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Dmitri Kouterguine (Zheleznuke)

Norba KI-5


27 6 October 2018, 19:52
Looking forward...
7 October 2018, 10:14
Dmitri Kouterguine
Done with the refuse truck box interrior.
12 October 2018, 08:29
12 October 2018, 14:37
I like it a lot. A nice looking old style truck. The thingy on the back side looks mysterious though.
12 October 2018, 15:05
Dmitri Kouterguine
Treehugger that is so called "pushplate". It used to push the rubbish out of a truck during unloading sequence. Just like little bulldozer in truck's box😉
12 October 2018, 18:35
Tom Ballhoff
Fantastic work mate!
12 October 2018, 21:44
Ingo F
Another beauty. 👍
12 October 2018, 22:24
Daniel Klink
Fascinating 👍
12 October 2018, 22:42
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you mates! I'm trying to do my best 🙂 .
13 October 2018, 07:25
from scratch to painting and weathering, simply stunning!
13 October 2018, 23:02
John Thomas
Very nice
14 October 2018, 01:07
Dmitri Kouterguine
Spanjaard, JOHN THOMAS thank you my friends !
14 October 2018, 09:38
Dmitri Kouterguine
Scratchbuilt 30l hydraulic oil canister.
16 October 2018, 19:35
looking great 🙂
16 October 2018, 20:04
Dmitri Kouterguine
Finished canister mounting
18 October 2018, 08:57
18 October 2018, 20:31
Alexander Grivonev
Just beautiful!
19 October 2018, 17:34
Dmitri Kouterguine
Spanjaard, Alexander G. Thanks mates!
Finished with trash container. The crusher next.
19 October 2018, 17:53
So much fun to look at! 🙂
19 October 2018, 19:20
simply stunning.
19 October 2018, 21:15
Dmitri Kouterguine
Treehugger, Spanjaard thank you for the kind words mates!
21 October 2018, 19:00
Dmitri Kouterguine
Made crusher sides.
10 November 2018, 21:36
Alexander Grivonev
Вообще нереально круто, просто бомба!
11 November 2018, 00:30
Dmitri Kouterguine
Благодарю, Александр!
11 November 2018, 10:02
Angel Yovtshev
Love the nice mix of materials,Dmitri
And the simply stunning superdetailing!
Очень здорово!
27 November 2018, 14:35
Zsolt Czegle
Awesome! 👍
27 November 2018, 14:38
David Andrs
28 November 2018, 13:52
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you Angel. I think thin metal is the best thing to reproduce thin metal texture and feeling and the plastic is easy to work with and also good material for support structure. Спасибо большое, стараюсь!

Too bad I don't have time for modeling now, hope it will change soon.

Zsolt Czegle, David Andrs, thank you mates !
28 November 2018, 21:42
Michael Kraft
29 November 2018, 10:29
Bart Goesaert
pff... splendid work... very, very nice one...
29 November 2018, 11:50
Dmitri Kouterguine

Michael Kraft, Bart Goesaert thank you for kind words friends!
29 November 2018, 19:49
Dmitri Kouterguine
I've done crusher chassis and lower jaw. Overheating while soldering resulted in metal deformation, so I had to use some putty to fix it.
2 December 2018, 20:20
Angel Yovtshev
I'm a big fan of soldering and never miss any opportunity to heat the solder gun.And I must say:
Impressive job here,Dmitri!
I can imagine the difficulties getting those big size element square and straight while the solder flows...
Well done!!!
3 December 2018, 08:48
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you very much Angel !
3 December 2018, 21:09
Dmitri Kouterguine
It's done with upper and lowel jaw of the crusher and with hydraulic controls. So It's only some minor parts and container lifting system left and I'll be able to proceed with painting.
31 May 2019, 12:33
Kerry COX
I am sure that if you had made an ignition key for it, the bloody thing would start. ! ! !
I have never seen such fine work in all my life. 🙂 👍
OUTSTANDING is too gentle a word.
I just love your work. 👍 👍 👍👍 -) 🙂 🙂
31 May 2019, 12:52
Angel Yovtshev
Well, it was a long wait, but definitely worth it!
Kudos Dmitri, очень крутая сборка!!!
31 May 2019, 12:53
Dmitri Kouterguine
Kerry Cox thank you for your kind words! Though I'm not sure this truck had starting key😉

Angel Yovtshev I had very busy times on my work and also I was building a bulldozer model for one of modelling magazines so there was almost no time for hobby. Огромное спасибо !

Hans Robben thank you mate!
31 May 2019, 13:24
John Thomas
Very cool
1 June 2019, 12:22
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thanks John!
Now I've got some time for my hobby and made some kind of spring loaded frame. I don't know it's name but this device is used to hold trash container when it is in fliped position so that container don't come of the hooks of loading mechanism.
9 July 2019, 19:00
Angel Yovtshev
Simply stunning!
10 July 2019, 14:03
Slavo Hazucha
Wow! Already the idea to build a model of this is unique and deserves credit as such, but the execution is simply awesome. So much top-notch scratch-building & material blending - it´s almost a pity to put colors on that, but then, they & the weathering are in this case - put euphemistically, "rather convincing". 👍
10 July 2019, 14:23
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you Angel and Slavo! Slavo I think as a modellers we can build anything we want it's all about our willing and sometimes skills. But then again persistence and willing can replace skills.
12 July 2019, 06:35
Slavo Hazucha
Dmitri I wanted to express that the choice is unusual, which is great! I do not expect to see another model like this - It was 100% meant as a compliment.
12 July 2019, 11:12
Dmitri Kouterguine
Slavo, I see here little misunderstanding. I understand that was compliment and thank you very much. I just wanted to cheer up other modellers reading this.
12 July 2019, 16:59
Dmitri Kouterguine
Finaly I've defeated the crusher and it mostly done. Sure there is some minor parts to do but that would be done after painting and assemlying main unit.
25 July 2019, 11:03
Bart Goesaert
It cannot be said enough... true craftmanship, splendid example, and very well excecuted... fantastic work on this
25 July 2019, 13:15
Angel Yovtshev
I can only echo Bart! Really nice work, Dmitri!
25 July 2019, 13:39
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you for your kind words mates !
25 July 2019, 14:50
Having recently got into scratch-building, this is inspirational stuff.
25 July 2019, 15:16
Tim Heimer
Nice work! and I'm not trash talking, I really mean it! LOl
25 July 2019, 15:16
Trash talking HAAAAAHAHAHA Tim!
Epic weathering detail, just brilliant & in a smaller scale too.
25 July 2019, 15:27
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you guys!
25 July 2019, 16:06
Dmitri Kouterguine
Finished painting of crusher's frame.
15 August 2019, 13:54
Angel Yovtshev
And both paint and weathering correspond to the quality of build! Looking forward to see next steps!
16 August 2019, 11:17
Ingo F
Mate, i am missing the words to say how awesome this is! 👍
16 August 2019, 12:34
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thanks mates! Glad you like it 🙂
16 August 2019, 14:34
Dmitri Kouterguine
Proceeding with crusher. Jaws are painted, weathered and installed some trash added for realistic look.
23 August 2019, 16:59
Angel Yovtshev
Super realistic work, Dmitrii!
I almost feel the stink 🙂
23 August 2019, 17:52
Slavo Hazucha
Someone had to say it...😉 Just admirable work & techniques 👍
23 August 2019, 18:10
Scratchbuild was amazing, good enough to be left unpainted.....unless of course one can achieve the same level of realism that you are giving it.....stunning!
24 August 2019, 17:19
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you for your kind words, guys!
26 August 2019, 09:52
Bryn Crandell
I have to say the attention to detail is amazing. Looking at your photos gave me some insight and inspiration for my armor kits. Well done sir.
26 August 2019, 11:25
Tom Ballhoff
Oi Oi thats so nice
26 August 2019, 14:47
Dmitri Kouterguine
Bryn, Tom thank you mates !
27 August 2019, 08:12
Dominik Weitzer
Wow, this is awesome!
27 August 2019, 08:31
Holger Kranich
Outstanding job, Dmitri! Absolute realistic!
27 August 2019, 11:30
Helmut Fraundorfer
I never thought I would be so fascinated by a trash truck, or parts of it. I still can't take my eyes off of it. The construction alone is insane but the painting/weathering tops it all. Fabulous work right there!
27 August 2019, 11:54
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thanks alot my friends!
27 August 2019, 17:33
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you Roland.
28 August 2019, 21:38
Dmitri Kouterguine
The crusher finished and attached. It's only self loading system left and couple of figures and this work will be over.
6 September 2019, 19:40
Tim Heimer
This is awesome!
6 September 2019, 19:56
Thats outstanding work, true craftsman
6 September 2019, 19:59
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thanks for the positive comments friends!
6 September 2019, 20:53
Tim Heimer
Well deserved mate!
7 September 2019, 03:34
Frank Spahr
Absolutely outstanding work, it just looks right all round. Wow!
7 September 2019, 05:05
Bart Goesaert
Fantastic work....
7 September 2019, 05:36
Dominik Weitzer
Cool, cool, cool. What an amazing model.
7 September 2019, 06:55
Angel Yovtshev
A true Show-Stopper!
Do you plan to cast it in resin, Dmitri?
It will be a nice addition to RIM line of utility vehicles!
7 September 2019, 08:03
in a world where art is turning into rubish, you transformed your rubbish into pure art 🙂 what a master piece!!!!
7 September 2019, 11:31
John Thomas
Just out standing
7 September 2019, 12:15
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you my friends, glad you liked my work. Angel, thank you and no this will be custom model, unfortunately I will not be able to make it once again but this time in 3d. And also refuse truck is very complecated machine it would be pain in the ass to mass produce it.
8 September 2019, 18:58
Slavo Hazucha
Never did a vehicle of such a socially under-recognized service stand so proud in the spotlight...! Great job mate, seriously cool display of techniques and paint/weathering jobs - a standing salute! 👍
8 September 2019, 19:24
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thanks Slavo. I'm doing much philosofical thinking when bulding models and I had one thought about this type of machinery. The refuse truck is a great modern civilisation symbol, because everything we produce is a trash at the end of the day (except for the art).
8 September 2019, 22:16
Bob Hall
красивая, товарищ
8 September 2019, 22:25
Erik No
Phantastic work! I love the skip with the water and dirt in it.
9 September 2019, 09:18
Dmitri Kouterguine
Bob Hall thank you tovarisch 😄
Heikki Väyrynen, Erik No thank you mates!
9 September 2019, 19:43
Dmitri Kouterguine
Autoloading system is painted and assembled and my refuse truck is finished with this. It's only figures and some stuff left to complete the diorama.
13 September 2019, 17:22
Amazing work of detailing and painrting !!
13 August 2020, 13:43
Dominik Weitzer
once again - awesome
14 August 2020, 06:52
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you for your kind words my friends!
17 August 2020, 09:50
Mike Szwarc
Awesome build!!! 👍 👍 👍 You have some amazing scratch-building and weathering skills 😄
17 August 2020, 11:48
This truck sets a new standard in modelling.
17 August 2020, 12:01
great to see this beauty back on top of the newfeed! the more i see it, more i like it 🙂
17 August 2020, 12:32
Rui S
Excellent work alround 👍 Impressive.
Reading all the coments above is just incredible. So nany great modelers, all praising your art.
Really I've no words left to BE Said.
I look forward to see your figures😎
17 August 2020, 21:32
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you very much mates! Rui S, I've bit stuck in my work routine, so no time for model building for now. Hope It will change soon.
18 August 2020, 16:42
Chen Pan
a GREAT work!
25 November 2020, 06:13
Ralf Topeters
A class of its own absolutely perfect!!!
25 November 2020, 17:46
Daniel Mysak
Simply amazing work, outstanding modell.
25 November 2020, 19:20
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thank you mates!
29 November 2020, 14:12
Kerry COX
I am wondering if it smells as dirty as it looks. ??
Very convincing indeed Dmitri. 👍 🙂
30 November 2020, 17:49
Dmitri Kouterguine
Thanks Kerry! There is a secret in achieving total reality, you just have not to take out the trash for a week and there is a true smell of refuse truck around 😄
30 November 2020, 20:58
Kerry COX
What a great reply Dmitri. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Thank goodness for room freshener. hahahahaha 👍
2 December 2020, 22:27


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