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Kerry COX (RedRoo)



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Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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New: 2. June at 23:55:05
31. May, 04:30
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John D Kerry have you tried tamiya lacquer paint LP48 sparkling silver, it's thin and dries hard, I've only just started using it, but I'm pretty happy with it.
1. June, 10:54
Kerry COX Is it a smooth high gloss finish. ? And the last thing I need is the 'orange peel effect' from paints that don't get time to 'lay down' like enamels. As the lacquer paints I have used by Tamiya dry way too fast and are not as smooth as I am used to. :(
Any advice in this area. ?
1. June, 11:20
John D Next time you're shopping grab a 10ml jar and see what you think, yes it dries quick but you'd have to put it on mighty thick to get to orange peel.
1. June, 11:28
Kerry COX I will do that JD. Give anything a go once. ;) Cheers and thank you.
1. June, 12:48
Daniel Klink Beautiful Bike
1. June, 13:00
Valters Orlovskis You should try Model Master Chrome Silver Enamel paint, it is really smooth with no silver particles visible. I've used it as base coat on some my bike models, looks great with Tamiya Acrylics over it.
1. June, 13:45
Kerry COX Valters, Thank you for the tip and I just so happen to have found in my paint locker some of the Model Masters silver you are referring to. ;)
As good as the testors (same mob) buffing metalizer aluminium plate. :)
Thanks again for all your help lads.
1. June, 13:50
Slavo Hazucha You could tie down the great wolf Fenrir with this kind of chain... ;)

Looking great as a model - for the motorcycle... well, it definitely does seem to be one! :)
1. June, 14:30

May 31, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 30, 2020
29. May, 13:43
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Lode Schildermans Kerry, this blows me completely away. I've looked every photo over and over again. I'm speechless. What a fantastic build. Just one expression...You nailed it
30. May, 21:10
Acki Truly impressive! You're the master of the monsters.
30. May, 21:27
Jim C Fabulous chrome work Kerry and I especially like the transparent coloured lenses.
30. May, 21:45
Kerry COX Lode, Acki and Jim C. Thank you for your most uplifting and welcome comments.
It's been a while that I had the desire to tackle any model and I really needed to get this 'right', as I will be entering this one in the next QMHE comp, which at the current standings here in Oz, has been post pones till' next year, all due to the Chinese head cold that every one has been living in fear of. :(
No doubt I will be constantly attending to all the little 'niggles' I will see and correct them. But over all, I am really pleased with the result. :) :) :)
30. May, 22:51
Peter Hardy Perfect.
30. May, 23:29
Augie Sneaky.. really nice!
31. May, 00:12
Kerry COX Augie and good friend Peter. :)
Thank you both for your looking in and your assessment.
And now the second of the 1/6 builds, the K CB-750 Honda, and wit eight by ten colour glossy pics from all angles. :)
But the chain comes first, and then. ? Who knows. :) :) :) hahahahahah
31. May, 04:26
Spanjaard she is looking beautiful Kezza
31. May, 11:23

May 26, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 25, 2020
25. May, 09:34
Lode Schildermans Interesting object to build, Kerry. I'm curious how you're going to challenge this one
25. May, 20:47
Kerry COX Lode, allready there has been one built and posted here on SM and a beautiful rendition of it too I may add.
The detail I am seeing before I even begin is fantastic, but hopefully it will yield the results I can be proud of. :)
The paperwork that comes with the kit is just amazing and shows just how good ICM models are becoming. ;)
25. May, 22:24
Tom ... following!
25. May, 22:57
Peter Hardy Don't leave me behind! ICM are building a very solid reputation for these historic kits. Just stashed a T model of theirs that won't be in the box vey long.
26. May, 00:56
Kerry COX Peter, I am sure you will find a world of great enjoyment and personal satisfaction with the "T". ;)
ICM have become a huge surprise for me, as I never imagined that the eastern block nations had any sort of modelling industry, but in truth, they have been around longer than the main manufacturers we had all grown up with. !
26. May, 02:21
Peter Hardy Kez, I am 'over' armour, 'over' aeroplanes. I love what ICM are doing. Interesting stuff!
26. May, 02:29
René "Bilbo" Bartholemy In my whishlist, following!
26. May, 08:19
bughunter Kerry, I think I know the one who built one and posted here on SM ;) Now curios about your result ...
26. May, 13:30
Kerry COX Buggs. I am going to be following your build of the MB 1886 Benz Motorwagen 1886 | Album by bughunter (1:24) very closely mate.
I have heaps of images from all over the place, but your build has got to be perfect in every way, and, the inspiration I needed to tackle this kit, so I hope mine turns out half of what your results were. ;) And that will have me smiling. :) :) :)
26. May, 19:52
bughunter Oh so much praise - we don't have a red face smiley here ...
Attached to the kit is a great walkaround, don't miss that pictures (but it is a replica). Wikipedia has pictures of the black one, as in ICM manual, of Deutsches Museum München,
I hope your parts have less mould displacement then my kit (see first WIP picture)!
26. May, 20:40

April 28, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
24. February, 06:06
Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 28, 2020
28. April, 10:34

April 27, 2020

Gluefinger@Kerry COX
I am moving this to another conversation, not to go too far off-topic...

>> I was born and raised at Enoggera, western suburbs.

About 15 years ago, I worked for Queensland Railway as a freelance consultant. I lived in a furnished apartment in the CBD, just a short walk from the QR offices. It was in a building called "The Sebel", the lower floors were a hotel, the upper floors appartments. I had a great view of the city from the 13th floor!

I got hooked on Straddie and went there every other weekend. Can't get a more beautiful view on this planet than the one from Point Lookout.

Spent the Summer (Christmas) vacation in Cairns. It was like living in a Sauna.

Always wanted to go back for another project, but somehow that never worked out.
27. April, 14:11
Kerry COX Gold Coast is my home now, having lived all over Oz, from east to west coasts.
I was food and beverage manager for the Sebel in Sydney many moons ago '85.
Did you ever get to Moreton Island. ? stunning fishing and diving on the 'Bulwer wrecks'. !
Cairns was a sad place for me, having to attend the funeral of a woman I met and fell in love with there, dying of a massive brain tumor. :( :( :-
Come on back to Oz mate. :)
Brisbane hasn't changed that much, well not too much since the Expo 88. ;)
Always get a lump in my throat every time I go to Brisbane. :)
Home town and all. hehehehehehe :)
27. April, 14:27
Gluefinger >> Did you ever get to Moreton Island.
Yup, but only once, after I had lost my heart to Straddie.
>> Come on back to Oz mate.
I will have to. There are still around 10K AUD sitting in an ANZ account of mine that I need to claim. ;)
Seriously, I really enjoyed the time in Australia. People are so relaxed and friendly. Like a bunch of Englishmen with all the bad aspects of their characters removed.
27. April, 14:36
Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 27, 2020
27. April, 07:01
Peter Hardy Love these things! Looks like a lot of parts Kezza!
27. April, 07:09
Jens Hello Kerry COX, I will never build the model 100%, but just see what the style of Kitty Hawk is for newer models, and of course your craftsmanship are reason enough to be there :)
27. April, 07:12
Kerry COX It will take a while to get organized and some mojo. But if the 1886 merc is late, I will prep what I can. :)
27. April, 07:19
Lode Schildermans Kerry, plenty stuff on those sprues :). Enjoy the build and share the photos so we can enjoy with you
27. April, 07:28
Kerry COX Lode and all my mates. I will do my best, and there is a ton of 'prepping' with this build and something I haven't done for a long time. :)
A modern day jet. !
27. April, 08:39
Slavo Hazucha The Jaguar´s last roar in the Desert! I´ll follow with pleasure ;)
27. April, 09:18
Kerry COX Slavo, Now I am a happy chappy. :)
I am looking forward to your tips and suggestions.
27. April, 11:43

April 21, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 19, 2020
19. March, 05:58
Kerry COX It will look NOTHING like the box art.
19. March, 06:02
Peter Hardy The mind boggles what it will look like then!
20. March, 08:12
Wim van der Luijt Nice! My parents have owned two of these. My dad and I even changed a chassis on one of them after it had gotten a bit crispy :D Great little cars. Looking forward to the end result!
20. March, 10:00
Kerry COX Wim, I have learned just how simple these little gems are. Researching the various colour schemes for my build.
An amazing history. !
Peter. canary yellow and black. :)
20. March, 12:00
Wim van der Luijt A yellow and black Charleston? [img1]

There are many very cool variants to choose from, here are a few.....
sauss ente:
Perrier 2cv (with a cooler for two perrier bootles)
2cv dolly in various colors

And best one, the Sahara with one engine in the front and one in the back!
20. March, 17:06
Thomas Bischoff I ll take a backseat
But let me go to the fridge first for a bottle of french white wine :)
23. March, 17:05
Kerry COX Thomas. I hope it will be still cold after the trip in my 2cv to the countryside. ;)
23. March, 20:45
Thomas Bischoff ... And maybe some baguette and french cheese to go with the wine?
23. March, 22:21
Kerry COX And, a petite mademoiselle. Oh la la. ! ;)
23. March, 23:10
Augie How did I miss this!
21. April, 18:10
Daniel Klink There can only be one Charleston... my first and only love til today :)


Whatever i am following of course
21. April, 19:17

April 18, 2020

Kerry COX and bughunter are now mates.
18. April, 13:37

March 13, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 13, 2020
25. February, 03:27
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Bart Goesaert that kit is on it's way... so I will brace myself... With regards to the Ka-52, you should thank me for buying the resin conversion kit, otherwise that kit would have taken longer to appear on the market ;)

These naval guns appearing on the market is a joy, only a matter of time when they will include the interior or the storage facility underneath...
9. March, 07:53
Kerry COX Bart, That would be a fantastic model to build if ever it was made, and I would certainly have my name on the list of customers. !
9. March, 08:13
Scott Dutton Ditto Bart, I went the conversion path as well. Happens all the time. I had given up but got t8red of waiting so relented. Maybe the conversion parts will be useful or is even better than the kit
9. March, 13:16
Bart Goesaert At least we have resin bangseats... And a thorough mix from original and other parts as in my Dinah can be useful...
9. March, 15:19
Scott Dutton And maybe cockpit, expensive options but at least we have a model now. Given the kit manufacturer and the conversion manufacturer, we may even be better off
9. March, 22:28
Bart Goesaert maybe you can be right... these are multiplying fast... ;)
13. March, 10:02
Kerry COX It's not nice to stop them multiplying. Having so much fun too. ! ;)
13. March, 10:06
Bart Goesaert eeeeuuuuhhhhmm.... ;)
13. March, 10:23

February 24, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 24, 2020
21. February, 03:09
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Kerry COX Alec K. My goodness, what have I done to deserve all this. ? :) :) :)
My life unto others as you would have them do unto you, and, always try to be a better person than you were yesterday.
Your kind words have made me even more grateful for being with the greatest forum on the net.
I did speak unkindly to one member here years ago and MH certainly gave me a well deserved spray over it, putting me in my place.
I am always mindful now of what and how I say what I do here, and it seems to have paid off. :) .
Thank you all your good wishes and for the patience and the compliments.
My smile gets bigger every day. :)
23. February, 15:19
23. February, 16:25
Lode Schildermans Kerry, you do deserve these comments because of the great personality you are, and I can only affirm the comments of the mates
23. February, 22:35
Kerry COX Lode, Thank you my friend.
All the mates who have commented on this page I am truly overcome with what all of you have said. :)
You have all contributed to my well being far beyond what all of you could imagine.
I am, I can assure you, am a much better person for knowing you all, especially one person who introduced me to the clan, and that is Thomas Mayer, the guy who encouraged me to present my Horten 229 to the Zoukei Mura President, and from there, I now enjoy being in the very best of company, and wish for nothing more.
From the depths of my heart, I am most grateful for you all being here for me in my good and bad times.
I do, love you all. :)
23. February, 23:21
Peter Hardy Aww Kez, I done tole' you ages ago we were a wonderful bunch! Alec's comments are straight to the point, and, exceedingly accurate. You have been a wonderful teacher for me and definitely a mentor I can be proud of. To be a part of this community, despite all of our individual problems and issues, is warming to the core. I feel I belong here and my older brother, Kerry Cox has taught me so much and not just about modelling.
24. February, 09:31
Mladen Radeka Hiya Kerry, you asked what those triangles on the exhausts pipes are. Those depict a flying human which is the company logo of Junkers.
24. February, 10:58
Kerry COX Mladen, I am in your debt mate. Not being familiar with that sort of thing, I would have just blindly and happily thought nothing of it. But as I have never seen any black and white images with anything like that I would have been none the wiser.
Thanks my friend. :)
24. February, 12:09
Bart Goesaert Thx Mladen, interesting fact...
24. February, 12:54

February 19, 2020

Kerry COX and Lode Schildermans are now mates.
19. February, 02:39

January 6, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 25, 2019
19. December 2019, 09:52
George Bacon Wow, looks like lots of work! Great job!
19. December 2019, 13:29
Bart Goesaert that's some fine work Kerry...
6. January, 12:28
Jesús Alcocer Just looking great so far. Go ahead, I´m sure your effort will be more than rewarding in the end.
6. January, 13:51
Kerry COX I am finally getting back to it now, as all the other distractions have been dealt with and I can see my way clear. ;)
6. January, 17:06

December 26, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
Updated: June 3, 2020
24. December 2019, 06:47
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Olivier Joyeux Noël !!!
24. December 2019, 13:22
Stefan Schacht Frohe Weihnachten
24. December 2019, 13:31
Nathan Dempsey Merry Christmas Kerry and to the whole Scalemates family :)
24. December 2019, 13:56
Joerg R. Merry Mery Christmas to all of you
24. December 2019, 14:00
Tim Heimer Like the picture Kerry, thank you,and a merry Christmas too all as well with many blessings!
24. December 2019, 14:23
Marc Schimmler Same to you!!!! :)
24. December 2019, 14:27
Stephan Ryll Merrry Christmas Mates :)
24. December 2019, 15:30
Spanjaard Merry Christmas!!!!
25. December 2019, 21:22

December 12, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 10, 2019
4. September 2019, 10:54
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Kerry COX Erwin. ;) My carpet monster has learned to keep his big mouth shut. ;)
11. December 2019, 23:13
Gareth Windsor Kerry, see you having a go at the toilet paper water. To get the effect you want try 3 layers of paper ( using the water / wood glue mix) and then a 1" decorating brush to push and shape the paper into the waves and wake. Seems to work quite well.
Youtube Video

12. December 2019, 03:18
Kerry COX Gareth, you have been reading my emails mate. :) :) :) hahahahahaha
The video you posted is exactly the one I have based my new attempt on, using diluted PVA glue and the broad brush to create the wave effect. !!!
Images 80 and 81 are the results of what I was aiming for. .
Thank you for the video too my friend, as it is one of the very best I have seen and demonstrates just how simple it is, but dynamic in it's eventual outcome.
Much obliged. ;) ;)
12. December 2019, 05:27
Slavo Hazucha The new attempt looks much better and very promising! I did water with toilet paper & PVA glue once many years ago, did not turn out half as good, but I can still recall the sour smell of it today :D This is looking good
12. December 2019, 06:30
Kerry COX Slavo, I am really pleased with how this is turning out, and I avoided the smell by placing the sheet in direct sunlight for the whole day, and with the heat wave conditions we are experiencing here in Australia at the moment, it took no time at all to dry. :)
All I need to do now is cut out the hull shape and trim as necessary then paint. ! ;)
Cheers and thank you for your encouragement my friend. ;)
12. December 2019, 06:58
Erwin Leetink How did you manage to tame it??? Oh please teach us, oh master!
12. December 2019, 08:07
Peter Hardy Looks pretty good Kez.
12. December 2019, 09:39
Gareth Windsor As with most of your builds, I'm watching keenly. I love the subject and this is shaping up to be another winner my friend. I have a Grumman Goose I want to make sitting on the water and this looks like the way ahead.
12. December 2019, 14:13

December 7, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 13, 2019
13. November 2019, 21:58
Kerry COX The box art is not too bad, and the model is much like whats on the box top.
13. November 2019, 22:03
Kerry COX Lode, Thanks good buddy.
This is an other 'quickie' I like to do without all the bling and tinsel.
A really simple but time consuming kit, but worth while if your looking for a distraction from the usual run of the mill kits.
I am pleased you had a look mate.
Cheers. ;)
14. November 2019, 00:43
Peter Hardy Too fiddely for me Kerry. Nice job though. No paint on this one?
14. November 2019, 02:31
Kerry COX There is more fiddling in a bike than this kit mate.
The paint is coming, just like the LAV. ;)
14. November 2019, 05:17
Bart Goesaert Seems you are building my complete wanted list... Looking good, but care will be needed when to paint what part or subassembly...
4. December 2019, 09:02
Slavo Hazucha Ha, just discovered this! I like this AA setup a lot... really going against the mainstream, 3 muzzles, odd caliber, for actually aiming it you probably have to use the force... :) Looking really good there Size comparison with the phalanx perhaps?
7. December 2019, 00:18
Kerry COX Slavo, the size comparison to the Phalanx is on an equal footing.
The detail on both is quite a good reason for having one...........or two. :) hehehehehe
7. December 2019, 01:36

December 4, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 27, 2019
4. November 2019, 08:58
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Bart Goesaert and we have twins... nice build so far...
18. November 2019, 08:01
Kerry COX Thanks Mr Bart. ;)
I was so pleased with the detail, I had to have two. hhahahaha _
18. November 2019, 08:46
Bart Goesaert you just wanted one on your shelf too, just admit it ;)
18. November 2019, 09:13
Kerry COX Bart. I have to admit that your correct . :)
If it had not been for Peter buying it for me to build for him, I would never have seen it as one I would build for myself.
Strange how others chose what you will like. !
18. November 2019, 14:16
Tim Heimer Looking great as usual!
18. November 2019, 14:29
Bart Goesaert ah, he has an excellent taste...
18. November 2019, 14:34
Kerry COX Thank you all so very much lads.
The painting begins today. !!!
18. November 2019, 19:14
Bart Goesaert Enjoy... No hard edge camo?
4. December 2019, 08:59

November 18, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 25, 2016
17. February 2016, 04:04
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Clifford Keesler It will look fantastic when you get it done Keeza. I know it will.
23. October 2019, 01:27
Kerry COX Clifford, thank you for your confidence my friend.
It is one of the more tedious jobs I have done. Ugh !
23. October 2019, 02:09
Kerry COX Lode. You sure are a boost to my confidence mate.
There are /were a few build issues with this kit, but thankfully, I have been able to conceal the worst of them. :)
Now my compressor has had a fit and I need to get that running. :(
But aside from all I have on my bench as running builds, I can see the 35 coming to an end in the not too distant future. :) :) :)
23. October 2019, 21:00
Roberto Rocat Great progress
26. October 2019, 10:03
Chaz Gordon looking forward to seeing the finished article
30. October 2019, 20:46
Gareth Windsor It's an F-35A, but still fun to watch. The Dutch receive their first operational aircraft and in the arrival ceremony it was supposed to taxi through an arch of water. Fire trucks get it wrong.
12. November 2019, 17:51
Stephan Ryll That's looking like some serious work Kerry
12. November 2019, 19:14
Bryn Crandell Gareth it looks like the crash crew has some explaining to do. Not good. but funny.
18. November 2019, 19:05

November 1, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 11, 2019
22. September 2019, 12:14
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Kerry COX TOMORROW. ????
Wonderful. :) :) :)
30. October 2019, 05:47
30. October 2019, 17:17
Chaz Gordon That was the winning car the year I went to LeMans, I remember it well, but I also remember it didn't sound anything like the incredible sound of the V8s it was competing against.
30. October 2019, 20:12
Kerry COX Lode. I do have a nice collection of 1/24 comp cars.
2 Ford GT40's
2 Sauber Merc C9's
2 Ferrari 250GT's
and soon, 2 Mazda 787B's. :)
31. October 2019, 01:47
31. October 2019, 14:57
Kerry COX Lode, I have posted all of them at one stage, and my little CV2 will get the same happen too. ;)
31. October 2019, 19:23
Peter Hardy Hey guys, saw this thing in the flesh yesterday! Got a guided tour through the "Cox Collection" at Modelling Heaven. Respect for Yoda's skills has elevated even further if that was possible. Models everywhere! Open the broom cupboard and there is a small collection of works in progress. Open the garage door and there is a BMW bike taking pride of position, surrounded by model boxes, dusty old dioramas and air brushing equipment. The lounge room has four display cabinets full of works of art. Dining room has a small collection of kits I have never seen before. Another visitor? Yep, none other that Dave Dalton, Oz ship building champ! And, of course, taking centre stage, a real life Yoda! I love this man! Well, I do have Mammy and we are talking plutonic of course but I had a wonderful day with Kezza! From living in a remote mining town with no peers, here I am with Australian Modelling Royalty! None of this possible without Scalemates! Thanks Tim, you have made dreams come true!
31. October 2019, 23:38
Kerry COX Yes, there was a gathering of the three modellers yesterday. !
My house is as described, with modelles everywhere and occupying all available space. ;)
It was wonderful to gather with good friends and just talk plastic, techniques and passion for what keeps us in the brotherhood.
Actually, I have five display cases in my living room with a sixth being added this week end. :)
Not to mention the HUGE display case, (A former candy shop resident) turned into my very first display case some 25 years ago.
Peter has commissioned me to build the Trumpeter 1/35 ASLAV-PC PHASE 3 for him, wanting a 'COX' built kit for his collection, and that was a great compliment if ever there was.
Pictures will follow, all steps and stumbles faithfully recorded.
1. November 2019, 12:52

October 30, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 26, 2019
20. October 2019, 19:11
View full thread (29 Comments)
Bart Goesaert looking good, maybe a check on the 30mm flash suppressor. Seems like a small droop in it with regards to the rocketlauncers in pic 101 (I know, nitpicking...) would be nice to show one in action:

28. October 2019, 08:30
Kerry COX Bart. An optical illusion my friend.
Check 99.............and 98. ;)
28. October 2019, 09:11
Bart Goesaert 99: left side seems ok, right side... but only a hair...
28. October 2019, 09:38
Kerry COX And that hair, I am not going to split. ;) hehehehe
28. October 2019, 13:44
Ingo F Kerry if you need some pictures of the back, search for: Кортик 3М87
30. October 2019, 13:24
Holger Kranich Interesting weapon... But i dont know if i should love it or hate it...
30. October 2019, 14:41
Kerry COX As with all my choice in models. It's knowing how it works, why and it's effect that attracts me.
Plus, one will never get as close to some of the items we build in real life too. ;)
30. October 2019, 15:46
Peter Hardy Pretty sure if I got close to that thing I'd want to be BEHIND it'
30. October 2019, 23:17

October 28, 2019

Kerry COX and Mario Facundo are now mates.
28. October 2019, 21:27

October 24, 2019

Kerry COX
Guys and gal's, I found this video of the QMHE comp for 2019. Excellent presentation.

Youtube Video

24. October 2019, 20:54

October 16, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 16, 2019
22. September 2019, 12:19
Kerry COX Yet to be started.
22. September 2019, 12:21
Holger Kranich I am somewhat looking forward!
26. September 2019, 10:21
Chris Greathouse Looking forward to this... Looks wicked :D
26. September 2019, 10:39
Kerry COX I am just about to load the images of the build with some text in image of the things I found that were fun and a bit of to 'Look out' for. :)
I loved it. :)
26. September 2019, 14:31
Olivier Really impressive ! Pity for so many seam lines...
26. September 2019, 17:24
Stefan Schacht very nice so far, I take a seat
26. September 2019, 19:56
Kerry COX Thank you Stephan and Oliver, but thankfully, the removal of all the seam lines is no big drama, and has a positive impact on the overall appearance.
And being their first kit, it's still a joy to assemble.
26. September 2019, 21:41
Kerry COX Lode. Thank you my friend. ;)
Would you believe I have three of them now, thinking of a small diorama of 'Airfield defense'.
The kit is really simple but so well detailed. !
:) :) :)
16. October 2019, 07:56

September 22, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: September 22, 2019
22. September 2019, 12:07
Kerry COX Work yet to start. Just a teaser of what I am about to tackle. ;)
22. September 2019, 12:10

September 11, 2019

Kerry COX and Michael Drover are now mates.
11. September 2019, 02:51

September 8, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 25, 2019
22. June 2019, 01:00
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Thomas Mayer Congrats, Kerry! Well deserved!
7. September 2019, 18:21
Kerry COX Mr Mayer, Thank you very much my friend.
It did create a lot of attention for such a small kit. !
Especially the unpainted one I had on our club table, with lots of questions. :)
7. September 2019, 20:24
Thomas Mayer Will "try" to get mine ready for the Friedrichshafen show. But I´m, still doing the bends on many, many PE parts... :(
8. September 2019, 09:59
Kerry COX Thomas, I have no doubt that you will nail the PE without any problems. The little ones on the four vinyl pads on the base will be the ones to really be careful of, as there is a curve that has to be created and they end up looking like kats whiskers. :)
Image 89.
8. September 2019, 11:43
Thomas Mayer Been there, done that:
8. September 2019, 13:17
Thomas Mayer And this one:
8. September 2019, 13:18
Thomas Mayer These are the hooks I soldered together:
8. September 2019, 13:19
Kerry COX As always. A superb result. !
The soldered hooks look stunning Thomas. :)
I am now looking to get a good soldering iron for the bits on the I-400 sub. :)
Keep the images coming Thomas, as I am always keen to see what you do mate. :)
8. September 2019, 20:22

August 26, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 26, 2019
26. August 2019, 08:42
View full thread (14 Comments)
Patrick Hagelstein Some really cool stuff there! I like the Marty McFly figure next to that DeLorean!
26. August 2019, 14:58
Alec K Great pics, and congrats on the many wins
26. August 2019, 17:15
Patrick Hagelstein Especially for the coffee cup! ;)
26. August 2019, 17:34
Kerry COX LOL. Thanks lads. :)
I now regret not taking more images as there were some wonderful club presentations I just didn't have time to grab, as I spent most of my time on our club stand answering questions about all the items we had on display.
And would you believe it was the women who were the ones who asked the most questions and had a truly good knowledge of what was out in the scale modelling world. !!!
The Marty McFly character actually comes with the kit. ?!
And the model it's self is built up section by sections sent to you in the post from China. ? !
The same with the Marlborough Mclaren F1 behind it. !
26. August 2019, 19:29
Agustin Prellezo Thank for this!
26. August 2019, 20:03
Christian Bruer Excellent work over there Thx for sharing Kerry :)
26. August 2019, 20:10
Spanjaard what a great show! thanks for sharing
26. August 2019, 21:11
Kerry COX The pleasures of modelling have their advantages mates. It was one of the best experiences I have had for quite a while. :)
26. August 2019, 22:24

August 18, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 14, 2019
15. February 2019, 10:26
View full thread (122 Comments)
Kerry COX Thank you Stephan. :) It's not the easiest medium to work with. But when it comes out right, there are smiles all round.
17. August 2019, 08:53
Slavo Hazucha Kerry I consider a well done foil-surface one of the real "crown" techniques in this hobby... I've never done one, my (very) long term plan is to approach this slowly on some trial builds over time & when it works maybe do a 1:32 F-104 at some point :) In the meantime, I enjoy following your ever growing digital encyclopedia of modeling techniques over here ;)
17. August 2019, 09:47
Kerry COX Slavo, you have all my attention with the BMF aspect of this hobby, and an F-104 1/32 is my dream.
Many hard curves to contend with, and I am part way through one at the moment, and a project I have dabbled in for over two years now, but with the new type of foil that BMF are producing, it is getting easier to do.
There have been many things I have seen here on SM that have been a great help to me, and as it happens, I have been able to pass on some tips and trick from my end too.
The biggest thrill I ever got as a modeller was doing the 1/32 Zoukei Mura Ho-229 with the Uschi wood grain decals that was posted by the President on his blog, that started a craze where every modeller just had to replicate what I had done. :)
And it also set new sales records for them and got me the opportunity to be one of their many 'Test shot' builders, which got me many new kits that had not been released to the world yet. :)
17. August 2019, 12:08
Kerry COX Lode. Your observations are quite to the point, and I will add here that I didn't post the link to big note myself, but rather to say that we are all capable of producing wonderful works of art from time to time and it's a big deal when we are recognised for doing it. The recognition by the company was for me, the greatest achievement I could possibly hope for. And the kind words from all my mates I have here. :)
17. August 2019, 19:10
Maciej Bellos Kerry your craftmanship is unique! Fantastic result! Hats off sir!
17. August 2019, 20:24
Kerry COX Muchas Gracias my friend, :)
18. August 2019, 01:44
Slavo Hazucha Kerry you really stole the show with the wooden finish Ho-229 :D No wonder it got you a lifetime supply of goodness :) About Uschi - I want to try their metal dust products on some future engine nozzle works - any experience/intel on that?
18. August 2019, 20:38
Kerry COX Slavo. I am anxiously waiting for the 'set' of the Uschi powders, having been given some 'chrome' by my club mate on an experimental basis and, I am finding it is like using 'alclad', in that you need a gloss black base to start with for the powder to do it's job.
I will be putting together a little blurb here on how I find it's applicable and how to get some good/or bad results, but at the moment I have no images of the stuff I have done, as these examples are all packed in boxes ready for the QMHE 2019 event on August in Brisbane/Ipswich.
As for the wood grain decals and how that build happened, it was from hearing the stories of how Germany had started to run out of the metals needed for aircraft production and the fact that there were more furniture makers than metal workers in Germany at that time and how the Horten brothers had been glider builders before the war.
I tried to imagine what the Ho-229 would have looked like before it was passed through the paint shop as
I was just not happy with all the paint schemes I was seeing of the Ho-229, as there was NO information about what it looked like except from what the one that was 'captured' looked like after the yanks had painted it before shipping it back to the USA for the reverse engineering by Northrop happened.
I did the same thing with the V-22 'Osprey'. Having seen some images of it in it's Bell-Boeing paint scheme when it was going through it's prototype configuration and the paint scheme it had before main production started after the project got the approval of congress. Much better than that drab gray scheme and the yawn factor that went with it. Italari's V-22 "Osprey" in prototype colours from 1994. | Album by RedRoo

18. August 2019, 21:07

August 14, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #2
Updated: August 14, 2019
3. May 2015, 22:08
View full thread (104 Comments)
Kerry COX Thank you Antonio, Duri and Pierre for your kind words. :)
The image of this model was used in the advertisements by Zoukie-mura to promote the wood grain decals I used that are now being made by Uschi van der Rosten for them.
It is the best model I have ever made. :)
28. January 2016, 09:38
Clifford Keesler Fantastic as always mate.
28. January 2016, 20:10
Kerry COX I keep getting asked what sort of stencil I used for the wood effect, so I just had to post the pro mo pic. :-/
28. January 2016, 21:22
Spanjaard really great job. amazing wood effect indeed.
5. April 2016, 09:07
Kerry COX Spanjaard, Thank you for your kind words. :)
This is the model that got me back to normal. LOL :)
5. April 2016, 09:12
Roberto Rocat Wow, surely not a shake & bake kit! Great progress.
9. October 2016, 08:13
Kerry COX I just thought I would add some imaged of my pilot. I hope you saw him. ? :)
9. October 2016, 08:55
P J Glad this popped up on my feed today; a social media post said something about the V3 being restored/rebuilt in America and inspired me to read more about the Ho-229. Was going to come looking for your amazing build album Kerry, one of my favourites on this board!
9. October 2016, 18:05

August 10, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
150 images
View album, image #1
Updated: August 10, 2019
6. July 2019, 09:40
View full thread (107 Comments)
Kerry COX She is all finished now Stephan. !
Everything is where it should be and I am most happy. :)
8. August 2019, 20:34
Augie Well done Kezza :)
8. August 2019, 20:44
Slavo Hazucha @ yellow canopy lines - sometimes we need Mr. Kerry Cox to remind us what's actually in the box... Working with the Aussie decals, I completely forgot I got these too on the HB decal sheet... :D
8. August 2019, 20:52
Kerry COX Slavo. :)
The HB decals are not that bad really.
But one thing I did notice s the 'walkway' and 'No Step' are back to front and it would have been wiser to trim them off and place them in the right positions and correct way . Other than that, a good decal sheet. ;)
8. August 2019, 21:29
Clifford Keesler Very well done Kerry, my upmost admiration. Well done master.
9. August 2019, 01:12
Kerry COX Clifford. Thank you most kindly my friend. :)
I had an immense amount of fun.
9. August 2019, 02:27
Stephan Ryll Beautiful work Kerry
10. August 2019, 10:31
Kerry COX Stephan. I am obliged my friend.
Thank heaps. :)
10. August 2019, 11:09

August 8, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
26 images
View album, image #1
Updated: August 8, 2019
8. August 2019, 09:27
Holger Kranich Good ´ol Tamiya stuff, always nice !
8. August 2019, 09:34
Kerry COX It's a snappy and beautifully detailed little kit Holger, and with a minimum of clean up as you go. :)
8. August 2019, 09:50
Holger Kranich Is on my wishlist for a Long time. I like These "Spähwagen" very much. So i will Peak over your shoulder. ;)
8. August 2019, 10:49
Holger Kranich Interesting: Gerd von Hohendorff was a luitenant in a recon Regiment and died very early in the war.
8. August 2019, 10:57
Kerry COX I like that there are two variants and the parts that apply.
Heaps of seam lines to get rid of, on every part unfortunately. :(
And though you get heaps of access doors and hinges, there is zero internal detail. :(
But it is a 'dated' kit, and the interiors like we have now from Takom and such were just not available.
The only 'extra' detail stuff is a gun barrel and some PE lifting lugs and headlight covers. !
8. August 2019, 11:11
Bryn Crandell What a unique vehicle. A lot of interesting detail which is typical for a Tamiya kit. I agree some internal deatil would be cool. I would like to see a drivers interior and enging compartment that could be diplayed open. I may have to hunt one of these kits down.
8. August 2019, 11:19
Holger Kranich Hey the molds are from 1974. I wasnt even Born back then. So be Kind to this kit-grampa. :)
8. August 2019, 11:27
Kerry COX What's that you say sunny. ? Wah. ?
Hehehehehe. All is gently placed in position and totally devoid of any offending seam lines and flash. ;)
Only two crew members in 'tropical/desert garb and should be easy to "paint", doing just a single coat of matt clear and weathering the dried result. (just for kicks) as the colour of the plastic will allow me to avoid having to paint the sand colour, only to then 'dust' it in the colours of many miles on dirt. :) 43c in the shade. Make it look sunburned/bleached and thirsty. ;)
8. August 2019, 12:03
Kerry COX James. That goes for both of us mate, having only ever done one with just the matt clear and then weathered.
8. August 2019, 20:37
Slavo Hazucha Nice job on the wheels the masking really worked flawlessly, top!
8. August 2019, 21:01
Kerry COX Slavo. The 'trick' to getting a good result after painting was to remove the parrafilm as soon as possible after painting. As it will still be a little damp, but soft enough to help over come the paint flaking and feathering on the demarcation line where the rim meets the rubber. ;)
Letting the paint dry to total hardness creates problems when the masking is removed. But if one was to 'score' a line with a sharp blade along the demarcation line, that is the way to get dry paint to not shatter or 'feather'.
8. August 2019, 21:36

July 28, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 28, 2019
1. May 2016, 04:52
View full thread (60 Comments)
Nathan Dempsey Can't wait to see the build Slavo.

Another good thing Kerry's images show is the exhausts when parked. Note how one is open and one is closed much like on the F-14.
5. July 2019, 17:13
Martin von Schreckenstein hello, I can no longer see the contents of this album. did that happen just for me or is it gone for the others as well? It vanished just as I was using it to build my TF30s.. guess i should have saved those pics huh
28. July 2019, 18:05
Augie Kezz whats happened bud?
28. July 2019, 18:07
Kerry COX There were many of my images used by some one out in the web land who claimed them as his own so I challenged them on copyright and told them to give me the credit for the images., and I deleted the images until I heard from him that he would honour my request.
28. July 2019, 20:11
Augie Ahhh
28. July 2019, 20:19
Martin von Schreckenstein oh thank god :) and godspeed!
28. July 2019, 20:46
Slavo Hazucha Oh man... Good you sorted that, having the the Wrangler images is really great & particularly useful for my G-version build... Which I'll gladly state in the description once it gets done! ;)
28. July 2019, 20:51
Kerry COX That was a great result in being granted permission to 'shoot' the Bone bandit for scale modellers, Being the ONLY, (up to that point in time) film crew to be able to actually walk the wing upper surface and crawl right into both the wheel wells and bomb bay. I will post the correspondence dealing with the shoot for you.
28. July 2019, 22:03
Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 28, 2019
28. July 2019, 12:29
Kerry COX The very first time Brisbane saw a 'Dump and Burn'. It scared the shit out of every one. They thought that WW3 had started.
28. July 2019, 12:33
Kerry COX Roland. There were a LOT of people in Brisbane who had not heard that a 'Dump and Burn' was to happen, and a LOT of people shit their pants. Phoned the police and car accidents all over the city. hahahahahahaha. :)
This is an OOTB build with no bling added at all. :)
I will post more pics as I draw closer to the finish.
Thanks for the compliment mate. :)
28. July 2019, 13:09
Stephan Ryll Very fast „Vark" Kerry :) looking very good
28. July 2019, 14:25
Kerry COX I have been concentrating on it to have it ready for the QMHE comp in August.
28. July 2019, 14:26
Slavo Hazucha The SEA camo looks great, once the silvering in the decals is sorted it should be a beauty Looks like you'll be first to start - first to finish in the group build... :)
28. July 2019, 20:47
Kerry COX There is NO 'silvering' with the decals. What your seeing is the light reflecting off the decals.
I eliminated the effects of air being trapped under the decals (silvering) by using a clear water soluble glue mixed / diluted with the Microsol fluid that penetrates the matt surface and stops air being trapped under the decal.
A technique I developed a long time ago when I first 'discovered' the properties of the 'Elmers clear paper glue', and have used it constantly when applying every decal since.
It is what Humbrol sell as "Clear fix".
I am a long way off the 'finish', as now I do all the nav and clearance lights, and FYI, the F-111's had no 'slime lights' on the ends of their wings, just in case any one goes looking for decals to brighten up the wing tips. :)
28. July 2019, 21:55
Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 28, 2019
28. July 2019, 12:46

July 20, 2019

Kerry COX and Greg Jones are now mates.
20. July 2019, 18:47

July 7, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 7, 2019
30. April 2016, 23:21
View full thread (41 Comments)
Kerry COX James C, I do apologise for getting it wrong on the F-4 I thought you did, and I ask your forgiveness. :) The wash is something you will gradually get that 'feel' for, and you will find that there will be too much powder, or not enough, but you will get immediate results and get better each time after that 'beginner'. :)
3. May 2016, 23:26
Kerry COX I am pleased I did a fair job with it otherwise no one would have considered the Hobby Boss kit at all.
27. June 2019, 21:06
Augie I love the hobby boss kit, Just not got to building yet.
27. June 2019, 21:22
Kerry COX Augie, you will be blown away when you see the most finite detail that all their kits come with, especially the rivets and surface details.
Have you bought any yet or have your eye on one. ? let me know.
27. June 2019, 22:05
Slavo Hazucha Thanks for bringing this to my attention Kerry! The HB kit surely looks decent enough, details, lines & rivets a joy to work with... But it is the builder who has to show on no uncertain terms where the journey will go and you handled that business with flying colors! Will surely come back to you when I get to start building mine.
27. June 2019, 22:09
Augie hey kezza, I have two and looking at another lol
27. June 2019, 22:16
Clifford Keesler I will get one someday when I'm rich. LOL. Meanwhile I will keep grinding out the Acadmey monsters. Have 2 FB-111A's. I am going to do one in the "Dark Vark" scheme and the other in SEA camo.
28. June 2019, 00:03
Kerry COX The secret to the SEA cammo is blue tack putty. So good for compound curves.
28. June 2019, 00:36

June 28, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
14. October 2015, 22:12
View full thread (57 Comments)
Kerry COX Any time for my friends Komoras. :)
15. March 2019, 17:44
Christian W This is great! I'll Keep it in mind. Got that stuff from a freind but never used it.
28. June 2019, 09:21
Derek Huggett Finally succumbed myself Kerry - easy to find on evilBay among all the other surgical supplies. Saw some rubber tubing also advertised, which bought back all the old nightmares....AAARRGGHH, Nurse...Not the rubber tubing again...pleeeze!!! :)
28. June 2019, 10:13
Kerry COX To think that Parrafilm started off being used in the horticultural business, being a wrapper for cuttings when spliced into other plants. ! Then pathology grabbed it for use in labs to seal glass tubes and the like, but now, more modellers use it than any one else. !!!! FACT. :)
28. June 2019, 10:56
Derek Huggett Likewise, a certain floor shine liquid that is now 'the modellers friend' (Klear)! What an inventive/innovative bunch we are! 8)
28. June 2019, 12:21
Spanjaard Well, we gad yo do wit what was at hand, Boeing that floor polish, foid wrapping, electrical cables.....
28. June 2019, 19:07
Christian W The modellers are quite good inventors :D Or are they just practical? Creative. They are creative.
28. June 2019, 19:51
Kerry COX All of the above me thinks. :) Adaptation of so many things that really had no basis in modelling, like the simple little piece of plastic that goes on the bread wrapper/bag. ! How many times has that humble little square helped me out of a jam. :) :) :)
28. June 2019, 20:24
Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 14, 2018
10. August 2018, 16:59
View full thread (21 Comments)
Peter Hardy Young Kerry. You'd have to have five years on me! That'd make you what? 38. 40?
12. August 2018, 04:37
Kerry COX Duo Finito. !
14. August 2018, 21:54
Peter Hardy Too much time in Latin classes Kez. Nice job on the duo though. Love the body paint!
14. August 2018, 22:03
Spanjaard both fantastic Kerry
14. August 2018, 22:31
Michael Hickey WoW, you've done a superb job on both these Stallions, you should be very pleased to have these in your collection and I am sure their going to turn heads at the QMHE.
14. August 2018, 23:38
Kerry COX Gents. :) Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and hopes for the comp. I am happy, though I can still see faults with some aspects. But that's our nature yeah. ? :)
15. August 2018, 01:24
Christian W Great built! The Dashboard Looks good with the "glas" on it. I used to use "weißleim" (PVA glue?). It dries clear but the survace is concave.
28. June 2019, 09:24
Kerry COX The 'clear' is also called 'clear fix', made by humbrol, but dries badly, loosing that nice smooth surface. But thank you for the . :)
28. June 2019, 11:07

June 25, 2019

Kerry COX and Paul Juliano are now mates.
25. June 2019, 20:38
Kerry COX
Every model I have ordered from them arrives well packed and in the factory cladding. But make sure you get it by paying for 'tracking'. Good souls mate. :)
25. June 2019, 13:01
Holger Kranich Very good to hear that, Kezza! I´m curious how Long it will take till i hold it in my Hands. :) And it is a bargain! Just 27€ plus shipping. Way cool, thanks for the hint Buddy! 8)
25. June 2019, 13:11
Kerry COX Remember this and your understanding of why it will take as long as it takes to get to you is because, the Hong Kong international airport handles more than you can imagine, and all done with 'bar code'. and.................. Youtube Video

25. June 2019, 13:30
Holger Kranich Oh my gosh, what a big terminal! LOL :D
25. June 2019, 13:50
Kerry COX After all Holger. China is one of the biggest manufacturing economies in the world. In fact, all kits we buy, Tamiya and most others are made in China under licence.
25. June 2019, 15:08
Wim van der Luijt which shop are we talking about?
25. June 2019, 16:33
Olivier I have the feeling the start of the conversation is missing...
25. June 2019, 17:06
Wim van der Luijt i have the feeling this should be a PM and we are snooping
25. June 2019, 17:12
Martin Oostrom
25. June 2019, 18:45
Nathan Dempsey ..and attaining the 1:35 Sea Wiz.
25. June 2019, 18:56
Chris Greathouse Cool video! Thanks for the knowledge bomb :)
25. June 2019, 19:11
Kerry COX This post was the response to Holgers question to me of my dealings with any model supply companies in China and why it may take a bit longer than usual to receive anything you may purchase from there. A general knowledge thing I guess. :) :)
25. June 2019, 20:37

June 24, 2019

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
27. May 2019, 15:49
View full thread (49 Comments)
Kerry COX We Aussies live for our bikes.
I personally have a BMW R1150R that I have been around Australia three time on now. :) :) :)
Had it since new in 2001. Whumph. !
Tim. Thank you for your most encouraging comment and kind words mate..
Kez. !
24. June 2019, 17:28
Munkyslut Kerry good choice mate, luv a boxer twin, I got an 09 HP2Sport & a couple of S1000RR's to abuse Britain on :)
24. June 2019, 19:29
Kim Branders Nice details Kerry.
24. June 2019, 19:32
Kerry COX Primate troll ( ;) ) I am giving it away now, as it is too big and I am 73 and find it hard to man handle it around the city, and that is why I love touring, dodging the roos, camels, stray cattle and goats. hahahahahaha
24. June 2019, 19:51
Kerry COX Your all so kind and supportive. Thank to all for your support. It makes it so worthwhile.
24. June 2019, 19:52
Slavo Hazucha I've been watching this for some time but kept my mouth shut/keyboard locked, because I seriously lack in the "knowing anything about bikes" department... The amount of details to look at is just staggering, I particularly (but not exclusively) admire the transparent hoses...
24. June 2019, 20:27
Daniel Klink This Bike is so damn cool... 250cc on 6 cyl...
Must be a joyride on this indeed
It is a real shame that my uncle did not keep his '70 Trident T150 :(
24. June 2019, 20:43
Kerry COX Daniel, there are two bikes that give me goose bumps when I hear them. Those being the Triumph and BSA triples of the 70/80's and of course, the six cylinder Rc-166.

Youtube Video

24. June 2019, 21:57


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