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70 | 7. September 2018, 15:07
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Choppa Nutta
Excellent work !
The sunlight really does bring this to life, almost real 🙂

btw, welcome to scale mates
7. September 2018, 16:21
Tim Heimer
Very neat looking dio! Great work!
8. September 2018, 02:36
Excellent job!
9. September 2018, 22:09
Gentlemen, thank you for your appreciation!
14. September 2018, 11:00
Brian Jones
Very good weathering and scene setting
15. September 2018, 15:09
Mike Grant
Agree with Choppa: excellent photos, of an excellent diorama. 👍
15. September 2018, 15:22
Rui S
Where did this one came from??? 😄 Very good dio 👍
10. July 2020, 16:05
Alexander Grivonev
Haven't seen that one yet, simply incredible!
10. July 2020, 16:35
Cesare Marini
very very beautiful!!!
10. July 2020, 19:24
Ricardo Reis
Great dio!!! 👍
10. July 2020, 19:25
James C
Amazing detail work once again Neuling. A real feast for the eyes. Well done mate 👍
10. July 2020, 20:11
Mirko Römer
Outstanding work, well done!!
10. July 2020, 20:13
Shawn C.
Nice work! I have the Meng EOD Technicians and Robots set too, but I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet.
Awesome job!
10. July 2020, 21:01
Nathan Dempsey
Absolutely beautiful work Neuling.
11. July 2020, 00:58
Oscar Benavent
So captivating. Great job. I like the atmosphere of pictures. Have you edited photos or just take it in some special light?
11. July 2020, 06:27
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Top top top! Incredibly realistic, lots of details... and again atmospheric pictures!
11. July 2020, 06:42
Zbynek Honzik
Fantastic job!
11. July 2020, 08:11
Andreas Demestichas
breathtaking job neuling
11. July 2020, 08:40
Thank you mates! - Oscar, I take the pictures open air without any additional artificial light. After selecting the best photos I work on them with photoshop (brightness, cropping, color shade etc). - Btw: can anyone translate the inscription on the wall?
12. July 2020, 06:50
Andy W.
Wow, a great Diorama. Really nice work and fantastic pictures
12. July 2020, 09:07
Jasper Breur
Fantastically convincing scene, congratulations!
12. July 2020, 09:11
Dominik Weitzer
Super! Die bilder sind der Hammer. Wie aus dem Leben!
13. July 2020, 12:25
Thanks Andy, Jasper and Dominik!
15. July 2020, 07:45
Daniel K
Great job and nice pics, well done!
15. July 2020, 14:08
Ingo F
Great Job as always! 👍 Good idea.
15. July 2020, 14:22
Jos Jansen
15. July 2020, 20:19
Nathan Dempsey
I agree Jos. I have the version of this kit with the slat & spaced armor and I've looked at that kit many times this week thanks to Neuling's build.
15. July 2020, 20:24
Chen Pan
Just wonderful, at the beginning I thought I'm reading the news photo...thanks for your sharing
16. July 2020, 08:23
Martin Dubovszki
This is spectecular! Amazing job!
16. July 2020, 09:01
Dave Flitton
I had to look twice before I found out it was a model. Excellent job!!!
16. July 2020, 11:15
Slavo Hazucha
Another perfectly set-up "Postcards from the Desert" session... 👍, this time with a "Hurt locker" pedigree...

I really like the way everyone (man, machine, animal...) in your dios is doing something, but without the "Action poses!!!" atmo hanging in the air... And the teal glass... like teardrops from a church-window vitrage driven through the desert sands...😉
16. July 2020, 12:28
Evander Borg
I'm gobsmacked. For a moment I thought I was seeing the real thing.
16. July 2020, 13:48
Thomas K.
Fantastic however! 👍 🙂
16. July 2020, 16:24
Many thanks mates! And - Slavo - thanks for your close up view on my sceneries. Remembering my soldier days: indeed I always was doing something but seldom in action pose. Enough anyway to keep the war cold. - "This is a precision molded plastic kit with exceptionally fine detail. It will require a little more care during assembly , but you feel the end result is well worth the effort." These words on the last page of the kit´s assembly manual are true. For exact positioning of the cables and tubes on the hydraulic arm I referred to pictures in "MRAP" (Tankograd American Special No 3011) and "Iraq Insurgency Part 1" (Mini Color Series No 7518) as there is no detail drawing of this in the assembly manual.
17. July 2020, 06:43
That is a very impressive build, in image 15, it is impossible to tell that the vehicle is a model, love the wear on the front bumper.
17. July 2020, 07:32
Thank you George!
20. July 2020, 08:23
on si croirai
26. July 2020, 19:10
On si croirai
26. July 2020, 19:10
On si croirai
26. July 2020, 19:10
Merci Christophe!
29. July 2020, 15:25
Van Lee
Superb diorama there.
8. August 2020, 21:13
Where do you store all these wonderful dioramas ? Output combined with quality is amazing !
9. August 2020, 07:57
gerard ormesby
Fantastic build and great Diorama Neuling, I just wish I could do as well.
10. August 2020, 02:14
Thank you Van Lee, Olivier and gerard! - Olivier, I have a small showcase in my working room. But the bulk of my dios is put in dust proof tupperware boxes and stored in the attic.
10. August 2020, 13:02
Lenny Li
I heard that this kit is very tricky to build?
11. August 2020, 11:37
Lenny I don´t remember any major issues except for the missing instructions concerning the cablework on the robot arm.
13. August 2020, 09:24
Achim Ribbe
Wow...very good
8. January, 09:30
Thank you Achim!
8. January, 14:02
Brian Eberle
Another excellent build. This one is on my shelf. Any advice or cautions on this build?
29. January, 21:45
DJ Fajardo
Amazing work 👍
29. January, 21:58
Thank you Brian and DJ Fajardo! - Brian, I don´t remember any major issues except for the lacking instructions concerning the wiring on the robot arm.
1. February, 10:35
Brian Eberle
Neuling, my pleasure. A question - How far can the investigation arm extend? I am vignette planning and looking for vehicle dimensions and arm placement options.
1. February, 12:12
Brian, the investigation arm can be extended a little more than shown on my photos. And it can reach out still farther when not folded.
2. February, 09:26
Brian Eberle
Thanks. I think I'll depict the arm investigating a culvert under a road. Two projects ahead of it.
2. February, 12:43
Fantastic Diorama Neuling!
That Buffalo vehicle looks incredible.
2. February, 15:29
Thank you gorbygould! - Brian your project looks promising. It´s always inspiring to see the many different ways kits can be built and presented.
3. February, 10:41
Whiskey Actual
Incredible work, well done!
3. February, 10:45
Dominik Weitzer
Neuling,...thats stunning! I like to have that in my shelf. Awesome.
3. February, 10:59
Thank you Whiskey and Dominik!
4. February, 09:40
Just going through your albums... Stunningly detailed realistic looking dioramas everywhere!! Fantastic work ?
27. March, 17:50
Dietmar Bogatzki
Perfect Job, Neuling. Realistic weathering and a cool Diorama 👍
27. March, 17:55
Alexander Grivonev
You can go for 100 times over the pictures and discover something new each time. Unreal work 👍
27. March, 19:31
Thank you Neil, Dietmar and Alexander! Much appreciated!
29. March, 08:12


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1:35 "Buffalo" 6x6 MPCV (Bronco CB35100)
Buffalo 6x6 MPCV
US Military US Marine Corps (1798-now)
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