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12. July, 00:57
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July 11, 2020

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11. July, 23:46
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11. July, 23:44
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11. July, 23:21
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11. July, 00:33
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11. July, 00:28

July 10, 2020

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10. July, 01:16

July 9, 2020

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9. July, 00:56

July 5, 2020

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July 4, 2020

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4. July, 18:53

July 3, 2020

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3. July, 22:52
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3. July, 22:35
Is it explained somewhere what the green dot, red dot and stars under the names mean?
2. July, 18:01
scalemates Green dot = account activated
Red dot = account not yet activated
2. July, 18:26
Skywalker What do the stars mean? I've seen accounts with none, one, two and three.
2. July, 19:00
Cuajete Contribution level in SM. You can see the legend passing the mouse pointer over the star.
2. July, 19:04
scalemates Contributor level (to the database)

1 star = Contributor = auto assigned when you did one "edit"
2 stars = Power Contributor = when changes you make are matching the database rules (eg. understand topics) and you frequently make changes. I once did review every single change, 2 star changes would be skipped in the review process.
3 stars = Star Contributor (fully understand rules and specific functionality is needed = merging 2 kits. And can handle the "dangerous" features with bad UI. Also can see history in who did what, and communicate well in case mistakes are made)

There used to be more difference between the 1, 2 and 3 stars. Many of these differences have been removed over time.

There are likely users still on star 1, who should be a 2.

Main thing: do not worry about your stars!
Repeat... do not worry about your stars!

2. July, 19:11
Skywalker Thank you. That info should probably be added to the FAQ page.
3. July, 04:11

July 2, 2020

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2. July, 11:58
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2. July, 11:58
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2. July, 11:57

July 1, 2020

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1. July, 03:13
Skywalker added a new photoalbum.
14 images
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Updated: February 20, 2020
Project: Mirage 2000c
1:72 Mirage 2000C (Italeri 71012)
20. February, 16:07
View full thread (13 Comments)
Skywalker Lol - you are right Alex, no one could refuel with that! I didn't see that problem. The refuelling probe broke off at least five times, so it doesn't surprise me the alignment is way off. It is framed up, so I will have to fix it when I do repairing in the winter.
27. June, 17:14
Skywalker I didn't use the colours in the kit because in my opinion they weren't quite right. In addition I don't like using true acrylics because they don't sand well. Vallego paints are too rubbery and can't be worked with well as and after they dry. I prefer lacquer thinnable paints such as Tamiya and Mr Color.
27. June, 17:22
Cuajete Very nice painting job. Congrats!
27. June, 18:46
Andy Ball Hey! I built this very same one, used brush and enamels...remember it as a great kit-fit. You've taken it on really well!!, super specimen!
28. June, 07:32
Skywalker Thank you Andy. This kit was a joy to build, with the exception of the refuelling probe breaking off at least five times, but that was my fault because I was being impatient and put it on too early. Yes, the kit fits well together. Nothing too dramatic; most of the seams can be filled with CA glue.
28. June, 07:54
Neuling Distinguished choice of colors!
28. June, 09:56
Łukasz Gliński Pics are bit dark, but from what I can figure out it looks grand
30. June, 08:10
Skywalker I hope to make some better pictures in the winter when I open it up again to do the repairs. These were just quick snapshots.
1. July, 02:58

June 30, 2020

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30. June, 23:48
Today I broke out my old enamel paints to do color swatches in preparation for a trip to the air museum in Gatow. To my amazement my 30 year old Revell enamel paints work better than the Revell enamels I bought two years ago. The newer paints seem to have less pigment in them and lay down translucent, where as the older paints, even after thinning, are opaque. Did Revell change their formula or is the opacity of the older paint a benefit from the aging of the paint? In contrast I had four bottles of Model Masters enamels that were only 15 years old and all four of them had gone bad. I don't use enamels very often anymore but I must say for a 30 year old paint the Revell enamels sure do look great.
30. June, 19:22
Spanjaard i think they knew how to do them then... after probably tried to make them cheaper :P
30. June, 19:37
Skywalker The pigments are the most expensive ingredient of paint, so maybe you are right
30. June, 19:54
LucLuke B I kept all my Humbrols from more than thirty years ago, about forty or fifty of them. I checked them all and only threw away five or six. I managed to revive all the others and they work fine.
30. June, 20:26
Skywalker I wonder if Mr. Color paints will last that long? Somehow I doubt it.
30. June, 20:38
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30. June, 02:30
Skywalker owns this item
30. June, 02:26
I found another redundant product under 70.523
30. June, 01:42
I found a redundant product in the database when I searched under 70.401 Who fixes these problems and how do I contact them?
30. June, 01:33

June 29, 2020

Does anyone else have a problem with their wall's post a message field being absurdly wide in the mobile version?
29. June, 23:21
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29. June, 21:04

June 28, 2020

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28. June, 20:34
Skywalker wants this item
28. June, 20:31
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28. June, 20:25
I recently inherited a model that has pretty bad trenching issues. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can correct it without having to refill and rescribe the entire model?
26. June, 08:51
Treehugger What do you mean by "bad trenching issues"?
26. June, 10:23
Skywalker The panel lines were dug in way too deep and wide.
26. June, 12:39
Urban Gardini The work of the Mad Trencher?
26. June, 12:40
Skywalker I could fill them with sprue goo but then I would have to sand and redo all of the panel lines.
26. June, 12:41
Treehugger I will strongly recommend AGAINST using sprue goo for that purpose. Imo, the plastic tend to end up having air bubbles and being difficult to work with, so I think it is better to maybe fill with putty (how about Vallejo fairly non-toxic putty?) and then re-scribe into a layer of primer paint? :)
26. June, 13:47
Skywalker I guess I will have to try Mr Surfacer 500 and see if it will do the job.
28. June, 07:11
Alexander G. You've got to get your hands dirty if you want a good result mate so rescribing would be your best option...but applying mr. surfacer in a really thick coat (or several) and sanding the surface afterwards might actually work
28. June, 09:55
Urban Gardini 2-part putty could be a valid option. Look upp Nightshift at Youtube and how he use it for weld beams.
28. June, 12:04
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28. June, 00:39
Skywalker added AK Interactive to his list of favorite colors
28. June, 00:18
Skywalker added Tamiya Paints to his list of favorite colors
28. June, 00:18
Skywalker added Alclad II to his list of favorite colors
28. June, 00:12
Skywalker added Mr. Color to his list of favorite colors
28. June, 00:12
Skywalker added Rembrandt to his list of favorite colors
28. June, 00:12
Skywalker added Revell Color to his list of favorite colors
28. June, 00:12

June 27, 2020

Skywalker added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
Updated: June 21, 2020
1 | 20. June, 19:09
Skywalker Tornados in progress... Cockpits almost finished. More photos soon.
20. June, 21:03
Maciej Bellos Following!
21. June, 06:50
Sergej I Following :)
21. June, 07:01
Cuajete Me 3!
21. June, 10:54
Matthew A Is the blue tonka the spirit boxing
22. June, 10:14
Andy Ball Tonka-squared.....the Revell 72'r is the best in this scale?...watching with interest, twice!
22. June, 10:55
22. June, 11:31
Skywalker Matthew the blue model is the spirit IDS. The plastic is a bit softer than the ECR.
22. June, 17:05
Skywalker Underpainting completed. Now on to the fun stuff :)
27. June, 17:26
Cuajete Well done so far.
Andy, I consider Revell's latest mold as the best Tornado IDS for 1/72. And the Hasegawa mold for the ADV version. For the IDS version, I miss some decals for the RSAF's camouflage scheme :(
27. June, 17:55
Daniel Nice preshading I'll take a seat
27. June, 19:13

June 26, 2020

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26. June, 22:08
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26. June, 02:03
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26. June, 01:44

June 25, 2020

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25. June, 22:46
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25. June, 22:46
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25. June, 16:48
Skywalker completed this item
25. June, 03:40

June 22, 2020

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22. June, 17:07
The Beta doesn't seem to have a model filter. Will this be added? I use it a lot.
17. June, 02:08
scalemates what do you mean with "model"?
21. June, 14:42
Skywalker In the mobile version you have buttons show: popular, all, models, questions, trade. In the Beta version there is no show subject headline, but the buttons all, popular and trade. I use the models button often and was wondering if it would be in the Beta.

Also it is irritating that in Chrome the buttons go to the next line in the middle of a subject.
From: all, mates <br> engaged and in the Beta you have the same problem threads: all, my <br> mates.
21. June, 16:07
scalemates Thx I noted this as well...On mobile there is limited space... so either i go to 3 lines (you loose space) or i make the links smaller = not good for usability

The "models" will no longer be there, extra filter options on the right give more granular control. And it had to make room for new "scales" filter
21. June, 16:26
Matthew A Thank you for all your hard work Mr ScaleMates
22. June, 10:17


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