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Bozzer (Bozzer)



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Bozzer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 2 images
1:25 Lowboy (AMT 880/06)
10. October at 21:58:06 Share
Bozzer Ok, after being warned by a fellow Scalemate, I checked the axles for true and straightness. Mine were actually ok. Putting the chassis frame together was cumbersome, but with patience, I got it level and straight. A tip for you guys, build from the back to the front, then add the beaver tail later. More to follow soon.
10. October at 22:05:49
Bob Hall Good too know ! Thanks !
11. October at 04:19:35
Bill Newcomer I agree, build the frame from the back to the front.
11. October at 04:43:53
Bozzer Ok guys, she's in the paint shop. Pictures to follow soon!
11. October at 14:10:27
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October 10, 2019

Bozzer added a new photoalbum.
2 images
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Updated: October 10, 2019
Project: Lowboy
1:25 Lowboy (AMT 880/06)
10. October at 21:59:44 Share
Bozzer owns this item
1:25 Lowboy (AMT 880/06)
Lowboy Drop Deck Lowbed Trailer
AMT 1:25
880/06 (880)
2014 | Changed decals
18. June at 14:21:20 Share
Bozzer Finally started this baby
10. October at 21:57:16
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October 5, 2019

Bozzer owns this item
1:25 Plated Tanker Semi Trailer (AMT T-684)
Plated Tanker Semi Trailer "Texaco"
AMT 1:25
T-684 (684/06)
2011 | Changed decals
5. October at 11:03:21 Share
Bozzer owns this item
1:25 Exterior Post Van (AMT 711)
Fruehauf 40ft
Exterior Post Van 'Interstate System'
AMT 1:25
2011 | Changed decals
5. October at 11:02:57 Share
Bozzer owns this item
1:25 Kenworth K-123 Cabover (AMT 687)
Kenworth K-123 Cabover
AMT 1:25
2011 | Changed ???
5. October at 11:01:32 Share

September 30, 2019

Bozzer added a new photoalbum.
32 images
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Updated: March 27, 2019
Project: Peterbilt 378
1:24 Peterbilt 378 (Italeri 3857)
17. March at 01:04:42 Share
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Bozzer Glenn, I'm an ass! I would love to learn how to do that, but I need more physical evidence. I'm really trying buddy, but being on the other side of the pond, is a pain. I get what you are saying bro, but my visits are limited to twice a year. However, USA rocks!!!
29. March at 00:08:32
Chris Greathouse Bozz, your truck is already looking sexy and cool. Love the shape of the fenders. and personally I like not worrying that I may high-center over speed bumps :D lol
29. March at 04:11:40
Bozzer Lol, I was discussing lowering it, with a buddy of mine. Maybe the next one, will get some lowering treatment? I really like those front fenders. I might try to make one. I love getting creative.
29. March at 18:57:52
29. March at 20:16:46
Nigel Chapman Hey just seen this, looks great so far
18. June at 20:08:35
Bill Newcomer following
29. September at 07:03:13
Bozzer I'm going to be getting this project moving again over the next few days. Now that the man cave is built and things are in, I'm just testing out the painting and temperature. I still have to make my custom spray booth, but I'm a little concerned about the temperature at the moment. Tests are ongoing, as i type. Unfortunately, the WiFi was something I didn't factor in, so I'm also on the lookout for some kind of booster. Keep watching.
29. September at 09:15:44
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, get a "wireline" Wifi extender. A couple of boxes that plug into outlets and cable to you router, then use the AC wires in the house to extend the data link to the farthest reaches of the house. Layout like this: Modem -> Fast router with Wifi -> cat 5 or 6 to wireline adapter -> house wiring -> 2nd wireline adapter -> cat 5 or 6 -> any old working Wifi router -> Wfi devices at other end of the house.
30. September at 04:20:58
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Bozzer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 7, 2019
7. March at 10:29:23 Share
James C Cool and following
7. March at 18:27:43
Bill Newcomer Following
29. September at 07:09:07
Bozzer Bill, this is the same kit you have. To be fair, it's a bit of a slug. Definitely a challenge buddy. It's a rebox of very old tooling. As I know how you are, watch out for several issues. The cab to sleeper mating, isn't the best, plenty of delicate work needed. The rear axles are out. Alignment problems again. Also, check the cab for twists. The chassis needed a bit of work too. Then just when you think you are all done and your paint job is amazing, the chrome grab handles screw it up! Them mirrors take some patience too! In my opinion, this is the most testing of AMT kits. Chris has done a version of this, if you want to check that out too bud.
29. September at 09:25:45
Munkyslut I'm watching, cab-over tractor units are so much nicer than long hoods.
I love the box art on theses older kits, they just look so fkin cool!!!
29. September at 09:58:09
Bill Newcomer Bozzer thanks for the warning. Usually I deflash, paint then fit. With all that I have read, I am deflashing, TEST FITTING then painting.
30. September at 04:13:16
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September 29, 2019

Bozzer owns this item
1:25 Auto Transport Trailer (Revell 85-1509)
Auto Transport Trailer
Revell 1:25
2015 | Changed box
29. September at 09:30:13 Share
Bozzer owns this item
1:25 City Transporter (Matchbox/AMT PK-6604)
City Transporter
Matchbox/AMT 1:25
1979 | Changed box
29. September at 09:28:44 Share

June 18, 2019

Bozzer owns this item
1:25 310 Backhoe Loader (ERTL 8015)
John Deere
310 Backhoe Loader
ERTL 1:25
1975 | New tool
18. June at 14:16:09 Share

June 9, 2019

Bozzer owns this item
1:25 Super Boss (AMT 930)
Tyrone Malone's
Super Boss Kenworth
AMT 1:25
930 (AMT930/06)
2016 | Changed parts
9. June at 17:13:38 Share
Bozzer owns this item
9. June at 17:11:51 Share

May 6, 2019

Bozzer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 6, 2019
7. March at 10:13:53 Share
Treehugger Charming. Seems like there is something missing though in the middle, presumably the fuel tanks goes to the lower center section.
7. March at 10:22:42
Bozzer Sorry buddy, yes there will be. This is a WIP. At the moment, I'm stalled on this. I had a massive reaction with the clear coat. It ate the paint on the cab roof and both doors. Currently they are stripped and ready to be washed, dried and painted. Strange how it was just on those parts and not the rest of the paint?
7. March at 10:38:07
Bozzer Sorry guys, I've been a while on this one. Well work and life kinda got in the way, not to mention a massive reaction with the clear I used! So, just a bit of an update and you will see the finished project over the next couple of days. Enjoy mates
6. May at 00:57:19
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April 11, 2019

Bozzer started this item
1:12 D'Antin Pramac Ducati GP4 (Tamiya 14103)
D'Antin Pramac Ducati GP4
Tamiya 1:12
2006 | Changed decals
11. April at 19:31:08 Share

March 28, 2019

Bozzer and Bryn Crandell are now mates.
28. March at 01:30:02 Share

March 17, 2019

Bozzer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 32 images
1:24 Peterbilt 378 (Italeri 3857)
17. March at 01:03:14 Share
Bozzer owns this item
1:24 Peterbilt 378 (Italeri 3857)
Peterbilt 378 "Long Hauler”
Italeri 1:24
2010 | Changed ???
17. March at 00:59:25 Share

March 11, 2019

Bozzer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 10, 2019
10. March at 02:18:01 Share
Munkyslut Great looking street rod, I'd have bought it too!
10. March at 10:27:39
Julian Herrero aka Yuri Looks very cool !
10. March at 15:08:28
Bozzer Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to building it, when I get my backlog of builds down. Currently, three 1:25 trucks on the bench.
11. March at 23:17:15
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March 10, 2019

Bozzer owns this item
1:25 Squad Rod (Airfix 06447)
Squad Rod Nova Police Car
Airfix 1:25
1982 | Changed parts
10. March at 01:50:56 Share
Bozzer owns this item
1:24 '70 Chevelle 3´n1 (Revell Monogram 85-2715)
'70 Chevelle 3´n1
Revell Monogram 1:24
1998 | Changed ???
10. March at 01:50:18 Share

March 7, 2019

Bozzer owns this item
1:25 Peterbilt 359 Conventional (Revell 07412)
Peterbilt 359 Conventional Trucks of the 1980s
Revell 1:25
07412 (80-7412)
2013 | Changed decals
7. March at 10:16:22 Share

February 28, 2019

Bozzer and Christian W are now mates.
28. February at 22:36:05 Share
Bozzer changed his profile picture.
28. February at 16:11:48 Share

February 20, 2019

Bozzer just joined this community.
19. February at 23:50:50 Share
20. February at 03:35:22
Bozzer Thank you
20. February at 07:57:57
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