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Kerry Cox (RedRoo)



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Kerry Cox
I am taking an overdue break from Scalemates and modelling in general for a while, as all I seem to have been doing lately is nothing but be a scale modeller and very little else.
I am sure all of you will understand.
Kerry. aka, Red Roo.
14. October at 05:29:26 Share
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Spanjaard agree!
19. November at 00:21:08
Kerry Cox Thank you all. I will be 'active' as soon as the drugs wear off. ! Right now, not much makes any sense. :-/
19. November at 20:32:15
Lode Schildermans Strenght, mate. As I think I may say, the whole bunch is supporting you
19. November at 22:42:46
Kerry Cox I am most grateful for all the support my friends. :)
20. November at 05:12:05
Bart Goesaert glad it came alright... enjoy the break, and hopefully your ticke ticker (Allo Allo pronouciation in mind) keeps on ticking for a long time...
12. December at 08:05:15
Kerry Cox The hearts fine. The mind is something else. Mmmmmmmm
12. December at 13:37:51
Es-haq Khosravi Nice to hear again from you Kerry!
12. December at 13:43:24
Bart Goesaert That will mend too, important things first...
12. December at 13:59:29
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December 09, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 08, 2018
08. December at 08:12:36 Share
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Peter Hardy My neighbors have a DVD player. Maybe they won't notice ... :)
08. December at 21:13:48
Spanjaard add the adress Daniel ;)
@Kezza, take good care of yourself mate. i do actually have a collection of stuff from old electronics too :D
09. December at 00:19:53
Michael Hickey Problem is Peter you'll use a tank of juice just to get to your neighbors and back. :D
09. December at 00:22:23
09. December at 01:51:54
Wim van der Luijt I use a slightly different method of extracting the parts, it's called "brute force" and involves repeated blows with a hammer :D
09. December at 11:20:34
Daniel Klink Hope you wear glasses when you do this Wim ;)
09. December at 11:31:52
Lode Schildermans I find this a very good way to recover model build material, but my neighbours are complaining now that they can't listen to CD's anymore
09. December at 20:06:29
Martin Oostrom Your neighbours needed your cd-player to listen to cd's? You really are a generous person ;)

Kerry, glad to see you're still cruising along
09. December at 21:10:15
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November 30, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
133 images
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Updated: September 24, 2018
30. August at 01:33:18 Share
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Augie No pressure at all m'amigo, we know it will be a stunner regardless
20. October at 12:54:34
Kerry Cox I am grateful to Martin for the links, not that I will be taring great chunks out of the Arizona at this stage. :-~
But that weight Martin mentioned is certainly not the easiest thing to carry.
Michael,I am glad I can't see it either, as I just don't want any more of it around if I did.
Augie. My work load has slowed way down recently, just tinkering at this stage, especially the PE. ;)
20. October at 18:16:10
Augie Fair enough Kerry, nice thing with this hobby, its when you want too :)
20. October at 19:03:10
Lode Schildermans PE is a time consumer, Kerry :)
20. October at 19:17:07
Peter Hardy 230 comments and not one pic! Kez, your reputation precedes you!
20. October at 21:31:10
20. October at 21:45:14
Michael Hickey Pete, LMAO :)
21. October at 03:07:34
Bart Goesaert looking good so far, nice explanation too...
30. November at 07:12:30
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October 06, 2018

Martin Oostrom@Kerry Cox
Kerry, master of all things plastic. Once more I have a question for thee.
I’ve got a Toyota rally car in white plastic. It will be done in a white with red/green decals version. The plastic is perfectly white, no flow marks etc. Do I need to paint it, or can I get away with a thorough polishing and a varnish when done? Or do I need to paint it white to avoid yellowing of the plastic after a few years?
06. October at 13:20:29 Share
Wim van der Luijt Since this is an public message I'll put my two cents in too. IMHO you need to protect the plastic from the influence of UV light. Paint is in order.......
06. October at 13:23:53
Martin Oostrom This is exactly why I made a public post 8)
Thanks for your reply Wim, much appreciated.
06. October at 14:37:43
Kerry Cox Good morning, how are you mate. ?
I hope I can answer your question on the white bare plastic.
It is possible to polish up any plastic to a sheen that is equal to what a top paint job looks like, but as to the uv effects, Peter and I suggest the you keep it in q dark room. :)
Other than that cryptic comment, I would follow Wim's lead and give it a lick of paint. ;)
06. October at 20:42:37
Martin Oostrom So, no cutting corners with painting then. Thanks guys.
Feeling very tired at the moment due to some family affairs. I will keep you posted, but via pm ;)
06. October at 22:33:07
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September 16, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 28, 2018
28. August at 11:45:50 Share
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Rene Scheiblich Sooo... You basically rent a car paintshop to paint those monsters? :D
29. August at 18:28:15
Spanjaard it is good that those beauties take a while to be built.... takes a bit longer to run out of space!
29. August at 20:10:39
Lode Schildermans Not to mention the HMS Hood after the Rodney. A monster of 132 cm :)
29. August at 21:31:50
Spanjaard holy m.... :)
29. August at 22:09:02
Lode Schildermans Yep, Rodney was a gift from Mrs Schildermans and also my Nemesis
29. August at 22:15:38
Donald Dickson II OK, there were some SERIOUS injustices perpetrated on some folks there. I am surprised some judges werent strung up. I find it absolutely insane that anything like club affiliation is shown. That is not the appearance of bias, it 100% IS bias. I have plenty of issues with judges here at IPMS shows, but they seem like a right bunch of fair guys compared to what I am seeing there.
29. August at 22:31:30
Kerry Cox Yes Donald, it was a bit distressing for some and much was said at the awards by those who stayed to watch them handed out.
29. August at 22:39:31
Miro Herold The drowned Reisen is the best present for me. Very good at all.
16. September at 15:31:23
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August 31, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 23, 2018
23. August at 20:25:19 Share
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Peter Hardy That's a long way from Antarctica, I would have thought it would be tropical that far north!
30. August at 20:40:22
Urban Gardini It's cold enough most of the year...
30. August at 20:42:24
Kerry Cox So. What was I talking about again. ?
30. August at 20:44:18
Peter Hardy Did you say something Kez? Sorry Mate, I was just engrossed in what you would post this morning on your Arizona thread.
30. August at 20:55:52
Kerry Cox My post seems to have been hi jacked. !:-/
31. August at 00:52:24
Michael Hickey Hey Kerry, I've noticed that happens from time to time with this mob. :) ;)
31. August at 01:21:02
Robber Penguin I have no clue how this could happened... :D
31. August at 01:25:10
Kerry Cox Oh well. Better than being banned from FaceBook. hahahaha :)
31. August at 03:59:54
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August 20, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
18. March 2017 at 01:38:44 Share
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Kerry Cox !!! :-O Would I lie to you Rui. ??? hehehe
11. July 2017 at 21:43:44
11. July 2017 at 22:06:46
Peter Hardy Take your point Kerry. Too uniform? They look VERY closely replicated!
20. August at 02:42:26
Kerry Cox Oh well. :(
20. August at 02:46:40
Peter Hardy But that's just me.
20. August at 02:59:44
Kerry Cox But what won was just a pile of junk with no story at all to be seen. But hey. That's just me too. ;)
20. August at 05:25:08
Bart Goesaert nice project as always, just stumbled over it... a bit harsh to cover the vehicle with the hay, but as you stated, it tells a story... and that you don't see that often...
20. August at 10:38:23
Kerry Cox Bart, that was exactly my thinking at the time. And when I came across the image of all the officers sitting around a vehicle with sheaves of wheat all over it, my imagination went wild, thinking of how I could replicate that story, having never seen anything about that aspect of the push onto the Russian Steeps, but I did get a lot of comments about the dio, mainly about, "I didn't know the Germans did THAT." type of thing. :)
20. August at 20:09:44
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August 15, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 14, 2018
10. August at 16:59:06 Share
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Kerry Cox Thanks Michael.
11. August at 06:17:26
Kerry Cox Besides. Nothing else would have fitted if it was with the Ferrari up the right way. With the alternator and water pump shafts located in conjunction with the cams.
11. August at 06:20:31
Peter Hardy Young Kerry. You'd have to have five years on me! That'd make you what? 38. 40?
12. August at 04:37:53
Kerry Cox Duo Finito. !
14. August at 21:54:09
Peter Hardy Too much time in Latin classes Kez. Nice job on the duo though. Love the body paint!
14. August at 22:03:22
Spanjaard both fantastic Kerry
14. August at 22:31:13
Michael Hickey WoW, you've done a superb job on both these Stallions, you should be very pleased to have these in your collection and I am sure their going to turn heads at the QMHE.
14. August at 23:38:46
Kerry Cox Gents. :) Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and hopes for the comp. I am happy, though I can still see faults with some aspects. But that's our nature yeah. ? :)
15. August at 01:24:46
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August 10, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 06, 2018
06. August at 01:45:00 Share
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Spanjaard sorry, almost late for the lesson :)
09. August at 22:15:11
Kerry Cox Spanjaard, Sometimes you get a batch of BMF that just will not stick. Low adhesion is a real pain in the patoot. :( THAT is my problem ATM, nothing is sticking to where it's put, and I have cleaned and degreased the bloody thing at least 4 times to resolve the problem, but, no joy. :( :( :(
09. August at 22:44:27
Spanjaard you will make to conform to your wishes.... no doubt about it!
10. August at 12:35:36
Lode Schildermans I think you wanna say, Spanjaard, that Kerry will make it according his high level standard, and he won't except less than perfection ;)
10. August at 13:26:34
Spanjaard indeed :)
and if one batch of the product is wrong, he will try another :)
10. August at 13:35:09
Kerry Cox Persistence does pay off you all say. ? :)
Well, good news. The second 250GTO I am working on that will be as a racing unit has turned out BETTER than the original in the BMF department, using the oldest sheet I have, it went on so easily, I thought I was going nuts. !
Starting a new album on the Mk2 GTO next, cursing the clear parts of the 330 P4 for being all warped and no hope of fitting. :(
Other than that. I am still having fun.
Cheers Spanjaard and Lode. :)
10. August at 16:44:09
Spanjaard better than the first 250? i want to see that! :)
10. August at 20:46:18
Peter Hardy Out of bed Kerry? We should Skype today, I need encouragement. Marty's building a Honda and I am feeling threatened!
10. August at 21:34:24
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August 05, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
Updated: January 01, 1970
20. July at 22:49:27 Share
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Peter Hardy Special. Well that's what it said on my school bus!
Careful Kerry, I have feelings you know!
26. July at 00:18:28
Kerry Cox All is good mate. I too have a 'special' sense of that thing called humor. :-/
26. July at 00:39:33
Martin Oostrom What happened with the paint job? You mention all kinds of horror. I see a couple of scratches on the green. And the white seems a bit yellowed.
03. August at 21:17:31
Kerry Cox Martin. On the horror side of things. I was stripping back the paint because all kinds of ugly crap was coming out of the plastic, spoiling the finish and the plastic just started to fall apart. NO, it was not the paint stripper, just the plastic with impurities. :( :( :(
03. August at 23:28:31
Martin Oostrom That's a big bummer. How did it pass quality control....
04. August at 06:21:40
Peter Hardy Don't go there Marty! Yoda is elevating fridges and throwing them at stray starships!
04. August at 07:49:53
Martin Oostrom Not his, Aoshima's. You know, those guys from the dark side that keep developing kits for us to stash.
04. August at 07:58:17
Lode Schildermans Kerry, some competition from another scalemate
05. August at 21:41:13
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Updated: October 16, 2017
16. October 2017 at 01:34:01 Share
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Kerry Cox Bughunter, Uschi has all your rigging needs, here is the link.
04. August at 18:07:46
bughunter I use that flexible rigging material, but for connection to the Gaspatch turnbuckles I need small pieces of tube. Now I use brass, but this micro tube is may be a option, that's why I ask. Uschi recommends 0,5mm brass pipes for 1/32, but I build 1/48. Thx.
04. August at 20:06:10
Kerry Cox No worries Bugs. :)
04. August at 20:30:02
bughunter Could someone please tell me the inside diameter or wall thickness?
05. August at 10:59:35
Martin Oostrom Next week soon enough?
05. August at 11:47:09
bughunter Yes, of course! No hurry ... Thx!
05. August at 12:33:45
Kerry Cox Why ask me. ? Go to the site that has it for sale where I am sure they will have that tec stuff available. :)
I only bought it because I saw it in a video of some guy building a Tamiya 1/12 bike. !
05. August at 19:10:21
Spanjaard hi bughunter, i would love the help, but i am out of town for a few days. if you send me a message in a week, i will check the packaging, or measure myself the different micro tubes
i got the tools to provide the outside diameter with good precision, but inside diameter will be a different business....
05. August at 21:14:32
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Updated: August 02, 2018
13. July at 12:12:03 Share
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Kerry Cox Rene, being in the same 'neighborhood' is quite funny really, as we all consider some one who lives a 1000 Km away as 'just up the road', as distance is not a challenge to any of us and 'going for a drive' here usually means your going a hell of a long way. Peter is 1000 Km north of me here and Michael is south 256 Km, about four hours. So yes. Not all that far really, knowing just how bloody big this country is. hahahaha :)
Peter is committed to other things before Wangerooge is on his radar, and Traveling with him would be a whole lot better than solo and both nutters for history and modelling means we will be doing a fair bit of having a "Captain Cook" :) (having a look.) :)
04. August at 20:39:00
Peter Hardy What's the SO's issue with coming here? Expense? Language? Flight time? Australia is the most exotic place in the world, and Un Zud (New Zealand) is just a short flight away. Two wonderful destinations. And best of all, you meet the most wonderful people Down Under!
04. August at 22:20:35
Jens @Peter And best of all, you meet the most wonderful people not just down under ;) :)
04. August at 22:25:27
Kerry Cox My bloody oath mate. :) :) :)
04. August at 22:39:18
Gordon Sørensen Wow! Fantastic looking Ferrari, Kerry!
05. August at 02:32:14
Kerry Cox Thank you Gordon. I am pretty happy with it myself mate. In fact, the best I have ever done.
I am currently working on the V-6 Dino Ferrari, and just as much bare metal foil will be the order of the day on that too. But great lines. :)
05. August at 03:43:40
Norbert Steffens What a beauty, and a shiny finish. Perfect
05. August at 06:15:22
Kerry Cox Norbert. I am over the moon that so many of you guys like my effort. :)
05. August at 06:32:53
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August 02, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 02, 2018
31. July at 20:58:45 Share
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Peter Hardy Geeze! I feel better now! Just been through the stashes of Wim, Spanjaard and Jimbo. I do not have a hoarding problem! I must tell Mrs Hardy how lucky she is to have me!! :)
02. August at 09:52:40
Kerry Cox If I had a stash, I would always get the feeling that someone is looking over my shoulder. :(
02. August at 10:43:57
Lode Schildermans According to Mrs Schildermans, Mr Schildermans has enough in his stash :-;
02. August at 11:00:09
Alexander G. Wow, someone is on a Ferrari streak!
02. August at 11:10:30
Wim van der Luijt I've said it's not a stash, it's life support. I plan to live forever and the stash must grow accordingly :)
02. August at 12:03:17
Kerry Cox I never grow old either. heheheh :)
Fun isn't it. !!! :)
02. August at 19:09:23
Kerry Cox If ever I was pissed off with a paint job. It was this one. And after the paint was removed, you can see why. :(
I was trying to overcome all the sanding and scraping I did in my rush to have it finished, as they are all painfully obvious now and I have a hell of a job in front of me to get it back to something I can really work with, and not so much paint this time. :(
02. August at 21:24:47
Spanjaard i know Martin, but try to explain that to the lady of the house. the fact that some out there have 1000 means nothing :P
at current speed, and with Win approach, i know i will leave 237 years :D :D
02. August at 21:27:49
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Updated: August 02, 2018
09. July at 05:53:33 Share
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Peter Hardy Gawd! Four brand new unused classic Ferrari's and another on order... Spanjaard, you have created a monster! Yoda has turned to the Dark Side!
Jens, I have started on the GPZ but haven't posted anything yet. I'll be home next week and post the project. Kit is VERY detailed in most areas. Fit isn't perfect but is acceptable and good enough to be easy to correct. I am enjoying the build so go pick up the kit. You won't regret it.
11. July at 09:54:22
Spanjaard no, he has turned to the red side :D :D
11. July at 10:08:32
Jens Thanks Peter, I'll buy the Aoshima shelves empty in my Ju 88 breaks :D but only bikes, cars are too boring :D
11. July at 10:12:47
Peter Hardy His bank account will be in the red if he keeps buying prancing ponies!
Jens the Aoshima kits are very inexpensive, but as Kerry said, the detail is not lacking.
11. July at 10:22:39
Kerry Cox WOW. :-O
Spanjaard, forgive me for thinking yours was the Fujumi. ! But the work you did on it was stunning, no matter what brand mate. :) (Not to mention......inspirational. ) :)
I have allready wired the two distributors and I am getting the engine components all painted.
Lots of extras I am keen to attempt.
I must get the Italeri kit Spanjaard, as the windows look a whole lot better than what is in the Fujumi kit. !
I will start a photo sptread with the arrival of the second 250, doing an 'unboxing and the images of the build to follow.
Cheers lads.
Go Queensland. !!!!
11. July at 10:31:05
Peter Hardy Very quiet in Belgium today.
11. July at 10:36:09
Lode Schildermans Peter, it is the flemish holiday. To celebrate the last time we beat the french, but that is long ago
12. July at 22:29:56
Peter Hardy Missing the good old days!
12. July at 23:05:47
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July 27, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
Updated: January 01, 1970
06. February 2016 at 22:06:14 Share
Kerry Cox This is EXACTLY the same as "Clear fix".
Water soluble and perfect for applying decals.
Also, perfect for fixing clear parts in place.
06. February 2016 at 22:10:01
James C Thanks for that mate, will keep an eye out for it. I've already got a small 28ml bottle of Humbrol clear fix in the stash that I use for attaching my aircraft canopies. I used Pledge floor care "Finish" as my clear coat to seal and protect the paint as well as to create a flat surface for the decals to adhere to. Strangely, I've not had the white residue problem using it before now though. :S
I'm praying that another clear coat of the Pledge will fix my current problem.
07. February 2016 at 00:05:58
Kerry Cox Unfortunately, Pledge is a different compound from what you get in the shaky isles, . But the Elmers is my constant companion on the decal side of my modelling.
Cheers mate. :)
07. February 2016 at 00:34:12
Clifford Keesler Do you use it straight from the bottle or do you mix it with something?
08. February 2016 at 21:59:50
David Barclay Hi Kerry! I too wonder if you use straight or dilute??

Thanks in advance!
12. February 2016 at 08:10:10
Rui S Hey Kezza,
I'm wondering if you use this all over the kit, like mates do with Pledge floor care, or just in places with decals?
13. February 2016 at 14:26:55
Kerry Cox Rui, NO.
This is used only where the decal will go, with all the excess wiped away with a damp cloth after all decals have dried and "set".
Then, the final sealing coat of clear is applied.
The Elmers glue is water based, like the glue that was originally on the decals before they are slid off the backing paper, and so, this lets you clean the whole model without any 'residue' remaining.
I should actually make a short video of the process, as it is so easy to do, but the results are just awesome. :)
Cheers mate.
13. February 2016 at 22:19:57
Rui S Hey mate,
Thank you. I thought so. And you use it oob?
14. February 2016 at 04:12:49
Kerry Cox I try not to drink it OOB, as it does taste like raspberry. :), but yes, just a small amount on a clean surface you can dip your brush into is all you need. .
14. February 2016 at 04:25:44
Rui S Hehehe you better drink a beer Mate.
Thank you ;)
14. February 2016 at 14:53:00
Kerry Cox All is good mate. :)
14. February 2016 at 19:43:18
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July 20, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new project.
In progress
20. July at 22:43:55 Share

July 16, 2018

16. July at 22:36:03 Share

July 14, 2018

Kerry Cox and John A are now mates.
14. July at 23:41:35 Share
10. July at 21:53:37 Share
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Peter Hardy Build it up Rene! Match will never meet the expectations of the spectators!
14. July at 00:27:22
Rene Scheiblich Not with that kind of attitude mate ;) :)
14. July at 07:19:09
Peter Hardy Beaten before I start?
14. July at 07:34:12
Rene Scheiblich You're selling yourself off way below worth here :)
14. July at 07:38:03
Martin Oostrom He's trying to lull Kerry to sleep. But Kerry the Wise won't fall for that.
14. July at 08:12:36
Kerry Cox Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
14. July at 08:20:17
Rene Scheiblich Haha :D
Maybe that's Kerrys way to funnel his mojo :)
14. July at 08:35:27
Kerry Cox Now. That wasn't too hard to figure out was it. ? hehehehehe :)
14. July at 13:25:09
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June 03, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 02, 2016
10. June 2015 at 23:26:31 Share
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Peter Hardy Thanks for putting on display again Kerry. Truely inspirational!
31. May at 08:30:45
Kerry Cox That was posted over 2 years ago mate. But I am glad I did. :)
As you can see. Camilla and Vegard are a couple from Norway. Delightful people I should say hi to again real soon. vepe
31. May at 09:01:19
Sören Reifert Some fantastic builds my friend ;)
31. May at 09:32:59
Kerry Cox Soren. Thank you my friend, but I have built a few over the last few years, and some, well before I joined this happy band of brothers. :)
31. May at 11:09:02
03. June at 17:40:41
Lode Schildermans Thanks for sharing this magnificant pictures, Kerry. No words can describe what I see, but Yoda. You're a true master of modeling
03. June at 19:38:49
Peter Hardy Hear hear.
03. June at 21:39:56
Kerry Cox Thank you all. :)
Vegard. Again, I apologise for the slack contact mate.
Lode. Your kind words are a real boost mate. :)
Peter, I will call you soon and have a chat.
03. June at 22:45:11
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May 25, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
Updated: January 01, 1970
15. May at 10:23:32 Share
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Kerry Cox Bart. That is the nature of commanding any wheeled vehicle. But to keep one's witts about them and like what we do. The more experience you gain, the better it is. :)
23. May at 08:31:59
Lode Schildermans Kerry, I am astonished. Both of the bikes looks perfect. Great builds, mate
24. May at 20:44:46
Kerry Cox LODE. ! Good morning my friend. :)
Thank you for making me feel a whole lot better about the end result of the two Z-1's
Luckily, I was able to add the small bits of bare Metal Foil after the final pieces were added, all with no difficulty, but it was that dull look and the finger prints on the first tank that kind of put a damper on the first one. But I will leave it as it is, having no spare decals to offer, and some polish could do something eventually. But overall. I am happy with the outcome on both really. :)
24. May at 22:06:09
James C I thought that this was the same bike that you had just built, as you've managed to pull this one off in record time! I only realised as I started to view the captions on the album pictures that it was a new build. Hell, I'd still be scratching my arse looking at the box contents lol!
Awesome job on the metallic paintwork, it looks amazing mate.
24. May at 22:29:05
Michael Hickey Hey Kerry, been watching this one quietly through the window, I like the look of your two mean green speed machines and everything that you've had to go through to get them completed, well done.
24. May at 22:38:55
Kerry Cox Michael and James, Thanks a million mates. A 'well done' comment from the masters is greatly appreciated guys. :) Cheers. :) :)
(BTW) I wondered who that was outside. ! :-O hehehe

24. May at 22:47:55
Bart Goesaert Can't some metal powders like Ushi's be of help you get rid of those? I have these, but don't come to use them yet...
25. May at 04:18:36
Kerry Cox I also have the Uschi's buffing powders and they do have some applications Bart, but to restore the chrome with them is the same as painting, so the BMF was, after much experimenting, the solution and thank you for suggesting what Alex has at his Uschi outlet. :)

I am always finding different uses for BMF. And as a masking agent, it is on a par with parafilm.
Thank Mr Bart. :)
25. May at 05:24:09
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May 15, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 19, 2018
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Kerry Cox Alec. I do believe it will not have suffered in any way. It will be a bit stiff, but that is no drama. The roll I had before this new on I had for 10 Years. !
15. May at 13:20:55
Es-haq Khosravi Great job!
15. May at 14:45:19
Martin Oostrom Okay Kerry. I tried the parafilm on my Graf Spee. Short review: that stuff is hell to strech uniformly, applying it is worse if you try it backwards, cutting the excess is a trial of guts or glory, but man that stuff is thin! Next will be masking the lower hull to paint the demarcation line and then it's fingers crossed for a decent result.
15. May at 16:15:41
Kerry Cox Martin. I never said it is easy stuff to use,! but once you find something it works with then it's your best mate. But I know how resistant to your best intentions it can be, but when it works, it works well. :)
There IS a lot of waste, but that can't be helped at times.
Being a 'wax' type of material, it helps if you place the piece you have cut to use between the palms of your hands and warm it up, then stretch but not to the maximum. Just enough to have it to a manageable state. But too thin and you get nothing to work.
Like all modelling 'products', it becomes an acquired skill.
In the words of the 'Kung Fu' master. 'Patience grasshopper'. :)
It is really not suited to masking off large areas.
For that I will incorporate it with masking tape from a roll.
15. May at 19:25:07
Martin Oostrom In the end I got it where I wanted it. Perhaps it was scared into place by the usage of some choice words from yours truly :D
Being so thin I hope there's less of a step between the colours, but that shall remain a mystery for now….
15. May at 19:44:02
Thomas Bischoff that's a very nice bird Kerry. I also stash parafilm M but rarely use it - the last builds were all done using paint masks
15. May at 20:01:37
Gordon Sørensen Great looking Stuka, Kerry. Looks plenty mean with the cannons hanging off it!
15. May at 20:16:05
Kerry Cox Thank you all for your most welcome compliments, I am a wee bit red faced. hahahaha :)
It was the 'box art' that got me hooked on the bird. but when I looked up some history and the youtube footage, I just HAD to have it. Jeez. The hits and the impact of that near 40mm round was INPRESSIVE. Deadly too. !!! :)
15. May at 21:33:01
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Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 14, 2018
Project: "The Red Ball Express"
08. May at 10:51:09 Share
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Martin Oostrom Like you said, on the photo's it looks fine. So, it looks fine!
It's still way better than many of us could hope to produce
14. May at 20:32:48
Peter Hardy I'm thinking the next build will make this Z1 look pedestrian. Yoda wont suffer imperfection so I am prepared to bet Martin's holiday in France that Z1 mkII might be a showstopper!
14. May at 21:09:03
Martin Oostrom I'm not! Not into sure losing bets :P
14. May at 21:35:29
Kerry Cox
Everyone, I want to set a couple of things right with you all.
When I said those things about my being 'not too pleased ' with my effort, I was trying to say that I totally under estimated the kits qualities and eventual outcome.
I realised as I got to the end of the build, it was Peters original intention to challenge me, to challenge myself.
This is why I no realise why I have two of the same kits to do that with, and with the yet untouched one, I know what I am wanting to improve, and that is, my attitude.
I was stupid, opening the box and seeing the contents and immediately thinking it was a second class kit in the way of detail and manufacture.
But what really got me was, I did not think that this build was going to create so much interest as it did, and my usual 'attention to detail' was at best, lax. :(
I was more concerned with the outcome of the tank's paint job rather than the quality of the chrome and I let myself down by not being my usual careful self in the way I handled and prepared the chrome areas for what were going to be such a central part of the kits appearance.
Please be understanding of what I have said here. No excuses , just my apology for not being as careful as I usually am.
14. May at 22:40:26
Spanjaard ok, now is when I really want to see the second done :) what are you waiting to start it?
14. May at 22:51:30
Donald Dickson II OK, on the chrome thing. First. You are correct. It does NOT look bad in the pics. I see what you are on about, but it doesnt seem bad. I also believe you 100% that it looks much worse to your eye.

Second. Did you try polishing it a bit? I would suggest trying some actual chrome polish on some of chrome sprue first. See what it does. Perhaps it will help.

Third. Gloves. I know you are far from a rookie, but were you wearing any when you handled the chrome? When I do a metal finish and I want it shiny, I use the cotton gloves I get for handling coins. Or even good rubber gloves would be better than rough skin.

I am planning on removing the chrome from the car kits I am going to be doing and spraying Alclad. I can only hope it looks half as good as your "messed up" (totally rolling my eyes typing that) results did here.

Dude, flipping great work!
15. May at 00:39:51
Peter Hardy Hi Donald! I used cotton gloves at Kerry'd insistence for the first time on my current Ducati build and still left marks on the paint. Paint was still soft and actually marked! Bugger!!
15. May at 01:01:48
Kerry Cox Peter. You first. I will always put my painted items, (if enamel/laquer) in the sun. One, it dries hard and sharp, but our bodies produce an acid through our fingers and that will leave marks behind that are damn near impossible to remove. :(
Donald (with the rolling eyes.) LOL :) I have used cotton gloves on every occasion, but my blunder was not (isolating) the chrome spru's well enough and the parts that came together left marks that to me were quite noticeable. :( The chrome that was marked didn't respond well to the AK interactive paste/wax paint I used to attempt to cover up the removed attachment points, in fact, it was quite dull. :(
BUT, the chrome parts responded well to the future floor polish I got from the US of A, and that can help deminish the micro scratching I encountered.
Alclad I love. ! Seriously, I should have gone that track from the get go. :(
Donald, I am most rewarded by everyone's compliments and the sincerity of them, and that helps in not feeling so bad. :)
Spanjaard, No waiting in this line mate, as I have the new box opened and I am carefully seperating all the items and prepping it all for what I need to do.
In fact, I will post a 'blow by blow' account of what I am doing. Mainly for me to see how I altered my attitude and work ethic. :)
All is good.
Thank you ALL so much for being so keen and supportive.
That makes all the difference.
Kezza. :)

15. May at 02:03:05
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May 06, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 03, 2018
03. April at 05:32:01 Share
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Peter Hardy Just got home from a couple of days in Mackay. That was an Asoshima kit wasn't it? Not a Hasagowa!
06. May at 06:12:49
Kerry Cox Yes. Affirmative. !
But I thought you had a couple too. ? :-O
I am doing the blood brown colour scheme as the decals for it are suitable only for that colour.
But if the deep red brown I have mixed is not suitable, I will strip it back and try some deep metallic green. :)
But I got that tank seam and a couple of 'dimples' to go away. :)
But I will send you some pics and get your opinion on the deep brown first.
06. May at 08:26:58
Peter Hardy My favourite colour was the brown and orange of the original release. I was waiting to see what you thought of the kit. I have my eyes on doing one soon. Too many kits to build Kez! I'm going to end up doing a Martin and build ten at once!
06. May at 09:55:54
Kerry Cox I am also guilty as charged.
I have lost count of the ones 'sitting in the wings' waiting for my attention. LOL :)
06. May at 10:20:34
Kerry Cox I am frantically trying to blend that right colour red brown with a touch of silver in it to give it 'depth', so it's off to the Mr Toys for more paints to blend. hehehehe :)
06. May at 10:22:07
Kerry Cox Black and brown sound right to you. ? with s drop of a good red. (for me you silly boy. !) hahaha
06. May at 10:22:50
Kerry Cox It's red with a drop of brown I believe. :)
06. May at 10:42:05
Peter Hardy Nice to see you sorted that out then! I'll give you a bell today.
06. May at 22:48:09
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April 27, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 28, 2018
08. April 2015 at 07:06:57 Share
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Chris Parsons I've worked on cross ram double 4 barrel hemis, my own 440 six pack dodge, and early corvette crossfire injection systems and thought I knew some nasty systems.... but 4 Buick mechanical injection systems driving both ends of the car? .... that's just nasty!
26. April at 23:18:00
Kerry Cox Apparently, Tommy was never allowed to "Compete" with the 'Showboat', having to content himself with "Demonstration runs". Poor bugger. It was a real asphalt destroyer. :) :) :)
27. April at 00:16:01
Peter Hardy A W E S O M E ! I dips me lid to the work put in so far Kez! Work of passion.
27. April at 10:16:25
Kerry Cox I have managed to try three times before on this kit but with no luck. Mainly because it a really old kit from the 50's. :(
The dies were crap then, and there has been no 'updating or retooling' like some other kits I know, so I do my best to bring it up to some sort of a presentable quality that I could compete with.
Peter, your words of encouragement mean a lot and they keep my interest up. Thanks my good friend.
Kez. :)
27. April at 12:35:51
James C You've done an amazing job so far on cleaning up the parts on this oldie mate.
Looking superb!
27. April at 19:29:24
Kerry Cox James. :) Thank you my friend.
There is a LOT of plastic on my workshop floor. ;)
It would be fantastic if the dies of this kit were blueprinted to bring it up to a better result and standard.
But I have had a lot of enjoyment getting the beast to this stage, having seen all the problems arise from the first two and having a better idea of the problems and remedies.
'Keep on truckin'. hahahaha
27. April at 20:43:35
James C Just goes to show that you can't beat experience!
27. April at 20:44:47
Kerry Cox That is for sure James. repetition sucks some times. But I am not complaining.
27. April at 21:29:53
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April 22, 2018

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Updated: April 18, 2018
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Martin Oostrom Please correct me if I'm wrong. It seems you won in 2015. The prize seems a certain Mercedes staff car, with which you won in 2017? What was last years prize? Then we'll have an idea of what you're going to win with in 2019 :D

I don't like what you can do upside down, I LOVE it.
18. April at 21:28:28
Mike Daniels What a great show!! Do you know if that is the Wingnut Wings Felixstowe 1/32? Love the Westland. Great weathering. Thanks for posting.
18. April at 21:29:38
Kerry Cox Martin. I may have a few images mixe up in all this excitement mate. LOL
It was 2016 I got 'Peoples Choice' with the B-17G being re engine, then 2017 was the G4 Merc. yes. :)
I have managed to haul in some bronze and the occasional silver, but the 'gold' has been eluding me for more years than I care to remember, but with the change in who judges what, it is a fairer system and far better than the same guys and clubs getting all the top awards all the time, in the sense that there are a lot more competitors now, and we all stand a better and fairer appraisal rather than the judges who are familiar with who has entered what and where, most biases and stacked, breaking the spirit of those who don't have a "club membership". Independent judges, not members of the 'big clubs' calling the shots.
But this year, my effort will be with the Chinese armour, in fact two of the same kit, but done in totally different ways from each other.
More on that as we get closer to the 'due date' as I am wanting to prevent any of my work and ideas being copied as has happened in the past after I had posted images of my builds on line. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
But one is the TAKOM 'King Tiger' cutaway. !
18. April at 22:03:11
Kerry Cox Mike. I will have a look at the 'results' for that year to establish wether it is in deed the 'Wingnut' kit you are refering to mate. I personally do not know at the moment, but. Watch this space. :)
18. April at 22:05:11
Spanjaard looking forward the hidden gems!! :) go Kezza!
18. April at 22:05:46
Michel Wingard Thank you really fine work.
19. April at 02:48:14
Kerry Cox I am so pleased you all enjoyed it. :) :) :)
19. April at 05:14:26
Alec K Great work indeed, thank for posting
22. April at 12:35:59
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April 16, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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This album does not contain any images.
Updated: January 01, 1970
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Rene Scheiblich Well
38m is a LOT. Why not make some profit with half the roll :)
16. April at 07:31:54
Spanjaard You can call it provide a service to those who can/will not get he roll :D (like me :P)
16. April at 08:10:49
Peter Hardy Hang on to it for the minute thanks Kez, not sure what I have for the rest of the year. Compressor is in the garage and the new spray booth should be here for the weekend. I'll be able to finish the Red Bike then. Might do that forklift next? Or the Greek warship? I'm in Armour remission but I can feel this urge coming on!
16. April at 11:31:46
Kerry Cox Peter. When ever your ready.
16. April at 11:36:57
Rene Scheiblich 'Ordered' a sample. :P
But she said I needed to stretch it rather tightly or it won't hold very well... Any info on that? I don't want to break the canopy on my next build :D
16. April at 16:02:39
Martin Oostrom Cheapest I could find was €32 (incl shipping) for 10mm*38m roll
16. April at 16:49:51
Rene Scheiblich If it's really that good for masking, I'll get me one. But first I want to test it.
Maybe I even have a few spare cm for Spanjaard then :D
16. April at 16:54:48
Kerry Cox The 'KEY' to getting the best results is the 'stretch'. :-O
Don't overstretch the piece you want to work with, as too thin and it is almost useless.
There are some great videos on YouTube about how to use it and how to cut a score mark on parts so that the blade will have no or very little damage done
You don't need to squeeze the guts out of it to make it stick, just a gentle amount of pressure in a 'PINCH' will be more than enough to get it to work best. Yes, try not to crush the delicate clear canopies when laying the film on the part to be painted, and use a brand new cutting blade with zero pressure when 'cutting in' around the canopy 'frame' .
And, use just enough for the job requirements. Don't over estimate how much will be required. "Less is more" with parrafilm.

Youtube Video

16. April at 18:31:26
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April 06, 2018

Kerry Cox and Lode Schildermans are now mates.
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April 05, 2018

Kerry Cox and Spanjaard are now mates.
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March 17, 2018

Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 17, 2018
17. January at 01:41:58 Share
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Peter Hardy Kinda glad I spent a few idle moments cruising your wall while I should have been working Kerry. Bringing this up again has certainly been of benefit to both IKEA worldwide and folks thinking of better displaying their completed builds.
16. March at 21:49:32
Kerry Cox Cheers Peter. I was very disappointed with the IKEA case, in the sense of it not having more shelves, but after working out the possibility of adding some more, I committed the last one to the change and the retro fitting of the others I already have. BUT, with 'half' shelves, giving me room to reach in without impacting on the shelf above, and it also lets you see more of what is in the case without having to 'bend down' to see them all.
17. March at 01:05:20
Spanjaard Hi Kezza, you should post a picture of the final result ;) would love to see it :)
17. March at 08:21:26
Kerry Cox The new case will be collected next payment Spanjaard. And then once I get it home, all the improvements will be shared. :)
17. March at 09:21:00
Spanjaard cool :)
17. March at 10:35:24
Spanjaard i got the same model of cabinet, and I have been thinking on doing something similar too :)
17. March at 10:36:03
Kerry Cox It will be worthwhile Spanjaard. Their products can always be improved on in some way. :) .
17. March at 12:13:19
Spanjaard indeed.
17. March at 12:58:28
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