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Spanjaard (hetspanjaard)


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Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 26, 2017
1:48 F-4J (Academy 12305)1:48 AIM-9G/H Sidewinder (Eduard 648303)1:48 Tie Down Device Set A (Modern USN Aircraft) (INFINI Model IMP-48002R1)21+
16. April 2017 at 00:50:51 Share
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Kerry Cox WHAT. ? You have skills that I am sure Christian would want. :) :) :) PE is a world apart, and practice makes it better.
16. April at 02:08:38
Peter Hardy Looks like 307 before my comment Spanjaard. It's official, your in esteemed company now Mate!!
16. April at 05:19:47
Spanjaard Thanks Kerry and Peter :)
i was looking at the number of comments on top of the page (previous comments), which of course does not include the ones in the screen, so yes, it is more than 300
16. April at 07:32:48
Kerry Cox LOL. And counting. :) :)
16. April at 08:47:21
Dmitry Borisov Excellent work!
16. April at 10:15:59
Sebastian Meyner Great work mate
16. April at 12:33:14
Cuajete Now a comments more. Congratulations one more time! ;)
16. April at 12:56:30
Spanjaard spasivo Dimitry and gracias Cuajete :)
16. April at 23:27:57
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March 25, 2018

Spanjaard and Daniel Klink are now mates.
25. March at 22:11:09 Share

March 17, 2018

closed shops. today I accidentally came across a shop that has been renamed as "shop closed" if we have an option of making it "out of business" that gives really clear red banners, why not keep the name correctly?? (hobbytreff? ) so if people look for it will be able to find it and clearly know it is closed. now, if you search for it, you will never find it since the name is not correct.
17. March at 09:49:39 Share

February 23, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 10, 2017
10. January 2017 at 12:52:28 Share
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Spanjaard Thanks a lot Christian
31. August 2017 at 08:04:26
Timothy Heimer What power microscope did you use??? LOL
31. August 2017 at 15:49:21
Stephan Ryll Stunning work
31. August 2017 at 19:10:14
Spanjaard glad you like them Timothy and Stephan
31. August 2017 at 20:27:56
Robert Hall Amazing Work !
05. January at 23:33:40
Spanjaard thanks Robert :)
06. January at 00:02:16
Mathew Nate I like it. Watchmaker's work ;)
22. February at 23:01:07
Spanjaard thanks Mathew :)
23. February at 07:24:26
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February 11, 2018

Spanjaard added the Revell F/A-18 D Hornet in 1:144 to his wishlist
1:144 F/A-18 D Hornet (Revell 09101)
F/A-18 D Hornet Magic Flight
Revell 1:144
2001 | Changed parts
11. February at 17:46:46 Share

February 10, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 12, 2018
Project: Delorean Back to Future I in scale 1:24
1:24 Delorean (Aoshima 011850)1:24 Cable Binder (Czech Truck Model CTM24081)No Clamping band white (Model Factory Hiro P-1088)4+
12. January at 00:18:43 Share
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Spanjaard after quite some research (and not much modelling)... I am thinking in removing a lot of what makes the kit a BTF Delorean, to make it looks like a "plain" Delorean DMC-12, and then add add all the details from scratch....
10. February at 11:44:32
Gordon Sørensen Looking good, Spanjaard! Replacing those molded on cables will be worth the extra work. Looking forward to seeing more!
10. February at 13:03:47
Spanjaard thanks Gordon.
10. February at 13:17:04
Alec K Indeed great work so far. Any thoughts on adding lighting? With all the cabling work, it may be worth it
10. February at 15:05:52
Spanjaard thanks Alec. i do not have the plan clearly defined for it. but i intend to use some lights on it. time circuits, plutonium meter, front lights... we will see. got some tiny SMD Leds . and Kees Kleijwegt build was really inspirational ;) I even got some electrical diagrams from him (thanks again Kees)
10. February at 15:10:11
Alec K Nice! This will be another masterpiece
10. February at 15:18:21
Spanjaard thanks, for the time being, is just a bunch of pieces ;)
10. February at 15:29:42
10. February at 15:32:50
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February 06, 2018

Peter Hardy@Spanjaard
What is a Spanish Don doing in the land of cheese eaters anyway?
04. February at 02:00:04 Share
Spanjaard it is a really nice place to live :)
04. February at 06:28:01
Erik Leijdens Cheese eaters :D
06. February at 14:19:48
Martin Oostrom Enjoying my company at ESM, have a cup of coffee, browsing for kits and hitching a ride to the train station.
06. February at 17:00:41
Spanjaard several cups of coffee, great company, and thanks again for the ride :)
06. February at 20:49:49
Peter Hardy Hmmm, I could start a bromance rumour.
At least I gave Erik a laugh!
06. February at 21:46:36
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February 03, 2018

some time ago, i had a converstion about C-47 and figures in 1/72, i was trying to find some soldiers at rest... and i promise that person that if i find those figures, i will let him know... but i can not find the original message, so i can not replay to it to say i have found what was looking for and he was also interested..... here it is

Parachutistes Americains (Heller 49651, 1:72)
but specially

i hope you can read it here!!

1:72 Parachutistes Americains (Heller 49651)
03. February at 01:40:44 Share

January 28, 2018

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 14, 2017
Project: F-4J Phantom II Black Bunny 1:48 in scale 1:48
1:48 F-4J Phantom II (Hasegawa 07206)1:48 AIM-9D Sidewinder (Eduard 648156)1:48 Tie Down Device Set A (Modern USN Aircraft) (INFINI Model IMP-48002R1)12+
11. August 2016 at 01:02:56 Share
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Spanjaard thanks Robert, you are making me blush :)
12. January at 21:14:47
Ingo F Awesome build Spanjaard! Love the details and especially the cockpit. Very good!
12. January at 21:47:13
Spanjaard thanks a lot Ingo, glad you like it. your comment means a lot to me :)
12. January at 22:43:00
12. January at 23:34:28
Ed Froix Wow nice retailing
28. January at 07:23:25
Spanjaard you mean detailing? ;) thanks
28. January at 14:58:01
Mike I've said it before and I'll say it again. You military and airplane guys, your detailing never ceases to amaze me. Great job, Spanjaard.
28. January at 16:42:34
Spanjaard thanks a lot Mike. my current project is not exactly military :)
28. January at 19:58:12
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January 25, 2018

Spanjaard added the Alliance Model Works WW2 German Tactical & Waffen-SS Unit Symbols Painting Template in 1:35 to his wishlist
02. January at 00:36:17 Share
Alberto Traverso glad you got them!
25. January at 06:13:33
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January 16, 2018

Does anybody know if Tamiya putty being outlaw in Europe and why?
Tamiya Putty (Basic Type) (Tamiya 87053, No)

Anybody tried Tamiya white putty?
Tamiya Putty (White) (Tamiya 87095, No)
Is it like Vallejo white, or more like old Tamiya gray basic old putty, but white?

No Tamiya Putty (Basic Type) (Tamiya 87053)No Tamiya Putty (White) (Tamiya 87095)
15. January at 13:43:57 Share
Bart Teunis Well we still sell the basic and the white ones at lifecolor-nl. There is a issue with the import to the netherlands and our channels go through the nordics..... But it is available. The basic stay a little soft and the white because very hard and is better for bigger gaps
15. January at 16:57:11
Spanjaard Thanks Bart!
15. January at 17:30:23
Markus Antonius the same goes for the tamiya panel line accent color - not sold in europe/germany due to regulations on ingredients. i ordered mine in japan and poland.
15. January at 22:21:35
Peter Jenssen I have Tamiya White Putty and Humbrol Model Filler. I find Tamiya White Putty quite hard and fine grained. Holds detail well, but can be a bit tricky to sand, as the plastic is generally slightly softer than the putty. Also it dries quite quickly. Often before I'm done.
It's the putty I generally use, just making sure i lay on as little as possible and shape with scraping before sanding for flat surfaces.
Extra bonus is that it thins with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement.
15. January at 22:37:04
Spanjaard thanks Markus and Peter
15. January at 23:45:47
Patrick Hagelstein Since recently I'm using the Mr. Paint putty. It's called Mr. Filler Liquid Putty and comes in a glass bottle and is a tan color. It brushes on and sands very nice and I use it for mid size gaps. I even like it more than the Mr. Surfacer ones.
PS. Mr. Paint is from Slovakia and not to be confused with the Japanese brand.
16. January at 00:01:29
Spanjaard thanks Patrick!
16. January at 00:04:48
bossy122 The thing I notice about Tamiya white putty is not as many bubbles.
16. January at 00:22:52
Patrick Hagelstein You're welcome Spanjaard! :)
16. January at 04:09:51
16. January at 04:10:02
16. January at 11:59:19
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January 03, 2018

03. January at 01:42:37 Share

January 01, 2018

and of course, also for those that are already in 2018 (Kerry Kox and the rest of Australia and other countries that have passed to 2018 by now ) :)
happy modelling!!!!
31. December 2017 at 17:39:34 Share
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Björn Svedberg Happy new modelling year everybody! Cheers! :D
31. December 2017 at 22:20:26
Christian Lehmann Happy New Year!
31. December 2017 at 22:52:04
Marco Gallmann Happy new year everybody and still happy modelling in 2018.
01. January at 00:07:58
Stefan Schacht Ein frohes neues Jahr wünsche ich euch. Viele Grüße Stefan
01. January at 00:14:26
Ingo F Happy new year to you all.
01. January at 01:43:15
J. H. Op den Velde Yes a very healthy New Year to you all
01. January at 02:35:06
Robert Paschall Happy Modelling New Year!
01. January at 04:27:04
berni A happy New Year!
01. January at 11:33:19
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December 26, 2017

Spanjaard added the Eduard F-4J wheels ACADEMY (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 F-4J wheels ACADEMY (Eduard 648253)
F-4J wheels ACADEMY
Eduard 1:48
2016 | New tool
26. December 2017 at 21:09:47 Share
Spanjaard added the Eduard F-4J exhaust nozzles ACADEMY (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 F-4J exhaust nozzles ACADEMY (Eduard 648254)
F-4J exhaust nozzles ACADEMY
Eduard 1:48
2016 | New tool
26. December 2017 at 21:09:34 Share
Spanjaard added the HGW F-4 Phantom II (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 F-4 Phantom II (HGW 248020)
F-4 Phantom II stencil set for Academy/Eduard
HGW 1:48
2016 | New tool
26. December 2017 at 21:09:26 Share

December 12, 2017

DUPLICATED OF SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01, 1:35)
there is another one that seems the same, but there is no figures in the artwork

1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)
1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)
SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion
Swash Design 1:35
201* | New tool
12. December 2017 at 19:15:18 Share
Spanjaard the other one is also a duplication SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01, 1:35) (see website of Swash design DR-01 Includes two figures)

1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)
12. December 2017 at 19:26:17
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DUPLICATED OF SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01, 1:35)
there is another one that seems the same, but there is no figures in the artwork

1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)
1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)
SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion
Swash Design 1:35
201* | New tool
12. December 2017 at 19:15:07 Share
Spanjaard the other one is also a duplication SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01, 1:35) (see website of Swash design DR-01 Includes two figures)

1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)
12. December 2017 at 19:25:51
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duplicated of
SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01, 1:35)
SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01, 1:35)
artwork with figures, but in the website of Swash design, there is only on DR-01 and it contains figures.

1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)
1:35 SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion (Swash Design DR-01)
SAS / LRDG Jeep Conversion
Swash Design 1:35
201* | New tool
12. December 2017 at 19:24:23 Share

December 11, 2017

Spanjaard now follows scalemates
11. December 2017 at 07:25:40 Share

November 26, 2017

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 26, 2017
26. November 2017 at 09:54:30 Share
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JOHN THOMAS Nice photos
26. November 2017 at 14:48:45
Patrick Prijden thanks for sharing this, it was a great day!
love the spit photo 101 :)
26. November 2017 at 14:50:27
Edward May Oh I see, regarding which pictures were which. ^_^ Oh no, modelers here do not shy away from dioramas portraying the past 17 years of "War on Terror," though there may be some in the US that would find that offensive however just about any model could theoretically offend someone out there. I started to type out all the different groups that could somehow, some way, be offended either with our hobby itself or the subjects depicted and gave up after the fourth lengthy paragraph! LOL

I was joking when I asked about the US figure whose head had fallen off as to whether that was a political statement. However I was serious in asking about the Balkankreuz ban. Perhaps that's what it is, that it is illegal to depict in those nations in particular.

Personally I think it should be held in context like you were saying. These depict an object and moment in history just as a museum display piece should. If we are too careful to remove it from our historical records, our history lessons and our species collective memory though important facts will be forgotten and travesties may be repeated. As such in my humble opinion, that is a far cry from, as you said, strolling down the lane waving about a Nazi flag.

That's right, I remember you mentioning previously that you are hesitant to take your' work to such a venue. There was one photo, where it showed in the distance, a model on a high stand with it's wing overlapping the edge of the table where people were walking. I cringed thinking about that placement as with near certainty it eventually snagged someone's sleeve and went down. If that isn't evidence enough and reason enough to refrain from showing off one's works; Just look at the US soldier figure! lol
26. November 2017 at 15:06:30
Stephan Ryll Thank you for sharing :)
26. November 2017 at 15:39:50
Christian Bruer Many thx for sharing. Seems to be a great show
26. November 2017 at 19:45:22
Spanjaard thanks everybody :)
@Patrick, the spit in picture 101 was truly breathtaking... excellent paint job. do you know the author?
@Edward, no idea about the head, I guess it was just lack of glue :D . About the ban, I may be wrong, but it is only swastikas (Hakenkreuz), I do not think there is a problem with the Balkankreuz.
for what i see in the last one, swastika is banned in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland
26. November 2017 at 20:34:27
Edward May Gah! Slip of the tongue, I meant Hakenkreuz, so sorry! Trying to do too many things at once, I think. lol

I did think the ban was more widespread through Europe but now I know better and its always said to learn something new each day! ^_~ Cheers!
26. November 2017 at 23:22:14
Spanjaard glad to help :)
26. November 2017 at 23:33:32
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Spanjaard marked this book as tradeable and sellable.
26. November 2017 at 22:54:08 Share
VENDO tomo 2 de la enciclopedia de Técnicas de Modelismo de Aviación (Interiores y Montaje) en Castellano.
está completamente nuevo. lo compré hace cosa de un año y ahora me van a regalar toda la enciclopedia por Navidad. Si alguién está intersado, por favor contacta conmigo por mensaje privado.
puedo entregar en mano en Valladolid, y quizás en Madrid durante las navidades.

I sell Vol 2 of Mig Jimenez Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques in SPANISH. i got it a year ago, and now i am getting the complete encylopedia.
26. November 2017 at 22:16:16 Share

November 23, 2017

duplicated of F/A-18 C/D GE F404 Engine No..Attack Squadron 72097, 1:72)

1:72 F/A-18 C/D GE F404 Engine Nozzles set - Academy - (Attack Squadron 72097)
1:72 F/A-18 C/D GE F404 Engine Nozzles (Attack Squadron 72097)
F/A-18 C/D GE F404 Engine Nozzles for Academy (fits other too)
Attack Squadron 1:72
2016 | New tool
23. November 2017 at 20:43:29 Share

November 22, 2017

how can you link an album to one event?
30. October 2017 at 19:42:02 Share
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Spanjaard hold on a second.... first i must apologize for not recognizing my own album (it was there yesterday). but what i do not understand, is why everywhere that album shows the picture of that fantastic Citroen (selected by me as teaser), but down the event, it shows picture number 1 instead. That is why i did not recognized it
05. November 2017 at 10:59:54
scalemates consider it a special feature I implemented for inconsistency :) (or a bug)
05. November 2017 at 11:00:55
Spanjaard ha ha ha thanks Tim
05. November 2017 at 11:01:43
05. November 2017 at 11:04:05
Spanjaard thanks a lot Tim :)
05. November 2017 at 11:07:16
Spanjaard i have renamed a couple of the Euro Scale Modelling events, so all of them follow the name name pattern.
05. November 2017 at 11:12:23
05. November 2017 at 11:41:53
Spanjaard i have a question about this, if for example i go to Euro Scale Modelling 2016 (29. October, Nieuwegein NL) i can see my album, then below, i see the "Reports" that the search engine has found, there i can see albums in other sites, about multiple years of this event. maybe albums, in SCM for other years, should also appear there?
just an idea.
22. November 2017 at 23:42:14
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Spanjaard will attend Euro Scale Modelling 2017
Euro Scale Modelling 2017
NL 25. November 2017, in Houten
22. November 2017 at 23:36:40 Share

November 20, 2017

20. November 2017 at 01:29:25 Share

November 18, 2017


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