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Christian W@scalemates
Can you remove the item of the Marketplace (MBK) on this kit P-51D Mustang (Revell 0047, 1:72)
It's a tinbottle color by Revell and sadly not the model kit for 1,65 Euro ;)

1:72 P-51D Mustang (Revell 0047)
26. April at 23:37:16 Share

April 25, 2017

Back online :)... it seems the new upload capabilities for uploading pictures results in more pictures being added (=good). I need to reschedule my cleanup scripts so the disk is not getting full
25. April at 11:20:06 Share
Choppa Nutta ah cool, I did wonder what the gateway error was all about :)
25. April at 11:43:36
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April 24, 2017

Hello Tim,

It would be possible to select on the contribution side page under content / parts in the future of 3D printing with? I think in the future this will always be a part of the accessories, many parts are now produced in the 3D printing process.


24. April at 10:25:50 Share

April 19, 2017

Robert W Martel@scalemates
What is the new feature to upload sprue pics ??
I have noticed the new upload page, drag & drop is good. But I didn't notice something special for sprue pics ????????? Something I'm not seeing?
19. April at 20:40:26 Share
scalemates Please enable Beta features on the contribute page
19. April at 21:47:25
scalemates After that you can see it when editing products
19. April at 21:47:46
19. April at 21:48:33
19. April at 23:18:28
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April 18, 2017

17. April at 20:25:11 Share
Christian W Merged. Thank you!
18. April at 06:37:36
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April 17, 2017

Tim, the new articles feed seems a little fubar'd..

Think it might have got stuck or summin..


17. April at 22:29:53 Share

April 16, 2017

Aris aka Amen@scalemates
Hi, i did something and now i can't remove one color from my project here Project: Su-7U - Czech Can you remove the H309 color please?
16. April at 17:01:45 Share
Gordon Sørensen A little complicated, but can be done...
1 On project page, of the colour you want to remove select the green box on the right
2. Slect the '⏩' arrow keys on the far right
3. Select the 'View Projects'
4. On your project, select the 'Remove' on the right side.
Hope this helps!
16. April at 18:02:36
Aris aka Amen Thanks for you help but this option is not available. Youtube Video

16. April at 22:28:12
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April 06, 2017

Dear scalematers! Scalemates is NOT sold it was a (stupid) April 1st Joke :) :P

It started this morning with ramping up the "fake news" by a few announcement posts and cheating with the amount online users covering the story. Next came the announcement (mixed on FB and here on SCM)

Followed by some more posts from the new owners (reducing images sizes,...) and the ugly new logo
to lighten up the fire.

Many of you knew it was a joke, but many of you also believed it (partially) and some 100% believe it.

So I hope it was a bit of fun and you can laugh with it.


ps: a few things pointing in the direction
- It is April 1st
- There is no A1BSC company (it stands for April 1 Bullshit Company)
- There is no TF2 channel in France
- Advertising scale modeling on national Television (have you seen it ever being done)
- Pierre Littbarski, Klaus Allofs and Toni Polster were all soccer Players of 1. FC Köln (the hometown of the fake company and the city were I lived for many many years)

ps2: we actually got an offer to sell scalemates 2 months ago, but I declined without asking for the price (I love scalemates tooooo much)

01. April at 20:45:14 Share
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Christian W Puh. God thanks
04. April at 11:43:36
scalemates Thx robin :) I'll remember that for next year
04. April at 11:53:02
Hakan ERYILMAZ I did not believe :) :)
04. April at 17:57:01
Dave Flitton You sold it?????
04. April at 21:16:58
Dave Flitton ....and then bought it back from some footballers?
04. April at 21:17:24
scalemates Yep, once they understood they couldn't fill a stadium with the hobby they turned away. :)
04. April at 21:20:02
05. April at 05:29:36
06. April at 06:55:38
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April 04, 2017

Big announcement about the future of scalemates at 2pm CEST. (and it is related to the traffic growth as well as increase in data consumption)
01. April at 12:58:31 Share
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Steve Wilson I FEEL DUMPED... but good luck TIM...
01. April at 19:58:11
Clifford Keesler OK, so I'm lost. Is it an April fools joke or real. It would not be the same without Tim.
01. April at 19:59:05
Ekki @Clifford Kessler: well, as some suggested the name of the company presumably taking over is A1BSC which supposedly stands for April 1 Bull Sh@t Company (or Communications depending on the interpretation). Work it out yourself. :)
And yes, I do agree, SM wouldn't be the same without Tim.
01. April at 20:29:26
Augie OOoo F&^%% GIT you got me! :P
01. April at 20:30:57
scalemates :) indeed April 1st joke
01. April at 20:54:10
Es-haq Khosravi Hahahaha! How happy I am that it was just a joke!
02. April at 00:31:09
wilky Missed it all as April 1 was yesterday in this part of the world but well done Tim
02. April at 00:37:56
Clifford Keesler Funny Tim. Glad it was only a joke.
04. April at 22:25:56
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April 01, 2017

Hi, this is Klaus the designer in the A1BSC Media Team. As mentioned already we will change the logo to reflect that we are a super great and fantastic deluxe search engine. So new members can quickly see this the colors have changed. Feedback welcome (lets be honest, we should get rid of the ugly green in 2012)
01. April at 19:19:29 Share
scalemates Small update
01. April at 19:32:40
Ekki I presume Mr Klaus Allofs, the famous footballer and football manager and also a world-famous web designer. :)
01. April at 19:40:56
Steve Wilson Hi Klaus... welcome, firstly I do not mind change. But there was nothing UGLY about green 'n' grey, it was distinctive, when you saw GREY and GREEN you thought of SCALEMATES...
Secondly 2012 was five years ago, I've done some research and quadrupled checked my findings and feel confident I can confirm it's definitely 2017. So now we have a Rainbow heading...
Were you a member before taking over??? are you a Modeller??? would be nice if you could introduce yourself, ask our opinions on changes, rather than be a Bull in a China Shop!!!
01. April at 19:52:47
Steve Wilson No Ekki he's a Court Jester!!!
01. April at 20:14:20
01. April at 20:25:05
Roger Lustenberger So much for april fools... ?!
01. April at 20:26:31
scalemates Hi Steve, sorry for sounding like a bull. I painted many toy models in my life and weathered my Tamiya RC Jeeps by driving in the garden. Cheers Klaus
01. April at 20:28:22
Steve Wilson Nice one Tim, I admit when I first read it, my back went up and when I got over the initial shock of the announcement, I started working things out, but initially you had me worried. ((( :D :D :D )))
01. April at 21:02:45
Rui S Yah, me too :o
01. April at 21:08:32
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Hi, this is Pierre Littbarski the new webmaster. In the coming weeks we will make some improvements:

- we will change layout as current scalemates is looking like a site of 2005
- the logo will be changed (likely colors of Google to show we are a search engine, you will be able to vote for final design)
- in order to increase speed we will reduce boxart images to 640px
- in order to save diskspace albums can not have more than 15 images. (Is that ok?)
- we are also thinking of making SCM freemium model. Eg. Everybody with more than 65 items in stash would pay a small fee to A1BSC

Feedback welcome!
Pierre Littbarski, Klaus Allofs and Toni Polster
01. April at 17:24:43 Share
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Martin Oostrom Klaus Allofs, isn't he a football trainer?
01. April at 17:58:27
Martin Oostrom Jup. All 3 guys are german (ex)football players.
01. April at 18:00:30
Ekki Actually one is Austrian.
01. April at 18:02:15
01. April at 18:05:20
Angel Yovtshev Well, I'm taking it-so far -as Fool's Day joke.But if tomorrow things look like today after 14.00 CEST, then I have more than one option...
01. April at 18:12:28
John Bollig I am confused. So, this sale is a joke ?
01. April at 18:29:44
Martin Oostrom I do hope so
01. April at 18:33:36
Holger Kranich Oh you dammit sob! :) almost got me with this sh*t! ;) :D But just for a second, heard first about it on a whats App Group :) i was sceptic and now reliefed... Tim i ha a lil stroke! :D
01. April at 18:34:49
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Bernd Heller@scalemates
Aaaaah - we have 1. April !!!!!
01. April at 17:27:41 Share

March 25, 2017

Roland Greth@scalemates
Hi Adam . I have changed the Title Dragon 6889 from Kügelblitz to Kugelblitz. Kügel ist wrong in german.
Regrads Roland
25. March at 11:09:24 Share

March 23, 2017

scalemates added the Minicraft Model Kits F-14A Tomcat (1:144) to his stash.
1:144 F-14A Tomcat (Minicraft Model Kits 14657)
F-14A Tomcat
Minicraft Model Kits 1:144
2012 | Changed decals
23. March at 16:32:05 Share

March 21, 2017

nikolaos kouzinis@scalemates
Good evening. I want to ask if it possible when someone looks something to the "news feed" and then he wants to continue, to be able not to begin from the first subject but from the subject after he stopped. Thank you
20. March at 21:33:22 Share
Alec K Good question. I am unfortunately unaware of the way to do this, but I use the following method: I right-click on the topic I wish to read and open it in a new tab. That way I leave my news feed page intact. Unfortunately, not all news feed items can be opened in a new tab (like this post, for example). Maybe more experinced mates will have a better solution
20. March at 23:21:56
nikolaos kouzinis ok. Thank you Alec
21. March at 00:52:07
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March 20, 2017

Eugen P.@scalemates
Hi Tim,
is there any way to see my own comments?
Background: l was searching for a feed about Liquid Green Stuff, where i wrote a comment, but don't know who made the feed. And i can't find it.
20. March at 18:09:22 Share
20. March at 18:50:56
scalemates Check the "engaged" filter in the news feed
20. March at 19:47:39
Martin Oostrom Mmm. If i use that option on my iPhony 7, the whole site goes blank. Had to erase my total history to get back here :-0
20. March at 19:58:04
Eugen P. "Engaged" was the keyword. Thank you very much. On my Huawei it works.
20. March at 23:09:21
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what type of truck is this?
17. March at 09:37:42 Share
17. March at 13:11:40
Timothy Heimer My guess would be a Isuzu. by the door window pattern.
17. March at 15:33:36
Eugen P. I think it is a fantasy truck, cause the manufactures don't want to get in touch with this.
20. March at 18:21:31
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March 16, 2017

Back online... the disk was full and all processes stopped working.
16. March at 07:02:41 Share

March 14, 2017

Adam G.@scalemates

I have some issue with a project I've just created. I've added there several various items, but when I open it, there is just one.

Project: Tools

14. March at 12:28:42 Share


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