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Sebastian Meyner (SMey)



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Sebastian Meyner Added a new review for:
1:72 Object 279 (Takom 5005)
Soviet Heavy Tank
Object 279 Object 279M + NBC Soldier + Object 279
Takom 1:72
2019 | New tool
Previewed on
21. October at 07:12:11 Share
Sebastian Meyner Added a new review for:
1:48 Doblhoff WNF 342 (AMP 48008)
Doblhoff WNF 342
AMP 1:48
2019 | New tool
Previewed on
21. October at 04:37:32 Share
Sebastian Meyner Added a new review for:
1:35 Romfell Panzerwagen (Copper State Models CSM35002)
Romfell Panzerwagen Austro-Hungarian WWI Armour
Copper State Models 1:35
2019 | New tool
Previewed on
21. October at 04:34:33 Share

October 13, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new project.
1:48 Douglas A-1H Skyraider (Tamiya 61058)1:48 A-1J "Skyraider" (Eduard FE296)1:48 A-1 Skyraider Pylons (Quickboost QB 48 537)1+
13. October at 15:14:06 Share
Sebastian Meyner added a new project.
1:48 Mitsubishi A6M5/5a Zero Fighter (Zeke) (Tamiya 61103)1:48 Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter (Tamiya 12624)1:48 Mitsubishi A6M Zero 5/7 - World War Two (Berna Decals BD 48-66)
13. October at 13:16:03 Share
Sebastian Meyner added a new project.
1:48 Republic P-47M Thunderbolt (Tamiya 61096)1:48 P-51D Mustang & F-47D Thunderbolt U.S. Air Force im besetzten Deutschland (Euro Decals ED48104)
13. October at 13:12:34 Share

October 3, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new project.
1:32 Kawanishi N1K2-J Shidenkai (George) 'Late Version' (Hasegawa 08236)1:32 WWII IJN Aircraft Seatbelt Set #2 (FineMolds NH5)1:32 N1K2-J George Landing Gear (G Factor 32030)
3. October at 20:15:09 Share

August 28, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new article to his personal gallery:
28. August at 08:45:17 Share

August 27, 2019

Sebastian Meyner
Maybe I don't need it....but I definitely WANT it! :)
1:48 Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning (Tamiya 61120)
Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning
Tamiya 1:48
2019 | New tool
25. July at 04:54:00 Share
Markus Antonius me too - if tamiya would manufacture real cars, you could buy them on the phone without testdriving them! :D
25. July at 05:11:42
Chaz Gordon But you'd have to build it yourself, they'd only run for 15 minutes before needing to refuel, you'd have to buy the steering wheel and fuel tank separately, and you'd have to drive it while stood on the side of the road.
27. August at 18:28:34
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August 24, 2019

Sebastian Meyner Added a new review for:
1:35 M1A2 SEP V2 (VOIIO 01101)
US Main Battle Tank
VOIIO 1:35
2019* | New tool
The Modelling News
Previewed on
The Modelling News
24. August at 06:26:20 Share
Holger Kranich Der macht aber ne echt gute Figur!
24. August at 10:32:43
Sebastian Meyner Dachte ich mir auch schon...bin aber irgendwie kein Abrams-Fan.
24. August at 13:37:04
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August 18, 2019

18. August at 20:25:38 Share

August 13, 2019

Sebastian Meyner Added a new review for:
1:48 Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat (AMK AvantGarde Model Kits 88007)
Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat
AMK AvantGarde Model Kits 1:48
2019* | New tool
The Modelling News
Previewed on
The Modelling News
13. August at 07:01:01 Share
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Augie Oh god...resistance is futile
13. August at 12:33:54
Patrick Hagelstein Soeren, what errors have you seen?
13. August at 12:53:17
Soeren . The post from busbande (next to last) explains what he found and he knows the subject
13. August at 12:55:57
Michael Hickey Do I need it? No... Will I get it? Many, Many times over. :D :D :D
13. August at 13:42:04
Patrick Hagelstein Schade.... Ich wollte die Flügeln nutzen wegen die Spoilern.... :(
13. August at 13:51:18
Hans Robben So the conclusion is that this is a lemon? Let's wait for the final release.
13. August at 13:57:14
Soeren . Yeah I hope that AMK did some magic there and we will see a nice release in the end. :)
13. August at 14:05:02
Daniel I have high hopes they do, for the Kfir they redesigned the whole fuselage after criticism on their first release. Even if not, I have a really hard time spotting any gamebreaking mistakes there and I will definitely get one and build "Bullet 106"
13. August at 19:00:45
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Sebastian Meyner added a new photoalbum.
3 images
View album0
Updated: August 13, 2019
13. August at 06:21:11 Share

August 10, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new photoalbum.
View album0
Updated: August 8, 2019
8. August at 14:34:03 Share
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James C Fabulous looking Panzer IV Sebastian!
8. August at 19:11:28
Holger Kranich Das klingt verdammt gut!
9. August at 04:28:36
Sebastian Meyner Thanks James! Looking forward to your PBR build ...a kit I've been eyeballing for a while now :)

@Holger: I just managed to find some online here https://fieldsofglorymodels...rand/mmt-magic-metal-tracks/
Just ordered a whole bunch for some future projects ;)
9. August at 11:45:54
Spanjaard excellent. i like the used look, but not going to far. really great job
9. August at 20:29:35
Sebastian Meyner Thanks Spanjaard
10. August at 06:11:25
Neuling Very good work!
10. August at 13:40:51
Tim Heimer Nice work, looks good!
10. August at 14:20:05
Sebastian Meyner Thanks guys, much appriciated
10. August at 14:54:02
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August 9, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new article to his personal gallery:
9. August at 11:08:33 Share

August 8, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 7 images
1:35 Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. J Sd.Kfz. 161/2 (Tamiya 35181)1:35 Panzer III/IV & Variants, 40cm Typ B (Metal Track) (Easy Metal Links EML35-002)
8. August at 14:31:39 Share

July 30, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new photoalbum.
7 images
View album0
Updated: July 27, 2019
7. October 2017 at 20:46:03 Share
Tim Heimer Nice work! Keep it up!
7. October 2017 at 22:48:35
Spanjaard pictures look a bit dark. but the model looks very good.
7. October 2017 at 22:49:32
Sebastian Meyner Thx mates!
@Spanjaard: I know. I tried out a photo booth (soft box) on that one. But since I have some troubles with my DSLR had to use my phone...not the best option though. I'll try to take some better pictures later.
8. October 2017 at 13:20:48
Sebastian Meyner Added some new pictures (a bit brighter than the old ones)
27. July at 12:38:41
Spanjaard looks great
30. July at 10:28:31
Sebastian Meyner Thanks Spanjaard! ...was just following your advise from two years ago ;)
30. July at 13:26:11
Spanjaard glad it helps :)
30. July at 14:01:28
30. July at 15:55:31
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July 27, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new photoalbum.
10 images
View album0
Updated: July 27, 2019
2. June at 15:12:45 Share
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Soeren . Really nice looking 109!
3. June at 12:25:52
Jim J Looks great - cool scheme!
3. June at 13:23:50
Sebastian Meyner Thanks mates! The decals are from Eduard's Royal Class kit set. There's no point in waisting perfectly good decals ;)
3. June at 15:19:10
Sebastian Meyner Added some new pictures (bit brighter than the old ones)
27. July at 12:34:02
Stephan Ryll Very nice 109
27. July at 12:39:17
Sebastian Meyner Danke Stephan!
27. July at 15:28:25
Soeren . Kannst du den Bausatz empfehlen?
Tanze schon länger drumherum, aber kA ob der neben Eduard lohnt !?
27. July at 18:18:35
Sebastian Meyner Ich würde sagen: JA! Der Preis ist zwar...naja 'Tamiya', aber die Qualität ist es auch! Den Vergleich zu Eduard's 109 kann ich (noch) nicht ziehen, aber für ein vergleichsweise schnelles Erfolgserlebnis ohne Sorge um Passgenauigkeit oder Vorbildtreue, absolut zu empfehlen!!
Die auswechselbaren Motorhauben funktionieren soweit recht gut, ich pers. halte es aber irgendwie für Spielerei ;)
27. July at 18:55:23
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July 25, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new photoalbum.
29 images
View album1
Updated: July 24, 2019
Project: Panther F
1:35 Panther F (Dragon 6403)1:35 Model 7.5cm KwK44 L/70 Dedicated for Panther F models (RB Model 35B145)
8. June at 12:06:48 Share
View full thread (33 Comments)
24. July at 20:52:07
Sebastian Meyner Thanks guys! If it appears 'clean' I reached my goal It's supposed to be a newish vehicle - the crew was only able to scrub of the rather poor paint job wherever they stepped or dragged stuff across.
25. July at 05:34:50
Lee Fogel It's a marvelous build, Sebastian!
25. July at 05:49:48
Sebastian Meyner Thanks Lee, much appreciated!
25. July at 06:16:35
Patrick Hagelstein Good point Sebastian, World War II only lasted 6 years in total and a lot of stuff was rushed in factory fresh and hadn't had the time to rust to a junkyard scrapheap before being knocked out, abandoned or simply superseded by better equipment. In my opinion a lot of WWII models look way too overweathered. I like yours very much though!
25. July at 13:41:14
Sebastian Meyner You've got a good/valid point there Patrick Exactly right...even though I might have been guilty of over doing the weathering occasionally as well ;)
25. July at 14:17:51
Patrick Hagelstein Me too because it's just so much fun! ;)
25. July at 14:35:13
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July 6, 2019

Sebastian Meyner
The sprue layput reminds me of Fujimi's old Bf 110C. See:
1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 110C/D (Italeri 2794)
Messerschmitt Bf 110C/D
Italeri 1:48
2019 | Changed decals
6. July at 12:07:41 Share
Thomas Mayer Me too. Will pass on this one.
6. July at 13:31:16
CharlesBronson of course the tool is based in a old kit. Italeri never made kit on new tool , just have some kits with "upgrade molds", in other word old kit + some pieces not so old.
6. July at 13:58:32
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June 9, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new photoalbum.
6 images
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Updated: June 2, 2019
Project: BA-64B
1:35 BA-64B (Vision Models VM35002)1:35 WW2 Soviet BA-64B Armored Car Wheel set (Def.Model DW30014)
2. June at 11:51:45 Share
Martin Very nice work
2. June at 12:21:35
Sebastian Meyner Thanks Martin!
2. June at 15:23:09
Neuling I agree with Martin!
2. June at 17:39:34
Sebastian Meyner Thx Neuling!
8. June at 12:30:44
Rui S Cool project, well done
9. June at 11:37:25
9. June at 11:43:07
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April 16, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new photoalbum.
10 images
View album596885
Updated: April 14, 2019
6. April at 12:47:34 Share
Erik Leijdens Very nice conversion! Which forces used this recon Delfin? I'm interested in making one too, but preferable a Middele east machine
6. April at 12:52:24
Stephan Ryll Nice progress
15. April at 18:08:28
Sebastian Meyner Thanks guys! Really appreciated

@Erik: The recce version was used for sure by Czechoslovakia from the '60s to the '80s. I red somewhere that they were also used by Egypt and Vietnam (for Vietnam it's the RS version - without the tip tanks). However I couldn't find any photographic proof of this. A 1:72 or 1:144 kit (...I believe) RS-Models(?!) offers those two paint schemes... Egypt in 4 colour "Nil-camo" and Vietnam in NMF.
16. April at 11:24:50
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April 4, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 10 images
On hold
1:48 Aero L-29 Delfin (AMK AvantGarde Model Kits 88002)1:48 L-29 Delfin Early Ejection Seats with Safety Belts (Quickboost QB 48 610)3+
4. April at 05:41:34 Share

April 2, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new photoalbum.
29 images
View album1
Updated: April 1, 2019
26. January at 12:24:02 Share
View full thread (25 Comments)
Wim van der Luijt very nice indeed! like the different hues of the panels....on to the next two
1. April at 17:04:58
James C Very nice work. Looking forward to the others.
1. April at 17:35:22
Holger Kranich Very nice, the different panels!
2. April at 06:16:01
Sebastian Meyner Thanks mates! You warm my heart ;)

Concerning "the others".... don't hold your breath, I might do something else right now (possibly something jet-ish) Haven't decided yet what exactly....the size of my stash doesn't make it much easier :)
2. April at 09:14:20
Wim van der Luijt I know what you mean about the stash, that's why I've decided to sell most of it
2. April at 09:35:30
gorbygould Very impressive result!
2. April at 15:32:55
Erik Leijdens Very beautiful!
2. April at 15:37:29
2. April at 16:53:02
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January 6, 2019

Sebastian Meyner added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 29 images
In progress
1:48 Dornier Do335A-12 (Tamiya 61076)1:48 Dornier Do335A Pfeil (Tamiya 61074)12+
6. January at 04:59:25 Share
Wim van der Luijt I'm a sucker for Luft '46 stuff, so count me in!
6. January at 10:07:18
Sebastian Meyner Welcome! Just checked the B-2 to realise something missing. Thank god I have 3 of the A-0 kits on order, so one kit will have to be donating spare parts ;)
6. January at 12:31:43
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