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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)



Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
27 | 30. August, 10:58
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20. September, 21:09
Slavo Hazucha
Beautiful job and a super-inspiring display how far one can go with the Airfix kit... Really captures the "simple & calm beauty of flight" message the Tiger Moth communicates every time I see a picture or video of it.

May not have the complexity of exposed helo rotors & interiors, but you cut it so precise it calls out of the photos just like the real plane. Top notch & beautiful subject!
20. September, 21:13
Alex K
20. September, 23:21
René "Bilbo" Bartholemy
Next to all that has been said, there's another thing that I absolutely adore: no weathering. The plane looks brand new and that's somehow making it even more impressive.
Add any number of superlatives here... :)
21. September, 05:46
You were too fast with the build - in the newsletter of Special Hobby was now a lot of nice accessories ;)
22. September, 16:33
Elias Korompilis
22. September, 17:05
Lots of fun deatils. :)
22. September, 19:01
Gordon Sørensen
Another great looking model, Bernhard!
22. September, 19:03

September 21, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
1:48 De Havilland DH 88 Comet (MikroMir 48-017)
3 | 21. September, 17:59
Hanno Kleinecke
Now, that is something for my mama's baby boy ! Front row for me please
21. September, 18:13
Christoph Kunz
The most beautiful plane ever. Waiting for more.
21. September, 18:23
LucLuke B
I'll be keeping an eye on that one too. You build three masterpieces in the time I clumsily glue one kit together. How do you do that? Plus your pictures are crystal clear.
21. September, 18:32
Erik No
I am curious about that. The kit is on its way to me right now. ;)
21. September, 18:38
Bernhard Schrock owns this item
21. September, 17:57
Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
42 | 8. June, 18:06
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All those interior details and the cleanness of this build make it an exceptional work. One has to take time to watch these pictures.
24. August, 18:53
Absolutely stunning , congrats Bernhard ;)
25. August, 18:58
Sergej I
Yeah, this is another world... I enjoyed watching the show and the final product is just stunning! Master!
26. August, 16:47
I take off my hat...and eat it. This is just mind blowing!!
26. August, 19:39
Lovely! :)
30. August, 14:05
Christian Kohl
Hey Bernhard, I don't have any words! This is art! Wow, wow, wow. It's a beautiful work! Very, very well done. Respekt!
20. September, 18:06
Günther Decock
Knap werk Bernhard. Zoveel detail. Heb met veel plezier naar de foto's gekeken.
20. September, 20:15
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful, is all I can say.
21. September, 02:03

September 4, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
9 | 4. May, 10:37
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Pierre Vauthier
looks so amazing. thanks for giving explanation of the pics. it is inspirational.
7. June, 20:38
I want to see those models in real! I certainly can't believe what I see.
7. June, 21:29
Fun seeing these various old style kits that ends up looking this nice. :)
8. June, 16:52
Zbynek Honzik
This is a model of museum quality! And it looks like in 1/32. Excellent work again, Bernhard.
17. June, 06:15
how did i miss this beauty before???? amazing job as usual
31. August, 16:19
Erik No
A real beauty. Well done!
31. August, 17:14
Daniel Klink
Wunderschönes Ergebnis Bernhard.
Du baust diese Golden Era Flieger wirklich wie kein zweiter Bravo
Bin immer total baff wenn ich Deine Baufortschritte vefolge und was Du aus den teils wirklich her mittelmässigen kits rausholst
31. August, 17:30
Alec K
And that, folks, is how it's done. Fantastic and inspirational work, again.
4. September, 00:57

August 27, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 45 images
1:48 De Havilland Tiger Moth (Airfix A04104)
1 | 27. August, 10:30
Bernhard Schrock owns this item
27. August, 10:29

August 24, 2020

Bernhard Schrock completed this item
24. August, 19:40
Bernhard Schrock completed this item
24. August, 19:39

August 7, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
16 | 26. September 2019, 16:06
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And lovely photos, really fun to look at.
1. August, 11:57
Clifford Keesler
Just awesome, well done.
1. August, 21:51
Juergen Klinglhuber
Super Bernhard - wieder einmal: Sensationelle Arbeit! Genial. Lg
5. August, 06:35
no idea how i missed this one before.... this beauty deserves to be in a museum.... wow....
5. August, 08:39
george larson
my son would say: AmazeBalls!! how/what is the cable/wire bundle hold downs created installed? such as on the rotor head or cockpit bulkhead wall. these are exquisite.
7. August, 11:50
george larson
picture 31, 32 and 181 the tiny hold down clamps for wire routing and securing to surfaces....
7. August, 11:51
Slavo Hazucha
Great to see this pop-up again! Not sure you can see so many details, so clean and matching in style, scale appearance & execution in 48-scale anywhere else...
7. August, 12:45
Nathan Dempsey
Yes, I love every time this one comes up.
7. August, 16:26

June 30, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added Der Sockelshop to his list of favorite shops
30. June, 11:46

June 7, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
1:48 UH-1D Huey (Kitty Hawk KH80154)1:48 Bell UH-1D SAR Rivetcounter Edition (DF HeloStuff DF81048)
7. June, 05:11
David Funke
geht los!
7. June, 06:38
Bernhard Schrock owns this item
7. June, 05:16
Bernhard Schrock owns this item
7. June, 05:10
Bernhard Schrock completed this item
7. June, 05:07

June 3, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
19. March 2014, 11:45
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Clifford Keesler
Totally awesome job Bernhard.
29. November 2016, 21:51
Soeren .
29. November 2016, 21:52
simply stunning....
30. November 2016, 19:24
Burkhard D
I doubt we are ever going to see a better scale model of a Seasprite thna this one! <- Tim, we need stars for Bernhard :)
10. December 2016, 22:22
Erik Leijdens
Incredible indeed! Very very impressive work
10. December 2016, 22:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
A masterpiece- what a pleasure do look at! You did it again, Bernhard :)
11. December 2016, 09:21
Oscar Alonso
Awesome.....super detailed
3. June, 18:08
Zbynek Honzik
I am speechless! This is amazing job Bernhard!
3. June, 18:13

May 11, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
1:48 MH-53E Sea Dragon (Academy 12703)1:48 CH-53E exterior (Eduard 48542)1:48 CH-53E interior (Eduard 49364)6+
8. May, 13:41
Do you still have space for such a monster with the huge amount of your other models?
8. May, 15:19
Bernhard Schrock
I can only secretly build it at night so my wife does not notice :)
8. May, 15:30
Holger Kranich
Wow what is coming this way? Can I have my old seat?
8. May, 15:58
8. May, 17:53
Michael Phillips
YES! Count me in. I am building the same kit right now, although I am just doing the normal US Navy version.
I can only imagine how awesome this is going to be in your hands!
8. May, 20:15
Bernhard Schrock
Hi Mates, a lot of seats free :) Cola or Pepsi? :)
Michael, I saw that you intend to build the same heli and that you have almost the same aftermarket sets I collected. I find you idea very remarkable to riveting the model: a lot of rivets!! Which reference do you have for the Rosie - job?
When do you intend to beginn the project or have you already started? At the moment I'm working on Mr. Mulligan. And after that I'm going to keep my promise and will build KH's Huey in German SAR markings supported by David (DF Helo Stuff). Maybe after that we can do a double feature. Maybe a few more people will join... :)
11. May, 07:27
Bryn Crandell
Joining this party. Pepsi please. Are there decals for the markings in the photo?
11. May, 12:29
Bernhard Schrock
You are welcome Bryn. The decalsheet contains elements for #25,#29 and #31.
11. May, 14:07

May 8, 2020

Bernhard Schrock owns this item
8. May, 13:38
Bernhard Schrock owns this item
8. May, 13:36
Bernhard Schrock owns this item
8. May, 13:35

May 3, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
1:48 Mr. Mulligan (Testors 911)
3. May, 19:36
Bernhard Schrock
Because I was curious I checked today my stash for other kits of Golden Age planes. I found Mr Mulligan as a Testors reissue from mid 80ies. After I looked at the kit's timeline my jaw dropped: it was issued by Hawk in 1949 (yes 1949!!) and is basically still the same. Just a different box.
Mr Mulligan beat Roscoe Turrner's Weddel Williams #44 and won the Bendix Trophy in 1936.
3. May, 19:38
Hanno Kleinecke
Oho, this promises to be another lecture in how to tickle the absolute maximum detail out of a most basic old kit,
won't be missing that ! Tuning in !
3. May, 19:47
Alex K
Checking in...
3. May, 20:02
Bernhard Schrock owns this item
3. May, 19:35
Bernhard Schrock completed this item
3. May, 13:47
Bernhard Schrock completed this item
3. May, 13:45
Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
1 | 31. March, 17:40
View full thread (87 Comments)
Oliver Zwiener
Klasse Ding - einmal mehr !
1. May, 17:47
Wim van der Luijt
another masterpiece, enjoyed this build very much, thank you!
1. May, 18:03
Stefan Schacht
Impressive model and allways helpfull discription of the building progress
1. May, 18:16
Slavo Hazucha
The North pole has been conquered - and it's a no small feat! ;)

I really have no idea what more (in the human-eye visible range) could be added here... a very cool plane presented with every bit of Inginöring competence!
1. May, 18:55
Andy Ball
@Slavo: I hope the South Pole has been conquered too ????
1. May, 22:54
Alec K
Inspirational master building, again. Thank you for sharing
2. May, 00:08
Bernhard Schrock
Thanks for watching the South Pole expedition. I now have another expedition across the Pacific planned. :)
3. May, 05:37
Very nice build, my compliments!

Imagine trying to land that plane on a white snowy landscape with those little ski's..
3. May, 12:41
Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
2. May, 13:49
Alex K
The Bellanca... The Northrop Gamma... and now this... yes, the master is on a Golden Age winning streak! A must watch!
3. May, 02:31
Gordon Sørensen
Have this kit in the stash, too! Watching for the hints and details....
Read the "Story of Southern Cross" by Kingsford-Smith many years ago. Great read about the preparation and the actual trans-Pacific flight.
3. May, 03:00

April 2, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 75 images
1:72 Northrop Gamma (Williams Brothers 72-214)
30. March, 18:23
Juergen Klinglhuber
Ok. Wieder was auf das man sich freuen kann...bin dabei!
30. March, 19:07
Oliver Zwiener
Following :)
30. March, 19:34
Hanno Kleinecke
Schööön ! Was Du da so für Schmankerln im Keller hast....... checkin'in !
30. March, 20:05
Alex K
Goood! More Golden Age goodies! :)
31. March, 02:30
Bernhard Schrock
You are welcome Mates! I bought this kit about 10 years ago or more and found starting difficult because of the quality of the kit. But I must say that all Williams kits are researched well and are correct in the outer dimensions.
In the last time we have had great interest in polar expedition and so I remembered Ellsworth's polar expedition 1936 and his plane. With this most famous Gamma the modeler has great luck: the Polar Star survived and is exhibited in NASM in Washington DC. The official website offers excellent 44 Mpix pictures: you can see each rivet!
31. March, 10:04
Łukasz Gliński
Oh man, I have to watch it
31. March, 15:55
Ben M
taking a seat
31. March, 16:13
Burkhard D
Pass the popcorn :)
31. March, 19:24
Rafael Lang
31. March, 19:48
Slavo Hazucha
Joining the expedition! Of course it has to start with some "goose skin" ;)
31. March, 20:44
Thomas Hopfensperger
Wunderbar Bernhard! Hab meine als "Sky Chief" in der Vitrine, ist aber schon letztes Jahrtausend gebaut. Deine wird natürlich besser, ich freu mich drauf!!
2. April, 14:49

March 30, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
1 | 9. March, 20:33
View full thread (57 Comments)
A beautiful model. Congratulations! I see you corrected the pilots seat. :)

For those who want to know the history of the Adamowicz brothers, I recommend the book "Across the Atlantic: The Adamowicz Brothers, Polish Aviation Pioneers" by Zofia Reklewska-Braun and Kazimierz Braun
29. March, 19:03
Łukasz Gliński
@Hanno: As far as I'm concerned they were first Polish aviators to cross the Atlantic, ended on some meadow in France.
29. March, 19:42
Hanno Kleinecke
Ah, I see ! Thanks for the links, mates, very interesting story I've never heared of so far......
29. March, 20:31
Adam Gudynowski
That was fast! Excellent photos
30. March, 07:29
Slavo Hazucha
Beautiful work Bernhard - a really simple basic shape, but then the "devil in detail" peeks out at you from some corner of the model in every picture... :) And some of those details must be microscopic in real life... I particularly like the open side windows, with that position and super-thin material, they add a lot of life & scale-impression! Top job all over!
30. March, 07:42
Bernhard Schrock
I just had the second cup of coffee and I'm happy the nice comments. Many of the details are indeed quite small but fortunately the Bellanca model is quite a large plane, and larger than f.e. Hughes H1 in 1:48.
30. March, 08:05
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic work Bernard
30. March, 09:29
Hans Haag
Eine kleine Schönheit!
30. March, 09:49

March 10, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 53 images
1:72 Bellanca J-300 (Dora Wings DW72012)
9. March, 20:30
Łukasz Gliński
Watching. The reviews of this kit are rather bad, but I have the very same project on my mind
9. March, 20:50
Alex K
So nice to see another Interwar civil / record flight project, from a master - great! In!
9. March, 23:32
Bernhard Schrock
Hi mates, you are welcome :)
Alex: you statement honored me very!
10. March, 19:43

March 7, 2020

Bernhard Schrock wants this item
7. March, 07:31
Bernhard Schrock wants this item
7. March, 07:31

March 6, 2020

Bernhard Schrock wants this item
6. March, 07:24
Bernhard Schrock wants this item
6. March, 07:23
Bernhard Schrock wants this item
6. March, 07:23

February 16, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 214 images
1:48 AgustaWestland Merlin HC3 (Airfix A14101)1:48 AW101 Merlin International (Xtradecal X48-131)
25. September 2019, 18:09
Nathan Dempsey
I'll be watching this one for sure. I REALLY want one of these :)
25. September 2019, 22:25
Patrick Hagelstein
A new Japanese helo?.... Off course I'm in!
25. September 2019, 22:31
Oliver Zwiener
Absoluter Wahnsinn - klasse Ding !
16. February, 16:00

January 20, 2020

Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
2. June 2017, 19:35
View full thread (198 Comments)
Robert W Martel
Thanks Bernhard, Not sure when I'll get to it, but,,, when I do I'll be looking back at yours ! Cheers
2. November 2017, 17:10
Chris Nally
It is a huge kit isn't it mate :-}
29. November 2017, 10:54
Clint Mecham
Outstanding result!
1. December 2017, 04:03
Paulo Valado
Hi Bernhard! Love your modelling :D I would like to ask you, please, if you may send me the link from Mr. Tom Bigley website. I would like to build my Martin SP-5B Marlin, inspired by yours.
Thank you so much
15. October 2019, 12:08
Bernhard Schrock
Hi Paulo. Thank you for the nice comment :)
look here:
15. October 2019, 16:28
Paulo Valado
Thank you so much! :D
15. October 2019, 17:02
Perfect. Ein Prachtstück.
15. October 2019, 17:12
Yigal Levin
Looking very sharp Well done.
20. January, 17:52

January 9, 2020

Bernhard Schrock will attend Euro Model Expo 2020
Euro Model Expo 2020 in Lingen (Ems)
Euro Model Expo 2020
DE 28. and 29. March 2020, in Lingen (Ems)
9. January, 20:29

October 10, 2019

Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
1 | 7. June 2019, 17:42
View full thread (174 Comments)
Maciej Bellos
Jaw dropping result, as expected. Hars off Mr. Schrock!
25. September 2019, 19:36
25. September 2019, 20:16
Mesmerizing detailing around the main rotor shaft. :)
25. September 2019, 20:40
Zsolt Czegle
Bernhard, das ist wirklich eine erstaunliche und erstklassige Arbeit!
26. September 2019, 06:24
Bestimmt! Genauso! Noch einmal, bitte!
26. September 2019, 12:01
Benoit Mathier
The level and attention of / to details is amazing. Clean work. Exceptional model, congrats
28. September 2019, 11:01
Felix Troschier
10. October 2019, 08:43
Another fantastic build
10. October 2019, 10:55


2019-10-10 10:55:14

2013-08-31 15:26:36




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