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17. May, 04:49

April 14, 2021

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
44 images
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Larsen scanner pic2
16 | 9. October 2020, 06:18
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In case you might be curious, it closed with only one bid at the opening price.
3. November 2020, 02:33
Tim Heimer
Well thank you for the update! I was curious how far it would go.
3. November 2020, 04:50
14. April, 04:36
playtime 222
Nice job. And graphic proof that Kitt was a cylon 😉
14. April, 08:43
Tim Heimer
Thank you guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Villiers, I thank you for acknowledging my builds! If I can help in any way feel free to ask.
14. April, 13:02
Tim Heimer added a new project.
In progress
1:25 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (AMT 1187M)
12. April, 05:10
Tim Heimer
I bought this kit for the rims to use on My Eleanor build, but decided to build it. Anyone going for this kit, be warned that it will be a challenge to make it come out good. The directions are as clear as mud! The engine compartment lacks detail as well as accuracy. The interior is better than the 73 Mustang from AMT. Very few locator pins and no engine mounts, front bumper locator pins are slightly off as well as other issues. I will post some of the issues in pics. The decals come with markings for a Mach 1, but only the rear stripe and nothing for the hood or sides? Really? Why I decided to torcher myself with this when I still haven't finished the 73 kit? Only God knows!
14. April, 04:15

April 12, 2021

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12. April, 05:07

March 21, 2021

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
5 | 12. June 2019, 23:45
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Nigel Chapman
Model building and electronic wizardry, is there anything you cannot do Tim ?
8. July 2020, 15:40
Tim Heimer
Thank you Tom and Nigel. Nigel you're too kind, as there are many things I haven't been able to do as well as some things you have done.
9. July 2020, 01:38
Jan Tichý
Nice one!
20. March, 14:56
Chaz Gordon
Nice build, the motor is great. Just looking at solving the anti gravity alternator myself.
20. March, 16:45
Tim Heimer
Thanks guys , glad you liked it! I had to come up with a lot of brackets and other details on this one!
21. March, 05:04

March 1, 2021

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
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13 | 13. February, 17:41
Bob Hall
13. February, 18:16
Tim Heimer
LOL! Right now with the weather we are in the great white north!!!
14. February, 06:03
Kerry COX
For a moment, I thought I was looking at a "Wheeler dealers" revival masterpiece. !
Looking super good Tim. 👍.
14. February, 06:37
Tim Heimer
Thank you Kerry, I'm trying , and so is this kit! LOL! Hoping to complete by next weekend as long as it will let me! Hope you and yours are doing well!
15. February, 05:51
Tim Heimer
So in the beginning of this it looked like a decent kit only lacking in detail decals. Well so much for that! 1st my fault for not test fitting the doors before installing, then after hours of trying to get the front of the dash to fit and After installing the completed interior tub into the body the doors won't close! Come to find out the lower part of the dash as well as the upper door mold on the body prevented the closure of the doors, to which I had to file to fit. Then I went to test fit the lower chassis only to find the rear tires didn't fit right in the fender wells. Also for some reason the engine didn't fit right! Come to find out that the single pin mount for the engine was off by about 5mm which you could see by where they had the steer linkage bent to accommodate the oil pan. I assumed that this had been figured out! My bad again! So as close as I thought I'd have this done by now, everything is ripped up so it can be assembled correctly! As anything with these old kits Round2 puts out, be prepared to build a puzzle not a model kit! Pictures will follow shortly.
19. February, 06:06
Bill Newcomer
Following. Fitting after painting is always a bummer.
22. February, 06:10
Tim Heimer
You know it Bill!! This kit is one of those one thing leads to another! I've had to redo the top half of the engine from handling it as well as other things! I have all sorts of filing dust inside the interior I have to some how get out as well! UGH!
22. February, 18:58
Bob Hall
License plate stand for Jill Taylor 2 ?
1. March, 00:08
Tim Heimer
Yea Mr.Bob! Yes , since this is the 2nd Nomad I've built and her 1st one got crushed I decided that this would be Tim's replacement car for her.
1. March, 00:44
Bob Hall
Thought there was a tie in between the two ! Looks great, love that Blue !
1. March, 01:00
Tim Heimer
Testors lacquer named De Ja Blue.
1. March, 02:16
Bob Hall
Nice !
1. March, 02:36

February 21, 2021

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
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after taking these pics I was off to the hobby shop to give them a Halloween decoration for a week and add to the collec...
12 | 25. October 2020, 23:40
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Tim Heimer
THANK YOU James! That video rocks! Munky, I wonder how many people remember Harold & Maude?!
12. November 2020, 01:05
Bob Hall
Nice, You snuck this one in past me !
12. November 2020, 01:25
Peter Hardy
Nice. Well done. Very good. Excellent. Beautiful. Scary. Thrilling. Enthralling. Sensational. Original. Unique. Orright! Enough said! No! I didn't say Wow. I gotta say wow.
12. November 2020, 01:35
This is amazing! Well done!
16. February, 20:58
Chaz Gordon
Nice build and dio. Its a shame the kit doesnt give trunk details, you're right that would be cool with all the supermatural slaying kit, but that'd be a ton of work to scratch build.
21. February, 19:17

January 16, 2021

Tim Heimer added a new project.
1:16 '55 Chevrolet Nomad (AMT 1005)
16. January, 07:32

December 13, 2020

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13. December 2020, 14:12

November 17, 2020

Martin Oostrom@Tim Heimer
Hi Tim,
For this Porsche build COVID build #4 Porsche 911 | Album by Mahoo76 (1:24) I’m planning on using Tamiya paint TS-88 Titanium Silver, Tamiya Gloss, Lacquer, 100ml
What kind of primer can I use best to get the best result?
Alclad gloss black, alclad matt black with microfiller, vallejo acrylic black, mr surfacer, tamiya extra fine white/grey?
13. November 2020, 12:47
Tim Heimer
I've always had luck with the Tamaya fine or extra fine primer when using Tamaya paint and lacquer. After using the clear lacquer I then Use the Novus #2 & #1 polish. although if the paint came out rough I may give it another coat of clear and use 8000 grit 1st. I actually mix a 70/30 of 2 & 1and use an old cotton sock or a piece of flannel from an old lounge pants or an old sweatshirt to finish it off. again depending on how it comes out I may also hit it again with the #1 for the high polished look. Also: save the chrome trim for last, unless you clear coat yours. I hope this helps! This is the stuff, I just grabbed this site, I get mine at my local shop. https://banksupplies.com/731-70008?msclkid=8a9aa7378b441c332e1bf8992826095f&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping%20-%20Office%20Products&utm_term=4577198190790445&utm_content=Cleaning
13. November 2020, 15:33
Martin Oostrom
Okay, Tamiya ef White primer it is then.
I have sanding cloths up to 12000 and the Tamiya polish medium/fine/shine. Old cotton socks and a real microfibre polishing cloth are available as well. So I'm good to go in that department.
Thanks Tim, you're a gem 👍
13. November 2020, 18:09
Tim Heimer
Glad to help. Sounds like you're good to go!
13. November 2020, 21:07
Martin Oostrom
All I need now is for the COVID to go away and get back to my spray booth 😄
13. November 2020, 21:18
Martin Oostrom
Follow up question. The bare plastic, polished as smooth as a newborn baby, or scuffed with xxx grit, so the primer has something to bite into?
15. November 2020, 09:05
Tim Heimer
Due to fine molding lines that I would assume were good, I usually do a 2000 wet sand before priming plus it helps the primer bite. Then wet sand again with 3-4000 depending how primer came out. Polishing is meant for paint or clear coat only. Hope this helps.
17. November 2020, 05:57
Martin Oostrom
👍 of course this helps. I will try the Gearhead method on the next car paint job.
17. November 2020, 06:14
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17. November 2020, 05:43

November 10, 2020

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10. November 2020, 22:47

November 2, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
In progress
1:16 "General Lee" Dodge Charger (MPC MPC-752)
1 | 11. July 2019, 18:55
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Bob Hall
This should distract you from your little situation, look who made number 4, and a lot of these I don't think I've ever heard of !

Youtube Video

2. November 2020, 00:55
Tim Heimer
Munky, it's the glue fumes not Ajax! LOL! Mr. Bob, you come up with the most interesting stuff! I knew about half of those. The horror 10 was cool too!
2. November 2020, 01:39
I recommend Running on Empty or whatever it was called in the States.
It's the second best movie after Mad Max ever made
2. November 2020, 02:07
Tim Heimer
It looked like a good one to see!
2. November 2020, 05:57
Nigel Chapman
Good selection, I've seen 4 of the films. If you want something more modern try Taxi 1 & 2 by Luc Besson - proper stunts with real cars
2. November 2020, 11:41

October 24, 2020

Tim Heimer and Daniel Klink are now mates.
24. October 2020, 03:07

October 19, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
1:25 1967 Chevy Impala (AMT 1124)
1 | 19. October 2020, 07:00
Tim Heimer
Need your opinion....Light it up? Or not.
19. October 2020, 07:05
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1:25 1967 Chevy Impala (AMT 1124)
Supernatural - Join The Hunt
1967 Chevy Impala Sport Sedan
AMT 1:25
1124 2020 | New tool
19. October 2020, 06:58

October 15, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
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Project: Fall guy
1:25 Deserter (MPC 848)1:24 Colt Guy (Scale Production TMF24009)
8 | 10. October 2020, 01:20
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Bob Hall
That's Awesome ! Stress Level falling now? The WOOSAAA working for ya buddy ? LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. October 2020, 02:44
Tim Heimer
Thanks Bob, and no. The final date of my divorce is in December, plus the hoops of fire I'm trying to jump through for medicare as well as other crap I'm going through! I just had a knee operation 3weeks ago.
15. October 2020, 05:26
good luck luck with that Tim!
15. October 2020, 07:31
Bob Hall
I know what your going through. I too, Divorced, I don't do Medicare but I have my fights with the VA and I too have had knee surgery after an IED hit my vehicle in Iraq in 2008 on top of the 2 titanium pates and 12 screws in my neck after another IED got me in Afghanistan. I swear the Army doctor that did my knee was last in his class, still hurts like hell to this day ! But keep the faith and keep on modeling on my friend !
15. October 2020, 08:07
Tim Heimer
I thank you guys for your support! Bob, I'm ALMOST in the same shape as you are, My whole neck is fused with rods, lower back has 3 vertebrae fused, both shoulders and both knees have been operated on, and I
was only a forklift mechanic! Sorry to say but at least I had good surgeons. I have a good idea of the pain you feel and am sorry to hear you have to deal with that! It seems modeling is good therapy for many here.
15. October 2020, 16:33

October 14, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
36 images
1:25 Deserter (MPC 848)1:24 Colt Guy (Scale Production TMF24009)
1 | 26. July 2020, 14:41
Nigel Chapman
Excellent, can you sing the Unknown Stuntman song ?
26. July 2020, 16:31
Tim Heimer
I have a sound clip of the song to go with! LOL
26. July 2020, 17:47
Nigel Chapman
What about adding Jodie and Howie ?
27. July 2020, 08:16
Tim Heimer
I haven't found anything close enough yet for them other than maybe Jodie in the bikini. LOL. Also I'm still trying to figure out weather to put Colt in the truck and how to do a small dio. I didn't know that Lee Majors sung the song, as well as the original song is what inspired the TV series.
27. July 2020, 14:34
Tim Heimer
Final pics added.
14. October 2020, 22:51

September 13, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
1:24 Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (Aoshima 041277)1:24 Michael K. Rider (Scale Production TMF24017)
3 | 13. September 2020, 03:33

August 31, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
5 | 29. July 2020, 03:09
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Bob Hall
That entire Dio is Awesome !
31. August 2020, 05:18
Nigel Chapman
That looks brilliant so far. Love the rims, they look spot on
31. August 2020, 08:13
Dominik Weitzer
Looking good! the Diorama will make it standout.
31. August 2020, 08:38
I expected nothing less......... Tim is the king of all-action car dio's ;)
Just cos I expected it means I'm no less impressed tho 👍
31. August 2020, 10:11
Tim Heimer
Thank you guys, much appreciated! Aiming for Friday to have this and the Fall guy dio done.
31. August 2020, 20:51

August 28, 2020

Tim Heimer owns this item
28. August 2020, 16:51

August 22, 2020

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22. August 2020, 19:35

July 29, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
28 images
In progress
1:25 1973 Ford Mustang (AMT/ERTL 38156)
1 | 28. July 2020, 13:43
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29. July 2020, 21:37
Nigel Chapman
Fantastic Bob. There is a truck show in Italy where they do something similar only with more water and shampoo !!
29. July 2020, 21:41
29. July 2020, 21:42
Nigel Chapman
That is amazing
29. July 2020, 21:46
Tim Heimer
That it is Nigel! I could no way afford that! I'll be making about the last 6 inches of one with hopefully the first 3 inches of a car in it near the end of it's wash and Eleanor in front dry and ready to go. At least that's what my minds eye says!
29. July 2020, 23:19
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29. July 2020, 04:41

July 28, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
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Theme song sound clip hidden in the stack of pallets.
3 | 5. February 2020, 16:17
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Tim Heimer
No, I still have the 3 Rigs for the song/ not the movie Convoy, and Smokey and the bandit.
27. July 2020, 14:37
Nigel Chapman
Wow, happy building
27. July 2020, 16:30
Tim Heimer
Here's a teaser, I have already done 3 of the figures for Smokey and the bandit, but I still have to paint Fred!
28. July 2020, 04:17
Bob Hall
28. July 2020, 04:22
Nigel Chapman
28. July 2020, 07:47


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