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13. October 2020, 22:44
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13. October 2020, 22:38

August 7, 2020

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Brian Davis
7. August 2020, 22:34

March 29, 2020

Aris aka Amen added a new project.
1:72 F-16XL#1 (LoneStar LSR-7201)1:72 F-16XL Fighter (Monogram 5206)1:72 Splintered (Wolfpak Decals 72-105)
8. April 2018, 01:19
Thanasis Kourkoulos
It's really a shame that no company has to offer a new tooling kit of this great airplane.
6. March 2020, 07:14
Ah hold on. :)

Kinetic has a new mold the F-16XL2 (two seater) in 1:48, and also sold by Skunkworks (single seater) based on the same molds apparently. I have the Kinetic 48086 kit myself.

I remember, I guess it must have been the Monogram kit box in 1:72 scale, when I was a kit. Never built it myself, but it looked nice.
6. March 2020, 10:09
Thanasis Kourkoulos
You are correct Treehugger. I have it on my wishlist but forgot it. I prefer though the 72 scale otherwise I'll have to buy a new house! Monogram's XL wasn't quite adequate as those in 48th. It reminds me of another long forgotten company , ESCI, which had great 1/72 scale models but their 48th were sometimes not even close to the smaller one
6. March 2020, 13:24
Aris aka Amen
Thanasi it's shame, but maybe kinetic downscale her 1/48 kit.

Treehugger nice to know that, I may search at Amazon if that kit was nice.
29. March 2020, 22:08
Aris aka Amen added a new photoalbum.
20. May 2014, 22:04
Choppa Nutta
great scheme :)
14. August 2015, 13:46
Roberto Rocat
Cool looking machine. Well done.
14. August 2015, 14:06
soheil moghisi
Great job.
14. August 2015, 15:47
Aris aka Amen
Thanks mates, great scheme indeed! i might rebuild this based on another kit some day. I'm not happy with the final varnish. Got an orange peel.
14. August 2015, 20:52
Saeed Ezadi
Nice built Aris, 3 or 4 years ago I whatched your exhaust buimt in youtube accidentaly. Nice to see that again :)
28. December 2018, 22:56
Aris aka Amen
Thank you @Saeed Ezadi. I have two other models in progress with similar exhaust. A su-7U and a Mig-21F-13. For the SU-7U i have project here.
5. January 2019, 09:44
Excellent result!
7. January 2019, 22:27
Thanasis Kourkoulos
Excellent decals choice. I really love the III's and their variants with those camos
6. March 2020, 07:09
Aris aka Amen
Thanks mate, It's a beautiful plane with inspired painting.
29. March 2020, 21:47
Aris aka Amen and Thanasis Kourkoulos are now mates.
29. March 2020, 21:46


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