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scalemates added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 16, 2018
Project: Spanish Leopard 2E in scale 1:35
1:35 Spanish Leopard 2E (Hobby Boss 82432)1:72 US Navy World War II (Falcon No.1)1:35 Leopard 2A4 & Leopard 2E in Spain (FCModeltips FCM35207)
17. February at 15:16:41 Share
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Boris Belay Yes to the free-text box for Comments !
By detailed instructions and FAQ, do you mean information on how to fill in the reviews ? Tim is usually very good at including explanantion boxes (as in the Contribute page), so I expect he will have some, but it's a good reminder.
02. March at 10:06:26
scalemates free-text box for Comments => will only come once the basic fields/labels/choices are OK. (other comments = excellent. will look into it)
02. March at 10:10:10
Alec K

Boris - yes, that is it.
02. March at 11:39:46
scalemates @Alex K: "I recommend to replace the words "expected" with "correct" => fixed
02. March at 21:08:18
scalemates Also, I have been using the entry 'Caption' to describe the content of a sprue (main parts / wings / ordnance/ mixed), and the "Reference" for what is printed on the sprue. Is that what you had in mind ?

=> Correct: So reference could be just a letter: C, caption can be: "Fuselage"
02. March at 21:26:53
scalemates Ejector marks = DONE
02. March at 22:06:23
scalemates Connectors = Done
02. March at 22:43:29
Wim van der Luijt on a side note: with all the info now available on kits, it might be good to consider adding tabs. If I click on the spitfire review I see ¨Facts¨ and have to scroll down to see everything. Maybe present some of the info on tabs directly below the pic of the kit......
04. March at 16:05:23
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March 14, 2018

Erik De Smet@scalemates
A lot of spam by hdjksjk66
14. March at 09:44:58 Share
and we have a new power supply .... so strange that servers in 2018 need power :P
13. March at 10:34:52 Share
Stilicho good to see you back. I was getting worried.
13. March at 10:45:44
Urban Gardini Been lying curled up and shaking with withdrawal symptoms...
13. March at 11:10:35
Ingo F My finger hurt from continuous hitting the F5 button. :D
13. March at 11:28:37
Martin Oostrom And I was thinking it was my pc, or my laptop, or my iPhone, or my wive's Samsung, or.....
Aaaaah, get a cup of coffee and double up on my addictions!
13. March at 11:54:35
Kees Kleijwegt Good to see Scalemates back in the air again!
13. March at 12:17:07
Acki I made something totally different! I was working on my models!!11!
13. March at 12:20:33
Peter Hardy I actually got some work done today,
13. March at 12:28:31
Philippe Welcome black sir !
13. March at 13:10:43
Rui S No panic, this time. Just wait and see 8)
13. March at 13:19:11
Martin Reuter :) Glad to see scalemates back
13. March at 19:49:37
Stephan Ryll Good to see scalemates back :) first thought it was an issue with my new firewall :S
13. March at 19:54:26
Dave Morris You can use this link to check if a web-site is down or if its you! And I have stopped shaking now I can my ScaleMates fix!
14. March at 01:24:28
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March 12, 2018

Martin Reuter@scalemates
Stug. III 0-Series (MiniArt 35210, 1:35)

Sorry, but I dont't know if I should mark this as a ''New Tool'' or a ''Rebox with Updated Parts'' from MiniArts Panzer III Lineup.

1:35 Stug. III 0-Series (MiniArt 35210)
12. March at 11:42:51 Share
Dirk Fries@scalemates
Hi Tim,

to me it looks like all attached pdf build instructions are missing right now.
Could you please check ?

Thank you very much !
12. March at 09:19:19 Share
scalemates thx!!! this is fixed now
12. March at 09:59:34
Dirk Fries Thanks a lot :)
12. March at 10:03:07
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March 06, 2018

Dirk Fries@scalemates
Hi Tim,

is there a way how can I fix missing Article Pictures by myself ?
e.g. : ( the 3 latest articles )

06. March at 15:21:42 Share

March 05, 2018

Aris aka Amen@scalemates
Hello there.

Is it possible to view my stash with out duplicates?

I want to see what kits i have but due to some multi-topic kits the list has many duplicates.

04. March at 13:52:04 Share
Spanjaard in the stats page ,you can see what is your total number without duplications. in your stash, you can not filter multitopic.
It would be nice to be able to filter multitopic ones, in my opinion
05. March at 19:27:04
Aris aka Amen Thank you Spanjaard,
05. March at 22:30:47
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March 03, 2018

Resetting search engine...stashes empty for 5 mins
03. March at 12:25:27 Share

March 01, 2018

Small note to contributors: If DML is written in the logo = Brand = DML. If Dragon is in the Logo = Dragon
01. March at 14:25:30 Share

February 26, 2018

Lucas C.@scalemates
I ran into an error message when trying to upload a file with instructions for a kit. The arror message read:
"Internal Server Error - Write
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Reference #4.c402655f.1519679931.fe049d "

The file I was trying to upload was a 25.3 MB PDF. The kit in question is this one: M1A2 SEP TUSK 1 / TUSK I I/ V2 (Academy 13298, 1:35) . Any idea what's the problem?

1:35 M1A2 SEP TUSK 1 / TUSK I I/ V2 (Academy 13298)
26. February at 22:33:22 Share
scalemates too big, max 18Mb
26. February at 22:35:47
Lucas C. Got it--what's the max size?
26. February at 22:36:19
scalemates max 18Mb
26. February at 22:36:43
Lucas C. OK, I'll try to slim the PDF down.
26. February at 22:37:02
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February 22, 2018

Mark Burford

Thx for updating product: This message will be hidden when your update is verified

22. February at 01:50:44 Share
Mark Burford Fujimi TOKU SP47 IJN Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer Set consists of
1x IJN Destroyer Shiratsuyu
1x IJN Destroyer Shigure
1x IJN Destroyer Murasame
1x IJN Destroyer Yudachi
1x IJN Destroyer Harusame
1x IJN Destroyer Samidare
1x IJN Destroyer Umikaze
1x IJN Destroyer Yamakaze
1x IJN Destroyer Kawakaze
1x IJN Destroyer Suzukaze
22. February at 01:53:13
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February 18, 2018

February 15, 2018

Petr Hlaváček

Thx for updating product: This message will be hidden when your update is verified

1:144 Air India Expres VT-AXG (TwoSix decals UR1442b)
B 737-800
Air India Expres VT-AXG for Zvezda
TwoSix decals 1:144
15. February at 21:20:16 Share
Jim Hutter

Thx for updating product: This message will be hidden when your update is verified

1:72 Spitfire MKII / Me 262 (Revell H221-100)
Fighting Deuces Series
Spitfire MKII / Me 262
Revell 1:72
1969 | Model set
15. February at 20:13:11 Share
Merged double entry here:
VF-1 Wolfpack (Fightertown Decals 48014, 1:48)

This entry can be deleted after transferring member stashes/wishlists:
F-14A Tomcat VF-1 Wolfpack (Fightertown Decals f48014, 1:48)

1:48 VF-1 Wolfpack (Fightertown Decals 48014)1:48 F-14A Tomcat VF-1 Wolfpack (Fightertown Decals f48014)
15. February at 17:49:33 Share
15. February at 18:00:31
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February 12, 2018


Thx for updating product: This message will be hidden when your update is verified

1:12 Need For Speed (For Tamiya R1 Bike) (Legend Productions 1205)
Need For Speed (For Tamiya R1 Bike) Need For Speed For Tamiya YFZ R1 Bike
Legend Productions 1:12
12. February at 19:02:30 Share
greasemonkey The kit and box look original. If it is a recast, then it is the best I have ever seen. No recast I have seen has a box made as if it was an original. So I am thinking I have an original first release. I have this one for at least 12 years (probably longer). I did a internet search with kit no. 1205, but could not find much. I found a couple of sites with kit number LF1505 (which is the current available kit) where the number 1205 was in the title.
12. February at 19:21:21
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February 04, 2018

scalemates added the Revell Ju-88 C-6 Nightfighter in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Ju-88 C-6 Nightfighter (Revell 04542)
Ju-88 C-6 Nightfighter Nightfighter
Revell 1:48
2000 | Changed parts
04. February at 21:34:06 Share
Dirk Fries@scalemates
Hi Tim,

there seems to be an issue with moving things form Wishlist to Stash.
e.g. - I have moved this one

SCM Book: Encyclopedia of Armour Modelling Techniques

About 12 hours from Wishlist to Stash and the State has changed from Wishlist to Stash.
But if I click on my Wishlist the Book ist still there (with the State "Stash" ;) and when I click on my Stash there the Book not in the list. At first I guessed it could be a caching problem - but for more than 12 hours ?

Could you please check ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

Bye, Dirk

04. February at 13:40:44 Share


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