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Christian Bruer
Christian Bruer (Christian Bruer)


He-219 A-5 "Uhu"

The Mark I Models kit is quite nice with 35 plastic parts, 1 clear part, a nice and sharp PE fret with parts for seats, cockpit and antennas. A small cardboard base representing an airfield section is beside the kit as well. Four decal options are available, two German, one each for a captured US and Czech aero plane.
There is some flash with the plastic parts. They will need some extra work to clean up the parts as usual with Mark I Models kits. But this is modelmaking ;)

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In progress
1:144 Heinkel He 219A-5 (Mark I Models MKM14425)1:144 Luftwaffe wheel chocks (Brengun BRL144033)6+


17. September 2015, 10:24
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Pierre-Christian Baudru Welcome to the GB ! ;)
17. September 2015, 14:05
Christian Bruer Thx Pierre-Christian :)
17. September 2015, 19:26
Wim van der Luijt Count me in ! ( again :D )
17. September 2015, 20:49
Christian Bruer Hehe Win, yep you're welcome to follow :)
Ok here we go, first step to get an overview oft he main parts and the fit. First look – the fit is awful. A lot of filling, sanding and rescribing panel lines and details will be necessary to get a smooth fit and look of all of the parts. But no lamenting, the race is on :)

Cheers, Christian
18. September 2015, 17:44
Martien Lourens That looks promising, Christian. But your models are always excelent
18. September 2015, 19:22
Stephan Ryll pe parts in that scale must be murderous :)
I even could't see them
18. September 2015, 20:17
Rui S Just a moment, I'll get my magnifying glass. hehe. Good luck to your watchmaker work Christian.
18. September 2015, 20:25
Pierre-Christian Baudru Its a very nice detailed kit. Difficult to paint on 144nd scale I think....
19. September 2015, 06:53
Christian Bruer Holy Moly Gentleman, thank you all very much for all your interest, kind comments. and best wishes.

@Stephan, PE in that scale is quite ok for me because I most work in smaller scale 1/350 with PE. I will post some photos soon.

@Pierre-Christian, yes painting is a bit a challenge in that scale. I paint the tiny birds most with my airgun. You have to be much careful handling and masking the parts as well as to be careful with the pressure not to overflow the parts with paint. But the subtle mottling will be the biggest challenge I think!?

Cheers, Christian
19. September 2015, 12:01
Kerry COX Hi Christian. Can I make a suggestion for the markings for the cammo. ?
I have used blue tack (Silly putty) in small pieces and shaped them into place with a flat tool.
These were applied after the colour that the splotches were going to be was sprayed on first, then the top coat is applied after you have placed the putty spots the way you want them. Have a look at a Ju-87 I did using this method.
Tamiya's P-51D | Album by RedRoo
20. September 2015, 00:19
Christian Bruer Thx for the hint Kerry ;)
I'm not sure if this will work pretty well in scale 144. Seems to me both, airbrushing free hand or applying all the blue tack is something like a challenge. Well, there is some time before I have to decide which way to go :)

Cheers, Christian
20. September 2015, 09:39
Kerry COX Or.!!! for i/144 th, Maybe use dobs of masking fluid and shape it with the tip of a sharp wooden match ? and a really thin application of paint and remove the MF quickly before a 'hard edge forms around the dobs. !! ? :)
20. September 2015, 10:40
Christian Bruer @Stephan, you'll find now a detail photo of the PE.

@Kerry, yep I'll think about it till it is time to start the paint work. It sounds like a good idea but time consuming as well ;) The main problem will be to remove all the splotches fast to avoid and damage because of already dry paint.

Well, first work is done. Nacelles are fixed to the wing to prepare it for the further work, filling, sanding and re scribing.

The cockpit floor is in place. There is a big ejector pin mark on the port fuselage halve I have to fill first before I can go on with the cockpit. I will try to add some details at the more or less naked side panels. I guess some thin styrene and the one or other 0,1mm copper wire will bring some life to the cockpit. The canopy is in one piece but it should be possible to cut it off carefully to allow me to present an open cockpit – mmmhh let's have it a try.

The radiator cowling is just in a close position. I'm not sure if it was open when on the ground, but it will look much better to have them open – mmmhh let'have it a try too to make them new!

The whole project reminds me to my close friend Peter who sadly passed away last year in May. He was just 62 years old. He was a good friend to Georg-Hermann Greiner, a former Night Fighter Pilot and last Commander of IV. / NJG 1 . As a legacy out of Peter's library I got the book Hunters of the Reich – Night Fighters by David P. Williams. Peter got from Mr. Greiner as a birthday present in 2001 with a personal dedication. Well a good book to read and good to remember my friend!

Cheers, Christian
20. September 2015, 13:34
Stephan Ryll Hi Christian, thank you for showing us this very small PE parts - this is sooooooooo small.
How to handle and glue them in place- it's a mirical to me!
but when I see your results -even with your small scale ships - I know there must be a way.
20. September 2015, 16:30
Hanno Kleinecke Wow this kit seems to be extraordinary, PE cockpit details in 144, and even a baseplate provided - you can hardly want more ! I'll be watching........
20. September 2015, 17:43
Kerry COX Christian, I see you mentioned the 'edge' that will be left after the removal of the splotches and the method I have always used to alleviate the problem of the remaining excess is to press the sticky side of some masking tape onto the surface and lift it off rapidly, and it usually happens that the soft edge will be removed and then all that is left to do then is sand the finished surface smooth.
I have used this method on all areas I have had a masking agent applied where I was left with that hang edge and I have usually had good results when it is done before the paint goes too hard. :-/
Cheers mate :)
20. September 2015, 19:00
Christian Bruer Well Stephan, the main problem is applying the super glue to fix the part at the model and not at the tweezers
Mhhh Hanno, the kit is well provided with PE, display and decal options, but the quality isn't as good as usual with this company. Even less parts all need a lot of attention because of overflush and mismatch in mold. Nothing to be too worried about, but some extra work.

Thx Kerry, I will keep this in my mind and give it a try :)

Cheers, Christian

P.S. any ideas about the interior color? I guess it should be RLM66?!
21. September 2015, 17:13
Stephan Ryll I agree with you Christian super glue and tweezers is not a good combination - Its always a tricky thing to apply this small parts right in place ;)
but your a doing a great job.
21. September 2015, 17:42
Christian Bruer Thx Stephan :)
22. September 2015, 18:48
Kerry COX Hi Christian, I am wondering how the 'clean up' of the joins went mate, as I see the tape holding it fast so far. :)
28. September 2015, 21:03
Christian Bruer Mhhh Kerry I hope they will went well, but I did not start to clean them already.

I first start detailing the more or less naked cockpit a little bit. The excellent progress you have shown in your WIP helped much. The small and tiny interpretation in my Uhu's cockpit does not correspond the original one but it is just thought as an illusion to catch the eye. The seats are made of PE, they're quite nice as well as the still missing instrument panel. Next I will paint the cockpit and add a light and subtle washing.

After that I can glue both fuselage halves together to start cleaning up the joints, etc.

I thought about some extra details not coming with the kit – open canopy, extended flaps and some new landing gear struts, but time will tell.

Cheers, Christian
29. September 2015, 17:47
Kerry COX You have my full attention Christian, and just the way you tell it is exciting, as this small scale really fascinates me and I am surely going to try my hand at one as soon as possible. :)
29. September 2015, 19:56
Pierre-Christian Baudru Nice work adding some details in this very small cockpit. I like it ! Cheers.
30. September 2015, 09:01
Bart Goesaert nice work so far. Is the PE included in this kit?
30. September 2015, 09:46
Kerry COX Christian, I do admire your ability to work with such fine PE and the miniscule plastic bits you have added to the cockpit area. :)
My hat's off mate. :)
30. September 2015, 09:51
Bart Goesaert looked it up and ordered one myself... the A7 variant, and some l-39 albatrosses too...
30. September 2015, 12:27
Christian Bruer Hi all, thanks a lot for following this and for your encouraging comments. Would be fine to see you all changing to small scale :)

@Well Bart the PE comes with the kit. Designed and manufactured by Eduard – that speaks for themselves. The Mark I Albatross is nice as well. I can highly recommend the Mark I Ta-152 and brand new Bristol Beaufighter. Very nice details, easy to build and interesting markings.

Focke-Wulf Ta-152 H1 Green 3 - Finished | Album by Christian Bruer (1:144)

Cheers, Christian
1. October 2015, 17:53
Kerry COX Your not only am amazing modeller Christian, but a great salesman as well. !! :-O
But now I do know where to look and what to get. :)
Thanks mate.
1. October 2015, 19:43
Christian Bruer Many thx, Kerry, I do what I can to make the best of all :)
2. October 2015, 06:55
Bart Goesaert Thx for the explanation, will keep these in mind for a next buy...
2. October 2015, 07:00
Christian Bruer You're welcome Bart :)
2. October 2015, 07:04
Martien Lourens Die Beaufighter ist auch interessant
2. October 2015, 07:16
Christian Meyerhoff How could I miss this one.... I never saw an UHU in 1:144 before. Great start!
2. October 2015, 07:39
Christian Bruer Yep Martien, one of my favorites. I much like the Coastal Command scheme.

@Christian, no problem and many thx, glad you like it :)
2. October 2015, 08:59
Christian Bruer Cockpit and front wheel well are painted. I useed Vallejo Model Color 056 Blue Grey. When completely dry I will paint some of the consoles, boxes etc. in black. The finish will be done with a slightly wash and by highlight the details. Seats are painted Blue Grey too, they need some extra color for the belts etc.

Cheers, Christian
4. October 2015, 16:03
Pierre-Christian Baudru Great ! How do you think you will weathered the cockpit ? Cheers.
4. October 2015, 17:52
Christian Meyerhoff Very nice progress! Those PE parts are looking good!
4. October 2015, 18:22
Bernd Müller Looks like a great start, Christian. Klein aber fein :)
4. October 2015, 18:44
Kerry COX You are achieving wonderful results CB, and the seats just blow me away. :) !!!
Like we all want to know, just what are you going to add to that cockpit. ?
Great work mate.
4. October 2015, 19:58
Rui S You are right Kezza, that tiny tiny seats have real impressive detail.
5. October 2015, 11:45
Kerry COX There are some awesome skills being exhibited here, and what a place to see them. :)
5. October 2015, 11:55
Bart Goesaert nice progress so far, counting the time till mine arrives..
5. October 2015, 12:35
Kerry COX Bart, I am looking forward to your build appearing here, and BTW, there is no need to rush when you start, as this build will be taking some time. :)
5. October 2015, 13:28
Christian Bruer Wow, I was overjoyed by all your very kind comments and feedback about my progress. Thx a lot mates!

Well, Pierre-Christian I guess I'll use some dark grey and brown wash and highlights in light grey. Before I may will add some dots in green, white and red to represent switches etc. But I most thing of such details when I start the work. So time and progress will tell and I'll let you know ;)

And yes there is no rush. I plan to do some extra work like extended flaps, open cockpit etc. to keep up with the excellent big birds in progress in this group build ;)

Cheers, Christian
5. October 2015, 18:32
Kerry COX I am enjoying the pace and exhibitions of everybody's skills here, and all are of top quality. :)
5. October 2015, 18:51
Christian Bruer Yep, I follow it all with great interest too :)
6. October 2015, 15:38
Holger Kranich Ach der Uhu is ja mal nümig! :) Hier bleib ich dran!
6. October 2015, 16:47
Jens Das ist , wenn ich meine 48er 219 nur im Ansatz so detailreich schaffen kann , dann würde ich mich in Zufriedenheit nach hinten lehnen :) was noch sehr interessant ist , die tschechische Kennung der 219, dürften ja nicht viele gewesen sein, und leider auch keine, auch nur in Teilen erhalten
6. October 2015, 18:45
Christian Bruer Moin Holger un Jens, Dank för dat Loff :)

Alles gut Jens, Du kannst Dich ruhig nach hinten lehnen! Mir gefallen Deine Fliescher auserordentlich gut!

Well back to English, the cockpit is finished! I add some points and details painted in white, red and green. The seat belt are painted in bright olive green with some details in olive green. The head rest was painted dark red brown. I did not add a wash because I thought the cockpit will look to dark in that scale. So I decide only to highlight all surfaces very carefully to get some depth effects. Once finished I glued the fuselage halves together. The fit isn't as good as on Mark I's Ta-152. But some filling, sanding and rescribing will make it all smooth. I used Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and later I filled all seam lines with Super Glue.

Photo no. 22 give you a close view to the cockpit. The opening of the cockpit is just 20mm in length. From my point of view it looks quite nice for that scale. There is only one topic I was not really confident with, a big splotch of glue on one of the seat belts :(

Cheers, Christian
6. October 2015, 18:57
Christian Meyerhoff This one comes out very nice!
6. October 2015, 19:02
Christian Bruer Thx Christian. It is an most enjoyable build because of all your respectable society :)
I like to follow yours and the others progress on their Uhu.
6. October 2015, 19:09
Christian Meyerhoff That`s the reason we called it a group build :) For me it`s much fun too!
6. October 2015, 19:13
Christian Bruer Yep your absolutely right Christian ;)
6. October 2015, 19:14
Kerry COX :) The loan of the electron microscope camera was helpful in getting all the images of this fantastic 1/144 Uhu posted, and It is just a superb example of how skilled Christian B is, and all our mates are. :)
6. October 2015, 19:21
Guido Haesevoets the level of details is just astonishing !
6. October 2015, 19:27
Kerry COX I couldn't agree with you more Guido. Exciting stuff. :)
6. October 2015, 19:35
Pierre-Christian Baudru Wow what a great job here ! Christian, how can you paint all these so small details so well ? The seats for exemple, your painting is perfect on the seat belts, great job mate ! Cheers.
7. October 2015, 05:29
Christian Bruer Thx mates for your very kind comments. I much appreciate it and I'm glad you like the these tiny bird. Well Pierre-Christian, a steady hand, good brushes and paints and a lot of patience help much. Next to this it was a long way to get a more or less good result even under the watchful eyes of the cameras microscope lenses :)

Cheers, Christian
7. October 2015, 19:29
Kerry COX LOL, (funny bugger) heheheh
7. October 2015, 19:50
Christian Bruer Hehe, you know the enemies of all model kits. Dust, finger viewers on modeling shows and macro function on a photo camera :)
8. October 2015, 18:05
Kerry COX Yes, I too experience these problems, but the show must go on hey. !!! :)
8. October 2015, 21:43
Christian Bruer Yep :)

I think I will ignite the next phase on my He-219 and start to scratch build an engine to represent on of the nacelles open. I'm not sure if this will work proper and look like I expect it should look in that scale but I'll give it a try. The excellent photos you have posted in your WIP Kerry will help me much. So stay tuned on this mates.

Cheers, Christian
9. October 2015, 19:45
Kerry COX Building a DB-603 in this scale should be no problem for a man who can fold and rig the wires on the wings on an "Albatross" and add a fuel cock to it as well. :)
This will be something wonderful to watch Christian,
Cheers. :)
9. October 2015, 20:49
Hanno Kleinecke Yeah, go ahead Christian, and don`t you forget the oil lines and the superchargerfan ! ;) ;)
10. October 2015, 12:37
he he he. :)
10. October 2015, 12:45
Hanno Kleinecke If anyone can make that happen, then it is Christian, the master of the almost invisible . :)
10. October 2015, 18:20
Kerry COX He is THAT Hanno, for sure. :)
10. October 2015, 20:10
Christian Bruer No pressure at all mates, just motivating :) Thx for that mates :)

Well the engine nacelle is cut of and a firewall was added. I sealed the seam line with PVA glue. Guess it will ok when painted. The DB-603 was made of flat and round styrene. The size is guess work, but it fit well to the firewall and the cowling will fit smooth too. I tried it but did not make a photo, because I will add some more small details as well as the four hinges at the firewall.

Took some time but it was fun to scratch build the tiny part. May you can imagine how small it was – or ;)

Cheers, Christian
10. October 2015, 20:21
Kerry COX We can all imagine just how big the grin on your face was as you put these miniscule bits together mate. !! :)
But the pencil hasn't show up yet. :(

10. October 2015, 20:44
Thomas Bischoff your work is outstanding!
10. October 2015, 20:46
Kerry COX And Thomas, lol, he does this with every build he does mate. !!!!
10. October 2015, 20:49
Thomas Bischoff I know - his work is so inspiring that I just bought a 1:144 kit to try it myself.
10. October 2015, 20:56
Choppa Nutta Engine detail on a 1/144th scale !!
Now you are just mocking us Christian :)
10. October 2015, 21:24
Pierre-Christian Baudru What a microscopic engine !!! Crazy man ;) Cheers.
11. October 2015, 05:51
Martien Lourens Very amazingly small work.
11. October 2015, 07:48
Christian Bruer Well Kerry, the chief was off duty Saturday evening and took the pencil with him. Guess he want to write a check list how many beers he had or to write down the addresses of the Ladies he met :)

Gentleman, thx for your encouraging and overwhelming comments :)
Some more and clearer photos show the arrangement when fitted to the engine nacelle. I guess there should be some stringers downside, left and right to hold the engine cowling, I will add later.

I'll try to add some fine wire to represent the cables and pipes fitted to the engine, just a little bit illusionary work. Rest will be done later with some paint and weathering effects.

Cheers, Christian
11. October 2015, 09:20
Kerry COX A watch maker with a hobby who chases chicks on his night's off, with a pencil no less. lol, , and ain't we lucky to have him here. !
11. October 2015, 09:25
Christian Bruer Hehehe, but just the chief mate :)
11. October 2015, 09:31
Kerry COX Oh, of course mate, of course. hehehe, but I do like the look of the pre fit and it will be stunning >
11. October 2015, 09:33
Pierre-Christian Baudru Nice to see the engine in place ;)
11. October 2015, 09:41
Christian Bruer I asked Christian to send some photos of his instructions to represent the open engine cowlings as best as possible. I just think how to do them. I'll give transparent paper a try. It should be thin enough and it could be slightly bended. Finally covered with super glue it should stay in shape.
11. October 2015, 09:44
Christian Meyerhoff Some years ago I built an engine cowling for a Wildcat using a yoghurt cup. Some of these cups are very thin and the shape is almost there. Please send me Your email adress for some scanns.
11. October 2015, 09:54
Christian Bruer Mhhh, could work too. Thinking about your idea, the bottleneck of wine bottles is covered with a thin foil! Mhh, I'll try something later.
Email address – done :)
11. October 2015, 10:00
Guido Haesevoets or a empty can of Cola/Red Bull?

what's the size of the engine in cm's?
11. October 2015, 10:02
Christian Bruer Mmhh, the material is to thick I think. Whole length 10.8mm or 0.39in.
11. October 2015, 10:12
Guido Haesevoets I see, your earlier wine bottle idea (did miss that post) is probably a good one. 1,8 cm... is crazy isn't it :D
11. October 2015, 11:58
Ingmar Stöhr Wow! A pleasure to watch!
11. October 2015, 13:12
Christian Bruer Thx Guido and Ingmar :)

With some additional information I thought a while what to do, because the engine was placed to far forward. First I thought to start building a new engine, but that I noticed, that the firewall at the nacelle was placed wrong. I had to cut out the nacelle much more and I had to add a new firewall placed more aft. That all worked well and I only had some minor changes at the engine. Once replaced it looks much better, see photo no. 35- left old, right new. I than add some more details like tanks, cables, pipes etc. Inside of the nacelle I placed the hinges and some stringer. All in all it looks quite nice for that scale.

Cheers, Christian
11. October 2015, 17:40
Hanno Kleinecke Do I feel like I've been passed on the right ? Yes! Not enough with oillines and supercharger, no, it had to be two oil tanks plus filler caps !!!
Christian the sixeyed magician ! :D
11. October 2015, 18:13
Soeren . Awesome work and that in this scale.....
11. October 2015, 18:17
Christian Meyerhoff That`s nice! :)
11. October 2015, 18:33
11. October 2015, 18:55
Kerry COX Holy "Don't stop me now" Batman, !!!! Do you think he will next build the radiators and cowl opening struts too. ????
Oh Robin, don't be silly, he would never attempt something like THAT. !!! :-/
11. October 2015, 20:26
Pierre-Christian Baudru Crazy build man...... ;)
12. October 2015, 05:32
Bart Goesaert excellent work on the engine... like Pierre-Christian says, crazy build... even a little crazy modeller...
12. October 2015, 06:57
Kresten Schleemann Wow, can't think of much else. The detail is amazing in such a small scale.
12. October 2015, 11:00
Kerry COX Christian B will surprise you when you least expect it.
He's a genius. :)
12. October 2015, 11:23
Christian Bruer Holy Moly and crazy modeler Batman and genius Robin :)
Thank you all for your encouraging and very kind comments. They're all a good impulse to make the best of everything and I much appreciate it :)

I did not thought to add struts Kerry, but I just noticed you posted some inspiration in your GB

By the way, does any of you have a good photo source about the Westerland airfield in 1944 / 1945? I'm most interested in any photo of the hangars, inside and outside!


Cheers, Christian
13. October 2015, 18:08
Kerry COX RUI, Where are you when we need you mate ?????
13. October 2015, 20:17
Kerry COX I was being cheeky with my radiator and cowling struts comment Christian, but I reckon you could do it actually. :-O
Your the man. !! :)
13. October 2015, 20:20
Choppa Nutta
Kerry it's "you're the man" ;)

cheeky I know but good grammar is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit haha :D

Anyhow Christian, Kerry is right, you're the man !
your plumbing on a 1/144 engine is humbling for the rest of us mortals :)
13. October 2015, 20:38
Kerry COX Choppa, You certainly have a way with the Queen's English mate. :)
I totally agree with you.
Christian CAN do it. :)
13. October 2015, 22:33
Choppa Nutta
lol yeah he definitely seems highly capable :)

and thanks, the attempt to be funny is always worth the risk, even if I fail monumentally but especially when I succeed :D

But if I am honest I probably fail more often than not.
13. October 2015, 23:51
14. October 2015, 00:09
Christian Bruer Hehehe, a pleasure to peruse your conversation :), reminds me to a conversation of elderly married couples :) :) :)  
Mates, thank you very much for your kindest comment, but I don't think so Choppa that anyone of you have to hide away his talent and work. Stalking around here on Scalemates you can find so many talented modelers and their high quality modelmaking as nowhere else – and a lot of likeable craziness too

Cheerio, Christian
14. October 2015, 18:36
Choppa Nutta maybe just me then, I feel humbled :)
14. October 2015, 18:38
Christian Bruer You don't! Even with a :)
14. October 2015, 18:40
Christian Bruer Ah and by the way, most important are photos from the Münster-Handorf airfield instead of Westerland airfield. Any help is much appreciated!

TIA, Cheers, Christian
14. October 2015, 18:47
Kerry COX Ah, An other satisfied customer. :)...........................................NEXT. !! :-O
14. October 2015, 20:43
Choppa Nutta I'd like some cheese please ;)
14. October 2015, 20:49
Kerry COX I'm sorry, but I don't have a licence to sell cheese. ! :(

14. October 2015, 21:02
Choppa Nutta but this is a cheese shop, what do you mean you don't have any cheese ? :D
14. October 2015, 21:10
Choppa Nutta verbal slapstick comedy
love it :)
14. October 2015, 21:26
Fabian D. Scalemates - your number one provider for links to Monty Python clips. :D
14. October 2015, 21:28
14. October 2015, 21:32
Edgars Bizūns You crazy man.. I love that engine, I have built a Merlin in 1/144, but not any of German ones, will need some for Me-109.. Thanks for inspiring work ;)
15. October 2015, 14:54
Christian Bruer I much like their bizarre and black humor :) :)

My favorite Fawlty Towers The Germans:

Youtube Video

Back to modeling - thx Edgars :)


15. October 2015, 18:08
Kerry COX That episode really caused a stir too, but funny as it gets. :)
15. October 2015, 19:35
Jan Hazes Epic :)
15. October 2015, 21:03
Choppa Nutta haha, classic !!
six episodes just wasn't enough

And now for something ever so slightly different :D
I found this amusing, especially the moment where he removes the waffer thin mint :)

Youtube Video

15. October 2015, 21:39
Choppa Nutta and now the news --
15. October 2015, 21:40
Christian Bruer Some mates asked for more information, what kind of materials I used and how I did the engine. Please feel free to pick up the main dimensions and additional information.

I cut part 1 in length. Then I cut part 2 diagonal in half to get two pieces of triangular cross section. You can use triangular profiles but I did not have them. I than glued part 2 left and right to part 1 in a level to get the 5,2mm in general height. Cut out a 1,5mm long edge left and right of part 1 through the level of part 2. You need this cutout to add the radiator part 3+4. For the basic part of the radiator cut of a small piece of a 1,5mm diameter rod. Scroll another 0,5mm rod with a drill until it bend round in approx. 1,5mm inner diameter. Glue both parts together and add it to the left side of the engine block. The front part is just to hold and fit the engine inside of the cowling. I used a diam. 2,4mm rod of approx. 6,0mm. I add a thin piece of flat styrene (scrolled until it is round) on the side of the engine block to get a bigger diameter. All the rest, some bits and pieces of 0,3 – 0,5mm thick flat and round styrene to make it looks like an engine. I use some 0,1mm copper wire and 0,8mm brass rod to represent some valves, cables etc. For the small tanks left and right you should calculate the size for your own once your engine is finished to make it fit smooth.

Cheers, Christian
16. October 2015, 18:19
Christian Bruer Ah and much strange too Choppa :)
16. October 2015, 18:21
Kerry COX Simple when you know how. :)
Master classes are held and diplomas in miniaturization can be collected at the Christian Bruer school of fine scale modelling, all at no charge. :)
16. October 2015, 19:32
Edgars Bizūns Thanks mate, appreciate
17. October 2015, 04:56
Christian Bruer You're welcome mates :)
18. October 2015, 08:41
Christian Bruer The first layer of White Putty was laid down along the gap between wings and engine nacelles. Seems to me a lot of sanding and rescribing will be necessary to get a good shape and fit. Well, time will tell!

Cheers, Christian
18. October 2015, 13:12
Kerry COX With your abilities, This won't be much of a problem mate. :)
It is coming along as well as I expected from you Christian B ;-/
18. October 2015, 14:16
Christian Bruer Thx :) Well Kerry it is just the handling of the small and tiny parts. The outer side will not be a problem, but it isn't easy to sand the inner side of the nacelles. I think I will need one or two more layers to get it in shape. I had the same with the nacelles of my Tigercat.
18. October 2015, 17:02
Ingmar Stöhr I'm sure you'll get it right. But of course this is time consuming and a better fit is always more fun. At least for me.
18. October 2015, 19:07
Kerry COX I do not mean to sound "Glibb" when I say that I know you can overcome problems Christian B, but your abilities always astound me and entertain me and I take it for granted that you are such a gifted modeller.
18. October 2015, 20:00
Christian Bruer Well I always try to make the best of everything and not to throw the towel. Once you have a good idea you can solve most problems. Think and you'll find a way :)

Cheers, Christian
19. October 2015, 18:02
Choppa Nutta Hooray for thinking !!
a much under rated past time that has been sadly in decline for the last decade or two (if not more)
19. October 2015, 19:26
Rui S Well, Christian Bruer, talking about UHU inside and out of hangar you might like to see tis time the photos in the "MT" album.

Military Thinking MT1 | Album by mig (1:35)

20. October 2015, 10:36
Christian Bruer @Choppa, we hold the fort :)

@Rui, many thx for the information. I follow your informative album with great interest and noticed the photos you have mentioned here. Sadly they show only a small cutout and therefore I'm looking for a better overview of the specific hangars on Münster-Handorf airfield. But thx again for you kind support :)

Cheers, Christian
20. October 2015, 16:26
Rui S Be welcome mate. It was what I found for now.
Glad to know that you follow the "MT" album, THX, for that.
20. October 2015, 17:12
Christian Bruer Yep I do, lot of intersting information there :)
20. October 2015, 19:14
Bart Goesaert and that's the least one can say...
21. October 2015, 06:46
Rui S Hi Christian, I've found some other interesting photos of hangar interiors but with works in other German planes. Do you think it would be a interesting "MT" post to see?
Maybe for a brain storm in new ideas, hehe.
@Bart, Thx for your comment
21. October 2015, 08:31
Kerry COX Yes please. Most definitely. :)
21. October 2015, 08:34
Christian Bruer Thx Rui, yes please I will soon take a look. Great, I have piqued your interest :) :)

Cheers, Christian 
21. October 2015, 19:04
Rui S Hi Kezza and Christian. It's done:

Military Thinking | Project by mig ()

It's the MT2. A second album in Military Thinking Project.
Hope you mates can use the info and find it valuable.
22. October 2015, 00:18
Kerry COX Thank Rui. :)
22. October 2015, 00:49
Kerry COX Guys, I am wondering if it is at all possible to find the information on these airfields and their structures that would have been recorded during the war that is in some national history archive that the public can access. ?
Now Rui, you bloodhound, there is a challenge for you. :)
22. October 2015, 01:24
Wim van der Luijt would be my guess
22. October 2015, 07:07
Kerry COX Wim, Thank you my friend, I will certainly take a look.
Cheers. :)
22. October 2015, 07:18
Rui S In my research for the GERMAN HANGAR INTERIORS, I found a lot of photos of their different facades, as in photo 32 (just because of the HEINKEL) or photo 34 on MT2.
The problem was, that the captions on most of them didn't say where it was. Worse, I didn't find none with caption on specific hangars on Münster-Handorf airfield.
So, sorry Christian, but hey, I still have some more magazines and books to look into, so you never know.
BTW, Christian what got my attention, was your especial watchmaker work. Incredible

22. October 2015, 10:52
Christian Bruer Hehe bloodhound, or terrier
@Rui, thank your very much for all your effort! I much appreciate it. I will take a look soon but I think you found out so many information that it doesn't matter not to have a photo of Münster-Handorf airfield.
And thx as well for your kind words about my latest work
Cheers, Christian
22. October 2015, 17:39
Rui S Christian, be welcome Mate.
Are you willing to do a complete hangar with façades and roof, or only the side scenery panels?
22. October 2015, 18:38
Kerry COX Hahahaha, Rui is a private detective in his spare time too. :) :)
22. October 2015, 21:30
Christian Bruer Hehe Kerry yep we're all in his focus of modeling detective work :)
@Rui, I plan to build a segment, two walls and maybe a part of the roof, but time will tell.

Cheers, Christian
23. October 2015, 17:17
Rui S Ok Mate.
I'm just interested to see how it will go and if I can help.
No scrutiny here. I'm sure you will do a great job, good luck for it.
23. October 2015, 17:25
23. October 2015, 17:32
Kerry COX I'd love to have a beer with him Christian, as I reckon there would be a very funny story come out of him. :) hahahaha
23. October 2015, 19:40
Christian Bruer Yep Kerry, because he is a fine chap and someone I will call in a very friendly manner – Doctor History :) :) :)
24. October 2015, 09:11
Kerry COX Perfect. !!! :) :) :)
"Dear Doctor, I am in trouble." hahahaha
24. October 2015, 10:20
Rui S hehehe Hi mates,
You addicts watchmakers are so incredible creative.
Anyway now, I've to help someone else hehehe, catch you later.
24. October 2015, 11:03
Kerry COX JUST LEAVE THE PAIN KILLERS DOC. !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
24. October 2015, 11:50
Christian Bruer Hahaha, not only crazy in modelmaking we are :)
24. October 2015, 13:28
Kerry COX Looney in every way I is. :-;
24. October 2015, 13:49
Christian Bruer I put this aside for a long time, but yesterday I put it back on the bench. I much like the open engine nacelle and want to finish this one day ;)

Well, there was some filling along the nacelles requiered. I start sanding and rescribbing the necelles and start adding some more filler on the nose section to get a proper fit for the canopy. Some more filler at the tail section. Mhhh, I guess this little kit need more filler than my Kangnam Scooter. The overall fit isn't that good, the He 219 kit does not come close to the Ta-152 I have build from this company. But anyhow, this is modelmaking ;)

Cheers, Christian
5. May 2017, 17:03
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench The engine....thats Insane ,Mate.Looks so little.Amazing.
5. May 2017, 20:16
5. May 2017, 21:07
Alec K Very inspiring work Christian
5. May 2017, 22:12
Clifford Keesler I love your work. I just don't know how you do it on such tiny subjects. You are a master that is for sure.
6. May 2017, 01:23
Christian Bruer Thank you Markus, Choppa, Alec and Clifford. I'm glad you like it :)
6. May 2017, 08:44
Spanjaard lovely details you are adding.
10. May 2017, 18:02
Martin Oostrom Man, I find 1/72 fiddly enough. And you work these wonders in 1/144!
Just Awesome
10. May 2017, 19:02
Christian Bruer Thank you Spanjaard and Martin. Mhh, I come from 1/700 and 1/350 in ship modeling, so my definition of fiddly is a bit different :D And may you notice I start with scale 1/72, so I double the scale ;)

Cheers, Christian
10. May 2017, 19:54
Bart Goesaert I intend to do my small scale stuff also first, my eyesight and handling doesn't get better while getting older... ;), but it's very nice what you show here...
11. May 2017, 06:49
Björn Leichsenring Mensch, das ist ja mal ne Augenweite. Der Motor ist top. Dein Feed ist abonniert.
11. May 2017, 11:01
Christian Bruer Thank you very much Bart and Björn :)
11. May 2017, 17:45
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench Can only get fantastic! !
12. May 2017, 04:35
Antonio R really impressive work
12. May 2017, 06:36
Christian Bruer Many thx Markus and Antonio :)
12. May 2017, 19:00
Stephan Ryll Ach Christian, so klein würde ich auch gern können... Aber das seh ich wohl nicht mehr ... Top work
12. May 2017, 20:08
Holger Kranich Allein meine tattrigkeit, läßt mich 1:144 nicht machen. Aber Christian, dass ist echt ne coole 219!!"!!!!!
13. May 2017, 08:34
Burkhard D A M A Z I N G ! :)
13. May 2017, 08:44
Christian Bruer Thank you very much mates :)

Believe me, that thing looks huge looking through my magnifier :D

The rest is easy - with a glass of Schnapps - to get a steady hand 8)

Cheers, Christian
13. May 2017, 12:44
Christian Bruer A lot of filling and sanding was required to get a good fit without any overlapping of the canopy. Not only filler was required on the nose but also a lot of material has to be removed from the fuselage sides. That wasn't that easy because of the size of the parts and a lot of panel lines, but after several hours of carefull sanding and rescribbing it seems to be ok. A first base coat of paint will show how it will really look!

Cheers, Christian
15. May 2017, 17:35
Christian Bruer more sanding along the seam line between the wing section and the fuselage. It was tricky sanding and rescribing along the contour of the wing. But with patience and only sligtly sanding it went out quite nice. A base coat will show if everything is smooth.

Cheers, Christian
25. May 2017, 17:28
Clifford Keesler Outstanding.
27. May 2017, 01:04
Christian Bruer Thank you Clifford :)
27. May 2017, 08:00
Bart Goesaert looking good so far....
29. May 2017, 09:26
Christian Bruer Thx Bart :)
9. June 2017, 11:13
Christian Bruer Progress was made on my He 219. The seats, controll stick and front console are in place now, the canopy is pre painted and the engine is glued in place. Some small parts are cleaned and ready for some paint.

Cheers, Christian
18. August 2017, 15:29
Stephan Ryll A handfull of "Uhu" ;) Amazing work Christian
18. August 2017, 15:43
Christian Bruer Thx Stephan :)
18. August 2017, 16:15
Acki Every year I have this kit in my hands in Berlin Gatow. Till now I didn't buy it. Looking steht your work I know that I can't do this. Great job Christian.
18. August 2017, 16:52
Christian Bruer Thank you Acki for your kind comment. You should give it a try. You only need patience, some putty and sanding paper.
18. August 2017, 17:51
Christian Bruer Thx for your kind comment. Mhhh, somewhere I will be an Alien :D
I have magnifying glasses and a bench to hold my arm, but most is patience.
18. August 2017, 18:44
Thomas Bischoff ... patience, putty and sanding paper .... you forgot to mention a "spoonful of modelling skills" :)
18. August 2017, 19:25
Choppa Nutta Relentless Excellence !!
18. August 2017, 19:30
Spanjaard the tools can be purchased, the skills, can be mastered (sometimes). but the attention to detail and patience you have..... are a talent that it is a lot more difficult to come by! :) excellent work Christian, as usual.
18. August 2017, 22:10
Kerry COX Totally agree Spanjaard. :) It's always exciting to see what Christian comes out with. :)
18. August 2017, 22:22
Soeren . Agree and even more when you think about the scale we are talking here....
18. August 2017, 23:18
Alec K The engine is excellent
18. August 2017, 23:24
Christian Bruer Well a good experience was scale 1/700 ship modeling. I learned a lot of the techniques and even the handling of small parts I still use today. Again I have to mention patience, because of handling these small parts and looking for them on the floor because they jumped of my tweezers :D
Thank you very much Thomas, Choppa, Spanjaard, Kerry, Sören and Alec for your very kind comments. I'm glad you had a look in it :)

Cheers, Christian
19. August 2017, 08:45
Christian Bruer The canopy is in place as well as the undercarriage. I use acrylic gel to fit the canopy before I apply a little CA glue along the seam line to prevent any fogging inside of the canopy.
Finally the undercarriage is in fixed and the bird can stand on its own legs. Now wonder that the plane is a tailsitter. No problem, because the plane will be later fixed on its base. All in all the kit looks quite well and represent the elegnat lines of the He 219 suitable. Now there are only a few small parts to fit before I can start the paintwork.

Cheers, Christian
20. August 2017, 09:05
Björn Leichsenring Modellbau vom Feinsten. Das wird sehr gut werden. Ich bleibe dran.
20. August 2017, 19:46
Christian Bruer Thank you very much Björn and James.
21. August 2017, 07:32
Bart Goesaert the nightfighter has it's wheels... splendid work so far... thought that it would be impossible to avoid tailsitting
21. August 2017, 08:46
Christian Bruer Thx Bart, glad you like it :) About the tailsitting, in this tiny scale this isn't a problem, because I glue the model onto its base. Otherwise there isn't that much space for any weight in the nose section.
21. August 2017, 09:04
Stephan Ryll Very nice result so far Christian
21. August 2017, 18:22
Bernhard Pethe Oh Christian, Du beißt Dich da in einem Maßstab fest, wenn es aber glücklich macht, dann nur weiter. :)
21. August 2017, 19:16
Christian Bruer Thx Stephan :)
Hehe Bernhard, nun ja 72er baue ich ja mittlerweile auch ;) Ist zwar noch nix fertig, aber immerhin :D
21. August 2017, 20:35
Christian Bruer Time to start the work at the base. I had a hangar as a background in my mind. Yesterday I start with the basic frame made of 1.5mm flat styrene. Today I start detailing the hangar wall with stringers, windows and a sliding door as an entrance to a workshop inside the hangar. Some more work and details are required so stay tuned.

Cheers, Christian
22. August 2017, 18:38
Martin Oostrom You make it look sooooo easy
22. August 2017, 19:11
Björn Leichsenring Wird ja immer besser ...
22. August 2017, 19:51
Christian Bruer Thank you Lode, Martin and Björn :)
23. August 2017, 06:53
Christian Bruer Every house need a roof, so the hangar. The framework for the roof was made of I-beam styrene. Structurally it may not be as much correct, but from my point of view it looks quite nice. So more things come to my mind for more details :)

Cheers, Christian
24. August 2017, 11:03
Roland Sachsenhofer Just aw your project, Christian. I will follow with delight to see your talents and skills at work!
24. August 2017, 11:08
Christian Bruer Thank you Roland, I'm glad you follow :)
24. August 2017, 11:20
Bart Goesaert that hangar looks good so far...
25. August 2017, 13:34
Christian Bruer Thank you Bart :)
25. August 2017, 18:47
Torben Rudolph Great work on this terrific scratch hangar, Christian. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and seeing it for real
25. August 2017, 19:04
Christian Bruer Thx Torben and me too :)
25. August 2017, 19:19
Stephan Ryll great craftsmanship Christian
26. August 2017, 08:07
Christian Bruer Thank you Stephan.
27. August 2017, 13:16
Cesar Muniz Looks Fantastic! This background is amazing! looking forward to see the painting!
27. August 2017, 13:51
Christian Bruer Thank you Cesar :)

I made some progress with the hangar. Window frames, air pipe, electric box and wiring and a workbench are now in place. The floor is fixed on the base and I engraved a tile structure. More to come....
1. September 2017, 14:33
Alec K Great job on the hangar Christian
1. September 2017, 16:42
Christian Bruer Thank you Alec :)
1. September 2017, 18:23
Bart Goesaert Looking good those details... That door is really nice
1. September 2017, 18:28
Roland Sachsenhofer Oh yeah! this door..... and those pipe installations! I am delighted and impressed!
1. September 2017, 18:37
Christian Bruer Thank you Bart and Roland :)
2. September 2017, 07:29
Edgars Bizūns How awesome is that :O I love that hangar! :)
2. September 2017, 11:30
Christian Bruer Thank you Edgars for your kind comment and glad to CU looking around :)
9. September 2017, 18:13
Stephan Ryll Christian that's awesome great dio and idea!
9. September 2017, 21:28
Christian Bruer Thank you Stephan. I hope I can finish it till the SMC in Veldhoven this October?!
10. September 2017, 08:33
arne vd burg Great work
10. September 2017, 09:55
Christian Bruer Thx Arne :)
10. September 2017, 10:52
Christian Bruer I built this box culumn drill for the workshop on my He 219 diorama from scratch. I used flat styrene and styrene profiles. I found some references in the www. and the rest was made out of my mind from my apprenticship in the early 1980s. Still missing are the handles and some electical wires.
The hight of the maschine is approx. 15mm. The workshop master looks really satisdfied, so I guees it did it well so far.

Cheers, Christian
15. September 2017, 17:49
Edgars Bizūns Make a threaded drill bit for it.. ;) amazing piece of art
15. September 2017, 18:18
Alexander G. You built a drill machine in 1:144 from is wrong with you :D That's truly incredible, and so clean for that scale
15. September 2017, 18:39
Cesar Muniz Christian, have you molded the figure as well?
15. September 2017, 20:18
Alec K The drill press is great Christian
15. September 2017, 20:32
Stefan Schacht Hi Chris, super result. I'm curious to see it live. Cheers Stefan
15. September 2017, 21:19
Martin Oostrom That drill is so great, nobody mentions the workbench :(
15. September 2017, 22:25
Christian Bruer Thank you mates for the very kind comments. Alexander I do not really know, but my doctor told me it could be AMS?!
16. September 2017, 07:51
Christian Bruer The plan was to add a roof with a contour cut out to have a good overview over the He 219. I use a 0,5 mm flat styrene and additional stingers for the roof. That now allows a good overview and a good background for later detail photos.

Cheers, Christian
16. September 2017, 16:40
Stephan Ryll Looking very good Christian
16. September 2017, 18:06
Kerry COX Christian. :) Knowing how you love the detail aspect, I am wondering if you will have a tool attached to the drill machine, and possibly, something that is actually being drilled. ??? Mmmmmmm? (The devil made me ask it.) hehehe :)
16. September 2017, 21:38
Christian Bruer Thx Stephan and Kerry! Hehe, Kerry I hear the same devil :D

Some more details, electrical wires, handles, a workbench with a bench vise etc.

Cheers, Christian
17. September 2017, 12:54
Kerry COX Exactly mate. hehehehe Yes. ? :)
17. September 2017, 12:56
Kerry COX No doubt about it. The master and his magic. :) :) :)
17. September 2017, 13:28
Spanjaard the devil is certainly in the details.... and you have certainly listen to it :) wow.
18. September 2017, 09:32
Roland Sachsenhofer To say that´s "GREAT" seems not to fit describing that most adorable micro-wonder you are doing here :)
I simply can´t imagine how you are doing this.... but everything can be explained- maybe you have sold your soul to the devil? Which, as has been written, is in the details.... :)
18. September 2017, 09:46
Stephan Ryll Ayaya Tequila ;) , that´s a hell of a job - respect Christian
18. September 2017, 16:07
Christian Bruer Thx for all your very kind comments, I'm glad you like it :)

About the devil, what should I say mates? I asked the doctor several times what to do with the devil, but he only told me - let em out, let em out, so I do :D
18. September 2017, 18:16
18. September 2017, 19:15

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