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Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 19, 2018
18. April at 18:10:26 Share
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Martin Oostrom Please correct me if I'm wrong. It seems you won in 2015. The prize seems a certain Mercedes staff car, with which you won in 2017? What was last years prize? Then we'll have an idea of what you're going to win with in 2019 :D

I don't like what you can do upside down, I LOVE it.
18. April at 23:28:28
Mike Daniels What a great show!! Do you know if that is the Wingnut Wings Felixstowe 1/32? Love the Westland. Great weathering. Thanks for posting.
18. April at 23:29:38
Kerry Cox Martin. I may have a few images mixe up in all this excitement mate. LOL
It was 2016 I got 'Peoples Choice' with the B-17G being re engine, then 2017 was the G4 Merc. yes. :)
I have managed to haul in some bronze and the occasional silver, but the 'gold' has been eluding me for more years than I care to remember, but with the change in who judges what, it is a fairer system and far better than the same guys and clubs getting all the top awards all the time, in the sense that there are a lot more competitors now, and we all stand a better and fairer appraisal rather than the judges who are familiar with who has entered what and where, most biases and stacked, breaking the spirit of those who don't have a "club membership". Independent judges, not members of the 'big clubs' calling the shots.
But this year, my effort will be with the Chinese armour, in fact two of the same kit, but done in totally different ways from each other.
More on that as we get closer to the 'due date' as I am wanting to prevent any of my work and ideas being copied as has happened in the past after I had posted images of my builds on line. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
But one is the TAKOM 'King Tiger' cutaway. !
19. April at 00:03:11
Kerry Cox Mike. I will have a look at the 'results' for that year to establish wether it is in deed the 'Wingnut' kit you are refering to mate. I personally do not know at the moment, but. Watch this space. :)
19. April at 00:05:11
Spanjaard looking forward the hidden gems!! :) go Kezza!
19. April at 00:05:46
Michel Wingard Thank you really fine work.
19. April at 04:48:14
Kerry Cox I am so pleased you all enjoyed it. :) :) :)
19. April at 07:14:26
Alec K Great work indeed, thank for posting
22. April at 14:35:59
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April 19, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 19, 2018
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April 16, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 16, 2018
11. April at 23:30:38 Share
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Rene Scheiblich Well
38m is a LOT. Why not make some profit with half the roll :)
16. April at 09:31:54
Spanjaard You can call it provide a service to those who can/will not get he roll :D (like me :P)
16. April at 10:10:49
Peter Hardy Hang on to it for the minute thanks Kez, not sure what I have for the rest of the year. Compressor is in the garage and the new spray booth should be here for the weekend. I'll be able to finish the Red Bike then. Might do that forklift next? Or the Greek warship? I'm in Armour remission but I can feel this urge coming on!
16. April at 13:31:46
Kerry Cox Peter. When ever your ready.
16. April at 13:36:57
Rene Scheiblich 'Ordered' a sample. :P
But she said I needed to stretch it rather tightly or it won't hold very well... Any info on that? I don't want to break the canopy on my next build :D
16. April at 18:02:39
Martin Oostrom Cheapest I could find was €32 (incl shipping) for 10mm*38m roll
16. April at 18:49:51
Rene Scheiblich If it's really that good for masking, I'll get me one. But first I want to test it.
Maybe I even have a few spare cm for Spanjaard then :D
16. April at 18:54:48
Kerry Cox The 'KEY' to getting the best results is the 'stretch'. :-O
Don't overstretch the piece you want to work with, as too thin and it is almost useless.
There are some great videos on YouTube about how to use it and how to cut a score mark on parts so that the blade will have no or very little damage done
You don't need to squeeze the guts out of it to make it stick, just a gentle amount of pressure in a 'PINCH' will be more than enough to get it to work best. Yes, try not to crush the delicate clear canopies when laying the film on the part to be painted, and use a brand new cutting blade with zero pressure when 'cutting in' around the canopy 'frame' .
And, use just enough for the job requirements. Don't over estimate how much will be required. "Less is more" with parrafilm.

Youtube Video

16. April at 20:31:26
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April 11, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 03, 2018
03. April at 07:32:01 Share
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Kerry Cox Augie. Thank you my friend. :)
I try to keep a low profile really. hehehehe
As I was posting these mainly as a bit of a visual for my Aussie mate here Peter Hardy who is building the exact same kit. BTW. Are you ever considering going to Wangerooge one year. ?
As that would be the perfect time I could buy you a cup of coffee. :)
10. April at 22:10:42
Augie :) I've considered it and will one year do it. a few issues to get through first but year would be good too one time then you can indeed by me a coffee :)
10. April at 22:53:30
Lode Schildermans Peter, what a tremendous work. You should really proud of it!!!
10. April at 23:01:44
Peter Hardy If it were mine I would be too! Understand the confusion Lode, it's Kerry you see, copies everything I do! Problem is he does it sooooo much better than me!!
11. April at 01:15:56
Kerry Cox Awww. Cut it out you guys. LOL :)
Like I said. Twins, even when it comes to the kits we build. :)
11. April at 01:49:15
Peter Hardy Arnie and Danny?
11. April at 04:49:16
Martin Oostrom Careful Peter. Arnie was the more academically skilled of the two in that movie....
11. April at 10:27:37
Peter Hardy Martin! What are you saying?
11. April at 13:13:50
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April 06, 2018

Kerry Cox and Lode Schildermans are now mates.
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April 05, 2018

Kerry Cox and Spanjaard are now mates.
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March 20, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 20, 2018
08. April 2015 at 09:06:57 Share
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Kerry Cox It is interesting from my view also, mostly because I can remember building it when I was young, but I wonder if I completed it :-/
10. April 2015 at 15:04:10
Thomas Mayer Mate, you really should think about wearing some gloves when airbrushing... Imagine you go shopping with all the red on your hands...
10. April 2015 at 20:26:51
Kerry Cox Thomas, Good morning, but all is good as I use "Barrier Cream" before I paint and I wash as soon as I have painted and it all washes away mate, and I wear a mask to filter the air too. But thanks for your concerns Thomas.
No 'blood' on my hands. !! LOL :)
10. April 2015 at 21:17:54
Steve - Wow Kerry Just caught up with this build. Nice, real nice . Good job of re-crafting the old Revell into a semblance of order.
So ,OK, NOW what? inquiring minds want to know ;) have you been making progress without showing us more pictures? :o :D :D
Popcorn an' beer is in stock an' ready for your next update
13. April 2015 at 06:12:14
Kerry Cox Steve, thanks for that mate. :)Each step so far has been a 'Try it and if it works, post it" sort of build.

I am constantly between the images of the actual car in Google images and working out a way of replicating all I see without turning it into a mess.

I really want to do all the fuel lines, oil lines, throttle linkages, wiring and anything else I feel will bring it to life so to speak.

I am having to be quite inventive in the things I want to do and it really is a tedious process, but still heaps of fun.:-0

For it's day, it was an engineering marvel.
13. April 2015 at 08:27:12
Kerry Cox Just finished some fitting of miniature bolt heads from RB Motion in the USA.
20. March at 12:59:50
Bart Goesaert Very nice work in this golden (sorry, chrome...) oldy... you're tilting this one to the next level again (by skipping a few in between...)
20. March at 14:43:34
Kerry Cox I have always wanted to get this model 'just right', as being as old as it is, the flash and seam lines always made it a challenge. And also, the detail of the machinery was not all that flash too.
The chrome was crap, and alclad is now the better option, as it takes a lot of cleaning up of all the poor moulding to really make it something worthwhile to continue on with and the detail was not that great from the box to begin with.
20. March at 21:20:41
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March 17, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 17, 2018
17. January at 02:41:58 Share
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Peter Hardy Kinda glad I spent a few idle moments cruising your wall while I should have been working Kerry. Bringing this up again has certainly been of benefit to both IKEA worldwide and folks thinking of better displaying their completed builds.
16. March at 22:49:32
Kerry Cox Cheers Peter. I was very disappointed with the IKEA case, in the sense of it not having more shelves, but after working out the possibility of adding some more, I committed the last one to the change and the retro fitting of the others I already have. BUT, with 'half' shelves, giving me room to reach in without impacting on the shelf above, and it also lets you see more of what is in the case without having to 'bend down' to see them all.
17. March at 02:05:20
Spanjaard Hi Kezza, you should post a picture of the final result ;) would love to see it :)
17. March at 09:21:26
Kerry Cox The new case will be collected next payment Spanjaard. And then once I get it home, all the improvements will be shared. :)
17. March at 10:21:00
Spanjaard cool :)
17. March at 11:35:24
Spanjaard i got the same model of cabinet, and I have been thinking on doing something similar too :)
17. March at 11:36:03
Kerry Cox It will be worthwhile Spanjaard. Their products can always be improved on in some way. :) .
17. March at 13:13:19
Spanjaard indeed.
17. March at 13:58:28
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March 14, 2018

Peter Hardy@Kerry Cox
Hey Kez, you got Skype?
11. March at 01:31:48 Share
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Spanjaard not sure if that is even possible once the chat is started.
i think you can only do that when you post the first message of the conversation.
14. March at 12:16:12
Rui S You erase every entry and resend as a private message.
14. March at 12:17:04
Spanjaard but you can delete the post with the number, i think.
14. March at 12:17:36
Spanjaard i believe you can delete anything that you posted, and Kezza can delete anything on his wall too.
14. March at 12:19:54
Peter Hardy It's ok Spanjaard, I deleted my comments with my details. Have they disappeared?
14. March at 12:20:20
Rui S Yap
14. March at 12:39:23
Spanjaard yes, i see not address of phone number :)
pity, i was going to use them to register in all kind of nasty websites :D :D
14. March at 13:53:42
Peter Hardy Cheeky bugger! Thanks guys, much appreciated.
14. March at 21:47:48
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March 11, 2018

Peter Hardy@Kerry Cox
Hey Kez, you got Skype?
11. March at 01:09:21 Share
Kerry Cox As matter of fact, I have just got a new computer, a HP Pavillion and skype is in it somewhere with the Windows 10 programme that I have to activate.
11. March at 01:19:47
Peter Hardy We'll get busy! My address is Peter h hardy1
11. March at 01:32:31
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March 10, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 07, 2018
07. March at 04:09:15 Share
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Peter Hardy I suppose they have to wade through knee high grass and stub their toes on the lost lawnmower to get to you too eh?
10. March at 04:08:00
Kerry Cox I will send some photos mate. hahahaha It is exactly as you said. :) :) :)_
10. March at 06:27:58
Spanjaard that is why i refuse to have house with garden :P
10. March at 09:12:48
Peter Hardy Is that why you left the continent to avoid mowing Martin's metre square lawn?
10. March at 09:51:56
Spanjaard i left the continent because i had something else better to do :D :D
10. March at 11:17:09
Peter Hardy Anything is better than mowing lawns Spanjaard!
10. March at 11:42:12
Spanjaard Never tried :P
10. March at 13:13:03
Spanjaard I will take your word for it :)
10. March at 13:13:28
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Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 11, 2015
09. October 2015 at 03:31:20 Share
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Kerry Cox Derek. Would you believe that when I submitted it for 'classification' at a comp I wanted to enter, a scrutineer said, "This is not a doll house competition". And after agreeing I could put it in "Large Diorama" section, (Hastily created),, the diorama was placed by them after I had placed it where I thought the public had a good view of it, at the back of all the other tables and could hardly be seen. Was I pissed off. ? Well........say no more. :[/
09. March at 10:52:53
Kerry Cox Peter, Mr Attenbrough spoke in ways I can only say was of an eloquent nature and of great knowledge of the species. Leaving nothing to the imagination. Please pass on my thanks mate. :-0
09. March at 10:55:46
Peter Hardy Never short of an adjective either! He is over tonight to watch the Cowboys net the Sharks, I'll pass on your personal adulation.
09. March at 11:38:35
Kerry Cox Thurston is just the best thing that happened to Rugby League. I am sure David will agree. :) hahahaha Top game mate.
09. March at 12:17:28
Timothy Heimer I hope Peter feels better after unloading! Kerry I don't know why you associate with him but oh well. That was so wrong of them to put your great work inn the corner! I would've been pissed too!
09. March at 13:24:31
Peter Hardy Kerry, I have been described in the past by a few people as "intimidating" let me know his address and I will correct his attitude. What a wanker! Just resourcing the figures would have been a challenge! Stop the crows! Now I'm piss*d off!
09. March at 22:48:41
Kerry Cox The attitude Mr T has is like a dead dingo's donger. All dried up with nothing to offer. hehehe :)
10. March at 00:05:45
Peter Hardy Still angry about it now hours later myself. Couldn't imagine how seething you were at the time.
10. March at 00:09:15
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March 09, 2018

09. March at 12:28:26 Share
Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 08, 2018
09. January at 10:05:36 Share
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Peter Hardy Sounds like a head Spinner! Don't remember the car. I remember the tank dragster and the craze with the wheelie cars. Sorry, but I have another story. I delivered a couple of American rails for the Summer Nationals one year to the old Surfers Paradise, bunch of American gear heads Timmy Heimer might remember but I don't. They were two of the top three in the US that year. Nice fellas in the crews, never met the drivers. I took the cars down from Brizzy and another guy took the supplies and parts. A 40foot container full of engine blocks and tyres. Sorry, tires.
08. March at 11:14:48
08. March at 11:20:21
Peter Hardy That's a whole lotta chrome!
08. March at 12:39:04
Kerry Cox I have been experimenting with the 'Alclad' system of paints that if done with great care, (no finger marks), I can Mr Muscle the chrome off and prepare the treated parts ready for the Alclad, I should be able to really clean off all the burrs and join marks to make it look smooth. This is why I am getting the micro bolt heads so I can snip off the kit bolt heads and replace the ones on the diff with the metal parts. Also, the velocity stacks on top of the carbys will look neat and uniform.
I am yet to figure out the throttle linkage bars so I can bend and shape something similar too. I have seen guys win on just a paint job alone with no real attention to detail.
But my wins have come from that 'attention' as advised by a woman car modeller who walks away with an award every time, and so, I take that advice seriously.
If you get the chance. Take a look at my Sauber Mercedes C9 and the engine compartment and you will see what I mean. Here is the link. But there are some other builds I have done that a friend wanted me to post and so just keep going through them to the Sauber engine detail that helped win the gold medal in 2014. RedRoo
08. March at 13:21:15
Spanjaard fantastic album Kerry, i love the scratch built German field oven!
08. March at 14:09:49
Kerry Cox Spanjaard. Cheers mate. :) That field oven was part of my 1/6 scale 20mm RedRoo .based on what I could gather from the image taken at the time with snow all over the place. Thanks mate.
08. March at 19:03:04
Timothy Heimer To Peters drag racer comment, it depends what year it was. I knew of to drag racers that were from down there, Dave Grubnic and Andrew Cowan. other than that I'm clueless.
08. March at 19:13:12
Peter Hardy They were American teams Tim, used two or three teams out here during the northern winter to run in the Summer Nationals. They usually won being a couple of hundredths ahead of our best.
09. March at 06:59:00
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March 08, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 07, 2018
07. March at 12:45:49 Share
Spanjaard nice job Kerry! thanks for posting it.
07. March at 18:31:17
Peter Hardy I don't know how much pleasure you get from doing builds like this Kerry, but surely it cannot rival the pleasure I get from admiring them. You keep surprising me with your knowledge, from the discolouration of the carby throats to the stained fuel lines. I just spent 2 hours on you tube looking and listening to Honda 166s. Thank you!
08. March at 10:56:28
Kerry Cox The sound of the RC-166 I first heard at the old Calder raceway in Melbourne in 1970 when Giacomo Agostini bought his MV Augusta triple 500 racer AND the Honda 6 with him to put on a demonstration of them both when motorcycle racing was first introduced to the track. The sound was beyond description, other than to say it was stupefying, rooted to the spot and all with mouths agape. hahahahaha Just awesome. :)
When you get yours, you will see why I just had to do all the extra detail, as the reproduction of all that made that little screamer function is all there, including the four valves per pot in the cylinder head, and then there is the chain. OMG. !!!!
It just screams. 'Do something more'. !! hehehehe
But am am humbled to know that you spent so much time looking at how well it turned out. I think you would have enjoyed the image of the simplicity of the "Pits and work bench' at the Isle of Mann track. Very rudamentry indeed, :-O
I ended up with two kits, mainly as I wanted to show the motor with the swing arm and wheel alone with no frame, a real 'impact' kit/display really.
I sometimes wonder if I have all my nuts and bolts in a row at times, as I do get a bit carried away with the stuff I do. :-/

08. March at 11:17:59
Spanjaard keep getting carried away Kerry ;)
08. March at 14:11:00
Brad Furminger Your work has inspired me to pick up another bike. Keep them coming.
08. March at 16:42:08
Kerry Cox I really feel like I am under the microscope at times. hehehe :)
But it pleases me heaps when I read what you folks think and say about my work. But after all, it is my passion. A bit of a fanatic I guess. Do do do do do do. !!!
And Brad. Your quite the gifted modeller mate, especially your Mercedes. ! I love it. In fact, each build is worth spending a little more time on each posted image, as there is a lot of inspiration in your work. :)
And Spanjaard, I have drifted through your albums set a couple of times or three too, and your a most impressive and gifted miniaturist as well. A most delightful variation too. Wonderful I can say. :)
08. March at 19:17:24
Martin Oostrom There are so many great modellers here, and you're surely one of them, Sir Cox!
And there's just the mere mortals like Peter and me ;)
08. March at 19:29:50
Kerry Cox Martin. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation mate. And as for impressive modelling. The work you have done on your Crusader and Skyray is something exceptional, not to mention the $3.00 P-38 mate. Detail is everything and your work on the 'ray' is a labour of love that has really got champion all over it. And the bare metal foil masking is something I have never thought of, but I am keen to do what you showed as I have a heap of the foil from my cars I have done. But the Corsair with dads help is absolutely breathtaking. The flight deck planking is stunning. I love all what I have seen of you work, including the (Graf Spee )and I am wondering if you have any other gems tucked away you can post, as I would love to see them. SALUTE. :)
08. March at 19:55:06
Spanjaard thanks for your kind words Kerry. I fully endorse Martin opinion (and include myself next to him)
08. March at 20:28:11
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March 04, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 26, 2018
26. February at 07:30:08 Share
berni hello mate, thanks for sharing regards
03. March at 19:34:35
Michael Phillips Thanks for sharing this Kerry, I am at the point in my build that the details here will be very helpful!
03. March at 20:25:59
Kerry Cox I Had these images sitting in my draw for ages and was originally going to put them all on disk for sale, but they are doing a better job on line here now than lining my pockets. hehehe I am glad to help all I could Michael. :)
04. March at 01:22:17
Michael Hickey Really nice photos mate and appreciate the time and effort you've taken to put them up, unfortunately I could only save a handful to my computer. As with all these great pics you see on this site sometimes you might want to save an image to your own computer but can't. I think Tim has put a stop to this sort of thing happening because of copyright. What I find annoying is that I've put images in my own albums of my models and because I accidentally deleted the images from my computer needed to copy from this site, can no longer copy them from my album and put back onto my computer. Or maybe it's just me, and another fellow modeler I know who has the same problem.
04. March at 04:50:06
Jens Thanks Kerry, I have the Black Hawk as the only model in 1:35 and the whole set of Cobra,. I've already sawed, but then I was again with models of 48, ..., the pictures bring back desire, especially the colors, much more beautiful than US gray green, Thank you, really great that you share with us
04. March at 05:01:25
Kerry Cox I do have some more of the aircraft that were at Amberly at the time I did all this photography, given permission by the powers that be because I told them it was all "For scale modellers" and I got the go ahead. :)
04. March at 05:34:32
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February 27, 2018

27. February at 03:06:28 Share
Kerry Cox and Steve Flemister are now mates.
27. February at 01:51:37 Share

February 21, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 12, 2018
28. April 2017 at 02:08:40 Share
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Kerry Cox Michael. I am most grateful for your recognition and compliment. Much appreciated my friend. :)
13. February at 00:26:12
Choppa Nutta 1st place !!!
Well done Kerry !! :D
13. February at 03:48:36
Kerry Cox Much appreciated Choppa. One of the builds I actually like looking at, on a regular basis. hehehehe :)
13. February at 05:30:58
Spanjaard well deserved Kerry, congratulations
13. February at 12:25:57
Kerry Cox Spanjaard. Your most kind.
Thank you my friend. :)
13. February at 12:42:00
Ben STONE Amazing work Kerry and congratulations on the win. Your attention to detail and patience is mind boggling.
21. February at 13:41:56
Olly The light comes from Down Under... Excellent work with this big Mercedes !
21. February at 14:43:55
Kerry Cox Ben, Olly. Thank you for your appreciation of the build .
I had a LOT of fun putting it all together, but the bare metal foil was the key to the overall look. :)
21. February at 15:02:05
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February 12, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 12, 2018
12. February at 21:35:18 Share
Vegard Øksenholt Fantastic! Belts included or scratch built?
12. February at 21:52:47
Spanjaard you did a pretty good job back then :)
12. February at 21:54:40
Kerry Cox Belts supplied in stencil form Vegard. Pre cut with adhesive backing. :)
I am glad you like them gents.
12. February at 22:02:43
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January 13, 2018

Kerry Cox will attend 6´th Annual Scalemates Meeting Wangerooge
6´th Annual Scalemates Meeting Wangerooge
DE 17-25 February 2018, in Wangerooge
18. September 2017 at 14:41:01 Share
Joerg R. Yeah Kerry
18. September 2017 at 15:47:30
Ingmar Stöhr Looking forward!
18. September 2017 at 18:07:58
Holger Kranich I like what I see ;)
18. September 2017 at 19:44:09
Holger Kranich And news over here?
13. January at 14:02:08
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December 26, 2017

Kerry Cox
To all my mates world wide, no matter what your faith. Merry Christmas and see you all in the New Year.
Cheers to all.
Kerry COX.
21. December 2017 at 21:18:14 Share
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Erik Leijdens Merry Christmas to you too Kerry(and all the other Scalemates!) Fijne Kerstdagen!
25. December 2017 at 14:29:17
Matthias Weiss Merry Christmas Mate
25. December 2017 at 15:22:09
Maciej Bellos Merry Cristmas Kerry!
25. December 2017 at 17:50:16
Rui S Hi Kezza,
Merry Cristmas & Happy Prosperous New Year
25. December 2017 at 22:43:44
Dave Flitton Merry Christmas
25. December 2017 at 22:56:55
Kees Kleijwegt Merry christmas everybody!
25. December 2017 at 23:17:07
Joerg R. Merry Christmas, Kerry, see you next year :D
26. December 2017 at 00:36:37
Gordon Sørensen Merry Christmas, Kerry!
26. December 2017 at 01:48:59
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December 23, 2017

Travis Blackburn@Kerry Cox
Hello Young man. How is Kerry doing. Wishing you A Merry Christmas and A very Plastic New Year. Travis
20. December 2017 at 17:25:18 Share
Kerry Cox Greetings from a sunburned land mass. !! Travis, thank you for your Christmas wishes, and I hope and pray that yours is just as welcome as mine will be.
Cheers my friend. :)
Take care.
Kezza. :)
20. December 2017 at 22:12:58
Travis Blackburn Thank you Kerry. Be careful with the sun burn. I had a lot of them growing up in Florida, lol I am seriously thinking about building a wood sailing ship as I have never built one before. Looks a little difficult. I am working on 2 plastic ships, The lindberg jolly roger and revel golden hind. Love those old sail driven ships. Later Mate.
22. December 2017 at 14:21:56
Kerry Cox I have built the HMS Endeavour, the former collier that was used by Lt James COOX when he discovered Australia (Terra Australis ) as he named it, but a great kit. Good luck with yours mate. :)
22. December 2017 at 19:05:27
Travis Blackburn Thanks Kerry. It might be a little while for the wooden kit but pressing on with the plastic one for now. Have a great Christmas. Travis
23. December 2017 at 15:38:03
Kerry Cox Thank you TB. Wishing for some calm. :)
23. December 2017 at 20:02:47
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December 09, 2017

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 13, 2017
09. December 2017 at 05:22:47 Share
Kerry Cox These are just so unusable. The detail is non existent. Mis shapen in every way, and what I did build as an experiment was just crap.
09. December 2017 at 05:27:16
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December 07, 2017

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
24. October 2017 at 02:09:20 Share
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Chris Nally Cheers mate, what a silly bugger I was...mad as a cut snake
01. December 2017 at 04:30:44
Chris Nally Don't forget your own Service too Kerry
01. December 2017 at 04:31:03
Kerry Cox Thanks Chris. :) I was motivated by Menzies talk of the "yellow hoards" coming down to take over Australia, and, I wanted to kill gooks. !!!
But once the issue of American style basic webbing was the order of the day and the training at the SME at Casula down the tunnels started. I saw all that bravado take a big step back and started thinking seriously of what my options were.
I'm no chicken mate, stand up to anyone who wants a piece of me, but the horror stories that started to filter back really had all of us behaving in a way that spoke of preservation, and as I had worked on the SS Cape Leeuwin, a lighthouse tender on the Queensland coast, they wanted my skills in 32 Small Ships Sqn, so that was me for 6 years. Joined at 17 in 64 and still in tact at discharge in 70. I have 70 years under my belt and I syill get rubbished at the RSL on Anzac day for not being a 'real' soldier. But hey. ! thats life and some of the good deals we are handed. :) I was really lost for a few years after discharge, as all I had were military 'skills' and none of which were compatable in civy street, so I had to be creative to get the black dog to stay in it's kennel.
01. December 2017 at 08:46:53
Chris Nally Hey Kerry , when it comes to metal flying around and tunnels and bunkers etc , plus initiating contacts at 2 meters in the jungle is dam well not for everyone. You were smart mate. I don't have a bar of the RSL, cannot stand them, I am only a Member of the TPI Assoc. No other. Black dog got me big time through the 2000's and I have lost so much memory of events and things that happened I have to ask about photos, when that happened , it is a bastard injury I would wish on no one. I can accept physical injury as par for the course , but never thought I would get PTSD. Worst injury ever, and it wrecked my life, my working life, and dam near my marriage. She is my carer now. F**K the only skills available on civvy street I found later were as "plant management" {for driving tracked vehicles} and lots of skills for the new Outdoor Adventure Taring stuff going on. I managed for a while doing that and loved it.
02. December 2017 at 05:43:46
Kerry Cox Well Chris. It does seem that we have landed on our feet, but not exactly as planned.
What keeps me going is a saying my mum would always take great delight in reminding me of every time I had a winge. "I once complained when I had no shoes.....................then I met a man who had no feet." . My modelling helps me stay focused on better things. :)
My engineering brain eventually saw me go to Uni and attain a civil emgineering degree, putting me in places I only ever saw in tour books.
I am also a bit of a pedantic perfectionist with the modelling, doing detailing that at time I have to check myself on. I go too far. :-/

02. December 2017 at 09:33:13
Chris Nally Yeah Kerry, I read Stoic Philosophy, but that only helps so far, nevertheless, get on with it is the motto. Ha I wish I did Engineering or the like, I instead di Ancient History/Classics and am slowly doing Geology { I like Archaeology most}. It only helps with my personal interests, but geez I have travelled a lot and seen amazing things Nat Geo is only putting in their Mags now!
Me too I am too pedantic which is why I am so slow and finish too few per year, but hey I like the research and study and trying to make things look real in scale mate, :-}
06. December 2017 at 15:47:13
Kerry Cox Chris. I must admit, I too am quite pedantic about the modelling I do. To an extreme at times and loosing the 'have fun' aspect of the whole thing, but that is just the way I have approached most things. Some may say 'anal'. But I don't like rough edges so to speak.
Geology. !! Wow. That is something that has had a strange history. Being those who see a world of civilizations light years ago and are told, 'You can't publish that'.
I remember reading the story of the giant skeletons found in the middle east and of the one that is in the Smithsonian Museum that was never to see the light of day, as the 'establishment' feared it would change the whole picture of how it all happened and the conservative view on humanity and it's development.
I am more curious about the world now that I can seek the information that interests me and get some answers, some truth, other stuff just theories, but fun to do.
I am dreading the day oldtimers disease grabs me, but in the meantime, the sponge I am, soaking in as much as I can, keeping the grey matter from becoming a blob. hahahaha
Like how the pyramids are still being called 'tombs', and not wanting to admit that there are other aspects about them that are slowly being uncovered that is going to possibly upset the whole theory of the Egyptologists that don't want to let go of the unscientific beliefs and embrace the rethink that is taking place. :(
06. December 2017 at 23:35:54
Peter Hardy Hope you guys don't mind me jumping in here to what has been a bit of a private conversation but...Strewth Kerry! You are getting to be a conspiracy theorist! If all the information withheld from the world's general population were available would we all run around in a panic? Who knows? However, on the same subject I have been amusing myself by making note of the difference in reporting of the North Korea issues at present between the American media and the rest of the world's press. There is a substantial difference. I fear there is as much political propaganda on one side of the Pacific as on the other? Back on subject, I have the same "control issues" as you with the loss of the fun aspect in the very real drive to create the best model you can do. I am embarrassed by the last model I built when I have finished the next one. I have only a four year history of model building so the development rate is still pretty steep and this is a common occurrence. I have a Takom Porsche King Tiger with full interior in the stash and will build it only when that embarrassed feeling dissipates.
On the subject of wise advice, my late mother in law once told me "if I don't use my head I'll end up using my legs". Every day I repeat that to myself after I have had to use my legs after failing to use my head.
07. December 2017 at 03:24:26
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November 29, 2017

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 13, 2017
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Kerry Cox Vlad. Thank you my friend. :) I thought you would enjoy it.
Cheers again mate. :)
14. October 2017 at 23:35:16
Timothy Heimer It's amazing of how alike we think! LOL
15. October 2017 at 08:23:54
Kerry Cox Hi Tim, I am glad someone is in sync with me. hahaha
15. October 2017 at 09:45:05
Chris Nally Lovely car, seen it race and know some of those who drove this beast, the kit is good, getting scale colour is not as it was a very very Dark {midnight} Blue/Black when you were close up to it Kerry
27. November 2017 at 15:31:17
Roland K Great Work Kerry, looks fantastic!
27. November 2017 at 15:39:04
Kerry Cox Chris. I do believe I got the blue/black colour right, and I really had to convince myself that it did have some blue in there somewhere. LOL :)
27. November 2017 at 21:04:50
Kerry Cox Thanks lads. It was a gold winner in 2014 at the QMHE comp in Brisbane.
27. November 2017 at 21:05:29
Chris Nally Bloody lovely Kerry, Glad you got that Blue/Black ok and it being a Winner:-}
29. November 2017 at 05:59:11
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November 28, 2017

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Spanjaard good for you Kerry :)
24. November 2017 at 23:56:42
Kerry Cox Augie. It's just like buying the kit all over again, less the instructions, but a stack of fun. :)
25. November 2017 at 06:06:17
Christian Bruer Very nice revival
25. November 2017 at 20:53:42
Kerry Cox Thank you all for your interest and support. :)
26. November 2017 at 07:34:02
Chris Nally Very bloody nice mate
27. November 2017 at 15:25:59
Kerry Cox All those years ago, the humbrol paints had terrible pigments in their paints, and the white soon became a discoloured yellow mess, and as it was such an unusual colour scheme that only one or two modellers have done, I just had to do a repaint. It is one of the few kits I actually like and kept.
27. November 2017 at 21:09:06
Steve - Well Kerry, leave it to you to resurrect an old kit and doing a "sterling" -Oh that's British isn't it?- job. :D Have you considered making your own decals on an inkjet printer? It could be a way to get the more obscure or change the colour of some your want. :S Regardless I'm looking on with interest.
27. November 2017 at 22:03:17
Kerry Cox That decal production is an option I will certainly look at Steve. Especially reproducing the 'Bell-Boeing' style of font was one I had done on a lazer printer all those years ago and I will do again. Yes, a stirling bang up job I hope will happen. hahahaha :)
28. November 2017 at 02:06:55
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October 17, 2017

Kerry Cox and Michael Phillips are now mates.
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October 16, 2017

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Spanjaard thanks for your other post, i started looking for them, and finally found them in Europe and got a few in different colors and sizes... great stuff!!! and not expensive :)
16. October 2017 at 20:10:53
Spanjaard about pic 8, why not simply inject some black paint inside of the transparent tube? it should look pretty close.... and a lot easier than inserting a cable i think.....
16. October 2017 at 20:12:47
Kerry Cox Yes. The potential for the uses of this stuff is boundless. I have also just received some of the smallest hex and acorn headed nuts plus some screws. This is the link to RB Motion web site. what he has there will blow your mind.
16. October 2017 at 20:14:00
Spanjaard thanks Kerry :)
16. October 2017 at 20:30:34
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October 15, 2017

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Rui S Hi Kezza.
Nice tip on that method to retire the clear parts
15. October 2017 at 00:35:52
Kerry Cox Rui, many tears were shed with previous attempts to cut clear parts from the tree, as 'shatter' would happen and the spider web effect would radiate out from the stressed area. Not a pretty sight. Then I saw a photo in Finescale Modeller Magazine of how to remove clear bits with no damage, and I have done the candle and hot blade ever since. :)
15. October 2017 at 00:42:34
Rui S Yah, Finescale Modeller has lots of nice and interesting tips.
The last one I saw was:
Aircraft lights from pin tops:
The curved tops of translucent pushpins
can be cut to look like wingtip lights for
1/32 and 1/48 scale aircraft.
When my 1/32 scale F-14 Tomcat did
not include translucent plastic for the
lights, I quartered the pushpin tops and,
with a little fine tuning, had realistic lights
— and even a taillight. After sanding down
the bottom of a purple pin, I also had an
aircraft sensor light.
– Michael Spehar
North Ogden, Utah

I think Holger could use this one in his 1/48 Italeri helicopter ;) :S
15. October 2017 at 00:53:05
Rui S 8)???
15. October 2017 at 15:11:59
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