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Peter Hardy (Cracka)



Peter Hardy
15. July, 07:14

July 10, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
5 | 15. June, 03:00
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Slavo Hazucha
The fact the entire like button discussion happens right here is a testimony how much we like Peter's valorous effort! :D

I still stand by my previous assessment, but give an inch back that if the amount of likes is a major sorting/filtering criteria that's not my coup of tea... I really appreciate the friendly, calm, generally non- competitive and positive atmosphere as-is. If the like is a bonus to give a mate a quick "seen it, liked it" confirm, I'm in, but not for any sort of e-scoring system...
9. July, 21:21
Chaz Gordon
To get back to the melty paint, Bossy, I noticed your comment about pressure. Automotive paints are usually sprayed at pressures airbrush compressors cannot reach. I'd say this might explain the bumpy finish, it would also explain the "heat" of the paint.

Modern HVLP guns operate with an input pressure of 30PSI, Old School Siphon guns can be as high as 60PSI. plus they have a fan pattern aircap to further atomise those droplets.

I used to spray fast drying thin Primer coats at 60PSI, with a cheap gun, then after nibbing the Primer, I'd spray the Gloss as one mist one medium, wait for flash and one Heavy coat with slow thinner all at 45 PSI with the Devilbiss Siphon Gun.

At that pressure, everything but the heavy coat was dry in around the time it took to finish the length of the vehicle and come back for the next overlapping pass. as such, the solvent doesn't hang around long, until that last heavy coat, by which time it's got 5-6 coats of dry paint under it, at least 3 of which are cured.
9. July, 21:27
well, zero paints seem to recommend several very, very thin layers before getting anything heaver
9. July, 21:49
Chaz Gordon
It would make sense, the thin coats would dry quickly and start to cure. even without curing, you can usually wipe down automotive paint with a rag damp (not soaked) with thinner not long after it is touch dry, but that fan cap definitely gets the drying process kick started.
9. July, 22:38
Chaz Gordon
I'm surprised someone like Vallejo hasn't come up with a custom mixing system yet. There's only around 70 tints plus a handful of bases utilised to mix any matched automotive, aviation, standard or military colour you can think of. Micas and pearls are a little different, but that is mainly the base medium that is special. There's around 600 different colours in Vallejo's full range at the moment. Sure they could put something together
9. July, 22:48
Kerry COX
The problem I see with ZERO paints and the many coats you have to apply is that the first and remaining coats never get a gloss look but the fine 'orange peel' effect, and no matter HOW many coats of clear you put over that dull finish, the OP will still be present and impossible to get rid of.
That is why I much more prefer to use Tamiya enamels, as the gloss is instant and dries rock hard.
To each his own I guess. ;)
10. July, 05:12
Peter Hardy
I will have another try with Zero on another project. I have some paint sets for other builds and rather see it as a challenge. I will have a try with the Tamiya enamels as they came with the kit. More strings to bows I suppose!
10. July, 06:42
Patrick Hagelstein
Good luck, mate!
10. July, 12:49

June 27, 2020

Peter Hardy owns this item
26. June, 08:11
Jay Dubya
Not the Kevin McGee one you were after Peter, but close enough?
27. June, 10:55
Peter Hardy
Nope. He won the race for this team in '88 but I wanted the '87 bike. This is the same bike but wrong team from '87.
27. June, 22:46

June 25, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
15 images
View album, image #1
Project: Star Trek
1:1000 U.S.S. Enterprise (Polar Lights 908)
20. November 2017, 01:09
Chris Greathouse
Is this a dead project? It'd be cool to see completed!
11. June 2019, 22:26
Peter Hardy
It's not dead, it's resting!
12. June 2019, 05:06
Martin Oostrom
Rest ye weary bones, the day cometh that Peter shallt builth this beauty!
12. June 2019, 06:05
Peter Hardy
Stay outa that fridge Jimbo, it contains only evil in brown bottles!
12. June 2019, 08:50
Peter Hardy
Marty, as Casey Stoner asked Valentino Rossi after Rossi caused both to crash, "ran out of talent did ya"? Yes I did!
12. June 2019, 08:53
almost missed this one!!! i am sure you will make her fly nicely :)
24. June, 23:54
Peter Hardy
It flew all the way to the floor when Mrs Hardy snuck into the hobby room with the vacuum cleaner.
25. June, 00:10
:( well... enterprise has gone back to life from worse than that... so maybe yours can too ;)
25. June, 09:48
Peter Hardy
I'll get to it, when you get back to building a model.
25. June, 10:23
Ooo snarky! I'd build this one with ya Peter, but for the Klingons around Uranus... ;)
25. June, 20:43

June 21, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
22. February, 02:38
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Chaz Gordon
Peter, not sure what the specific hurdles are, but i'd look toward fat sprue leftovers for exhaust pipes, and any random plastic tube i can find for mufflers. As to heatshields, could always make them out of real metal, like empty coke can just watch those edges.
16. June, 17:20
model is already out (t)here for all to see ;)
17. June, 00:17
Kerry COX
I see that Peter is out there on the international stage with his builds and reaping the praise and rewards for doing so. So what would putting his truck in a local comp do for him. ? Especially when his builds are world beaters now. !
17. June, 00:55
17. June, 01:18
Martin Oostrom
Where are the pictures of your plane adventure?
20. June, 11:03
Slavo Hazucha
Going to shows or not, Peter's things on wheels are a show in it's own class... Happy to take a seat & watch over & over again!
20. June, 19:55
Nathan Dempsey
If I ever make it over to Australia, I'll definitely need to stop by Peter's cave-o-goodness.
21. June, 03:06
Peter Hardy
Good! Bring beer!
21. June, 04:36

June 16, 2020

Kerry COX@Peter Hardy
16. June, 07:49

June 15, 2020

Peter Hardy started this item
15. June, 02:58
Peter Hardy added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 35 images
In progress
1:24 Mercedes C9 (Hasegawa CC-15)
15. June, 02:55

May 30, 2020

Peter Hardy now follows Maurizio Pessina
30. May, 11:29
Peter Hardy now follows Lode Schildermans
30. May, 11:28
Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #18
Project: Cartoons
1:25 Flintmobile (Lindberg none)
19. May, 09:19
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29. May, 01:07
29. May, 01:09
Kerry COX
So, this is your transportation to the "Hard Rock Cafe" Peter. ?????
29. May, 01:39
Peter Hardy
I've got feelings y'know Greg! You could have prettied it up a bit!!
Why are people so unkind.... sniff sniff .....
Very Droll Kezza, very droll.
Spanjaard and Chris? I thought you guys were friends.
Delightful Devolving Donald Dickson, I was born sweet. Oh, you meant the plastic thingo........
29. May, 01:48
Jay Dubya
Hey Peter - is it true that at home you dress like Fred Flintstone, pants optional?
29. May, 05:21
Peter Hardy
Everything gotta breath!
29. May, 06:53
Alec K
Rough crown! Nice build Peter.
29. May, 11:38
Peter Hardy
Don't ask!
30. May, 08:28

May 18, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 18 images
1:25 Flintmobile (Lindberg none)
17. May, 08:47
Lode Schildermans
Well Peter, that is a special build. I even didn't knew that this kit existed. I'm looking forward to see more
17. May, 21:11
Roland Gunslinger
Yabba Dabba Doo! Watching!
17. May, 21:18
Peter Hardy
Lode, serious de-stressing needed and this should be just the ticket!

Welcome along Roland, never saw this car breakdown in fifty years so it might be replacing the current jalopy!
17. May, 22:20
Ben M
watching - something different and cool.
18. May, 00:05
Bob Hall
Shouldn't the steering wheel be on the other side of your first car ? LOL !
18. May, 02:37
Greg Baker
Oh... YEAH!
18. May, 02:41
Peter Hardy
Ben I knew you'd turn up when the cartoons started! Your Mum said you only came home after school when The Jetsons were about to start!
Bob, my first car was a Suzuki LJ 50! Forerunner before the Sierra and the LJ 80. It was pretty flash back in the day, had rubber tyres and a cigarette lighter option!
Greg while you were wasting your youth reading Tintin comics I was improving my ancient history watching The Flintstones!
JD, "...... ahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm hooooooooooooome!
18. May, 09:43
Bob Hall
Ahh ! Such a great influence on the youth of yesterday ! LOL !!!!!! Who has a light !
Youtube Video

18. May, 17:30

May 17, 2020

Peter Hardy and PeTeR23 are now mates.
17. May, 08:44

May 16, 2020

Peter Hardy
16. May, 09:48
Peter Hardy
16. May, 09:47

May 14, 2020

Peter Hardy marked this item as on order
14. May, 10:31
Peter Hardy marked this item as on order
14. May, 10:31

May 12, 2020

Peter Hardy owns this item
12. May, 10:30
Peter Hardy owns this item
12. May, 10:28

May 10, 2020

Peter Hardy owns this item
10. May, 00:38
Peter Hardy owns this item
10. May, 00:37
Peter Hardy owns this item
10. May, 00:31

May 7, 2020

Peter Hardy and Daniel Klink are now mates.
7. May, 01:47

May 6, 2020

Peter Hardy marked this item as on order
6. May, 05:41

May 1, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
15 images
View album, image #15
Project: My first Lamborghini
27. April, 03:38
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Nigel Chapman
I thought the same for some of my early builds, after posting pictures, all the guys have been great and given me a real boost to do better next time.
30. April, 08:44
Looking good
30. April, 09:01
Greg Baker
It looks like a sweet ride to me... but of course, I like the yellow. ;)
30. April, 09:03
Beautiful colour indeed!
30. April, 16:41
Peter Hardy
I don't know what to say gents! I only put this build on to placate a wife. I have the Lamborghini on a turntable in my lounge room but only to remind me to do a better job next time. Maybe it wasn't a complete disaster after all or maybe you guys are a wonderful support group!
Greg and Neuling, Lamborghinis are supposed to be yellow or orange aren't they?
30. April, 21:53
Chaz Gordon
Lambos are supposed to be whatever Batsh*t colour their wealthy owners want to Scream "LOOK AT MY LAMBO!!" With.
30. April, 22:17
Patrick Hagelstein
Beautiful Miura Peter!
1. May, 01:08

April 30, 2020

Peter Hardy
Just heard that Wingnut Wings is in the hands of receivers!
30. April, 02:26
Wim van der Luijt
sad but true, been reading about it here and in other places for a while now
30. April, 06:58

April 28, 2020

Peter Hardy and Chaz Gordon are now mates.
28. April, 00:49

April 27, 2020

Peter Hardy wants this item
25. April, 22:59
Peter Hardy
Yeah I saw them. Dream on Pete. I am desperately looking for a Fujimi Tech 21 1987 FZR 750. Thought I had one in Wuhan in mid February but I think the seller is dead! Too bad I paid for it. Scammed again!
27. April, 06:56
Peter Hardy Item - Protar Vintage 1 9 Scale Krauser Kawasaki KR250GP 1980 Toni Mang Model Kit Rare also want this bad, but this guy has had this at this price for 18 months!
27. April, 06:59
Peter Hardy added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 15 images
27. April, 03:34

February 28, 2020

Peter Hardy and Lode Schildermans are now mates.
28. February, 02:33

February 22, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
0 images
This album does not contain any images.
22. February, 02:39
Peter Hardy added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 155 images
In progress
1:24 Australian Truck (Italeri 719)
22. February, 02:37

February 10, 2020

Peter Hardy will attend SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild
SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild in Moranbah
SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild
AU 15. February until 31. July 2020, in Moranbah
3. January, 10:37
Peter Hardy
Counting down......
10. February, 02:38
Martin Oostrom
Nearly there!
10. February, 07:08
Peter Hardy
Damn, I'm nowhere near finished the KR500 either!
10. February, 07:28

February 2, 2020

Peter Hardy
Question for all you supercar builders. Is there much difference between the general detail level between Fujimi, Asoshima, Italari and Tamiya or is it a kit by kit comparasion thing?
7. November 2019, 05:54
Martin Oostrom
Stay away from Italeri. At least the older ones. Italeri trucks are ok
2. February, 09:34

January 17, 2020

Peter Hardy Yeah, I’ll turn up!
SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild in Moranbah
SCM Australian Trucks Groupbuild
AU 15. February until 31. July 2020, in Moranbah
12. October 2019, 22:51
View full thread (40 Comments)
Tom ...
Ha Peter, even I figured out we're not meant to start till Feb 15th. I see how it is. We're going to have to keep a close eye on you. Hmmm, I thinks we need to see pics of your chrome pieces to make sure they're not sitting in some bleach bath right now....just say'n...
15. January, 22:48
Nathan Dempsey
A little pre-build cleanup never hurt anyone :)
15. January, 23:30
Peter Hardy
Tom, all chrome still in place on the spruces!
16. January, 02:34
@Peter. In respect to that hobby store? Unfortunately they don't have a website. It was as I feared. They just sell to customers. It's a damn shame, because they had some really cool stuff in there. Literally, shelves and shelves of stuff, I've never seen before. All scales, types, everything! First time I've ever seen an Airfix 1/24 F190 in real life. I think it was $98 US? They had all kinds of car and truck kits. If you ever get to Philly, from the river, head up Market St, on the right hand side. It's a couple of doors up from the souvenir store. Take lots of money!
16. January, 04:47
Peter Hardy
Highly unlikely I will ever even know where in the world Philly is or even how to find it on a map. So, I will have to rely on the generosity of my friend Bozzer who will search shelf after shelf for the Fujimi Yamaha FZR '87 Tech 21 or Any Kawasaki H1 500 or H2 750 triples. So rare, so desirable.....
16. January, 07:43
Martin Oostrom
I object to being on the lower end of all jokes!
16. January, 08:31
Peter Hardy
Nah that's not the one Danny. The ad sprukes an '87 but the box correctly identifies it as an '85.
17. January, 06:47

January 14, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
51 images
View album, image #51
8. December 2019, 10:20
View full thread (91 Comments)
8. January, 21:09
Kim Branders
I am fan Peter. Nice white wheathering there.
8. January, 21:19
Ooo! Do the Cylon Raider next!
9. January, 03:34
Peter Hardy
Thanks Dave, you have made me smile enough so it is only fair!

Kim, thank you!

J D, got it half built but ran out of skills. When I get nearly as good as you I will try to finish it.
9. January, 08:20
Wow, try and give a compliment, get hit with a compliment...times shure have changed! You rock Pete!
9. January, 22:25
i could i forgot that Peter, of course, the imperviosum alloy :P
9. January, 23:23
Peter Hardy
Learned all about from Harry Potter movies!
10. January, 01:44
Slavo Hazucha
Dogfighting in space is a hell of a dirty work ;) Great stuff, top job on the "space bike"!
14. January, 19:11

January 8, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
9 images
View album, image #9
6. January, 09:17
Peter Hardy
Yeah I did! Sneaky bugger eh?
6. January, 21:20
7. January, 14:13
looking nice. you could try to use a metal or glass rod to make it stand higher so the detail is visible.
8. January, 10:13

January 6, 2020

Peter Hardy added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 9 images
In progress
1:4105 Battlestar Galactica (Revell Monogram 85-3618)
6. January, 09:09

December 12, 2019

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
8. July 2019, 02:28
View full thread (164 Comments)
Peter Hardy
No I haven't Tim. Mulling over options still.
Slavo, you have heard of powder coating? Painting anything with an airbrush in this heat that's exactly what you get!
8. December 2019, 21:30
Chris Greathouse
I really like the dusty green color. Sorry about that heat.
8. December 2019, 21:43
Bart Goesaert
Well if they rope is actual rope, you can try to wash it with tea, a pretty strong one, depends on the color you want. Beter to do this before application. If it is kitchenrope, I'll fear for it..
9. December 2019, 08:05
Peter Hardy
As the MTB in question works in the tropics I'd say sun bleached Bart. I figure a string would be ideal.
9. December 2019, 08:32
Peter Hardy
Thank you Herr Shildermans. I know it isn't as good as you say but I am very proud you give me praise on a boat! Thank you!
10. December 2019, 08:48
Michael Hickey
Hey Peter, how's the dinghy coming along?, I've been watching while I wet a line here on the wharf. ;)
12. December 2019, 00:34
Peter Hardy
Had to stop because it's so farking hot Mick. I need to do some detail painting but my airbrush just spits out carpet! I'm doing a flying thing atm.
12. December 2019, 01:41
Michael Hickey
Hot what's that, with an afternoon sea breeze blowin in everyday I'm as cool as a cucumber. ;) Well she's looking good anyway mate, and that flying thingie is coming along pretty good as well. :)
12. December 2019, 02:53

December 8, 2019

Peter Hardy added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 51 images
1:32 Colonial Viper MkII (Moebius Models 912)
Colonial Viper Mk.II
US Military Colonial Fleet
1 FS Primus 7242NC (Lt. Kara Thrace Starbuck)
8. December 2019, 10:18
Peter Hardy completed this item
8. December 2019, 10:18

November 16, 2019

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
33 images
View album, image #26
21. October 2019, 02:27
View full thread (23 Comments)
Kerry COX
I take it that the windshield water squirters work too. ?
Just bloody amazing Peter. I love your work.
Top Shelf. ! ;)
The surface finish, from what you have allowed us to see is blemish free, devoid of any of that dreaded 'orange peel effect', making it a real stunner. ;)
15. November 2019, 00:20
Alec K
Great build Peter. This vehicle was sold in the US as the "Pathfinder", and was the first SUV I owned. Remains one of my favorites, just a great body style IMHO. Great to see it in model form
15. November 2019, 02:05
Peter Hardy
Thank you Chris, James and Kerry. Got another car to do next, either a Lamborghini or an ancient Porsche.

Alec K, it was sold here as a Pathfinder as well but not with a Navara diesel. Mine was a grey import, literally a Pathfinder with a Navara Diesel engine. For what it was it went very well and convinced me not to join the Toyota bandwagon but to buy a Nissan Patrol which I still have 15 years later. So happy I did.
15. November 2019, 04:18
Martin Oostrom
You could do some KC-light teaching Peter. Very well done!
15. November 2019, 08:52
Alec K
Got it, thanks for the info. Diesel for where I live is an iffy proposition during winter, so maybe that's why I never saw one. My suv after this one was another Pathfinder. Then I went to Toyota :D

Looking forward to your next build
15. November 2019, 14:31
Peter Hardy
You won't have to wait long Alec. It will be another car.
15. November 2019, 21:37
Tim Heimer
Glad to hear our Australian hemorrhoid is doing better!!
15. November 2019, 22:41
Peter Hardy
Thanks Tim. You always know how to make me feel better!
16. November 2019, 08:51

November 10, 2019

Peter Hardy now follows Holger Kranich
10. November 2019, 12:27

October 23, 2019

Peter Hardy wants this item
23. October 2019, 23:37

October 22, 2019

Peter Hardy completed this item
22. October 2019, 12:03

October 13, 2019

Peter Hardy owns this item
13. October 2019, 11:03

September 27, 2019

Peter Hardy marked this item as on order
27. September 2019, 04:42


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