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Ben M added the Kora Models Fokker D.XXI in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Fokker D.XXI (Kora Models DS 7259)
Fokker D.XXI Dutch Service Interior Set for MPM Kit
Kora Models 1:72
DS 7259
8. February at 14:36:18 Share
Ben M added the Kora Models Fokker D.XXI Mercury in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Fokker D.XXI Mercury (Kora Models C7269)
Fokker D.XXI Mercury Dutch service part II
Kora Models 1:72
8. February at 14:34:58 Share

January 26, 2019

Ben M added the Atlantis Model Company Convair Atlas in 1:110 to his wishlist
1:110 Convair Atlas (Atlantis Model Company Atlan-H1822)
Convair Atlas America's First Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
Atlantis Model Company 1:110
2019* | Changed ???
26. January at 21:34:52 Share

January 24, 2019

Ben M added the Trumpeter Soviet T-28 Medium Tank (Riveted) in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Soviet T-28 Medium Tank (Riveted) (Trumpeter 07151)
Soviet T-28 Medium Tank (Riveted)
Trumpeter 1:72
2018 | Changed parts
24. January at 14:21:00 Share

January 20, 2019

Ben M added the Glencoe Models Piasecki ZV-8P Airgeep in 1:35 to his wishlist
1:35 Piasecki ZV-8P Airgeep (Glencoe Models 05202)
Piasecki ZV-8P Airgeep
Glencoe Models 1:35
2006 | Changed box
20. January at 22:12:41 Share

January 15, 2019

Ben M added the AMG BT-102 Spheroid Soviet road tank (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 BT-102 Spheroid Soviet road tank (AMG 35203)
BT-102 Spheroid Soviet road tank
AMG 1:35
2018 | New tool
15. January at 03:22:38 Share
Ben M added the MisterCraft Yak-23 'Flora' in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Yak-23 'Flora' (MisterCraft D-224)
Yak-23 'Flora'
MisterCraft 1:72
2017 | Changed decals
15. January at 00:53:47 Share

January 13, 2019

Ben M added the Hobby Boss T-28 Medium Tank in 1:35 to his wishlist
1:35 T-28 Medium Tank (Hobby Boss 83852)
T-28 Medium Tank
Hobby Boss 1:35
2015 | Changed parts
13. January at 15:50:49 Share
Ben M added the Wooden Kit Ictineo II in 1:46 to his wishlist
1:46 Ictineo II (Wooden Kit 108WK)
Ictineo II first air independent and combustion powered submarine
Wooden Kit 1:46
2018 | New tool
13. January at 15:27:39 Share

January 7, 2019

Ben M added the Aurora Jet Commander in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Jet Commander (Aurora 85-100)
Jet Commander
Aurora 1:72
1968 | New tool
7. January at 00:44:02 Share

January 5, 2019

Ben M added the Revell Super Guppy SGT 201 in 1:144 to his wishlist
1:144 Super Guppy SGT 201 (Revell 4233)
Super Guppy SGT 201
Revell 1:144
1985 | Changed parts
5. January at 14:46:29 Share
Ben M added the PJ Production French fighter pilot seated in a/c (WWII) (1:48) to his stash.
5. January at 02:54:12 Share
Ben M added the Planet Models Fokker T.IVA (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Fokker T.IVA (Planet Models PLT051)
Fokker T.IVA
Planet Models 1:72
5. January at 02:52:17 Share

January 3, 2019

Ben M added the Revell AerobeeHi in 1:40 to his wishlist
1:40 AerobeeHi (Revell H-1814)
Revell 1:40
1996 | Changed box
3. January at 14:14:57 Share
Ben M now follows Gerald Jonker
3. January at 00:47:41 Share

December 29, 2018

Ben M added the Tamiya V-1 (Fieseler Fi103) (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 V-1 (Fieseler Fi103) (Tamiya 61052)
V-1 (Fieseler Fi103)
Tamiya 1:48
1997 | New tool
29. December 2018 at 01:10:03 Share
Ben M added the Testors Supermarine S6B Racer (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 Supermarine S6B Racer (Testors 910)
Supermarine S6B Racer
Testors 1:48
1991 | Changed box
29. December 2018 at 01:04:20 Share
Ben M Found in an antique store
29. December 2018 at 01:08:10
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December 26, 2018

Ben M added the MACH 2 Convair YF2Y-1 Sea Dart (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Convair YF2Y-1 Sea Dart (MACH 2 GP.001)
Convair YF2Y-1 Sea Dart
MACH 2 1:72
200x | Changed box
25. December 2018 at 15:31:33 Share
Ben M Ever since I watched a show about this on YouTube my wife has enjoyed shouting "go, go little sea dart!" And this showed up under the Christmas tree, thank you!
25. December 2018 at 15:33:58
Maciej Bellos Waiting for it to be built.
25. December 2018 at 18:08:25
Ben M The kit looks kind of scary. Short run, lots of flash. I will build a couple others first to get my skills up to it. But I'm looking forward to it. "Go, go little sea dart!"
25. December 2018 at 23:34:21
Nathan Dempsey There's a real one right down the street from where I live. If you need pictures let me know.
26. December 2018 at 14:15:08
Ben M Where is that, Nathan?
26. December 2018 at 15:42:50
Nathan Dempsey The Florida Air Museum (formerly Sun-N-Fun Air Museum) in Lakeland, FL USA. I think the only other surviving one is in California, but I'm fairly certain that the one by me is the YF2Y-1.
26. December 2018 at 16:26:21
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December 25, 2018

Ben M added the Sword Chance Vought V-173 "Flying Pancake" (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Chance Vought V-173 "Flying Pancake" (Sword SW 72018)
Chance Vought V-173 "Flying Pancake"
Sword 1:72
SW 72018
200x | New tool
25. December 2018 at 15:32:20 Share
Ben M This showed up under my Christmas tree because my wife said she looked at my scalemates wishlist and her goal was to buy the weirdest thing on it.
25. December 2018 at 15:36:56
Rick Corts That is so funny! You have a great wife to do that!
25. December 2018 at 16:56:11
25. December 2018 at 16:58:00
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December 24, 2018

Ben M and Felipe Belalcazar are now mates.
24. December 2018 at 15:30:46 Share

December 22, 2018

Ben M added the Směr Talbot Lago in 1:24 to his wishlist
1:24 Talbot Lago (Směr 0953)
Talbot Lago Grand Prix 1949
Směr 1:24
2009 | Changed decals
22. December 2018 at 19:01:21 Share
Ben M added a new photoalbum.
27 images
View album1
Updated: December 22, 2018
30. September 2018 at 00:38:53 Share
Choppa Nutta Cool subject, I've just been watching season one of this show and I have to say it hasn't aged too badly at all :)
Although some episodes are a bit silly and it doesn't seem to matter how many people die on Alpha One there is always over 300 people there haha :D
still though, all good fun.
I shall enjoy following this :)
30. September 2018 at 11:26:09
Ben M Yes the show is pretty funny. My wife and I watched a couple episodes and laughed the whole time. I loved it when I was a kid, and I had built this model and the one of the hawk when I was a kid. I also built some alien with a car that I think was from the show.
30. September 2018 at 17:02:21
Ben M The landing gear continues to challenge me but I have one leg done maybe. Kind of wish now I would have made them spring loaded, wouldn't have been much harder. The foot pad is a ground down plastic part from the kit, the rest is brass parts and photoetch.
1. November 2018 at 17:30:24
Ben M Not sure how I will mask this for painting. The bottom of the pod should remain black, the rest silver. Liquid masking compound maybe?
1. November 2018 at 17:32:13
Torsten Wendt I think liquid is the best choice
1. November 2018 at 18:11:49
Ben M Unfortunately the liquid mask pulled the Vallejo black primer off the brass ... I'm repainting everything with a brush.
18. November 2018 at 00:06:55
Ben M Now the tamiya tape pulled the paint off the photo etch. There sure is a learning curve here... Any advice on how to keep this from happening? I used tamiya grey primer as my base coat.
4. December 2018 at 03:04:04
Ben M All done!
22. December 2018 at 18:56:52
Stefan Schacht Hallo Ben, nice projekt. I have had good experience with mr metal primer from gunze Cheers Stefan
22. December 2018 at 18:58:11
Ben M Thank you for the tip! I will try some next time. I appreciate all the help I got from everyone on here!
22. December 2018 at 18:59:55
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Ben M added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 27 images
1:72 Eagle 1 (MPC MPC791/12)1:72 Eagle Photoetch Set (ParaGrafix Modeling Systems PGX177)
25. September 2018 at 01:24:27 Share
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Glenn . Good to know!
12. November 2018 at 04:08:48
Ben M Masking masking masking masking
2. December 2018 at 00:41:53
Dave Flitton Watching!!
2. December 2018 at 01:50:18
Torsten Wendt And watching, nice
2. December 2018 at 07:47:35
Ben M I spent 3 hours masking and burnishing down the tape with a toothpick, and the results are not so great. I even gave it a shot of white paint before I did the black to try to seal up any leaks. The white vinyl tamiya tape didn't work well. The masking tape worked somewhat better but not great.
3. December 2018 at 03:23:44
Torsten Wendt Sounds a little bit frustrating :(
3. December 2018 at 06:10:09
Ben M Future floor wax didn't go so well. Think maybe i used the wrong needle with the nozzle on my airbrush. The future beaded up and I had to flood it to get it to cover. Hopefully it will look better after I dullcote it,

Now decal decal decal decal.
19. December 2018 at 04:12:57
Ben M All done! I'm pretty happy with the result, despite a few issues. This was the first time I'd used photoetch and the first time I'd used future. I also hadn't done decals since I was a kid. Very fun and relaxing, also made me watch the silly show I loved as a kid.
22. December 2018 at 18:51:45
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December 20, 2018

Ben M added the Cottage Industry Models Alligator The Union Submarine (8"L) in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Alligator The Union Submarine (8"L) (Cottage Industry Models 72003)
Alligator The Union Submarine (8"L)
Cottage Industry Models 1:72
20. December 2018 at 05:13:20 Share
Ben M added the Flagship Models USS Alligator (1862-1863) in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 USS Alligator (1862-1863) (Flagship Models FM17219)
Union Submarine
USS Alligator (1862-1863)
Flagship Models 1:72
20. December 2018 at 05:10:05 Share

December 8, 2018

Ben M added the MikroMir CSS H.L. Hunley (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 CSS H.L. Hunley (MikroMir 35-013)
CSS H.L. Hunley Confederate Submarine
MikroMir 1:35
2014 | New tool
8. December 2018 at 02:47:00 Share

December 6, 2018

Ben M added the Kora Models K-Wagen in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 K-Wagen (Kora Models A7201)
K-Wagen German Giant Tank WWI
Kora Models 1:72
6. December 2018 at 13:19:08 Share

December 4, 2018

Ben M added the Eduard MiG-15bis in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 MiG-15bis (Eduard 7056)
MiG-15bis ProfiPACK edition
Eduard 1:72
2014 | Changed parts
4. December 2018 at 03:29:11 Share

December 3, 2018

Ben M added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 3 images
In progress
1:48 Ryan PT-20 Trainer (Testors 510)
Ryan STM-S2
NL Military Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Netherlands Air Force 1921-now)
9. October 2018 at 01:34:48 Share
Ben M I have a rebox of this kit that isn't in the database. I need to learn how to add it to the database. Also I want to learn how to do rigging and how to do a wash to enhance panel lines as part of this project.
9. October 2018 at 01:44:09
9. October 2018 at 02:05:51
Ben M Dear mates, if anyone has a small 1:48 or large 1:72 aircooled engine cylinder in the spare parts bin, I could use it to go inside the cowling. Also I would swap one of the 1:48 pilot figures for a different one so I don't have two identical twins in my trainer.
3. December 2018 at 14:42:57
Ben M Nope... I cut open the nose to open up the air intakes so now I need something to put in there. I bet I can scratch something out of my junk drawer, maybe alternating sized washers on a small bolt.
3. December 2018 at 17:15:34
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December 2, 2018

Ben M added the RS Models Fokker D-XXIII in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Fokker D-XXIII (RS Models 92053)
Fokker D-XXIII
RS Models 1:72
2010 | New tool
2. December 2018 at 03:20:08 Share


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