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Bobby Thumbs
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15 February, 10:56
Bobby Thumbs
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15 February, 10:50
Bobby Thumbs
this is the book that was my guide when i was a young modeller in the 80s - I still have this book today
The Armed Forces of World War II (Crown Publishers, INC. )
The Armed Forces of World War II Uniforms, Insignia and Organization
Andrew Mollo
15 February, 09:43

February 1, 2024

Bobby Thumbs
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (8) » 20 13 May 2023, 07:35
Ben M
Some days are just palletized
30 January, 01:13
Bobby Thumbs
I got so so sidetracked with pallets !! I ended up making a bunch of them - i have a feeling I'm going to be doing a side diorama with pallets before i finish the Panzergruppe Pink diorama.

These Fräuleins are built tough as nails - sitting on top of radioactive waste drums in a tanktop.
1 February, 09:10

January 23, 2024

Bobby Thumbs
added a new photoalbum.
8 images
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Fathers day gift from my children. I have taught them well. (Or the real truth) - my wife knows me too well
4 4 November 2022, 06:56
Mathias Decommere
Wauw, I would love to get such a present from my children or wife! You must be a loved dad!
3 September 2023, 06:44
Bobby Thumbs
I was happily surprised today - usually I get socks or deodorant. "Loved dad" - Im not to sure about that.
3 September 2023, 08:45

October 6, 2023

Bobby Thumbs
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (13) » 32 10 September 2023, 09:38
Bobby Thumbs
thank you Simon and Robert, and all the likes as well.
6 October 2023, 11:09
Michael Kohl
Nothing to add, only to congratulate on a very convincing result.
6 October 2023, 12:35

September 14, 2023

Bobby Thumbs

this is a shot in the dark but would any scalemate have this to sell?

Field-modified Civilian Truc..cher (Diopark DP35016, 1:35)


or this?

Field-modified Civilian Truc..cher (Diopark DP35020, 1:35)


I cant find it anywhere - Kind regards
14 September 2023, 07:01
There is a use offering Mitsubishi Fuso Canter T200 1975 ver. (Fujimi 01183, 1:32) then you just need to build the structure and find the rocket launcher, like the real deal 😉

14 September 2023, 07:45
Bobby Thumbs
thanks for the info spanjaard but I want to make a food truck like the images of a food truck in my ideas album


do you think the 1/32 canter will be too big for 1/35 figures?

14 September 2023, 11:00
1/32 and 1/35? Yeah, I think that may work. You can say it is in a neighbourhood's of not really tall people
A human of 1.80 m in 1/35 is 51mm, while in 1/32 is 56mm. That is a 10% difference. Depends a lot on the manufacturer to be honest
14 September 2023, 11:50

September 9, 2023

Bobby Thumbs
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (24) » 22 5 June 2023, 06:45
Bobby Thumbs
Hello all - its been awhile since the last update - life gets in the way - Got a master box Ukrainian soldier kit, I had a try at Ukrainian camo - epic fail - I dont know what time period my soldier is meant to be in..
18 August 2023, 07:47
Ben M
The future!
18 August 2023, 23:39

September 1, 2023

Bobby Thumbs
added Tamiya Paint Markers to his list of favorite colors
1 September 2023, 08:46
Bobby Thumbs
added Vallejo to his list of favorite colors
1 September 2023, 08:46

June 16, 2023

Bobby Thumbs
added Belton Molotow Premium to his list of favorite colors
16 June 2023, 10:19

June 11, 2023

Bobby Thumbs
now follows bearfly
11 June 2023, 09:37

June 7, 2023

Bobby Thumbs
Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III (Border Model BF-010, 1:32)

Wow - I cant believe that shops are selling this kit for around AUD$1000 (australian dollars) !! money to burn or what??

7 June 2023, 07:51

June 5, 2023

Bobby Thumbs
added a new project.
71 images
1:35 Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022 (Master Box MB35225)No Tufts of Grass XXL 12-18mm long <Dry> (Fredericus-Rex GL-030)No Tufts of grass 2-7mm long <Dry> (Fredericus-Rex GL-012)2+
1 5 June 2023, 06:39

May 11, 2023

Bobby Thumbs
added a new project.
38 images
In progress
1:35 STAFF CAR Type 170V (MiniArt 35107)1:35 Livestock Set (Tamiya 35128)1:35 Large Cobblestone Road with Sidewalk (Reality in Scale 35087)1+
11 May 2023, 12:55


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