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Rui S (MIG)

The unexpected Finland resistance - T26


178 11 July 2017, 18:11
Rui S
A new Brand for me...
11 July 2017, 18:24
Wim van der Luijt
good to see you got out of work mode! count me in for this project.....
11 July 2017, 18:43
Rui S
Hi My Friend, yes I'm out of it (unfortunately).
So Welcome aboard😉
I'm hopping to start this one now.
11 July 2017, 19:25
Yup, that definitely looks like a Mirage repack. Be careful, those track links can be really brittle.
12 July 2017, 13:54
Rui S
Hi EnsignExpendabl.
I know Mirage have a lot of T26 and Vickers models. I don't know if this are the same moulds.
Thank you for the Heads up.
Normally I use a new blade and a lot of careful for cutting those. I hope that they resist.
12 July 2017, 17:00
I have photos of a Mirage T-26 here, you can compare the sprues: earlesspierre.livejournal.com/27349.html
12 July 2017, 18:27
Rui S
Some sprues LIKE THE under hull and SIDES, FENDER, springs and road wheels, ETC seem the same, but other sprues look different
12 July 2017, 21:14
Bart Goesaert
Looks like a nice kit, and interesting to see it in Finnish colors. When looking for references I can recommend the movies Tali Ihantala and Talvisotta about the winter war
13 July 2017, 10:48
Rui S
Hello Bart.
Thank you for the advise. I will try to find those videos in the net.
I think its a nice kit a little bit of flash in some pieces, so some clean up to do.
I've been researching in my library and I see that I will have to do some alterations to the kits config.
The Plan is not to do it in finish colours but to depict what was the first part of the Winter war at the invasion (end of 1939).
And I thought the best way to interpreted that invasion is to do a destroyed/immobilized soviet tank because I don't have any figures to put with it.
I've upload some plates with the intended model. It will be the T26 - 1935.
So for example piece B2 will not be fitted because it existed only in later models.
13 July 2017, 13:56
Bart Goesaert
There 's a nice scene in which they stop a T-26 by putting a log between the track and the driving wheel... Maybe a bit of inspiration for the haphazard way of fighting in the beginning of that war in a war...
13 July 2017, 14:15
Rui S
Yap I've seen that seen in a History Chanel movie about that war. I've also a photo with a followed tree used as guerrilla warfare by the Fins. I'm posting it...
13 July 2017, 14:34
Rui S
Another image with a tactical interesting point...
13 July 2017, 14:50
Rui S
As usual, some more colour plates and external details.
I hope that you find them interesting😢
Next I will start the build😎
13 July 2017, 20:21
Rui S
First build progress and fit impressions😎
Bad engineered and lousy instructions 👎
16 July 2017, 00:59
Rui S
Some more progress in the lower hull😎
18 July 2017, 11:28
Wow, those gaps are enormous! I hope you are making a welded hull T-26 so you don't have to remake the rivets.
19 July 2017, 04:30
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Great work,Mate 👍
19 July 2017, 04:30
Bart Goesaert
splendid work... need to make work of my Maquette Zis-30... it's somewhere in the same league....
19 July 2017, 06:33
Rui S
Hello, mates,
Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comments. Much Appreciated 🙂

@ EnsignExpendabl, again thank you for Yes, the gaps are gigantic if you don't sand and cut a lot, but I've deal with it and many of the photos are still just dry fittings. I think I'm not going to do it entirely welded, as in reality some T-26 had mixed versions of welded and riveted parts.
I've now done the turret and I was positively surprised with the fit. I was expecting again huge gaps but it was ok with the roof top. Nevertheless not the same with the gun mount, that needed a lot of study and precision cutting and sanding in small but important areas to achieve the correct spacing. I will post some photos later.
I'm now sure that the lower hull in this kit was for a Polish 7TP and not for a Russian T26.
@ Markus, coming for such a talented modeller as you are your comment is very important to me. Thanks again🙂
@ Bart, Thank you a lot for your nice compliment.
I have some Maquette kits in stash and I just hope that they will be a lot better than this one, both in the instructions and in the provided plastic pieces. 🤔
I can hardly believe in what TOM Modellbau did in this kit, for me its a no winning situation, and I will think thoroughly before buying another kit from them. 👍
What you really need in this leagues is to have a lot of reference material and study the info with attention.
19 July 2017, 10:09
Yeah, RPM shares sprues between their Vickers family kits. I built a few Maquette kits and have a few in my stash, don't expect miracles. It was the only way to get a Valentine for under $70 for me, though, so I will grit my teeth and deal with it though.
19 July 2017, 13:46
Urban Gardini
Nice progress with this bad kit, following with interest!
19 July 2017, 17:03
Rui S
@ EnsignExpendabl, That's the way to deal with this kind of kits. "Grab the bull by the horns" hehehe 😄
I'm not expecting nothing major, but long sessions of enhancing bad plastic with Maquette kits.😉
That's one way to deal with this hobby, buy cheap and expect a lot of work. I like it. I think $70 for a RPM/Maquette Valentine is way to expensive I bought a MiniArt one much cheaper.
@ Hi Urban, I'm glad to see you aboard following with interest. Thank you Mate.
At the moment I'm struggling with turret detailing. Very interesting...😎
Later on, I will upload some more progress photos, I hope you find the time to see and comment.
19 July 2017, 17:21
My local store had the MiniArt and Bronco for $70+ and the Maquette for $35, so I had to settle. Later I bought the Bronco anyway, but I think I was too inexperienced to handle it. I recently bought a Bronco Cruiser Mk.III on the cheap, so let's see if my skills are up for it now.
19 July 2017, 18:33
C Marques de Sá
Interesting. I had similar problems. The photo-etch parts are very nice, do they come with the kit?
19 July 2017, 22:37
Rui S
OK, as said I've uploaded some more photos. Mainly the work in the turret.
I still have to cut and glue the antenna holders and a little piece of PE under the gun.
Then glue the hull accessories and put some weight to it.
To finish I must tackle the tracks😉
19 July 2017, 22:43
Rui S
@ C Marques de Sá, Olá Mate. Sim o frete PE, vem com o kit como podes ver na foto 6.
No entanto as peças G8 (puxadores PE - foto 4) estão mal dimensionadas para o fim a que se destinam (acabei por utilizar as peças de plástico), por isso utilizei as de PE, para outros fins.😉
20 July 2017, 14:19
Rui S
Now, while the glue is drying, just some more detail work.
Next steps, more accessories and the tracks😎
21 July 2017, 18:49
Ingo F
Looks good Rui. 👍
21 July 2017, 23:19
Rui S
Thank you for your nice words, Mate. Much appreciated. 🙂
I'm "praying" not to have the same problems that you had with your Trumpeter tracks, on my tracks, and also that they can be cut without breaking (like the antenna holders). 🤔
22 July 2017, 11:27
Rui S
Ready for paint.
I closed it with some weight inside, tackled all the gaps, added some extra tools, the starter and chain - I had to make the hooks to fix it.
Also added some bullet chips on the turret and a penetration on the left side.
Still cleaning the 112 individual tracks links attached in 3 places to the sprues (it will take a while). Careful use of a new cutter blade here is mandatory😎
28 July 2017, 08:43
The turret looks a lot darker than in your previous photos, did you get a new one?
28 July 2017, 14:29
Rui S
Hi EnsignExpendabl,
Nop. it must be because of the contrasting white hull and light grey.
In the previous photos it was just the turret.
28 July 2017, 17:14
Bart Goesaert
how is this one coming along?
5 September 2017, 12:52
Rui S
Hello Bart,
Thank you for your interest. Very kind of you.
Currently I'm in Holidays in Sagres (Algarve) also gathering some nice natural stuff to bring back to Lisbon. and pick up my airbrush (finally). I have a lot of painting to do, in several unfinished projects. 🤔
5 September 2017, 16:19
Kerry COX
I just looked at the date this was posted and I must say, I missed a great build while you were happily putting it all together. As always. Great work mate. 👍
21 September 2017, 21:27
Rui S
Hi Mate,
Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.
I've to pick my airbrush once for all... and finish this vignette and some other dios like the Marder II D one Marder II D_16 Inf Mot Div_Rasputitsa_Kalmykiya | Album by mig (1:35)
21 September 2017, 23:25
Kerry COX
The brand you have chosen is what.? I use an Iwata SP. Had it 5 years and the key to it being so good all the time is good but careful maintainance.
22 September 2017, 02:20
Rui S
My parents offered me a Badger 200 (single action) ages ago, and I've bought another Badger (2nd hand) 150 (double actin) not long ago, (I've just used it once or twice).
The 200 eats everything and spit it all hehehe without cleaning it all the time.
IMHO, It's a good airbrush but with a compressor without pressure regulator it limits a lot when you want to go soft.
I don't even know the pressure it is doing, but any way, with care you can make some thin lines also.
I've yet to study and practice with the (second hand) 150. I suspect that the Teflon ring or the needle point are wasted. But still have to confirm that 🙁
22 September 2017, 10:23
Rui S
Happy to say that I've finally put my Badger 150 to work.
Black "primer" done.😎
23 September 2017, 22:15
Wim van der Luijt
Hi Rui, is that 200 gravity fed or does it have a side cup? Looking for a simple unit to lay down primer coats.....my Harder & Steenbeck has a .20mm nozzle, better suited for fine work...need a workhorse too
24 September 2017, 17:54
Rui S
Hi Wim,
No Gravity feed. Both the 200 and the 150 have small bottle or cap that are fixed under, and both are reliable airbrush and easy to work with.
25 September 2017, 02:21
Rui S
I've done some Pré-shading using Tamiya XF-49.
I've never painted a 1/35 Russian tank, and I don't have any green acrylics to paint it, but I've a lot of Humbrol enamel greens.
I planed to use them as washes and filters to get a convincing Russian green. I hope I can achive it 🤔
First layer of Humbrol enamel (76 - Matt Uniform Green + a bit of synthetic diluent) layed...
29 September 2017, 23:37
Bart Goesaert
Looking good so far
30 September 2017, 07:17
Kim Branders
Paintjob 👍
30 September 2017, 07:25
Rui S
@ Bart, Kim, Thx for your support, much appreciated.
I'm going to add some more enamel green shades to it before I start detail painting and weathering.
I think the M76 is to bright??? So I will try next, a more darker greyish green??
I know I'm going to struggle with this, because when it gets to the oils application, the turpentine/white spirit will attack this green layers... 🤔
Anyway I'm hopping not to mess it to a point of no return...
30 September 2017, 08:49
Wim van der Luijt
seal the enamel with a acrylic gloss varnish and then apply oils....works for me...washes flow very smoothly on a gloss coat
30 September 2017, 08:54
Rui S
Hi Wim,
Yes you are right, Mate, That's what I intend to do, but I think I must go soft on the turpentine/white spirit, otherwise it also messes with the clear acrylic gloss.
It has happen to me before with the Elephant Outono / Autumn 1944 | Album by mig (1:35)
and the 1Ton Sd.Kfz.10/4 half-track Esci sdkfz 10/4. On Hold | Album by mig (1:35)
And I think in the latter I put a lot of it, to seal it conveniently, but...
Maybe the brand, is not the best for this kind of job?
30 September 2017, 09:02
Rui S
A splash & dash of a heavily thinned enamel Humbrol Matt 80 Grass Green applied.
followed by another one, but yes, this time a more darker greyish tone. Humbrol enamel Matt 114, applied.😎
I think it's ok now (the green it's not so vivid) to go back with a soft application of acrylic Tamiya XF-49, for high light again, and it will be ready for the clear seal coat of acrylic varnish, and starting weathering process, oils, etc.
At least, this is the plan hehehe 😄

2 October 2017, 17:31
C Marques de Sá
Que verniz acrilico utilizas? e como o utilizas? Onde arranjas humbrol 114? foi descontinuada, eu ainda tenho um pote antigo com um restinho mas nunca mais encontrei à venda. Aplicaste o enamel com aerografo? Obrigado
3 October 2017, 00:59
Rui S
Olá, C Marques de Sá.
Tenho usado um verniz brilhante da Winsor & Newton, com aérografo directamente do frasco, imediatamente antes de aplicar os decalques e os óleos para o envelhecimento.
Quanto à Humbrol tenho n guardadas algumas à milénios. A 114, não é mt antiga mas infelizmente não sei precisar onde a arranjei. Talvez no Clube do Colecionador perto do Zoo de Lisboa comprei lá muitas ,mas este também já fechou.
Normalmente vai tudo a aérografo, menos a pintura de alguns detalhes, a aplicação de óleos e pasteis e as técnicas de desgaste.
3 October 2017, 10:28
C Marques de Sá
Olá Rui S.,
Obrigado pela sua resposta. Desculpe ter disparado as perguntas, mas vernizes é uma das coisas que me traz alguma frustração. Eu tenho humbrol satin e gloss. Já consegui bons resultados mas também já tive verdadeiros desastres. Mais ou menos 50-50. O satin já apliquei com sucesso com aerografo uma ou duas vezes, mas das outras fica branco. O gloss só dá para brilho, e para verniz de brilho muitas vezes uso uma marca de produto de por no chão. Também tenho vallejo, mas ainda não usei muito. Parece um pouco melhor. Um dos problemas é aplicar com aerografo ou com pincel. Ambos os métodos têm desvantagens (para mim). Há muitos anos atrás experimentei vernizes para enamel da humbrol e da revell - não gostei de nenhum deles - não usei mais, tive péssimos resultados. Também tenho x-22 da tamiya, mas como li que não era propriamente um verniz tenho receio de utilizar, e além disso as tintas tamiya geralmente só funcionam bem com outras tintas tamiya e não misturam bem com outras. Vou experimentar Winsor & Newton quando tiver oportunidade. Recomenda? Qual o preço médio? Acho que a maior dificuldade é com vernizes mate. Humbrol 114 já foi descontinuada há mais de dez anos (assim como outras cores) e é uma pena porque não encontro na gama deles outra tinta igual (nem de nenhuma outra marca). Ás vezes usava para pintar tanques escala 1:72. É pena as lojas físicas fecharem porque não é a mesma coisa comprar na internet. Sou do Porto e não conheci esse Clube do colecionador. Embora geralmente use o aerografo, por vezes ainda gosto de voltar ao pincel, porque acho que tem mais controle.
4 October 2017, 14:03
Rui S
Olá C Marques de Sá,
Desde já não há por que pedir desculpa por fazer perguntas, o scalemates tb serve mesmo para isso.

Até hoje os únicos vernizes que me lembro ter utilizado foram: o enamel Matt da Humbrol e o referido acrílico gloss da Winsor & Newton. Posso recomendar ambos pois nunca tive o problema de esbranquiçarem e o Winsor & Newton nem é caro, custou-me 3,59€ (75ml) no corte ingles, mas há que o deixar secar bem, pois demora bastante mais que o excelente enamel Matt da Humbrol.

Qual é a marca do produto de por no chão que usa?
Tenho ainda enamal satin e gloss da Humbrol mas não me lembro se já os utilizei.
Há pouco tempo comprei o acrilico Matt quer da Winsor & Newton quer da Humbrol para testar, mas tb ainda não arrisquei usar. Só de olhar para a cor branca do da Winsor & Newton me faz recuar.

Quanto às tinta tamiya utilizo-as sempre em conjunto com as enamel da Humbrol sem problemas qd aplicadas a airbrush. Com pincel já a história é diferente. têm comportamentos destintos mediante a sequência da aplicação. Há que as deixar secar muito bem e mesmo assim...

A unica vantagem de comprar na internet é que normalmente conseguem-se melhores preços, sendo a oferta exponencial, há mais concorrência mas é preciso tempo para procurar ou esperar pelas melhores oportunidades.

Hoje em dia há aerografos que fazem linhas tão finas como um pincel. è preciso ter um bom aerografo com ponta fina e um regulador de pressão no compressor. Infelizmente não tenho nenhum dos dois 😄 mas estão muito mais baratos hoje do que antes.
4 October 2017, 15:07
C Marques de Sá
Moro no Brasil e o produto que uso chama-se brilho fácil. Deve haver similar da johnson ou outro aí em Portugal. É uma questão de procurar no supermercado. Na embalagem vai dizer cera (ou verniz) acrílica para chão, é isso que se quer. No fundo é quase o mesmo que o material para modelismo, apenas leva um componente extra para dar cheiro. Procure o que tenha composição mais simples e faça experiências. Uma garrafa grande custa o mesmo que uma garrafinha pequena de modelismo. O contra é que apenas vai encontrar verniz "gloss" brilhante, nunca satin ou matt. O brilho fácil é branco mas quando seca fica completamente transparente. Os ingleses e americanos usam produtos semelhantes chamados klear ou pledge (da johnson). Vou experimentar comprar o da winsor e newton quando for aí no natal. Já os vernizes satin e matt tanto os da humbrol como os da vallejo são esbranquiçados e se a aplicação for ligeiramente exagerada secam dando uma névoa (efeito horrível). A dificuldade do aerografo para mim não é o tamanho da linha, mas a pressão. O meu compressor é muito simples e não permite grande controlo, além do mais as condições climatéricas aqui tornam difícil obter a consistência correcta da tinta. E depois, como já disse a outro "mate" aqui, penso que algumas pessoas são mais artísticas que outras e têm mais naturalidade a manejar os instrumentos. A minha fase preferida é a construção. Neste momento estou a pintar dois a aerografo e um a pincel. Pincel é bom para enamel. Acho que hoje em dia há demasiado preconceito contra o pincel, a não ser que claro queiramos ser "profissionais" do modelismo, mas eu identifico-me mais com o rob basic modelling.
Já agora qual o melhor branco mate e qual o melhor branco gloss? Já experimentei tamiya, revell, humbrol, vallejo. Ainda não estou satisfeito...
5 October 2017, 01:32
Rui S
Olá C Marques de Sá,
Sim, por aqui há várias ceras acrilicas brilhantes de limpeza, mas nunca arrisquei utilizá-las. Axo porque têm todas um aspecto leitoso de várias cores, mt diferente da Future ou Pledge.
Os Winsor & Newton deverá encontrar por aí nas lojas de artigos para artistas e pintores.
Eu uso o branco matt enamel da humbrol e um acrilico de pintura tipo Robbialac ou Barbot normal das lojas de tintas que são bem mais baratos e com maior quantidade.

5 October 2017, 22:40
C Marques de Sá
Boa ideia robbialac... mas não danifica o plástico? Das ceras não se preocupe com a cor branca, veja se tem composiçao simples, depois experimente num pedaço de plástico transparente, ao secar o branco desaparece. A minha é branca e acontece isso, eu uso para dar brilho a canopies. Aqui não deve ter o winsor e se tiver é muito mais caro que em Portugal.
6 October 2017, 13:39
Holger Kranich
Hey Rui,

how the hell have i missed this superb build? Nice to see how much Patience and ellbow grease you invested. Even the kit does not seem to be bad! Hang in there, it will be a stunning model right from your bench!👍 😄
6 October 2017, 14:41
Rui S
@ C Marques de Sá, até hoje não tive problemas. Utilizei esmalte da Gama Advance 100% acrílicos, numa embalagem de 250ml.

@ Hi Holger. hehehe,😄
Thank you for stopping by, nice comment and support.
I've done a little more on it: some detail painting and a bit of dry brushing.
I will post some more photos later on.😉
6 October 2017, 15:26
Rui S
@ C Marques de Sá, Viva.

Verifiquei agora que no " OLX ", estão à venda várias latas Humbrol já descontinuadas, incluíndo a Humbrol 114.

Julgo mesmo, tratar-se do propriétario do ex Clube do Colecionador. Se está mesmo interessado em adquirir essa tinta será concerteza possivel encomendar.

Deixo o Link:


21 October 2017, 16:31
C Marques de Sá
Olá Rui! Obrigado pelo link!
22 October 2017, 16:36
Rui S
22 October 2017, 16:44
Fine paint job on your T26 ! I like how rich are the shades of green.
28 January 2018, 17:11
Michel Wingard
Nice looking forword to more.
28 January 2018, 17:23
David Thor
Excellent build and paintjob so far. And an excellent documentation of your project! Keep it up! 🙂
28 January 2018, 17:24
Rui S
Hello Michel and David,
Thank you for your nice comments, much appreciated.
I had to stop this project, when my Badger compressor started a rattling, horrible sound.
I had to buy a new one and lost the mojo, but I'm starting to recover it, and your messages sure helps.
So, thanks a lot again, mates.
28 January 2018, 18:33
Rui S
Finally I've restarted this one. Some progress in the base😉
10 February 2018, 01:58
Kim Branders
In for the finnish 🙂
10 February 2018, 09:03
Urban Gardini
Getting better and better mate!
10 February 2018, 21:35
Rui S
@ Kim, I hope so hehehe. Well come back, Mate. 🙂
@ Urban, Thank you for your encouraging words, Mate.
Much appreciated.
11 February 2018, 00:30
Rui S
Handling the single (n link 😛 )tracks.
6 March 2021, 21:04
Ingo F
Cleaning and assembling the single track links is the best work around. 😄
Keep fighting mate. 🙂
7 March 2021, 07:44
Dietmar Bogatzki
great Job again, Rui and the B/W Photo perfect 🙂
7 March 2021, 09:45
Rui S
@Ingo, thx for your support. That work it's so good that made me defenitly decide that the next kit Will be for sure with wheels or even a plane 😄
@ Dietmar, Thank you, I apreciate. I'm glad you like it, but there is still a lot of work to do on the tank and figure/s?. The black and white photo was an inspiration. I like it very much and I think it was taken at night with flash???🤔 IMHO it has a great definition for that time.
7 March 2021, 12:16
Rui S
After tackle 2x112 track links (puff ... 😠 ), This is now about, the all important adaptation to the terrain.
7 March 2021, 21:27
Archibaldd Haddock
Just...love it! 😄
7 March 2021, 23:02
Rui S
Thx a Lot My friend, Ainda falta muita coisa (e tenho de ganhar coragem para o cobrir com alguma neve). Mas o mais importante é que está a evoluir.
Tudo bem? Mantém-te em segurança😉
8 March 2021, 14:35
Fantastic work so far, on what looks like a really awkward kit.
8 March 2021, 14:55
Rui S
Thank you for your kind comment, gorbygould. Yes, this is some kind of reboxing with lousy instructions and some updates???
But the smal PE fret, alternative road wheels and individual track links where a very nice surprise😉
8 March 2021, 19:41
Kerry COX
I will be keeping an eye on your efforts here Rui. 😉
No doubt, you will make a silk purse out of a pig's ear mate. 😉
9 March 2021, 02:53
Ben M
Amazing work with a challenging kit. I agree the prototype pic is really cool
9 March 2021, 03:07
Rui S
@Kezza, thx for your encouraging words.(Nice expression, btw. I'm always learning) I'm Counting on you for some honest opinions, so please use your magnifying lens 😄
Ben, thx a lot for your Nice comments. I'm really glad you like what you see. Much appreciated.
9 March 2021, 18:24
Archibaldd Haddock
Concordo com a opinião de muitos, a tua evolução é fantástica! Que bom poder acompanhar-te neste nosso mui amado hobby. Cheers mate
Hope to see you soon
11 March 2021, 19:46
Rui S
Mate, obrigado por partilhares a tua opinião. Faz-se os possíveis e a experiencia vai ajudando 🙂
Espero que quando o caçula crescer, tenhas tempo para partilhar aqui alguns trabalhos😉
Esperemos que esta trampa de virus desapareça o mais depressa possível, para conheceres a cave.
11 March 2021, 20:59
Archibaldd Haddock
Bem sobre o caçula crescer... outro vêm a caminho! 😄 Vou ter que arranjar tempo para tudo. Anseio por essa visita! 😄
Abraço mate
Fica bem
11 March 2021, 21:09
Rui S
Hehehe grande notícia, Mate. Família a crescer. Parabéns e Felicidades, aquele abraço 👍
11 March 2021, 21:18
Archibaldd Haddock
11 March 2021, 21:22
Ben M
Hi Rui, I like the subtle streaking you did on the surface of the tank. How did you accomplish this?
16 March 2021, 12:34
That's a fantastic result!
16 March 2021, 16:02
Tim Heimer
Looking good as usual!
16 March 2021, 16:17
Rui S
Thank you mates, realy glad you like and comment it.
@Spanjaard, I sure hope so 😄
@ gorbygould, I apreciate your kind words. But I'm not done yet😎
@Tim, well I'm always trying to improve with new experiences 🙂
17 March 2021, 20:05
Tim Heimer
Rui, that's how we get better! Keep up the good work and keep on trying mate!
18 March 2021, 04:38
Pawel W
How do you make snow like this?
18 March 2021, 08:39
Rui S
@Ben M, Sorry for missing a reply on your comment. I apologise. Thank you for your kind words. I achieve the streaking with well diluted acrylic Paint. I Will upload some photos of the brand I used ASP.
@Tim,, thx again mate. I Will do my best, as usual.
@Pawel, I use sodium bicarbonate and two other specific produts. I Will post some photos ASP.
@ To others mates that liked the work, but I can't see who the are, I Thank you all.
18 March 2021, 15:24
Rui S
@ Ben and Pawel, as refered, I've uploaded the materials images.
21 March 2021, 00:47
Ben M
Thank you Rui! Your tank in the snow is great. You just thin your acrylics to a wash and paint streaks with a brush? The weathering work you did is so good.
21 March 2021, 00:57
Rui S
Thank you Ben. Yes, I heavly dilute it with water (wash/filter) and aplied over the Humbrol enamel green with a fine brush with a small amount of paint for each stroke.
The problem I encounter was, once you aplied it, you have very litle time or almost none to correct anything. (If you apply water to soon, you take all the paint away if you take to long, you can't correct it).
This time I didn't use gloss varnish because for the first time I didn't apply any decals and also no oils.
I'm very glad you like it. Thx.
21 March 2021, 01:04
Ben M
Yes I normally weather with oil washes as you have a lot longer to work with them. When I've done acrylic panel line washes for instance over enamel paint I have observed that it is very hard to make a correction
21 March 2021, 01:21
Rui S
Yap, that's it. But this time I wanted to try something diferent. The last time I used my oils dots, it didn't work as usual, so acrilics it was 😄 and I was quite happy with the result, that I think I've over done it in some spots. But as they say, I can live with it 😉
21 March 2021, 01:26
Ben M
What I liked about it was that it was pretty subtle and realistic, not overdone at all!
21 March 2021, 01:35
Rui S
Well I think on the turret I could have stoped earlier, but it you like it, thx mate I'm happy.
I've also noted that the original tank has a Shine that I could'nt replicate. Normaly I like my tanks completly matte, but in this case... I don't know.
21 March 2021, 01:49
Dietmar Bogatzki
Nice work again, Rui ang good to see on the Photos how you build up the Dio 👍
21 March 2021, 08:59
Alexander Grivonev
Amazing project👍

Could you maybe go a little into detail how you combine the three products to make the snow? Looks very realistic!

Asking for a friend....😛
21 March 2021, 09:16
That looks amazing Rui - the snow looks very natural.
I wonder if the gloss shine in the original photo is from a flash when they took the photo?
21 March 2021, 10:09
Rui S
@ Dietmar, Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it Mate. for this build I had lot's of time and I wanted to share all the info & details about the kit.

@ Alexander, Your work is Exceptional, so I'm very flattered that you find this work worthy of those nice comments.
As to the snow aplication: The 2 specific snow products are water based and the bicarbonate can be mixed with white wood glue directly from the container or diluted.
However, I only mixed the materials during their application.
I spread white glue and baking soda by brush in certain areas where the snow is thicker. Where I wanted little accumulation I applied the white glue very diluted with a sprinkler / sparger and sprinkled the bicarbonate with a small bottle with a thin cone cap.
In other areas I applied by brush, the foam snow (it is a very thick paint, but easy to spread).
The kristall schnee paste, is a paste that I applied with a brush (not easy to spread convincingly), and that has a lot of very bright "dots". (if you do not add water it dry's white and shiny, but if you put water on top with a brush, it will have a more milky and dull finish).
Before it dries in places, I wet and sprinkle it again with baking soda to hide the excess of sparkles.
I hope I managed to explain in an understandable way.

@ gorbygould, Thank you for your supporting words Mate, much apreciated as you know. Yes, it might shine more because of the flash but my black and white photo was also taken with flash on my phone😉 😄

I also want to thank two new mattes that liked the album, but I can't find out who did it 👍

Time to start the figure😉
21 March 2021, 13:35
Alexander Grivonev
Thx a lot Rui, going to do a few test runs I guess to get the result I want
21 March 2021, 14:10
Rui S
Np. Glad that I could help... your friend?😄
I'm sure you will achieve the result you are looking for.
21 March 2021, 14:12
Jean-Michel Tilquin
I really like the atmosphere here, so dark and cold...
21 March 2021, 19:01
Alexander Grivonev
What I worry about using Sodium Bicarbonate is that it is prone to discoloration over the years and even attracting bugs! You want to have a lively diorama I suppose but not like that, lol. Heared and read that many times, even if you google it it comes up.
21 March 2021, 19:40
Rui S
Thank you very much Jean-Michel, I'm glad you like it. Apreciated.
I am sure that the Finnish figure, will be prepared for that temperature 😄😉
21 March 2021, 19:40
Rui S
@ Alexander, sorry for the late reply.
Yap, I've also heard that it can turn "yellowish"? That's why I bought one that says "Purissimo" (very pure), so I'm hoping that with the diluted white glue and that, may keep both problems away.😉
In my first base for the dio "My very first - project", I've used peper to simulate sand and in my dio "9 SS Panzerdivision" and again in the dio "Outono / Autumn 1944" I've used coffe grounds, without any problems to this day (except the respective smell that took some time to disappear 😄) so, I'm hopeful that this one will be ok too. 😄
But hey, thx for the heads up 👍
22 March 2021, 22:12
John Smith
Beautiful, beautiful work! A labor of love, to be sure. Anyone who can model snow convincingly as you have has my respect. Thanks for sharing your techniques with us.
23 March 2021, 04:53
Archibaldd Haddock
Top...! 😄
23 March 2021, 20:13
Rui S
@ John, those are very kind words, Thank you very much, and yes I always enjoy the modelling work. I Guess this time I was more lucky with the Snow. My first atempt in the panther dio wasn't so good.
@ Mate, obrigado, agora falta o figurino e mais um ou outro detalhe.
24 March 2021, 20:48
Ingo F
Turned out really great! 👍
24 March 2021, 21:30
James C
That's awesome and the snow looks very convincing 👍
24 March 2021, 22:01
Tini Hendriks
In real I hate snow. I love yours! Great job!
24 March 2021, 23:43
Jim J
Nice effect with the snow on the tank. Well done!
25 March 2021, 01:39
Archibaldd Haddock
Thank you mate, for share your talent! Love it 😄
25 March 2021, 09:11
Rui S
Thank you very much for your kind comments mates, I apreciate them.
@Ingo, not finished yet, I planing to start the figures and some more details this weekend.
@ James, I'm glad you like it, as you know I like your great work and collection too.
@ Tini, Well, In Portugal we seldom see snow, so I also like it real 😉 and I'm more glad that you like this imitation.
@ Jim, I was lucky this time 😉
@ Paulo, My pleasure Mate.
26 March 2021, 20:11
Rui S
My first ICM kit ever. Nice mould, very very thin seam lines almost nonexistent, nice fit. The plastic is for the soft side, like Italeri.
28 March 2021, 22:38
Bob Hall
Oh Look ! It's Aimo Koivvnen with out his head ! LOL ! Love the subject, a commonly forgotten bit of history !
28 March 2021, 23:12
Rui S
😄😄😄, Thank You Bob. I apreciate your ironic and true coment and I'm glad you like the subject.
It's the first time I'm using this technique to paint a face. Many medelers use it, so this time I'm going to try it.😎
28 March 2021, 23:54
Stefan Schacht
very nice so far, count me in
2 April 2021, 20:39
Rui S
Thank you Stefan. Welcome aboard.
2 April 2021, 20:55
Bart Goesaert
Very nice work so far.. a well fought kit to assemble, but looks like you've beat it into submission. Kuddo's for that
4 April 2021, 08:36
Rui S
Thnak you for your nice comment Bart, I apreciate it. Yap, not the best quality kit, but I've done my best to get a decent finish, and I'm happy.
Now I'm doing some work, in the final details of the dio.
4 April 2021, 15:29
Bart Goesaert
Simo Häyhä? the figure? What primer did you use?
5 April 2021, 15:04
Rui S
Could be Bart, but I've too find a scope to put in his rifle 😉
I don't use real primer, I use the paint in the photo 129. It was a bit pasty so unadvisedly I throw isopropanol alchool in it. Dumb 🙁
I'm also worried with the figure. I've to see how I'm going to solve this issue.
5 April 2021, 19:46
Urban Gardini
The figure is way too big for Simo as he was quite short. But if you want it to be Simo you won't need a scope for his rifle as Simo only used iron sights.
5 April 2021, 21:45
Rui S
Thx, Urban, ofcourse you are right.
5 April 2021, 22:49
Ben M
m91/30 scopes are dirt simple - you just need a bit of tubing, Rui: m9130.info/pu-sniper-scopes
5 April 2021, 23:35
Rui S
Thx Ben, but not doing it, this time. 🤔
6 April 2021, 20:39
Bart Goesaert
What is the problem with the figure?
7 April 2021, 03:53
Rui S
Not sure yet, but I've airbrush it with the some paint mixture, so it may be like the Maxim? 🤔
7 April 2021, 09:31
Rui S
9 May 2021, 22:41
Rui S
Thank you for your words, Spanjaard. As you said in your previous comment "lots of work, but it will pay off at the end", you where right, I guess, at least I'm quite happy with the outcome.
9 May 2021, 22:49
Ben M
The diorama is great - the skier came out great also
9 May 2021, 23:06
Rui S
Thank you very much Ben, glad you like it. The problem with the "primer"/base paint I used, shows more on the figure than in the maxim, Machine gun, but I can live with it. Lesson learned, I hope.
Time to think about the next One.
9 May 2021, 23:12
James C
The snow effects look fantastic, very nicely done Rui 👍
9 May 2021, 23:50
Kerry COX
If your not hunted down by some war museum in Europe to replicate the history of these wars for the world to see, then shame on them, as you truly are the master of your 'hobby'. 👍
Sorry I failed to comment earlier Rui, but wow!. Just stunning from all angles. 🙂 🙂
10 May 2021, 01:08
Makes my teeth chatter with the cold.
Rui, very excellent work. I've thumbed through this album a couple times. A new favorite.
10 May 2021, 03:25
Darkness falls in Northern winters ......were it not for the white snow shining in the twilight. The photos reflect this atmosphere in a perfect way. Great little diorama! 👍
10 May 2021, 09:08
Rui S
woh, I'm radiant Mates.

Opening scalemates in expectation of matte analysis and receiving sympathetic comments is always good, but receiving them from masters and experts in this hobby, feels even better.

Your comments make up for all the work and effort put into this kit and small diorama.

Thank you all. I already won my day.

@ James, Thank you, one day you will try a dio ok? You should Mate. The litle ones don't need much space 😉

@ Kezza, As always, your kind comments melt me. You no I'm ages / centuries, from your skils and yet, you always succeed in using the nicest words. Thank you YODA 😄

@ Dave, Well that realy is a great comment. In this case I can say that I'm glad you feel like that 😉 It's a loonnngggg álbum I'm very happy to know that you managed to go through it in full. You've gain my respect too 😄

and last but sure not the least:

@ Neuling, The dio master that always surprises us with your excelente Dioramas is here and again with wise words. Thank you again. Yes Mate, the real Photo 2, that triggered this dio, was taken at night and I am pretty sure that much of the Winter War was practiced in the dead of night. This time, I also like the scenery photos.

10 May 2021, 09:44
Urban Gardini
Looking great mate but you forgot a small detail, the top part of the rifle sling over the shoulder.
10 May 2021, 11:00
David Taylor
10 May 2021, 13:45
Lenny V
That's an awesome build! Congrats on finishing it Rui, it looks stunning!
10 May 2021, 18:48
Rui S
Thank you for your comments David and Lenny. I apreciate it and I'm really glad you like it.
@ Urban, Thank you. But no, I didn't forget it. The top part of the sling that you mention is over the backpack betwen it and the back of the figure. It cames Over the left shoulder looking from the back and ends up in the rifle. You can have a glance of it in photo 226; 227 or 230 🙂
10 May 2021, 19:25
Dare I say with a bit of shame I'm catching up late on this one. But after having enjoyed the 255 pictures I am happy to have found it at last.
I really liked your toothpick system to get the tracks looking so right.
The snowy environment made me feel cold watching them. That's terrific.
Winter war is not my area but I'd like to dig a bit more into it. Thanks for that.
With much respect.
10 May 2021, 20:12
Rui S
Hi Mathieu, Thank you for your interest and stamina to scroll all this long album. I Respect that and your kind words.
If you felt cold, I've achieved the goal 😉
Winter war is a very interesting period, and you will find some diferent planes to replicate with your excellent skills 😄
10 May 2021, 20:21
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Patience and application pay off, it seems! Nice work again Rui!
11 May 2021, 17:17
David Taylor
Black and white shots looks like you photo shopped real pics.
11 May 2021, 18:56
Robin (WhiteGlint)
That's some great diorama, Rui.
Love the small details and the snow 👍.
11 May 2021, 19:04
Rui S
Thank you very much for your kind words mates. I'm really pleased that you like and comment my work.
@ Jean-Michel, judging by your excellent dios, I'm sure your wise words are aplied in their execution 🙂
@ David, you can't imagine how I would like that your words were true. I would LOOVVVEEEE to know how to work with Photoshop, but unfortunatly I don't 🙁
@ WhiteGlint, the details take their time, but I think they are always important in a dio. You can alaways had some more interest with them 😉
12 May 2021, 19:16
Everything looks very realistic. Really super job!
26 June 2021, 18:14
Rui S
Thank you very much for your kind comment, Vytautas.
Very much apreciated, as you know how much I Respect your skill and work.
2 July 2021, 14:55
Phil M
9 August 2021, 08:17
Rui S
Thank you for your comment Phil, much apreciated.
15 August 2021, 18:20
Sebastian Spluszka
Inspiring work, very nice!!
7 September 2021, 14:08
Nelson Paulo
7 September 2021, 14:35
Simon Nagorsnik
looks cold 🥶 but good😁
7 September 2021, 14:45
Rui S
Thank you very much for stopping by and for the kind comments, mates. Apreciated a lot.
@ Simon, the Fin soldier has an almost white face, so it must be under 0° 😉
7 September 2021, 19:10
It came out very nice.
7 September 2021, 19:56
Rui S
Thank you Olivier, glad you comment and like it. Apreciated.
7 September 2021, 21:02
realistic, super)
12 September 2021, 20:45
Rui S
Thank you Viacheslav, coming from such a talented modeler as you are, its a great praise.
13 September 2021, 19:50
Markus Yliaho
Very nice dio of the David vs Goliath war. The dio also speaks to me on a personal note since my granfather served on the finnish frontline. Thanks for sharing 🙂
26 December 2021, 12:50
Guy Rump
Great dio and modelling, very realistic 👍
26 December 2021, 13:11
Dominik Weitzer
Amazing. Excellent!
26 December 2021, 15:10
John Thomas
Man that look's cold
26 December 2021, 15:30
Andrew dyson
Very nice winter effects. It looks cold. Great job
26 December 2021, 16:10
Rui S
Thank you Very much, mates and Sorry for the late reply.
@Markus, Yap, a lesson to us all. I'm really glad to read your comment, it makes me fell happy, Thank you.
@Guy, I'm glad you like this One.
@Dominik, you are to kind mate.
@John, just like the season, yes? 😄
@Andrew, I always thought about a winter Dio, so I had to do it and I hope to do some more 😉 always trying and learning.
4 January 2022, 17:20
Very impressive snowy scene.
When I used the snow effect, it turned yellow after a few days of time.
30 January 2022, 16:00
Rui S
Thank you MS K, I'm glad you like it, stoped by and comment this one.
Mine is in the living room in a IKEA shelf and stay's pure white until now.
P.S. I explain above in this thread, what i've used to do it.
I also want to thank all the mates that liked this one. Much Apreciated, thank you all.
30 January 2022, 18:44
Richard Cheals
Definitely a masterpiece, Rui 👏👏

Also, plenty of good tips for my future dios!! 👍
1 February 2022, 10:35
Michael Kohl
Seen it the first time. Great dio in every aspect.
1 February 2022, 15:27
Rui S
Thank you my friends, your comments are sincerally apreciated.
@Richard, I'm glad you like it that much and that you can also see some use in my álbum. I'm always glad to share what I manage to do.
@Michael, Nice of you to stop by. There are so many great álbuns in scalemates newsfeed, that it's easy to miss some that we like. It also happens too me.
7 February 2022, 17:02
Excellent, a gem!
6 August 2022, 07:44
Holger Kranich
Hey Rui, outstanding as always!
6 August 2022, 09:12
Bruce Huxtable
Here, here! Calm after the storm... Superb in all respects, and inspiring too 🙂👍
6 August 2022, 09:22
Rui S
@ Finn, thank you for your comment, I'm very glad you like my David against golias.
@ Holger, I mate, long time no see. Hope your Ok. Thanks for your kind comment and for stoping by.
@ Bruce, your right mate. And storm is back, unfortunately. Thank you for your kind comment. Apreciated.
6 August 2022, 22:05
Phil M
look like real, superb photo
22 August 2022, 03:33
Rui S
Thank you a lot Phil, for stopping by and comment, apreciated.
Unfortunately I don't know how to work with Photoshop so I found an alternative way with a big monitor with selected images on the background 😉
Also thank you all mates for the new likes.
22 August 2022, 20:40
Kerry COX
I am waiting for the snow to melt. 🙂
23 August 2022, 00:47
Rui S
Hehehe. Hi my friend, hope everything is ok with you.
Well unfortunately, with the global warming, even there everything will melt sooner or later 🙁
23 August 2022, 01:11
Rui S
Thank you Tom Harris (MHBeergeek) for the 124 like in my album
Much Apreciated
10 September 2022, 20:50
René K
omg how beautiful is that! stunning skills!
23 December 2022, 10:31
Dominik Weitzer
wow, that is awesome! Great Dio!
23 December 2022, 11:21
John Thomas
Very nice work
23 December 2022, 17:50
Scott Dutton
Great work, you've got plenty of snow on the vehicle but it isn't hidden. Abundance with moderation, well done
23 December 2022, 20:46
Kyle DeHart
What an awesome soo. Very cool
23 December 2022, 23:19
Rui S
@ R K, Thank you for your kind comment and like. Apreciated.
@ Dominik, Thanks for stoping by and for the nice comment. Yap, I liked a lot doing it 😉
@John, Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
@ Scott, comming from a master, I realy apreciate you stoping by and comment. Thank´s a lot for your comment.
@ Kyle, Thank you for your words. Apreciated.
And also thx for all the new likes. I wish you Mates, a Great & Happy New Year 👍
29 December 2022, 22:48
Kerry COX
Happy new year big fella. ! 😉
31 December 2022, 10:32
Rui S
Thx Kezza, Happy 2023, to you and all my mates 👍
1 January 2023, 16:15
Mathias Decommere
Lovely project about a forgotten part of the WW2 conflict. Very well executed and nice atmosphere creation. Congratulations!
Hope you'll like my version when I finnish my project on this subject.
11 March 2023, 23:30
Rui S
@ Mathias Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your kind comment.
I'm following your album with great curiosity and see the great progress your getting.
28 May 2023, 11:04
Mr James
Amazing job with the snow effect, Its beautifully done. I'm going to use a winter dio for my Tiger I'm building. I have bought the precision ice and snow kit. I hope it looks have as a good as this.
28 May 2023, 11:15
Mathias Decommere
No problem Rui, thank you for your curiosity, I must admit I'm using your work as inspiration 😉. Thinking also to put a log between the wheels after seeiing the movie I mentioned in my album and your diorama.
28 May 2023, 11:25
Rui S
Hi Mr James, Thank you for your kind comment. I'm glad you like this one and I'm sure that with what I see from your albums and talent, you will make a better work than this.

@ Mathias, yah those brave Fins would do everything to stop the clay-footed giant 😉, a bit like the brave Ukrainians today.
28 May 2023, 11:27
Dominik Weitzer
Like it a lot! the winter in your black&white photography looks real. thats great!
2 June 2023, 08:45
Rui S
Thank you very much for stopping by and comment this one Dominik. I'm really glad you like it, but I hope you noticed that one Black & white photo it's the reall deal that inspired this work 😄
2 June 2023, 23:32
Mathias Decommere
Haha I didn't 😁
3 June 2023, 04:47
Rui S
Naahhh you did. 😎 🤔
3 June 2023, 11:42

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