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Spanjaard (hetspanjaard)



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Spanjaard now follows Stupez
15. November at 11:18:25 Share

November 14, 2018

November 11, 2018

Spanjaard now follows Nicolas
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October 30, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 29, 2018
29. October at 00:47:00 Share
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Wim van der Luijt thanks for sharing Spanjaard! I couldn't make it so it is nice to be able to see some pics....
29. October at 12:34:38
Treehugger Very inspirational stuff imo :)
29. October at 12:54:22
Björn Svedberg Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!
29. October at 14:37:48
Christian Bruer Thx for sharing Spanjaard. Indeed it was a great weekend and I hope to welcome you again next year at the German Gamblers Clubstand!
Cheers, Christian
29. October at 18:28:12
Konrad Limmer Very nice pictures and models! Thanks for sharing mate
29. October at 19:31:21
Spanjaard thanks all, and specially to Christian. who knows, maybe even before SCM 2019 ;)
29. October at 20:45:49
Christian Bruer would be great
29. October at 21:03:35
Lode Schildermans Antonio, Thank you for the honor. You, some others and I know why.
30. October at 23:29:27
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October 29, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
51 images
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Updated: October 28, 2018
Project: -flying group
01. October at 21:07:22 Share
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Spanjaard thanks Martin and Ingo :)
28. October at 23:22:18
JOHN THOMAS Very cool, Yippee
29. October at 01:35:20
Neuling I fully agree with Lode and Martin.
29. October at 06:57:27
Spanjaard thanks John and Neuling , really glad you also like it :)
29. October at 07:04:50
Dutch Wow! Spanjaard, You definitely invested more time, effort and skill into your P-38J #5000 kit than I did, and your results are stunning. Your level of detail is outstanding for this crude kit. Just your cockpit canopy alone is worth learning from. I like the weathering and added detail, like gun barrels, wire aerials, etc. I still have to make my canopy frames, which I think I will do with silver stripe decal. I do not think I will add gun barrels or aerials. But I like your work! Great job! R/ Dutch
29. October at 15:05:21
gorbygould That's pretty remarkable considering the scale. Well done Spanjaard!
29. October at 17:31:03
Murad ÖZER Eyecandy 8)
29. October at 17:45:48
Spanjaard Thanks Dutch, gorbygould and Murad. this one is the first one finished of a special project, so stay tuned :)
29. October at 21:11:26
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Spanjaard will attend Scale Model Challenge 2019
Scale Model Challenge 2019 in Veldhoven
Scale Model Challenge 2019
NL 19. and 20. October 2019, in Veldhoven
29. October at 00:49:29 Share
JOHN THOMAS Great photos thanks
29. October at 01:33:54
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October 15, 2018

Spanjaard now follows Neuling
15. October at 23:27:54 Share

October 08, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 02, 2018
Project: -flying group
02. October at 00:22:37 Share
Greg Baker oh, you KNOW I'm watching this one... PE parts no less! Wow.
02. October at 01:39:51
Spanjaard I was expecting you :).
There is PE too in the 262 and the spitfire too, but there is more here....and six of them!
02. October at 09:59:19
Greg Baker I'm keen to see what you do here. I barely started mine, so I want to steal all your good ideas. The sweet kits are... sweet, aren't they?
02. October at 11:49:25
Spanjaard Very much. Only Platz can be considered better. Eduard ones are ok, although engraved detail is too deep for that scale.
02. October at 12:34:41
Spanjaard Zero may take a while to be started, though. Need to finish Mustang, mosca and seagladiator first
02. October at 12:36:03
Daniel Klink I'm in
08. October at 09:44:04
Spanjaard Welcome Daniel, but it may take a while.... The others (started already in this project) will be finished before I can start the zeros
08. October at 17:41:11
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October 02, 2018

02. October at 23:42:29 Share
Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
64 images
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Updated: October 01, 2018
Project: -flying group
01. October at 22:44:20 Share
Martin Oostrom Great work on the twins! I like the red one
01. October at 22:50:01
Spanjaard thanks Martin.
the truth is that most of the boxes in this project have two planes, so more twins coming :)
01. October at 23:15:47
Spanjaard i discovered too late that Brengun has a PE set for this box... it could have made a nice interior. well, maybe i can use it with the 4 "spare" Komets i still have :P
01. October at 23:21:02
Lode Schildermans You're as mad as I am on microscopic details. Very nice done, Spanjaard
01. October at 23:35:53
Spanjaard thanks, that is a great compliment :)
01. October at 23:36:59
Greg Baker Wow... very nice indeed. I know what it takes to make these little suckers look like that too...
02. October at 01:44:02
Spanjaard Indeed :)
02. October at 09:57:26
Spanjaard And thanks :)
02. October at 09:57:39
Erik Leijdens Amazing work in this tiny scale Antonio :)
02. October at 10:52:32
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Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
18 images
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Updated: October 01, 2018
Project: -flying group
01. October at 22:09:37 Share
Stefan Schacht Hallo Spanjaard, nice start, count me in. Cheers Stefan
01. October at 22:19:07
Spanjaard welcome Stefan. happy to see you here :) i hope you will like it
01. October at 22:26:25
Lode Schildermans Man, this is so tiny. Nice start, Spanjaard
01. October at 22:28:46
Martin Oostrom You Sneaky Spaniard!
1/144 huh? Inspired by Greg? She does look nice
01. October at 22:30:02
Spanjaard thanks, actually the project "airgroup"was started about 6 months ago... there are a few more planes on it. some not yet started :(
01. October at 22:42:18
Gordon Sørensen And adding rigging in 1/144th? Very impressive, Spanjaard!
02. October at 02:30:18
Spanjaard Thanks Gordon :)
02. October at 09:55:31
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Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
74 images
View album520470
Updated: October 01, 2018
Project: -flying group
01. October at 21:28:44 Share
Martin Oostrom Petie 2 times 2?
01. October at 22:55:00
Spanjaard it is an option.... thanks
01. October at 23:14:55
Lode Schildermans Spanjaard, a question. What paint do you use?
01. October at 23:38:58
Spanjaard interior is tamiya acrylics, outside is Alclad airframe aluminium. i should have polished more the plastic, and it would have been even better.
01. October at 23:40:55
Lode Schildermans Not easy to polish on such small surfaces. I am very satisfied with MrPaint. Comparable with alclad
01. October at 23:56:13
Spanjaard not easy, but possible.... like doing the rigging of certain ship i have just seen... with flags and all, for sure not easy either ;)
never used Mr Paint, but i will have it in mind, Alclad does give good result, but it is not exactly healthy stuff :(
02. October at 00:01:49
Lode Schildermans Lol, MrPaint neither. As for rigging, you could a biplane :)
02. October at 00:09:30
Spanjaard Well, there is 3 in this project ;) sea gladiator, I-15 Chato and Nieuport, the last one is not WWII, but I was asked to add some biplanes to the project :P
02. October at 00:19:03
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Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 02, 2018
Project: -flying group
02. October at 00:06:14 Share

October 01, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 01, 2018
Project: -flying group
01. October at 23:44:12 Share
Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 01, 2018
Project: -flying group
01. October at 23:18:31 Share

September 23, 2018

some time ago, i had a converstion about C-47 and figures in 1/72, i was trying to find some soldiers at rest... and i promise that person that if i find those figures, i will let him know... but i can not find the original message, so i can not replay to it to say i have found what was looking for and he was also interested..... here it is

Parachutistes Americains (Heller 49651, 1:72)
but specially

i hope you can read it here!!

1:72 Parachutistes Americains (Heller 49651)
03. February at 01:40:44 Share
Cuajete Coincidentally I have read this now, many months later. It's exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you very much, Spanjaard! :)
19. September at 20:49:21
Spanjaard you are very welcome Cuajete. a mandar :)
19. September at 20:50:41
Ingo F That was me Spanjaard. :D
19. September at 20:51:54
Spanjaard great!!!!! finally :) thanks
19. September at 20:53:25
Ingo F Thank you!
19. September at 20:53:32
Cuajete My apologies to Ingo F. I should have confused this thread with another one.
However, I am glad that my answer has been useful so that the right person could have seen the Spanjaard's help. And thanks to Spanjaard I have also found these figures that I was looking for a long time ago ;)
23. September at 12:44:20
Ingo F Nah, you dont need to apologise, everything is alright. :)
23. September at 17:01:24
Spanjaard i am happy i could help two people instead of one :)
I probably mixed both conversations in one in my mind :)
23. September at 18:02:58
23. September at 19:23:42
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Spanjaard and Choppa Nutta are now mates.
23. September at 18:03:36 Share

September 15, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
12 images
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Updated: June 03, 2016
03. June 2016 at 00:29:24 Share
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Peter Hardy Choppa? Were you offering them directions? They were obviously lost!
11. September at 01:16:56
Choppa Nutta haha no, I was just leaning against them pretending they were mine lol :D
11. September at 02:18:28
Spanjaard thanks a lot Choppa, really appreciated :)
13. September at 01:51:54
Djordje Nikolic Nice Ferrari! Wasnt one recently sold for $50mil or something?
15. September at 00:58:10
Spanjaard thanks. I think i could part ways with my model for that price :) :D
yes, i think i have seen something in the news about that.... it is one of the most beautiful cars ever build. i think i will need to do another one one day :)
15. September at 01:04:04
Djordje Nikolic I think the owner of the real one should buy your model for 1/10th of the price, just to keep it inside of the house!
15. September at 01:05:17
Choppa Nutta I think 1'24th of the price would be more appropriate ;) :D
Still though one of the best looking Ferraris around :)

Funny how the best things in life begin with F ....
Fun, funk, Floyd, flamenco, fudge, Ferrari, fire, among other things ;) :D
15. September at 01:08:27
Spanjaard friends of course ;) among other things.....
yes, 1/24th of the price of the real one would be welcome :D :D
15. September at 12:32:40
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Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
40 images
View album248372
Updated: April 03, 2016
Project: Honda NXR-750
03. April 2016 at 14:45:07 Share
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Spanjaard thanks Ingo, Tom and Choppa. this is a two years old build... almost a total disaster, but still one of my favorite builds.... i intend to do it again one day!!!
13. September at 18:36:20
Peter Hardy Still a beautiful build Spanjaard, I'll confess to looking it over from time to time.
13. September at 22:44:56
Spanjaard thanks a lot Peter, glad you like it so much :)
14. September at 00:53:26
Mike Grant That's REALLY nice.
14. September at 15:04:50
Daniel Klink Looks great Spanjaard...Absolutely authentic look
14. September at 15:28:52
Spanjaard thanks a lot Daniel!
14. September at 19:36:23
Maurizio Pessina wow Spanjaard, great work, very realistic, beautiful the wheels and the weathering!
14. September at 20:08:52
Spanjaard thanks Maurizio, very glad you like it :)
15. September at 00:42:36
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August 01, 2018

Spanjaard and Jos Jansen are now mates.
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July 24, 2018

24. July at 07:18:48 Share

July 20, 2018

20. July at 14:15:25 Share
scalemates works again
20. July at 14:24:13
Spanjaard thanks, i could not post for a while. and I could not even delete that "test" when finally I got one :)
20. July at 14:33:09
scalemates yes, I think all actions were broken. (including adding to stash)
20. July at 14:35:49
Spanjaard thanks for fixing it!
20. July at 14:36:19
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July 17, 2018

Spanjaard added the Fujimi Ferrari 250 GTO in 1:24 to his wishlist
1:24 Ferrari 250 GTO (Fujimi 12354)
Ferrari 250 GTO with Etching Parts
Fujimi 1:24
2008 | Changed parts
17. July at 13:36:21 Share

July 02, 2018

Spanjaard and Dmitriy Andreeshchev are now mates.
02. July at 00:47:36 Share

June 14, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 12, 2018
12. January at 00:18:43 Share
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Spanjaard thanks Alec. i do not have the plan clearly defined for it. but i intend to use some lights on it. time circuits, plutonium meter, front lights... we will see. got some tiny SMD Leds . and Kees Kleijwegt build was really inspirational ;) I even got some electrical diagrams from him (thanks again Kees)
10. February at 15:10:11
Alec K Nice! This will be another masterpiece
10. February at 15:18:21
Spanjaard thanks, for the time being, is just a bunch of pieces ;)
10. February at 15:29:42
10. February at 15:32:50
Stefan Fraundorfer I love Back to Future and looking forward to see the finished Delorean. Have much fun Spanjaard.
28. April at 23:33:41
Spanjaard thanks a lot Stefan. unfortunately, this one will be on hold for a while due to lack of time and energy.
29. April at 00:39:54
d hadley I can't wait to see you finish this one!
14. June at 17:14:31
Spanjaard thansk d hadley... but it is on hold at the moment. i will come back to it as soon as i can. not going to be in shelf of doom :)
14. June at 22:46:00
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June 12, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 03, 2017
03. April 2017 at 21:52:47 Share
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Peter Hardy So, what are you saying Spanjaard? You are rich now?????
11. June at 10:18:18
Martin Oostrom Not anymore. He's bought that fancy airbrush ;)
11. June at 12:43:11
Peter Hardy Easy come, easy go!
11. June at 13:31:51
Spanjaard Ha ha ha ha
11. June at 14:37:03
Gordon Sørensen Some nice models there, Spanjaard! Like Kerry and Peter said, sometimes it is nice to look back and see how far we have come in our abilities...
11. June at 20:52:05
Spanjaard indeed :) i hope i have learnt a thing of two since those models were done :)
11. June at 21:49:31
Peter Hardy Ha, I am still trying to achieve what you did 30 years ago! I still go back to the Kawasaki KR 500, some great ideas you have put into place with that build. Ok, airbrushes make the big improvement but your ideas and approach were spot on. Yes Spanjaard, I am still impressed with the bike! I now have two of them in my stash with a third lost in the mail.
11. June at 22:40:22
Spanjaard yes, i have that in my stash too, i will love to do again the KR500 but with alclad and airbrush, rather than humbrol and hairy brush i did a long time ago :D :D
12. June at 09:40:10
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June 11, 2018

Spanjaard and Kees Kleijwegt are now mates.
11. June at 22:14:28 Share

June 06, 2018

we have 3 products in the same time line... and i think they have nothing to do with each other. two are cylon riders, but are from different series, and are completely different. the other... it is not even a raider.
Raptor (Moebius Models MMK962, 1:32)
CYLON RAIDER (Moebius Models 941, 1:32)
CYLON RAIDER (Moebius Models 926, 1:32)

1:32 Raptor (Moebius Models MMK962)1:32 CYLON RAIDER (Moebius Models 941)1:32 CYLON RAIDER (Moebius Models 926)
06. June at 23:02:47 Share
scalemates they are linked to generic topic: "Battlestar Galactica". Will add a group "Battlestar Galactica" and we will create topics under this group
06. June at 23:11:31
Spanjaard thanks Tim
06. June at 23:51:42
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April 16, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
16. April 2017 at 00:50:51 Share
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Kerry Cox WHAT. ? You have skills that I am sure Christian would want. :) :) :) PE is a world apart, and practice makes it better.
16. April at 02:08:38
Peter Hardy Looks like 307 before my comment Spanjaard. It's official, your in esteemed company now Mate!!
16. April at 05:19:47
Spanjaard Thanks Kerry and Peter :)
i was looking at the number of comments on top of the page (previous comments), which of course does not include the ones in the screen, so yes, it is more than 300
16. April at 07:32:48
Kerry Cox LOL. And counting. :) :)
16. April at 08:47:21
Dmitry Borisov Excellent work!
16. April at 10:15:59
Sebastian Meyner Great work mate
16. April at 12:33:14
Cuajete Now a comments more. Congratulations one more time! ;)
16. April at 12:56:30
Spanjaard spasivo Dimitry and gracias Cuajete :)
16. April at 23:27:57
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March 25, 2018

Spanjaard and Daniel Klink are now mates.
25. March at 22:11:09 Share


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