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Bill Gilman (Navy Bird)

Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer


46 | 7. May, 02:25
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Bill Gilman
Hi mates, I know I haven't finished my current project yet but I thought I would get a head start on my next one. I'll be building the Revell/Matchbox PB4Y-2 Privateer enhanced with the Cobra resin upgrade package. This should turn into a nice stablemate for my PB4Y-1 Liberator that I built several years ago. This one will take a while so you'll need to be patient with me. I think it will be worth it! Cheers, Bill
7. May, 02:37
Alec K
Sounds good to me 👍
7. May, 02:58
Hanno Kleinecke
One wouldn't want to miss whitnessing this old and ugly kit- duckling being turned into a swan by a real top skilled modelmaker. Let the show begin !
Which livery will it be, Bill ?
7. May, 05:39
Robert Podkoński
I love the look of this beast. Taking a seat 🙂
7. May, 05:56
Patrick Hagelstein
As stated before: I'm in on whatever Bill decides to tackle. 👍
7. May, 06:22
Łukasz Gliński
Oh wow, that's a bigly yuge classic 👍
7. May, 11:19
7. May, 11:25
Bill Gilman
Thanks mates. I'm gathering additional research now so it shouldn't be too long before I get started. @Hanno, not sure what livery yet. Lone Star Models (the company that now owns the Cobra resin tooling) announced a new decal sheet of several schemes with pin-up nose art. However, it hasn't been released yet and Lone Star's website is currently shut down as he tries to clear his backlog. So we'll see. Cheers, Bill
7. May, 19:20
Daniel Klink
Following for sure...
One of the few USBirds of WW2 that is high on my todo list..
7. May, 20:10
Guy Rump
Following as well 👍
7. May, 20:29
Bill Gilman
Hi mates, here is my status report. The resin cockpit has been removed from its casting block and sanded down so it fits in the fuselage, and I've started to get together some extra B-24 photoetch that I can use in the cockpit and the engines. I then scratchbuilt a new nose gear structure (don't let its spindly look upset you, it is quite strong. Triangulation is a wonderful thing.) A nice bloke from Oz sent me a decal sheet with markings for Ol' Blunderbuss which is what I'll be using. Then, I went to remove the props and clean them up and found some things I didn't like. The props are some of the worst resin parts I have ever seen, and unusable in my opinion. As I look more closely at the rest of the Cobra resin set, it's a real mixed bag. Some of it is quite nice and some is quite bad. Not worth the money I paid for it. But we shall persevere...enjoy the new photos. Cheers, Bill
6. June, 00:09
6. June, 00:15
Nathan Dempsey
Following ?
6. June, 03:45
6. June, 05:11
David Taylor
6. June, 06:49
Gary Kitchen
Following too. Those Quickboost props are a pleasure to work with, just finished them for my Lib, they come with a useful tool for assembly. Useful for amateurs like me, you'll probably not need it 👍. Love the nose gear. The old Revell kit I have has an entirely retracting set-up and so it's oob for me.
6. June, 06:50
Łukasz Gliński
Oh boy, dat props 😮
6. June, 13:16
Bernd Korte
I always loved the look of the Privateer and will follow this one! Nice progress and effort so far with the nose gear!
6. June, 15:56
Wow... A Privateer with extra details!!
6. June, 17:27
I am in 👍
6. June, 17:39
Bill Gilman
I've posted some photos of the completed flight deck. This should be OK, especially when one considers how difficult it will be to see any of it. LOL. I'm heading to the beach house next week for a quick holiday. Then, on June 25 I need to have my 10th back surgery. You read that right - 10th. I have something called retrolesthesis where adjacent vertebrae are misaligned front to back - in my case by over a centimeter. Needless to say, it hurts. The doc is going to fix that and stabilize my spine by fusing T10 through L2. (L2 through S1 were fused during the previous nine surgeries). So when this is all done with, don't ask me to bend over! Recovery time will be several weeks, so more work on the Privateer will be delayed. Sorry about that. Cheers, Bill
10. June, 14:31
Michael Osadciw
Oh man, that sucks. Well good luck with the surgery and enjoy the beach.
10. June, 15:35
Robert Podkoński
Keep my fingers crossed for that, Bill.
10. June, 16:33
David Taylor
Good luck.
10. June, 16:43
Dave Flitton
10. June, 16:47
Gary Kitchen
Good Luck Bill.
10. June, 16:47
Nice painting job and start with these hard resins 👍

Don't worry, Bill... Health comes first. Good luck with your back surgery (I know well what that is) and get well soon!
10. June, 17:34
Hanno Kleinecke
All the best, get well and back to the bench soonest !
11. June, 06:18
Edward MacKenzie
All the Best, get well soon mate!
11. June, 07:40
Patrick Hagelstein
All the best for your upcoming surgery and do enjoy that vacation in the meantime! 👍
11. June, 07:48
Bill Gilman
Thanks mates - you're the best! Cheers, Bill
11. June, 13:53
Alec K
Good luck with the surgery Bill. As if you did not go through enough already…
12. June, 12:29
Bill Gilman
I've posted a few more updates with photos. I survived my surgery and now I'm slowly recovering. The surgery lasted for six hours and I have a 35cm incision on my back - ouch! I can be at my workbench now for about 30 minutes at a time, but it's getting better each day. A physiotherapist comes to my house twice a week and that is helping a lot. I can't bend or twist - which means that wifey has to try to find the bits that the carpet monster has eaten. I have one of those grabber things, but if I can't see what I dropped I can't pick it up. The worst thing is when it's the grabber that I drop. Am I old or what? Cheers, Bill
21. July, 19:29
Robert Podkoński
It is great you are back (on scalemates likewise 🙂 ), Bill. And in a good mood, I presume. Flight deck looks awesome, BTW.
21. July, 19:37
Yes, good to have you back. Your fingers and eyesight seem to be still very good. Thanks for letting us enjoy your work.
21. July, 19:59
OOo got watching, bill.. its superb!!!
21. July, 20:15
Shaping up to be a masterpiece - excellent work so far.
21. July, 21:40
Patrick Hagelstein
Great to see you back at it Bill! 👍 Yes, those carpet monsters… Sometimes you have to team up to withstand them, be it your wife orrrr that physiotherapist. Keep getting at it (in the broadest sense) and keep holding on to that grabber! 😄
22. July, 06:19
Hanno Kleinecke
The skilled mastercraftsman back at his bench - back to normal in every respect.
Beautiful cockpit and nose undercarriage 👍
22. July, 09:44
Daniel Klink
Whoa fantastic progress and amazing detailwork Bill?
Best wishes for your further recovery mate??
22. July, 10:17
Bill Gilman
Thanks mates! I think ten spinal surgeries is enough, I'll not be having any more! 🙂
22. July, 14:33
Bill, I'm glad to know that the surgery has gone well and that you are recovering. Take care.
Good progress! 👍
22. July, 17:32
Clifford Keesler
Glad to hear you are on the mend, The cockpit looks fantastic.
24. July, 01:18
Bill Gilman
Hi mates, I'm pretty much back in the saddle after my back surgery and have picked up the pace on the Privateer project. I have to say that it's been a bit of a slog - there are many things wrong with the Matchbox kit, and my copy of the Cobra resin set failed the quality control test. The moulds were not cleaned properly prior to casting many of the resin bits and this requires a lot of cleanup. I've uploaded some more photos to show you where the project stands. I hope I can finish this by the end of the year - ha! Cheers, Bill
21. August, 19:09
Bernhard Schrock
A new instruction by Bill "how to make a masterpiece from a bubble gum"🙂 Please a front row seat!
21. August, 19:30
Very nice progress Bill.
It's good to see that you are comeback 👍.
Take care 😉
21. August, 19:38
Daniel Klink
The "Gefreite" is progressing in a very good way wow!!!👍👍
21. August, 19:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
Very interesting and wonderful! I'll be there, please!
21. August, 19:41
Clifford Keesler
Coming along nicely.
21. August, 22:25
Bas Tonn
Following. These planes are huge even in 1/72.
Good luck !!
22. August, 06:51
David Taylor
Looking good.
22. August, 07:20
Bill Gilman
Hi mates, I haven't forgotten this project - some new photos have been added to show the progress of painting and weathering. Still a lot of work to do! Cheers, Bill
27. October, 00:34
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
27. October, 02:10
Marc Le Bayon
Love it.
Priv' was ever my loving model.
That's reason I did it in scratch at 1/32...
27. October, 10:07
Robert Podkoński
Looking awesome already!
27. October, 16:48
David Taylor
It's come on great Bill.
27. October, 17:51
Superb painting job!
27. October, 18:51


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