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Mike Szwarc added a new project.
4 | 5. August, 12:25
David Taylor
Sign me up Mike.
5. August, 14:53
Pictures please 🙂
3. September, 16:11
Mike Szwarc
Spanjaard, this project is still in the "idea" phase. I'm collecting the kits for it, but the MiniArt air conditioner and satellite kit hasn't been released yet.
3. September, 16:41
Ok, it will require a bit of patience then 🙂
3. September, 16:47
Ok, it will require a bit of patience then 🙂
3. September, 20:08

August 3, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
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Crane mocked up, ready for paint.
12 | 17. June, 19:32
Robert Podkoński
Taking a seat in the first row!
17. June, 19:36
Stefan Schacht
nice start, count me in.
17. June, 19:42
I certainly recognize that Podracer engine! Can't wait to see the outcome!
17. June, 19:43
Stephan H.
Popcorn ready. Keep it coming 🙂 I am already sure this will be awesome in the end. good luck!
24. June, 13:24
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for looking, guys! Progress is slow, but steady, and I've already redesigned a few things along the way. The structural building goes quickly, but then progress slows way down as I add details. When I get stuck on Ideas for one component, I move on to another, and eventually a solution presents itself.
24. June, 14:11
24. June, 19:20
I love McQue's art, can't wait to see this
24. June, 19:46
Erik No
I love his work too. Unfortunately, Industria Mechanika has discontinued production. Maybe in the future someone else will produce his grandiose ideas.
25. June, 05:49
Mike Szwarc
Yes, Industria Mechanika is moving to an all digital format, where he (Michael Fichtenmayer) sells 3D printer files of his model designs (there's a pretty decent collection already available, if you have a 3D printer, though nothing based on Ian McQue's artwork). I just visited the site yesterday, and discovered that he is selling surplus PE frets from some of his OOP kits, including the Waldo, Remora, and SkyMark at very reasonable prices. The PE parts can be used for detailing scratch builds.
25. June, 16:35
wow, looks great.
13. July, 16:42
Jorge Justino Fernandes
it's amazing nice project we will follow ?
Good continuation Mike ?
13. July, 18:24
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for looking! Still got quite a bit of work ahead of me, but I am making progress.
14. July, 02:00

July 14, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
19 | 23. May, 23:27
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nailed it Mike! 👍
13. July, 16:50
Very cool result!
13. July, 17:07
Nathan Dempsey
Nice finish! Looks like you rule the wastelands.
13. July, 19:10
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for the kind comments, guys!
14. July, 01:58
Well done, nice build and idea 👍
14. July, 04:02

June 17, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new project.
3 | 11. June, 14:42
Looking forward what's coming in the next time 🙂
13. June, 07:17
Mike Szwarc
This project is still in the planning stage, but I hope to build a diorama of a couple of wanderers meeting in the arctic wasteland
13. June, 11:59
Bruce Huxtable
Aerosan? Fun build but a tad small for 1:35... Careful if you have figures, perhaps 1:48 might match better?
17. June, 19:46
Mike Szwarc
Bruce, thanks for the tip. The Aerosan does look a little small, and the figures I have are 1:35. I'll just have to see how all the components look together, and possibly bash together a slightly larger Aerosan body if need be.
17. June, 19:57
Bruce Huxtable
I might be wrong, but I think the propeller would drag the vehicle backwards, if the reinforced edges of each blade are the leading edges when it spins. What do you reckon?
17. June, 20:24
Mike Szwarc
Nice catch, Bruce. The propeller mounted as shown on the box art and in the instructions would indeed pull the vehicle backwards. it can be flipped over and mounted so that it will propel the vehicle forward.
17. June, 20:56
Bruce Huxtable
Do you reckon the steering rods should be inverted on one side too, Mike? If the main spindle rotates in the same direction, wouldn't that adjust the skiis to point together or apart, and not actually steer? I have no idea how the steering wheel / mechanism would actually actuate that spindle gizmo..... Just wondering if anyone knows?
17. June, 21:04
Mike Szwarc
No idea how the steering works, but I looked at vintage photos of this particular aerosan, and the steering rod connections to the bell crank on one side are the opposite of the other side.
17. June, 21:45
Bruce Huxtable
Hmm, that what I figured, Mike, after I'd diligently followed the instructions. Ah well, I still enjoyed the challenges of this little kit. My first experience of photo-etched parts... Definitely recommended all the same.
17. June, 22:02
Mike Szwarc added a new project.
In progress
1:25 '50 Austin Coupe (Revell 85-7120)1:25 Dodge L700 Tractor & Tanker Trailer (Lindberg HL118)1:35 Deckhands Series 1 (Industria Mechanika IMECH005A)12+
2 | 16. June, 20:53
You start one 😎 project after one, awesome, follow 👍
17. June, 16:18
Bruce Huxtable
Curious... watching ?
17. June, 16:40
Robert Podkoński
I am equally curious (taking into account the project's inventory...). Taking a seat!
17. June, 16:55
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for looking, guys. I hope to take some photos soon of the work so far-- this is something of a "design as I build" project using the listed inventory kits for parts, along with styrene and found materials. Torsten, I actually started this project some time ago, and then put it aside (though I continued to collect materials for it). When I started work on the Wasps, I thought I might use one of them in a vignette with this project, so I restarted work, and will be working on these vehicles and the Wasps simultaneously.
17. June, 17:33

June 3, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
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What's in the box. This resin kit contains parts to build two Wasp anti-gravity vehicles, and also includes two seated, ...
4 | 3. June, 13:27
That's 😎, I'll follow this project
3. June, 14:03
Mike Szwarc added a new project.
In progress
1:35 Wasps (Industria Mechanika IMECH033)
3. June, 13:19

May 28, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
15 | 11. May, 02:27
Hanno Kleinecke
Super, very realistic looking result, even more so, when taking into consideration which base you started from !
11. May, 07:36
I agree with Hanno. 👍
11. May, 07:56
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for the comments, guys! I considered doing a little more detailing to the truck itself, but in the end, I couldn't muster the necessary enthusiasm to do the work. Anyway, I'm pleased enough with the work I did do. These were the first MiniArt accessory kits I've worked with. The detail is beautiful, but many of the parts in these kits are tiny! Tweezers, an Optivisor, arthritis meds, and patience are a must.
11. May, 12:36
excellent work!
28. May, 09:54
Lex Jassies
Can imagin that your pleased with this result. That's a very nice little Dodge 👍
28. May, 11:01

May 23, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new project.
1:24 Ford Escort RS1800 Mk.II (Italeri 3650)
1 | 23. May, 22:26

May 11, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new project.
1 | 11. May, 02:19

May 4, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
11 | 2. May, 17:51
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Good work ,,, like it
2. May, 20:07
Christian W
That tractor sat for a long time on one spot. Good weathering.
3. May, 04:25
Schöner Porsche! Will not win a race any more ........
3. May, 08:55
Mike Szwarc
Thanks guys. Christian W, that's the look I was shooting for-- a tractor that got parked outdoors, and was never used again. I live in rural Texas where one often sees abandoned farm equipment. A lot of youngsters are beginning to collect and restore the old tractors now, though.
3. May, 12:16
this beauty is begging for a little vignette. it truly looks perfect.
3. May, 13:20
Mike Szwarc
Thanks Spanjaard. I've been thinking about putting it in a small vignette.
3. May, 14:21
Daniel Mysak
Great work, looks stunning. 👍
A small vignette would suit perfect.
3. May, 15:22
David Taylor
Fantastic weathering.
3. May, 18:13
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Nice work of painting the wear of time suits him wonderfully ?
3. May, 18:26
Villiers de Vos
Realistic weathering, very nicely done.
3. May, 18:28
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for the comments, guys, and thanks for looking!
3. May, 21:21
Dominik Weitzer
like that a lot! The weathering is just perfect.
4. May, 13:41

May 2, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new project.
1:24 Porsche Diesel Junior 108 (Revell 85-4485)
1 | 2. May, 17:36

April 11, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
13 images
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Another view of the island work station, with display shelves in the background.
11 | 24. September 2020, 19:12
Thomas Espe
Great looking workspace. I like the large windows, gives a lot of natural light, it seems.
24. September 2020, 19:45
Roland Gunslinger
Nice and cozy 🙂
24. September 2020, 19:50
it looks certainly good. nice lathe 🙂
be careful, Escher is checking what you are doing😉
24. September 2020, 19:51
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for looking and commenting, guys. 🙂 The large window is nice, but I wish the room had 2 fewer doors! Spanjaard, the lathe is, unfortunately, over 50 years old, and was used quite hard during its first 15 years. It was given to me nearly 40 years ago, and I did my best to refurbish it, but the ways are worn near the chuck, so it's impossible to set the feed gibs for a good fit for the length of the ways, and it tends to chatter when turning metal. I've mostly used the lathe on wood and plastic, and it's difficult to turn anything much smaller than 1cm in diameter with it. Good eye, spotting Escher on my door!
25. September 2020, 00:07
25. September 2020, 12:38
I really love his art, i have to go and visit his museum again when this covid mess is over....
25. September 2020, 12:40
Rui S
Really Nice place. Lots of working space and light. 👍
The lathe is old and worn but simply beautiful.😎
25. September 2020, 20:26

February 6, 2021

Mike Szwarc completed this item
1:12 Sandtrooper (Bandai 0197348)
Star Wars
Sandtrooper Desert Stormtrooper
Bandai 1:12
0197348 (2291093) 2015 | Changed parts
4. February, 03:54
any pictures?😉
5. February, 16:07
Mike Szwarc
I haven't taken any photos because I just built the kit out of the box-- no paint weathering, or detailing, just snapped together. I got the kit because I'd heard good things about Bandai kits, and I mainly wanted to see how they were molded, and how well the parts fit together (molding and fit are both excellent). The kit builds into a decent little 6" tall poseable figure, with several weapons and backpack options, very fun to assemble, and looks good without paint. I may go back and paint and weather it at some point.
5. February, 17:07
for what i have seen from Bandai, they know how to make kits. absolute beginner can have fun without even glue, and advance modellers can make magnific models out of them. pitty not so easy to come by out of Japan....
5. February, 17:17
Mike Szwarc
Bandai Star Wars kits are readily available here in the states. Gundam are available, too, but I don't know enough about them to know how easy they are to come by.
5. February, 22:23
well, shipping them to europe, plus import duties etc, is certainly possible, the prices just grows like crazy....
5. February, 23:25
Mike Szwarc
Yeah, international shipping often costs as much as the kit. We don't have to pay import duties on most things shipped to the US, though.
6. February, 01:12

January 15, 2021

Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
10 | 5. September 2020, 21:01
View full thread (15 Comments)
This looking good, great project😎
27. October 2020, 11:01
Martin R.
Very interesting topic. I'll take a seat and grab my virtual popcorn.
27. October 2020, 12:35
it looks great
14. January, 13:20
Dominik Weitzer
interesting supbjekt, looks really good!
14. January, 13:26
Mike Szwarc
Thanks guys!
15. January, 23:19

November 30, 2020

Mike Szwarc started this item
30. November 2020, 23:19
Mike Szwarc completed this item
1:35 SkyMark (Industria Mechanika IMECH014)
Ian McQue's
Industria Mechanika 1:35
IMECH014 2013 | New tool
30. November 2020, 23:18


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