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Ben Schumacher (Ben)


Lockheed S-3B Viking - 1/32, scratch

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This album is attached to project Lockheed S-3B Viking.

Albums: 1 with 41 images
1:32 15 ALBAR US Navy Aircraft Tow Bar (2 Pcs.) (Scale Navy Stuff 3206)1:32 Padeyes w/Closed Bottom (120 Pcs.) (Scale Navy Stuff 3203)


12. February at 10:14:25 Share
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Neuling Wow! Super build and dio!
12. February at 10:19:06
Holger Kranich Unbelieveable craftmanship! 10/10!
12. February at 10:36:13
Hans Haag Excelent work!
12. February at 10:49:20
Bernhard Schrock !!!Jaw dropping!!!!Da bin ich aber so was von platt!!!Szczęka mi aż do piwnicy spadła!!!Unbelievable craftsmanship!!!Chapeau Ben!!!
12. February at 11:02:44
12. February at 13:14:58
Treehugger Nice, clean and crisp detailing. Nicely done. :)
12. February at 13:20:31
12. February at 13:29:25
Nathan Dempsey Impressive build there. Great detail in the wing folds.
12. February at 15:18:23
Harry Eder More than impressive!
12. February at 15:26:16
Alberto Michieletto Wow. You are a DIO of plastic model!! Fantastic
12. February at 15:32:11
Choppa Nutta Amazing work, just superb from start to finish, incredible final result , very well done sir !!!
12. February at 15:48:09
Spanjaard really impressive. fully scratch, that is true modelling!!! congratulations on a true awesome job!
12. February at 15:52:19
Stephan Ryll Wonderful project, Outstanding work
12. February at 15:56:26
gorbygould Stunning work!!!!!!!!!!
12. February at 16:31:19
Alexander G. Well, that is some REAL modeling for you....simply stunning
12. February at 19:35:38
12. February at 19:42:54
Marco Gallmann Absolutely fantastic! Marvelous!
12. February at 19:54:17
Augie Good god! that is wonderful
12. February at 20:03:29
Oleg Bogolei hard to imagine this amount of work. and result is excellent.
12. February at 20:18:34
Thomas Bischoff simply stunning!
12. February at 20:39:07
Richmond Top drawer
12. February at 20:44:52
potez452 Master class !!!
12. February at 21:04:00
Alec K FANTastic
13. February at 13:49:44
Daniel Klink WTF? That is real Modelling.. Fantastic...
13. February at 14:57:57
Bart Goesaert simply amazing build... can you elaborate a bit more on how you made this beauty? Sections in styrene, filled with balsa I presume? Did you use this to make a resin copy for finishing?
13. February at 15:49:12
Bernd Korte Insane! - in a good way ;)
13. February at 19:42:23
Ben Schumacher Thank you all for your kind comments, I am glad you like it!

Bart, the spaces between the sections were filled with high density PU foam and sheet. There is no resin copy, the skeleton you see on the first pic is still inside the model. I should have made a copy as the model is pretty heavy, but that's too late now.

@Model_Mania, yes, there is indeed a curtain between the front and rear cockpits. In real life, it was almost always open - I closed it to hide that there are no SENSO and TACCO stations inside my model.
14. February at 07:11:56
Adam Gudynowski Scratchbuilding always in my interests
14. February at 08:01:39
Patrick Hagelstein Ben, hiding those SENSO and TACCO stations is really a cheap shortcut! ;) Any scratch built 1/32 scale Viking should at least have that feature... :D Simply amazing build!
14. February at 14:52:32
Alec K Ben, can you please talk a bit about the process of skinning the fuselage? Was this done with styrene sheet? Section at a time, vacuformed, how glued to PU foam etc? Thanks much.
14. February at 16:47:05
Ben Schumacher No vacuforming was involved in skinning the fuselage. Once the spaces between the ribs were filled with PU foam or sheet and sanded into shape, the whole surface was covered with liquid resin which was then sanded. This was followed by body filler, more sanding, primer, even more sanding and a lot of scribing.
15. February at 08:02:09
Erik Leijdens Amazing....!
15. February at 08:08:34
15. February at 08:34:05
Glenn . That's an amazing build well done. Maybe an A-3 Skywarrior or a V-22 Osprey could be your next project in 1/32
15. February at 13:43:26
Alec K Liquid resin! Teach me, Sensei... again, inspiring build and publication-worthy building skills. Would love to hear more about the liquid resin technique (dipped, brushed, brand etc.) I was trying to not be lazy, but could not find this covered or answered in any of your other albums or gallery articles (if there is something in print, let me/us know).
15. February at 15:18:32
Ronny Verlaek WOW , .....
15. February at 15:25:33
Ben Schumacher @Glenn - both projects are already in the making - among a few others... The very next one will probably be a CH-53E in 32nd scale.

@Alec - I just brush on a thin coat of resin onto the model, the brand does not really matter. It's a good base to obtain a perfect surface.
19. February at 10:02:57
Bart Goesaert I have no objection to in progress shots or albums ;)
19. February at 13:55:23
Alec K Thanks Ben
19. February at 15:05:53
Ben Schumacher You're welcome, Alec! Bart, there is a full build report on LSP. There are no photos of the fuselage covered with resin, though.
19. February at 15:29:37
Bryn Crandell Uh WOW! Amazing craftsmanship.
19. February at 15:31:19
José Ángel Moreno Amazing! BRAVO
19. February at 15:32:26
Ben Schumacher Thank you all very much for your kind comments, I am really glad you like it!
20. March at 15:02:59
Spanjaard looking forward to see this live during the weekend :)
18. October at 15:23:38
Dave Flitton WOW! How long did this take you to build?
18. October at 20:23:25
Ben Schumacher Thank you! :) It took me around four years, Dave.
19. October at 15:48:10
Hans Robben I saw this one at the SMC today: great build and very inspiring to see first hand!
19. October at 16:10:20
Spanjaard Looking forward seeing it tomorrow
19. October at 18:41:55
Tim Heimer Wow! That's nice work!
19. October at 19:07:46
Erik Leijdens I saw it yesterday in Veldhoven, absolutely amazing work. You have great skills Ben!
20. October at 08:27:24
Ben Schumacher Thank you guys, I'm glad you weren't disappointed when you saw it in the flesh! :)
23. October at 08:00:34
Spanjaard certainly not dissapointed! a well deserved award. congratulations
23. October at 11:06:59
Hans Robben Oh, did it get an award? Well deserved! Online no results of the contest available yet.
23. October at 11:15:26
Sergej I Just WoW!
23. October at 14:49:11
Bryn Crandell Congratulations. What an amazing build. The carrier deck is fabulous. Did you build that as well? if so where is the build thread for it?
24. October at 11:55:50
Ben Schumacher Cheers everybody! :) The Viking go a gold medal in the scratchbuilt category indeed and two special prizes from Gruppo Picchiatello from Italy and Latin Militaire from Chile. The deck was built by my good friend Thomas Matzer; I just had to assemble it, to add my 3D printed padeyes and to paint and weather it. I have some photos which I can post within the next few days.
25. October at 07:42:26
Treehugger Inspiring work! :) Nice to see something can be done. Also nice model. :) I thought this was a wooden model or something, so I didn't see the rest of this until today. :D
25. October at 08:52:13
Alec K Congrats on the well deserved wins Ben
25. October at 10:10:52
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