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Fighting 84
Michael Phillips (Fighting 84)

Hasegawa F-22A Raptor - Completed!



1:48 F-22 Raptor (Hasegawa 07245)1:48 F-22A Langley's Raptors (TwoBobs Aviation Graphics 48-123)
Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
1 FW FF 03-041
August 2006 - Langley AFB, VA
FS36251 FS36176 FS36375


2. March 2020, 04:50
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Michael Phillips
All done! Very happy with this one, I feel the canopy and sheen turned out pretty much as I had hoped. I hope you all like!
2. March 2020, 04:57
Dustin Gilpin
Wow, awesome! How did you do the canopy? Just read how you did the canopy, going to try that!
2. March 2020, 05:15
Konrad Limmer
Very very cool Michael!!! Like it a lot and yes you've done everything right with the canopy ! It turns out very well on the finished plane !
2. March 2020, 05:30
Best F-22 model I have yet seen, so awesome! And the canopy adds so much to it - puts it right into super-awesome :)
2. March 2020, 11:33
2. March 2020, 12:09
Beautiful work! I have a F22 waiting to be built, and this one will be a great inspiration!
2. March 2020, 13:14
Model looks very good. Is this the Hasegawa kit with those prominently raised panels? I did not build one because these raised panels just seem over the top to me but it is apparently not as obvious on a finished model. Or did you remove them?
2. March 2020, 13:23
Jason Chadwell
Beautiful job!
2. March 2020, 13:26
Great result indeed, congrats
2. March 2020, 13:34
Michael Phillips
Thanks Dustin, Konrad, Daniel, Roland, Augusto, Francky, Jason, and Pierre!

Dustin, I used nail polish to create the canopy effect. If you need any other info on this just let me know!

Daniel, that is some seriously high praise! Thank you so much for the kind words. It feels good to know that my gut instincts and experimentation with alternate approaches to the sheen and canopy dilemma have been so successful!

Augusto, I look forward to seeing your Raptor some day. If you ever have any questions, just ask!

Francky, I did not remove the raised panels. On the finished model they really do not stand out so much, maybe because of the weathering or sheen, but I agree on the raw plastic they look ridiculously huge (because they are!), but I was not in the mood to sand them down and replace details so I left them be.
2. March 2020, 14:56
Darek .
Stunning model! Really impressive.
I also asking about this canopy: how you gained such golden, tinted effect.
2. March 2020, 17:04
Nathan Dempsey
Perfectly built and presented Michael. Your camo with sheen as well as the canopy experiment worked out just awesome.
2. March 2020, 17:42
Michael Phillips
Thanks Darek and Nathan! I appreciate the kind words!

Darek, the canopy tint was done using nail polish bought on eBay from China for 75 cents mixed with thinner. Not sure if it is still available, but it was called "Born Pretty #212"
2. March 2020, 22:01
Erik Leijdens
Amazing work again! The finish looks extremely like the real thing
2. March 2020, 22:02
Michael Phillips
Thanks Erik, I appreciate the kind words! Realism is the ultimate compliment.
3. March 2020, 01:33
Maciej Bellos
Fantastic Michael. That canopy just adds that extra bit that makes it look awesome! A great addition to your show case.
3. March 2020, 04:25
Elegant and noble looking airplane!
3. March 2020, 09:49
Michael Phillips
Thanks Maciej and Neuling!

Maciej, I am pretty proud of how that canopy turned out, it sets my model apart from the other Raptor builds I have seen. :)
3. March 2020, 13:25
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Michael for the head´s up about this final photo-streak!

I never had any doubts about the canopy looking great with the gold coating once the other colors join the party proper and I´m really happy to see how well it adds to the overall appearance & realism! In some perspectives the pictures lose almost all sense of scale & just look like the real deal

This is definitely my 5-th gen reference to look up to, once the time comes :)
3. March 2020, 14:31
3. March 2020, 14:36
Michael Phillips
Thanks Slavo and Xander!

Slavo, if you ever have any questions when you get to your 5th gens, just let me know. I am excited to see what you do with those, as everything you touch turns into gold in my opinion!
3. March 2020, 15:54
Jos Jansen
That is another masterpiece Michael...great build and a good reference as well. What a perfect 5th gen fighter, you nailed, absolutely... !!
3. March 2020, 15:56
Donald Dickson II
Wow! Great work!
3. March 2020, 18:10
Ingmar Stöhr
A very nice F-22. I love it! Well done!
3. March 2020, 20:27
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Raptor Michael, well done sir.
4. March 2020, 01:45
Tim Heimer
Looks sooo good!!
4. March 2020, 04:20
Dustin Gilpin
Every time I look at this I am more and more amazed. It is absolutely stunning
4. March 2020, 04:37
William O.
Wowie sir! You surely have turned out a showstopper on this one, well done .
4. March 2020, 06:30
Michael Phillips
Thanks Jos, Donald, Ingmar, Clifford, Tim, Dustin, and William!

Your comments and compliments make my day. Hopefully I can inspire others with my work and all of your kind words energizes me to keep going! Thanks so much everyone!
4. March 2020, 13:33
Peter Smirnov
Wow! It looks amazing!
5. March 2020, 12:49
Scott Dutton
Beautifully done, love the variations you achieved in the paint
5. March 2020, 23:35
Eelco Gregoire
Nice work Michael
5. March 2020, 23:47
Michael Phillips
Thanks Peter, Scott, and Eelco! I appreciate the kind words!
6. March 2020, 14:06
Christian Ristits
Missed that impressive build, love it and congratulations!
4. May 2020, 18:31
Sebastien G
Amazing job!
4. May 2020, 18:49
Michael Phillips
Thanks Christian and Sebastian! I am really happy with how this one turned out. :)
4. May 2020, 18:55
Ricardo Reis
Like it very much! Congrats!
4. May 2020, 22:07
Clifford Keesler
Very nice Raptor Michael, very well done.
5. May 2020, 00:41
Michael Phillips
Thanks Ricardo and Clifford, I appreciate the kind words!
5. May 2020, 12:44

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