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gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 03, 2017
Project: Italeri Typhoon 1/48 in scale 1:48
1:48 Typhoon Mk.Ib late (Italeri 2734)
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gorbygould Thanks for your comment Kamal.
Wilky: Trying to understand a woman's thought process isn't part of my job description, so I'm not going to venture onto that rocky road - that way madness lies.
22. February at 18:06:58
Jay Mountain Goat Nice understated panelling,makes it look realistic - great job.
22. February at 20:00:51
gorbygould Thanks Jay!
22. February at 20:34:36
Mike Grant Beautiful
22. February at 20:37:01
gorbygould Thanks Mike, but my efforts are humble in comparison to your stunning builds!
22. February at 20:41:59
Bart Teunis Job Well done.... iT is in nu stash as Well, hou set a standard Gorby
22. February at 21:30:08
James C Awesome Typhoon mate.
22. February at 21:58:22
gorbygould Thanks you very much for your comments Bart and Von Drinkoften! I'm constantly surprised that this one keeps cropping up.
23. February at 16:59:30
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February 19, 2017

gorbygould and Gabriel Trechas are now mates.
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February 16, 2017

gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 16, 2016
Project: Dragon Bachem Ba 349A Natter 1/48 in scale 1:48
1:48 Bachem Ba 349 A Natter (Dragon 5525)
16. December 2016 at 19:21:07 Share
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gorbygould I wasn't aware of the Toucan before you mentioned it Eugen. It made me wonder if the Ju 52 I saw at the Cosford RAF museum was really a Ju 52. No it isn't, it's a Casa 352L.

Thanks for viewing and commenting on my album Nathan.
06. February at 12:47:40
Eugen P. And the "He 111" in the Flugwerft is a CASA C-2111B. So: No german planes in german museum :)
06. February at 14:55:39
Roberto Rocat Interesting subject, nice building and painting
11. February at 19:00:54
gorbygould Thanks again Roberto.
12. February at 17:43:25
Dale Marston Nice finish. Unusual subject.
16. February at 12:57:57
gorbygould Thanks Dale. I like the weird ones, which probably says a lot about me.
16. February at 17:05:52
Spanjaard gorbygould, if it is a CASA 352L, it is as much a JU-52 as the AA C.1 Toucan..... CASA 352L means it is the Spanish version with Spanish 578 kW (775 hp) ENMA Beta B-4 (license-built BMW 132) engines, 64 built.
CASA was a Spanish aircraft manufacturer (Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA). It became the Spanish branch of EADS in 1999, and was absorbed by Airbus Military in 2009. they made German designed planes for quite a while. some early WWII films where done in Spain ("Battle of Britain" for example) since the German airplanes still in use in the Spanish air forces.
it would have been fantastic if they could have built a few Me-262 :P
16. February at 17:24:13
gorbygould So basically it's a license-built Ju-52 with different engines - very interesting, thanks for enlightening me Spanjaard. Yes, a couple of squadron of 262 would have been very nice. That leads me to a new question. What was Spain's first home built jet?
16. February at 17:43:00
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February 15, 2017

gorbygould added the Italeri Ju 87G-2 Stuka Kanonenvogel (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Ju 87G-2 Stuka Kanonenvogel (Italeri 2722)
Ju 87G-2 Stuka Kanonenvogel
Italeri 1:48
2013 | Changed parts
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February 13, 2017

gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 05, 2016
04. December 2016 at 17:22:53 Share
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wilky I'm mainly into beer when I'm socialising and that's because I'm unemployed and if someone wants to buy me one I'll drink it. A good friend is also a home brewer.
When I work I drink Lochan Ora. I actually stopped drinking alcohol altogether for quite some years as I was a tram driver and they brought in zero alcohol limit for heavy vehicle operators and often work would need to cancel a day off due to others not turning up and I decided that I can do without the booze for the triple time pay of a cancelled day off.
I had a big change in how I see life when my first stent in my LAD ruptured the artery and started to experienced what it was like to die from a lack of blood/oxygen.
The doctors are very annoyed that I'm drinking again as diabetics with heart disease shouldn't but they often don't give a shit about any other health problems I have because they just say have a panadol or it's all in my head, he's the most annoying because he is from Afghanistan and I want to ask him if the war is just a figment of imagination too.
Funny thing about Lochan Ora is it is cheaper now than it was in the eighties
11. February at 20:27:03
gorbygould Wilky: One of my granddad's liked a tipple and one of my granddad's was teetotal. One was gregarious, loved the company of others; the other kept himself to himself and did crosswords all day. One was always smiling and like nothing better than having a laugh with people, sometimes complete strangers; The other rarely smiled and I can't ever remember him laughing. One seemed to love life; the other seemed to be filling in some time before the grave.
I loved both my grandfather's equally, but I preferred spending time with one in particular and although both died over twenty-five years ago, I still miss one a lot more than the other.
I'll leave you to decide which one is which.
If you don't over do alcohol, it can enhance your life. Doctors seem to sometime forget that happiness and contentment are often as good at improving your health than anything you get from the pharmacist.
You need to enjoy life, otherwise, what's the point?
12. February at 09:54:54
Dale Marston A life full of adventure and laughter, even if cut short is better than one without. Character is many things the good and the bad sides of you. The fun and the sad times and how you handle the journey laid before you, it's never about just about getting there. Even in the darkest of times laughter is a tonic for your soul. Well said gorbygould. And that is the spirit (Vodka, Whiskey, Bourbon or whichver you choose). Even better 1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch and 1 beer. LOL.
12. February at 12:07:45
wilky I'll raise a glass to that
12. February at 12:43:25
Vinny Panda Is that a bottle of Guinness Foreign Strength?
12. February at 13:41:49
Rui S @ gorbygould; Dale Marston; wilky :D
I too raise a glass to that
12. February at 14:37:08
gorbygould That's Guinness West Indies Porter Vinny, it's a very nice drink, but I can't always get it.
12. February at 17:29:13
Vinny Panda Yeah I know it, my local supermarket stocks it in their 3 for £5 deal, a bargain.
13. February at 14:40:42
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February 12, 2017

gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 14, 2017
1:48 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden (Tamiya 61018)
14. January at 16:58:14 Share
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DEAD Design I just realized it is Tamiya kit. Stunning cockpit
03. February at 20:02:00
gorbygould I'll bow to your greater knowledge Jan, and thanks for your comment. :) Good work on the Eduard seat-belts - I've got the Italian one for a future Veltro build.
03. February at 20:03:04
DEAD Design No problem Gorby ;). If you have any questions considering Japanese subjects don't hesitate to ask.
03. February at 20:15:03
Alistair Graham Nice model. I built a 1/32 scale in the mid 70s but cant recall what brand it would have been.
03. February at 22:10:08
gorbygould Thanks for the offer Jan - I may take you up on that. :)
Thanks Alistair.
04. February at 09:35:29
DEAD Design Be my guest Gorby ;)
04. February at 10:28:50
Roberto Rocat All that work was looks great!
11. February at 19:08:58
gorbygould Thanks Roberto!
12. February at 17:42:58
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February 11, 2017

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February 08, 2017

gorbygould and Robert W Martel are now mates.
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February 07, 2017

gorbygould and barkhorn are now mates.
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gorbygould added the Tamiya Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tamiya 61115)
Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tony)
Tamiya 1:48
2017 | New tool
07. February at 16:42:39 Share
07. February at 17:23:48
gorbygould I've just read Bill Gilman's review on 'Aviation of Japan'. I'm even tempted to pay full price for this one, and that is unheard of for me.
07. February at 17:30:49
Josu Arévalo Hold your reins!!! hehehehe
07. February at 18:13:17
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February 04, 2017

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January 30, 2017

gorbygould and Dale Marston are now mates.
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January 29, 2017

gorbygould and Sören Reifert are now mates.
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gorbygould and Sebastian Meyner are now mates.
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January 28, 2017

gorbygould and Christian Ristits are now mates.
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January 27, 2017

gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 25, 2016
Project: Dornier Do335A Pfeil in scale 1:48
1:48 Dornier Do335A Pfeil (Tamiya 61074)
12. November 2016 at 09:35:19 Share
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gorbygould Thank you both for your kind comments and Bob, I agree entirely about the rivet counting thing. It certainly ended up getting a lot more comments than if I had used accurate colours - so maybe more pink war-birds is the way to go. Just thinking what my current stuka build would look like in tartan. ;)
26. January at 10:47:35
Bart Goesaert the current fashion colors are silver and gold it seems... ;) yesterday was all evening women's talk... and I couldn't escape...
26. January at 11:01:19
gorbygould I feel your pain Bart. So it's silver and gold tartan for the stuka then...
26. January at 11:04:47
26. January at 11:54:44
Derek Huggett Silver & gold tartan? Eeeeuww...not 'kilty'! :) :)
27. January at 11:59:10
gorbygould Admittedly, not obvious camouflage colours, but it would probably blend into the background of Donald trumps house in Scotland quite well. No sure why he'd want to hide a stuka though, so my argument does fall down on that one small aspect.
27. January at 12:17:52
Bart Goesaert Well he could crash in style then?
27. January at 12:20:36
Derek Huggett 'Trumpets of Jerico' perhaps? :O
27. January at 17:58:57
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January 24, 2017

gorbygould added the Tamiya Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden (Tamiya 61018)
Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden
Tamiya 1:48
61018 (MA-118)
1973 | New tool
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January 23, 2017

gorbygould and Tim Annear are now mates.
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January 20, 2017

gorbygould and Paulo Valado are now mates.
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January 19, 2017

gorbygould and Jay Nakasone are now mates.
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January 17, 2017

gorbygould and Spanjaard are now mates.
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January 16, 2017

gorbygould and Gary Brantley are now mates.
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January 14, 2017

gorbygould added the Italeri Hs 123 A-1 (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 Hs 123 A-1 (Italeri 2632)
Hs 123 A-1
Italeri 1:48
2013 | Changed decals
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gorbygould added a new project.
Status: Ideas | Scale: 1:48 | Albums: 1 with 13 images
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1:48 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden (Tamiya 61018)
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January 08, 2017

gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 08, 2017
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January 06, 2017

gorbygould added the Tamiya Nakajima J1N1-S Gekko (early) (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 Nakajima J1N1-S Gekko (early) (Tamiya 61084)
Nakajima J1N1-S Gekko (early)
Tamiya 1:48
2002 | Changed parts
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gorbygould added the Dragon Bachem Ba 349 A Natter (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Bachem Ba 349 A Natter (Dragon 5525)
Bachem Ba 349 A Natter w/HWK-109/509 Engine and Crew
Dragon 1:48
1995 | Changed parts
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January 02, 2017

gorbygould and Harold Clements are now mates.
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gorbygould and Joe Savlan are now mates.
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December 31, 2016

Happy new year to you all - I hope 2017 is good to you. May all your builds be fruitful, and your stashes multiply. :)
31. December 2016 at 20:22:11 Share
Miller Alexander Happy new year :)
31. December 2016 at 21:11:34
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