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Alexander Grivonev (Alex G.)

WIP Su-27SM Lipetsk Training Center

All right fellas, after the tiring 1:12 Countach project i needed something smaller and different to relax. I haven't built a jet in a while and not a single Su-27 in 1:72 for that matter... Zvezda released this nice kit a few years ago and i decided to go for it....


7. November 2018, 10:20
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Aris aka Amen
Following 🙂
7. November 2018, 22:34
Peter Hardy
It's Russian, it's fast and it's a jet ... and it's my all time favouritist hairyplane! It will be done in a Maritime camo of course? Don't mind me Alex, i'll Be in the back seat learning cryllic writing!
8. November 2018, 07:34
Peter Hardy
PS, I'll go buy a hair dryer now!
8. November 2018, 07:35
Alexander Grivonev
"i'll Be in the back seat learning cryllic writing!" It's a one seater, Peter! ...Hey, that even rhymes😄
8. November 2018, 08:08
Alexander Grivonev
As for the camo, there are two options for the serial jets in the AF, a two tone blue and a three tone grey/grey blue camo. I am still indecisive which one it is going to be..
8. November 2018, 08:19
Peter Hardy
If I was 40 kilos lighter I'd sit on your knee! Either camo will look awesome!
8. November 2018, 08:50
12. November 2018, 19:15
Aris aka Amen
Great progress!
12. November 2018, 20:49
since Peter is taking the space in the cabin, i will take a seat outside, but will certainly not miss this one!
12. November 2018, 23:34
Alexander Grivonev
There are no seats left outside either, Spanjaard but i can hang you on one of the pylons, there are plenty of them 😄
13. November 2018, 05:35
Alexander Grivonev
The place in the burner can seems cozy too, at least when the engine isn't runnng...
13. November 2018, 05:37
Well done so far.
13. November 2018, 19:50
well, if that is the only place you can offer 🙁
14. November 2018, 10:12
Aris aka Amen
Pro riveting.. you nerd 😛 (Love it)
14. November 2018, 10:20
Ah, that nose weight trick was interesting. I will remember that.
14. November 2018, 10:28
Alexander Grivonev
Spanjaard, it's warm and cozy in there what do you want else? You can have a blanket if you want 😄
14. November 2018, 10:59
Alexander Grivonev
Aris, if you count them I reassure you there are a few missing😄 Treehugger, you are welcome!
14. November 2018, 11:01
Bryn Crandell
Amazing work so far. The burner cans do make you question whether they were worth it for this scale. The Cockpit looks amazing. As for the rivet detail, I'm definitely not worthy. Truly amazing.
14. November 2018, 13:19
Patrick Hagelstein
Sieht schon super aus! 👍
14. November 2018, 15:14
Bart Goesaert
pretty nice work on this one...
14. November 2018, 15:36
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks mates!

Bryn, thing is i never installed aftermarket burner cans before so I just wanted to try. Are they worth it? They do look better than the kit parts but considering them being not correct in their proportions you could wish for more for 13€. Again, to my eye the rear part of the nozzle seems to bee to long. Maybe there are different versions of these nozzles and I am mistaken and would love to stand corrected, but my research has shown it to be the case. The riveting, i must say this is a significant effect for such little work. What did I spend on a fin, 15 minutes? It's not that I am superhuman, you just have to try for yourself to see how easy it is! I did it with a simple Trumpeter rivet maker tool.

14. November 2018, 18:11
Martin Oostrom
Alex, can you quit this site? You are making me feel totally inadequate! Keep up the lessons 👍
16. November 2018, 07:30
Alexander Grivonev
Lol, what is making you so uncomfortable 😄 I feel inadequate posting this avoidable plastering orgy...
16. November 2018, 09:31
Holger Kranich
Looks truly nice so far!
16. November 2018, 10:45
Agustin Prellezo
Good work! I will resume my Zvezda flanker just now!
21. November 2018, 20:50
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks mates!
Agustin, I defintely am going to build this "SKM" Flanker one day, always liked the black/grey scheme, yours looks fantastic and I see you did your research homework and even added the refueling probe! Anything else you changed compared to the "SM" model? Would love to see more WIP pictures 👍
22. November 2018, 06:03
Alexander Grivonev
BTW I decided to build the training version from Lipetsk airbase with the two tone blue camouflage. I've got enough grey airplanes in my shelves!
22. November 2018, 06:13
Łukasz Gliński
Very nice progress in here, how come I missed it?
25. November 2018, 21:41
Bart Goesaert
Looking good so far...
26. November 2018, 10:04
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks mates! Made some updates
27. November 2018, 06:13
Patrick Hagelstein
Bwoaaah!!! Ich liebe deine Farben! I realy love your approach to getting those colors right! The preshading, mottling and choice of color is spot on! 👍
27. November 2018, 06:49
Alexander Grivonev
It's far away from "spot on", Patrick😢
The blue is definitely not "blue enough", paint tends to be more pale and dull when applied with an airbrush in comparison to the sample applied manually on paper, which looked ok colorwise. I already reworked that, pics following tomorrow.
27. November 2018, 18:34
Patrick Hagelstein
I see what you mean; the colors in the cover picture are more vibrant. But still, the execution of the preshade, mottling and misting the main color looks really good.
27. November 2018, 18:41
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks! It's not misting actually, I put down quite wet coats but with very diluted paint.
27. November 2018, 18:45
Michael Phillips
This is some really fantastic work, and the step by step pics are wonderful! I know how difficult it can be to stop progress to take pics.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next!
27. November 2018, 19:32
Roge Lamas
Fantastic job! You made a good job rescribing the panel lines 🙂
27. November 2018, 21:11
Alexander Grivonev
Thank you mates!
Yeah Michael it is definitely distracting handling a camera when you are mid-process but these happen to be the most telling and interesting pictures of a WIP👍. The pictures are far from perfection but I try to progress myself, next step would be to install a nice "photo corner" with good lights, a nice uniform background and the camera steady.
28. November 2018, 05:53
Alexander Grivonev
Spasibo Igor, I will check that out!
28. November 2018, 06:09
Alexander Grivonev
Happy New Year everyone!!
1. January 2019, 04:13
Peter Hardy
U2 Alex!
1. January 2019, 11:34
Łukasz Gliński
Nice exhausts Alex 👍
2. January 2019, 11:28
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks! The bird is also finished already. Did not have the time to do proper pictures, New Years celebration and such....but definitiely following this week!
2. January 2019, 18:06
Good god thats good man, you have very good eyes lol
3. January 2019, 20:34
Alexander Grivonev
Lol no, don't you see I am wering glasses? 😄
Thanks Augie!
3. January 2019, 20:38
I do so need to get mine re-checked lol!
3. January 2019, 20:47
Bart Goesaert
nice work on the missiles, little gems on their own...
4. January 2019, 07:20
Peter Hardy
How old is the photo Alex? The one of you I mean!
4. January 2019, 07:21
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks mates!
"How old is the photo Alex?" One week! Why 😄
4. January 2019, 09:26
Fantastic missiles!
4. January 2019, 13:11
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks Cuajete! i thought i'd give them a little more attention than I usually do for my 1:72nd stuff. The more I am glad that the effort payed off!
4. January 2019, 13:46
Ronny Verlaek
4. January 2019, 14:02
Alexander Grivonev
Guys, finally made some proper rollout pictures, enjoy!
5. January 2019, 20:44
Alexander Grivonev
The missile loadout btw is pure fantasy, I just wanted to have at least one of each missiles attached
5. January 2019, 20:50
Beauty 🙂
5. January 2019, 21:45
Daniel Klink
Beautiful colorwork! Looks great 👍
5. January 2019, 21:47
Peter Hardy
And enjoyed they were! Wow!
5. January 2019, 22:05
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks Augie, Daniel and Peter!
6. January 2019, 11:28
Ronny Verlaek
Awesome work ... nice nice nice ...
6. January 2019, 15:49
Bernhard Pethe

Nice plane, great model 👍
6. January 2019, 16:37
6. January 2019, 17:41
Mike Daniels
Very nice.
6. January 2019, 18:18
Outstanding work.
6. January 2019, 19:08
Roge Lamas
Fantastic job!
6. January 2019, 19:10
Johne 69
Wow very good 👍
6. January 2019, 19:16
Very nice work... Fantastic painting work. Congrats!
6. January 2019, 19:30
Bart Goesaert
wonderful result... congratz...
7. January 2019, 08:38
Excellent job!
7. January 2019, 22:03
Alexander Grivonev
Thank You mates!
9. January 2019, 17:26
Martien Lourens
A blue beauty. Fantastic work.
9. January 2019, 20:47
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks Roland, thanks Martin! Yeah i am really happy with the colors too, was quite a challenge to hit the correct shades!
10. January 2019, 05:58
truly beautiful Alexander. amazing job again.
10. January 2019, 06:08
Beautiful colours!
10. January 2019, 16:47
Konrad Limmer
Great mate! Perfekte Arbeit 👍
10. January 2019, 17:10
Alexander Grivonev
Appreciated, guys!
11. January 2019, 23:33
Bryn Crandell
Final result is absoulutely stunning. Well done!
17. January 2019, 20:22
wow nice flanker! und das in dem maßstab! daumen hoch!
27. January 2019, 10:25
Nice job, your explanations are a pleasure to follow.
27. January 2019, 10:54


1:72 Su-27SM (Zvezda 7295)1:72 Su-27SM Flanker B exhaust nozzles (Aires 7320)1:72 Su-27SM Flanker B S.A. (Eduard 73509)3+
Sukhoi Su-27SM Flanker-B
RU Military Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily Rossii (Russian Air Force 1991-now)
4 AF Training Center Red 04
2013 - Lipetsk

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