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Martin Reuter@scalemates
Found a double:
Hobby Knife for the Pro Modeller (Trumpeter 0990, No)
(wrong one, with missing number ''8'')

Hobby Knife (Trumpeter 09908, No)
(correct one with full number)


No Hobby Knife for the Pro Modeller (Trumpeter 0990)No Hobby Knife (Trumpeter 09908)
18. July at 16:31:47 Share
18. July at 16:53:33
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July 17, 2018

Mike Pullen@scalemates
I think Bloch MB.150 and Bloch MB.152 should be merged. What do you think?
16. July at 05:14:14 Share
playtime 222 Quick look on wikipedia seems to imply the 150 is the prototype (and the 151) and the 152 is the first attempt at a production version with several other subsequently. What's the rules, Tim?
17. July at 10:21:16
scalemates yes they should be merged, and they are merged. it is the same plane, so 1 topic

17. July at 10:28:27
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July 02, 2018

One spammer down! Thank you for the voters.
02. July at 13:52:58 Share
Urban Gardini No problem!
02. July at 14:02:13
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July 01, 2018

Jim Hutter@scalemates
I updated the Lindberg Sd. Kfz. 222 German Armored Car to include the 1978 release. The only photo I could find is from, and I suspect that would violate copyright. Is that correct?
01. July at 14:36:21 Share
scalemates yes correct
01. July at 14:51:48
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June 28, 2018

Berke David

Thx for updating product: This message will be hidden when your update is verified

1:35 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.E (Dragon 6631)
Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.E France 1940
Dragon 1:35
2010 | Changed parts
28. June at 13:23:02 Share

June 25, 2018

scalemates started the Trumpeter Russian 2S19 Self-propelled 152mm Howitzer (1:35)
1:35 Russian 2S19 Self-propelled 152mm Howitzer (Trumpeter 05574)
Russian 2S19 Self-propelled 152mm Howitzer
Trumpeter 1:35
2014 | New tool
25. June at 20:57:28 Share
Can our US mates tell me if they see USD shops first?
Can our Polish mates tell me if they see PLN shops first?
Can our DE/FR/NL/IT/ES/LV/FI/ES/LU/... mates tell me if they See EUR shops first?

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 (Tamiya 61117, 1:48)

1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 (Tamiya 61117)
13. June at 22:59:15 Share
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scalemates I contacted Hannants and Aviationmegastore in the past. But no interest/no reply. (if you are a customer of them feel free to ask them when they will be on scalemates)

Thank for Martola. I'll reach out to them
15. June at 12:24:59
Spanjaard ooooops, my apologies.
next time that I visit Aviationmegastore, I know one of the guys there and I can ask him
15. June at 12:32:50
15. June at 12:35:51
Łukasz Gliński Thanks Guys, I usually buy online from the abovementioned shops, so no chance to talk to them in person unfortunately
15. June at 15:27:14
Patrick Hagelstein I like Spanjaard's post (15 June 11:44:27) a lot because that's exactly my current situation. Although originally from the Netherlands now temporarily living in the US for work. US and mostly Japanese shops work best for me although my profile is still Dutch.
17. June at 01:23:44
17. June at 10:11:35
D Bainbridge Yes, UK shops are now listed above foreign shops.

I'm in the UK, but I order from Germany as it's cheaper. So I prefer the old style.
25. June at 19:35:08
Clifford Keesler I see U.S shops first.
25. June at 20:45:24
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June 22, 2018

Bronco amended boxart (removed "Duster" from the title), info via Terry Ashley. Thx!!!
1:35 US M19A1 Twin 40 MM Gun Motor Carriage (Bronco CB35148)
US M19A1 Twin 40 MM Gun Motor Carriage Korean War
Bronco 1:35
2018 | New tool
22. June at 09:41:43 Share

June 19, 2018

Mike Pullen@scalemates
Hello Tim, When adding a kit to stash and describing state of contents there is only option for complete decal sheet or missing decal sheet. Can you add partial decal sheet to that option please. Regards Mike
19. June at 17:45:19 Share

June 15, 2018

Christian W@scalemates
1966 Model Volkswagen 1300 Beetle (Tamiya 24136, 1:24)
The Review of the Youtubevideo by NewTom75 does not exist.

An Issue or to improve: it's not possible to Report dead link / "Not an inbox Review" at Youtubevideos.

1:24 1966 Model Volkswagen 1300 Beetle (Tamiya 24136)
15. June at 10:58:32 Share
Brian Eberle@scalemates
I do see USD sources first, followed by other currecnies. Nice feature.
15. June at 00:01:32 Share
15. June at 06:46:44
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June 09, 2018

Lucas C.@scalemates
What should we do about reviews that link back to Web sites that go permanently off-line? I'm thinking of this because Military Modelling is now defunct, but there are quite a few reviews linking back to it, which now simply give an error message. Here's an example of an item with a broken review link:
Ratchet Tie Down set Type 1 (Tetra Model Works MA-35017, 1:35)

1:35 Ratchet Tie Down set Type 1 (Tetra Model Works MA-35017)
09. June at 10:02:42 Share
scalemates Send me a small message and i can bulkremove
09. June at 10:11:46
scalemates 581 reviews removed
09. June at 10:17:19
scalemates together with 780 other reviews from another site. It seems the websites are going offline fast in the last year.
09. June at 10:20:44
scalemates will have to work on the Scalemates structured review section a bit harder.
09. June at 10:24:56
Lucas C. It's sad to see it happen.
09. June at 10:49:14
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June 07, 2018

David Jung@scalemates
Looks to me like "Eagle Editions Ltd." and "Eagle Parts" are the same company with probably duplicate items listed under them.
07. June at 02:10:37 Share

June 06, 2018

resetting search....stash can be empty and products not searchable
06. June at 22:56:17 Share

Thx for updating product: This message will be hidden when your update is verified

1:72 Truck Firefighting Mk10C CRT (Mil Mod MM 000 181)
Carmichael-Gloster / Nubian 4 x 4
Truck Firefighting Mk10C CRT Royal Navy CRT & Shoreham Airport
Mil Mod 1:72
MM 000 181
2017 | New tool
06. June at 18:09:19 Share

June 05, 2018

Lucas C.@scalemates
There's something wrong with the timeline on this kit. FOr some reason, it won't display properly, even though all the info is there for it to do so.
9K330 TOR (Panda Hobby PH35008, 1:35)

1:35 9K330 TOR (Panda Hobby PH35008)
05. June at 22:05:47 Share
Lucas C.@scalemates
There's a company that needs deleting--someone created it but with a typo in the name. I moved the products to the correct company "Adlers Nest," but can't delete the incorrect company:
SCM Brand: Alders Nest JP
05. June at 22:02:01 Share
05. June at 22:04:33
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June 04, 2018

Faraz Anwar@scalemates
Just wanted to know how to add photos in gallery. I've tried to look but can't find out how to. Thanks
30. May at 20:52:02 Share
Spanjaard you just need to create and album and then upload the pictures.
in the upper part of the screen, you have the different menus:
Wall Notes About Vitrine Projects Albums Articles Manager Stash Started Completed Wishlist Trading Stats
click on "Albums"
then you will have a list of your existing albums (if any) and the button of
"Add new album"
click on that one and then, give the album a name, comments etc. then click on
"save album and upload pictures"
then, in the next screen click on
Upload images
01. June at 11:23:04
Faraz Anwar Thanks for your reply. How do i add my album so that it shows in the gallery on that particular kit's page? I hope you understand what i mean.
02. June at 00:01:20
Spanjaard i believe i know what you mean. you need to also create a project. then add the specific kit you use in that project (or multiple kits/aftermarkets used). link the album and the project, and it should do the trick :) it should appear under the specific kit.
for example, if you browse to Ferrari 250 GTO (Italeri 654, 1:24) at the bottom you will see one of my projects

1:24 Ferrari 250 GTO (Italeri 654)
02. June at 09:24:34
Faraz Anwar Spanjaard I have created a project and attached the other album with pics of the model. What i want to know is how to add it to gallery just like on the ferrari page there is a gallery above your project pics.
02. June at 22:27:44
Martin Oostrom The gallery are links to external websites where the model is shown (as well).
If you create an album on this site, there's no need to create it somewhere else and add a link here. I do believe not all users are allowed to add to a gallery
02. June at 23:09:46
Faraz Anwar That explains it then I guess. Thanks for clarifying it.
03. June at 00:45:15
Spanjaard sorry if i did not understood correctly. in regards to external galleries think you just need to have the pictures published somewhere, and link the article under your own profile (use the "articles" option in the menu, right after project and albums).
thanks Martin for coming to the rescue :)
04. June at 08:43:01
Faraz Anwar Spanjaard Thank you :)
04. June at 11:01:46
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