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Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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general view
Project: Vietnam Diorama
1:35 M113 ACAV (Tamiya 35135)1:35 US Platoon/Vietnam (Verlinden Productions 393)54mm Black G.I. Viet Nam (Verlinden Productions 321)3+
14 | 31. May 2016, 14:33
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Thanks a lot Rui. After a long time away from the bench I have now a dedicated area for modelling and I am back in the bench. No pictures posted yet. Dioramas will be great, but nothing planned for now
9. October, 18:16
Rui S
That's great news. You need to Stay at the bench now, to compensate. 😄
9. October, 21:05
Guy Rump
Great dio 👍
9. October, 21:33
Well I am a lot in the room, since covid started is also my office, not exactly what I was planning when we decided to have a "hobby room" (no man cave since it is shared with my girlfriend)
9. October, 23:38
Thanks for the comment Guy.
9. October, 23:38
Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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overview 2
Project: Honda NXR-750
1:12 Honda NXR750 '86 Paris-Dakar winner (Tamiya 14054)
17 | 3. April 2016, 12:45
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thanks a lot Neuling
6. October, 09:39
Rod -
Love the spoked wheels! 🙂
6. October, 10:52
thanks a lot Rod.
6. October, 12:20
Rui S
Beautiful model and subtle weathering 👍
9. October, 16:19
Thanks Rui
9. October, 20:26

September 29, 2021

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
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ok, i may have jump a few steps, but here is, finished. more pictures in completed album
Project: p-51 Grim reaper
1:48 North American P-51D Mustang (Aires 4072)1:48 Exhausts for Р-51 (Komplekt Zip 48013)1:48 P-51D/K Mustangs: 355th FS/ 354th FG, 87th FS/ 78th FG (Microscale 48-1097)1+
102 | 10. April 2016, 21:48
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thanks Sérgio
7. September, 22:38
David H
Wow, beautifully done, love all the work and attention to detail.👍🏻
22. September, 07:36
thanks a lot David. and thanks for the likes.
22. September, 13:46
Major Flannel
Crystal clear canopy. The varying metallic hues around the engine exhausts are great to see.
Well done, it looks 32nd or larger.
29. September, 14:16
thanks a lot Major Flannel for your kind comment.
Probably I dipped the canopy in Future, but I do not see anything in my comments of that time.... and after 5 years, i honestly can not remember!
29. September, 14:34

September 21, 2021

Spanjaard now follows Peter Muldoon
21. September, 23:45

September 7, 2021

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
11 | 31. May 2016, 23:47
Atesz Sparrow
Very nice! Can I ask the fuel tank color manufacturer and code?
11. February 2020, 12:40
Hi Atesz. Sorry I did not see your comment before. I still have that can of paint (most likely dry) it is humbrol number 20. I believe that today's reference is the same 020 Crimson, Humbrol Gloss, Enamel, 14ml
2. September, 21:05
Rui S
Beautiful work Spanjaard 👍
2. September, 21:32
thanks Rui. this one actually is in need of restoration... so I may change it a bit, one day.
2. September, 22:09
Rui S
Well, if it's for better, you can always Change 😉
3. September, 01:00
about the color, when i do this model again, most likely i will use ALC-701 Bright Silver Candy Base, Alclad II Metallic, Lacquer, 30ml covered with ALC-703 Candy Ruby Red Enamel, Alclad II Metallic, Lacquer, 30ml
7. September, 15:57

August 13, 2021

looking for the instructions of the B-24 little gramper from Hasegawa (and i need this specific one, not other Hasegawa B-24s). if you have them, please upload them to the product page, thanks!
27. July, 08:37
Hope that can help:
12. August, 11:18
it certainly does! thanks a lot!
12. August, 11:50
Mentioned in the watermark internet shop is my second place (after scalemates certainly) to search instructions and take a look on plastic. btw: I've newer used it as a shop.
12. August, 18:21
I have actually got some kits from then, and searched many times for instructions and pictures, but for some reason, I forgot this time! 😛
12. August, 20:31
Surprisingly I was not able to find these searching on shop site by kit# 00932, but can find by kit name "B-24D Liberator 'Formating Monitor'". Hell! I've started research it. It is able to find it on shop site if you add space after kit# like "00932 " 👀
13. August, 08:32
yes, i had the same issue, i could not find it with the number, but since thanks to you i knew it was there somewhere, i also found it with the full name. thanks for the tip about the space! that is a really good one
13. August, 08:35

August 6, 2021

Spanjaard unfortunatelly, it is cancelled 🙁
Scale Model Challenge 2021
NL 16. and 17. October 2021, in Veldhoven
6. August, 11:28
Patrick Hagelstein
I was hoping to be able to visit and meet some mates in real life, but I can understand the reason for canceling. Keep safe everyone and we'll meet again when all this is over.
6. August, 11:49
I was really looking forward this year edition.... but it is what it is.... let's hope World Model Expo will take place next year as planned.
6. August, 12:09

July 19, 2021

VAT for online purchase in the Netherlands.
VAT rules have changed for packages received from outside EU when you are living in the Netherlands. Now we have to pay VAT (BTW) regardless of the value. Up to June 30th, we had to pay only if the value was above 22EUR.

The one and only time I got a package from out of EU, it was an Me-163 just above 22EUR value, so the VAT was not much, but I had to pay 18EUR administratie kosten.... making it almost twice as expensive as I initially thought.... I am curious to know if now we also have to pay those administration costs, or if now they simply charge us the VAT without other charges. anybody has information or has received a package already?

If the package is more than 150EUR you have to pay import rights, can anybody tell me of those have any kind of "surprise" costs attached to them? Or do they simply charge the % mentioned in the website of the belastingdiesnt?

thanks in advance
1 | 5. July, 12:45
Anybody has information about this?
12. July, 21:42
Martin Oostrom
In dutch: https://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/nl/internetaankopen/content/hoeveel-betaal-ik-de-douane-als-ik-iets-koop-bij-buitenlandse-webshop?utm_campaign=internetaankopen&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_content=dsa and https://www.postnl.nl/campagnes/aankopen-buitenland/

So a package delivered by PostNL always cost a minimum of €4 admin costs, or €10 if the value >€150. Import tariff on toys (we don't do toys, but customs might think otherwise) is max 4,7% of the value.
VAT (BTW) is 21% of (value + import tariff)

So a nice Tamiya kit of €89 + €20 shipping is €109 total.
Import tariff could be 4,7% of €109 = €5,12
value + import tariff = €109+€5.12 = €114,12
VAT = 21% of €114,12 = €23.96
Total cost + taxes is €114,12+€23,96 = €138,08
Handling cost by PostNL = €4

Total cost of a 'cheap' Tamiya kit from outside the EU is €142,08
19. July, 12:08
Martin Oostrom
Just read that import tariff is only on packages >€150, so that saves €5
19. July, 12:11
thanks a lot Martin. i am a bit confuse in one thing. is the import tarif applied to all purchases, or only those above 150EUR?
19. July, 12:11
Martin Oostrom
Only on those above €150. But we're facing a tariff of max 5%. The VAT is the killing factor as it is calculated over the Value + Shipping + Tariff
19. July, 12:23
so the 4 euros go to all purchases... great.....
19. July, 12:45
those cheap things from ebay basically double their price now.
19. July, 12:46
Patrick Hagelstein
Man, this sucks!!! Back in the days I would order through HLJ, because some kits were only available to the Japanese market. No way to apply Dutch VAT online, so PostNL provided that 'service' for you... I had to pay the kit price in administrative charges only to get my package from the post office. While living in the US I bought quite some stuff from HLJ with much lower shipping rates and without those f-ed up fees, tariffs and VAT. Boy oh boy, am I looking forward on going back... 🙁 Good thing is that my stash will not grow by any one kit anymore... Thanks Netherlands! 👍
19. July, 13:18
sucks indeed....
19. July, 13:26
Martin Oostrom
I'm afraid it is a EU wide rule. Brexit, anyone?
19. July, 14:02
certainly not me 🙂
19. July, 14:50

July 18, 2021

same product in two sizes,
SCM Search: Painting (Acrylic) gloss medium 470*
one is "paint", the other "thinner". i think both should be paint.
18. July, 22:16
18. July, 22:11
Spanjaard » Feature requests
We still have albums that appear with camera model as comments in al pictures, see Jets | Album by Dietrich67
18. July, 16:15
possible duplicate, SCM Search: Humbrol matt cote*
one appears as AC, the other as AX. I have a bottle, but it does not have any of the two references. being 30 years old, i am not surprised 😛
18. July, 14:05
duplicate (i may have added one of them, sorry)

MP242 Mr. Metal Primer-R, Mr. Color , Lacquer, 40ml
SF242 Mr. Metal Primer, Mr. Color , Lacquer, 40ml
18. July, 13:57

July 14, 2021

Spanjaard this edition does not have the hard box that other editions have. not a problem for me, but good if somebody is planning to order. amazing reference material 🙂
14. July, 11:36

July 12, 2021

I am looking for a diagram of how the chains are attached to a F-4J to chain it to the tie down points of the deck of an aircraft carrier. I am sure there must be a simple diagram or file to explain, but I have failed to locate it so far.....anyhelp would be appreciated
12. July, 22:55

June 9, 2021

it seems it is in the wrong timeline....
9. June, 10:08

June 8, 2021

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
36 | 30. June 2016, 20:33
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Clifford Keesler
Very nice Mustang sir, well done.
21. November 2020, 01:18
A wonderful Mustung made super nice 👍 👍 👍
21. November 2020, 06:32
thanks Clifford and Jens
21. November 2020, 23:53
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Marvelous! Very well done Spanjaard!
8. June, 15:14
thanks Giannis.
8. June, 15:28

May 4, 2021

May the 4th be with you all my fellow Scalemates!!!! 😉
2 | 4. May, 19:52

May 3, 2021

Spanjaard will attend
Euro Scale Modelling 2021 in Houten
Euro Scale Modelling 2021
NL 27. November 2021, in Houten
3. May, 13:25

February 26, 2021

Spanjaard postponed to 2022...
Scale Model Challenge will happen in 2021 (october 16th-17th)
World Model Expo 2022 in Veldhoven
World Model Expo 2022
NL 1-3 July 2022, in Veldhoven
26. February, 15:22

January 2, 2021

Martin Oostrom@Spanjaard
You shared this with me, but the rest of the Mates should see it as well: https://dineroclub.net/hankcheng-y-sus-miniaturas/
7 | 27. December 2020, 10:06
27. December 2020, 21:56
Awerstruck would be an understatement
27. December 2020, 22:00
Nathan Dempsey
Holy moly that is crazy awesome.
27. December 2020, 22:46
some more pictures https://miniscaping.com/explore/portfolio/2162/miniscapes from Hank Cheng, simply out of this world
27. December 2020, 22:49
so real....
27. December 2020, 22:49
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, that weathering...
2. January, 20:21

January 1, 2021

Spanjaard will attend
Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021 in
Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021
1. January until 31. December 2021
1. January, 00:10
my favorite plane. i will not miss what is done here 🙂
1. January, 00:11

November 20, 2020

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
64 images
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Project: flying circus
1:144 Nieuport 17 (Valom 14405)1:144 USAAF P-38J "Yippee" (Minicraft Model Kits 14668)1:144 Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a (Trumpeter 01319)37+
9 | 1. October 2018, 20:44
Martin Oostrom
Great work on the twins! I like the red one 👍
1. October 2018, 20:50
thanks Martin.
the truth is that most of the boxes in this project have two planes, so more twins coming 🙂
1. October 2018, 21:15
i discovered too late that Brengun has a PE set for this box... it could have made a nice interior. well, maybe i can use it with the 4 "spare" Komets i still have 😛
1. October 2018, 21:21
thanks, that is a great compliment 🙂
1. October 2018, 21:36
Greg Baker
Wow... very nice indeed. I know what it takes to make these little suckers look like that too...
1. October 2018, 23:44
Indeed 🙂
2. October 2018, 07:57
And thanks 🙂
2. October 2018, 07:57
Erik Leijdens
Amazing work in this tiny scale Antonio 🙂
2. October 2018, 08:52
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Like it !!! It must be TINY !!!!!!!1
16. November 2020, 20:17
i need to show it with something that shows the scale....
16. November 2020, 20:31
Greg Baker
Not for me you don't... 🙂
17. November 2020, 22:54
it can be some fun 🙂
20. November 2020, 11:20

November 16, 2020

Spanjaard added a new photoalbum.
10 images
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both together
Project: Japanesse swords
16 | 2. June 2016, 22:15
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Thanks Murad
16. November 2020, 09:00
Martin Oostrom
His talent is surely hidden, because he hasn't built anything recently, apart from his house that is 😄
16. November 2020, 18:23
flat was built already...i did add a few things 😄 😄 like hobby room, that is almost done 🙂
16. November 2020, 19:49
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Like it ,,, quite unusual and nice !
16. November 2020, 20:16
glad you do Julian
16. November 2020, 20:30
Spanjaard owns this item
16. November 2020, 18:45


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