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Michael Osadciw
This looks a lot like the ICM set 35647 ( Maybe its a rebox?
French Tank Crew
Heller 1:35
30323 2023 New box
1 15 December 2023, 17:53
Laurent VILLANUEVA "HELLER-forever"
yes rebox from Heller , to see to heller-forever
8 April, 14:37

April 5, 2024

Michael Osadciw
Hehe. They named it Pikachu. 🙂
War, conflicts and special operations in Ukraine Part 11 Foreign Aid M113 2022-23
Star Decals 1:35
35-C1400 2023 New tool
5 April, 19:26

January 13, 2024

Michael Osadciw
Why 1/32? Why not 1/35? Argh! So disappointing. Still, it's fictional so it only needs to be close, but Star Wars vehicles in 1/35 feels like a Holy Grail series to me; armor modeler's spares boxes would rejoice at the opportunities!
TIE Fighter Studio Series
AMT 1:32
AMT1341 2023 New tool
All comments (11) » 1 14 November 2022, 16:51
Is there a LED kit for this?
25 September 2023, 01:59
Did someone run the measurements? I have heard it is more like 1:24 scale and I wouldn't trust anything written on an AMT box
13 January, 12:35

December 29, 2023

Michael Osadciw
added a new photoalbum.
6 images
Trade for Oranges?View album, image #6
The wheels on this kit are really wonderfully made.
1:35 G7107 1½-ton 4X4 Cargo Truck (MiniArt 35383)1:35 Wooden Crates with Fruit (MiniArt 35628)1:35 DKW NZ350 MOTORCYLE (For TAMIYA 35241) (Voyager Model PE35114)5+
5 12 October 2023, 20:01

December 27, 2023

Michael Osadciw
Is there a way on Scalemates to figure out if a kit in someone's stash is for sale? Thanks.
19 December 2023, 18:38
Alec K
If you navigate to a kit page, those that have it in their stash and marked for sale will be listed in the Marketplace section of the page. You can also see a member's item for sale by clicking on their For Sale tab.
23 December 2023, 19:25
Michael Osadciw
27 December 2023, 15:45

November 21, 2023

Michael Osadciw
added a new photoalbum.
57 images
Frying EggView album, image #53
Hot enough to fry an egg!
1:35 Armored Car Crew (MiniArt 35069)1:35 AFV Crew (Master Box MB3564)1:35 M3 STUART "HONEY" (Academy 13270)2+
All comments (33) » 72 7 July 2021, 02:49
Mr James
Agree with all the comments above. Wonderful scene
21 November 2023, 15:53
Jejeje..... Nice eggs!!!!
21 November 2023, 17:22

July 24, 2023

Michael Osadciw
I hope we get more reviews of this kit. The one listed above isn't that helpful. It looks like the kit has an alternate/additional sprue that includes two figures and a new main gun. I think the new gun is a longer version of the 120? It's hard to tell what the figures look like but they appear to have Soviet style padded head gear, but I'm not familiar with what the German army uses today so I couldn't say for sure.
Leopard 2A6 Tank "Ukraine"
Tamiya 1:35
25207 2023 New decals
2 24 July 2023, 15:12

June 21, 2023

Michael Osadciw
So close guys! Still not the right one for an Arnhem diorama. Still you will be forever forgiven as you are still making awesome stuff while being bombed regularly. Victory first, Alkett late G with waffle zimmerit later. 🙂
StuG III Ausf. G Dec 1944 - Mar 1945 MIAG Prod Interior Kit
UA MiniArt 1:35
35357 2023 New parts
1 8 May 2023, 18:55
Walter McCannon
Miniart left Ukraine in late 2022. I think they are operating in Poland. If they are bombed there, we will all have very little attention to devote to modeling.
21 June 2023, 00:23
Michael Osadciw
Oh yeah, they moved the manufacturing to Poland. I thought they still had their offices in Kyiv, but the latest catalog has their physical address all in Poland. My bad.
21 June 2023, 15:16


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