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Peter Hardy and Gordon Sørensen are now mates.
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July 31, 2018

Peter Hardy and Jos Jansen are now mates.
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July 25, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 25, 2018
Project: Team Green in scale 1:12
1:12 GPZ900R A6 Ninja Export Ver 1989 Motorcycle (Aoshima 01240)
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Michael Hickey Only to do some modeling, I don't swing that way. ;)
23. July at 12:30:20
Glenn . GOOD TO KNOW! :)
23. July at 12:32:47
Kerry Cox Me neither.
23. July at 14:55:03
Kerry Cox It 'seams' like we both have a aversion to them too.
I hate them with a passion. hehehe
25. July at 01:06:05
Peter Hardy The stand spring actually works! It pushes the stand into the down position, or very close to it. Very smug about that!
25. July at 01:56:41
Kerry Cox And so you should be. But mine is there as show really. :)
25. July at 02:32:05
Jens Moin Peter, better 10 liters of ethyl acetate in the nose than a koala as a neighbor in the headwind :D "egg file" can probably not translate, but explain the meaning, a first-generation mountain bike with a saddle from a Dutch bike, a Zündap with 50 cc and 7 HP, in addition pedals like the wheel from Holland :D an "egg file" should or must hurt between the legs, one dreams of it if one can not have, one has it then it will be nightmares :D
But what the tree frog green, You are guilty, Your pictures have let me wist in my longing again my desire list also begins with the GPZ 900, then Vmax, then Bold or, then XJR, but only as a change to the night fighters , Ju 88/188 is boring in the long run and too much you will quickly superficial, better then the variety of 2 propellers on 2 wheels :D
25. July at 04:04:15
Peter Hardy Egg file sounds painful
25. July at 05:50:17
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July 19, 2018

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July 18, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Kawasaki KR500 (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Kawasaki KR500 (Tamiya 14028)
Kawasaki KR500 G. P. Racer
Tamiya 1:12
14028 (1428)
1984 | New tool
18. July at 13:37:35 Share
Peter Hardy added the G Factor Bismarck Propellers in 1:350 to his wishlist
1:350 Bismarck Propellers (G Factor 35006)
Bismarck Propellers (for Revell)
G Factor 1:350
18. July at 08:49:59 Share
Peter Hardy added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:12 | Albums: 1 with 35 images
18. July at 02:40:29 Share

July 17, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Yamaha RZV 500R (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Yamaha RZV 500R (Tamiya 1437)
Yamaha RZV 500R V4 - YPVS
Tamiya 1:12
1984 | New tool
17. July at 06:45:08 Share
Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Kawasaki KR500 (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Kawasaki KR500 (Tamiya 14028)
Kawasaki KR500 G. P. Racer
Tamiya 1:12
14028 (1428)
1984 | New tool
17. July at 00:56:56 Share
Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Kawasaki KR500 (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Kawasaki KR500 (Tamiya 14028)
Kawasaki KR500 G. P. Racer
Tamiya 1:12
14028 (1428)
1984 | New tool
17. July at 00:56:53 Share

July 11, 2018

Martin Oostrom@Peter Hardy
G’day mate. What are you working on now? Haven’t seen any updates from you this month. Too cold at your place? ;)
15. June at 15:58:22 Share
Peter Hardy Nope! Work Marty, someone ought to ban it! Have been doing some fiddling with a Kawasaki GPZ900. On annual leave today for 4+ weeks now so won't be posting anything until I get back. I'll flick you an email with a couple of pics of the Kwaka today.
15. June at 23:37:39
Martin Oostrom You should check this out: Sid de Koning
Perfectly fits your preferences ;)
30. June at 09:21:06
Peter Hardy Could never figure out how the Flying Tigers ended up with a sharks mouth not a kitty cat one.
11. July at 12:45:00
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May 31, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 28, 2018
Project: Red fever in scale 1:12
1:12 Ducati 916 (Tamiya 14068)
12. March at 03:16:39 Share
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Bart Goesaert Looking good, still have to take a shot at my first bike...
30. May at 13:24:15
Gordon Sørensen Great looking Ducati, Peter. If I could find a model of a Triumph Daytona 675, I'd be tempted to try a bike too!
30. May at 14:04:47
Konrad Limmer Congrats Peter ! Really nice Ducati my absolutely favorite bike!
But where the hell is Da....y???
30. May at 21:07:17
Peter Hardy Bart, I have to admit I enjoyed this build more than anything I have done previously. So much so in fact I am starting on another bike now.

Gorgon, Agreed! Would love to build Trumpy's triumph! Even just the engine! I saw some pics of the Lewis Hamilton MV Augusta Brutale yesterday and almost felt a stirring in the loins! Love to build that one too!

Konrad, You are responsible for creating my fantasy! I am waiting and remember, you promised!
30. May at 22:47:28
Glenn . I'm not a bike person but this looks great Peter!
31. May at 05:15:11
Peter Hardy Thanks Glenn, very enjoyable build.
31. May at 10:01:21
Michael Hickey Nice build mate.
31. May at 10:25:22
Peter Hardy Thanks Mick.
31. May at 10:31:33
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May 28, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 02, 2018
Project: A Chance Meeting in scale 1:35
1:35 2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (Tamiya 35218)
30. April at 04:36:41 Share
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Peter Hardy The newly tooled Tamiyas are very well detailed and the fit is unbelievably good but, it is the accuracy of the new kits I think that makes them worth it. I will still buy an old 70s kit if I can get it cheaply but I will use it as a test horse. In the case of armour the dimensions of the old kits are sometimes way off. A 70s Panther is very close to the size of a 90s KT. Way back, a kit was rarely assembled and placed in a collection so it didn't really matter, but now with the unbelievable competition from manufacturers for my dollar all of a sudden the parts fit, and go together to build a realistic miniature representation of the particular item. So, in answer to your question, rather than saying the old kits are considerably worse I would say the new ones are considerably better. I think the new kits are infinitely more enjoyable to build. Long answer but I think fairl accurate!
02. May at 23:05:05
Rene Scheiblich So the old ones are also ok to build, but lack accuracy compared to the newer toolings. Better not put the generations next to each other in the cabinet then.

I'm asking because you see people sell older Tamiya kits often... Sometimes cheap, sometimes to the price of a current Takom release of the 'same' subject. I grabbed my Tamiya Chieftain for a good price... It's the old 70s kit. James told me it builds nice so that is fine. But it seems to be waaay off when it comes to depicting a Mk5 :D
Good to know about the issues with the veteran kits, will keep my eyes peeled! Thanks Peter :)

02. May at 23:55:50
James C A big problem is that anything with the Tamiya brand name on it tends to automatically inflate the price... including a lot of the older kits that aren't up to todays standards. My current build is a good example.
But, despite that, I find them both enjoyable to assemble and extremely good to practice on to learn skills and techniques before I move onto the more recent and expensive kits in my stash.
03. May at 04:53:24
Peter Hardy One thing is for sure, there will be a lot of cheap Panthers on the market soon. With all the new releases this year, with and without full swish interiors, the older kits will be very hard to move off the shelves. I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on one of the new Ryefield Panther kits. Or the Meng. Or the Takom.
03. May at 08:32:21
Rene Scheiblich I'm thinking about getting one of those myself :)
Panthers are missing in my stash...
But full interior seems a bit overkill.
The oldest are relatively cheap. But they seem to have their issues, dimensions and accuracy. Good training objects, as you say! :)
05. May at 21:28:42
Peter Hardy I keep an old Ukrainian model Panthe I use as a test rig. TAMIYA will fit pretty well and go together quickly.
06. May at 02:16:00
Willem van Schaardenburg Nice bunch of models you got there Peter. I like the Jagdpanzer IV very much. The sagging in the tracks looks fantastic ! And the paintjob is very well done. Got one (Tamiya) on the stash myself. Can't hardly wait to start on this one, but first it's time to finish some of my other kits. Sadly i got a lot of unfinished ones.
28. May at 11:32:56
Peter Hardy Yeah, getting a bit of a collection of them too! Thanks for the nice comments on the Jagpanzer. Did that a long time ago now but it was a brilliant kit. Typical Tamiya Gold! The fruil tracks were I thought about half a link to long and I just couldn't get the adjustment to absorb it. Take the link out and it was too tight. Anyway it does have a nice sag!
28. May at 11:51:22
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May 16, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Aoshima GPZ900R A6 Ninja Export Ver 1989 Motorcycle (1:12) to his stash.
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Peter Hardy added the Aoshima Kawasaki 900 Super Four Model Z1 (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Kawasaki 900 Super Four Model Z1 (Aoshima 04098)
Kawasaki 900 Super Four Model Z1
Aoshima 1:12
04098 (40980)
2007 | Changed box
16. May at 11:13:00 Share

May 01, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 23, 2018
23. April at 04:24:15 Share
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01. May at 11:33:29
Peter Hardy Good morning Marty!
01. May at 11:34:21
01. May at 11:40:57
Martin Oostrom Good evening to you! Just 20 minutes till midday. Tick tock
01. May at 11:41:46
Erwin Leetink Yeah, I know... :D
01. May at 11:43:59
Peter Hardy 20 minutes to bed time for me!
01. May at 12:21:07
Kerry Cox Sweet dreams, and there is a cold snap on the way so rug up. :)
01. May at 13:33:01
01. May at 13:35:33
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April 30, 2018

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April 28, 2018

Peter Hardy and Kerry Cox are now mates.
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April 23, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Honda NSR500 Factory Color (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Honda NSR500 Factory Color (Tamiya 14099)
Honda NSR500 Factory Color
Tamiya 1:12
2005 | Changed decals
19. April at 12:07:02 Share
Martin Oostrom 3 more bikes? No ships? Shame on you.
21. April at 01:02:57
Peter Hardy Actually 4. Another one on its way from Canada.
21. April at 06:10:35
Martin Oostrom If you get a ship someday, I'll get the ISU-152. Can we do a duo build ;)
21. April at 08:47:25
Peter Hardy I already have a 152! What I don't have is the Bismarck.
21. April at 09:19:54
Peter Hardy Hey Martin! Spraybooth pics uploaded and some more work on the Lady in Red!!
23. April at 04:34:03
Martin Oostrom Hold your horses. It's Monday morning over here. Not my finest hour. (Yawns and grumbles)
23. April at 07:32:12
Peter Hardy Knock off time here Marty Old Mate! Monday done and dusted!!!!
23. April at 08:43:51
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April 19, 2018

Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Ducati 888 Superbike Racer (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Ducati 888 Superbike Racer (Tamiya 14063)
Ducati 888 Superbike Racer
Tamiya 1:12
1994 | New tool
19. April at 12:05:08 Share
Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Honda NS500 '84 (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Honda NS500 '84 (Tamiya 14125)
Honda NS500 '84
Tamiya 1:12
2013 | New tool
19. April at 12:04:22 Share
Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR (Tamiya 14109)
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR
Tamiya 1:12
2008 | New tool
19. April at 12:02:32 Share

April 14, 2018

Peter Hardy
New Year resolutions? Mine is for two builds, a Cylon Raider from the original Battlestar Galactica and the Bismarck in 1/350 scale, with all the trimmings.
01. January at 00:23:03 Share
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Spanjaard well done Martin
11. April at 20:21:09
playtime 222 Still got a SA-7 on the workbench that's been there since Telford... *sigh And a Walrus, a Sea Fury and a Jetstream to be taken into account, Your Honour.
13. April at 01:26:03
Michael Hickey All I wanted to do was finish more kits than previous years, so far I've finished 2 EE Lightnings, 2 Hornets, and a B-25 hopefully today, all in 1/48. All be it as they may, I did not build these kits from begging to end they were already previously started. But I plan to build as many kits as possible from my 2 boxes of doom, or kits that I simply lost interest in the past.
13. April at 03:47:09
playtime 222 Mostly, that's what I'm trying to do - complete started kits - even if they are *ahem* 30 years old.
13. April at 14:35:40
Spanjaard I will be happy if I can build something :P
13. April at 18:00:38
Maciej Bellos If our year's resolution would be to start more kits and keep working from time to time on all of them and thus getting nowhere, then I would be a winner! A Spit is on the bench lately...
13. April at 20:25:14
Martin Oostrom A bit of focus does help
Listening Peter?
13. April at 21:06:59
Peter Hardy Every word Martin! Plan for the day is to test the stripping solution I have for the Ducati. Determined to stay out of the stash but I will admit to suffering from armour withdrawals.
14. April at 00:46:42
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April 04, 2018

Peter Hardy
Things I have learned this week.

1. Orange peel is a bugger
2. Auto modelling is WAY harder than I thought it would be.
3. Centrally split body panels suck!
4. Fingerprints cannot be hidden under 5cm of paint
6. My wife is very patient but there is a limit to it.
7. Airborne dust is unavoidable.
8. Airbrushing water around the spray booth can assist in keeping dust GROUNDED.
9. Tamiya polish doesn't work on Alclad Paint.
10. Wet and dry sanding red paint turns everything red.
11. Plastic cement doesn't necessarily hold even after 2 days when sanding and sanding and sanding ...
12. Peter Hardy can be an unreasonable person at times.
13. Putty is designed to fail after three hours of good work.
14. Crying like a baby doesn't help.
15. Bad things happen to good people.
16. Test it first you flipping idiot! Didn't you learn last time?
17. Tamiya X-20A thinners remove spilt plastic cement from a cutting mat.
18. Clean out the air brush properly after using Alclad paint in it.
19. SMS lacquers are cheaper and just as good as anything else I have tried.
20. Lacquers have a better finish than I can get with acrylics.
21. Don't hold the styrene too close to the fleshy padding in your hand when cutting it with sidecutters.
22. In the overall scheme of things, work doesn't really matter as much as my hobby.
23. There are many different ways to get a shine on a model. If you can get that far advanced!
24. Mistakes are not character building.
25. God I love my hobby.
31. March at 04:09:45 Share
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Peter Hardy I'm buggered if I know. There is no floor polish in Moranbah at all. Thought I'd try Mackay in a couple of weeks. How was the camp fire?
02. April at 03:11:11
bossy122 It's funny: with #16, as soon as adhesive hits either piece, suddenly all the test fitting goes right out the window.
02. April at 03:19:31
Michael Hickey It was nice & warm unlike the nights.
02. April at 14:36:41
Peter Hardy Who cares, as long as you have a fire the world is wonderful! Love burning my feet and sipping on a Jameson's and munching on in the shell roasted peanuts. And a tree not too far away!
03. April at 10:44:40
Michael Hickey I hear that.
03. April at 13:19:00
Xerxes Keep it up Peter
03. April at 14:14:39
Dave Morris Busy week then Peter? :)
04. April at 01:19:54
Peter Hardy Yeah Dave, I did a lot three and four times!
04. April at 01:56:29
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March 29, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 14, 2018
Project: A Chance Meeting in scale 1:35
1:35 2,5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (Tamiya 35218)
14. February at 06:52:48 Share
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Martin Oostrom So time finally caught up with your slow building?
This is just plain ****. Sorry to hear she's damaged Peter. I do hope she's salvageable.
28. March at 09:13:49
Michael Hickey Geeze mate that oil and grease looks gunked on, on the underside.
28. March at 09:29:06
Spanjaard i am sure you will repair it :)
28. March at 11:46:27
Peter Hardy Mick, ever crawled under a big diesel?
28. March at 13:11:54
Lode Schildermans Let the specialist doing his work. I am looking forward to the applied experience
28. March at 15:14:24
James C Bugger... Hope it's not ruined mate. Disappointing when something like this happens.
28. March at 21:14:21
Peter Hardy Not ruined Jimbo. Needs some love and attention, and a bit of thought.
My attention is fully on this Ducati at the moment. Something new and the learning curve hasn't been turned yet. More skill needed! One day I'll laugh at this current problem, maybe today?
29. March at 00:02:04
Michael Hickey I have Peter, but not as big as the ones out your way, you don't need to crawl under them just duck a little. ;)
29. March at 00:18:29
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March 21, 2018

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Peter Hardy added the Tamiya Honda RC211V - Team LCR (1:12) to his stash.
1:12 Honda RC211V - Team LCR (Tamiya 14108)
Honda RC211V - Team LCR 2006
Tamiya 1:12
2007 | Changed parts
21. March at 09:46:30 Share

March 16, 2018

16. March at 23:19:36 Share

March 10, 2018

Peter Hardy added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:12 | Albums: 1 with 52 images
09. March at 05:33:52 Share
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Kerry Cox BIG dollars. ??? Oh God, how I wish. hahahaha :)
10. March at 00:03:04
Martin Oostrom Give the missus a bunch of flowers, say you love her. She'll be sooooo stunned, she won't notice you're off to your cave ;)
10. March at 09:14:47
Peter Hardy Oh hello, Marty's awake! How's the renovation going?
10. March at 09:50:23
Martin Oostrom On hold. Been sick all week, flu like. Gotta take it easy, tomorrow's my little girls' birthday party 8)
Next weekend I hope to take on her room.
10. March at 10:14:50
Peter Hardy Look after yourself Legend, you've been working too hard Mate. Looking after everybody else's safety and forgetting your own.
10. March at 10:25:47
Lode Schildermans Peter is right Matrin, health comes first. We'll sticking around nagging on others while you recover.
@Peter, after 2 years of building (and mostly spending money on modelling) mrs starts actually to like my builds, curious about the detail of the day
10. March at 10:51:20
Peter Hardy Mam was confused why a grown man would have a hobby, now she takes every opportunity to show off my builds to her bemused friends.
10. March at 11:44:57
Lode Schildermans Wisdom comes with the years. Some are faster than others...
10. March at 12:25:02
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