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Marder II D_16 Inf Mot Div_Rasputitsa_Kalmykiya

I'm planning to do a whitewash on this peculiar Panzerjager.
Not a Bronco kit, but let's see how it will came out.
Well it turned out to be a bit diferent, but that's ok.


116 | 23. February 2017, 17:40
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Rui S
To begin with, some reference stuff.😎
23. February 2017, 17:52
I built this kit, you're going to have one hell of a time getting it to conform to those drawings.
23. February 2017, 19:59
Fabian D.
Pic 10-12 are from the early Marder III (that 38(t) engine deck has a hard time renouncing it's origins.), but 15 is new to me. Well, it would make sense. Curious to see what you make of it.
23. February 2017, 21:29
Rui S
Hi EnsignExpendabl Thank you for your comments. As said in the Project, I'm not concerned about the interior deck. I'm not going to tackle it.
@Fabian, Yes I know, but I've posted them only because of the gun details.😉
I think Photo 15, is just another speculation about the interior. Just as the Bronco or the Alan ones. Its a pity that there isn't a walk around somewhere? Well I've not come across one until now but I'm still in the beginning of the research...😎
23. February 2017, 21:40
Fabian D.
Concerning the walk around: Less than 250 were build/converted from the D, E and F model. It seems they were mainly used in the Russia and also lost there... I haven't found any pics of one in a Russian museum, best result was this: [img1]
But judging by the missing pattern on the road wheels and the undersized sprocket wheel it seems to be either a well made replica or an pretty bad restoration.😉

But some text from here: http://www.panzer-archiv.de/jagdpanzer/deutschland/marderii/marderii.htm
Translation of the important part:
"The turret and the remainder of the upper hull of the Panzer II were removed to create space for the [...] cannon." Sadly they don't name source for their claim.
24. February 2017, 17:28
Rui S
Hi Fabian,
Thank you for your research and help.
I've also seen this photo and I agree with you.
Yes they where manly deployed in Russia, but also in Poland France and Italy.
Interesting is that the early models didn't have muzzle brake.😎
24. February 2017, 18:20
Philipp Groß
Very interesting project - Good luck with that old thing! 😄
24. February 2017, 18:55
Rui S
Thank you Philipp.
Your incentive is most important to me 👍
24. February 2017, 21:01
Rui S
Some progress photos.
I'm hopping that some mates find them interesting.😎
Next the gun build...
27. February 2017, 13:51
Interesting reference photos Rui and excellent work so far. I also like finding holes that I can drill - it's amazing how much it can add to a model for not much effort.
27. February 2017, 16:18
Rui S
Hi gorbygould,
Thank you for your comments and nice words. Much appreciated. 👍
I fully agree with you about drilling. I'm doing the gun now and the optics and support, needed that treatment also.
I will post some new photos soon.
27. February 2017, 17:13
Rui S
Now, the work on the 76.2mm gun.
Some reference stuff in MT4: MT4 | Album by mig (1:35)
1. March 2017, 13:28
Holger Kranich
What the f is that?😢
1. March 2017, 20:02
Rui S
Hehehe it's a bathtub 😄.
Tank Hunter, Sd.kfz. 132. A Panzer II D1 or D2 E, chassis with a captured Russian 76,2mm gun, Pak 36 (r) on it.
201 examples built by Alkett, Wegmann.
It Appeared in 1942.
1. March 2017, 20:22
Easiest way to make a tank destroyer out of an old light tank: take off the turret, weld the turret ring shut, put up a big box around a big gun. Not the greatest from a usability perspective, but they had to do something with all those PzII D and E chassis.
1. March 2017, 21:46
Rui S
The problem with Pz II, by that time was that they where quite obsolete against the KV or T34 tanks, and with the large amount of 76,2mm Russians guns capture and available by that time it was the easiest and fast way to upgrade them. Nevertheless this Panzerjagers were very high (2,60m) and so an easy target.
1. March 2017, 21:59
Rui S
Some progress done.
Next, add some more missing shield fixings/supports.😎
3. March 2017, 19:24
You can buy PE bottoms of shell casings, throwing some on there would go a long way towards making those ammo racks more realistic.
3. March 2017, 19:28
Rui S
Hi mates,
@James, thank you for your nice words and encouragement, much appreciated. 🙂
@ EnsignExpendabl, I know what you mean.
Don't mind me saying but that will be the day that I spend my money in aftermarket PE, mate.
I normally do my kits OOB with personal scratch and improvement's. I'm counting on the paint job for that.😉
3. March 2017, 19:42
Wim van der Luijt
Making somehting nice out of an old kit! Count me in for the rest...
3. March 2017, 20:26
Hm, then maybe drill a tiny indentation for the primer hole just so it's not a featureless disk.
3. March 2017, 21:41
Rui S
Hi Wim,
Thank you for your Kind words and encouragement. much appreciated, Mate 👍
@ EnsignExpendabl I agree, something else should be done. If I find a leather punch for example. I have one but in the form of circular pliers so it does not work, or maybe Hm,,,Will see.
4. March 2017, 02:05
Rui S
Upper structure completed.
Next, the individual track links.😎
4. March 2017, 19:30
Rui S
The individual track links. Nice surprise.
5. March 2017, 23:05
Putting on tracks before painting? I see you like to live dangerously 😛
9. March 2017, 18:41
Rui S
Hi EnsignExpendabl,
hehehe, I didn't have a choice.
The idler and sprocket were to lose to get a nice positioning of the tracks and respective sag. The problem was amplified because once I've glued those it was almost impossible to put and take out the tracks without breaking the links apart.
I manage not to glue the road wheels so that I can paint the tires more easily.
As I'm planning a winter setup, I think I can do it this way. We will see.😎
9. March 2017, 18:48
Rui S
I have to add the exhaust PE, and is ready to prime.
10. March 2017, 18:38
Rui S
Thank you for your nice words James. Much appreciated.
I'm starting with the dio. layout😉
10. March 2017, 18:47
Rui S
The dio prep.
Maybee an ambush scene...
2. April 2017, 23:57
Martin Oostrom
Looking good
3. April 2017, 16:52
Rui S
Thank you for your comment Martin.
Very welcome 🙂
Latest progress...
3. April 2017, 22:15
Nice model 🙂
4. April 2017, 01:05
Rui S
Thank you for your words, Gauge1TrainsDK .
I'm very glad you like it. 🙂
4. April 2017, 10:29
Rui S
Some progress made in the Marder II D, Winter diorama base.
27. July 2017, 00:00
Patrick Hagelstein
Lovely! I like the use of natural materials, that always gives a better feel than plastic stuff.
27. July 2017, 00:05
Rui S
Hi Patrick,
Thank you for your kind words and comment, much appreciated.
I'm mixing natural materials and plastic, but yes, I also prefer the wood in the fences and barn than for ex. the telegraph pole that is in plastic, (they are also cheaper and easy to find at home).
I also intended not to be perfect in the way they are put together (like we can see in photos from Russia villages in WW II). They also look more natural like that, IMO😉
27. July 2017, 00:18
Moritz Fentzahn
How could I have missed this build? Good job on the Marder and Diorama so far 👍, especially the roof looks excellent. What material did you use for the straw?
27. July 2017, 03:52
looking really good, i am also in.
27. July 2017, 05:56
Rui S
Hi mates, thank you for your nice words, Much appreciated.

@ Moritz, The project has been around for a wile, but with a different Teaser (photo nr. 3).
I used a large brush with synthetic hair that is used to apply lime. But for the next "Datcha" that I intend to do, I will use brushes with non-plastic hairs, that are thinner (and I will cut them with a shorter length. I think this ones are a bit to long, but anyway it's an old Russian barn, so... We know they weren't perfect).

@ Spanjaard, Nice to have you aboard 🙂
27. July 2017, 09:39
Rui S
Now, this one is also "primed" in black.😎
26. September 2017, 16:04
Andrea Morris
I somehow managed to miss this 🙁 You have gone to a lot of trouble but soooo worth it 🙂
29. September 2017, 07:00
Kim Branders
Following. Nice kit??
29. September 2017, 07:05
Rui S
Nice to have you both aboard, Mates.
@ Dave, Yes this kit takes a lot of time and work to improve it to a nice worthy level. Thx, for your nice words and comment, much appreciated.
@Kim, Yes I can say it was for me a nice surprise. It's not a Bronco, it has mistakes and a bit soft detail in some parts that I've tried to fix as you can see in the album.
The front upper hull inside the "bath tube" is completely different from the Bronco kit and the Bronco has it also completely different from a blue print I found in a Russian book (photo 15).
There is not a lot of information about this model so I don't know which one represent better the real thing😎
The instructions are just horrible with lot's of mistakes and miss leadings.
29. September 2017, 10:10
Holger Kranich
Uh, an Alan kit😎! Good luck and fun with it!😉
29. September 2017, 12:03
Rui S
Hi Holger,
Thx. Yap, had lot's of fun building such a strange WWII Alan model.
I like to make my best, improving old kits.
Now the second part of the fun begins. Painting the kit.😉
29. September 2017, 13:02
Looking great so far! How did you get the wheels to come off without snapping the tracks?
29. September 2017, 13:10
Rui S
Hi EnsignExpendabl,
The track in he right side is snapped just before the sprocket, the left track is snapped just ahead of the idler😉
29. September 2017, 18:25
Dave Flitton
This is going into my research folder - excellent work
29. September 2017, 19:25
Rui S
Thank you very much for your nice words, Dave.
Glad to know that it interested you in that way.
Much appreciated, believe me.
29. September 2017, 20:50
Rui S
After a long break, today I manage to weather the barn and fences.😎
14. March 2020, 22:17
Peter Hardy
Another modelling lesson from the master of WWII armour! Thank you Rui! Please look after yourself over there.
23. March 2020, 01:10
Superb built mate, your drilling addiction brings that model to life and excellent work on that base! Take care!
23. March 2020, 05:22
Great Build. Love the dio and the composition and overall look. Well done 👍
23. March 2020, 20:52
Rui S
Thank you Mates for your Nice words. Very much apreciated. Take all the care please.
@ Peter, I don't consider my self as a master, far from it, but Thanks again, your words sure motivate me.
@ coporado, I see that you took your time too read my coments. Thank you.
@ Xerxes, I still have a long way ahead. Paint and weathering the Marder II, choose the figures and Start working on them, you know I'm a slow modeler, so...(not near as fast as you have done your Hummel dio)
23. March 2020, 22:52
Just smiled when I read about your Drilling addiction as
it seems most of the modelers have some sort of addiction giving that models a kind of signature 🙂
24. March 2020, 05:13
Rui S
Hehe. So may i ask Whats yours?
I've another addiction. Total irradiction of all the seam lines 😄. But I'm in a process of self cure this One with the argument that some welding in metal pieces also get that lines.😉
24. March 2020, 13:48
To be honest there's more than one with me 🙂 I can't resist detailing parts of Kits which may not be visible in the final stage. Its just soothing to know its in place 😄 another one is trying to tell a Story in the dio, which mostly results in long lasting builds. Some mates created a synonym for such addictions, called AMS - Advanced Modeler Syndrome. As I see there's also more than one with you, so you may also got cought by AMS 🙂
25. March 2020, 15:45
Rui S
AMS is an addiction that we can live with. It helps many times to relax.😉 If it's lack of detail inside a closed hull in a old Tamiya kit for example i don't Waist time with that, I prefer to takle details that can be seen even If you have to manipulate/rotate the kit to see them.😎
25. March 2020, 19:48
You nailed it - relaxation and turning off daily life for some time is where all that addictions feed in 🙂 Particularly in that challenging times a soul feeding task 🙂 Take care mate!
26. March 2020, 05:21
Chris Greathouse
Very nice!!!!
26. March 2020, 05:31
Guess i am also infected with the AMS virus 🙂
26. March 2020, 06:51
Matthew Stec
Incredible!! You did a great job
26. March 2020, 09:40
Rui S
Thank you mates. I'm very glad you like the work. Much apreciated.
Now I've the mojo but also the responsability not to mess things up with the tank and figures. I look for perfection but that's not my levei, and I'm always worried not to desapoint my Mates. So lot's of pressure and wise decisions to take.
@ Xerxes, we all are in some degree😉
26. March 2020, 13:17
Rafael Lang
wow! estupendo! adorei
27. March 2020, 16:19
Rui S
Obrigado Rafael. Fico muito feliz por ter gostado.
27. March 2020, 18:17
Rui S
Ready for decals and washes😎
28. March 2020, 23:18
Tim Heimer
Beautiful work on this!
11. April 2020, 05:02
Rafael Lang
estupendo weathering, acho eu que esses kits da Allan são muito bons e têm bons preços!
11. April 2020, 15:55
Rui S
Thank you mates. Very glad to receive your coments.
@Rafael, Eu errei ao não utilizar a lupa quando fiz o chipping. Na minha opinião ficaram grandes de mais. Ainda preciso de praticar muito esta técnica, pois exagero sempre.
Se vir o album todo, vai ver que este kit não é muito bom. Tem n problemas. Falta de precisão, e intruções com erros e omissões, mas tudo se consegue com um pouco de mais empenho, o que faz parte do hobby😉
11. April 2020, 21:56
Rafael Lang
Chipping costumo deixar pra fazer antes do wash, faço com a esponja e depois de aplicado venho com um palito de dentes bem afiado e vou retirando algumas partes aleatoriamente, aí sim começo o wash!

quanto a qualidade do kit, realmente não são 100%, afinal o produtor tem que pensar em produção antes de precisão, mas digo que são bons pois tinham certa qualidade a mais em alguns detalhes do que os mesmos do mercado em sua época (era quase a dragon dos anos 80! hehehehe) manuais sempre são complicados quando se tem muitas peças!
11. April 2020, 22:14
Rafael Lang
mas mesmo assim não achei seus shippings grandes demais não! achei-os na medida certa! estão de meu agrado! mas quem têm que ficar feliz és tu! 😄
11. April 2020, 22:15
Rui S
Sim, também usei esponja e depois pincel 000, mas como utilizei tamiyas não consegui reduzir o tamanho com o palito pois arrancava-me tudo até ao plastico. (Também como não uso verdadeiro primário é o que dá).
Sim, também fiz o wash depois senão o chiping ainda era mais proeminente.
Mas Obrigado pelo seu apoio. 👍
11. April 2020, 22:22
Good weathering and metalizing!
12. April 2020, 10:27
Rui S
Thank you Neuling. I'm glad you like it and your comment is much appreciated.
12. April 2020, 12:04
Wim van der Luijt
Looking good Rui! The breech looks especially nice and I love the overal weathering you applied
12. April 2020, 12:50
Rui S
Hello Wim. Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you stop by and like it. I've chose to keep the gun breach and the interior almost clean, because it was the crew life insurance.
I'm still working on the dio. The tank is now almost ready, but I will do some more detailing and choose position for the figures.
Still lot of work but I'm enjoying a lot.
12. April 2020, 21:46
Eugene PanzerBabay
Excellent. You did a great job on Alan's kit.
14. April 2020, 10:43
Tim Heimer
Nice work as usual! I like it!
14. April 2020, 17:23
Rui S
Hi Eugene and Tim.
Thank you for your encoraging words. Very much apreciated.
15. April 2020, 20:09
Really like the painting and weathing of the Marder, coming along very nicely!
16. April 2020, 04:08
Rui S
Thank for the nice suport coment Coporado. Much apreciated
16. April 2020, 22:09
Rui S
Starting with figures. First 5. As usual lots of brands and pieces mixed to find the right poses.
One lying down for the roof, 2 or 3 on their knees for the Marder, and the officer for the ground. More to come.
19. April 2020, 00:33
Rafael Lang
essa é a etapa que corro longe! as figuras! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
19. April 2020, 00:41
Rui S
Pois Rafael, eu percebo. Limpá-las e montá-las é demorado mas facil. Pintar as faces é que é o busilis.😉
19. April 2020, 00:46
Rafael Lang
é exatamente onde me pegam! as faces! não tenho muita paciência (na verdade visão e mãos firmes) para coisas tão diminutas! 😄😄😄😄
19. April 2020, 01:10
Rui S
A quetão da visão é facil, basta uma boa lupa com luz forte e já dá.
As mãos firmes, é mais difícil, às vezes tenho de suster a respiração, como os snipers hehehe 😄
19. April 2020, 01:19
Rafael Lang
19. April 2020, 01:26
Rafael Lang
as minhas (duas já feitas) costumo só pintar a cor base do rosto que me agrada, envernizo e depois passo um wash marrom da Vallejo
19. April 2020, 01:28
Rui S
Sei que usar bons óleos ajuda, mas é preciso uma boa base/primário e bons pinceis.
Tenho tido problemas com todos. a base a não aguenta. os óleos começam a ficar expessos e os pinceis não são os melhores. 🙁
Vamos lá ver como corre desta vez.
19. April 2020, 01:37
Rafael Lang
vais conseguir! estamos a torcer por ti!😉
19. April 2020, 01:41
Rui S
heehehe, obrigado pelo apoio Rafael, é muito bem vindo 👍
19. April 2020, 01:47
Wow Rui, those mini´s are bringing that scene to life! They suit perfectly into the dio telling a story. Even unpainted it looks great. Really looking forward to the paint job!
20. April 2020, 04:42
Rui S
Hi Mate. Thank you very much for your support. Much appreciated. I managed to call another lancer to secure the perimeter 😄 Positinig him remind my very young (6 to 8 yaers old) war games with Airfix 1/72 or 1/32. It bring back lots of memories and having a lot of fun😉
20. April 2020, 22:00
Also the additional Mini fits perfectly into the scene! And great that your project bringing back old memories, this is what makes it a very special one. The helmet is indeed a bit out of size for his head. This is another Nice detail from my point of view. I'm Sure there were lots of issues like the helmet, even this brings life into the scene.
21. April 2020, 05:21
Rui S
Thx Coporado, for your nice comment and sharing your thoughts . I think you are right, the hobby brings with it lot's of nice memories. I will see how the helmet gets when painted, and decide the way to go. added another lancer, and I think maybe a couple more and switch to the paint job.😉
21. April 2020, 21:46
Just flapped through the pics, didn´t found any of how you did that beautiful fence. Is it scratch built? The arrangement of the figures is great. Just saw you changed poses on almost any figure, really impressive work!
27. April 2020, 04:38
Rui S
Hello Mate.
They where scratch built. from tooth picks, sushi sticks and some ice cream holders.
You can see the photos I took from n.º 135 to 145. I also loaded one today from a part I didn't use in the dio.
Also loaded the runner with all the gear. They get "beautiful" like that. I think this one just had one arm switched.😉
27. April 2020, 21:51
More and more impressive...
2. May 2020, 21:02
Rafael Lang
muito bons os detalhes da MG34, bem injetado! são de qual marca?
3. May 2020, 00:31
Rui S
@Olivier, Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. Much appreciated, and good for keeping the mojo, because all the alterations and cleaning seam lines on the equipment is time consuming.
@Rafael, a MG34 é da Tamiya: O detalhe em todas as peças é realmente muito bom neste kit. (mas ainda tenho de endireitar a boca e ver se consigo fazer o buraco...???
German Infantry Weapons Set (Tamiya 3611, 1:35)

1:35 German Infantry Weapons Set (Tamiya 3611)
3. May 2020, 11:23
Paulo Valado
Boa mate, está a ficar bem catita! Cheers
10. May 2020, 13:25
Rui S
OLá Mate.
Folgo em saber que viste este album. Obrigado pelo teu comentário.
Agora tenho de começar a pintar esta malta toda..........😄
10. May 2020, 22:37
Paulo Valado
Claro que vejo! Vejo tudo o que tens publicado, vou comentar mais vezes para saberes que estou aqui. Estou a gostar muito deste! Bem fixe
10. May 2020, 22:45
Rui S
Mate, agradeço sempre a tua opinião sincera.
Fico contente por estares a gostar deste. Está a andar devagar, mas também me está a dar gozo.
10. May 2020, 22:49
Great progress on those figures and hope you got few weeks of for the paint job 😄
11. May 2020, 05:44
Paulo Valado
Se te está a dar gozo é para continuar! Porque está a ficar mesmo espectacular 😄
11. May 2020, 12:51
Rui S
@ Coporado, thank you. Yes you are completly right, I've be thinking about that. I think I need as few months of 😄 .
@Paulo, obrigado fico contente com o teu apoio e sim vou manter o hobby ao fim de semana, por isso ainda vai demorar.
12. May 2020, 21:20
Impressive work with the rifle slings especially, you must have steady hands to do this.
28. May 2020, 23:47
Rui S
Thank you for your Nice words Al. But we have to wait a bit for the paintjob, to confirm that 😄
29. May 2020, 00:04
Rafael Lang
cada dia que passa o diorama fica mais impressionante!
30. May 2020, 05:35
Rui S
Obrigado, Mate, já comecei a pintar os figurinos, mas tenho estado um pouco parado ultimamente 🙁
31. May 2020, 12:00
Rafael Lang
mas com calma se chega ao longe! 😄
31. May 2020, 21:19
Stefan Fraundorfer
The soldiers' postures look absolutely convincing. Great work! I'm looking forward to see the painted figures
7. June 2020, 06:44
Rui S
Thank you mates for the encoraging words. Much apreciated.
@ Rafael você tem toda a razão.
@ JD, i'm not sure what you mean. I've primed the figures with tamiya acrlics and sprayed the base flesh color, to work Next with oils and enamels.
@Stefan, i've used several brands and boxes and canibalized some arms hands and heads to achive those results. I'm also anxious for the detail painting. The last figures i've finished are the ones in my 1ton desert halftrack álbum, a long time ago. But this time I'm going for new technics.🤔
7. June 2020, 11:05
Rui S
I see what you mean now. I don't know If i give it a try this time, because I would have to mask the the flesh zones and spray again a darker color and go from there 🤔
7. June 2020, 20:31
Rui S
Finaly another step paintting the figures. pictures with mobilphone…🤔🙁
19. July 2020, 01:56
Tim Heimer
Still looking good as usual!
19. July 2020, 15:00
Rui S
Thx a lot for your encouragement Tim. I'm now struggling with painting all the built in details in the figures, and thinking that maybe I should have paint before assemble them.
We will see in the end result 🤔
20. July 2020, 14:29
Tim Heimer
Live and learn Rui! That's what we all do.
20. July 2020, 14:56
Paulo Valado
Top! 😄
20. July 2020, 17:58
Rui S
@Tim, Yes we have too, but I've this problem. I always like to see if everything is ok, so I endup glueing everything in place… 😄
@ Paulo, Obrigado Mate, mas Top é ser muito generoso hehehe.
Como está o meu amigo?
21. July 2020, 20:25
Paulo Valado
Saudades tuas! ????
21. July 2020, 21:22
Rui S
Há 4meses e meio que não saio de casa.
21. July 2020, 21:46
Paulo Valado
No comments
21. July 2020, 23:02
Rui S
A llitle progress like nice shine boots 😄 and bits. WIP😉
22. July 2020, 21:21
Tim Heimer
Looking good!
22. July 2020, 21:26
Good to see those Grenadiers keep their boots polished! Figure painting is definitely a slowly acquired art for most of us Rui S. Keep up the good work!
22. July 2020, 21:28
Well it is the only way to keep their feet dry...
22. July 2020, 21:36
Rui S
Thx a lot for your suport mates, always very much apreciated.
@Bigglesof266, You are completly right. I know its a very very dificult and subtle & time consuming art, at least for me.
I'm trying new tecnics this time with acrilics, instead of oils, but I'm never satisfied. So dificult.
At least I'm satisfied I've given a "primer" base coat and a flesh with tamiya and let it dry for a week. Like so, I'm not having the problem that I use to have when painting whit oils, peeling the base paint up to the bare plastic.
Also this time to avoid that, I've washed all the figures with soap before base coat.
Now; they look like the SS securit guard on parade hehehe, but it will change…
@Olivier, Yes winter is coming😉
22. July 2020, 21:42
Rui S
Sh#$%& happens, but finally, I'm calling these three finished, or almost. 🙂
11. October 2020, 21:23
Nice progress on those figures, keep it up 🙂
12. October 2020, 05:30
Rui S
Thanks for the encouragement, Mate
12. October 2020, 22:18
Patrick Hagelstein
Good save with that varnish. Keep it up! 👍
14. October 2020, 00:44
Rui S
Thanks for your nice words and the encouragement Patrick.
Next I'm planing to do the officer, the medic and the guy who is going to the roof to deliver the Entfernungsmesser??? We will see...
14. October 2020, 18:02
Paulo Valado
Don't be so hard on your self! You are on tracks... after all this is an hobby, have fun, keep doing it!
Cheers mate
19. October 2020, 13:52
Patrick Hagelstein
Well spoken Paulo! 👍
19. October 2020, 17:04
Paulo Valado
Cheers Patrick! 😄
19. October 2020, 17:10
Rui S
@Paulo, obrigado pelas sábias palavras e apoio. Sabem sempre bem Mate.🙂
@Patrick, Indeed
19. October 2020, 23:02
Paulo Valado
Cheers mate, Loving and watching your diorama taking form! 😄
20. October 2020, 10:31
Rui S
Obrigado meu amigo. Devagar se vai ao longe, mas estou determinado a concluí-lo,, mesmo com estes figurinos todos.
20. October 2020, 20:22
Paulo Valado
Claro, mas isso é obvio! Nem me passou pela cabeça que irias desistir...
20. October 2020, 20:54
Rui S
Some progress in the officer (almost done), and the other two (Medic and the the Entfernungsmesser deliver ), but the photos are a bit to blur, so i will take new ones.
1. November 2020, 22:56
Tim Heimer
Looking good!
2. November 2020, 00:59
Great progress here, thumbs up
2. November 2020, 05:40
James C
Fabulous paintwork Rui👍
2. November 2020, 05:54
Your eyes must be very sharp and your hand very steady to reach such a result... Looking forward to seeing more.
2. November 2020, 13:56
Rui S
Thank you very Much mates for your encouraging Words:
@Tim, Glad you like it;
@Coporado, Slowly but steady, I will take this to a conclusion. I don't know when but I'm determined;
@James C, wellcome aboard. Coming from such a talented modeler, it's much apreciated;
@Oliver; I use 2.5 close-up glasses and a magnificent magnifying glass (with LED Lights) that my wife ofer me last Christmas. But Yes, when I started detailing the figures, I was glad to see that (if I hold my breath 😄) the lines came out prety good.
I hope to finish this 3, next weekhend and start on the next 3, I think they will be the 3 guys inside the Marder.
We will see😎
2. November 2020, 21:26
Rafael Lang
bela pintura nas figuras Rui!!!😎
2. November 2020, 22:45
Peter Hardy
You're a talented man Rui! I sit here eating breakfast wondering how you got so far up in the line getting talent handed out and I am still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail! Sensational mate, just sensational!
2. November 2020, 22:46
Outstanding work on the figures Rui!
3. November 2020, 16:17
Rui S
@Rafael, Obrigado pelas suas palavras, são sempre muito bem vindas. Como está o seu modelismo?

@Peter, Mate, you are too kind. Your words are much apreciated, but I've lot's to learn to achive for exemple, your gloss painting skills and others, so please don't understimate your work😉

@Gorbygould, Thank you for your very nice words, much apreciated, mainly, coming from a scratch master 😄
3. November 2020, 21:58
Rui S
Finished the this 3 guys and started working on the Marder crew.
8. November 2020, 22:13
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Impressive paintwork so far!
10. November 2020, 20:14
Rui S
Very good to read your kind words Jean-Michel. Thank you for stopping by, very encouraging, because I really like your excellent work and dios.
10. November 2020, 22:28
Excellent paintwork Rui! Are you going to add some wear and tear to the uniforms and helmets?
11. November 2020, 06:24
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Thank you too for that, Rui. Very pleasant to read!
11. November 2020, 09:39
Rui S
@Coporado, thank you for your nice coment. Much apreciated.
I know what you mean. I too am not yet super happy with the highlights and shadows I've done.
I'm using 6 diferent Humbrol enamels for the trousers and jackets, but I can't make washs without breaking the previous paint. I've to be very careful not to ruin the work done.
Painting figures as you know, isn't easy, mainly the faces, so for now I'm mostly concentrated in finishing the paint job on the 12 guys, only then, when i put them in the dio, I will see if I go further with the weathering on the figures uniforms.
I'm sure, now that you mention it, that I will act on the helmets, also because of the decals margins. WIP Mate😉
@ Jean-Michel, just being honest about it.
11. November 2020, 22:25
A wash with arcrylic paint may work as this won't affect the enamel paint. Another option is pigments, you Just need to be careful to not take them off when touching the figures afterwards.
12. November 2020, 05:17
Rui S
Yes Mate, you are obviously right. In my worries I had already thought about the pigments (but thought that they are a bit tricky to control). I like to use them to do fine dust..
I've just remember that I've some Tamiya grey paints that might do the thing in the trousers, the jackets will be a diferente thing because I don't have any tamiya green.
Thank you for your advice, always welcome.
12. November 2020, 20:53
Rui S
This guy goes inside the Marder, front right side. I think he is a radio operator with sniper skils 🤔
15. November 2020, 02:58
Rui S
The other Marder crew and one more infantry figure.
15. November 2020, 22:55
Woah, what a project!
16. November 2020, 04:09
Rui S
Thank you OttovonLindberg, coment much apreciated.
Thanks for noticing it. I think the project already has more photos than people can handle.😉
16. November 2020, 22:26
Rafael Lang
por aqui as coisas na bancada estão um pouco paradas ultimamente, voltei a trabalhar desde meados de setembro então não têm sobrado tempo para os kits! =/
19. November 2020, 22:35
Rui S
É aproveitar os fins de semana Rafael. É o que eu faço😉
20. November 2020, 16:15
Hey Rui, one simple way to quickly weather your figures would be a quick rust wash.
21. November 2020, 14:46
Rui S
Thank you OttovonLindberg. Yes I know, but I fear that would also make the all figure look more homogeneous, and I don't want that😎
21. November 2020, 16:39
Rui S
Made some progress on the last four lancers. Not quite finished but close.
22. November 2020, 23:22
Rafael Lang
estupendos! sem outras palavras!
23. November 2020, 00:49
Rui S
Muito obrigado pelas suas encorajadoras palavras Rafael. Vindas de um modelista tão talentoso, são sempre muito bem vindas.
23. November 2020, 01:29
Well then maybe you could have slightly different shades for each figure, or apply it only on certain parts of the figures?
23. November 2020, 01:38
Very nice progress mate. I like to see you enhancing your paint skills with each mini. Thumbs up, keep it coming
23. November 2020, 05:11
Rui S
@ OttovonLindberg, yes I found a tamiya darker green color that I Will use as a wash on the jackets and try a better color diferentiation.
@Coporado, Mate you are to kind. Thanks for your encouraging words. Much apreciated.
24. November 2020, 18:49
Rui S
I'm hoping to finish this tomorrow, Finally. Today Just an intro.😉
29. November 2020, 03:07
Fantastic Intro, more pics please 🙂
29. November 2020, 05:20
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Appealing intro indeed! Suggestion: another album?
29. November 2020, 07:47
Rui S
@ Coporado, Thank you for your comment. Tonight I will poblish the full report😉

@ Jean-Michel, Thank you for your comment.
To be honest, I have been thinking about it for some time now, and I've mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand this album is going too long, but the dio is part of the process and the mates who followed and comment it, deserve to be alerted?
On the other hand, a new album just for the final result is lighter, but it does lose the context, content and all the necessary work involved in its realization?

I would really like and appreciate to know the opinion of the various Mates, about this interesting issue in scalemates presentations and photoalbums? 🤔
29. November 2020, 11:57
Well, this album contains already 344 images.
29. November 2020, 12:25
Rui S
Hi Olivier. So in are in favour to another álbum?
29. November 2020, 16:16
Quite overawed by your figure painting Rui and looking forward to the grand unveiling.
Perhaps you could do a new album and in the introduction/album description and the comments section, you could provide links to the other album.
30. November 2020, 06:22
Hey Rui, it's awesome that you've managed to get this massive project done!

I would suggest parsing through your current album and deleting any duplicates or anything redundant/unnecessary. That should free up about a dozen photos of your finished build that you can put on here to maintain continuity. You could add a new album for lots more photos if you need to, but I suggest you try to keep everything here first
30. November 2020, 07:41
James C
If you don't wish to create a second album, you could always add the completed pictures to the current, but make the first of the "new" images the starting point (Teaser) instead. This is what I usually do and gets around the problem of having to scroll through larger albums to view the latest updates etc. BTW fantastic work Rui👍
30. November 2020, 16:38
Rui S
@ gorbygould, and OttovonLindberg Thank you for your nice words and sugestions. Yes, finaly I can call this one done. 😄
@ James C, Thank you for your nice comment. I usually do as you say and so I've decided to keep doing the upload here with just an addon to the title😎
30. November 2020, 20:21
Paulo Costa
GreatJob!!!Very good details, amazing work!!!My congratulations Rui. 🙂
30. November 2020, 22:57
Rui S
@Paulo, Muito obrigado é com muito gosto que recebo o seu comentário.

FINALLY DONE AND COMPLETE, after all this years 😄 😄 😄.

I hope you like it, even if the photos were taken with mobile phone.

I certainly enjoyed the whole process and even with some flaws, I am satisfied with the experience and learning curve it gave me.
1. December 2020, 01:09
James C
Outstanding work Rui. What a fantastic looking battle scene, with every picture loaded with details... but not over done. The figures in particular look amazing. EPIC!!! 👍👍👍
1. December 2020, 01:40
Rui S
James, Mate you are very kind, your words make me humble and proud at the same time.
Thank you for your analysis, because a fear I always have is the choice of images to publish.
I'm glad I didn't overdo it and that you liked it.
I hope the album and the dio tell their own story.
Thank you very much.
1. December 2020, 01:49
Jim J
Wow! Superb Rui. Excellent work. Very nice details. I really like thought you put into the scene — cartridges, running troops, puddles, injured soldier. Congrats. 👍 👍 👍
1. December 2020, 03:32
Just wow! Briliant Model figures and base! I love the dynamic you brought into the scene. It makes you feel the action going on. Congrats mate!
1. December 2020, 06:23
WOW, WOW and a whole host more WOW's!
That's a bit of a stunner that is Rui. It's up there with the best dio's I've ever seen on Scalemates.
A definite ten out of ten (it would have been a nine and a half out of ten – but those fingernails clinched it for me😉 ).
1. December 2020, 09:33
Every praise you got here is well deserved. You show a very dynamic scene with lots of appealing details and good composition. I like the close up photos (taken with cell phone: respect!). Top result in every aspect!
1. December 2020, 09:47
Your obsession with details proved right. Superb result !
1. December 2020, 13:08
Jean-Michel Tilquin
I can only agree with all the above: lots of details, everything in the right place, full of life. A masterpiece! Congrats!
1. December 2020, 17:26
Guillaume Blanchet
That is a pretty amazing scenery!
3. December 2020, 02:53
Rui S
Dear friends, thank you very much for your compliments and nice words.
I think we all like to receive them and some of us also don't mind taking a moment to give them back.

I am indeed very happy with the final result and finally having finished this dio.
Not the initial winter idea (not courageous or confident enough for that, yet) but a raputitsa, it's ok for me now.

Of course, there are always things to improve, but in this specific case, at the moment, I don't feel that need and what matters is the dedication and the sense of accomplishment when it's finished, right?

I would also like to thank all the mates who passed through here and who undoubtedly helped me to keep my spirits up at times when I lost momentum or mojo.

I thank you all for the support you gave, because if it weren't for that support, it certainly wouldn't be over yet, so this one is for you too.

Now, I'm fuelled up to finish some more work, that I have "on hold"


5. December 2020, 23:44
Guy Rump
Excellent dio, very impressive 🙂
6. December 2020, 00:51
Tim Heimer
Well put Rui! So true.
6. December 2020, 07:38
David Taylor
6. December 2020, 09:47
Paulo Valado
No comments... all the above said it right! 😄 Grande abraço mate
7. December 2020, 13:01
Patrick Hagelstein
Really nice to read through your comments Rui. Glad we could be supportive to you and your efforts! 👍 🙂
7. December 2020, 18:30
Rui S
Thank you all for your nice words, Much apreciated.
@ Guy, Nice of you stopping by.
@Tim, I'm glad you agree and thx your continuous support.
@David, Nice of you stopping by.
@Paulo, aquele grande abraço, Mate.
@Patrick,I'm glad and thankful for your support.
13. December 2020, 20:20
Peter Hardy
Rui, I have been following this creation very closely for months and have enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for all of the technical knowledge you have put in the vehicle and equipment and also for the "life" you have injected into the cast! Wonderful work. Congratulations.
14. December 2020, 05:12
Tim Heimer
It just keeps looking better and better every time I look at it! Love it!
14. December 2020, 20:05
Rui S
@ Peter, Thank you Mate, for your nice words and for following this looonnnggg build. I always apreciated your suport and I'm Realy glad that you like the outcome.😉
@ Tim you are to kind. Thank you for your interest. Nice to know that.
I wish you all talented modelers the very best new year and a Great 2021 👍
26. December 2020, 13:44
Tim Heimer
Same to you and yours Rui!
27. December 2020, 06:36
DJ Fajardo
Amazing work Rui! 👍 The Marder, the figures & of course, the diorama 😮 I can't imagine the time it took. Awesome!
27. January, 17:45
Rui S
Thank you very much for your Nice coment, DJ. I'm glad you like my work. Much appreciated.
It took too long. I think the first photos are from... February 26, 2017 😮
Well, it stood some time on hold, and lot's of intervals, also 😉
28. January, 20:54
Super travail
Le montage est impressionnant et le theme est très intéressant
4. February, 16:56
Rui S
Merci pour vos aimables paroles, Juskifo. Très appréciée. Le premier commentaire français que je reçois (il y a toujours une première fois). Je suis content que tu l'aimes.
5. February, 22:38
Guillaume Blanchet
Tu parles français? C'est bon a savoir 🙂
6. February, 01:48
Great reference pictures, awesome build. I love when old or simple kit is picked for a build and the result looks brilliant.
6. February, 02:24
Rui S
@ Guillaume, gracieuseté du traducteur google. Malheureusement, on ne m'a jamais appris à parler français, c'est un écart qui me dérange et m'attriste beaucoup 🙁

@ Cortex, Thank you for your nice and interested comment. I see that you took the time to see the whole album, I feel honored and very appreciated. I'm glad you like the work.
7. February, 12:54
Impressive Work mate!
13. February, 21:11
13. February, 21:19
Rui S
Thank you very much, tankbrusher and Chris. I apreciate you nice coments and I'm really glad you like it.
17. February, 22:56
Impressiv dio-work. Especially the wet effects.
17. April, 13:14
Sebastian Meyner
Very impressive work Rui S 👍
17. April, 14:56
Rui S
Thank you MarSeif, and Sebastian Meyner, glad you comment and like it. Appreciated.
Thank you to all the other mates that liked it.
18. April, 20:47
fabulous detail ,well done .forgive me for not reading all the comments , are they resin figures ?
7. July, 00:47
Dominik Weitzer
wow. a lot of action in that scene. impressive!
7. July, 06:06
Artur Z.
Nice work. I see a lot time spent with this diorama.
7. July, 09:29
Rui S
Thank you very much mates. I apreciate very much your comments.
@ Mona, Sorry for the late reply. No problem I understand, my albuns tend to be big. 😉
No, all the figures are plastic, cannibalized and mixed together several brands, some very old Italeri, Tamiya.
@ Dominik, I'm very Glad you Like it.
@ Artur, Yes I'm a slow modeller, and sometimes, in this case I lose my mojo, and had other things to do, but all the encoregement words from all the mates here help me finish it. Thank you all.
10. July, 11:45
Rafael Lang
parabéns pela conclusão meu caro! resultado ficou maravilhoso!
30. July, 18:14
Phil M
9. August, 08:14
Slavo Hazucha
Epic build - 401 pictures, but worth watching - great effort on the whole scene - one can almost smell the hay and the other "rural flavors" 😉

Great show, tons of little details to discover 👍
9. August, 08:20
Rui S
@Rafael, muito obrigado pelo seu comentário e apoio.
@Phill, I'm glad you like it.
@Slavo, I know your Great work, so I'm honored that you stop by and commented on my album with such kind and encourging words. Very important to me. Thank You mate.
And yes 401 photos are way too many but nowadays we don't have to pay for them right?... I got Carried away with the joy of beeing working on this project and wanted to Share all the Steps on it with my mates.
15. August, 18:16
C. B.
Oi Rui,
as tuas maquetes estão um espectaculo. Principalmente as pinturas das figuras.👍👍👍 Cumprimentos
16. September, 19:23
Rui S
Thank you very much C. B. Nice of you to write your kind comment in Português 😄 Much apreciated.
I enjoyed a lot this longo project. It had some very Nice learning curves and surprises.
18. September, 13:12
Simon Nagorsnik
Hi rui
Looks like a lot of work
I like the muddy road and the roof seems really good
The weatherinh on the marder is fantastic 👌👌
18. September, 14:38
Rui S
Hi Simon, Thank you very much for your Nice comment. Apreciated.
Yap, it took a lot of work, but also a lot of Joy and Nice new experiences.
I've seen your weathering and Dio techniques and they are excellent, so I'm really glad you like this.
19. September, 19:19
Brian Eberle
28. September, 01:10
nice, 401 pictures! gotta be a record
28. September, 01:16
Ben M
The wet mud is a great effect
28. September, 01:19
Rui S
Thank you very much for stopping by and your nice comments, mates. I apreciate it.

@ Brian, glad you like it that much.

@ Matt, it's Record for me, yes, and it's more a diorama with lots of pieces build log and of course, it was also a consequence of my pride in this work.
But not a Record for scalemates. I've seen álbuns with 500 plus photos for just one model, and 600 plus photoalbuns and even a 1000 plus photoalbuns.

@ Ben, I was interested in such a russian terrain for a long time, it should have more height, to represent rasputitsa, but the glass base didn't help.
2. October, 15:00
Andy Heim
Excellent work! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
2. October, 22:13
Markus Yliaho
Nice piece of art!
3. October, 09:25
Rui S
Thank you very much Mates.
@Andy, Glad you like it that much.
@ Markus , that's a very Nice and kind compliment, it makes me honored and also very humble. much appreciated.
9. October, 17:17
Samweis Spade
Awesome diorama
14. October, 08:17


1:35 Marder II D (Alan 011)1:35 Infantry Mortar Team (Tamiya 35193)1:35 Stosstrupp (Italeri 333)1+

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