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Glenn (.)
Great to see a new body style, some new tooling! I really like how Round 2 AMT are re-releasing all of their truck kits some have not been around in over 30 years or more.
Now if we could have a new tooled kit of a Mack B-61 PLEASE!!! It would be a great seller!
Also a Peterbilt 350, Peterbilt 351, Peterbilt 362, Peterbilt 389 long chassis, Kenworth T680 and i can think of many more too!

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September 15, 2021

Glenn (.)
Who keeps changing the Boxart photos for their own model show case? That's NOT what the boxart photo is for. It's there as a reference photo for everyone to match up the kits they have NOT to show your personal models! Stop doing this. Please
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Glenn (.)
I just found another one the Coca Cola van version is also recently changed to someones built model STOP IT.
15. September, 13:31
Tim is able to
a) restore the pictures and
b) see which user id has replaced the pics and send out a warning.
You can post the affected links in Data suggestions.
15. September, 13:34
Glenn (.)
O.K. just makes me a bit mad when someone screws things up for no reason! cheers!
15. September, 13:45
Yea agree with Bughunter, have a quiet word in Tim's ear and he'll sort it
15. September, 14:45
Just seen. he's on the case already
15. September, 14:46
Glenn (.)
Thanks Augie I've spent a lot of time, along with others to try and keep the database accurate for all to use with correct boxart. Not a showcase for personal models. Just upload a Album of your photos if you want to show off your model.
15. September, 14:54
Totally get you Glenn, and I agree, they are there so people can match them, not for personal showcases. As and when you find them, make a post like this then Tim and certain high level contributors can see it and we can look at the history of updates so we can 1) revert the change 2) educate who did it.

15. September, 15:23
Glenn (.)
Thumbs Up! not sure how to do the emoji 🙂
15. September, 15:41
Glenn (.)
If people don't stop messing with things like this i think they should be blocked from editing the database. middle finger emoji !!! 😮
15. September, 15:44
I'm sure Tim will use that if he has too.
15. September, 16:30
Same with the spammers!
Even after kicked out they come back to create new accounts for links to their web pages with nearly identical user names. That is only to be found by Google, because SM has a high reputation. Your middle finger emoji for them too!
15. September, 16:34
Glenn (.)
Double middle finger emoji to SPAMMERS!!!!!!
15. September, 16:56

September 3, 2021

Glenn (.)
The Kenworth/Challenge Transit Cement Mixer should NOT be linked to the Super Boss Kenworth in the timeline at all. It shares NO PARTS from the Super Boss kit at all. The Super Boss kit was newly tooled in the late 70's The cement mixer dates back even earlier.

August 24, 2021

Glenn (.)
Guys if you added this to your stash just double check if it's listed under this version #1157 or the Original 1979 issue #5007 Someone STUFFED UP all the timeline information relating to these kits. I Have FIXED the entry for the original kit. Just delete it from your stash and add the other kit or visa versa DON'T CHANGE THE KIT INFORMATION AGAIN...... (Read more on the original listing.)
1:25 Kenworth (AMT 1157)
Tyrone Malone's
Kenworth Custom Drag Truck
AMT 1:25
1157 2019 | Changed decals
Glenn (.)
Someone screwed this timeline right up! This is the ORIGINAL BOXART from the 1979 release! WHY do i know this because i put the information into scalemates MANY years ago!!! (I HAVE BOTH KITS) The kit #5007 is the ORIGINAL number NOT THE RE-ISSUE. This boxart also shows the "Bandag" brand on the truck doors the re-issue DOES NOT! It's airbrushed off the door in the new photo! Also it's not called "Bandag Bandit" on the new boxing! So Please don't Fiddle with original information unless you know what your doing! Your just stuffing up all the good work others that know better than you are doing!!!! I'm CHANGING this entry BACK to the original information. So if you have the RE-ISSUE (kit #1157/06) delete this one from your STASH and ADD the LATER ONE.
1:25 Bandag Bandit (AMT 5007)
Tyrone Malone's
Bandag Bandit Custom Drag Kenworth
AMT 1:25
5007 1979 | Changed parts
David Olmstead@Glenn (.)
Sorry to bother you but I noticed you have this set in your stash. Was wondering if you would be willing to sell it as I'm trying to build a Saraf and can't get this set. Again sorry for the intrution.

AH-64D-I Saraf (Armycast M&M AC 72023, 1:72)

1:72 AH-64D-I Saraf (Armycast M&M AC 72023)
24. August, 12:02
Glenn (.)
Sorry.... But why do people keep contacting me about selling stuff?????? READ MY PROFILE........
24. August, 13:37
Glenn (.) owns this item
Glenn (.)
You might think this a just another re-issue of an old Ertl truck kit? But NO this is a completely NEW TOOL KIT! Yes it is based on the old 70's Ertl kit but AMT have decided to do a complete re-tool of this great old International truck. I'm so happy to see it back and hope they continue making great trucks since Revell hardly do anything and Italeri mostly do Euro trucks but some of the American trucks like the Ford LTL9000 and the Mack Superliner and Freightliner trucks have also been re boxed into AMT issues.
If you wanna know more watch these reviews
Youtube Video
Youtube Video
Youtube Video

Brandon H
New tool you say? This kit may have just cut to front of my wishlist...
1. August, 22:25
Glenn (.)
YES! I got one recently looks very good. I'm glad to see all of these old Ertl and AMT truck kits back again. Some of them have not been around since the mid 70's or the 80's All of them have better new decal options and some have a few updates like the wheels etc.
But this was a surprise to see that it has been re-tooled NOT just upgraded.
24. August, 12:09

December 8, 2021


August 1, 2021

Glenn (.)
Judging by the price i don't expect this to be a new tool kit! But most likely the very old Revell kit from the late 50's Of course i hope I'm wrong? But i know Atlantis are very good at digging up old model corpses and re-popping them they seem to be the grave yard of old model tooling dies.

Cadillac Eldorado Brougham (Revell H-1244, 1:25)

1:25 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham (Revell H-1244)
Glenn (.) wants this item
1:72 Cessna U-3A (Air Cast Resin ACR-72014)
Cessna U-3A
Air Cast Resin 1:72
ACR-72014 2019 | Changed parts
Glenn (.) wants this item

July 28, 2021

Glenn (.) marked this item as on order

July 18, 2021

Glenn (.) marked this item as on order

July 17, 2021

Glenn (.) added a new photoalbum.
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Ray Seppala
Oh, and thanks for sharing the pictures Glenn. nice shots!
5. March 2014, 23:59
Glenn (.)
Hi Michael, Lucky the cloud stayed a bright white color and didn't get dark i overexposed these downsized uploads a bit to keep them light the original shots look much clearer these look fuzzy... There's more to come in part 2!!! 🙂 when i downsize them.... 🙁
6. March 2014, 00:33
Kerry COX
I am really impressed with you pics Glen. I remember going to the Bi-Centennial air show at Richmond in 86, but there were no digital cameras around then and all I had was Kodak slide film and, because it was so expensive, I was severely restricted in how much I could photograph. and I was extremely disappointed that the A-10 didn't show like they said it would. Our "Tiger" looks quite lethal !!! nice journey, thanks mate 🙂
14. October 2014, 16:58
I know this is an old thread, but wow...what a collection of aircraft!
17. July, 15:15
Glenn (.)
Thanks John. That's the last airshow I've been too! I'm hoping later this year i can get to the Avalon airshow to celebrate the 100 years of the RAAF. If there's no lockdown? Who knows? Cheers!
17. July, 15:27

July 4, 2021

Glenn (.) owns this item
1:24 Peterbilt 378 (Italeri 3857)
Peterbilt 378 "Long Hauler”
Italeri 1:24
3857 2010 | Changed parts

March 1, 2021

Glenn (.)
So what's the story with these Hehexing models? Are they rubbish toys or are they worth a look? Why do they call them 4D Puzzle Models anyway? That scares me off looking! But i bet they would be a lot cheaper than the other options out there!
Nils Steyaert
i ordered these kits from Aliexpress a few weeks ago and recieved them today.
for the less then 7 euro's ive paid, its quite a good looking piece of kit. its a quick build kit, nothing fancy.
ideal for beginners, but i would recommend repainting it to bring out the details.
9. February 2018, 16:49
Richard P
RT 2PM aka Topol SS 25 is the same type of easy build. No glue, just stick together; that kit is about € 15 or 16, and it is worth it. If you are lucky you can get the same SS-25 by Zvezda or Revell with more details for the same price.
1. March, 12:36

January 28, 2021

Glenn (.) marked this item as on order
Glenn (.) owns this item
Glenn (.) owns this item

January 19, 2021

Glenn (.) marked this item as on order
1:72 AH-1Z 'Viper' (DreamModel DM 720012)
AH-1Z 'Viper' USMC Attack Helicopter
DreamModel 1:72
DM 720012 2020 | New tool

January 12, 2021

Glenn (.)
When this kit was first tooled it was incorectly done to 1/100 scale! So check your kits! Luckymodel replaced all shipped kits with free of charge 1/72 scale models (2 per box!) about 3-4 months after first items were shipped! The 1/100 scale kit has not been released since!
1:72 MQ-9 Reaper (Skunkmodels 72003)
MQ-9 Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (2 x kits)
Skunkmodels 1:72
72003 2011 | New tool
Tim Vereecke
thx for the intel
25. January 2013, 06:59
Craig Swain
I have a boxing of this kit in 1/100. There's a tag over the 1/72 scale box marking that states 1/100 Scale. Collectors item? Or meh?
12. January, 22:20

December 12, 2020

Glenn (.) owns this item
1:144 EC-130V (SOVA-M SVM-14002)
SOVA-M 1:144
SVM-14002 2020 | Changed parts
Glenn (.) owns this item
Glenn (.) owns this item

December 8, 2020

Glenn (.) wants this item
1:72 Douglas EC-24 (MACH 2 GP.110USN)
Douglas EC-24 'US Navy'
MACH 2 1:72
GP.110USN 2020 | Changed parts
Glenn (.) marked this item as on order
Glenn (.) marked this item as on order
Glenn (.) owns this item
Glenn (.) owns this item


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