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Tim Heimer (gearhd)



Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
6 | 18. November 2019, 03:02
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10. July, 15:02
10. July, 16:34
Tim Heimer Too Funny! O.k guys The pics of the 55's permanent home are posted.
10. July, 20:25
Bob Hall Awesome ! Way to give Walt a Plug too ! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!
10. July, 22:10
Nigel Chapman Looks good. How did it end up in the store ?
10. July, 22:38
Tim Heimer Nigel, I had been bringing in my work for a few years. It started with the Jolly Rogers kits, AKA (The pirates of the Caribbean) when they 1st came out, he liked my work on them, then I brought in the 1/16th Dukes of Hazzard Charger and he loved that, and it spent about 6months there. One day last year I walked in and he said he had a project for me and brought out the Nomad kit and told me what he wanted done. So I accepted the challenge and worked with him asking what he envisioned and between the two of us what you see here is the outcome, so the car is his and I have a good friend that is quite helpful.
11. July, 06:23
Nigel Chapman Brilliant Tim. Any future projects yet ?
11. July, 07:09
Tim Heimer Apparently this inspired him to have a model contest for a TV or movie model contest, but because of all the crap happening it may not happen, other than that no. Bob Imho it isn't much a plug due to no one is really in my area.
11. July, 15:06

July 9, 2020

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9. July, 01:45
Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
2 | 12. June 2019, 23:45
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15. July 2019, 20:28
Bill Newcomer I like the screenshot background concept. I may attempt it for my "Jack Reacher" Chevelle. (Though I have never seen the movie)
17. July 2019, 05:17
Tim Heimer Finally! A year later it's done!
7. July, 21:17
Peter Hardy Well let me be the first to congratulate you! Might have taken a while Tim but time well spent. Looks fantastic.
7. July, 22:03
Tim Heimer I thank you kindly! It turned out as good as I hoped it would.
8. July, 14:28
Tom ... Exceptional build, Tim. Looks super sharp! Love it.
8. July, 15:30
Nigel Chapman Model building and electronic wizardry, is there anything you cannot do Tim ?
8. July, 15:40
Tim Heimer Thank you Tom and Nigel. Nigel you're too kind, as there are many things I haven't been able to do as well as some things you have done.
9. July, 01:38

July 6, 2020

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6. July, 13:39

June 28, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
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Project: Cobra
1:25 '49 Mercury (Revell 85-2860)1:24 City Cobra (Scale Production TMF24002)
1 | 22. June, 02:31
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Martin Oostrom I'm still trying to decide whether picture 1 is the real car or Tim's finished model. The guy is soooo good, it could be his model, right?
25. June, 07:17
JD "This is where the law stops, and I start, sucker!" Ok I'm done :P
25. June, 08:30
Tim Heimer Jd....LOL! Martin're too kind. My work is only as good as many others here. Peter ... the car does draw you in, I still remember the awe of it when I first saw it! And now 34yrs later I get to build one! Damn I'm old! LOL
26. June, 03:31
Nigel Chapman That looks fantastic. Love your mini Stallone. Are going to do a mini Diorama?
28. June, 09:15
Tim Heimer Thanks Nigel, and yes, him leaving the supermarket. just using a picture back drop like the Lucifer project.
28. June, 12:30
Tim Heimer O.k I've done some more research/ remembering and found that I need to add the floor shifter and a tach on the steering column to complete the interior as much as possible, so that's done. As of last night I had some anger management issues after messing up the paint job with only 6 small pieces left to glue, so the completion will now be delayed .
28. June, 12:41
Nigel Chapman Been there done that, hang in there. How many times have you had to watch the movie ?
28. June, 15:08
Tim Heimer I haven't yet. Saw it when it came out. Just research online so far, but will take time eventually and watch. Found out a car guy built the 1st car and then Hollywood made 4 more but slightly different, 3 were totaled, 1 stunt car was able to be rebuilt plus the original still exist. Soooo, when I get done it will be the best I can do. There are dozens of slight differences.
28. June, 21:51

June 25, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
71 images
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Project: Dominator
1:16 Dodge Charger Street Machine (MPC MPC768/06)1:16 "General Lee" Dodge Charger (MPC MPC752/06)
11. July 2019, 22:47
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Chaz Gordon Don't know how I missed this one. Awesome build Tim. So little in 1/16 these days, nice to see a build.
24. June, 19:33
Bob Hall That is F&%$!!! AWESOME ! Great Job !
24. June, 19:36
Munkyslut YESSSSSSSS!!!!!
24. June, 20:25
Munkyslut Bob meant to say "FUCK YEAH!!!!" I'm sure of it :D
24. June, 20:26
Bob Hall Staying PC, don't want to make any Americans butthurt !
25. June, 02:23
Tim Heimer Munky I know you've been waiting for this since I started! I thank you all kindly for the compliments! I started this about a year ago, to be what I hope is the only 1/16th F&F Charger.
25. June, 04:12
Munkyslut Worth the wait Tim I assure you mate ;)
25. June, 08:43
Tim Heimer I'm honored that Mr. Mopar approves!
25. June, 23:37

June 20, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 17 images
In progress
1:25 '49 Mercury (Revell 85-2860)1:24 City Cobra (Scale Production TMF24002)
15. June, 02:41
Bob Hall I'm in !
15. June, 03:05
Tim Heimer Famous line,,you're a disease and I'm the cure! Good movie that's been mostly forgotten!
15. June, 03:16
Bob Hall I love that movie ! Damn shame about the Merc at the end !
15. June, 03:28
JD "I don't deal with psychos...I put em away" That was an awesome car
15. June, 04:07
Tim Heimer That was another great line! Thanks JD!
15. June, 13:02
Nigel Chapman How are you going model Mr Stallone ?
20. June, 15:14
Nigel Chapman Ah just noticed the figure ! Memo to self - Look before commenting
20. June, 15:15
Tim Heimer Nigel...That's why they call us human.
20. June, 23:45
Tim Heimer Hope to post some pics tomorrow. So far filled and sanded front marker lights, carved gas door on rear fender. Kit has no door handles, which I'm making, same with side mirrors and scoop. already modified engine as best as possible from a distant pic. Going to have to go with 49 dash, 50 is different. no good pics of scoop and how it fades or not at the rear. Stallone is done. still need a back drop of a grocery store.
20. June, 23:53

June 17, 2020

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17. June, 13:46

June 15, 2020

Tim Heimer started this item
15. June, 03:17

June 1, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
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25. April, 15:17
Nigel Chapman Like it. Diorama is great
25. April, 21:03
Bob Hall [img1]
25. April, 21:22
25. April, 23:15
Tim Heimer Thank you guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Bob, Too funny!
26. April, 03:27
Peter Hardy Left turn coming up.
26. April, 05:00
Nathan Dempsey I remember building thus kit for the shop when the movie came out. Nice work Tim!
26. April, 14:10
Tim Heimer Thanks Nathan! The kit isn't too bad but the decals they give you is only half of what you need!
26. April, 17:46
Slavo Hazucha Lovely scene from the "Top Gun with Cars" movie! ;)
1. June, 10:26
Tim Heimer Thank you! I'll take that compliment from the man of details!
1. June, 14:25
Peter Hardy Nic Kidman made that movie!
1. June, 22:57

April 28, 2020

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28. April, 02:18

April 26, 2020

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26. April, 03:33

April 25, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
34 images
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5. April, 14:46
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wilky I'm building some custom slot cars.
I received the most important parts the other day.
The number plates.
Modifying kits would be easier because the worst part is pulling them apart without breaking anything to start modifying.
Movie cars are difficult because firstly you have to search for reference pictures and watch the movie heaps.
I'm doing a car from the 1982 Australian film "Running on Empty" and a car I actually owned at the same time
23. April, 04:57
23. April, 05:17
Tim Heimer I never knew a Pacer could draw such attention! LOL. Hoping to post more pics tonight. Wilky, movie cars are a real challenge because they use so many and each one differs slightly from the next! Dukes of Hazzard used 378 cars, the movie Christine used I believe 16. Right now I'm also working on the Mello yello car from Days of thunder, I've counted 6 so far for the movie, plus the one to promote the movie! Best of luck with that.
23. April, 14:22
Tim Heimer Nathan, I'm still working on how to do the dispenser! LOL
23. April, 14:23
Munkyslut Great work! ........the creation of the Mirth Mobile is in the hands of Dr. T. Frankenstein ;)
23. April, 15:29
Bob Hall [img1]
23. April, 15:38
23. April, 16:34
Rafael Lang great one!
24. April, 03:00

April 17, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 43 images
1:24 #51 Days of Thunder (Monogram 2921)
15. April, 04:55
Tim Heimer So continuing on with this Hollywood stuff I'm doing I got this kit. The decals they supply with it are a joke! The kit itself- not too bad. Now, how you paint it is another issue! The show car for the movie has green interior, a redish / cranberry color drivers net and silver wheel rims. The movie has the light gray interior, black drivers net in most of the shots, and black rims in most of the shots as well as minor other details! I've already completed the Dio for it and I'm half way through the build adding the driver as well. will post pics soon as it will be on hold for 2weeks until the decals arrive from over the pond.
17. April, 06:42

April 13, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
5. February, 16:17
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Tim Heimer Thanks but already seen that, also I found out that the actors had to get a CDL license to do the show, none of this being pulled around on a flatbed stuff now used. Do it like Pruitt as they used to say! LOL
29. February, 23:55
Bob Hall Just saw it had a good shot from behind ! Ya know the view I see everyday ! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
29. February, 23:57
Bob Hall [img1]
29. February, 23:58
Munkyslut Tyres & wheels are awesome, didn't expect anything else from Tim ;)
1. March, 00:00
Tim Heimer Well thank you mr.munky!
1. March, 03:53
Peter Hardy Get a life Bob! I can just break my mirrors and turn the stereo up! AND, I have reverse you know. POLICE BRUTALITY!
1. March, 07:19
1. March, 14:04
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13. April, 14:26

April 6, 2020

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6. April, 13:13

April 3, 2020

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3. April, 03:31
Tim Heimer owns this item
3. April, 03:25
Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 34 images
In progress
1:25 1977 AMC Pacer Wagon (AMT 1008)
3. April, 03:18

April 1, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
29 images
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27. March, 18:04
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Tim Heimer I agree with him! LOL
29. March, 00:13
Chris Greathouse Great fun project, this one slipped by me. Such a funny movie!
29. March, 23:29
Tim Heimer I can't wait to see the new 2nd movie!
30. March, 01:14
Bozzer Aww dude! My mate has been searching England for one of these Escalades! I was gonna surprise him and bring him one back, from my visit to the states. He loves them, for some curious reason? Great Dio Tim. I like a bit of madness. I must share my other latest build with you guys.
30. March, 07:41
Donald Dickson II Turned out great!
30. March, 20:11
Tim Heimer I thank you Chris, Boz and Don for your compliments! These last 3 Models I've finished I've been happy with as well!
30. March, 21:46
Nigel Chapman Hey Tim just found this. Only one word for it - Awesome !! Where did the Caddy kit come from ?
1. April, 20:33
Tim Heimer It's a Revell kit I got from my local hobby shop. If you click on the picture of the model kit in the lower left corner of my album it will send you to a page with the kit # and all the details including who's selling it, with the exception of like Ebay, Amazon, Ect. Hope this helps. I bought the cow catcher off Ebay but it was way to big for this. So big I was able to make 2 of them out of the one. Hope this helps, let me know if you need more help. Tim
1. April, 23:14

March 31, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
28. December 2019, 14:23
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Tom Love it, never missed this TV show as a kid, my favourite
30. March, 06:24
Bozzer Cool stuff!
30. March, 07:02
Martin Oostrom Every time I watch that intro, I expect them to keel over the bottles in the alley. They never do :(
30. March, 13:03
30. March, 16:39
Donald Dickson II I need to see if its on Netflix now. LOL
30. March, 20:10
Peter Hardy Devolving again Donny?
30. March, 21:23
31. March, 11:23
31. March, 15:29

March 27, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
27. March, 20:51
Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 29 images
1:25 Cadillac Escalade (Revell 85-4482)
27. March, 17:55

March 19, 2020

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19. March, 03:52
Tim Heimer owns this item
19. March, 03:49

March 15, 2020

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15. March, 13:54
Tim Heimer owns this item
15. March, 13:54
Tim Heimer owns this item
15. March, 13:51

March 14, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
13. July 2019, 14:27
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Bob Hall Walker Style baby , that's how we roll ! LOL !
25. February, 01:50
Tim Heimer Bozzer if he needs anything I'd be glad to help. I've got the nice looking grill parts ect. Front A arms can be a bite, watch out. As far as that video goes, it would've been more impressive if the guy was still rolling or about to take off.
25. February, 04:11
Bozzer Thanks Tim. He's actually a Scalemate, so I'm sure he'll surface at some point. Thankfully, one of my offspring took up the hobby! He's more of a car guy than a truck guy, but I'm trying to change that ;)
25. February, 16:05
Tim Heimer Don't try and change him! He'll be fine and maybe his curiosity will get him into the trucks. You probably started on cars 1st.
25. February, 16:45
Peter Hardy Progress thus far; Armour - Sci Fi - bikes - cars - egg planes - trucks - wonder what's next?
25. February, 22:39
Tim Heimer Ships! lol
25. February, 23:36
Bob Hall HAAAAAAAAA ! Time to nut up, or shut up !
14. March, 17:31
Tim Heimer Glad you liked it! LOL!
14. March, 17:46

March 9, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
9. March, 02:45
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9. March, 02:43
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9. March, 02:40

March 8, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 20 images
1:12 Escape the tentacles of fate (Lindberg HL615M/12)
8. March, 23:55
Tim Heimer owns this item
8. March, 23:53

March 6, 2020

Tim Heimer
Anyone ever have to remove Future off a window and redo it after it dried? while applying my dogs got out and after collecting them I forgot what I was doing prior and by the time I remembered it had mostly dried.
6. March, 03:10
Greg Baker Not sure I quite understand the problem, but Windex will take off any unneeded Future (as well as paint probably, so be careful). I believe Future itself will also disolve (and incorporate) layers of Future that have already been applied - so you might just be able to pick up where you left off. Usually that makes it hard to build up a thickness of future (i.e. for using it as a filler for small windows). Regardless though, the key is keeping it clean of dust (and fingerprints). So, you might want to buff it a bit with a micro-fibre cloth before reapplying...
6. March, 03:22
Tim Heimer Thank you Greg, I did try Acrylic paint thinner with no visible results.
6. March, 04:00
Bob Hall Goo Gone is the Miracle cure all in my arsenal of remedies !
6. March, 04:34
Greg Baker It's the amonia in Windex that will take off Future. My experience is that acrylic thinner (despite Future being an acrylic) usually doesn't do much.
6. March, 04:35
Treehugger I am not an expert on this subject but I thought that adding another layer on top of the old one would disturb the layer underneath.
6. March, 10:12
Tim Heimer I thank you all for the help! Much appreciated. I'll be giving it a go today and hopefully finish this Charger!
6. March, 12:47

March 4, 2020

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4. March, 04:23

March 1, 2020

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1. March, 14:01

February 28, 2020

Tim Heimer
O.k, this sucks! I'm on hold for the wheels for the black 70 charger for the F&F. I'm on hold for the Movin on Kenworth. I'm on hold for the 69 DMCL charger. I'm so close to finishing all three! Ugh!
27. February, 16:35
Martin Oostrom What's the hold up?
27. February, 16:43
Bozzer What's holding you up buddy?
27. February, 19:14
Tim Heimer For the Kenworth, it's the paint and parts from Auslowe at least 3-4 weeks. DMCL the paint on order and the 70 charger I'll have the wheels/rims in a week.
27. February, 21:36
Bob Hall Do what the others would do, Start the next project ! Am I right ? Just sayin ! LOL !
27. February, 21:47
Bozzer Lmfao Bob! You just know that you're right! I have another group build that I'm also trying to fit in too. It's gonna be a busy paint weekend for me. Tim, don't let that glue dry up, get it on some plastic mate
27. February, 22:33
Tim Heimer See ...that's the problem! I've only got to wait a few days but it sucks when you were on a roll! Time to clean up/ reorganize ect. It's well over due! LOL!
28. February, 01:09
Bob Hall Charlie Mike !
28. February, 01:21
Tim Heimer What does Charlie and Mike have to do with it? LOL!! And don't bring Roger into it either! LOL
28. February, 04:38
Bob Hall WillCo
28. February, 04:40
Tim Heimer LOL! Smart arse
28. February, 13:36
Bob Hall [img1]
28. February, 19:02
Bozzer Could've been worse? Oscar and Victor didn't even get an invite!
28. February, 20:47

February 21, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 23 images
In progress
1:16 "General Lee" Dodge Charger (MPC MPC752/06)
11. July 2019, 18:55
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Donald Dickson II In on this one.
12. July 2019, 01:28
Tim Heimer LOL Bob! I'm staying out of Texas now that I know you're out there! LOL
12. July 2019, 01:36
Chris Parsons Best... maybe weirdest part was how the charger ran all through the move and turned into a Torino the instant it hit the train!
16. July 2019, 04:07
Tim Heimer Not the pictures I have. I know on Vanishing point when it hit the bulldozers it turn into another car. In fact I read how they did the train scene with pulleys and a cable under the tracks to get the shot. They did screw up and used a 68 for a chase scene. Check this out Although there is a debate on weather it was Citron yella or Sublime green.
16. July 2019, 04:14
Bob Hall Yeah ! Vanishing Point it was a Camaro at the end, Not sure about the Torino.
16. July 2019, 05:46
Tim Heimer O.k there's the pic of the train crash, That my friends is a charger.
16. July 2019, 13:25
Tim Heimer O.k added damaged charger pic. Do it, or leave it stock? After doing the Nomad I'm on the fence as to which way to go. Help
21. February, 04:11
Munkyslut Considering your success with the 55 I'd say yes go for it!
That would be very cool 8)
21. February, 07:52

February 19, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 24 images
In progress
1:25 Fruehauf Van (AMT T507)1:25 Kenworth (AMT 1021)2+
8. February, 23:23
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Martin Oostrom Glad to help!
12. February, 22:09
Munkyslut This is smart Tim, I loved that show, no one I know even remembers it tho!
12. February, 22:47
Tim Heimer I have a picture , me as a kid, about 11yrs old with the Movin on truck! LOL! Tempted to find it and post it.
13. February, 02:03
Munkyslut DO IT!
13. February, 09:47
Martin Oostrom We want to see Tiny Tim!
13. February, 10:35
13. February, 11:03
Tim Heimer I'll find the pic, but no tulips!
13. February, 15:20
Tim Heimer "Movin on" to an update. Fyi- the truck shown on the AMT box is almost correct for the 1973 tv show pilot ( In tandem ) ! In the 74 - 76 tv series the truck was a new 74 Kenworth with the larger sleeper and other changes for that year. Just recently someone found 1 of the 4 used for tv and restored it. Now if anyone has any info to confirm which 1 of the 3 rumored colors it was, please let me know. TY
19. February, 23:26

February 13, 2020

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13. February, 09:08

February 5, 2020

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5. February, 02:25
Mark Boots This is a nice truck to build Tim. Although mine had a lot of flash and the seam line on the roof was a challenge for me for I had to make new rivets because of the sanding (and had no experience in that) I had fun. Hope to see the result some time.
5. February, 13:38
Tim Heimer Thanks Mark, I did this one as a kid as well as other AMT trucks so I will revisit a few of them in the next year or two. I still like the AMT trucks better than the Revell ones! I will take a peak at yours for sure.
5. February, 15:50
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5. February, 02:27
Tim Heimer owns this item
5. February, 02:21

February 2, 2020

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2. February, 20:21

January 30, 2020

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30. January, 15:26

January 27, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
24 images
View album, image #1
Project: Rommel's Rod
1:24 Rommel's Rod (Monogram 85-4260)
24. January, 14:48
View full thread (14 Comments)
Tim Heimer Here you go! My skills 10 yrs ago! LOL! What? No more gas!?
26. January, 20:52
Munkyslut That's really bloody good Tim! The Rommel & driver skeletons really need a decrepit look, very cool 8)
26. January, 21:16
Chris Greathouse Great job!
26. January, 22:29
JD A gruesome end for the "Desert Fox"
26. January, 22:32
Bob Hall Gnarly !
26. January, 22:39
Tim Heimer Thanks guys for the good comments, I'm glad you enjoyed it! When I found it I was unsure weather to post it or not. Then I thought maybe it'll inspire someone, maybe someone will point out something, what the heck!
27. January, 14:31
Anthony Flanagan Ghost Rider meets the Munters, meet Rommel! Really kool!
27. January, 14:44
27. January, 20:18

January 24, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 24 images
1:24 Rommel's Rod (Monogram 85-4260)
24. January, 14:44
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24. January, 14:44
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24. January, 14:41
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24. January, 00:22

December 30, 2019

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24. December 2019, 05:06
29. December 2019, 22:46
Tim Heimer LOL! Only you Martin!
30. December 2019, 00:08

December 28, 2019

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28. December 2019, 17:14

December 25, 2019

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 29 images
1:25 '76 Ford Torino (Revell 07038)1:24 Bad city cops: Starsky and Hutch (Scale Production TMF24066)
24. December 2019, 05:07
Tim Heimer Yes I will be doing a dio for this. Already started, pics by weekend.
24. December 2019, 05:11
25. December 2019, 00:18
Munkyslut Excellent subject Tim!
"Zebra 3 Code 3 ......... donuts gone cold"
25. December 2019, 00:27
Bob Hall You dropping an I-Beam on this too ? LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25. December 2019, 00:28
Munkyslut HAAAAAHAHA!!!!!! Bob ;)
25. December 2019, 00:30
wilky The old striped tomato.
I have a Starsky and Hutch slot car set but I'm actually a Dukes of Hazzard fan
25. December 2019, 03:17
Tim Heimer Wilky I do not disappoint, Look in my album to see a 1/16 DOH car.
25. December 2019, 14:26

December 24, 2019

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
11. May 2019, 21:34
Nathan Dempsey Nice! It glows as well, very cool!
11. May 2019, 21:41
Tim Heimer Thank you Nathan! The last 2 releases in this series are glow in the dark, the first 3 were not. Now I wait until next year for the last 2 in the series. I forgot to take a pic of the moving arm in the other position! I guess the pirate saying is true! LOL!
11. May 2019, 22:00
Holger Kranich Arr arr, you bloody modelers! 8)
12. May 2019, 04:25
Tim Heimer A lot of teenagers weren't able to see the pirates of the Caribbean was rated ARR! LOL
12. May 2019, 04:58
Chris Greathouse That was bloody awesome mate! Great!
12. May 2019, 05:09
Tim Heimer I hope you were talking about the model and not the joke! Actually...both would be entertaining! LOL Thanks!
12. May 2019, 13:48
Martin Oostrom Polly wants a cracker!
Very nice job on the dio. It's easy to overdo the glow in the dark stuff but you restrained yourself admirably
24. June 2019, 18:21
Peter Hardy This stuff you do Tim, it's brilliant!
25. June 2019, 06:18
JD Avast Ye scalywags! This is a lovely piece of.....AARRRT. Seriously though.
24. December 2019, 06:19
Tim Heimer Too funny! Thanks JD! I hope they put out the last 2 kits in the new year so I can have the complete collection.
24. December 2019, 14:17
Tim Heimer started this item
24. December 2019, 05:04
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24. December 2019, 05:04
Tim Heimer started this item
24. December 2019, 05:03
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24. December 2019, 05:03

November 30, 2019

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30. November 2019, 22:49

November 18, 2019

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18. November 2019, 22:18

October 24, 2019

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
19. March 2017, 17:43
Alec K Very nice dio
20. March 2017, 00:32
Tim Heimer Thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it. It took me longer to do the diorama than it did to build the plane! LOL
20. March 2017, 00:43
Gauge1TrainsDK I think that's a totally awesome diorama! I remember you mentioned it a few days ago, and this is a great, creative build. Did you heat up the props to bend them?
20. March 2017, 00:44
Tim Heimer Guilty as charged on the prop bending with heat! LOL Made the seat belts from tan twist ties too! Shhh. Thank you for the compliment, Glad you enjoyed it!
20. March 2017, 03:44
Mathew Nate Beautiful scene
10. February 2018, 15:00
Tim Heimer Thank you Mathew. Every time I see the pics I see something not right but haven't nailed it yet. I hope it inspires you.
11. February 2018, 13:22
Greg Baker Speaking of inspiring... I see what you mean about the bullet holes. They're spot on for this build. I'm also really impressed with the internal ribbing you've done. I keep thinking I should do that, but my laziness is getting the better of me.
24. October 2019, 03:34

October 17, 2019

Tim Heimer now follows Chaz Gordon
17. October 2019, 13:07

October 14, 2019

Tim Heimer now follows Andrew Horton
14. October 2019, 13:25

September 30, 2019

Tim Heimer now follows Jon Bryon
30. September 2019, 13:18

September 12, 2019

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 53 images
1:16 '55 Chevrolet Nomad (AMT 1005)
12. September 2019, 22:19
Tim Heimer I was given this kit from my local hobby shop to replicate this cars fate! I beam included!
12. September 2019, 22:30
Bob Hall Sweet ! One of my favorite episodes !
12. September 2019, 22:34
Tim Heimer owns this item
12. September 2019, 22:25

August 18, 2019

Tim Heimer now follows Scott Dutton
18. August 2019, 22:05

August 11, 2019

Tim Heimer now follows Neuling
11. August 2019, 02:36

July 28, 2019

Tim Heimer added a new project.
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On hold
26. July 2019, 00:38
Bob Hall 58 Plymouth Fury "Christine" .
26. July 2019, 03:15
Tim Heimer And another car buff that knows his stuff! I threw this up for our Mopar nut for a tease!
26. July 2019, 12:51
Munkyslut Yeah one of my favourite films, car or not, proper good modern horror movie ;)
The 318 "poly" casting was huge, same size as a big block & in proper demand by purists now.
The dual quad intake option was a bit overkill but they were pretty stout motors, the early Torqueflite transmission was good for stop light drag strip action.
I'd love to see a version built as the 'fire car' that murdered the arsehole Buddy Reperton after destroying his Camaro in the garage fire scene.
26. July 2019, 14:04
Munkyslut You have great taste in plastic Tim ;)
26. July 2019, 14:06
Tim Heimer If I did the fire scene ….it would only last for a few minutes! LOL
26. July 2019, 14:50
Bob Hall Did you ever hear of "Miss Belvedere" a 1957 Plymouth the people of Tulsa OK buried in the ground in 1957 as a time capsule and dug up in 2007 ? Was a failure, but was an interesting story.
26. July 2019, 17:22
Tim Heimer Ya I saw all of that when they dug it up. needless to say...interesting, at least it didn't turn out like the movie Knowing!
26. July 2019, 17:41
Munkyslut I remember that Bob! I was amazed at the absolute shit conditions it was kept in, why not make it watertight, could've been so much more impressive.
26. July 2019, 18:44
Munkyslut I'm with you all the way James!
The book was brilliant & the film left me a bit underwhelmed to be honest, could've been so much more.....
28. July 2019, 23:28
Tim Heimer I have to admit I never read the book, I think if I had things would've tied in better for me. I did read or see where a lot of things were left on the cutting room floor because of the time issue and that some of it would have helped the movie.
28. July 2019, 23:57
Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
25. July 2019, 17:58
Munkyslut Interior tub is awesome mate! No pistol grip shifter?
25. July 2019, 18:24
Tim Heimer Munky you're pushing it! LOL
25. July 2019, 18:46
Munkyslut Haha! Looks the bizzo anyway, trunk & trunk lid are awesome details ;)
25. July 2019, 19:14
Tim Heimer The side mirrors aren't stock either.
25. July 2019, 22:43
Munkyslut They are 72-74 only mirrors, the base is slightly longer ;) Same for E bodies
25. July 2019, 23:00
Tim Heimer So I did pretty good? It takes me several molds and making several parts to try to get things right. The heads, intake and mirrors took me quite a while, while other things I can copy. I just ordered a 1/16th coil, just to see how close the ones I made were, well I was about 3-4 mm off on length. not bad.
26. July 2019, 00:30
Tim Heimer Just so you know I'm going to use the SE grill and not try to copy that one! LOL I had enough with making the 70 grill for the F&F car.
26. July 2019, 00:32
Munkyslut I had a 71 Charger with the hidden headlight option & the chrome surround is the same.
The quad lights wouldn't be hard for a man of your talents ;)
26. July 2019, 09:04
Bill Newcomer Tim, I like the detail you are putting into it.
28. July 2019, 22:32
Tim Heimer Thanks Bill, I've temporarily put it to the side and now putting time in on the F&F and DMCL cars. I'll get the interiors done on those and maybe a bit more and then I'll get back to this one. Since these kits come with no exhaust that will be oh so much fun! LOL
28. July 2019, 23:04

July 26, 2019

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
1 images
View album, image #1
Project: Which movie car is this?
26. July 2019, 00:39
Chris Parsons Hmmmmm the movie Christine was a 2 door but a 4 door in the book? This looks to have dual 4's but no valve covers I've ever seen on a Chrysler product. The cluster definitely looks like Christine though.....ya, I agree, Christine
26. July 2019, 04:12
Tim Heimer That's O.K. in the movie they used Belvidere's and Fury's. Valve covers are painted per factory specs, the model came with incorrect intake, carb and air cleaner, so that was modified to fit movie. I also posted a pic of the dash lit up also, hence the wires. Good knowledge on your part!
26. July 2019, 12:47

July 25, 2019

Tim Heimer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 14 images
On hold
1:16 Dodge Charger Street Machine (MPC MPC768/06)
20. July 2019, 02:03
Tim Heimer 73 Charger update
25. July 2019, 18:20

July 20, 2019

Tim Heimer started this item
20. July 2019, 02:02

July 16, 2019

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
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Project: General Lee
3. February 2018, 14:26
View full thread (67 Comments)
Tim Heimer Thank you all! I'm glad you liked it! And to think I almost didn't take this on!
8. July 2018, 19:05
Thomas Kirschbaum Very Very nice! Respect :)
8. July 2018, 20:55
Bill Newcomer Congratz on completing such an ambitious project!
13. March 2019, 23:18
Tim Heimer Thank you lode. when I went yo that model show a few weeks ago I brought that in to show the guy who makes the cases for me to see and had 3 people who wanted to buy it, especially after I played the sound clip for them.
14. March 2019, 13:46
Dominik Weitzer Well done - with a lot of scretch building!
16. July 2019, 05:54
Munkyslut Excellent work, so much detail & all the more impressive for being mostly scratch built.
Bet it looks incredible on display ;)
16. July 2019, 07:07
Slavo Hazucha Very, very nice - a lot of trouble taken, but for a result not seen every other day Great details & work on the base and pose

Now the elongated square box clearly calls for 2 more to join it - a mid-flight & landing diorama sections in the future? ;)
16. July 2019, 11:52
Tim Heimer Thanks Dominik and Slavo for the kind comments! Slavo, LMAO too funny!
16. July 2019, 13:21

July 14, 2019

Tim Heimer wants this item
14. July 2019, 23:41


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