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Munkyslut added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 15 images
1:24 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb (Airfix A50141)
4. October at 10:28:32 Share
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Bozzer Yeah dude, the MK1 had 4 browning machine guns, so the cannons were a later Mk option. Mine is the tropical version, but I built it as a Mk1. I used Tamiya Titan Gold for the ammo belts, it was a pretty close match.
18. October at 10:52:14
Augie Hehe a know am right, i might be lass, but i know me warbirds ;)
18. October at 17:39:21
Derek Huggett A1 Augie! ;)
18. October at 20:22:19
Munkyslut Mods done to wing tops & cannons look great exposed, pleased I did it.
Also mocked up wing halves & fuselage, looks like a bird!
19. October at 17:46:28
Tim Heimer Looking good!
19. October at 19:04:42
Chaz Gordon If you want to go mega detail, the shell casings on the belts would be a lightly tarnished brass (result of fingerprint blueing from handling in manufacturing) with a gunmetal for the disintegrating links on the belt (middle of the cartridge). Bullet end of the shell would be Copper, as lead is coated in copper for high rate of fire weapons (full metal jacket)
20. October at 06:45:59
Chaz Gordon Scratch that last, i see now the cannons have drums, hence the bulges. I was getting mixed up withe the .303 belts
20. October at 07:03:08
Munkyslut Big step forward!
Wing lower halve glued to fuselage & wing tops glued to lowers.
Right hand side upper was a total pain in the arse...... must've been on & off a dozen times
Left hand side a breeze by comparison.
Now all strapped up with masking tape & load of wooden pegs.
Time to leave it for a few days to set & then start filing & filling the wing edges & fuselage seams
21. October at 17:41:36
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October 16, 2019

Munkyslut and Bryn Crandell are now mates.
16. October at 11:46:53 Share

October 4, 2019

Munkyslut added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 13 images
24. September at 19:07:08 Share
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Munkyslut Thanks Tim I'll check it out ;)
29. September at 15:18:45
Ben M Oh, I built this one when I was a kid! Love it!
29. September at 15:21:36
Munkyslut This is testing my patience to the max, trial fitted & mocked up s load of times & fitted great.
Now???? ......... no chance!
I'm going to get the tooth bastard known as Eddie to have a word with it ;)
2. October at 15:14:19
Derek Huggett Love the wheels.....Carlos Fandango lives still!!! :)
2. October at 16:07:18
Bob Hall That's some MOONRAKER coolness !
4. October at 03:01:00
Chris Greathouse Awesome mate!! That's on my wish list for sure :) Not sure if #2 is to scale :P
4. October at 03:12:41
Munkyslut Thanks lads, just detailing the little spaceman & weathering the moon surface & I think it's done.
Now I got to take a decent pic, almost impossible for me.....
4. October at 08:39:23
P J Love this! Nicely done!
4. October at 11:57:29
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Munkyslut added a new photoalbum.
8 images
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Updated: September 19, 2019
Project: Rommels Rod
1:24 Rommel's Rod (Monogram 85-4260)
18. September at 16:03:30 Share
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Munkyslut Only glued half a dozen things together today but man what a difference.........It looks like a vehicle!
I'm pleased how it's coming out
22. September at 16:31:48
Tim Heimer Looking Good!
22. September at 18:03:19
Nathan Dempsey That Tamiya Dark Yellow laid on nice.
22. September at 18:06:31
Munkyslut Cheer Tim!
Nathan, I love that paint colour, looks gorgeous & was a piece of piss to get right
22. September at 20:30:44
Munkyslut All done bar a couple of tiny details to paint in like the hood straps & front fender marker lights, plus the radiator skull mascot needs gluing in place.
I know the pic is shite but the lights terrible in here so I'll take some nice daylight pix in the morning.
Wish I'd weathered it a bit now though.........
23. September at 19:04:05
Bob Hall COOL !!!!!!!!!!
23. September at 19:07:30
Chaz Gordon Very Cool, real fun subject.
23. September at 20:08:20
P J Superb!
4. October at 11:56:45
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Munkyslut added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 29, 2019
Project: Transit van
1:24 Ford Transit Mk.2 (Italeri 3687)
3. March at 13:50:08 Share
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Munkyslut Finally got a chance to lay about in the sun & get back in to this one, got a nice coat of primer on the shell, doors, tailgate & cabin floor.
Also had a little go at doing the dashboard but I am hopeless at small details so I'll leave that till later.....
29. August at 10:24:57
Munkyslut Tricky with fingers of a gorilla but I managed to trim the rear floor and wheelhouses with some excellent fabric that looks like velvet.
I'm pleased with the results ;)
8. September at 11:44:24
Nathan Dempsey Great idea. Looks good :)
8. September at 12:33:59
8. September at 16:22:23
Chris Greathouse The fabric looks great mate!
8. September at 17:30:32
Chaz Gordon Having spent too many hours underneath the real thing, that undercarriage looks pretty realistic, Gearboxes usually have a shiny aluminium spot right wherever the oil is seeping out of it.
23. September at 23:06:49
Munkyslut Thanks Chaz! If you want to see realism then check out Nigel Chapmans weathered van pics ;)
24. September at 17:17:53
P J Looks great! How long to completion?
4. October at 11:56:09
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Munkyslut started this item
1:24 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb (Airfix A50141)
Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb Gift Set
Airfix 1:24
2011 | Changed parts
4. October at 10:39:40 Share

October 2, 2019

Munkyslut and Kerry COX are now mates.
2. October at 22:09:39 Share
Hi Mates
I'm at the point with my models now where I really need to ditch my dirt cheap Chinese airbrush effort & purchase a decent quality one.
I used to have a Badger about 35 years ago when I was airbrushing my mates bike fuel tanks, are they still good?
Things must have moved on loads by now, can I have some recommendations please?
29. September at 12:08:09 Share
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Treehugger I have two Iwata Eclipse aribrushes, but I don't know I am no expert, I can't help but feel that they are more for airbrushing t-shirts than smaller kit models. Hm, I think I have the .35 and 0.50 needles. I also bought an aftermarket paint limiter (replaces the rear-handle part) that can be fitted.

The number one reason I chose Iwata Eclipse, was because of the large and self centering nozzle. The nozzle is a large brass piece (brass I guess), and is rather easy to fit onto the airbrush, as they aren't screwed on like nozzles usually are. Nozzles also tend to be tiny and very fragile and have to be screwed on afaik.
1. October at 21:04:00
Treehugger Hm, the ideal PSI for Iwata Eclipse is iirc, between 25 and 30. Makes me wonder if it performs worse at 15 psi. I guess I should try test that some time.

Testing is very important when using an airbrush I would argue, as it is practically the only SANE way you can learn without messing things up.
1. October at 21:08:55
Treehugger Also a good idea to have a few scrap models around, as it might be a little boring testing an airbursh on a plastic cup or a piece of paper. I would never use precious sheets of styrene for practicing airbrushing, that stuff is too expensive.
1. October at 21:10:46
Treehugger I would argue that at least, cleaning an Iwata Eclipse airbrush is fairly easy. I don't think I've ever taken it apart so far, ofc, I haven't been airbrushing as much as I should. I started using those el cheapo airbrushes from China. Oddly enough, the build quality of the ones I bought differed. E.g plastic vs metal handle. Centered and non-centered needle. :|
1. October at 21:12:36
Munkyslut Thanks Treehugger, a lot of information! Good to hear some first hand experience.

Bozzer, what a great site! I'll phone them tomorrow.
360 looks interesting, I like the idea of a gun with gravity AND syphon feed.
1. October at 21:29:52
Andy Ball Well, I've moved up from the Peoples' Republic, (and pretty good one too), to the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR (0.15/0.4mm) 2 in 1. Mastering it now. Fabulous brush. But that's my humble opinion....
1. October at 21:49:10
Bozzer Mate, I find the 360 awesome! The cup maybe a tad small, but for fine stuff, its wicked. The jar can get in the way, at first, but you learn to adapt a slight angle of airbrushing. The capacity is awesome! You can easily paint a 1/25 car with it. It also helps you get in places where you normally would be impeded by your airline.
1. October at 21:57:08
Treehugger To clarify something I had been too vague about: The Iwata Eclipse HP-CS is normally 0.35 I believe, but one can buy a conversion kit for the Eclipse HP-CS airbrush, so I bought a second Iwata airbrush together with a 0.50 conversion kit. So, one have to change the nozzle parts to fit any 0.50 needle. The idea is to use the 0.50 airbrush for primer, though I have not yet used it (hobby been on hold for a while now while idling and finally having moved to a new place).

Btw, I think the reason why I initially thought it was weird with my Iwata Eclipse, was that it was unusual not having a paint limiter knob by default, something I was used to.
2. October at 08:14:56
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October 1, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:12 Ferrari 312 B (Tamiya 12007)
Ferrari 312 B 1970
Tamiya 1:12
12007 (BS1207)
1971 | New tool
1. October at 14:31:58 Share
Munkyslut owns this item
1:12 John Player Special J.P.S. Lotus 72D (Tamiya 12013)
John Player Special J.P.S. Lotus 72D (Ford) 1972
Tamiya 1:12
12013 (BS1213)
1973 | New tool
1. October at 14:31:09 Share

September 23, 2019

Munkyslut and Chaz Gordon are now mates.
23. September at 22:03:57 Share

September 6, 2019

Evening lads & lasses, anybody else having trouble with the site today?

As soon as I click on newsfeed I get kicked off, says I’m not logged in, so I log in again & get kicked off soon as I click on anything!

Taken me half hour to get back on, seems ok for now but just thought I’d share some grief, unfair for me to hog it al eh? ;)
29. August at 19:13:49 Share
Hans Robben On mobile? Me too!
29. August at 19:16:01
Munkyslut Yes Hans!
29. August at 19:57:06
scalemates browser?
29. August at 20:01:17
Hans Robben Me Safari on IOS
29. August at 20:08:01
scalemates it should be better now (make sure to close all tabs with scalemates)
29. August at 20:31:08
Hans Robben Yes, better now
29. August at 20:37:33
Munkyslut All good here too, thank you!
29. August at 20:44:57
Bill Newcomer I just recently had that problem. My Microsoft Edge browser got suddenly very slow. Hopped on my sons user name and used his Firefox browser. back to normal after login. Switched my user to Firefox browser.
6. September at 06:58:33
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August 14, 2019

Hi all
Is there an easy method to make windscreens, side glass etc?
I have a 1/16 Camaro Z/28 that I just bagged off eBay & the glass sprue/bag was missing.
I was going to use some tinted cellophane sheet & simply glue in to the inside of the window aperture.
There is no side glass on this one & I'm going to leave the T-Tops of to show the interior, so just front & rear screens.
They are pretty basic curved forms, no compound curves.
Any other suggestions?
5. June at 10:12:48 Share
Tim Heimer A thought on this, The Camaro and Firebird are both GM F body's. MPC has the 79 bird out in 1/16. Theoretically it should work. plus it has the T-tops. This kit does not have side windows, but I think your kit didn't either. Just a thought.
15. June at 13:05:02
Munkyslut Tim that's brilliant! Yes I think it'll work, nice one!
15. June at 17:40:56
Mike DeSorbo You can purchase clear plastic acetate from several suppliers in different thicknesses. I have made several sets of glass with terrific results.
14. August at 10:29:30
B R I use a empty coke/soft drink bottle 1 its easy to use, mould, cut sand ect, 2 grate to use model glue with and 3 they are ultra clear.
14. August at 10:38:11
Munkyslut Cheers for the ideas Mike & BR!
I like the drinks bottle cheat & I think I've got some mildly tinted clear Lexan sheet so I'll try that too.
14. August at 14:05:51
Mike DeSorbo I like the drink bottle idea! Going to try it... Lexan works very well. You can heat it with a hairdryer to get the radius you may need for the windshield.
14. August at 18:20:39
Bob Hall MPC is making a1/16 Firebird and the windows could match up. I don't know what kit you have, but this could be a possibility. Round 2 has a parts order section on their website.

14. August at 19:13:07
B R I never have herd of Lexan sheets are they from evergreen?
14. August at 20:20:53
B R Yea the drink bottle works good for me i have scratch built cockpit window framing and used it for the glass came out so nice
14. August at 20:22:06
Munkyslut Cheers Bob I'm gonna check it out ;)
14. August at 20:43:27
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July 22, 2019

Is there a form of vinyl wrap available for the model maker?
I was thinking about finishes, especially satins, coloured chrome, carbon fibre etc that are easily available for the automotive world & just wondered if there was something to replicate that in our world?
5. July at 11:29:30 Share
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Nigel Chapman Yep used to use them for bit'n'pieces
21. July at 10:20:37
Munkyslut My business, been in the family since we started it in 74. I moved to Wavendon from Bedfordshire when I was 13 & I started school at Stantonbury Campus.
21. July at 12:49:16
Nigel Chapman Wow, who would have thought it ? I used to use the Stony shop as well.
21. July at 16:50:31
Munkyslut Haaaha I bet we crossed each other's paths adozen times over the years!
21. July at 17:40:40
Nigel Chapman Talking of local, have you attended any of the HaMeX model shows in Hanslope ?
21. July at 21:16:40
Munkyslut No....... tell me more
21. July at 21:52:43
Munkyslut I've just googled it...... I'll do the next one for sure
21. July at 22:01:03
Nigel Chapman They are organised by Mat Irvine a car and sci-fi modeller (x BBC). Though not my thing, the sci-fi show is brilliant.
22. July at 07:36:48
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July 20, 2019

I’ve used chrome pens from these people, they do loads of products, hope it’s worth the look ;)
3. July at 22:35:13 Share
Nigel Chapman Just bought mine. Not tried it yet
20. July at 11:32:24
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July 17, 2019

Munkyslut will attend Scale ModelWorld 2019
Scale ModelWorld 2019 in Telford
Scale ModelWorld 2019
GB 9. and 10. November 2019, in Telford
17. July at 12:39:19 Share

July 3, 2019

Munkyslut added a new photoalbum.
View album0
Updated: July 3, 2019
3. July at 19:14:11 Share

July 1, 2019

Munkyslut added a new photoalbum.
29. June at 10:28:11 Share
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Tim Heimer Lets find one in the middle, your there, I'm in the states and monkeys in England! LOL!
1. July at 04:10:45
Bob Hall Texas - The Republic of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. July at 04:12:08
Bob Hall So ??????? A Bar on an Iceberg in the Atlantic then ? LOL !!!!!!!
1. July at 04:15:08
Chris Greathouse *and then the dorky foreign car guy walks in*
1. July at 04:22:10
Bob Hall And abruptly tossed out !
1. July at 04:22:50
Munkyslut It'll have to be a bar in Switzerland, it's the only neutral ground I can think of & the beers great!
We have some real car guys here don't we?
I was totally obsessed with US cars when I was a kid in the 70's, drawing them, collecting all the little 1/64 die casts, I had Redlines & Mag wheels imprinted on my brain.
Thats what got me modelling in the first place, I must've completed every Monogram 1/24th street/custom/drag offering in their catalog!
I've got a yard full of US cars (real ones) & building my model stash up nicely.
1. July at 08:15:41
Christopher Mullins I got a 69 Camaro going too, that paint job looks great.
1. July at 08:17:40
Munkyslut Think I've seen it Chris, a yellow Z/28? Looks good!
1. July at 09:27:45
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June 30, 2019

Munkyslut and Bob Hall are now mates.
30. June at 21:04:01 Share

June 25, 2019

Munkyslut and Bill Newcomer are now mates.
25. June at 12:31:15 Share

May 30, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:16 Camaro Z28 (Revell H-6601)
Camaro Z28
Revell 1:16
30. May at 10:45:27 Share

May 25, 2019

I know this may be a silly question but is there a forum thread on major restoration of old previously assembled models?
I’m just rebuilding a vintage 1960’s issue 1/8th Revell Corvette & would love some little tips & secrets on how to make 50 year old stuff look a little bit presentable for display.
19. May at 22:08:25 Share
Łukasz Gliński There used to be an event for that: The Neglected Kit Resurrection Groupbuild (1. January until 31. December, UK)
(event used as a kind of workaround I assume). It died some time ago, though it is one of my favs.
20. May at 12:49:38
Munkyslut Yes that's exactly the kind of thing I'd hoped for, Shane it's gone! Thanks for trying though
20. May at 20:30:35
Augie Well its in history, but no reason It could not be resurrected.. thats the great thing with this site.
20. May at 21:12:21
Bob Hall Kind of like a "Barn Find" for Model Cars ! Hope to see it on here someday !
25. May at 21:36:56
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May 19, 2019

Munkyslut changed his profile picture.
19. May at 10:57:07 Share

April 27, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:24 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb (Airfix A50055A)
Royal Air Force BBMF
Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb
Airfix 1:24
200x | Changed parts
27. April at 21:33:43 Share

April 22, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:8 '65 Corvette Sting Ray (Monogram 2600)
'65 Corvette Sting Ray
Monogram 1:8
1975 | Changed box
22. April at 19:10:15 Share

April 6, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:12 Suzuki RGA.500 (Matchbox PK-701)
Suzuki RGA.500
Matchbox 1:12
1980 | New tool
6. April at 12:52:32 Share

March 22, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:8 Corvette Sting Ray (Monogram PC126)
Corvette Sting Ray
Monogram 1:8
1965 | New tool
22. March at 18:14:36 Share

March 13, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:24 Rommel's Rod (Monogram 85-4260)
Rommel's Rod Tom Daniel
Monogram 1:24
2009 | Changed box
12. March at 23:47:41 Share
Munkyslut A gift from me good mate!
13. March at 21:09:23
Tim Heimer Fun build, just instructions are incomplete! Note: no map placement, LOL
13. March at 22:23:58
Munkyslut Ha! Yeah it's er, basic........ but fun!
13. March at 22:28:34
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March 9, 2019

Munkyslut wants this item
1:32 BAC Lightning F2A/ F6 (Echelon Vacuforms 3)
BAC Lightning F2A/ F6
Echelon Vacuforms 1:32
9. March at 20:05:56 Share

March 7, 2019

Munkyslut wants this item
1:25 '65 Plymouth Barracuda (AMT 6855-150)
'65 Plymouth Barracuda
AMT 1:25
1964 | New tool
7. March at 19:34:39 Share

March 5, 2019

Munkyslut wants this item
1:6 Honda MB50Z (Tamiya 16014)
Honda MB50Z 1979
Tamiya 1:6
1981 | New tool
5. March at 11:25:17 Share
Munkyslut wants this item
1:6 Honda CB750 Four (Tamiya 16001)
Honda CB750 Four 1969
Tamiya 1:6
2018 | Changed ???
5. March at 11:24:54 Share
Munkyslut wants this item
1:6 Honda CB1100R (Tamiya 16022)
Honda CB1100R 1981
Tamiya 1:6
1982 | New tool
5. March at 11:24:39 Share

March 3, 2019

Munkyslut started this item
1:24 Ford Transit Mk.2 (Italeri 3687)
Ford Transit Mk.2
Italeri 1:24
2016 | Changed decals
3. March at 16:38:43 Share
Munkyslut wants this item
1:24 Supermarine Spitfire 1a (Airfix 1201)
Supermarine Spitfire 1a
Airfix 1:24
1970 | New tool
3. March at 16:31:00 Share

March 2, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:12 Lotus Europa Special (Nichimo SD1201)
Lotus Europa Special Display Kit Special Edition
Nichimo 1:12
1976 | New tool
2. March at 14:59:18 Share

February 24, 2019

Munkyslut wants this item
1:24 Dodge Challenger (Otaki OT3-149)
Rock Machine
Dodge Challenger
Otaki 1:24
1981 | Changed parts
24. February at 16:29:14 Share
Munkyslut owns this item
1:48 Eagle Transporter (MPC 825)
Eagle Transporter
MPC 1:48
2015 | New tool
23. February at 19:16:23 Share
P J Saw a couple of lovely diecast versions of this for about £175 apiece in the junk shop in Manchester.
24. February at 13:27:40
Munkyslut Dinky?
24. February at 14:12:13
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February 23, 2019

Munkyslut wants this item
1:16 Jaguar XJ-S (Bandai 8045)
Jaguar XJ-S
Bandai 1:16
1976 | New tool
23. February at 23:47:34 Share
Munkyslut wants this item
1:25 The Pink Panther (Doyusha CSC-1)
The Pink Panther
Doyusha 1:25
198x | Changed box
23. February at 23:39:20 Share
Munkyslut added Al's Hobbies to his list of favorite shops
23. February at 23:32:29 Share
Munkyslut added A & H Models to his list of favorite shops
23. February at 23:30:27 Share
Munkyslut added Monk Bar Model Shop to his list of favorite shops
23. February at 23:28:58 Share
Munkyslut added P&S Hobbies & Models - York to his list of favorite shops
23. February at 23:28:29 Share
Munkyslut owns this item
1:25 THE ALIEN (Fundimensions 1-1902)
Space: 1999
Fundimensions 1:25
1976 | New tool
23. February at 19:23:59 Share
Munkyslut owns this item
1:16 Living Room (Polar Lights 835)
The Munsters
Living Room Glow in the Dark Version
Polar Lights 1:16
2010 | Changed parts
23. February at 19:06:20 Share
Munkyslut just joined this community.
21. February at 21:38:40 Share
22. February at 03:26:38
Munkyslut Thanks!
22. February at 09:16:29
P J Welcome. This is where the trouble starts!
23. February at 12:48:36
Munkyslut Too late!
23. February at 17:13:10
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Munkyslut wants this item
1:8 Jaguar XK-E (Bandai 8001-7000)
Jaguar XK-E
Bandai 1:8
23. February at 16:25:40 Share
Munkyslut and P J are now mates.
23. February at 12:54:05 Share

February 22, 2019

Munkyslut owns this item
1:8 1965 Corvette Stingray (Monogram 2613)
1965 Corvette Stingray
Monogram 1:8
1988 | Changed ???
22. February at 21:48:45 Share
Munkyslut owns this item
1:8 '32 Ford (Monogram 2602)
'32 Ford Street Rod
Monogram 1:8
1977 | Changed box
22. February at 21:48:10 Share
Munkyslut owns this item
1:8 1982 Z/28 CAMARO (Monogram 2607)
1982 Z/28 CAMARO Cross-Fire Injection
Monogram 1:8
1982 | New tool
22. February at 21:47:10 Share


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2019-02-21 21:37:46




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