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Alex G.
Alexander Grivonev (Alex G.)

WIP *Soviet Heavy Metal* Tu-128M

OK mates, after a roughly one year hiatus from the hobby, moving places and finally establishing my new workroom after a couple of small "testbuilds" it's time for another bigger project.



In progress
1:72 Tu-128M Fiddler (Trumpeter 01687)1:72 Tu-128M (Eduard 73653)1:72 TU-128M Fiddler EXPERT (New Ware NWAM0528)6+


24 | 22. June 2020, 11:14
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Łukasz Gliński
Great to see you back
22. June 2020, 11:26
Alexander Grivonev
Hey Łukasz, glad you remembered me! I'm back for quite a while now, just not that productive :D
22. June 2020, 16:03
wow, nice!
23. June 2020, 12:50
Slavo Hazucha
Very cool, great scratch detailing - one just has to love the grime-covered, oily mechanical assemblies of Russian planes... :)

Following with much interest!
23. June 2020, 15:01
Alexander Grivonev
"one just has to love the grime-covered, oily mechanical assemblies of Russian planes"

Finally, a soul-mate :D
23. June 2020, 15:55
Maciej Bellos
24. June 2020, 14:34
Slavo Hazucha
Quite a captivating story indeed! New cones definitely looking much more like the real deal! Should I ever stray into 72-scale territory, it would be along some of these (Tu-128, Tu-22M, Tu-160...) Very good to know what to expect in this foreign & hostile environment... :D

Very much looking forward to the next episodes of the hammering & sickling here! ;)
26. June 2020, 11:06
Alexander Grivonev
"Should I ever stray into 72-scale territory"

ooor you wait till someone brings them out in 1:48 :D. Hammering and sickling, quite literally!
26. June 2020, 14:06
Łukasz Gliński
Comrade Instructor made my day :D Keep it up
26. June 2020, 14:38
Andy Ball
Sergei and Vlad have company....watching with interest tovarisch!
29. June 2020, 15:04
Alexander Grivonev
Welcome comrades, here warm handshake and a glass of vodka!
29. June 2020, 15:56
Thomas Kolb
Wow, that is some impressing model building going on! Definitely not an average shake'n'bake kit!
29. June 2020, 16:02
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks Thomas,

The kit itself is actually pretty simple and not terribly detailed, I would say almost "underengineered", but that is the problem. It is too simple and you need to get your hands dirty to make a proper representationof the real thing. There are some shape issues and many details are missing.
29. June 2020, 16:22
Slavo Hazucha
I guess pic 91 would make even a well established private dentist rather proud :D
30. June 2020, 13:38
Alexander Grivonev
Felt rather like some backyard jeweler :D
30. June 2020, 15:27
Andy Ball
what do you use for close up work?, (I have incredible short sight, so I do most of my detail work without my contact lenses in), but still couldn't do those petals!
30. June 2020, 17:04
Alexander Grivonev
Am too short sighted but my "normal" glasses do the trick. Didn't need assistance of magnifying glass yet...or electron microscope
30. June 2020, 17:14
Łukasz Gliński
Lucky you with your good sights :P
30. June 2020, 19:21
Thomas Kolb
Andy & Alexander, that is pretty much the only perk of being short sighted, so let's use it! Me, when I take out my contacts, I get instant electron-microscope vision, no need for magnifiers! Of course I wouldn't recognize my sweet wife from ten feet away and would walk into walls and fall down stairs, but hey, something's gotta give.
30. June 2020, 20:18
a blessing and a course ;) you just need to make the best of it :)
30. June 2020, 20:35
Alexander Grivonev
Seems to be the perfect hobby for us moles :D
1. July 2020, 09:50
Rui S
I'm finding so dificult to believe in this kind and level of detail on 1/72 scale? His this realy possiblel??? Amazing
3. July 2020, 00:17
Slavo Hazucha
Hey, the hammer was falling with some force here, the comrades fulfilling the norm for 105% and the order of Lenin will be due shortly for all the valiant efforts!!

Stuff looks really great - particularly the details in the CCKPT! The Neomega seats also represent a mild improvement over the stock material ;) Pleasure to follow, as always when someone is taking on all the pain to compare and convert to proper scale instead of using the "Ferrari method" (in case you do not exactly match the rules, lie...) :D I was quite surprised how much the fuselage-wing transition actually helps for the true-to-original impression.

Keep up the good work, looking forward for the next updates!
3. July 2020, 09:58
Nice work on the thinning of the parts in photo 119. :)
3. July 2020, 10:08
Andy Ball
you've nailed it in 119, (I suspected the same lack of realism from my build from the photo no.1 in my slide set). "Bravo" to your redesign....also, what's going on in no.120? this a special "for ladies-only" calendar shot of "hunky Soviet servicemen"?....the mind boggles!
3. July 2020, 11:22
Where did you get your blueprints from?
3. July 2020, 19:07
3. July 2020, 19:36
Wow... great job... Following.
3. July 2020, 20:21
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks Rui, Treehugger and Cuajete!

@Slavo: I believe comrade Lenin was long deceased when these things were rolling from the production lines but comrade Brezhnev would have been pleased with the fulfilling of the five year plan!

@ Andy: LOL, I believe the photo was taken for the August 1971 issue of the highly secretive soviet "РLАУGIЯL" magazine, avalable only for the wives of members of the highest ranks in the classless communist society!
4. July 2020, 13:25
Alexander Grivonev
@Skywalker and all:

My primary source for drawings is this russian "aviation catalogue" website:
It is as the name, a catalogue for aircraft and flying objects of any kind. Many of the topics have drawings attached to them.

Here is the link to the directory:

At the bottom there are two alphabets listed, one in latin and one in cyrillic (it's double listed, take the first one). These are links to airplane manufacturers. So if you are looking for "Grumman" you klick on "G" but if you are looking for "Tupolev" you have to klick on the cyrillic "T". Just browse a little, you will get accustomed pretty quickly.

On the websites of the individual aircraft you can find links to drawings near the bottom of the page, directly above the pictures. Look for this writing: "чертеж".

As I mentioned not all aircraft have drawings attached to them, but many do and you can find real gems there. Another tip is, if you are looking for the drawing of a particular version of an aircraft, e.g. F-14D Tomcat and you don't find any drawings in the F-14D section, there might be some in other F-14 versions links.
4. July 2020, 13:49
Alexander Grivonev
Here is the link for the drawing of the Tu-128:

I took it to a print/copyshop and they made me some quality prints on DIN A2 paper.
4. July 2020, 13:54
it needs Russian language skills....or extensive use of google translate. But those pages can be pure gold! thanks Alexander!
4. July 2020, 20:02
Andy Ball
@Alexander: It was one rule for the party chicks, and one rule for the tractor factory babes...
4. July 2020, 21:03
Slavo Hazucha
It´s the Soviet airmen trying to become "one" with their aircraft... The best pilots always say their fighting jets are like an extension of the body... ;)
7. July 2020, 10:14
Alexander Grivonev
@Spanjaard: You do not "need" to translate the whole page, all what is written is some generic info about the aircraft, albeit very detailed and well researched. If you want to just download the drawings look for this word: чертеж ;)
7. July 2020, 17:22
well, since you can navigate and get it automatically translated, it makes it easier :)
but thanks for the word :)
7. July 2020, 21:04
Alexander Grivonev
Yeah, or just google the "word" + any aircraft type and you'll get some nice results
8. July 2020, 08:37
nice indeed :)
8. July 2020, 08:50
Andy Ball
great progress Alexander...I will share with you my current issue with Humbrol's Clear's gone milky in places over my NMF and decals....grrrrr
13. July 2020, 11:52
Martin von Schreckenstein
Incredible. I will be following the rest.
13. July 2020, 12:57
Alexander Grivonev
Thx mates1

Oh snap Andy, let's see some pics. Is it bad?
13. July 2020, 15:37
Andy, I would think that if you just leave it to dry, the white stuff willl clear up. I find the gloss becoming white if moist with water when applying decals. But, I never had any issue with the Humbrol Clear gloss ever being white, anywhere at all after it all dries up. I do make sure to not drench the model with water so I try to soak up excess water with tissue paper when applying decals.

I too would like to see some photos.
13. July 2020, 20:30
Andy Ball
@Alexander G @Treehugger: I don't want to hijack this thread for my own: however I have loaded the offensive pictures on my thread "Fiddler-interceptor-take2", any help would be appreciated. Alexander's build is sublime.....thanks for sharing your labours of Hercules....
14. July 2020, 09:21
Slavo Hazucha
As the US in the Cold War with the (perceived) Missile Gap, you discovered the Pylon Gap and prudently closed it, leaving no doubts whatsoever where this journey is headed! :D Wherever exactly that may be, it´s pretty far from the original Trumpeter kit! Looking really good & getting better & better...
14. July 2020, 09:43
Alexander Grivonev
Hey Slavo, you can't even imagine. The best is yet to come, wait for the updates :)
Trumpeter was known for their "inaccuracy" issues and I sincerely hoped a new 2018 tooling would do this airplane justice. But the further the build progresses the more inexplicable errors I encounter. It is a fairly simple kit, but 80% of the construction time was spent to correct Trumpeter's f*ckups and it got really frustrating at times...
14. July 2020, 09:54
Alexander Grivonev
Andy, i would rather label it as Sisyphos work, every time I correct something with the hope to start painting soon I find another surprise and start all over again :D
14. July 2020, 09:55
Andy Ball
"carve away your stone....then I can get working on my own"!!, I think the PRC and Trumpeter should award you with some sort of civilian honour!....
14. July 2020, 10:00
Nice landing gear. One thing though, I would say, never, ever trust even fancy looking scale drawings. The only way imo you can be sure that stuff is accurate, is if you talk to the one making the drawings, or at least know who drew the drawings, and then getting a good idea if the drawings have been properly copied/reproduced to proper scale and without distortions.
14. July 2020, 10:07
Alexander Grivonev
The drawings I used are from a very well known russian aviation magazine, normally they know what they are doing and during my research I found several sources confirming they are indeed the best ones. The inaccuracy issues I find originate mostly from walkaround pics where you see at the first glance that something is off, additional comparison with the drawing and some "sanity check"confirm the problem.

Generally you are absolutely right, you always have to take the drawing with a pinch of salt and never trust them 100%. The truth is always somewhere in the middle
14. July 2020, 10:25
Pierre Vauthier
that s .... just amazing of details and rework. definitively watching
14. July 2020, 21:45
Thomas Kolb
Alexander, a question, where did you get your APU conversion set? I ordered mine from hobby.dn in Ukraine, but since I have been waiting for over two months now, I guess it got "archived" by Ukrposhta (stolen, contaminated at Chernobyl, ran over by a rocket hauler, eaten by zombies or something like that).
14. July 2020, 23:11
Alexander Grivonev
You are welcome Pierre, watch out for updates in the next days
14. July 2020, 23:21
Alexander Grivonev
Thomas, I ordered mine in.....wait for it....Ukraine! :D

Ordered it through eBay though, almost 4 weeks ago. Of course not arrived yet. Contacted the seller who said there was a problem at the post office or alike. When I search for my tracking number "Ukrposhta" is telling me it is not found in the system

Luckily I paid with PayPal so I can get my money back in case...
14. July 2020, 23:28
Steven Van Dyck
You have to give it some time, guys. I just ordered some North Star (Ukrainian) figures and it took 2 months for them to arrive. Some customers waited for 4 months and got their delivery. Everything is getting here by train. They announced the problems on their site: The tracking only started after some time, like you said it was not found at first, and then stalled until one day the package was delivered.
15. July 2020, 11:18
Bernhard Schrock
I'm stunned what you have done and corrected already. Great job Alexander alias very brave modeler :)!
I'm looking for next steps and hope that you will finish this model.
By the way: Picture 162, this is the reason why I will NO MORE build a Trumpeter kit.
15. July 2020, 11:25
Slavo Hazucha
Let´s not be all too negative here... It´s all improvements on the original design... Doubled-up cockpit controls... Increased upper-angles visibility for the pilot... Streamlined stabilizer & rear section!!!

Trumpeter is trying to be pro-active and interpret the true intentions of Tupolev OKB instead of brainlessly reproducing the good, but here & there mildly compromised final product... :D

For those who - ignorantly - reject these improvements, options remain open... surely you can use the redundant second stick to model the yoke type controls for the pilot! And do the rest... kind of yourself... :D
15. July 2020, 12:37
Alexander Grivonev
Bernhard is "stunned", right :D. Mr. "No part is left unmodified" himself. If I reach half of your level one day, I will be happy!
Btw ordered Trumpeters newly molded Tu-22 and what do you know, even without drawings you see it is the same half-assed approach. Just awful. I'd rather go with the old Esci kit. The Trumpy "thing" goes back to the seller.

Lol Slavo, nothing to add there
15. July 2020, 17:24
Bernhard Schrock
Eben die sehr elegante Lösung für Aileron Ansatz gesehen. Chapeau! Was für einen Füller/Spachtel hast du benutzt? P.S. wollte etwas Gescheites als dank für Dein Lob schreiben, bin aber so platt, dass mir einfach nix Angemessenes einfallen will ????
15. July 2020, 18:59
Alexander Grivonev
Für solche Arbeiten benutze ich grundsätzlich 2K-Polyesterspachtel aus dem Automobilbereich. Je nach Bedarf gebe ich auch etwas Polyesterharz hinzu, um die Konsistenz zu verändern (mehr Harz=flüssigere Konsistenz). Stellt meiner Meinung nach sämtliche 1K Modellbauspachtel meilenweit in den Schatten, Plasto und co. benutze ich schon seit Jahren nicht mehr. Verarbeitung ist etwas "tricky", da der Spachtel je nach Härterzugabe maximal 10 Minuten verarbeitbar ist, trocknet aber dafür sehr schnell.
15. July 2020, 19:09
Bernhard Schrock
Slavo: you are absolutely right! We should actually be grateful to Trumpeter because like this we can all be really creative :)
15. July 2020, 19:12
Bernhard Schrock
2K. Ok. Wie haftet er an der Oberfläche? Bröckelt nicht ab insbesondere beim Gravieren? Vor vielen Jahren benutzte ich sehr gerne den 2K von Tamiya. Weiße Basis und eine kleine Grüne Tube mit Härter. Leider wurde es ausm Programm genommen :(
15. July 2020, 19:38
Andy Ball
Hey guys, If you want to see the "control-group" - that is how Trumpeter wanted it to look,straight from the box- have a look at mine! (Now feeling inadequate ????????)
15. July 2020, 20:19
Alexander Grivonev
Andy, I honestly hope some guys from Trumpeter will see this WIP and feel inadequate or at least take notice. Kits like these are an insult to their customers. I am dead serious.

Bernhard, der Spachtel haftet sehr gut an der Oberfläche, schließlich wird er normalerweise beim Ausbessern von Karosserieschäden verwendet, u.a. an Türen, die dauernd zugeknallt werden. Alle Spachtelmassen sind von Natur aus etwas bröckelig, wenn die durchgetrocknet sind, dieser ist keine Ausnahme. Wobei dieser hier ebenfalls allen herkömmlichen Spachtelmassen den Schneid abkauft. Ein paar Lagen Grundierung oder Mr. Surfacer drauf und es lässt sich wunderbar gravieren Den 2K Spachtel von Tamiya kenne ich nicht, aber dieser kommt auch mit einer kleinen Härtertube. Meiner ist der Polyester-Feinspachtel von Presto, gibt es fast in jedem Baumarkt. Harz ist auch von dieser Marke.
15. July 2020, 21:18
Andy Ball
So Alexander: what's a UV glue pen?, and thell me more about the Dremel in terms of its abilities?
16. July 2020, 21:55
Alexander Grivonev
Hey Andy,

Well it's a "pen" filled with the glue itself and a UV LED attached to it. You apply the glue, irradiate it with the UV light for 10-20 seconds and it is dry, solid and clear. It sucks as glue imho, but it is awesome for other applications in modeling like making clear lights (I will refer to it later in this WIP) or even as putty. I sealed the gap between the aileron and the fuselage on my Tu and it worked terriffic! You can sand or carve the material and, like I said, it is dry after 10-20 seconds.

Just google "UV glue pen", you'll find the right thing

17. July 2020, 10:28
Thomas Kolb
Alexander, i once tried it as glue, but it was completely useless so I ended up tossing it into the trash. What a pity, I never thought of using it for modelling stuff!
17. July 2020, 10:37
Alexander Grivonev
They are pretty cheap, you can order one at Ebay from China for 2€ incl. shipping.
17. July 2020, 10:52
Łukasz Gliński
And it will arrive next year :P (or ... was it Ukraine?)
17. July 2020, 11:19
Alexander Grivonev
Lol, I believe shipping from China is faster by now. But you should find it in any good hardware store or on Amazon, it will just cost a couple of Euros more.
17. July 2020, 12:30
Łukasz Gliński
Just a hint: in case your spouse got an UV nail box, that you can just buy the glue itself and borrow the lightbox. Same stuff ;)
17. July 2020, 13:12
Derek Huggett
A small UV torch or a good sunny window sill will cure the stuff as well (it is actually a resin). Its also useful for casting small parts from home produced moulds or impressions. Just don't try to use it for anything too deep - the UV light has to reach it to set it! :)
17. July 2020, 13:24
Thomas Kolb
No, it's Ukraine. Here is a recent picture of the Ukranian mail service (I think I can just see my resin kit in the postman's left saddle-bag).

17. July 2020, 13:25
17. July 2020, 14:14
Slavo Hazucha
Yep, that's the picture showing the obligatory return to the depo after "confirming" the recipient cannot be reached... :D
17. July 2020, 16:09
Andy Ball
Oh my!, Alexander...I'm going (a) to steal your idea in slide 215, (b) praise your attention-to-detail on the rail having one too many slides 219/220...Mine, (once finished), will a teeny bit better for the attention to your detail...
23. July 2020, 17:02
Alexander Grivonev
You may treat yourself, m8!

BTW no updates until end of next week, I am on vacation now, biking across Europe
23. July 2020, 19:38
Slavo Hazucha
Any hopes for updates in SEP? You have quite a project going on here - looking forward to some progress! ;)
1. September 2020, 10:09
Andy Ball
C'mon Alex...get those a/burners ON!!.....I've finished [my] the 'control group' (the subject Trumpeter wanted you to build ootb)
1. September 2020, 20:30
Wow, just wow! :o Your dedication to to correct all those numerous mistakes is truly remarkable! I hope I can achieve the same quality of scratch-building and such one day.
And going through your album was a joy as well. :D
2. September 2020, 18:04
Alexander Grivonev
Hello guys, thanks for your replies and concerns! :D

I took a longer vacation to travel with my bike across Europe, after approx 2000 km I have definitely enough of the saddle, it is time to trade it for the cozy workshop chair! Updates following soon!
10. September 2020, 14:05
Alexander Grivonev
Gentlemen, I know it's been a while and I really wanted to finish this beast last year but life kinda got in the way. Nevertheless, we are back in business. Buckle up!
3. March, 17:21
3. March, 18:36
Łukasz Gliński
Buckling up Sir! ;)
3. March, 19:10
I'm sitting here all slack jaw.
Unreal attention to the details.
Master builder techniques.
3. March, 19:10

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