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Lode Schildermans (Lode)



Lode Schildermans added a new photoalbum.
276 images
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1 | 24. November, 17:23
David Taylor
howe did I miss this one.Pardon the pun.
24. November, 18:05
Lode Schildermans
David, I restored the album which is probably why you missed it. My mistake
24. November, 19:22
great to see this beauty back :)
24. November, 23:16
a true masterpiece
25. November, 00:13
I agree with Spanjaard and Lochsa_River.
25. November, 08:03

November 24, 2020

Lode Schildermans added a new photoalbum.
4 | 23. November, 23:18
James C
Nice to see this one making a return Lode. Very impressive workmanship
24. November, 05:23
Lode Schildermans
Thank you James. I always liked this ship. Yet the album of HMS Howe to restore and it crosses my mind to do another KGV-class battleship
24. November, 06:05
Martin Oostrom
And the old avatar. Ah, the good old times!
24. November, 06:14
great to see this beauty again :)
24. November, 09:08
I always liked the looks of this ship class. :) Never got around to buy the Tamiya kit.

Very nice seeing the signal flags and all on the model. :)
24. November, 14:29

November 22, 2020

Lode Schildermans added a new photoalbum.
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Project: HMS Hood
1:200 HMS Hood (Trumpeter 03710)1:200 HMS Hood 1941 Detail Up (Pontos Model 23009F1)
35 | 21. February, 22:06
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Lode Schildermans
Sailors, sailors and more sailors. The scene is in my head, but still a shitload to paint ;)
13. November, 21:22
Martin Oostrom
More like a boatload :D
13. November, 21:25
Lode Schildermans
Indeed. And you didn't see the complete set of sailors, Martin. But some will be painted in white costumes, for HMS Nelson
13. November, 21:52
Greg Baker
Make sure you paint their bootlaces and shirt buttons! ;)
14. November, 08:01
Lode Schildermans
Greg, painting bootlaces would go a bit far, but shirt buttons are painted, you know
14. November, 14:52
James C
Bloody hell! You must have the patience of a saint to even consider trying to paint figures in 1/350 scale! They are going to look amazing once placed aboard.
14. November, 16:48
Lode Schildermans
James, no problem. They are almost twice that size (1/200) but with the next 1/350 build, I'll do probably some figures too
14. November, 17:31
James C
Doh... yeah I meant to say 1/200, but even still that is insane!
14. November, 17:33

November 3, 2020

Lode Schildermans added a new photoalbum.
9 images
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Project: KMS Bismarck
9 | 10. October, 22:10
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Lode Schildermans
Michael, Martin, don't put too much pressure on me. This kit is huge and full of detail. I thought a little easier than HMS Hood, but I ain't so confident anymore. Either way, the camo scheme will be the most difficult ever done (which is the reason I fear this build)

James, thank you for following this one close. I've the impression that most of the bunch does... ;)
27. October, 12:09
Tim Heimer
Just think, when Lode finishes this one he'll be sitting in the tub with this and the Hood recreating the battle! LOL! Lode all fear is is the unknown. By now this should be a slight challenge that you will overcome, and we all like a challenge from time to time , other than that we would've hung up model building by now!
27. October, 14:33
Slavo Hazucha
I lay in a few days of reduced activity & this gets started! Looking forward to see the journey - I guess it will be another cleanie - the ship did not exactly had much time to pick up any wear & tear - unless you´re going for the "as seen when last afloat" version of her ;) :


Close-range 16" gunfire really can ruin a sunny day on the Atlantic... Rodney, do you hear me over there?!

In modeling terms, If nothing else, it would definitely ease-up on the rigging-work... :D In any case, godspeed & the 20mil´s already look great!
30. October, 22:51
James C
That etch work on the 20mm AA guns is incredible!
2. November, 06:01
Martin Oostrom
She's ready to fire the first shot!
2. November, 09:52
David Taylor
What scale is this again 48 or 72.
2. November, 15:46
Very nice so far and will follow with interest - hope you get a good rigging diagram!
2. November, 18:17
Lode Schildermans
Tim, it seems you've the image already in your head ;) Fear is a big word, but this scheme will push my precision to a new edge
Slavo, indeed less wear & tear, but the challenge is not there this time. She will have some wear & tear, obviously. I'm looking forward to see the journey myself.
James, even Pontos keeps developping ;). This tiny piece is composed by 16 small parts, but I'm becoming handy in this stuff
Martin, not too fast. Wait for the big guns
David, that is a scale that wouldn't match anymore with my workplace. Believe me, she's big enough in 1/200
Michael, the diagram is for once rather easy to find, but difficult to realise, but I've enough time to mentally prepare for that part, lol
3. November, 22:02

October 10, 2020

Lode Schildermans added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 9 images
2 | 10. October, 22:09

July 11, 2020

Lode Schildermans added a new photoalbum.
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Project: Tiger I - Late version
2 | 11. June, 21:17
where is the waterline ;)
12. June, 11:31
kidding of course, it is looking great. I really like how the camo is looking.
12. June, 11:32
James C
Very sharp looking work Lode and great job on the camouflage. Looks like your about ready for the fun part... Friul track assembly! ;)
12. June, 18:59
Lode Schildermans
Spanjaard, though it is a landbattleship, this one hasn't a waterline (yet?) The camo is a researched one, and freehand brushed. Particular camo that I didn't see a lot in builds, reason why I chose this one

James, thank you my friend for liking my tank work. You're a specialist. Friul track assembly...well that is new to me, but the kit is in the stash. Fortunately, we've someone in our club familiar with tracks. Well, I bought them with the help of Martin at a fair good price, so I had no choice ;)
12. June, 20:44
James C
They are very easy to assemble and is also a somewhat therapeutic process I find.
Don't get hung up on the overall numbers or the repetitive nature and just go with the flow and they should fall together in no time. Happy to help if you want any assembly tips.
12. June, 20:58
Lode Schildermans
I surely can use your tips & tricks. Repetitive work doesn't scare me off. I've experience with that. I'll come back to you when I start that process, James. But first finish my little ship. There will be some nice photos of the bow section by the end of next week
12. June, 21:03
Slavo Hazucha
Tyger, tyger, burning bright... ;)

Looking good with all that Zimmerit coat - very interesting camo pattern too... looking forward to any torture and martyrdom you deem it worthy in the weathering phase!
18. June, 20:38
Martin Oostrom
Make a diorama where it wades through a small river: instant battleship!
I'd say we can turn you into a real all-round master modeller yet Lode. You apply the same standard to your tank as to your ships
18. June, 21:13
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Slavo ;)
Martin, I'll stick to ships. Much easier than a tank. However, I like your idea of a diorama
22. June, 05:28
Rui S
Looking great. Can't wait to see it fording the river ;)
10. July, 15:21
11. July, 10:52

June 11, 2020

Lode Schildermans added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 17 images
In progress
11. June, 21:22

May 21, 2020

Lode Schildermans and Jim C are now mates.
21. May, 18:22
Lode Schildermans now follows Jim C
21. May, 18:19

April 14, 2020

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14. April, 21:51

March 6, 2020

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6. March, 06:08
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6. March, 06:05
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February 27, 2020

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27. February, 21:21
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27. February, 21:21
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27. February, 21:20

February 20, 2020

Lode Schildermans started this item
20. February, 22:42
Lode Schildermans started this item
20. February, 22:42
Lode Schildermans added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 270 images
In progress
1:200 HMS Hood (Trumpeter 03710)1:200 HMS Hood 1941 Detail Up (Pontos Model 23009F1)
20. February, 22:39

February 19, 2020

Lode Schildermans just joined this community.
18. February, 22:06
Gerald Willing
Hello Welcome here Gentleman :)
19. February, 00:11
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Gerald
19. February, 05:59
19. February, 08:16

February 18, 2020

Lode Schildermans changed his profile picture.
18. February, 22:04


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