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Ricardo Reis added a new photoalbum.
44 images
View album, image #44New: 28. September, 19:13
Slight color change on these two panels, as per reference photos
19 | 5. September, 18:49
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Maciej Bellos
It's the kit... As WhiteGlint, I am working on the 72nd kit, whose basic engineering was used in 48th scale kit and I see the same problems. My intakes look hideous so I will just finish it without much of a fuss.
19. September, 17:49
Ricardo Reis
Yes, a lot of Perfect Plastic Putty to remedy this; the fuselage (front to wings comparison) is also a little crooked, but only I can see it! 🙂
19. September, 19:22
Ricardo Reis
Progressing now with the painting, slowly
25. September, 16:14
Super clean paintjob!
28. September, 10:41
Ricardo Reis
Thank you @WhiteGlint - the dirty part will come after, with some restrained weathering made with oils
28. September, 14:00
Łukasz Gliński added a new photoalbum.
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View album, image #18New: 28. September, 18:13
In the autumn sun.
14 | 7. August, 19:33
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Alex K
Very nice work...
18. September, 13:49
Robert Podkoński
A lot of determination I see here - keep up good work, Łukasz! 🙂
18. September, 15:37
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks y'all. I just completed it today, enjoy the pics.
28. September, 18:14
Bruce Huxtable
She is a thing of beauty, indeed 👍 especially in the natural light and in front of the hanger....very convincing 🙂
28. September, 18:36
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic and very realistic looking model! Great work, Łukasz, chapeau bas!
28. September, 19:07
Bernd Korte added a new photoalbum.
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After some thought, I decided to show the navigator's cockpit open. He entered from the front, the hinged nose was swung...
4 | 26. September, 19:01
Bernd Grün
27. September, 14:41
Łukasz Gliński
Ah, that's the one, me 2
27. September, 14:58
Me 3!
28. September, 18:36
David R. Meizoso
I'm also in. Your previous works look amazing btw, just ran into them a moment ago.
28. September, 19:05
tankbrusher added a new photoalbum.
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View album, image #15New: 28. September, 19:02
2nd Iteration of my tracks, Guidehorns are better, ptich & slack are already perfect.
Project: v2 Panther
1:35 Panther Ausf.D V2 (Dragon 6830)
7 | 6. February, 14:48
Achim Ribbe
Ohoh... never seen the rubber tracks on a tank.....do yourself a favour. Place these tracks where they should belong to... into the trash bin.
Diese Vinylketten sehen nicht gut aus...ansonsten man ist gespannt auf den Fortschritt
6. February, 16:45
As written in the Image captions: DS Tracks are fine for holding the roadwheels on, they get replaced with 3D Printed ones.
Entschuldige, verstehst ja Deutsch ; ) Ich drucke mir meine Ketten selbst, hab bisher ca 15 verschiedene Einzelgliedketten konstruiert und gedruckt, geht prima...
6. February, 17:32
Achim Ribbe
Ah .. ich drucke auch...Ich habe einen Resin Drucker. Elegoo Mars Pro
14. February, 10:38
Achim Ribbe
Guck auf diese Idee bin ich noch gar nicht gekommen....DANKE. Für die Inspiration.
14. February, 10:40
@Achim Ribbe Ich nutze den Photon S und Sonic Mini 4k. Dein Dioramabau mittles Resindruck ist auch etwas neues für mich. Solltest mal Ketten brauchen, scheibst mich einfach an, die vom Panther sind mittlerweile durchentwickelt und schauen nochmal nen ticken besser aus. Fühe (Splint und Ring am Bolzen, mittlere (Ronde und Splint am Bolzen) und Späte (Mischung aus Mittleren Ausf. D und frühen Ausf. A Ketten) habe ich jetzt schon erfolgreich verbaut.
16. February, 08:49
Fernando Arriagada added a new photoalbum.
5 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 18:59
Project: Mh-53 Sea Dragon
1:72 MH-53E (Eduard BIG7232)1:72 MH-53E Sea Dragon (Italeri 1065)1:72 MH-53E Sea Dragon Engines Resin equipment Set (Black Dog A72053)8+
10 | 6. September, 03:13
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Fernando Arriagada
Hola Florian. Así será. Me tomaré todo el tiempo q sea necesario. Trabajaré con calma
9. September, 12:26
menuda colección de modificaciones que tienes planeada. interesante 🙂
9. September, 13:37
Dietmar Bogatzki
Taking a seat..
9. September, 16:55
Fernando Arriagada
Si, vamos a ver q resulta y no rendirme en el camino
9. September, 21:46
Florian H.
Hola Fernando, bíen, muy bíen 🙂
10. September, 18:17
Martin Bishop added a new photoalbum.
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2 | 26. September, 20:41
28. September, 18:54
Martin Bishop added a new photoalbum.
6 images
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Project: Typhoon FGR.4
1:72 Eurofighter Typhoon (Hasegawa 01570)1:72 Ladder for EF-2000 (DreamModel DM 0547)1:72 EF-2000 single seater (Eduard 73473)5+
5 | 26. September, 20:42
28. September, 18:53
Erwin Leetink added a new photoalbum.
55 images
View album, image #11New: 28. September, 18:44
Project: La rencontre
1:35 WWI Belgian Dog drawn Cart with Crew (D-Day Miniature Studio 35107)1:35 French Tank Crew, World War I (Stalingrad S-1120)1:35 St. Chamond (Takom 2012)3+
12 | 14. May, 11:43
Erwin Leetink
I made a start with a new dio: a French St. Chaumont tank resting next to a ruined factory with its crew. While an old fashioned Belgian dog cart passes by. Old meets new. Hence the name. A start has been made with the factory and the tank has been build so far that it is ready to receive primer...
14. May, 12:00
Interesting project.
28. June, 14:24
Erwin Leetink
Thank you very much 🙂
28. June, 16:12
Erwin Leetink
The base is ready to receive a surprise, finishing and occupants
28. August, 10:37
That's looking fantastic!
The ruined building is particularly good. It's looks very realistic.
28. August, 16:51
Bruce Huxtable
Watching with interest 👍 Excellent
28. August, 19:26
Erwin Leetink
You are too kind...
I also started the painting of the first figure.
The Belgians used a specific kind of breed to pull their carts : the Belgian Mastiff. It has been extinct for quite some time, but by careful breeding, they managed to reinstate it. Though there are a lot of variations in colors, I tried to represent the general looks with the black snout and mask, as good as I can…
28. August, 19:27
Erwin Leetink
And the second dog, although a bit meager I painted it like a old British sheepdog
28. August, 19:28
Adrian Forest
What good dogs. 😄
29. August, 04:27
Erwin Leetink
They behave exemplary indeed!!! 😉
29. August, 13:08
Erwin Leetink
The first figure is done...
The guy on top of the tank. Having read a letter he received, he looks like he is contemplating the content of the letter while pulling on his pipe...
28. September, 18:49
Bruce Huxtable
Loving the wisps of smoke 🙂👍
28. September, 18:51
Ronan added a new photoalbum.
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View album, image #1New: 28. September, 16:39
2 | 28. September, 16:30
David R. Meizoso
Great cockpit paint! Contrast makes details pop!
28. September, 16:46
Sergej I
In for another treat! 👍
28. September, 17:39
Very nice start. Following!
28. September, 17:51
Łukasz Gliński
Joining too
28. September, 18:19
Welcome mates 😉
28. September, 18:49
Jan Stary added a new photoalbum.
15 | 8. November 2020, 08:03
Very clean and careful work. Beautiful!
8. November 2020, 09:48
28. September, 08:24
Alex Rodionov
Nice and clean. Very impessive model.
28. September, 18:38
Bruce Huxtable
Skvělá práce, Jan. Ono vypadá hezké. Opravdu jsi šikovný 👍
28. September, 18:46
JEFF MYERS added a new photoalbum.
8 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 18:38
28. September, 18:36
Had to do some sanding to get the gears doors down and fussing with the glare shield decal/paint but it was worth it
28. September, 18:40
the photo app erased the nose antenna thingy lol
28. September, 18:42
Used a AM green plastic cover to cover the windshield. Stuck it on with "future"
28. September, 18:45
HammerMax added a new photoalbum.
77 images
View album, image #66New: 28. September, 14:12
Done. Officially.
19 | 26. August, 19:11
Urban Gardini
Oh Bugger, the tank's on fire! Nicholas Moran is great and funny!

Your build will be nice to follow as I've got the same kit as well.
28. August, 17:25
Yea, great, funny, and informative. His vids are very useful in building some rare vehicles. Btw, I wish my experience makes your build easier.
29. August, 09:15
Zach Wilson
Really clean detail work so far.
13. September, 17:37
Oleg Smilyk
I'm watching , very interested!
13. September, 18:46
Simon Nagorsnik
Good job so far, i like all the improvements you've done and the chipping effects looks even nice 👍
26. September, 06:01
Thank guys, @Zach Wilson, @Oleg Smilyk, @Simon Nagorsnik.

So, in conclusion,
A scaled-down bronco kit to me, very crisp detail and minor issues here and there.
- Searchlight (Early/late derivation)
- 'The aiming device?' [: in front of the commander cupola] (Incorrect folding indication)
- Spare tracks (Simplified/incorrect teething) [: Nowhere to hide, correction is almost a must]
- Rare fenders (Interfering with tracks) [: As there's no stopper or whatsoever for driving wheels, to set the center of the entire track assembly all in line with each other, the end tip could end up being too wide, which leads to the interference. A bit of sanding will do as well I suppose. I just cut the retaining bolts of the track.]
- 'Mysterious square detail' at the back of the storage box (Irish post-war units only it seems, red it from: https://forums.kitmaker.net/t/a34-comet-cruiser-tank-vespid-kit-build/1442/13 )
- Canvas fixing points (WWII/post-war derivation)

Thinking of figures and packages, but not for today. Thank you all for watching.
28. September, 14:58
Bruce Huxtable
And very well 'done' too. I'm liking the final piccies 👍
28. September, 15:33
Thank you, @Bruce Huxtable
28. September, 15:56
@HammerMax , that is not 1:72 scale! To support my case, I introduce your own photos 1-77 as exhibit 'A'. I rest my case m'Lord. 😉
28. September, 16:02
Urban Gardini
Beautiful result and good work on the vane sight!
28. September, 16:12
'Why? You found the cent a bit too tall as well?' (Just kidding) 😄 @mark
28. September, 18:36
@Urban Gardini Oh you are right, many thanks for telling me its proper nomenclature.
28. September, 18:40
Chris H. added a new photoalbum.
47 images
View album, image #30New: 28. September, 16:55
Project: F-4B
1:48 F-4B "VF-111 Sundowners" (Academy 12232)1:48 F-4B (Eduard BIG49228)
16 | 15. May, 10:24
Roman Gmünder
Bravo. Sehr gut gelungen!
15. May, 12:55
Looking great!
12. July, 21:21
Chris H.
Some new updates to the F-4 Bravo. First painting is done.
10. August, 09:06
Sergej I
Nice! Looking great! 👍
31. August, 20:59
Jos Jansen
Great build so far Chris...👍
31. August, 22:30
Konrad Limmer
Really impressive SPOOK Chris!
Congrats to this very nice rollout!!
28. September, 16:57
Sven Schönyan
Very nice work!
28. September, 17:05
Top notch work Chris, really beautiful result 👏🏻
28. September, 17:48
Really beautiful work! 👍
28. September, 18:22
Alex Rodionov
Superb job. Detalisation, paint work, weathering. 👍
28. September, 18:35
Alex Rodionov added a new photoalbum.
17 images
View album, image #1
64 | 30. June, 05:00
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Your Kate looks great! 👍
26. September, 17:35
Jake Poyner
Lovely! Such a clean finsish! Great job
26. September, 18:55
Alex Rodionov
Thank you Mid_Franconian and Jake!
27. September, 04:43
Stefan Fraundorfer
Your Kate looks very good. Great work Alex!
28. September, 16:12
Alex Rodionov
Thank you, Stefan! But it's just an ordinary toy in comparision with your M.A.S. Masterpiece job!
28. September, 18:32
Andy Ball added a new photoalbum.
4 images
View album, image #1
Some nice details, albeit there are no 'fishplates' on the join....
6 | 25. September, 16:59
Andy Ball
As I'm currently out of action with the hobby room build, and on a warm Saturday afternoon I picked this kit up out of my stash and thought, why not?
26. September, 07:59
Łukasz Gliński
I felt I've been missing something 😉
27. September, 18:02
Andy Ball
Hey, hello Ł !…l'm trying to keep moving ahead with builds. I've now got too many on the go. Once the hobby room is complete, (it'll be 5.5x2.5m with heating and insulation), there will be no stopping!
27. September, 23:20
I take a seat 😛
28. September, 18:30
Mirko Römer added a new photoalbum.
14 | 14. September, 14:29
Rui S
Beautifully done models 👍
16. September, 00:14
Mirko Römer
Thanks Rui, glad you like them!
16. September, 03:35
Alex Rodionov
Just excellent for 1/72. 👍
28. September, 18:29
Dietmar Bogatzki added a new photoalbum.
10 images
View album, image #1
started with the driverplace+ driver
7 | 5. August, 16:54
Haven't been in many tanks in my life but the I think the inside of the turret looks pretty real. 👍
28. September, 18:25
Łukasz Gliński added a new photoalbum.
1 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 18:23
Making use of IKEA tooling collected over the years :)
28. September, 18:23
Thomas K. added a new photoalbum.
11 | 30. January, 16:51
Top small scale build in appealing presentation! Btw I like the concrete ground.
31. January, 11:52
Thomas K.
Thanx Neuling; the kit was famous! 🙂
31. January, 14:19
Great work! What color reference did you use?
28. September, 17:39
Thomas K.
Thanks Gliterden; The Reference ist the "Ammo of Mig Color set Russia" with the reference what year the color is use in the Russian army; This green is from the Decade "Sowjetunion"
28. September, 18:21
Markus S.@scalemates
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28. September, 18:20
Thomas Kolb added a new photoalbum.
34 images
View album, image #34New: 28. September, 18:13
Cabins painted, detailed and heavily weathered according to my photos. The other side has quite a few bits and bobs too,...
22 | 15. October 2020, 09:17
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Łukasz Gliński
Mine is still waiting (with some resin), maybe your project will motivate me to start it.
21. September, 07:36
Bruce Huxtable
Watching with interest - I'm sure to learn lots from your guidance 🙂
21. September, 16:33
Harry Eder
Looks interesting!
22. September, 06:01
Nice start, Thomas 👍
25. September, 18:39
26. September, 09:12
Jay T added a new photoalbum.
5 images
View album, image #5New: 27. September, 23:32
3 | 27. September, 23:31
Looks like an ambitious project, I'll follow along..
28. September, 01:03
Without photo captions it's difficult to understand what you're doing. Did you recast the primary hull in translucent resin for lighting? Trying to figure out what's going on in photos 1 and 3.
28. September, 04:47
Jay T
The yellow stuff is an RTV rubber. I'm making a surface mold of the "plain" parts of the saucer and edge, so I can cast copies and fill in the missing sectors left when the Ent-B's second set of impulse engine are removed.
28. September, 15:32
Ah, so you're converting the 1:2500 B into an Excelsior. Got it - cool idea. Secondary hull should be fun.
28. September, 16:47
😎 project
28. September, 18:12
JEFF MYERS added a new photoalbum.
4 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 18:09
2 | 28. September, 18:05
Jørgen added a new photoalbum.
5 | 26. September, 17:17
Villiers de Vos
Beautiful little gems
27. September, 22:30
Alex K
Got to love those Airfix vehicles! 👍
28. September, 00:41
Thank you! 🙂
I like that they were 1:72 back then - actually fitting the planes, most I can find now is 1:78 - fitting model trains (scale H0 of I remember correctly?)
28. September, 06:33
Alex K
Well, these Airfix vehicles are actually in 1:76, but the general consensus is that there is no problem for them being displayed next to 1:72 aircraft - the difference is minimal. On the other hand, you are right, HO scale for trains is 1:87, which is significantly smaller. Keep it up! 👍
28. September, 18:08
mannmitbrille wasd added a new photoalbum.
21 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 10:06
14 | 28. August, 19:58
Alexander Witte
Sieht super aus! Way to go!
25. September, 09:05
mannmitbrille wasd
@Alexander Witte, vielen Dank!
Muss an ein paar Stellen die Verwitterung noch ein wenig verfeinern.
Hoffe die Airbrush bald gegen den Pinsel zu taushen und mit den Details zu beginnen.
25. September, 11:51
Nelson Paulo
Ich schließ mich an Alexander an. Sieht wirklich gut aus.
28. September, 08:31
mannmitbrille wasd
@Nelson vielen Dank, freue mich das es Zuspruch findet!
28. September, 09:16
Alexander Witte
Ehre wem Ehre gebührt!
28. September, 18:05
Roger Lustenberger added a new photoalbum.
35 images
View album, image #32New: 28. September, 14:20
9 | 19. May 2020, 05:47
Norman Gruss
I'm happy to be there. Unfortunately, the kit lacks the characteristic features of the rows of rivets. The pilot seats are kept very simple. The 3D decals look really good. I like.
19. May 2020, 06:31
Roger Lustenberger
Its a upscale from the Zvezda 1/72 Kit. For that Scale, its amazing. Bit for the Quarter Scale some morde Details would have been much appreciated.
19. May 2020, 06:55
Adam Gudynowski
Good luck 👍
19. May 2020, 06:57
Melgg Lütschg
That's a cool one! I'll have a look 🙂
19. May 2020, 07:41
Btw, I noticed this decal product which includes stencils. Unsure how many decals there are in the new Zvezda kit: hxxps://northstarmodels.ecwid.com/1-48-Мil-Мi-24V-VP-R-К-Hind-family-Decal-Begemot-48-042-p200568510
19. May 2020, 08:01
Roger Lustenberger
The Decals from the Kit are fine. Armament, Stencil etc is included. Maybe HGW will do some Rivet Stencil for this kit some day?
19. May 2020, 08:28
James C
Cool project and following👍

Did you get to the bottom of the tilt on the cargo bay bulkhead?
8. December 2020, 01:09
Roger Lustenberger
Nah, thatswhy everything is closed... maybe it was just me...

Looking at at it now with those colors im thinking of adding a Marlboro Text and name the project russian Armed F1 Racing Team... ????
8. December 2020, 06:37
A racing team hind sounds really interesting. 😄
I have this kit in my stash too, now I really feel the urge to check the parts of the cargo bay...
8. December 2020, 11:47
Roger Lustenberger
Update: the decals from svetzka are horrible and fold up immediatly.
But i got 80% of what i need on them now.
28. September, 14:22
28. September, 18:03
Andrey Baranov added a new photoalbum.
14 images
View album, image #8New: 28. September, 10:15
8 | 28. September, 10:15
Łukasz Gliński
Very nice. And that rigging! 👍
28. September, 14:03
This is just lovely 👍 and yes, indeed - the rigging, sir you have skills!
28. September, 16:04
Alex K
Great job! 👍
28. September, 18:00
Tom Cat
I can trade my Huracan Performante + PE parts for some Enthusiast series Porsche. Msg me if you have an offer 🙂
28. September, 18:00
Adam Gudynowski added a new photoalbum.
17 images
View album, image #1
Project: PZL P.11c
1:32 PZL P.11c (IBG Models 32001)1:32 PZL P.11 set (Yahu Models YMS3202)1:32 PZL P.11C (Yahu Models YMA3257)9+
9 | 23. September, 22:21
Rui S
Excellent & beautiful work 👍
23. September, 23:12
Darek .
Absolutely beautiful painting job.
24. September, 07:41
I agree with Rui and Darek!
24. September, 07:43
Adam Gudynowski
Thanks all 🙂
24. September, 20:14
Łukasz Gliński
Looks like you made it before the end of September 😉 Congrats
28. September, 12:19
Stunning. Very nice and clean.
28. September, 16:07
Adam Gudynowski
Thanks all 🙂
28. September, 17:57
Jan Stary added a new photoalbum.
5 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 07:57
13 | 28. September, 07:56
Oleg Bogolei
very clean work! looks great!
28. September, 08:32
A beauty!
28. September, 16:08
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic!! 👍
28. September, 17:55
Dylan de St Pern added a new photoalbum.
16 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 17:53
Starting now! Work area nice and clean. Time to make it dirty. This will be my first 1/48 scale USAF jet.
24 | 17. September, 15:33
Jos Jansen
Good luck...👍!
17. September, 18:04
Arif Saeed
Enjoy !
17. September, 18:20
Dylan de St Pern
Thanks @Jos and @Arif

@Jos I was just looking through your project on this kit earlier today for some inspiration! Glad to see a comment from you!
17. September, 19:35
Michael Osadciw
Well, can't go wrong starting with Tamiya at least. 🙂
17. September, 19:54
Jos Jansen
Thanks Dylan, I appreciate that...this kit may be old but it's still one of the best Eagles on the market...good luck with the build. I'll following this build...👍!
18. September, 07:43
Dylan de St Pern
Not much progress this last week I'm afraid. Came down with really bad flu (tested for covid and was negative) feeling better today!
24. September, 08:02
István Szücs
Great start! I've got a question: is this Alclad II varnish odorless?
24. September, 09:54
Dylan de St Pern
Thanks, István! No this varnish (ALC600) is not really odorless. But it is acrylic, so it's no where near as strong or as toxic as the lacquer varnishes by Alclad.
24. September, 13:19
István Szücs
Thank you for the answer, Dylan! It was helpful!
24. September, 18:08
Roland Gunslinger
Watching with interest. Looking good so far 👍
26. September, 16:19
Dylan de St Pern
Thanks very much, Roland!
26. September, 21:46
Alex K added a new photoalbum.
23 | 27. June, 22:47
Ben M
This is fun! Needs figures…
27. June, 23:55
Indeed ........
28. June, 08:01
Bruce Huxtable
Neat 🙂
28. June, 08:03
Alex K
Thank you all, gentlemen, for the interest, comments, likes (and again apologies for the crappy pics of the model). Yes, the plan is to add 1 or 2 figures, I've set my mind on which ones and I'm gonna order them soon - after they arrive, I'll try to take some better photos.
28. June, 17:38
John Thomas
Very cool project
11. September, 23:47
Alex K
Thanks for the comment, John, and the likes, gentlemen - I'm glad you found the idea interesting! Perhaps a better modeler than me could make something really good out of it - maybe in 1:35...
12. September, 19:06
A great idea! Love it
27. September, 20:38
Bruce Huxtable
Definately adding the true spirit of summer in the south of France 🙂 The figures really add lots.
27. September, 21:38
Villiers de Vos
A very good representation.
27. September, 22:14
Alex K
Thanks again, gentlemen - Jørgen, Bruce, Villiers, I feel a bit awkward with this thing and terrible pics appearing again in the newsfeed - but I'm glad the whole idea caught your eye - cheers, mates!
28. September, 00:45
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, that's cool, love it, got hooked too 👍
3 more pics: http://www.ewillys.com/2013/02/24/the-women-of-seeps/
28. September, 12:23
Alex K
😄 My turn to say wow - thank you Łukasz, I hadn't seen those extra 3 pics!!! And now, for anyone interested, we have definitive markings for at least one seep: 4501-BA8 = NICE 956 = Arromanches I, while Arromanches IV = 3499-BA8...
28. September, 17:43
Adam Barber added a new photoalbum.
38 images
View album, image #38New: 28. September, 03:18
Decals ate on the fuselage. I have to say it's better than I imagined!
23 | 3. January, 11:49
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Adam Barber
Thank you Bruce and Gordon!
More possible progress on the way tonight!
26. September, 16:52
Adam Barber
A day late but another updated photo has been uploaded!
28. September, 03:19
Dominik Weitzer
this is nice!
28. September, 05:03
Robert Podkoński
Looking really good!
28. September, 06:08
Decals looks very nice 👍
28. September, 17:40
Nathan Dempsey added a new photoalbum.
50 | 14. January 2019, 23:31
View full thread (110 Comments)
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Reward more than deserved for this very beautiful model nicely made 👍
27. September, 18:46
Nathan Dempsey
Thank you very much Major & Jorge!
28. September, 00:55
Jos Jansen
Very nice and well deserved!
28. September, 07:13
Congratulations Nathan. Very nice indeed.
28. September, 16:09
Daniel Klink
Great and well deserved nathan!
Congrats Mate👍
28. September, 17:31
Porfiry Pocięgło added a new photoalbum.
5 images
View album, image #5New: 28. September, 16:57
I have also done some work on the fuselage. Rescribed the panel lines and added missing access panel
1 | 12. August, 19:25
Neil added a new photoalbum.
21 images
View album, image #21New: 28. September, 16:51
8 | 10. June, 15:11
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Very nice - I have 2 on the bench right now.
21. September, 00:24
Pete Evans
Neil .I just wanted a different paint style.. though I lost my pre shade ..hence the practice..you on the other hand nailed it .
21. September, 04:20
Hi Flight Line & John, thanks very much for your comments. John looking forward to your version very much also! 👍 🙂
21. September, 07:58
Hi Pete, think you're being a bit hard on yourself there - looks great to me! 👍 I think I've done my usual and probably over-weathered this build now - it's nearly finished. But hey if something's gonna look worn. Then a Stuka must be a candidate! 🙂
21. September, 08:00
Pete Evans
Agreed ..I do like the look of the German aircraft. And they do have some funky paint scheme's .
22. September, 11:01
Neil added a new photoalbum.
8 images
View album, image #8
10 | 17. September, 08:03
Updated imagery 👍
27. September, 11:01
Maciej Bellos
Following! I am building the italeri incarnation. Check it out, it might be helpful.
27. September, 14:19
Hi Maciej 🙂 Excellent! Will do. I have a few Mirage 2000 kits in my stash. Including the Italeri Mirage 2000c, so will indeed follow 👍
27. September, 14:41
Flight Line Media
Awesome progress!
27. September, 23:30
Stefan Fraundorfer
I like the shading on the bottom and I will follow the building progress.
28. September, 16:19
Jean-Michel Tilquin added a new photoalbum.
26 | 23. June, 09:16
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Robert Hessler
great work!👍
19. August, 00:52
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Thanks Robert!
19. August, 15:36
Rui S
Beautiful work 👍
20. August, 02:51
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Happy you like it, Rui. Something else...
20. August, 15:33
Stefan Fraundorfer
Great job Jean-Michel! The slight weathering looks absolutely convincing.
28. September, 16:08
Dmitry Melnikov added a new photoalbum.
15 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 13:50
17 | 27. September, 06:30
Dietmar Bogatzki
Fantastic Job Dmitry 👍
27. September, 06:34
Benjamin Jäggi
That's an outstandig work you did on this kit. Excellent!!!
27. September, 07:37
This looks real. Outstanding.
28. September, 16:05
Paul Gallagher added a new photoalbum.
9 images
View album, image #8
my first Arma Hobby kit and I'm loving it - great details even at 1:72
Project: PZL P.7a
1:72 PZL P.7a (Arma Hobby 70006)
8 | 26. September, 12:19
Guy Rump
Very impressive 👍
26. September, 18:04
Łukasz Gliński
Very very nice. 👍 Built it some time ago too, very good kit. Haven't seen the stout previously though 😉
26. September, 18:05
Paul Gallagher
Thanks Guy, Łukasz. Yes, lovely kit. I'm late to the Arma Hobby party but now eager for my next!
28. September, 16:04
Nathan Dempsey added a new photoalbum.
34 | 7. April, 18:50
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Nathan Dempsey
Thanks mates for all the nice comments and likes. I really enjoyed the painting on this kit even though the construction was a bit of a battle.
27. May, 13:17
Mirko Römer
Totally agree with everything praised before!
27. May, 17:13
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks Mirko ?
28. May, 11:11
Major Flannel
Poor Semyon Lavochkin fell oit of favour in Moscow, and his OKB relegated to working on air to air missiles whilst contemporary MiG OKB were flattered by the politburo; even Yakovlev were eclipsed. Lavochkin's jet Anaconda was his last hurrah.

This La looks stunning: a nice tribute to a half forgotten aero designer. Congrats.
28. September, 14:33
28. September, 16:00
Ludvík Kružík added a new photoalbum.
12 | 20. September, 19:35
Very nice.
20. September, 19:58
Ludvík Kružík
Thanks Rewop, I'm glad you like it. 🙂
20. September, 20:11
Alec K
Looks great. And not a tail sitter 👍 😄
21. September, 12:34
Ludvík Kružík
Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

Yes, there were not many planes with a bow landing gear at that time.
21. September, 16:11
Looks very nice Ludvik 👍
28. September, 15:58
Neil added a new photoalbum.
43 images
View album, image #1
OOB build of the vintage '90 Hobbycraft 1/48 kit.
26 | 29. March, 15:05
View full thread (26 Comments)
Thanks very much James C! 🙂
19. August, 13:33
Thanks Vincent 🙂
22. August, 09:05
Ludvík Kružík
Excellent work on the surface treatment of the model 👍.

This set is good as a teaching aid. But this kit is not suitable for building a model that corresponds to reality. The set has many shape errors and their repair is very laborious. For example, the bow is very short and has a bad shape, the glass cover of the cockpit is too wide and the windshield has a completely different shape, the centerplane is also inaccurate in shape ... you know for sure. But as you write, this kit is good as an aid to trying different procedures when building a model 🙂 🙂
Také mám rád tyto staré stavebnice. I really enjoy working on their modifications. Some of my model modifications are almost scratch building. So I know very well what it's like to build a nice model from an old kit. I wish you a lot of patience and a lot of fun building other models. 🙂
22. August, 10:54
Hi Ludvik, Thanks very much for your comments 🙂

I agree, the kit being a vintage one and by this manufacturer is not particularly accurate. Especially when accuracy is compared to the modern kits that are available. However, a vintage build brings it's own complications and challenges in attempting to build something comparable to the more modern kits in look and that is my aim. 🙂

I enjoy the surface treatment part of a build the most. As for me modelling is more about the finish than the build/construction, as my bio says - call my efforts artistic interpretations of the real thing. I wouldn't attempt what many of these guys can do, it's truly wonderous what they can build.

Best to you also Ludvik 🙂 👍
25. August, 09:43
Thanks Jos and Tommy!
25. August, 09:47
Neil added a new photoalbum.
21 images
View album, image #21New: 28. September, 08:00
18 | 29. March, 15:27
View full thread (17 Comments)
Jos Jansen
Oh wow...missed this one...following mate!
17. September, 09:06
Flight Line Media
Wow! I look forward to seeing this build completed.
17. September, 10:53
Mirko Römer
You can never have enough Viggens... 👍
17. September, 12:33
Thanks Jos 👍 🙂 and Flight Line Media 👍
17. September, 12:58
I agree Mirko! 💯👍
17. September, 13:01
Alan Crawford added a new photoalbum.
9 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 15:43
Project: N/AW-10 FLIR and Radar Pods
28. September, 15:24
Panos .
Hello scalemates,

I wonder if/how it is possible to attach an accessory such as a piece of ordinance on a kit.

28. September, 15:16
Alan Crawford added a new photoalbum.
5 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 15:13
28. September, 15:11
jan zumack added a new photoalbum.
54 images
View album, image #50New: 28. September, 15:08
14 | 9. August, 17:55
Slavo Hazucha
Cool start, the cockpit sections look excellent 👍 The GWH Flanker really shines when tackled properly!
19. August, 21:21
jan zumack
Thank you, ist a great Kit.
20. August, 04:52
I'll take a seat. Very nice progress so far. 👍
16. September, 10:41
Gosh! This is all looking spectacular! Impressed 👍 🙂
17. September, 10:57
jan zumack
Thanks Guys
17. September, 18:36
justin Hart added a new photoalbum.
172 images
View album, image #1New: 28. September, 15:02
1 | 28. September, 14:51
Daniel Klink
Magnificient build and cool color choice!👍
28. September, 14:58
justin Hart
Thanks Daniel. I wanted something different from the silver everyone does it in.
28. September, 15:07








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