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Peter Hardy added the Italeri Range Rover Police in 1:24 to his wishlist
1:24 Range Rover Police (Italeri 3661)
Range Rover Police
Italeri 1:24
2018 | Changed decals
17. October at 23:51:51 Share
Martin Oostrom Italeri made a mistake. Steering wheel is on the wrong side ;)
18. October at 22:20:43
Lode Schildermans A special meaning Peter? You're making a realistic interior from your memories / experiences ;)?
18. October at 22:22:52
Peter Hardy Yep, I owned a two door Rangie. A white one. And the steering wheel was on the right side. Had to sell the car when the third baby arrived. Couldn't get two child seats and a bassinet on the back seat. Bought a sleeper sedan and got to be boring for ten years.
18. October at 23:00:37
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October 17, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Italeri DUCATI Desmosedici Moto GP 2007 (1:9) to his completed kits.
17. October at 23:52:45 Share
Peter Hardy added the Italeri DUCATI Desmosedici Moto GP 2007 (1:9) to his stash.
17. October at 23:52:41 Share
Peter Hardy
Has anyone used SMS Laquers yet? Having some issues and cannot get an informative review.
07. October at 11:07:38 Share
Rene Scheiblich What kind of issues are you having? Mr Futter at lsp has recommended thinning them with mr color thinner. And the results do look convincing.
16. October at 06:12:59
Peter Hardy Thanks for that Rene, I had not found that one. My problem was the pigment in the white and white pearl was blocking my brush. Ended up bending the needle cleaning it. I love the finish it gives, I just need to be better at painting. I have some Mr Color thinner I think. Kerry got very frustrated with the problem and was not very complementary about it. Best part is he thinks I did a brilliant job on the Ducati 916 if this is what I was dealing with! Want to try Skype on Sunday morning your time?
16. October at 09:31:19
Michael Hickey Hey Pete, I use SMS's clear flat finish and don't need to thin it out, when it's time to clean up I use Supercheaps Multi Purpose Thinners you could try thinning with that if you wanted. I also use the same thinners to thin my Tamiya & Gunze paints with, plus it cleans up Alclad II paint as well.
16. October at 12:02:50
Peter Hardy Thanks Mick, I will try the thinning and see how it goes. Kez reckoned it was too thick. The orange peel was an issue but thinning might be the answer. Closest Supercheap to me is only 200 kilometres away so I might just slip into town this weekend. Be back before lunch! ;)
16. October at 12:48:00
Michael Hickey What a 5 minute run down a dusty corrugated, dirt track, you should be back before smoko. ;)
16. October at 13:11:19
Rene Scheiblich The Mr Color Thinner has become some kind of wonderweapon for me. Works well with Tamiya, Gunze (surprise) and MRP paints. The chap in the review seemed happy with the results as well.
And 200km, that's literally next door! :D

Sunday morning sounds good. Might catch me a bit hungover from my uncle's 50th, but that'll work! :)
16. October at 16:38:47
Peter Hardy Nothing like having a plan!
16. October at 22:50:46
Rene Scheiblich This! Especially when it works! Which is annoyingly rare in the last few weeks... Can't get anything done on the modeling front lately.

I hope you can sort those thickness issues. The sms paints do seem to suffer from varying levels of pre-thinning.
17. October at 06:21:23
Peter Hardy I'll keep everyone up to date anyway.
17. October at 09:10:10
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October 14, 2018

14. October at 00:43:21 Share

October 13, 2018

13. October at 07:10:53 Share

October 12, 2018

Rob Walker@Peter Hardy
Hi Peter, hows the "Bis" build coming along?
10. October at 17:10:28 Share
Peter Hardy Hi Rob, I haven't been working on it for a week Mate, had Kerry Cox come and stay for a week to help me with my skill set. Opened a USS Reliant from Star Trek and worked on that for a few days.
10. October at 22:53:58
Rob Walker Well done mate, not as much going on this side of the water, have had the shakes for a while, and no, before you say it,not alcohol, if only. I've got a couple of collapsed discs in my neck, and after some recent heavy work, have aggravated it to that point where I get a pressing on the nerves. It's all on the left side, and guess what, I'm a lefty. So, knocking more of the models than whats getting glued at the mo. Great though if you want that random camo pattern painted on.....
Well, the Tirpitz (Revell Platinum Edition) has been ordered and is on it's way so looking forward to that arriving. A quick look and on to the shelf for a while, but will try and get some pics of the kit posted before. Got a couple of kits I want to get on and finished first and get rid of the shakes, other wise it'll end up looking more like the wreck.
12. October at 15:31:16
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October 09, 2018

Peter Hardy
Has anyone used SMS Laquers yet? Having some issues and cannot get an informative review.
07. October at 11:07:51 Share

October 08, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 02, 2018
Project: DKS Bismarck in scale 1:350
1:350 Bismarck (Revell 05040)
12. September at 06:31:45 Share
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Jason Gardiner Looking great mate! The extra details with the PE is really paying off!
03. October at 03:30:09
Lode Schildermans Peter, PE goes well. Talented with those metal tiny parts. Top
03. October at 06:47:39
Martin Oostrom Don't get boxed in by those boxes. You're doing a great job Peter
03. October at 08:06:55
Spanjaard absolutely.
03. October at 09:31:45
Bart Goesaert all joking aside... nice work so far...
03. October at 11:04:29
Kerry Cox G'DAY fellas. :) Having a ball here with Peter in his most amazing hobby dedicated work shop, spinning yarns and getting some tips and tricks from each other on how to go about getting things done. :)
All in all, an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable time, much more enlightening than b ing in a club situation with very little being discussed in a personal manner .
Peter is so keen to learn, and as keen as mustard to apply what I have to pass on. ;-y
When I get back to my place and download the images I have on my phone and camera, I will write a more detailed report. As I have only, this week end, been able to understand how to use my I pad. !
See you then. :)
And to my mates who were expressing some concerns about my welfare, I am really touched by your wanting to know from Peter if I am OK. That really means a great deal. Thank you.
05. October at 22:40:15
Christian Bruer A lot of patience is required to build all the tiny PE parts and it seems to me you have the patience cause you did a very good job on it Peter
08. October at 19:27:52
Jason Gardiner Wow the detail the PE gives is amazing, and you obviously got a better PE set than I am using for the Tamiya kit. While the Eduard set adds detail it doesn't add the super-detail your set does. Keep up the awesome work and love those 10.5cm high angle guns.
08. October at 23:03:25
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Peter Hardy and game kring are now mates.
08. October at 13:35:50 Share

September 28, 2018

Peter Hardy marked this item as on order.
28. September at 09:06:18 Share

September 27, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Polar Lights Klingon K't'inga-Class Battle Cruiser I.K.S. Amar in 1:350 to his wishlist
1:350 Klingon K't'inga-Class Battle Cruiser I.K.S. Amar (Polar Lights 950)
Star Trek
Klingon K't'inga-Class Battle Cruiser I.K.S. Amar
Polar Lights 1:350
2018* | New tool
05. September at 11:33:51 Share
Mac Felsing I have it on pre-order, along with the light kit for it. Check it out at
26. September at 07:42:13
Peter Hardy Good luck with the lights mate, bit scary for me at the moment. I still glue my fingers together.
26. September at 08:47:19
Mac Felsing what makes you think mine aren't?
That's why you don't let kids play with super glue!
have a great day
27. September at 06:02:55
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September 23, 2018

Timothy Heimer@Peter Hardy
Hey Peter I will post some pics in my album I just took of an RC prop polished, the other not and what a Sharpie marker does. Maybe this will help, maybe not.
23. September at 01:39:41 Share
Timothy Heimer Never mind Kerrys got it!
23. September at 01:41:06
Peter Hardy Thanks!
23. September at 02:26:49
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September 17, 2018

Peter Hardy
Question for all you hairy plane folks out there.

Many of the 50s jets and even the Mustangs used in Europe in WWII were left as bright metal. Mig 21 in Korea as an example. Now we are back to various camo’s and low vis markings. WTF was the bright metal all about?
16. September at 01:18:30 Share
Augie Hi Peter,

It was due to weight primarily, a bomber for example needed 500Lbs of paint. Plus there was also a drag consideration, dull paint was not as aerodynamic as bare metal. It also shortened production time, on bombers it cut about 3 days off the production time.. Fighters were exact same reason.

16. September at 01:24:35
Bart Goesaert just to make things difficult, the bright shiny aircraft, were often painted aluminium, just to reduce drag. For example a P-51 had bare metal hull, but in the wings the dents from the rivets and between the plates plates that didn't open for maintenance and loading ammo were filled sanded and painted to reduce the drag. The camo got lost because of the weight penalty and because of the air supremacy.
17. September at 12:45:53
Łukasz Gliński My guess is they expected soon to break the light-barrier (like the sound one), so it would've been irrelevant ;)
17. September at 12:52:54
Bart Goesaert and today's camo's for what they are worth... most rockets are developed to attack beyond visual range, then the short range are still 3-5km's, so close combat is a matter of perspective... but a well camouflaged aircraft is still nicer to look at
17. September at 12:57:50
Sören Reifert In the later stages of the WWII they didn't need any camo anymore, because of their air superioty.
This is why early P-51s/P-47 were still wearing camo paint and later ones were in bare metal.
17. September at 14:35:15
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Peter Hardy and Rob Walker are now mates.
17. September at 11:13:18 Share

September 12, 2018

Peter Hardy started the Revell Bismarck (1:350)
1:350 Bismarck (Revell 05040)
Revell 1:350
2007 | New tool
12. September at 06:29:52 Share
Peter Hardy added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:350 | Albums: 1 with 27 images
12. September at 06:21:21 Share

September 05, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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View album0
Updated: September 03, 2018
Project: Team Green in scale 1:12
1:12 GPZ 900R A6 Ninja (Aoshima 001240)
18. July at 02:45:43 Share
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Peter Hardy Thanks Spanjaard, might need a wee bit of luck. Martin, nothing wrong with my f@*§^¥g attitude and I'll #%&$@ any $@*#$&@ who says otherwise! ;)
05. September at 02:08:34
Michael Hickey Yep, that's the truck driver in you Peter coming out. ;) :D
05. September at 02:21:11
Kerry Cox Ah, Michael, you do have a way with words. hahahaha :)
05. September at 03:00:13
Peter Hardy Geeze Mick, that's a bit harsh!
05. September at 12:16:27
Rene Scheiblich Nice bit of info about the pulling a root thing, is that very common up there or just in your remote neighbourhood Pete? :P

What is there to adjust with Peters attitude? He seems to be perfectly calm and very content with the therapeutic work of fixing rebelling decals :D
05. September at 13:20:20
Peter Hardy Oz speak Rene. We often kill ourselves laughing in American TV shows when some saintly wife is asked which team she roots for. Well, we did when we were kids. First time I heard it I stole a quick glance at my Dad who was stealing a quick glance at my Mum who was stealing a quick glance at my older sister. My older brother started laughing and we all broke up.
05. September at 13:49:13
Rene Scheiblich :D harmless family fun naughty boy you! :P

Here it's the other way round. Tons of jokes get utterly destroyed in translation to german. Better to watch the stuff in english...

How are the stripes going?
05. September at 17:17:02
Peter Hardy Not the weekend yet. Work disasters take precedence during the week.
05. September at 22:38:26
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Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 28, 2018
Project: Red fever in scale 1:12
1:12 Ducati 916 (Tamiya 14068)
12. March at 03:16:39 Share
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Kerry Cox Great balls of fire. ! How about you Mr Hardy.
One of the better builds to grace the pages of Scale Mates for sure. :)
04. September at 07:44:10
Peter Hardy I blush with embarrassment!
04. September at 08:45:04
Paul Stubbs Lovely job Peter .
04. September at 12:15:55
Peter Hardy Thanks Paul. Really enjoyed doing it too.
04. September at 14:09:32
Greg Baker I don't get it. So Peter parked his motorcycle in his driveway. What's the big deal? I thought this was a modeling website...
04. September at 16:40:00
Kerry Cox The big bang we all heard was Peters head exploding. :) hahahaha
Greg's comment will make Peters day. !
04. September at 23:47:47
Maurizio Pessina Great job Peter, the color of exaust tubes is real!
05. September at 00:27:44
Peter Hardy Thanks Maurizzio. First time I have done a heat signature but wanted it subtle.
05. September at 01:19:04
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August 31, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Honda REPSOL NSR500 '99 in 1:12 to his wishlist
1:12 Honda REPSOL NSR500 '99 (Tamiya 14077)
Honda REPSOL NSR500 '99
Tamiya 1:12
2000 | Changed decals
31. August at 04:16:31 Share
Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Honda NSR500 '98 REPSOL in 1:12 to his wishlist
1:12 Honda NSR500 '98 REPSOL (Tamiya 14071)
Honda NSR500 '98 REPSOL
Tamiya 1:12
1999 | New tool
31. August at 04:16:24 Share
Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Honda NSR500 Grand Prix Racer (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Honda NSR500 Grand Prix Racer (Tamiya 14055)
Honda NSR500 Grand Prix Racer 1986
Tamiya 1:12
1988 | New tool
31. August at 04:14:33 Share

August 23, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Union Kawasaki KZ 1000D ZI-R (1:15) to his stash.
1:15 Kawasaki KZ 1000D ZI-R (Union M-1)
Kawasaki KZ 1000D ZI-R
Union 1:15
1979 | New tool
23. August at 03:44:41 Share

August 22, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan (Tamiya 38)
Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan Seiran Kai
Tamiya 1:72
38 (60738)
1997 | Changed parts
22. August at 09:59:16 Share
Peter Hardy added the Italeri Ducati Desmosedici GP8 2008 (1:9) to his stash.
22. August at 09:56:49 Share
Peter Hardy added the Italeri Ducati Desmosedici (1:9) to his stash.
1:9 Ducati Desmosedici (Italeri 4636)
Ducati Desmosedici MotoGP 2007
Italeri 1:9
22. August at 09:56:41 Share

August 21, 2018

Timothy Heimer@Peter Hardy
Hey peter, I just saw a post of yours I missed. I have found that using this product I have came up with a way to give a highly polished finish to paint. I use it on all my cars. NOVUS 7056 Plastic Polish Kit - 8 oz. I use the #2 to take off rough spots and mix a 50/50 of #1 &2 to do the whole car. By using a small piece of flanel or sweat shirt and small amounts of polish,yes it's like waxing a car but use medium presure.Watch for build up on the cloth and go lightly on edges. Then if you think you still want to clear coat it wipe down the damp cloth and apply clear coat. then repeat with polish. I have that with enamel paint it gives it the old show room new look, but for show pieces, I use clear coat. Hope this helps. The other weekend I was hoping to send your floor polish....But my son doesn't remember what he did with it!! SOB! I think I've found it under the Pledge name, which is same co. as Future.Since I can't remeber where I got your bottle! So sorry about the delay! As soon as I confirm my suspicion I will get it out to you asap.
20. August at 15:23:38 Share
Peter Hardy Hmmm, ok. I'll see if I can find some Novus products. Thanks!
20. August at 22:58:10
Spanjaard Future is now sold as pledge by Johnson's
21. August at 09:14:52
Timothy Heimer That's what I thought! Thank you!
21. August at 23:10:40
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August 15, 2018

Peter Hardy and Gordon Sørensen are now mates.
15. August at 06:46:48 Share

July 31, 2018

Peter Hardy and Jos Jansen are now mates.
31. July at 23:13:43 Share

July 19, 2018

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