 14, 2017

Moving 4+ million images from the old to the new server...
14. May at 11:46:19 Share

May 13, 2017

I found 20GB extra space, To keep us stable till the new server is up
13. May at 15:26:41 Share
Acki Always good to find some space.
13. May at 17:06:33
Choppa Nutta if you've got any spare USB mem sticks around perhaps they might help too ;) :D
13. May at 17:18:55
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May 12, 2017

Just ordered a new (and bigger) server for scalemates. 2x CPU, 2x RAM, 2x Diskspace ... :)
06. May at 22:31:36 Share
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seb H ho yeahhhh :)
07. May at 10:23:22
Christian W *thumbup*
11. May at 09:20:46
scalemates And it is needed.... disk space is constantly an issue rigt now
11. May at 12:28:49
Choppa Nutta The price of success !! :)
11. May at 12:39:56
Robin Thwaites Two thumbs up!
11. May at 13:26:54
11. May at 19:21:57
Gordon Sørensen Just proves how successful Scalemates has become!
12. May at 02:30:29
Chris Parsons Just like Gordons bank... they had to double the size when he put his money in there!
12. May at 02:43:26
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