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Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
10. August at 12:11:48 Share
Ovidiu Huma Mate ... no offence but what you got there is a MIG-21 BIS not a PF, [img1]
12. August at 17:49:21
Jens I'm not a specialist for MiG 21 or jets in general, Eduard writes MiG 21 PF, then I write it without control ;) Thanks for the hint
12. August at 19:24:21
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August 11, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 06, 2018
Project: Fairey Swordfish Mk.I in scale 1:32
1:32 Fairey Swordfish Mk.I (Trumpeter 03207)1:32 SWORDFISH Mk.I (Eduard BIG3285)
31. July at 20:17:14 Share
Thomas Bischoff a British beauty! Nice start - count me in!
31. July at 20:21:20
Jens Willkommen Thomas, ich hoffe ich kann in der kurzen Zeit die wichtigsten Sachen zeigen, mehr als 3 Wochen habe ich für den Bau nicht geplant ;)
31. July at 20:34:53
01. August at 13:18:58
Thomas Bischoff nur drei Wochen! Das würde mir knapp mal reichen die Schachtel zu öffnen :)
01. August at 13:49:57
Björn Svedberg This I want to see! Taking a seat. :)
01. August at 14:07:19
Jens Welcome Igor and Björn :)
Hello Thomas, I can set such a time limit because I have no other obligations, at almost 40 degrees in the shade then the 23 degrees at the workbench are an invitation, tomorrow I get my favorite again under the sec adhesive, Tamiya, then should it really run like warm cheese :)
01. August at 16:20:16
Jens In a construction report, a colleague called the Trumpeter Swordfish a Tamiya copy in 1:32,
in the plastic parts probably right, as far as the tension but far from it
Spreading a bit of EZ Line between the surfaces is one thing, putting such etched parts between the points on voltage is a bit different
and in terms of time, not to be underestimated
the pictures below cost me the whole night from 22.00 to 7.20
1. The pick-up points of the struts are designed either too flat or the connections for the struts clearly too thick ..., but every tenth of the struts changed, also change the geometry of the surfaces to each other, is extreme in the outer struts, the result, you can really fit the etched parts,
but then you have not yet the surfaces on the fuselage, and there complain the colleagues because of the stability (I'm just surprised :D)
The etched parts look really hard when you cut them, as if those made by Dragon 8o, you want to then position them are the soft as lead wire,
To straighten up these deformations and still keep those things tidy takes a bit of patience and a lot of time
My winners were almost there on the limit and still missing a lot of clamping plates .....
Tool for cutting, a goldsmith's metal shears and smoothing the board residues the Proxxon cutting disc
for gluing Pattafix sec. Glue and! Plastic remnants dissolved in Tamiya speed glue are a real help in aligning and cutting parts
05. August at 11:29:11
Jens Time 2 pictures to the tension with the Trumpeter parts (PE 4 and PE 8) and probably also a clear sign that the "hangers" after completion are not only due to their own weight
an etched part with 3 fixed points, the shorter part fits without any corners, the longer part is then definitely too long
to cut the armor steel is still going on, but then in the mm areas to bend clean could with home remedies something the precision neglect
05. August at 14:18:45
Spanjaard looking really nice Jens
11. August at 14:06:19
Clifford Keesler Awesome Jens! I love the old String Bag.
11. August at 18:17:11
James C Watching this one as well.
11. August at 19:39:52
Jens Thank you friends for the words :) Unfortunately, the Swordfish has a forced break at the moment, I have taken an Airfix Kit of Walrus for the workbench :D, also very convincing what Airfix delivers there
11. August at 21:09:30
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Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 11, 2018
11. August at 06:55:22 Share
Es-haq Khosravi Great job!
11. August at 07:29:13
Jens Thanks Es-haq Khosravi, a good base of ICM makes it possible ;)
11. August at 13:59:15
Spanjaard very nice. nice work on that grass, and of course in the model
11. August at 14:01:23
Timothy Heimer I like it!
11. August at 14:24:38
Jens Thank you Timothy and Spanjaard for your opinion :) the kit is really very nice, with small flaws such as burr or shape shift, but very nicely done,
it will not be the last baker of mine ;)
@ Spanjaard the grass is ready bought (10 euros per piece), if I find the manufacturer you get the link as a PN from me
11. August at 15:07:54
Spanjaard thanks Jens!
11. August at 16:29:13
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August 02, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 29, 2018
Project: Revell Heinkel 219 A2 scale 1:32 in scale 1:32
1:32 He 219 (Eduard BIG3324)
13. July at 10:18:17 Share
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Rene Scheiblich Woohoo nailed the paintjob as usual Jens! I'm leaning towards that scheme as well, it looks sleek and badass in black :D
Pity though about the collapsed undercarriage. I hope I remember to use some 2k glue with mesh for these parts.
30. July at 09:29:34
Jens @ Peter, I'm too fast, because you probably miss a lot, my models have very little response because, the colleagues often need to buy more time than me for the construction :D
@ Rene, the weight makes real concern with the model, even at the end you have the händling rpobleme, the many small parts, I was glad that the Heinkel could then leave the table without further damage ;)
@bobinspokaloo not many planes have earned the attribute "Sexy", but the Heinkel 219 is an interesting, in the colors very exciting and in the scale also huge plane and it has been really fun despite the glitches :)
30. July at 11:38:50
Bart Goesaert And a beautysalon it is... Nice work
31. July at 07:38:42
Bryn Crandell Very nice. Are the antennae photo etch? They look real fiddly. Great paint job!
31. July at 13:39:59
Jens Thank you colleagues for the nice words :)
@Bryn Crandell the antennas are original Revell plastic
31. July at 14:46:47
Rene Scheiblich Thought as much. Sleek looking but a tad bit on the heavy side :)
I'm worried about all those delicate parts sticking around everywhere as well.

Peter, interesting alternative use for the antennae… :D Don't forget the "remove before flight" labels though… Don't want to go hunt bombers with some undies on the windscreen :S
01. August at 21:12:45
Peter Hardy Especially 1945 undies! The whole windscreen would be "Bombay Bloomers"!

Jens, I have a history of destroying fine plastic antennas. How did you seperate from the sprues?
01. August at 23:15:22
Jens Hello Peter, that's easy :)
From CMK a fine saw to separate it from the frame and then with a scalpel easily scraping and scratching The link is intended only as an aid, so that is understood exactly what I meant Ultra smooth saw (both sides) 5pcs (CMK H1005, No)

No Ultra smooth saw (both sides) 5pcs (CMK H1005)
02. August at 00:50:08
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July 31, 2018

Jens added the Eduard SWORDFISH Mk.I (1:32) to his stash.
1:32 SWORDFISH Mk.I (Eduard BIG3285)
SWORDFISH Mk.I Trumpeter
Eduard 1:32
31. July at 02:09:10 Share
Jens added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:32 | Albums: 1 with 50 images
31. July at 02:06:45 Share

July 30, 2018

Jens and Peter Hardy are now mates.
30. July at 13:11:40 Share

July 18, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 18, 2018
03. July at 14:16:34 Share
Michael Hickey That looks awesome Jens.
05. July at 12:03:17
Philippe Nice job :)
05. July at 13:27:38
Jens Thank you Mates for the nice words :) I am happy if the Heinkel like, it is still a very simple model
05. July at 13:57:10
Jens Blueprints should not always be believed, after the advice of a colleague, I gave the rims a RLM 02, my routines in terms of air force was fixed on a SM Black ......
18. July at 07:22:55
Timothy Heimer Looks good Jens!
18. July at 14:02:24
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July 15, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 14, 2016
08. October 2015 at 12:10:06 Share
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Jens einem Airbrushprofi wie Dir kann man nichts vormachen :) Danke für das Kompliment :)
14. May 2016 at 11:31:26
Martien Lourens Ich bin seit 2 jahre kein profi mehr aber hobby airbrusher. :) Das gibt kein stress :). Aber du hast schöne linien, kringen gezogen. Ohne unterbrechungen und spetter. Das ist doch mal was und konsentration. Übung bezahlt sich immer aus. Oder du bist eim natur talent. Ich habe die linien nicht kontroliert. :) :) :) Ein fehler in linien sieht man gleich. :)
14. May 2016 at 12:42:30
Jens alles ist stück für stück gemacht , ausser am Leitwerk, da habe ich Linien gezogen,aber, ich habe eben bei den neuen Bilder aber dann doch einen kleinen Felck entdeckt, da habe ich wohl ohne Luftstop gedreht :(
14. May 2016 at 12:47:36
Jens so Tamiya Heinkel 219 completed, on the neighbor bell Monster
I think even 2 biplane fun on model building, and then the Ju 88 G1 and G6, of course meanders :)
14. May 2016 at 12:52:16
Christian Ristits Very impressive Jens, cool "underwater" camouflage!
14. May 2016 at 13:21:43
Jens Danke Christian :) Unterwasserlackierung für Mäander iss mir auch neu :) speicher ich mal für die Antworten in den einzelnen Foren :D
14. May 2016 at 13:36:43
James C Very nice mate. Looking forward to see what you do with the 1/32 scale version. ;)
14. July at 20:48:58
Clifford Keesler Very nice Jens. A beautiful model. I have the 1/32 one.
15. July at 01:56:08
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July 13, 2018

Jens added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:32 | Albums: 1 with 183 images
13. July at 10:09:45 Share

July 10, 2018

Jens started the Eduard He 219 (1:32)
1:32 He 219 (Eduard BIG3324)
He 219 Revell
Eduard 1:32
10. July at 04:01:11 Share

July 09, 2018

Jens started the Revell He 219 A-7 (A-5 / A-2 late) "UHU" (1:32)
1:32 He 219 A-7 (A-5 / A-2 late) "UHU" (Revell 04666)
He 219 A-7 (A-5 / A-2 late) "UHU"
Revell 1:32
04666 (80-4666)
2012 | New tool
09. July at 23:37:51 Share
Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 11, 2013
10. August 2013 at 16:17:14 Share
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Mike Kryza Hmmm - ist schon lustig das die Modellbauer mit ihren eigenen Werken nie so zufrieden sind... ;) :D - Freue mich schon auf Deine nächsten "Crimes".
11. August 2013 at 11:53:48
Jens wie , nicht zufrieden ?? , kennst du das noch von Anderen ;) :)))))

wenn ich so schnell wüsste , da wäre eine Fw 190 D9 , auch mit 3 Farb Schema , aber auch eine Kingfisher , die alten Navy Farben , mit dem Signalgelb ......, eine Arado 234 , natürlich als Nachtjäger , oder die Ho 229 B auch als Nachtjäger .......... ich werd wohl erst mal Pause machen müssen , ich kann mich wirklich nicht entscheiden :))))))))
11. August 2013 at 12:10:24
James C Very cool.
07. July at 01:59:49
Thomas Bischoff absolutely stunning this camo! Very nice work Jens!
07. July at 20:10:14
Christian Friedenberger Die Lackierung ist der Wahnsinn!
07. July at 20:41:56
Spanjaard what a beautiful camo!
09. July at 01:56:02
Clifford Keesler Very nice as always Jens.
09. July at 04:19:49
Jens Thank you, thank you, thank you :) James C, Thomas Bischoff,
Christian, Spanjaard, Clifford Keesler, the model was already created in 2013, at that time I had as a template a photo of a prey MiG 3 on a wagon in Russia, described as a plane from Stalingrad, but it was originally from the Baltic Front and was there with the change to Hurican to Stalingrad delivered, at the time the production of the MiG 3 was already stopped, as I said, the model was built in 2013 in the summer ;) and was yesterday with an exhibition near Leipzig
09. July at 12:07:10
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July 06, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: June 30, 2018
30. June at 06:28:33 Share
Martin Oostrom Well done Jens
30. June at 09:31:38
Jens Hello Martin :) Thanks for the nice word :)
30. June at 13:46:47
30. June at 14:41:17
Jens Thanks JOHN THOMAS Thanks for the nice word :)
06. July at 09:21:26
James C That's an awesome camo scheme on the Mig 21. Very nice Mig 3 as well.
06. July at 21:04:37
Jens Thank you James :) , nice that the Cubans also find overseas friends :) ;), the MiG 3 had its premieres 5 years ago in a separate article, my album has become a bit bigger :D

06. July at 23:53:15
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June 28, 2018

Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
28. June at 12:21:03 Share

June 21, 2018

Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
Junkers Ju 88 G-1 Nachtjäger
Dragon 1:48

by Jens on ARCair

21. June at 17:32:42 Share

June 19, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: June 11, 2018
09. June at 18:58:35 Share
Wim van der Luijt Another Nachtjäger....count me in! nice work on the cockpit so far
09. June at 19:58:39
Jens Yes Wim, something else, but Revell is a very nice model, I only did the work today, a really great kit
09. June at 20:00:57
Stefan Schacht nice start, i take a seat
09. June at 20:58:35
James C Off to a great start Jens. Cool subject as well.
09. June at 21:31:51
Björn Svedberg A really nice start, Jens! I'm also taking a seat. ;)
09. June at 22:16:23
Jens Thank you for the curiosity I am pleased your interest, but with me it is usually very fast and the paint is done :D

Well, on a weekend but done :D, the tank really fits very well, real problems are just the distribution of weight (according to Revell 50 grams, but it may be much more like who can gleit the bottom plate of the cockpit and lead nevertheless the motor gondolas cram full) the chassis makes then because of the weight but own worry, on the left I always had to stick the connections, the wheels were still free, now I have stuck to the Ahsen, but brings a little more strength, Colors inside RLM 66 Gunze Hobby Color, chassis RLM 02 as well Gunze "H" colors, Flecktarn RLM 75/76 from Gunze Mr. Color, C Code and compliant with universal thinner, clear coat before the Decals Gunze GX 100, also diluted with Universal, Matt lacquer as completion of Gunze Hobby Color
11. June at 08:52:39
Jens Now a few little things that I have noticed in the pictures until now, Big pictures with small consequences :D
11. June at 08:54:51
Thomas Bischoff for example the front cockpit does not fit well ... nice work Jens!
18. June at 20:24:11
James C Cool looking aircraft. Nice looking build Jens.
18. June at 21:27:27
Jens Thank you colleagues for the nice words :) @ Thomas, the Tamiya Quick Glue did not do it all and I was too fast with the pictures :)
19. June at 20:01:29
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June 17, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: June 08, 2018
05. June at 12:14:47 Share
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gorbygould Stunning!
That camo is mind-blowingly good!
17. June at 18:15:03
Jens Thank you gorbygould, it is a relatively simple freehand work and sprayed almost only a strength of lines and circles in RLM 76 on a RLM 75 base
17. June at 18:28:36
gorbygould The theory may be simple, but in practice….
17. June at 19:47:05
Jens The color and pressure of the airgun must be right, the distance to the surface determines the overall picture, practice everything on a glass or mirror, if you can work cleanly on the material it is only amusing on plastic
17. June at 20:13:22
Clifford Keesler Beautiful JU-88 Jens, well done.
17. June at 20:20:31
Jens Thanks Clifford :) I am pleased that the Ju 88 like you, some will still arise, unfortunately no night fighters more, or just a few conversions of the G6 with "Berlin" Radar
17. June at 20:29:04
Clifford Keesler I like the night fighter version, to bad they are hard to find.
17. June at 20:33:54
Jens ICM now has some offers, including the G version, plus AIMS and OWL some quick boost, then only the space is missing for all versions :D
17. June at 20:38:51
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June 16, 2018

Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
16. June at 03:37:21 Share

June 09, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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This album does not contain any images.

Updated: January 01, 1970
09. June at 18:58:35 Share
Jens added a new photoalbum.
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This album does not contain any images.

Updated: January 01, 1970
09. June at 18:58:21 Share

June 06, 2018

Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
06. June at 13:52:06 Share

June 03, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: June 01, 2018
01. June at 14:47:12 Share
Sebastijan Videc Cool looking MiG!
01. June at 21:04:54
Björn Svedberg Great looking Mig, Jens! And I love the camo!
01. June at 21:10:14
Thomas Bischoff love the paintjob - great work Jens!
01. June at 21:13:56
Jens Thanks for the nice words, I like to pass on to Eduard, the kit of the MiG is a real dream to build, spatula was very little in the external loads
02. June at 03:29:21
Spanjaard nice!
02. June at 09:50:51
Jens Thank you Spanjaard :) :) , when I am asked how to do freehand such surfaces, then I answer as the meander also, there are only lines :D
02. June at 10:10:19
Spanjaard ha ha ha :)
02. June at 15:50:29
Martien Lourens Beautiful mig 21 . And I think , freehand airbrush. Looks very good, Jens.
03. June at 00:31:12
Jens Thanks Martien :) makes me happy if I can convince you as an airbrush master with the colors :) and yes, freehand airbrush, with such simple patterns probably an effective metode
03. June at 01:10:47
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May 26, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
26. May at 16:18:45 Share

May 25, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 22, 2018
Project: Super Seasprite KITTY HAWK in scale 1:48
1:48 Super Seasprite Interior (Eduard 49834)1:48 Super Seasprite seatbelts STEEL KITTY HAWK (Eduard FE837)1:48 Super Seasprite cargo interior KITTY HAWK (Eduard 49847)1+
07. May at 09:42:19 Share
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Jens The home straight comes slowly into view, with a kit that requires a pure WOW in the box,
but if one devotes himself to the parts, then more of the colloquial Polish term "Kurwa" becomes the companion of the works ....
Therefore my name for the whisk, "Kurwavogel"

be that as it may
Following his motto, the kit again has very nasty surprises in store, the windows of the doors do not fit in the frame, nothing, niggesse, njet, nitschiewo,
Success of the first try, the door on the "dragon side" better the window had gotten glue (Tamiya extra), so grind, polish and patience,
That was about 11 clock yesterday, about 18 clock I was back from my day tour, and wanted to get started ......, fit well, but the body heat was then against any success, the "window" was again cloudy ..., a deep firm "Kurwa", the part in the collection box and happily continue, with the position lights on the engine housings ...., Green first ...., ohhhh, as you know, the Kurwa, does not fit the gówno, files, neee, no longer bock, so a casting a candle and Eduard tried the etched edge forms tried, went quite well, but I also needed some practice, right heat, right size, right pace, and not too forgotten, still in the warm state, so almost immediately after pressing, a turn with the casting, saving the annoying sawing the tiny Fummelteilchen and gives a clean separation point directly on the board :)
So stuck position gluing, windows finished and drann doors, but also there are tensions in the true sense, the dragon side does not want to follow the hull shape, so stuck up or down ....,
okay, nothing shocks me anymore ...
so demaskieren, finally admire the Green Roof, is premiere, I had no model: 1:
and again the Polish phrase of use came with deep grunts over the lips, on the left the Tamiya Kleber had searched the way inwards,
used to grind, even that quickly corrected something, something, there is no more to create, disassembled because I wanted more niggesse

and now comes the final spurt
Flashing lights, mirrors (which are then also self-made), the offer of Kitty Hawk is indeed a nice attempt, but mirrors just look a bit different, the mirror carrier on the cabin, I then made the same, if already frickelstunde, then in the whole : D
The external loads are also still, but since that too was not possible without the use phrase, they are also allowed to hold their position ....
18. May at 10:02:34
Bernhard Schrock …Das ist ein Katzenjammer dieser Bausatz. Sehr schade das alles zu lesen, da Du ja eigentlich schon fast fertig bist. Kenne ich, geht mir manchmal auch genauso. Ich lege in so einem Fall dann die Schrottmühle beiseite und mache mit „Etwas" weiter bei dem ich weiß: „es wird klappen!". Die rote 26 die den Henkel Cup gewonnen hat, war genauso ein Fall. Wie wär's wenn Du Dir den Sieger des Oetker-Preises von 1941 vornimmst. Da hat doch eine Versuchs-190 mit einem 4-Blatt Prop gewonnen, die von Brand (Zwieback!!) gesponsert wurde… Wie hieß nochmal der Pilot? War es nicht Karl W. Itz? Kopf hoch! Wochenende naht!
18. May at 11:04:36
Jens Danke Bernhard aber ich bleibe wohl beim Heli, wenn ich den zur Seite lege, dann gerät der auch in Vergessenheit, ist ja nicht so schlimm, der hat ja auch wirklich freudige Momente zu bieten :)
18. May at 11:41:16
Jens After many attempts, the last two parts are homemade and finally glued
22. May at 10:24:33
Thomas Bischoff Looks good Jens!
.. nur der Sockel gefällt mir gar nicht, wenn ich das so offen sagen darf - ich würd da noch etwas Zeit investieren :)
24. May at 21:55:34
Jens Danke Thomas, freut mich wenn der Heli gefällt :) Mit Dios habe ich es nicht, der Sockel ist ein Brettchen mit Gipsbinden belegt, zu mehr fehlt es an Talent und Handwerk, er sollte nur nicht Nackt vor die Cam, der Drachen behauptet ja das Bild schon extrem
25. May at 01:14:35
Michael Hickey Now that is really nice.
25. May at 01:21:32
Jens Thanks Michael :) and believe me, the outside was more stress than all Ju 88 of Dragon together ;) :D
25. May at 09:55:24
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May 24, 2018

Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
24. May at 11:46:54 Share

May 23, 2018

Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
Super Seasprite SH-2G
Kitty Hawk 1:48

by Jens on ARCair

23. May at 11:42:40 Share

May 15, 2018

Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
Junkers Ju 88 C-6 5./NJG 2, Deelen, Netherlands, 1944
Dragon 1:48

by Jens on ARCair

15. May at 09:39:09 Share

May 12, 2018

Jens added a new photoalbum.
27. April at 08:52:30 Share
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Clifford Keesler I agree beautiful job.
10. May at 21:16:59
Jens Thank you very much !!!! :) :) but I assure you, there are only lines !! distributed on plastic ;)
10. May at 21:20:20
Spanjaard only lines distributed on plastic... yeah, and Rubens or Velazquez only did strokes of paint in a canvas :D
10. May at 21:28:36
Rene Scheiblich Well basically... Hmm :D
Don't be too humble Jens. That's a bloody awesome paintjob! Chapeau!
12. May at 03:00:25
Doug Quite amazing Jens, fantastic!
12. May at 04:23:20
Jens Thanks for the nice words, it makes me happy if the Ju can convince :)
12. May at 05:28:10
Peter Hardy The Ju convinces VERY convincingly Jens. Just accept that we think you've done a brilliant job on this one. Bar is set a bit higher now.
12. May at 07:09:02
Jens Thanks Peter :) it flatters again and again and helps to forget about my mistakes ;)
12. May at 08:06:33
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May 06, 2018

Jens added the Dragon Junkers Ju 88C-6 Night Fighter (1:48) to his completed kits.
1:48 Junkers Ju 88C-6 Night Fighter (Dragon 5540)
Junkers Ju 88C-6 Night Fighter
Dragon 1:48
2004 | Changed parts
06. May at 11:12:49 Share


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