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Stephan H. added a new photoalbum.
6 | 24. August 2020, 09:20
Stephan H.
@all: How do I rotate a picture in an excisting album ? And can I delete a picture without deleting the whole album? THX for infos
24. August 2020, 09:26
Slavo Hazucha
Right corner over the Album picture - hit "Manage"

In Manage, hit "Advanced options" = rotation
Each picture should also have a "trash bin" on the right side = delete that specific picture

All described as seen on PC/chrome browser...

& nice Chaser, too... 👍😉Y
24. August 2020, 09:30
Stephan H.
Awesome Slavo. THX
24. August 2020, 09:33
Dominik Weitzer
that looks hot!
14. January, 20:26
Stephan H.
thx. kit is easy to build and the decals are great as well.
15. January, 09:41
Konrad Limmer
Very cool 🙂! Awesome!!
15. January, 09:47
everyone loves a chaser!
28. July, 21:51

July 27, 2021

Stephan H. added a new photoalbum.
16 images
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Small Talk!
Project: Inside the X-Wing ;)
1 | 20. July, 07:31
Rui S
Interesting diferent 👍
25. July, 15:24
Stephan H.
Thx. This served as a nerdy addition to a gift very well. And I learned how that stuff works for future projects.
27. July, 08:35

July 20, 2021

Stephan H. added a new project.
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20. July, 07:26
Stephan H. added a new photoalbum.
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I am quite happy how good the elastic rigging material works. Highly recommended. I just need to learn how to use the ab...
Project: USS Pinckney (DDG-91)
20. July, 06:42
Stephan H. added a new project.
11 images
20. July, 06:34

May 2, 2021

Stephan H. and HuetMotors are now mates.
2. May, 05:33

April 13, 2021

Stephan H. added a new photoalbum.
8 | 27. August 2020, 09:08
27. August 2020, 09:14
Stephan H.
27. August 2020, 09:18
Rafael Lang
wow.... great job in save this one!
20. March, 05:02
Ferry Dierckxsens
Fantastic work. You don't see this kit finished so much.
20. March, 08:30
Now That effort was defenetly worth it. thats the Kind of building Models i do really like.
20. March, 20:41
Stephan H.
Thx mates. The shape of the car is just beautiful, but the kit is a challenge.
12. April, 12:41
13. April, 14:33

April 12, 2021

Stephan H. added a new photoalbum.
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If you are a man/woman/undecided with a sense of aesthetic you have to love this shape ;)
6 | 18. August 2020, 21:19
Wow! You've just raised the bar for automotive paint finishes 👍
18. August 2020, 21:22
Stephan H.
Thanks mate but thats far too kind. Look at the last picture. I got a lot to learn. But buying that zero paints clear, although toxic as hell and not the cheapest was totally worth it.
18. August 2020, 21:29
Mere blemishes mate, the fact you got 90% of it looking bloody amazing at first try is a result in my book 😉
Learn every time ......
18. August 2020, 21:57
Stephan H.
I am not saying that I´m not happy with the overall result. But as the builder you know where to look for flaws. And now that it´s done, I regret not wiring/plumbing the engine a bit. Next time 🙂
19. August 2020, 06:56
Bill Newcomer
Way cool result. Keep up the good work.
19. August 2020, 07:25
Stephan H.
THX Bill.

I needed to add some daylight pictures since my camera was not able to focus my favourite decals (pic #28) at night/LED lights. Very subtle and sharp printed. This picture also shows an issue with the decal thickness: The clear part of the rear window has bolts/screw heads molded. I thought I could just put the frame decal on top and apply decal softener as needed. That did not work out completely. I might be a better idea to sand the screw heads away before using the decal.
19. August 2020, 11:43
Rod -
Nice build 🙂 I only have one model in my cabinet with 2k clear on it, and it is by far the shiniest of the collection. Extreme toxicity bothers me, but the finish is incredible.
20. August 2020, 12:45
Stephan H.
THX just saw your charger. You cant go wrong with a hidden headlights muscle car 🙂
20. August 2020, 18:08
Rafael Lang
automotive clear are the best in my opinion! I use them in all my models too!
20. March, 05:07
Nigel Chapman
Nice model, Looks the business. I'm with Rafael and use automotive clear or the Pledge (future) klear
20. March, 08:15
Stephan H.
Thx guys. I believe the zero paints 2k stuff is close to automotive clear. When it comes to "real" automotive paints I am a big coward scared of destroying base paint coats and/or decals. I use future klear alot with all non automotive topics. It is great since not that toxic, but it is not as shiny as the zero paints clear... not sure if/how future klear can be polished or not!?!
12. April, 12:49
Rafael Lang
Zero Paints 2k clear is the same automotive paint but diluted for airbrush, without any difference!

as for your doubt regarding the future I cannot help you, because I never used it, sorry!
12. April, 22:17
Stephan H. added a new photoalbum.
7 | 24. August 2020, 14:52
Mathijs Beenhakker
Nice Rims...do they come with the kit
24. August 2020, 23:02
Dominik Weitzer
while it is Fitting horrible, it came out very good. some paint dots on the sidemarker perhaps😉
25. August 2020, 05:49
Stephan H.
@Mathijs: No the rims are aftermarked. I believe it was Aoshima but not sure.
@Dominik: Good point about the sidemarker. I should have sanded them away for a cleaner shape 😛 I will not touch it right now.
26. August 2020, 11:02
Bill Newcomer
Very nice indeed.
29. August 2020, 02:23
Rafael Lang
Perfect fit and AMT kits are two things what you can't have together in the same box! but you make a great job here!
20. March, 05:11
Nigel Chapman
Very nice. I like your exhaust mods. Would like to have go myself
20. March, 08:09
István Szücs
What a great building- so shiny, so yellow!
20. March, 20:51
Stephan H.
THX mates. Shine came from Tamiya gloss clear (spray can), but it has orange peel (see pic #6). Today I would polish it, but back than I was happy with the result.
12. April, 12:38

January 17, 2021

Stephan H. and nathalie emond are now mates.
17. January, 21:29

January 15, 2021

Stephan H. added a new photoalbum.
5 | 18. August 2020, 12:19
Bill Newcomer
Nice mean looking Galaxie.
19. August 2020, 07:28
Christian W
Cool to see that kit built! The cover of the box couldn't catch my interesst at anytime. Yours looking great. The lowered suspension makes a lot to it.
15. January, 04:57
Stephan H.
Thx Christian. I also do not like these box covers showing pictures of a finished OOB model, they look like "cheap toy" to me. I prefer real pictures or these vintage drawings. The suspension is OOB, if I remember correctly. This model was my first attempt to apply a black wash to the grille, being happy with easy application and the result.
15. January, 09:22
Christian W
The box art in the 2000 were not that nice. I agree with the toy-look. I'm so glad, they (eg. Round2) go back to the vintage box art.
15. January, 09:25
Stephan H.
Exactly! E.g. the allison thunderland cover, which fits such an "old" car way better.
15. January, 09:39


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