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Murad ÖZER added the Doug´s Original Hans Joachim Marseille in 1:32 to his wishlist
1:32 Hans Joachim Marseille (Doug´s Original 32P02)
Hans Joachim Marseille
Doug´s Original 1:32
25. September at 16:20:16 Share

September 22, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: September 21, 2018
Project: Panzerjager Elefant in scale 1:35
1:35 Panzerjager Elefant (Italeri 211)
21. September at 08:00:12 Share
Scott Dutton Nice Cam
21. September at 08:29:48
Spanjaard Excellent Murad
21. September at 08:58:30
Murad ÖZER Scott and Spanjaard thank you very much.
21. September at 17:06:43
Thomas Kirschbaum very nice!
21. September at 18:16:47
Murad ÖZER Dankeschön Thomas.
21. September at 20:42:39
James C Very nicely done Murad.
21. September at 23:09:40
Daniel Klink Clean built and an excellent paintjob here... Murad...
21. September at 23:10:43
Don "The Don" Congratulations Murad on a super Elefant. Love the finish. The sag on the tracks is so realistic. I have just finished an Academy Magach 6b and the tracks were short so had to use staples and of course no sag.
22. September at 00:18:40
Dan M Very nice camo! How did you manage to get those green lines so thin? I'm never able to control my airbrush that good
22. September at 02:32:19
Murad ÖZER James, Daniel and Don thanks folks. vinyl tracks are bane of armor modelling i'll say no more, anyone who has the means should invest in proper aftermarket especially if the tracks are exposed and have slack in real life so they can be made to sag.

@Dan thank you. the answer would be a loaded one so bear with me but tl,dr: trial and error = experience.

i am using a sparmax with a 0.2 needle.

i do unscrew the crown so that i can get in as close as possible resulting in less overspray and finer lines. by close i mean airbrush almost touching the model close. overspray is a combination of several parameters i'll get to later.

my pressure during a freehand camo/line is probably less than 15psi but don't use mine as a guideline because some airbrush will need higher amount of air passing tru in order to atomize the paint properly. nozzle size / needle diameter isn't the only factor in achieving a fine line, what psi setting at your given room climate and paint consistency your airbrush needs, only you can figure out. besides listen to the airbrush, colors are colors because of their consistency (thin = light, thick = dark) and a properly thinned white paint will sound different than a properly thinned black paint coming outta nozzle at a given psi keep that in mind.

wrt paints, i do not thin paint but instead i tint the thinner with paint. tamiya acrylics along with their lacquer thinner can do this whilst still be able to cover to an acceptable degree. other paint brands and types may not, again you have to figure out the consistency with your own setup and paints you have access to. tho understand this method may require your painting habits to change especially if you are going in gungho with airbrush blazing like a spray can on a car model. since the paint is barely there you'll have to be patient and work little by little, panel by panel and build the paint up.

now the problem with tamiya acrylics thinned like this is they'll lose "body" (for lack of a better word) and can have a problem grabbing the surface - not talking about color coverage here! in order to remedy this *if* you need to lighten up the color use their gloss colors like gloss white or gloss yellow. if that is not possible use their clear gloss instead. you may see that this also helps with the overspray especially if your airbrush nozzle / needle is not particularly healthy!
for ex the green lines on the elefant were mixed 3x nato green + 2x field gray + 1x buff + equal amounts of gloss clear to the total + touch of clear green
the dark yellow was 1x dark yellow + 1x gloss white.

ergonomics is another factor, i make sure the model is secured at a proper angle to the airbrush because i am using both my hands to hold the airbrush; right hand is only for trigger, left hand is for support and actually guiding the airbrush! the lines on the elefant i drew with a water color pencil onto the model first so that i don't need to pause and check the crappy black and white instructions of italeri. this will help in fine lines especially since the speed which you move airbrush around has a direct impact on the width of the lines - faster the movement finer the lines less chance of paint running on the model but harder to control, this is where the lines drawn onto the model come in especially handy.

as you can see the amount of factors that has to converge all at the same time and at the same spot make a long list but writing/reading is actually harder than doing; go in and experiment - nothing beats the hands on experience. even if you can't achieve the finesse you are after at least you'll figure out the limits of your equipment - by definition all machines are female since they multiply utility but the responsibility of knowing the capacity is on the user, asking something the tool is incapable of would only result in headache at best.
22. September at 06:56:52
Dan M Thank you Murad for the very detailed explanation; I personally use Vallejo so the experience of thinning and airbrushing is probably a little bit different. I already see some mistakes I made: holding the airbrush with only one hand while the other holds the model or trying to do it freehand without any marks on the model (like you did with the pencil).
What surprised me the most was the part with the clear gloss. I noticed something like this with Vallejo as well: if I thin the paint too much and I lower the pressure the paint doesn't seem to grab anymore, if I open too much the nozzle then it's like spraying water, it flows everywhere, if I keep the nozzle more closed then it's like the paint is barely visible.
So there are definitely some areas of improvement on my side.
22. September at 09:43:29
Spanjaard airbrushing tutorial, thank Murad!
22. September at 22:19:51
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September 16, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new project.
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:35 | Albums: 1 with 6 images
16. September at 13:48:34 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Italeri Panzerjager Elefant (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 Panzerjager Elefant (Italeri 211)
Panzerjager Elefant
Italeri 1:35
2010 | Changed box
16. September at 13:48:30 Share
Murad ÖZER added a new photoalbum.
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View album513474
Updated: September 12, 2018
Project: T-55 in scale 1:35
1:35 T-55 (Tamiya 35324)
10. September at 19:48:09 Share
James C Another very cool looking build.
15. September at 21:44:58
Murad ÖZER Cheers mate :)
16. September at 00:49:07
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September 15, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new photoalbum.
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View album514760
Updated: September 15, 2018
1:35 LAV-AD (Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense) (Trumpeter 00393)
15. September at 16:25:39 Share
Thomas Kirschbaum nice, my taste!
15. September at 17:31:33
Murad ÖZER Thomas thank you very much. :)
15. September at 18:44:04
James C Nice work mate.
15. September at 21:44:01
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September 13, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new project.
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:35 | Albums: 1 with 6 images
13. September at 16:34:10 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Trumpeter LAV-AD (Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense) (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 LAV-AD (Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense) (Trumpeter 00393)
LAV-AD (Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense)
Trumpeter 1:35
2008 | Changed parts
13. September at 16:34:06 Share

September 10, 2018

Murad ÖZER started the Dragon Viet Cong (1:35)
1:35 Viet Cong (Dragon 3304)
Viet Cong
Dragon 1:35
2006 | New tool
10. September at 18:08:18 Share

September 07, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new project.
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:35 | Albums: 1 with 6 images
T-55 Enigma
IQ Military Iraqi Army
07. September at 22:40:39 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Tamiya T-55 (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 T-55 (Tamiya 35324)
Tamiya 1:35
35324 (324)
2012 | Changed parts
07. September at 22:40:31 Share

September 06, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: September 05, 2018
Project: adversary in scale 1:72
1:72 F-16N Fighting Falcon (Hasegawa 00342)1:72 F-14A Tomcat (Hasegawa 00544)1:72 Aircraft Weapons: V (Hasegawa X72-9)3+
05. September at 10:13:59 Share
Pierre Looking great!
05. September at 10:41:30
Murad ÖZER Thank you Pierre.
05. September at 16:15:06
Spanjaard Very nice. Cats are beautiful anyway, but aggressor is fantastic
05. September at 16:20:47
Murad ÖZER indeed they are Spanjaard, one of the most elegantly designed aircraft out there.
05. September at 16:36:23
Patrick Hagelstein Beautiful combo!
05. September at 16:40:21
Murad ÖZER Cheers Patrick. :)
05. September at 17:49:14
James C Very cool! Nice work mate.
05. September at 21:30:04
05. September at 21:33:02
Murad ÖZER James, Kürşat thank you guys.
06. September at 07:38:28
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September 05, 2018

Murad ÖZER added the Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat (1:72) to his completed kits.
1:72 F-14A Tomcat (Hasegawa 00544)
F-14A Tomcat 'Atlantic Fleet Squadrons'
Hasegawa 1:72
00544 (E14)
2000 | Changed parts
05. September at 10:12:52 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Hasegawa F-16N Fighting Falcon (1:72) to his completed kits.
1:72 F-16N Fighting Falcon (Hasegawa 00342)
F-16N Fighting Falcon
Hasegawa 1:72
00342 (C12)
1999 | Changed box
05. September at 10:12:49 Share

August 29, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 28, 2018
Project: Land Rover WMIK in scale 1:35
1:35 Land Rover WMIK (Hobby Boss 82447)
28. May at 09:35:14 Share
Ingo F Looks very good mate.
How is the kit? Any issues?
28. May at 09:36:57
Murad ÖZER Ingo thank you. surprisingly a good kit almost like a tamiya in terms of fit, definitely a better one from hobbyboss against their usual land vehicles. nothing negative to report.
28. May at 09:39:31
Scott Dutton Nice. Like youe weathering too, not overdone
28. May at 10:32:00
Murad ÖZER Scott thank you. i am a bit timid when it comes to sand environment for it goes outta hand very very quickly due to the light color creating uneasy contrast; access to proper enamel and pigment wx materials is a must compared to weathering a vehicle operating in an arid region.
28. May at 10:52:50
James C Very nicely done mate.
28. May at 21:03:58
Murad ÖZER Cheers mate. 8)
28. May at 22:24:06
Elshan Mammadov Mohtesem!
29. August at 20:21:09
Murad ÖZER Elshan tesekkur. :)
29. August at 20:51:40
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August 06, 2018

Murad ÖZER added the Hasegawa P-47D Thunderbolt (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 P-47D Thunderbolt (Hasegawa 08077)
P-47D Thunderbolt (U.S. Army Air Force Fighter)
Hasegawa 1:32
08077 (ST27)
2007 | New tool
06. August at 15:13:25 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Airfix Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat (Airfix 05280)
Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat
Airfix 1:72
2004 | Changed box
06. August at 15:13:06 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Hasegawa F-16B Plus Fighting Falcon 'Top Gun US Naval Aviation Centennial' (1:48) to his stash.
06. August at 15:12:47 Share

June 05, 2018

Murad ÖZER started the Zvezda Russian contemporary tank crew (1:35)
1:35 Russian contemporary tank crew (Zvezda 3684)
Russian contemporary tank crew in protective equipment "Cowboy"
Zvezda 1:35
2018 | New tool
05. June at 17:21:58 Share

May 31, 2018

Murad ÖZER added the Tamiya Grumman F-14D Tomcat in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Grumman F-14D Tomcat (Tamiya 61118)
Grumman F-14D Tomcat
Tamiya 1:48
2018 | Changed parts
31. May at 19:10:41 Share

May 30, 2018

Murad ÖZER added the Eduard Bell P-400 Airacobra (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Bell P-400 Airacobra (Eduard 8471)
Bell P-400 Airacobra Weekend Edition
Eduard 1:48
2008 | Changed decals
30. May at 14:40:16 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Hasegawa US Pilot/Ground Crew Set (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 US Pilot/Ground Crew Set (Hasegawa 35007)
US Pilot/Ground Crew Set
Hasegawa 1:72
35007 (X72-7)
1987 | Changed box
30. May at 12:23:48 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Bronco Infrared Night -Vision Devices (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 Infrared Night -Vision Devices (Bronco AB3577)
Infrared Night -Vision Devices Infrarot -Scheinwerfer
Bronco 1:35
2016 | New tool
30. May at 12:23:28 Share

May 25, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new project.
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:35 | Albums: 1 with 6 images
25. May at 10:07:03 Share
Murad ÖZER added the Hobby Boss Land Rover WMIK (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 Land Rover WMIK (Hobby Boss 82447)
Land Rover WMIK w/ Milan ATGM
Hobby Boss 1:35
2012 | Changed parts
25. May at 10:06:58 Share

May 23, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 22, 2018
22. May at 18:06:32 Share
Frank Krüger Murad, once again, a perfect work from you !! I really like the vignette! The figure is beautifully painted. The guardhouse looks like real. Nice aged !!!!! And when I look at winter landscape, I get cold feet ;) Class!!!!!!
22. May at 20:43:20
Murad ÖZER Frank thank you very much. the summer is already here 30c outside, looks like i'll have to keep staring at this for a while for the chills... :D
22. May at 20:46:23
James C Fantastic paint work on the guard. Awesome!
22. May at 21:51:10
Murad ÖZER Cheers James. :)
22. May at 23:27:46
Spanjaard With the right background it would fool everyone. Amazing job! Figure, base....all perfect!!
22. May at 23:37:53
Ingo F Awesome job!
22. May at 23:43:00
Murad ÖZER Spanjaard, Ingo thank you very much folks.
23. May at 01:18:17
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May 17, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 16, 2018
Project: What-if F-107 with Euro1 camo in scale 1:72
1:72 North American F-107A Ultra Sabre (Trumpeter 01605)
16. May at 01:47:04 Share
Greg Baker Great job Murad! I love a good What IF :)
16. May at 03:41:25
Dave Flitton I like it!!!
16. May at 04:54:37
Mike Kryza Crazy :)
16. May at 07:44:50
Murad ÖZER Cheers folks. :)
16. May at 14:46:01
Ekki Nice one.
16. May at 21:25:42
Eugen P. Very nice
16. May at 21:27:58
Gordon Sørensen That camo looks very well done!
16. May at 21:44:27
Murad ÖZER Ekki, Eugen, Gordon thank you all.
17. May at 02:16:51
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May 13, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new photoalbum.
View 9 images: | |
View album474089
Updated: May 13, 2018
Project: 120mm Type 89 anti-tank gun in scale 1:35
1:35 120mm Type 89 anti-tank gun (Trumpeter 00306)
07. May at 16:08:40 Share
Eric RENOUX Nice camo !
09. May at 17:57:07
James C Very interesting! I'm in mate.
09. May at 21:08:01
Ingo F Nice one. Looking good.
10. May at 17:38:26
Murad ÖZER Eric, James, Ingo cheers folks :)
11. May at 19:40:38
James C Nice looking build Murad.
13. May at 21:29:30
Ingo F Very good.
13. May at 22:03:00
Murad ÖZER James and Ingo thank you guys. :)
13. May at 22:04:32
Eric RENOUX Great !
13. May at 22:15:25
Murad ÖZER Thanks Eric.
13. May at 23:40:06
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Murad ÖZER added a new project.
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:72 | Albums: 1 with 5 images
13. May at 16:40:26 Share

May 09, 2018

Murad ÖZER added a new project.
Status: Cancelled | Scale: 1:72 | Albums: 0
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-124 Gunfighters NJ/76
NAS Miramar | 1976
08. May at 16:45:52 Share
Ekki Watching.
08. May at 18:50:50
Michael Phillips Uh oh, Murad's doing a Tomcat! I gotta watch this one!!! :)
09. May at 03:52:45
Murad ÖZER Guys thanks a bunch but this no one will be a no show, i bought the kit for it's decals.

besides this italeri kit i built many times i consider it not even as a kit, simply awful probably the worst tomcat in this scale out there.
09. May at 10:31:12
Martin o I actually buy a lot of kits for decals as the standalone decals cost about the same :) The Gunfighter is certainly a kickass topic.
09. May at 12:29:05
Murad ÖZER yup i am meaning to do a proper vf124 outta this with a hase or probably hobbyboss depending on the price/availability
09. May at 12:59:10
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