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Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
The end - a new beginning!
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After 4 years modeling in Botswana it's again time to move. Bye beloved stash, see you in couple of months. Bye Botswana...
All comments (9) » 4 29 July, 12:46
David R. Meizoso
Oh my, a full container of stash? 😉
Good trip, and get back to the workbench soon!
29 July, 18:31
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks mates 👍

@David: well not all of it is my stash. My wife's art supplies (...she's a fulltime artist actually) helped to fill the container as well...plus one or two pieces of furniture and what fells like a million of ornaments and art work :-P
30 July, 13:52

April 20, 2022

Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
3 18 September 2021, 13:55
Sebastian Meyner
C-130B of the Botswana Defence Force Air Wing, Z10 Squadron. Spotted today at Sir Seretse Khama Airport, Gaborone. Btw. one of the oldest Hercs still in use. I'd love to build it in this paint scheme...but that's a bit to big for my shelf 😉
18 September 2021, 14:02
Sebastian Meyner
Back on a long overdue visit in my native Germany, I was granted the unique permission to actually climb in the pilot seat of the very same plane that sparked my interest into aviation about 40 years ago. This is the first Il-14P produced in East Germany in 1955 (not really a prototype but sort of) She never served as an airliner but amongst other things as a testbed for parts of (East) Germany's first and only jet airliner, the Baade 152 🙂 👍
20 April, 20:41

March 5, 2022

Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
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my grandfather, on the far right, front row
1:144 Deutsches U-Boot German Submarine Type XXI U 2540 (Revell 05004)
7 14 September 2017, 15:16
James C
He was very lucky to have survived his submarine service.
Many thanks for sharing Sebastian 👍👍👍
4 March, 16:38
Sebastian Meyner
You're most welcome mate 👍

Yes, he was very lucky indeed. Out of thirtyonethousend German submariners, only around fivethousend made it back home...
5 March, 09:08

February 13, 2022

Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (22) » 24 8 October 2021, 18:40
Thomas Bischoff
I like your Corsair - especially the orange band 👍
12 February, 16:03
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Thomas 🙂
13 February, 14:29

November 6, 2021

Sebastian Meyner
added a new project.
1 6 November 2021, 14:04
Sebastian Meyner
This is my first commission build in a long time. And even better it's for aviation author & artist Jonathan Laverick whow happens to be a fellow resident of my current home country, beautiful Botswana. Check him out:


6 November 2021, 14:16

October 21, 2021

Sebastian Meyner
added a new article to his personal gallery:
Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1b 1:48
Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1b
HobbyBoss 1:48
by Sebastian Meyner on Modellversium
2 21 October 2021, 06:15

October 7, 2021

Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
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the chosen one
1:72 Shturmovik (Tamiya 81)1:72 Il-2 Stormovik Exhausts (Quickboost QB 72 426)1:72 Il-2M3 Stormovik (Eduard CX368)1+
14 15 September 2021, 11:41
Sebastian Meyner
As I encountered a little hiccup with my Zero, I decided to do the right thing…and start a new project 😉

Tamiya's little Sturmovik is a quiet straightforward build so far. The only two things I felt I had to add are some very basic seatbelts out of tinfoil (the cockpit will be hardly visible through the closed canopy anyway) and a "wooden" floor for the gunner's compartment. I found this to be necessary due to the fact that a.) there is a nasty seam line running done the middle of the floor and b.) I wanted to add some wood texture to floor…wich I did by scraping a rancor saw over a piece of thick tinfoil.
22 September 2021, 09:27
Daniel Klink
6 October 2021, 19:52
Sebastian Meyner
Herzlich willkommen Daniel 🙂
7 October 2021, 11:12

October 6, 2021

Sebastian Meyner
added a new project.
17 images
1:48 Vought F4U-1D Corsair w/"Moto-Tug" (Tamiya 61085)1:48 F4U Corsair Diamond Tread Wheels set (Attack Squadron 48067)1:48 Vought F4U-1D Corsair (Montex MM48035)3+
1 6 October 2021, 07:06

October 3, 2021

Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (24) » 21 8 August 2019, 14:34
Guy Rump
Great build 👍
3 October 2021, 11:02
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks mate 🙂
3 October 2021, 11:32
Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (84) » 47 11 July 2021, 14:33
Fully agree with that
2 October 2021, 18:52
Sebastian Meyner
3 October 2021, 06:24

October 2, 2021

Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (42) » 23 23 April 2020, 10:34
Rui S
Según explicó Sebastian o exceso de peso del cañón se concentró en el frente y el frente es el primero en chocar con los obstáculos del terreno por lo que cambiaron.
2 October 2021, 13:55
Sebastian Meyner
😉 👍
2 October 2021, 13:59

September 29, 2021

Sebastian Meyner
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (11) » 14 10 July 2020, 12:25
29 September 2021, 09:33
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Neil!
29 September 2021, 10:56

September 12, 2021

Sebastian Meyner
and BAT21 are now mates.
12 September 2021, 15:34


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