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Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
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New: 13. November at 15:33:46
12. November at 08:53:18 Share
Martin Oostrom What will you do with this one, besides the obligatory powered engine? Actual flowing water?
12. November at 23:22:09
Greg Baker I didn't realize powered engines were obligatory... but there does just happen to be a perfectly placed guide pin that would support such an endeavour. ;)

As for the rest... grab a seat and wait and see. You might not want the first row though, people seated there have a tendency to get soaking wet. :D
12. November at 23:28:30
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Greg Baker added the Platz J35F Draken (1:144) to his stash.
1:144 J35F Draken (Platz FC-4)
J35F Draken
Platz 1:144
2016 | Changed decals
13. November at 09:30:54 Share
Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 12, 2018
24. October at 17:08:27 Share
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nikolaos kouzinis I put the motors in C-47 1/48 of the picture
They are biggest so I cut the interior parts of wheels nest . But they have lower rpm and lower voltage. In 1/48 scale C-47 must cut the pieces as I said and to put longest axis to fix the propellers. The axis can be from plastic tube. In the other motors of 15000rpm the axis must be from metal. I tried with plastic tube and it cut it in few minutes. You can use axis from lighters gas pipes. They are beautifull and for metallic barels of machine guns. The have smal diameter hole to fix safe the high speed motors with the propellers. I used polyurethane glue to fix them with the propellers because the cyanoacrylate glue was not to strong between metals. Good luck
08. November at 13:38:00
Greg Baker Thanks nikolaos. I got the cockpit windscreen in place and I masked all the windows. Since she'll be coming in for a landing, I also cut the flaps off and re-glued them in position.
11. November at 23:43:16
Greg Baker Paint on... do I see a seam? Gah!
12. November at 16:34:47
Lode Schildermans Nice. And wired as usual :)
12. November at 22:44:53
Martin Oostrom The plane is wired okay. Still have my doubts about the builder ;)
12. November at 23:13:21
Spanjaard LOL looking good Greg
12. November at 23:17:20
Greg Baker Have no doubts, Martin, the builder is wired as well...

Has anyone else heard the rumour that if you find you can still see a seam after one coat of paint that you should just keep painting it until it goes away? ;)
13. November at 00:05:40
Spanjaard i tried that a long time ago... i still have nightmares about my F-14 Tomcat... it had so much paint on it, that it is hard to know if it had raised or recessed details :D :D
13. November at 00:08:18
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November 12, 2018

Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 12, 2018
19. October at 00:25:52 Share
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Ben M I would use brass tubing.
11. November at 16:27:08
Spanjaard hypodermic needles? metallic, thin and drilled already ;) size 0,8 is not a problem. do you need some?
12. November at 00:56:44
Nils Steyaert following :)
12. November at 18:02:49
Lode Schildermans Seems I lost some builds past few weeks. Yet, always a pleasure to see your work, Greg
12. November at 22:43:37
Martin Oostrom Thanks for guiding me here Lode!
12. November at 23:21:14
Lode Schildermans You're welcome, Martin
12. November at 23:24:41
Greg Baker Heh... Spanjaard offers to send me hypodermic needles and suddenly everyone shows up. :D Regardless, I'm certainly glad to see you all here.

Strangely enough I already had a small stash of needles (they're particularly useful for mixing the exact same quantities of A+B style resin) and one of the sizes does indeed fit the shaft size almost perfectly. Yet to be fully tested, but a promising option which might solve my problems on the Cessna side of this build.

Meanwhile, I need to go the the local hobby shop to get some Tamiya "Zero Green" acrylic paint, so I just painted the underside that Japanese grey/green. Then I spent the rest of the evening hunting around my cluttered workspace looking for the tiny little air-intake part that I dropped somewhere. After a meticulous search, I'm happy to report success. The carpet monster gave back his meal!
12. November at 23:37:57
Spanjaard it will be perfect at the end :)
12. November at 23:42:06
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Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
08. August at 17:56:56 Share
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Patrick Hagelstein So let's quote Winston Churchill: 'Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.' Or call it 'Pulling a Martin'! :D
24. October at 03:59:48
Greg Baker Well, my enthusiasm has so far always returned. I think one of the problems I was having was holding the soldering iron in place too long. I think it melted the plastic casing on the motor and caused the wires to come loose very very easily. So with a couple of very quick solders, the plastic seems fine, but I added a bit of epoxy putty for strength. Everything was solid, so I tested the connections several times and then shoved it all inside and glued it all up.

Now it should be down to some canopy masking and painting. Fingers crossed.
24. October at 17:05:59
Martin Oostrom I've got my 15 minutes of fame! 8)
24. October at 17:28:59
Greg Baker Ok... so let's just cut to the chase shall we? The re-do was masked, painted and then re-assembled. Since I built this one 2.5 times it felt a bit anti-climactic, but I'm glad it's done and I was able to add a few little bits I missed the first time around (like the exhaust pipe coming out from the engine cowl... I though it was a bit of sprue gate the first time~). Besides adding the decal to the base, I also took it a bit easier on the weathering this time and was able to get through it without scrubbing off some of the underlying paint. So all in all, I'm happy with the final final result.
12. November at 00:10:27
Spanjaard Congratulations Greg. very nice job(s)
12. November at 00:37:24
Martin Oostrom Show off! Running us mortals off in shame 2,5 times!
Indeed great build(s)
12. November at 07:58:55
Greg Baker Urm... yeah. THAT's it... sure. ;)
12. November at 08:15:48
Bart Goesaert Would like to say third time is the charm... but 2.5 rounded up comes there too... nice work and perseverance...
12. November at 08:46:14
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Greg Baker added a new project.
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In progress
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Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 12, 2018
10. June at 06:38:16 Share
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Peter Hardy I'm just showing off Greg's wall to Mam. She is captivated! I am jealous!
27. September at 23:17:56
Greg Baker Thanks guys. I really appreciate the kind comments. I think perhaps the problem-solving aspect of scale modelling is often overlooked. There's almost always more than one way to achieve a result - some better than others. Also, since this was a 'do-over' build, I can also see some direct improvements from the first attempt. But also that feeling of having a result just out of reach pushes me to get better and achieve something better.
28. September at 00:25:54
Greg Baker Now the big question is what takes this spot in my workbench rotation... my shipment of supplies came in from China finally so my other stalled 1/144 projects can get back underway. Do I go with the DC-10 or the T-6 Texan or the Zero/Cessna combo?
28. September at 00:27:38
Spanjaard zero of course. i have one waiting too (to be started very soon), would love to see what you do with yours :)
28. September at 01:04:31
Donald Dickson II Peter and Greg, sure! Why not? Its not like I HAVE to eat or pay rent. ;)

Greg, good solution sir. I have a Corvette kit that I am going to do the Prince emblem on and was thinking of the same approach. Good to see it works. Your final result is awesome as always.
28. September at 02:34:39
Christian Bruer Nice work
29. September at 12:04:41
Greg Baker In case anyone is interested, I uploaded this build to my personal blog as well - I also included 6 pages of the manga story that inspired the build, so you can see where I was coming from -
03. October at 03:42:01
Spanjaard excellent job Greg!
03. October at 09:49:16
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October 29, 2018

Greg Baker added the Dapol 20T Tanker BP (1:76) to his stash.
1:76 20T Tanker BP (Dapol C34)
20T Tanker BP
Dapol 1:76
C34 (C034)
198x | Changed box
29. October at 10:19:54 Share
Greg Baker added the Trumpeter Russian T-62 Main Battle Tank Mod.1962 (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Russian T-62 Main Battle Tank Mod.1962 (Trumpeter 07146)
Russian T-62 Main Battle Tank Mod.1962
Trumpeter 1:72
2018 | New tool
29. October at 07:06:25 Share

October 28, 2018

Greg Baker added the Otaki F-4B Phantom (1:144) to his stash.
1:144 F-4B Phantom (Otaki A4)
F-4B Phantom
Otaki 1:144
1969 | New tool
28. October at 06:14:24 Share
Greg Baker added the Entex Industries crusader f-8c (1:144) to his stash.
1:144 crusader f-8c (Entex Industries 8461c:69)
crusader f-8c
Entex Industries 1:144
1973 | Changed box
28. October at 06:12:40 Share
Greg Baker added the Entex Industries Northrop F-5A (1:144) to his stash.
1:144 Northrop F-5A (Entex Industries 8461N:69)
Northrop F-5A
Entex Industries 1:144
1973 | Changed ???
28. October at 06:09:21 Share

October 27, 2018

Greg Baker
So I've carefully put all my current projects off to the side and am off to Singapore for a week on business. Assuming I can squeeze in a bit of personal time on the weekend, does anyone have any recommendations for a hobby shop I should visit?
27. October at 00:49:16 Share

October 20, 2018

Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 20, 2018
20. October at 02:10:09 Share
Greg Baker added the Platz JASDF T-6 Texan (Contains 2 Kits) (1:144) to his stash.
1:144 JASDF T-6 Texan (Contains 2 Kits) (Platz PF-20)
JASDF T-6 Texan (Contains 2 Kits)
Platz 1:144
2014 | Changed decals
20. October at 01:53:27 Share
Greg Baker added the Hasegawa M-24 Chaffee (1:72) to his completed kits.
1:72 M-24 Chaffee (Hasegawa 31119)
Light Tank
M-24 Chaffee
Hasegawa 1:72
31119 (MT19)
2008 | Changed box
20. October at 01:44:31 Share
Greg Baker added the Academy F-16A (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 F-16A (Academy 12444)
U.S. Air Force
Academy 1:72
2008 | Changed box
20. October at 01:41:54 Share
Greg Baker added the Minicraft Model Kits Douglas DC-3 (1:144) to his completed kits.
1:144 Douglas DC-3 (Minicraft Model Kits 4434)
Douglas DC-3 "Legends of Aviation"
Minicraft Model Kits 1:144
1995 | New tool
20. October at 01:40:57 Share

October 17, 2018

Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 14, 2018
11. October at 00:46:03 Share
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Greg Baker That's a good idea. I was wondering if paint on the inside and out would be enough, the aluminum will surely do the trick.
16. October at 02:52:48
Spanjaard certainly. this is the one I meant. Demigod
16. October at 03:20:18
Lode Schildermans I like what you do with this kit. I like the B1-B, but even more how you handle it
16. October at 10:31:24
Calvin Gifford Neat idea!
17. October at 04:58:50
Greg Baker Thanks guys! I'm taking a bit of a slower, more methodical approach with this one. Trying to make sure the engine pods are fully puttied and sanded before they're attached and trying to paint the wings before assembly. We'll see if it pays off. I need to finish the engines so that they can be wired in place properly, but the engine pods are a bit confusing as to which seam lines need to be sanded out and which ones are meant to be there. I had a hard time finding good reference pics, so I'm just sorta winging it and hoping for the best.
17. October at 05:21:44
Peter Hardy Winging it? Ohh, very droll!
17. October at 09:11:04
Greg Baker I knew one of you would pick that one up... ;)
17. October at 09:53:10
17. October at 11:01:47
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Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
18. September at 07:04:32 Share
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Spanjaard i wonder why Martin's picture appears just as a tiny stroke... well i had the same problem yesterday
16. October at 22:10:52
Martin Oostrom Yup, but click it and it goes to the right place.
16. October at 22:36:08
Spanjaard indeed. but many people will not even know that there is a link there, unfortunately ;)
16. October at 22:42:17
Peter Hardy I found it!
16. October at 22:56:15
Peter Hardy Greg, jet looks fantastic mate. I am going to have to try electrifying a model.
16. October at 23:00:40
Martin Oostrom I wont Peter. It would end in electrifrying
16. October at 23:06:49
Donald Dickson II Yeah, that gap absolutely is not correct. Thats weird.
17. October at 01:34:49
Greg Baker It's strange. If you align the wheel well cover, it creates that gap, but I figured it would be easier to fill than a mis-aligned cover, so I'm glad I went the way I did with it. The Phantom's downward sloping tail also gave me a bit of trouble to align. It's a neat plane though, and I can see why so many people like it.
17. October at 05:24:35
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October 15, 2018

Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 15, 2018
06. October at 01:26:15 Share
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Martin Oostrom Greg, if you are going to replace te plane, you can experiment all you want on this one.
Keep it up, you can do it!
10. October at 08:59:29
Spanjaard thanks Greg!
10. October at 12:25:07
Alex-Ovidiu Mihailescu Greg , first this method works for sure on enamel paints , as I've used before to clean paint (mostly revell) from models. It has the great advantage that it doesn't attack plastic. Things work like this : you take the model, you put it in brake fluid and leave it for 1-2 days to soak. Model must be submerged in brake fluid. Very important is that it must be DOT 3 type, others don't work. I hope this helps! Good luck!
10. October at 17:00:25
Spanjaard I tried with Dettol, nice result, but truly stinks. Better if you leave it in close container or outdoors
10. October at 20:44:31
Greg Baker Thanks for that. I knocked over a bottle of Tamiya extra thin glue last night, so "modeling smells" are a bit of a touchy subject at the moment in my house. ;)

Didn't do much work on this project, just applied some putty to the upper surface where the gap between the wing and the canopy was showing. I tried to apply a bit of Tamiya extra thin glue to close the gap as much as possible first. It helped, and I put the glue off to the side while I tried clamp it down... and three seconds later I knocked it over reaching for the putty. After the clean up I decided to take a break... ;)
11. October at 00:39:14
Martin Oostrom Welcome to the club. I knocked a bottle of Alclad Chrome on it's side. My cutting mat was full of clamps with just painted parts for the Honda. Luckily no parts were repainted. I do have a couple of shiny clamps now :D
11. October at 07:35:04
Spanjaard I did knock a bottle of alclad on a wooden table some time ago, not exactly shinny anymore :P thank god it was a old table :D :D
11. October at 08:54:05
Greg Baker After all the talk of knocking over stuff, I was very careful while painting the figures. At 1/144 they're very rough, but I think they actually look a bit like Shin, Ryoko and her father Zenzou... well, a bit!
15. October at 17:21:40
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October 14, 2018

Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
20. July 2017 at 18:42:51 Share
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Greg Baker Whew! I can rest easy now that I have your stamp of approval. :D
05. September 2017 at 07:27:29
Choppa Nutta Good, more than anything I am pleased you've ended up with a model you are happy with :)
Also note you have inspired me to have a go at this myself and I always appreciate it when someone inspires me :D

I've been eying up my wood stocks as I am contemplating 1/6 scale scratch build in balsa wood with brass and ali tube for the fittings, also fancy having a go at doing a 1/6 figure sculpt too :)
05. September 2017 at 11:11:46
Greg Baker Now THAT will have me ringside and throwing popcorn. ;)
05. September 2017 at 12:40:36
Cortex wow, so talented .. also I love this anime so double joy : )
31. October 2017 at 03:27:57
Greg Baker Thanks! Nausicaa is one of my favourites, so it was a labour of love for sure... it also got me started on a Miyazaki mini project kick... now my albums are full of them. ;)
31. October 2017 at 04:24:08
Spanjaard today, i remembered this fantastic build, somebody else has a similar one. i just do nto know if it is also kit bashing, or commercial kit
13. October at 22:08:57
Greg Baker SpikeSpiegal's great build is using the very nice 1/20 scale Bandai new tool kit. All of my Ghibli builds are 1/72 scale, so it took me a while, but I finally succumbed to the charms of this kit as well and added it to my stash. Once I build it up I'll be able to compare the dimensions to my 1/72 scratchbuilt project and see how far off I was on my guesstimates. ;)
14. October at 01:34:13
Spanjaard yours is pretty good in my opinion :)
14. October at 23:44:09
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October 12, 2018

Greg Baker and Daniel Klink are now mates.
12. October at 15:15:12 Share

October 10, 2018

Greg Baker added the FineMolds Robot (1:20) to his stash.
1:20 Robot (FineMolds FG4)
FineMolds 1:20
2011 | New tool
10. October at 12:19:44 Share
Greg Baker added the Bandai Möwe with Nausicaä (1:20) to his stash.
1:20 Möwe with Nausicaä (Bandai 0124908-1200)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Möwe with Nausicaä
Bandai 1:20
0124908-1200 (2)
2004 | Changed parts
10. October at 10:22:53 Share
Greg Baker added the Bandai Flaptter (1:20) to his stash.
1:20 Flaptter (Bandai 0124911)
Bandai 1:20
0124911 (5)
2010 | Changed parts
10. October at 10:22:30 Share
Greg Baker and Martin Oostrom are now mates.
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October 04, 2018

Greg Baker and Wim van der Luijt are now mates.
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September 30, 2018

Greg Baker added the Italeri Savoia-Marchetti SM.81 Pipistrello (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 Savoia-Marchetti SM.81 Pipistrello (Italeri 1283)
Savoia-Marchetti SM.81 Pipistrello
Italeri 1:72
2009 | Changed parts
30. September at 16:31:19 Share
Greg Baker added the Hasegawa AV-8A Harrier "Kim Abba" (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 AV-8A Harrier "Kim Abba" (Hasegawa 64766)
Area 88
AV-8A Harrier "Kim Abba"
Hasegawa 1:72
2018 | Changed decals
30. September at 16:28:15 Share


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