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Kerry COX
Fellow scale mates. Please pray for all our mates who may be caught up in these horrific floods that are currently sweeping across Germany and Western Europe. Amen.
2 | 17. July, 07:19

July 16, 2021

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
3 | 25. May 2020, 09:34
Lode Schildermans
Interesting object to build, Kerry. I'm curious how you're going to challenge this one
25. May 2020, 20:47
Kerry COX
Lode, allready there has been one built and posted here on SM and a beautiful rendition of it too I may add. 👍
The detail I am seeing before I even begin is fantastic, but hopefully it will yield the results I can be proud of. :)
The paperwork that comes with the kit is just amazing and shows just how good ICM models are becoming. ;) 👍
25. May 2020, 22:24
Tom ...
25. May 2020, 22:57
Peter Hardy
Don't leave me behind! ICM are building a very solid reputation for these historic kits. Just stashed a T model of theirs that won't be in the box vey long.
26. May 2020, 00:56
Kerry COX
Peter, I am sure you will find a world of great enjoyment and personal satisfaction with the "T". ;)
ICM have become a huge surprise for me, as I never imagined that the eastern block nations had any sort of modelling industry, but in truth, they have been around longer than the main manufacturers we had all grown up with. !
26. May 2020, 02:21
Peter Hardy
Kez, I am 'over' armour, 'over' aeroplanes. I love what ICM are doing. Interesting stuff!
26. May 2020, 02:29
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
In my whishlist, following!
26. May 2020, 08:19
Kerry, I think I know the one who built one and posted here on SM😉 Now curios about your result ...
26. May 2020, 13:30
Kerry COX
Buggs. I am going to be following your build of the MB 1886 Benz Motorwagen 1886 | Album by bughunter (1:24) very closely mate. 👍
I have heaps of images from all over the place, but your build has got to be perfect in every way, and, the inspiration I needed to tackle this kit, so I hope mine turns out half of what your results were. ;) And that will have me smiling. 👍 :) :) :)
26. May 2020, 19:52
Oh so much praise - we don't have a red face smiley here ...
Attached to the kit is a great walkaround, don't miss that pictures (but it is a replica). Wikipedia has pictures of the black one, as in ICM manual, of Deutsches Museum München,
I hope your parts have less mould displacement then my kit (see first WIP picture)!
26. May 2020, 20:40

July 15, 2021

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
The 'Box Art' is fair, but the flash and overkill on the gold coated items is just too much. Flash all over every part a...
8 | 4. July, 05:06
Rui S
Nice big thing. Looking good, I'm in 👍
4. July, 16:26
Bruce Huxtable
Watching with interest.
4. July, 16:38
Kerry COX
The working out how to give it pin striping is a challenge. Lots of super fine masking tape is the trick. 🙂
4. July, 20:23
Ben M
I look forward to seeing how you do it. I'd like to figure out how to do it on my railway models. I was considering decals as an approach.
4. July, 20:26
Kerry COX
Ben. I am about to post some more images with some explanations on how I did it. 👍 🙂
4. July, 20:28
Lode Schildermans
Your skills keeps amazing me, Kerry
14. July, 05:00
Kerry COX
Lode. Thank you for dropping by and having a look at my work. 😉
My imagination is never resting, and all that I have tried here has worked out rather well. 👍
The only thing I am not comfortable with here is the 'Gold plated' parts. Totally surrealistic and hard to clean up the flash, (typical of old kits 🙁 )
But the brass/gold tru colour metal by interactive does a great job in replicating the brass fittings.
Thanks again my friend. 🙂 👍
14. July, 14:20
Peter Hardy
I have been waiting for this build to start and I missed it! Love these old classic cars, they remind me of ……. Me! Glad to see the tape holder being used and great idea with the pin striping. Love the deep green. Move over Lode, I need some room at the front.
15. July, 05:05
Brandon H
Cool!! Nice work with those stripes!
15. July, 11:13
Kerry COX
I have tried really hard to preserve as much of the character of the kit, but the tooling back then was not an exact science, like it is today. !
It's not something I would put on a competition table, but it's been fun building it like I was attempting to get an award of some kind, so the knife and sand paper and a bottle of bleach has played a big part in its appearance. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and likes. They mean a lot. 👍 🙂
15. July, 14:51
Bruce Huxtable
The gold pin-stripes set off the green paint - looks very classy 😉 I'm waiting with eager anticipation to see the next steps being un-veiled 🙂
15. July, 15:36
Kerry COX
This build, like many others of mine are part of a long Que of unfinished challenges. 🙂
Like my 400 series Japanese sub. Now done and the Lamborghini is next.
15. July, 19:22
Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
2 | 4. September 2019, 10:54
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Slavo Hazucha
The new attempt looks much better and very promising! I did water with toilet paper & PVA glue once many years ago, did not turn out half as good, but I can still recall the sour smell of it today 😄 This is looking good 👍
12. December 2019, 06:30
Kerry COX
Slavo, I am really pleased with how this is turning out, and I avoided the smell by placing the sheet in direct sunlight for the whole day, and with the heat wave conditions we are experiencing here in Australia at the moment, it took no time at all to dry. :)
All I need to do now is cut out the hull shape and trim as necessary then paint. ! ;)
Cheers and thank you for your encouragement my friend. 👍 ;)
12. December 2019, 06:58
Erwin Leetink
How did you manage to tame it??? Oh please teach us, oh master!
12. December 2019, 08:07
Peter Hardy
Looks pretty good Kez.
12. December 2019, 09:39
Gareth Windsor
As with most of your builds, I'm watching keenly. I love the subject and this is shaping up to be another winner my friend. I have a Grumman Goose I want to make sitting on the water and this looks like the way ahead.
12. December 2019, 14:13

July 4, 2021

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
6 | 22. May, 04:11
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Kerry COX
This build Peter and I did together over the week I spent at his new house and he did his with comparative ease with all bits and pieces looking like a show room edition if you were purchasing any thing to wage a war with.
Mine is not quite finished, due to the indecision on what colour the 'tires' should be, given that 'rubber' tires were not used back then, but it was canvass covered wood spoke wheels that did the job and so far, I have seen them almost white. ! But do you paint big wheels white in a battle field situation. ?
As for the paint job on the body, I was a bit stumped as to how to mask off the matt black and dark German gray demarcations, and then the white base ready for the iron cross markings to be applied evenly and accurately.
Overall, a great kit that is full of detail with a great set of instructions that calls out the process in great detail.
I really enjoyed it and I am next to finish it before the competition.
4. July, 04:54
Rui S
Looking forward to see the next photos, and also Peter's work on it too 😉
4. July, 10:21
Kerry COX
Rui. I do believe that Peter has got a posting on his build. Much dedication to getting it right in all things he tackles. 👍 🙂
4. July, 20:26
Rui S
I don't find it on his wall or any album 🙁
4. July, 20:37
Kerry COX
As Peter on PM to see if he intends to do something with his build. 😉
4. July, 21:57
Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
3 | 27. June, 23:54
Argento 1975
29. June, 23:01
Kerry COX
Argento. I am really pleased with the end result, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. 🙂 And thank you for your looking in. 👍
29. June, 23:04
Argento 1975
29. June, 23:07
Rui S
Somehow I missed this. What a Beautiful build. Very Well done, Mate 👍
3. July, 21:23
Kerry COX
Rui. With so many builds being posted every day, it is not easy keeping up with who has submitted what and when. 👍
But thank you so very much for your keen eye observations and welcome comment. 👍
Much appreciated my friend. 😉
3. July, 21:30
Roland Gunslinger
That looks fantastic! Actually not my genre, but very nice to look at 😎
3. July, 21:36
Kerry COX
Thank you roland. I had this beast sitting on the shelf for a good 12 months before I even opened the blooy box. Too intimidated by all the reviews I read and saw on youtube, thinking that 'one day' I will get the nerve up to tackle the one kit that really had me scared. But once under way.................The rest was a joy. !! 😉 👍
4. July, 04:57

June 28, 2021

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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It's a large box. Filled to the brim with some beautifully detailed bits of plastic. ENJOY it when you buy one.
4 | 25. May, 23:11
25. May, 23:47
Kerry COX
Yes mate. With a couple of guys eying it off as was I. 🙂 So, I grabbed it and a 10% discount for me too. 🙂
25. May, 23:59
Peter Hardy
Well, aren't we special! They would have charged me double ..... ;-(
26. May, 10:22
Alexander Grivonev
Great kit review, following with interest👍
31. May, 10:58
Kerry COX
Thank you Alexander. I have had a lot of new experiences with this kit. Fun really, picking my way through. Looking at as many builds here on Scale Mates for clues and suggestions on how to get the best results as I can find. 😉 Cheers. !
31. May, 11:39

May 17, 2021

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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There is some great PE to apply here, and when you see it, you will want to build one too. :-)
7 | 4. November 2019, 08:58
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Peter Hardy
If the rat comes bearing gifts he is welcome!
9. May, 10:07
Rui S
Well somehow I've missed this album. Great detailed PE work and camo, very well done, Kezza 👍
I've to find and buy that MEK glue, looks like the best ever, glue I've used, the unfortunatly desapeared British Beatties produced glue.
Super thin like alchool; super fast fixing and evaporating. I loved it because I could "Paint" the joints with it and not notice anything at all. Maybee Scott Dutton knows what I'm Talking about. Just Excellent.
Thanks a lot for that info.
9. May, 10:37
James C
That is pretty cool Kerry, and would look great along side my NZ LAV-III when I pull my finger out to build it 😉👍
9. May, 17:12
Kerry COX
Peter, Rui and James C, Thank you all so much for your comments and positive reactions. 🙂
Rui S,The MEK glue is no more dangerous than any of the other chemicals we all use in our hobby, but it is more predictable and manageable in so many ways. 👍
James, If you have never built this kit before, you will be in for a most pleasant surprise when assembling the intricate drive train and suspension side of the kit. 🙂 It is a well created little engineering masterpiece, and the detail is truly exciting. 🙂
Mr Peter, the gifts I will bring I hope will be pleasing to all involved. 😉
BTW. I didn't mention it in the posted images, but when attaching the tires to the rims, make sure the large seam on the tire tread goes to the inside, as it is easier to mount them is it's the last step in the assembly if the rims are all ready attached. Just a thought. 😉
9. May, 18:48
Tim Heimer
Kerry , I enjoy your work with these as I do with all your builds! Keep up the good work mate!
17. May, 04:59

May 11, 2021

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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Direct from Hobby Link Japan.
13 | 22. March, 06:34
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Daniel Klink
Glad to read this Kerry! So kerry on Sir 🙂
9. May, 19:25
Kerry COX
Mr Klink. Both you and me are relieved it was not terminal. !!! hehehehe 😉
9. May, 21:24
James C
9. May, 21:37
Lode Schildermans
I always am amazed about your skills and how to deal with issues in your attempt to strive to perfection. It is indeed a lesson to all of us builders that one can always learn, and we can learn from one of the best. Thanks for all your lessons and advice when we need one
11. May, 05:22
Kerry COX
My good friend Lode. I am most humbled by your kind words and it means a great deal that you have said what you said. I am always striving to do the best I can, and at this stage of my old life, it gets a bit more testing to make that mark. I do love to see the amazing efforts and results of all my mates here on SM, as it helps keep me stay focused and enthusiastic about this wonderful pass time. 👍
Cheers good buddy. 😉
11. May, 06:11

March 9, 2021

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
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The box art says "With open cover". My blunder, snapping the wrong box art.
1 | 9. March, 02:59

January 11, 2021

January 6, 2021

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
5 | 30. October 2020, 11:05
Excellent work so far.
30. October 2020, 15:20
James C
Looks like one hell of an intricate kit... following👍
30. October 2020, 18:06
Kerry COX
It certainly is JC. And, it offers two versions of frontal Armour. !
30. October 2020, 19:08
Rui S
Nice surprise 👍 I'm in😎
30. October 2020, 21:39
Kerry COX
Hi Rui. :) Yeah, it's been a while, but worth it I will add. 👍
30. October 2020, 23:04
Bart Goesaert
Looking great,

Here is the only remark I'm seeing:


The pe belt should be straight instead of the 90° bent at the bottom
3. December 2020, 11:24
Kerry COX
Good point Bart. But as yet, it is to be anchored in place and it will be then I will correct my blunder. ;) Cheers. 👍
3. December 2020, 18:09
Rui S
How his this model coming along?😎
We look forward to see it complete😉
5. January, 21:25
Kerry COX
I have been working at a friends place to help her get her storage shed sorted out and the modelling has had a rest from me. 👍
Not long to go though and I will be back sniffing glue again. :) :) :-0
5. January, 23:53
Wow not sure why I didnt see this before, nice going kezza
6. January, 00:05
Woah, an amazing kit, and great work on it so far 👍
6. January, 00:16
Kerry COX
Wow. ! Thank you all. :) The kit certainly is beautifully detailed, and it surprised the hell out of me once it started to go together. 👍
Very happy with it's over all appearance for sure. 👍 :)
6. January, 05:20

December 24, 2020

Kerry COX
8. December 2020, 07:39
James C
G'day Kerry, just wanted to wish you a Happy Xmas and all the best for 2021. 👍
24. December 2020, 15:56
Kerry COX
G'Day James. Thank you for your wishes and the thought for a better season and year than it has been. I do hope you stay safe and are well guarded against the Covid demon. Take care and see you next year. Merry Xmas mate. 👍 ;)
24. December 2020, 20:48

November 4, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
Box art is everything to me. And this is the most spectacular livery you will ever see, except maybe for the Mazda 787B.
8 | 8. August 2020, 10:06
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Slavo Hazucha
I was actually looking up lately what you two - Kerry & Peter are up to, glad to hear you´re soldiering on - in life & the hobby... I for myself may not have been here from the start/for all too long, but you gave me a lot of inspiration & motivation (Kerry with all his commented builds & you both during the F-111-run 🙂 )...

Your builds always radiate that strong feeling that you really have a relationship to the subject you´re working on & the results then speak for themselves 👍

So likely speaking for the "lots of people whom we will never actually meet", I´m proud to have met you virtually & Kerry & Peter, even if you are not cranking out dozens of builds, a life-sign or a tip or comment is always most welcome!! Hope you all stay safe & nothing changes towards an all too terrible course - If you cut it through life half as tenaciously & brilliantly as through the hobby, nothing can shake you guys!😉
2. November 2020, 15:51
Kerry COX
WOW. ! Slavo, your words of sentiment and endearment are well received my friend.
Thank you for your concern and well wishes, as they mean a lot, especially in these times of uncertainty and anguish.
This virtual world we live in is certainly what we all need right now, and it makes me wonder how we all got through our troubles before it became the most important medium for communicating in our lives.

Strangely though. We here in Australia have no respect of distance when it comes to knowing each other, saying that some one you know lives 'just up the road a bit', when in reality, it's a thousand miles or so away from you. !

And that is what makes Peters and my friendship so unique, is the fact that when I visited him in his house in Moranbah, west of Makay, it took a train ride of 12 plus hours and then a car ride of an other 4 hours to get there, and it was, worth every minute to get there.

Scale modelling for me has become a life style really, always looking for those things in miniature of what it was that you could never have had in real life, answering the question in your heart of what it was that fascinated you all your life so much.

Like my Bren gun carrier model. It was born of something I used to play in when it was positioned in a play ground not far from my home, that was in reality, a 'Memorial' to all those who passed in the WWII, giving me much delight to know that I actually sat in something that a brave group of men had done so when called on to preserve something some nasty people were trying to take away from us, only to serve in the same capacity some few years later when I signed up to serve Queen and country.

All those memories became as clear as crystal when gluing all these minute pieces together, and even the 'smells' were flooding back.

And then, getting permission to do a 'walk around' (on behalf of all scale modellers) of what was then, the most secretive of aircraft, the F-111 at Amberley Air Base was for me the pinnacle of all it was to be a scale modeller, being so close to something that mere mortals could only dream about, being allowed to walk on the upper wing and fuselage surfaces, recording every step, with my son there to share that moment was as good as I could have ever imagined, having only ever seen them screech across the skies above our towns and cities, thrilling the masses with their 'dump and burn' !.

Slavo. As for bringing a piece of inert plastic to life, I will always be in admiration of your skills and imagination, as it has been your postings that have me getting inspired and wanting to head out and buy me a Russian air force. !All in miniature of course. !! :) :) :)

I do have a great deal to be grateful for, and now I have made it through this 'event', I am, with all my heart, looking forward to what the rest of my life has installed, and with mates like you my friend Slavo, and all my other friends involved in Scale Mates, that will not be a chore at all.

Cheers one and all.
I love you all. 👍 :)
2. November 2020, 21:48
Tim Heimer
And we love you.
3. November 2020, 01:09
Stephan H.
Fantastic work!
3. November 2020, 22:10
Kerry COX
Thank you Stephan H I did work hard at getting things as close to the real thing as I could. And, it was fun. !!! 👍 :)
4. November 2020, 20:02

October 28, 2020

Kerry COX and James C are now mates.
28. October 2020, 19:49

July 31, 2020

Kerry COX added a new photoalbum.
6 | 22. September 2019, 12:14
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Antoine Meylan
Rien que de penser au travail de peinture et de décalque, j'en ai mal à la tête... Quel courage! Bravo c'est magnifique!
31. July 2020, 09:23
Kerry COX
Lode and Antoine. Many thanks for your kind and encouraging words, and I did understand the French side of it all. 👍 ;)
31. July 2020, 10:29
Alec K
This is another fantastic effort Kerry. The paintwork is just perfect, and the detailing, well what can I say... Hope you are well in these crazy times, and an opportunity will arise soon to take this baby to a show 👍
31. July 2020, 13:05
James C
That's a stunning looking build Kerry 👍
31. July 2020, 18:13
Kerry COX
Alec and James. :)
Like me, I am sure that this hobby has saved our sanity in some way, with most of us all being couped up like a fearful ferret, scared of the grim reaper. :(
As concentrating on this build as much as I had was certainly of benefit when it came to my recovery for sure, but worth every second. 👍 :)
Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It has certainly helped me persevere. ;)
31. July 2020, 18:38


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