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gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 26, 2017
Project: Italeri's 1/48 Hs 123A in scale 1:48
1:48 Hs 123 A-1 (Italeri 2632)
26. November at 18:02:46 Share
Mike Daniels It was definately worth it. Great result!!
26. November at 18:15:32
Thomas Bischoff well done - sometimes I question myself whether to build a second kit straight from the box and brush paint it to show the difference :)
26. November at 19:43:33
Murad ÖZER and a lovely result this is.
26. November at 19:44:40
Spanjaard thank god it was a quick OOB build, if you would have chosen a complicated one.... ;) seriously, you did an excellent job in what seems to be a.... far from optimal kit. IMHO, instead of going to the corner, you should stand proud, no just just of an excellent result, but also to the fact that in a low mojo situation you pulled yourself together and finished it tot he highest standards. my congratulations, respect and admiration :)
26. November at 20:44:18
gorbygould Thank you, thank you, thank you Mike, Thomas, Murad & last but far from least Spanjaard.
That is an interesting idea Thomas, but I'm going anywhere near this kit again. Now that the pain has stopped, It was worth the effort as I learnt quit a lot and tried a couple of new techniques (such as the home-made paint masks, post shading & a tiny bit of rigging). But I can still see a couple of mistakes that are bugging me.
Spanjaard: Never before have I poured so much time and effort into something so small. I built the airfix 123 when I was a kid, which was almost certainly built and painted within a day. What would that kid think of me taking five months! Probably think "What a crap modeller, I can do that much quicker!".
At least now I can move on, the stash has grown a little, due to the hold-up, so no time to waste...
27. November at 08:27:04
Timothy Heimer Well worth the effort! Looks good!
27. November at 13:26:07
Redcat I like it! Great job! :)
27. November at 15:56:35
Alec K Sounds like this was a painful build, but it surely does not look it. Well done
27. November at 16:04:51
gorbygould Thanks very much Timothy, Redcat & Alec, it almost makes the pain seem worthwhile... almost. :)
27. November at 18:14:23
Spanjaard i know what you think.... i could do one model during each school holidays (maybe two in christmas), and i have only done two (still working in the second) in more than year and a half :D
27. November at 20:51:35
gorbygould Spanjaard: When I were a lad, if I had a new model it HAD to be built NOW! I didn't wait for holidays, any day could be modelling day. For me it was less about modelling and more about holding my very own Me 262, or B-29 or Lanc etc.
During the school holidays, three of us took our models to a friends garage and re-enacted WWII (in 1/72). I had the RAF, Luftwaffe & U.S. air force; another had the AFV's of the main combatants and the third had all the army figures. Just thinking about it makes me smile. :)
28. November at 17:20:29
Spanjaard sliding down memory line now... :) bringing some memories about battles with my brother or with friends... but we never used models for that. but used cheaper versions that you could buy in some shops (short of crude 1/72 figures etc)
Anyway, when i was a child i could not do models out of holiday seasons (every holiday season was model time). Later on, i did them more often than i was supposed, even when i was supposed to be studying :P no idea how my parents did not notice the extra models appearing sometimes in my room :D
28. November at 18:49:20
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November 27, 2017

gorbygould added the AMtech Ta-183 Huckebein (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 Ta-183 Huckebein (AMtech 484601)
Ta-183 Huckebein
AMtech 1:48
2001 | New tool
27. November at 08:27:53 Share
gorbygould added the Trumpeter Messerschmitt Me 509 (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 Messerschmitt Me 509 (Trumpeter 02849)
Messerschmitt Me 509
Trumpeter 1:48
2012 | New tool
27. November at 08:27:35 Share

November 26, 2017

gorbygould added the Italeri Hs 123 A-1 (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Hs 123 A-1 (Italeri 2632)
Hs 123 A-1
Italeri 1:48
2013 | Changed decals
26. November at 18:00:57 Share
gorbygould added a new project.
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:48 | Albums: 1 with 18 images
1:48 Hs 123 A-1 (Italeri 2632)
26. November at 17:58:33 Share
gorbygould added the Tamiya Kübelwagen Type 82 (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Kübelwagen Type 82 (Tamiya 32501)
Kübelwagen Type 82 Pkw K1
Tamiya 1:48
2003 | New tool
26. November at 17:46:08 Share

November 22, 2017

gorbygould added the Hasegawa Polikarpov I-153 'Finnish Air Force' in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Polikarpov I-153 'Finnish Air Force' (Hasegawa 07461)
Polikarpov I-153 'Finnish Air Force'
Hasegawa 1:48
2018* | Changed decals
22. November at 18:47:04 Share

October 03, 2017

gorbygould added the Airfix Supermarine Walrus Mk.I in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I (Airfix A09183)
Supermarine Walrus Mk.I
Airfix 1:48
2017 | New tool
03. October at 12:45:08 Share

September 29, 2017

gorbygould added the Mars Models Mig-9 in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Mig-9 (Mars Models 48102)
Mars Models 1:48
2017* | New tool
29. September at 17:15:44 Share

June 15, 2017

gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
09. June at 19:51:39 Share
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wilky Nice dio
13. June at 08:08:29
Peter Mollenhauer Absolutely fantastic, Gorby!
13. June at 09:19:28
gorbygould Thanks very much Holly, Alec, Wilky and Peter, I'm glad you like it (and I'm glad it's over so that I can move on to something else) :)
13. June at 11:14:44
Cuajete I like all of diorama, but pilots house have a fantastic detail!!! Congratulations.
14. June at 20:43:10
15. June at 16:15:22
gorbygould Thanks Cuajete and Dale - I'm very pleased that you like it. :)
15. June at 17:15:52
Dave Morris The level of detail is just stunning! Give yourself a huge pat on the back :)
15. June at 18:02:43
gorbygould Thanks Noob - I've decided I need chocolate more than a pat on the back, so I'm happily chomping through a bar at the moment. I've been told on another forum that it lacks one essential 1940's item - an ashtray, drat, I'll have to start again. Thanks for you comment - much appreciated. :)
15. June at 21:37:20
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June 13, 2017

gorbygould added Britmodeller to his forums
13. June at 17:38:34 Share

June 10, 2017

gorbygould added the Fuman 88mm Flak 18 (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 88mm Flak 18 (Fuman FM149)
88mm Flak 18
Fuman 1:48
198x | Changed box
10. June at 19:04:22 Share
gorbygould added the Tamiya Kübelwagen Type 82 (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 Kübelwagen Type 82 (Tamiya 32501)
Kübelwagen Type 82 Pkw K1
Tamiya 1:48
2003 | New tool
10. June at 19:03:44 Share
gorbygould added the Airfix Ready for Battle (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Ready for Battle (Airfix A50172)
Battle of Britain
Ready for Battle
Airfix 1:48
2015 | Changed parts
10. June at 19:02:18 Share
gorbygould added the Italeri Hurricane Mk.I (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Hurricane Mk.I (Italeri 2705)
Hurricane Mk.I
Italeri 1:48
2011 | New tool
10. June at 19:02:09 Share

June 09, 2017

gorbygould added a new project.
Status: Completed | Scale: 1:48 | Albums: 1 with 17 images
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1:48 Hurricane Mk.I (Italeri 2705)1:48 Ready for Battle (Airfix A50172)
09. June at 19:45:02 Share

April 17, 2017

gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
02. April at 20:21:33 Share
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Murad ÖZER Great idea! i still have a lot from my childhood days most are incredibly dusty or damaged. Also like alot of folks i had to do a brief (~15yrs) hiatus due to school and real life - let me see if i can do a shoot with those mixed and mashed.
03. April at 19:31:25
gorbygould Spanjaard: I have considered 1/72 as well, but I was always more interested in bombers as a kid, so the odds are I'd start doing the four engine stuff again. And as we all know, a 1/72 bomber is bigger than a 1/48 fighter, so I don't think I'd be fixing my space issue problem. :(
Alistair: I think my wife would call the men in white coats to come and take me away in their padded wagon if I started hanging them from the ceiling. Even if that was an option, eventually they end up as a ceiling hanging mobile, consisting mainly of dust. On the bright side, if she does pack your bags, you might get more storage in your new place – and it might be much quieter (that might depend on how far away you move). ;)
Thanks Eugen. :)
Murad: I'll look forward to seeing your early work.
03. April at 20:12:04
Gauge1TrainsDK I like these, especially the combo with the kettenkrad in the first photo. Well done, also for early builds (I am one to talk :P)
03. April at 20:36:21
Spanjaard ok, you make do it... there goes also my album of early builds too, some of them are almost 30 years old! hetspanjaard
03. April at 22:50:43
Alec K Way to go! Very, very nice. All great work, and thank you for sharing. I have observed a pickup in mates sharing their earlier work, which is great I like them all, but the La-5FN open engine and guy bay speaks to me :)
05. April at 04:33:40
David Andrs gorbygould: Being back to the hobby after ~20 years, I share the same opinion that parts under certain size do not exist :)
Regarding bad kits, I only had one bad experience with the D-30 kit from Skif (knock, knock).
17. April at 01:26:10
17. April at 01:54:16
gorbygould Thanks David an Choppa: Glad (amazed more like) that you like them. :)
17. April at 17:21:57
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April 03, 2017

Can anyone please recommend the best modelling putty?

For the last two years I have been using 'Perfect Plastic Putty' from 'Deluxe Materials'. It's okay, a bit chalky and apparently the tubes are prone to burst open at the wrong end – as mine did not long after opening (there has been a clip on it holding it closed ever since).

The tube is running low now, so could anyone suggest a better alternative?

Thanks in advance.
14. March at 16:31:17 Share
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Eugen P. I use the Squadron Green Putty and like it. The Vallejo Plastic Putty does often need a long time to dry. But the Liquid Greene Stuff looks interesting. I think I will test it. Thanks.
15. March at 18:57:33
gorbygould I did have a look at Squadron Green Putty, but the prominent 'VAPOR HARMFUL' warning on the front of the tube sort of put me off. I think I've got enough problems with my brain without killing off any more-brain cells. ;)
Thanks for the suggestion Eugen.
15. March at 19:10:16
Daytona675R Depends...if we are talking about minor corrections, I cannot recommend Mr Dissolved Putty highly enough. Amazing stuff!
15. March at 20:12:00
Alex Tamiya putty thinned with acetol works like a charm.
15. March at 20:13:30
Dan M Vallejo putty is acrylic and therefore you can use water to move it around more easily
15. March at 20:34:40
gorbygould Thanks for all your suggestions, but my new putty will be winging its way to me as we speak (type whatever). If I don't get on with either of my chosen ones, I will definitely consider some of the later suggestions. :)
15. March at 21:05:25
Robert W Martel Gorby, I do like the PPP also. It's water based, easy to work with, dries fast, and is easy to sand. Fills gaps great w/a wet swab! Only bad point you cant wetsand it, but it feathers out dry really well, then prime over it. I put a drop of water in the cap, to help keep it from drying out.
Tamiya is good stuff, but anything that is solvent/lacquer based takes a long time to dry and will shrink over time, it will look good now, but down the road you'll see the spot come back!
A friend uses the Green Stuff, I tried some and liked it too. Also water based and dried hard.
02. April at 02:47:00
Chris R. try Deluxe Perfect Plastic Putty...I highly recommend it!
03. April at 15:46:29
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March 29, 2017

gorbygould now follows James C
29. March at 13:53:25 Share

March 22, 2017

gorbygould added the Eduard I-16 Type 24 (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 I-16 Type 24 (Eduard 8149)
I-16 Type 24
Eduard 1:48
2015 | Changed decals
22. March at 18:29:54 Share

March 20, 2017

gorbygould added the Tamiya Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tamiya 61115)
Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tony)
Tamiya 1:48
2016 | New tool
07. February at 16:42:39 Share
07. February at 17:23:48
gorbygould I've just read Bill Gilman's review on 'Aviation of Japan'. I'm even tempted to pay full price for this one, and that is unheard of for me.
07. February at 17:30:49
Josu Arévalo Hold your reins!!! hehehehe
07. February at 18:13:17
David Suhadolc I saw the finished kit at Tamiya's Factory Store in Tokyo and its a beauty.
20. March at 19:16:38
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March 13, 2017

gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 27, 2017
Project: Italeri Ju 87G-2 Stuka 1/48 in scale 1:48
1:48 Ju 87G-2 Stuka Kanonenvogel (Italeri 2722)
25. February at 17:01:52 Share
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gorbygould Thank you all for your nice comments and taking the time to look. Much appreciated. :)
09. March at 16:00:12
Bart Teunis I have the Airfix 1/48 Stuka in my stash.... really making me looking forward to start that project
10. March at 10:18:24
gorbygould Go for it Bart, you've got to do a Stuka. :)
10. March at 11:59:08
Bart Teunis whahahaha ROFL
10. March at 13:37:00
Flop_Se great stuka! the cannons are awesome!
13. March at 19:09:12
Clifford Keesler Outstanding build all the way around.
13. March at 19:51:28
Stephan Ryll Outstanding
13. March at 20:00:09
gorbygould Thank you Flop-Se, Clifford & Stephan, good of you to comment. :)
13. March at 20:54:15
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Just spent about an hour trying to airbrush Humbrol acrylic, which has proved to be a futile and demoralising experience. I read online that Tamiya thinners work well with it, but if there is a sweet spot mixing ratio, I have yet to find it. It's either too thick (clogs the nozzle) add a bit more thinners and it sprays like water. AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
It's great with a brush, but I'm giving up trying to airbrush the stuff and going for the nearest equivalent Tamiya colour.
12. March at 19:09:38 Share
H K No personal experience- I am an acrylics man :) - but Humbrols are enamels and Tamiya are some sort of acrylic paints. So these two together seem very unlikely. I would use either the Humbrol thinner or Tamiya paints.
13. March at 12:06:35
Wim van der Luijt @H K : Humbrol has a "new"range, not just enamels anymore [img1]
13. March at 12:09:50
gorbygould H K: Wim is right, the paints are definitely acrylic. It's an Airfix 'gift pack' that contains small tubs of paint and it says on the box that the paints are acrylic. The only reason I tried them is because they were 'free' - I certainly won't be buying any based on my recent experience. I looked online to see what thinners to use, and Tamiya thinners looked the best bet. I'm sticking with Tamiya.
13. March at 12:30:17
H K Didn`t know that. Thanks for the info. You could try distilled water then. I use it for my Vallejo and Life Color paints with no problems.
13. March at 18:08:44
gorbygould I've decided that their not really worth the effort. They are quite good for brush painting, so I may hold onto some of them.
13. March at 18:17:41
Murad ÖZER i am guessing they probably only like tap water with a bit of flow improver for the ab.
13. March at 18:25:20
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March 08, 2017

gorbygould added the Airfix Gloster Meteor F.8 in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Gloster Meteor F.8 (Airfix A09182)
Gloster Meteor F.8
Airfix 1:48
2016 | New tool
08. March at 11:55:50 Share

March 07, 2017

gorbygould and Martin Oostrom are now mates.
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March 06, 2017

gorbygould and Sherif Sharmy are now mates.
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March 03, 2017

gorbygould and Neil Page are now mates.
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March 01, 2017

gorbygould added Heinkel He 177 to his favorite topics.
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gorbygould added Boeing B-29 Superfortress to his favorite topics.
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gorbygould added Messerschmitt Me 262 to his favorite topics.
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