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Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 14, 2018
Project: A Chance Meeting in scale 1:35
1:35 2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (Tamiya 35218)
14. February at 06:52:48 Share
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Dirk Fries Hm, didn't know the movie "The Monuments Men", yet - but I think I should watch it sometime.
16. February at 10:22:13
Brad Furminger You're too kind, Peter. But I'll take the compliments when I can.
16. February at 12:10:04
James C Pete. that's looking bloody awesome mate.
17. February at 00:16:21
Michael Hickey Can't believe I've missed this Peter, your doing a nice job, especially with the weathering.
17. February at 05:02:59
Timothy Heimer Not too bad for an Aussie! Looking good mate!
17. February at 05:56:45
Konrad Limmer Agree with Tim :0! Very nice Peter! Cheers
17. February at 06:34:12
Peter Hardy Prophetic words, made a monumental stuff up today! Going to console myself with a Jameson's or two and repair tomorrow.
17. February at 07:10:59
Konrad Limmer That's a really nice choice! I'll do the same with a Glenfarcles too. Maybe a little later up to now it's 7:30 in the morning :D!
17. February at 07:35:29
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February 15, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Master Box LTD Women of WW II era in 1:35 to his wishlist
1:35 Women of WW II era (Master Box LTD MB35148)
Women of WW II era
Master Box LTD 1:35
2012 | New tool
03. February at 00:56:10 Share
J W This going into "a chance meeting" Peter?
15. February at 11:12:47
Peter Hardy Girl on the right
15. February at 22:14:05
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February 13, 2018

Martin Oostrom@Peter Hardy
Why don’t you stop talking about building the frisbee and actually start building it ;)
Convert your man cave to a fridge and enjoy multiple benefits; your liquid masking stuff won’t get lumpy, your drinks stay cool and you can get building!
And as most women are advert to cold, the misses won’t damage anything whilst ‘cleaning’ 8)
13. February at 09:02:10 Share
Peter Hardy Mam won't set foot in the cave Martin. Carpet Monster scares the hell out of her. Or she is happy to be rid of me for a while? Still got 5 unfinished on the bench, I can't start a new one. It will be mostly painting and weathering anyway, and as it is 43C today it might be a few weeks away yet. Aircon in the cave is effective but it gets turned off and the temp soars!

I have been thinking about a hull colour, maybe a metallic light grey? The dark stripes I am not sure of. Do I try putting lights in it? Lots of ideas but as it is a rarity, I don't want to stuff up the opportunity! I was just on Skype with Timmy Heimer talking about putties. I use a Vallejo based on marble dust which works. Applies and sands well but doesn't flex at all. With the size of the Raider I am a little concerned with flexing and cracking. My current Enterprise build flexes so much when being sanded the putty cracks and breaks. Makes me laugh, NOT!
13. February at 09:19:56
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February 02, 2018

Peter Hardy now follows Xerxes
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February 01, 2018

Peter Hardy and James C are now mates.
22. January at 04:12:57 Share
Peter Hardy Hey Jimbo! I got a PM from you but it said I didn't have the required security clearance to open it! Fair dinks! If you did write something, write it again!!
22. January at 06:41:24
James C Mmmm, not sure what that was about. :S May have just been a glitch. ;)
01. February at 01:10:08
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January 31, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 29, 2018
29. January at 00:51:22 Share
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Christian W This is a nice view :) Where is it?
29. January at 07:36:10
Peter Hardy Place called Bowen, east coast of Australia about 1200 kilometres north of Brisbane.
29. January at 09:36:12
Christian W Very nice *thumbsup*
29. January at 10:56:05
Timothy Heimer You ain't right Peter, you ain't right! Rub it in! Glad you had a great time in the sun and enjoyed your B-day!
29. January at 14:09:03
Lode Schildermans Peter, the exact spot to sink my PoW, lol
29. January at 22:22:36
Peter Hardy That's water out there Lode, not tears!!! LOL!!
29. January at 23:43:26
Timothy Heimer Lode he got rid of his PoW, so now he's going to try his submarine there! LOL
30. January at 20:04:03
Lode Schildermans Of course, Timothy
31. January at 09:43:11
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January 30, 2018

Peter Hardy added the MiniArt Jeep Crew & MP (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 Jeep Crew & MP (MiniArt 35047)
Jeep Crew & MP
MiniArt 1:35
30. January at 05:13:42 Share
Peter Hardy added the MiniArt Civilians (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 Civilians (MiniArt 35086)
MiniArt 1:35
2013 | New tool
30. January at 05:12:16 Share

January 29, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 27, 2017
Project: NASHORN in scale 1:35
1:35 NASHORN (Tamiya 35335)
27. October 2017 at 06:52:03 Share
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Xerxes Hi Peter I am currently running short of time for modelling my Nashorn as I am skiing in the wonderful Austrian Alps at the moment. Currently having 1 to 2m of snow here ... But will give u all an update soon
26. January at 07:24:26
Mathew Nate Very good job!
26. January at 08:16:10
Timothy Heimer Too funny Xerxes! Enjoy the outdoor fun!
26. January at 13:27:29
Lode Schildermans Peter, it is a ugly beast, but so well done you only can love it. Nice job with the snow and particulary the figures. Great job
26. January at 21:10:50
Martin Oostrom Great weathering. I'll have to learn that one day. For now; inspirational
28. January at 23:32:37
Peter Hardy Thanks Lode and Martin! Like most of us armour modellers, I struggle with figures but you don't get any better sitting on the bench so I will continue.
All I know about snow is that it is white, cold and wet. I have heard stories that it's not good to eat yellow snow though.
29. January at 02:00:05
Michael Hickey Hey Peter, where you are you've got plenty of the opposite of snow, and it's red, hot & dry. ;)
29. January at 06:33:47
Peter Hardy And loving it!
29. January at 06:45:17
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January 27, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Trumpeter SS John Brown in 1:350 to his wishlist
1:350 SS John Brown (Trumpeter 05308)
SS John Brown
Trumpeter 1:350
2010 | Changed decals
27. January at 06:43:06 Share
Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Japanese Battleship Yamato in 1:350 to his wishlist
1:350 Japanese Battleship Yamato (Tamiya 78025)
Japanese Battleship Yamato Premium Ed. inc. Photo Etched Parts
Tamiya 1:350
2012 | New tool
27. January at 06:33:18 Share
Peter Hardy added the Aoshima IJN Battleship Kongo 1944 Updated Edition in 1:350 to his wishlist
1:350 IJN Battleship Kongo 1944 Updated Edition (Aoshima 010945)
IJN Battleship Kongo 1944 Updated Edition Retake
Aoshima 1:350
2015 | Changed parts
27. January at 06:32:09 Share
Peter Hardy added the Tamiya 2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (Tamiya 35218)
2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck
Tamiya 1:35
1997 | New tool
27. January at 03:10:03 Share
Peter Hardy added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:35 | Albums: 1 with 44 images
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22. January at 04:24:18 Share
Timothy Heimer So that's what you've been working on! Thought it was too hot to paint?
26. January at 14:13:59
Peter Hardy Well, it cooled off a bit. And, I got up early to do it. Waiting for a big shipment of Green paint from BNA Modelworld to arrive on Tuesday. Dreaming of that Cylon Raider last night!
26. January at 23:15:39
James C Oh yeah, I like that. Is it a deuce and a half? What kit mate?
26. January at 23:26:19
Peter Hardy Tamiya. Will try a small dio with an added figure.
26. January at 23:46:27
Peter Hardy Can't figure out how to load a kit against the project. Thick as two short planks!
26. January at 23:47:19
Timothy Heimer Don't feel bad...took me some time too!
27. January at 00:43:07
James C No worries mate. Assuming you have already added the Tamiya kit to your stash... just locate it under Your kits/stash list (if it isn't then add it etc) then click on the big + button. Click on projects, then select "Add to" and in your case you should be able to choose "A Chance Meeting" from the drop down list that appears. Or you can just make a new project and add it that way etc. :)
27. January at 00:51:43
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January 22, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 24, 2017
24. October 2017 at 06:19:05 Share
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James C Looking fantastic!
18. January at 22:37:08
Lode Schildermans You see Peter, encouraging words to start a new battleship ;)
21. January at 20:28:33
Scott Dutton Gorgeous timber decking, looks great
21. January at 20:52:19
Martin Oostrom Yes Peter, give us another ship
21. January at 21:30:49
Timothy Heimer Peter, I have to say that's a great piece of work, but as soon as you get your chalk skills dialed you can hit those stacks with it!
22. January at 00:08:04
Peter Hardy Already off loaded to a workmate who loved model ships. Made me cry every time I looked at it!
22. January at 00:57:36
Timothy Heimer I hope it wasn't Termite!!
22. January at 13:35:40
Peter Hardy You break me up Tim!
22. January at 21:56:26
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Peter Hardy started the Tamiya 2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (1:35)
1:35 2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (Tamiya 35218)
2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck
Tamiya 1:35
1997 | New tool
22. January at 04:42:35 Share
Peter Hardy and Martin Oostrom are now mates.
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January 20, 2018

20. January at 00:14:13 Share

January 18, 2018

Peter Hardy and Jason Gardiner are now mates.
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January 17, 2018

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January 16, 2018

Peter Hardy and Mac Felsing are now mates.
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January 07, 2018

Peter Hardy and Ingo F are now mates.
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January 06, 2018

Peter Hardy
Can’t paint the USS Enterprise today, it’s too hot. The paint dries between the airbrush nozzle and the model. 41* C!
01. January at 08:41:46 Share
Timothy Heimer My heart bleeds for 41*C!!!! It's -4 *F here!!! Too cold to paint! LOL
05. January at 15:36:14
Peter Hardy Temp stayed there all week too, nights were down to a low of 28*C. -4 eh? Your not in Minnesota are you? Been in the news that it has been a wee bit chilly there.
05. January at 21:07:42
Timothy Heimer Nope , Chicago area
06. January at 05:12:18
Peter Hardy Well at least you can say you are nearly Canadian!
06. January at 07:07:52
Martin Oostrom :D that makes me nearly English/Belgian/German/Danish.
06. January at 10:13:16
Peter Hardy And on a clear day you can see Denmark!
06. January at 11:00:00
06. January at 13:47:39
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Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 02, 2018
Project: At war with photo etch in scale 1:144
1:144 Deutsches U-Boot German Submarine Type VII C/41 'Atlantic Version' (Revell 05100)1:144 German Submarine U-Boote Type VII C/41 Atlantic Version (Griffon Model N144B003)
02. January at 03:45:23 Share
Frank Krüger Excellent! So many details !! The submarine is at this stage already a real eye catcher !!!
I wish you continued fun and success in this great project!
02. January at 07:47:07
Peter Hardy Thanks Frank! It's a bit of a challenge for my limited skills with photo etch but you don't improve your game sitting on the bench. Thanks for the encouragement!
02. January at 10:23:15
Spanjaard lots of work with that PE. you have enough PE to really master this skill. looking quite good IMHO
03. January at 01:46:24
Timothy Heimer Looking great Peter! Keep up the good work! Hey does building a Sub have it's ups and downs??
05. January at 15:37:41
Timothy Heimer Oh ..Thanks mate for the help on the Tiger questions I had, much appreciated!
05. January at 15:41:15
Peter Hardy You are a sad reflection on a lonely life Tim! I honestly don't know why I put up with you. That said however, building a sub has left me with a sinking feeling sometimes, but occasionally my wife insists I come up for air.
05. January at 21:03:00
Peter Hardy Did you work out what a Fiefel filter was?
05. January at 21:03:27
Martin Oostrom Don't get out of your depth with all that heavy metal. Looks fine Peter
05. January at 21:07:09
Peter Hardy It is a bit of an Enigma at the moment, perhaps I will take a deep breath and emerse myself this weekend.
05. January at 21:09:36
Timothy Heimer LOL Peter! Yes I found out all about that, and other Tiger ID's. Apparently I'm the last one to learn about 131 in the museum! I should be ashamed,being German and all! LOL If your wife is insisting you come up for air...Occasionally,... you must be doing something wrong. LOl Sorry you left that door open!
06. January at 05:27:47
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Peter Hardy
New Year resolutions? Mine is for two builds, a Cylon Raider from the original Battlestar Galactica and the Bismarck in 1/350 scale, with all the trimmings.
01. January at 00:23:03 Share
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Martin Oostrom I categorically deny that I'm in denial, I even deny that I bought too many kits; 2 of the 15+ were gifts, so I can safely deny that I am in denial. I deny knowing the meaning of denial. I deny everything that's been said about me, this is all fake news! I even deny having an account for scalemates.
05. January at 08:15:50
Spanjaard ha ha ha ha ha :D :D yes, you never been in Utrecht (or around) :)
05. January at 08:55:09
playtime 222 Yeah yeah yeah :D I'm glad I didn't go to Utrecht this year! It was only a week after Telford so no cash :D I would have been itching the entire time walking around all those second hand kits on the tables...
05. January at 13:18:19
Spanjaard did you see SCM? not much second hand there, but amazing anyway. i will try to do both next year again. that is certainly a year resolution i intend to keep :)
05. January at 15:31:25
playtime 222 Which one is SCM?
05. January at 17:49:43
Martin Oostrom This one: Scale Model Challenge 2017 (21. and 22. October, RM Veldhoven NL)
05. January at 18:13:05
Spanjaard thanks Martin. specially since i typed SCM (usaly used for scalemates) instead of SMC (Scale Model Chalenge).
SMC is two days instead of just one, and with plenty of seminars to join. I did two last year, both fantastic. i will try to join some next year. the contest level was really high, amazing models. and I also meet some fantastic SCM people (Christian Bruer and Stefan Schacht).
in 2020 they will try to organize World Model Expo... that i will not miss!
05. January at 21:06:36
playtime 222 Interesting :D
06. January at 01:05:45
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January 04, 2018

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January 02, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:144 | Albums: 1 with 14 images
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January 01, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Griffon Model German Submarine U-Boote Type VII C/41 Atlantic Version (1:144) to his stash.
1:144 German Submarine U-Boote Type VII C/41 Atlantic Version (Griffon Model N144B003)
German Submarine U-Boote Type VII C/41 Atlantic Version for Revell kit
Griffon Model 1:144
01. January at 00:18:17 Share

December 31, 2017

Peter Hardy added the Thunder Model Scammell Pioneer TRMU30/TRCU30 Tank Transporter in 1:35 to his wishlist
1:35 Scammell Pioneer TRMU30/TRCU30 Tank Transporter (Thunder Model 35200)
Scammell Pioneer TRMU30/TRCU30 Tank Transporter 30 ton
Thunder Model 1:35
2017 | New tool
31. December 2017 at 08:08:28 Share


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