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That's how it was in the end :)
44 | 21. March 2015, 16:43
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Peter Hardy
Rui, desert scene before the charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba. Model Ts and horses.
24. May, 06:21
25. May, 02:33
Rui S
Well Peter, I've started a horse for my elefant on the Outono / Autumn 1944 album, that's what i can do for now 😉
30. May, 22:13
Peter Hardy
There were 800 horses Rui, maybe you should make some molds? Nobody will notice if you do two the same!
30. May, 23:44

May 27, 2021

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27. May, 20:00

May 24, 2021

Rui S completed this item
1:35 Paratroops (Italeri 335)
Italeri 1:35
335 1985 | Changed box
16. March, 14:42
Marc Le Bayon
Ex 70' Heller figs...
24. May, 07:17

May 21, 2021

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21. May, 15:00

May 17, 2021

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17. May, 19:03

May 14, 2021

Rui S added a new photoalbum.
18 | 6. April 2019, 16:13
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Kerry COX
I must admit Rui. I do understand the hammer now, having had to use something similar when I put my IKEA display cases together, but the sight of it did raise some alarm bells here. hahahahaha 😉 👍
13. May, 22:49
Rui S
@ Urban, I'm not sure wich pioneer 2 kit, you are Talking about???
@Kezza, no stress, at least for the time beeing LOL 😉
13. May, 23:51
Urban Gardini
The one you'll buy in error...
14. May, 12:53
Rui S
Ahh, that One, it Will have to wait, because I'm trying hard not to buy anymore kits 😉
14. May, 15:05
14. May, 17:13
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14. May, 15:05

May 12, 2021

Rui S added a new photoalbum.
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1:35 T-26 B (TOM Modellbau 10)1:35 Riflemen (ICM 35566)1:35 Infantry (Dragon 6744)
62 | 11. July 2017, 18:11
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Rui S
Hi Mathieu, Thank you for your interest and stamina to scroll all this long album. I Respect that and your kind words.
If you felt cold, I've achieved the goal 😉
Winter war is a very interesting period, and you will find some diferent planes to replicate with your excellent skills 😄
10. May, 20:21
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Patience and application pay off, it seems! Nice work again Rui!
11. May, 17:17
David Taylor
Black and white shots looks like you photo shopped real pics.
11. May, 18:56
That's some great diorama, Rui.
Love the small details and the snow 👍.
11. May, 19:04
Rui S
Thank you very much for your kind words mates. I'm really pleased that you like and comment my work.
@ Jean-Michel, judging by your excellent dios, I'm sure your wise words are aplied in their execution 🙂
@ David, you can't imagine how I would like that your words were true. I would LOOVVVEEEE to know how to work with Photoshop, but unfortunatly I don't 🙁
@ WhiteGlint, the details take their time, but I think they are always important in a dio. You can alaways had some more interest with them 😉
12. May, 19:16

May 10, 2021

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1:35 Infantry (Dragon 6744)
Infantry Winter 1941
Dragon 1:35
6744 2013 | New tool
10. May, 20:02

April 21, 2021

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21. April, 14:11

April 18, 2021

Rui S added a new photoalbum.
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75 | 23. February 2017, 17:40
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13. February, 21:19
Rui S
Thank you very much, tankbrusher and Chris. I apreciate you nice coments and I'm really glad you like it.
17. February, 22:56
Impressiv dio-work. Especially the wet effects.
17. April, 13:14
Sebastian Meyner
Very impressive work Rui S 👍
17. April, 14:56
Rui S
Thank you MarSeif, and Sebastian Meyner, glad you comment and like it. Appreciated.
Thank you to all the other mates that liked it.
18. April, 20:47

April 10, 2021

Rui S owns this item
10. April, 15:23
Rui S added a new photoalbum.
28 | 28. March, 22:43
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Alec: Apparently a lot of Roy cross's original artwork was destroyed. Some of it was sold at auction over the years. I've just found a listing for a 2014 auction of his work. When he stopped working for Airfix he mainly painted ships – some of his Airfix work is half way down the first page.
I'd have happily made a few bids if I'd known at the time.

Just read that his first Airfix art was this:
Dornier 217. E.2 (Airfix 383, 1:72)

1:72 Dornier 217. E.2 (Airfix 383)

And his last:
Prinz Eugen (Airfix 05203-2, 1:600)

1:600 Prinz Eugen (Airfix 05203-2)
1. April, 06:31
Alec K
Cool! Thanks Gorb 👍
1. April, 13:17
Rui S
@ gorbygould, Thx for sharing the info 👍. I remember doing both 😄
1. April, 13:20
James C
That's quite a cool idea. I wish I had done something similar, but too late now 👍
3. April, 20:22
Rui S
Sorry for the late reply, Mate. Thx for the compliment. I'm ot the only one and I think it's never too late, so😉
10. April, 14:00

April 4, 2021

Rui S
thank you, Marc.
4. April, 20:56
Rui S added a new photoalbum.
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From the time I had only glossy paints, and I think the silver was already a paste :D
23 | 2. April, 19:56
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Ah, you are too kind Rui, and thank you for the lovely compliment, but you and your build are the star of the show here! praise goes to you my friend, for helping to us to remember some fond childhood memories 👏
4. April, 05:34
Rui S
Thank you, Mates 👍
@ James, that was my intention, glad you like it 🙂
@ JD, Just saying the truth, mate and thanks again for your very kind words.
4. April, 15:33
Ben M
Space:1999 - love it, Rui! When I got back into the hobby one of the first things I built was an Eagle, because when I was a kid I built one.
4. April, 15:46
Great model!
4. April, 16:21
Rui S
@ Ben, Thank you, I see yours. Nice model and you even put some PE in it?
@ Curatorm, Thx, I'm glad you like & comment it😉
4. April, 18:30

April 2, 2021

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2. April, 21:35
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2. April, 19:39
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2. April, 14:32

March 25, 2021

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25. March, 01:43

March 16, 2021

Rui S completed this item
16. March, 14:42
Rui S completed this item
16. March, 14:42
Rui S completed this item
16. March, 14:40
Rui S started this item
16. March, 14:33
Rui S started this item
16. March, 14:33

March 15, 2021

Rui S added a new photoalbum.
44 | 14. March 2015, 04:01
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Rui S
Thank you for your kind comments Rui. Mainly coming from a namesake😉 (my S also comes from da Silva).
I'm really sorry, that I don't know how to work with Photoshope, but I'll try to follow your advice with other programs and see how it works.
I see you scrolled through the photos in the Album, thanks again for that.
With around 100 thousand tons of cork per year, Portugal is the largest producer in the world, so it is natural that around here we use corks in a lot of things. Tinto, white, Porto, Madeira, etc. I like all of them 😄
3. March, 22:32
Kerry COX
So. Saying "Put a cork in it." instead of 'shut up' is not an insult. ? :)
It's so much nicer pulling the cork out of a bottle of wine, rather rather than the plastic or screw top crap the world uses now. :-/ :(
3. March, 22:44
Rui S
Yap Kezza, I think it's more polite, at least 😄
And I completely second your wise words. Cork is a noble material with several very good characteristics and it is even currently used by NASA😉
3. March, 22:53
David Pearson
Nice Work, impressive diarama, detailed work.
14. March, 11:45
Rui S
Thank you for your kind words David Pearson. I'm very glad you like it. Much apreciated.
15. March, 00:11
Rui S added a new photoalbum.
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Project: Sd.Kfz.10/4
1:35 Sd. Anhänger 51 (Italeri 6450)1:35 Sd.Kfz. 10/4 (ESCI 5018)1:35 Afrikakorps (Italeri 304)1+
24 | 16. March 2015, 20:55
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I've got the older version of this kit molded in the dark gray and it's a tough one to work with; congrats for doing a stellar job, especially with those rather difficult and sometimes strangely posed figures of theirs. (I'm thinking of the Italeri Schwimmwagen with the officer holding his elbow up over his head LOL).
18. July 2020, 12:15
Rui S
Thx a lot Al, much apreciatted and I'm really glad you like it.
I really liked all the work needed to make the kit and figures something decente. the result always serves as an incentive.
I'm leaving my best kits for when I have more experience.😉
18. July 2020, 15:43
David Pearson
Great attention to detail, looks really good.
14. March, 11:48
David Taylor
14. March, 12:10
Rui S
Thank you for your nice comments, David Pearson and David Taylor. I'm realy glad you like it. Much apreciated.
15. March, 00:09

March 12, 2021

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12. March, 21:49

March 11, 2021

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11. March, 21:37

February 27, 2021

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1:35 Riflemen (ICM 35566)
Riflemen (Winter 1940)
ICM 1:35
35566 2016 | New tool
27. February, 22:37
Rui S added a new photoalbum.
86 images
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some 360º images 8). Finally I can consider this dio finished.
22 | 9. March 2015, 02:35
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Very nice. Good colours ! I just think the driver is too far on the right.
30. January, 18:30
Rui S
Thank you very much for your very nice comments, mates.
@ Dietmar, Much apreciated and I feel happy that you like this one.
@ Jan, Yap I can say that I'm a bit of an old school stubborn. Still a lot of dry brushing; humbrol enamel use; lack of aftermarket stuff and so on...😉 But very glad to receive your comment.
@ Olivier, You might be right, I think the driver got scared and followed the traffic controller's directions to strictly😉
1. February, 19:08
I like the way you place the models and figures so that they look natural and realistic. It brings your dio's to life.
20. February, 12:10
Hanno Kleinecke
What a lively and realistic scene, I can almost hear this Opel Blitz's engine being downshifted one gear, while taking that curve.....
The guy with the sunglasses looks exceptionally cool !
27. February, 13:36
Rui S
Hallo Hanno, I'm very, very glad that you noticed this work and comment. Your kind words made me laugh.
You are right, that down slope curve and the guy waving... better be careful. Thank you, very much appreciated.
If that one looks cool, it is the other one who is smoking, who knows what, with all that smoke coming out😉
27. February, 13:46

February 10, 2021

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10. February, 22:37

January 29, 2021

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29. January, 15:39

January 25, 2021

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25. January, 20:30

January 8, 2021

Kerry COX@Rui S
Thanks Rui. Just be safe and wear that mask mate. ! 😉
5. January, 23:54
Rui S
I'm using it even at home, when I'm with my boys.
7. January, 22:53
Kerry COX
Good move Rui. You can't be careful enough. Especially now there is a more deadly strain of the virus sweeping the world. To tell you the truth. I am quite scared. I stay in my home all the time and have my food and all other requirements for daily living delivered. It's cheaper to eat 'Jenny Craig' dietary food than to go out and shop for regular type nourishment. :-/ Stay vigilant. 👍
7. January, 22:57
Rui S
Yap that's the way. Probability reduction.
They say the new strain is less deadly, but with a lot easier transmissibility 🤔
7. January, 23:01
Kerry COX
What ever it is. I will keep my distance. hehehehe 👍 :)
8. January, 01:47

December 30, 2020

Rui S will attend
The Neglected Kit Resurrection Groupbuild in
The Neglected Kit Resurrection Groupbuild
GB 1. January until 31. December 2020
30. December 2020, 22:06

December 14, 2020

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14. December 2020, 21:07

December 2, 2020

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2. December 2020, 19:44

November 4, 2020

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4. November 2020, 13:24

October 17, 2020

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17. October 2020, 01:01

October 7, 2020

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7. October 2020, 14:01

September 30, 2020

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30. September 2020, 14:54

August 3, 2020

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3. August 2020, 22:31

June 27, 2020

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27. June 2020, 22:20


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