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Chris T. An (Hell-Mood)

Star Wars Razor Crest "The Mandalorian"

Welcome to this cool Star Wars build. First I just want to show a few close ups of problem areas because there are several discussions on the web.

Don't get me wrong, I think the kit is great and I'm excited to have started now. As a reasonably accomplished modeler, it's nothing you can't handle. Nevertheless, of course, annoying for such a new tool.

So folks, it's not a Bandai, but it's not a 70's kit either. So feel free to try it. The details are impressive.


Dietmar Bogatzki
Damit würde ich mich gleich an Revell Abteilung X wenden, geht ja gar nicht, die Sinkstellen und auch das Fenster..
7 January, 06:16
Erik No
Bei Bild 1 frage ich mich, ist die raue oder die glatte Oberfläche die richtige? Bei der rauen sind die Details ganz schön verwaschen.
7 January, 07:13
It would be interesting to know what a response from Revell looks like
7 January, 07:35
Nice progress 👍
8 January, 16:09
Cute 😄
11 January, 13:50
Gareth Windsor
Following. Great start.
11 January, 21:51
Looks great. Baby yoda looks good.
11 January, 22:07
Michael Osadciw
Your build looks great, but yikes, I'm not thrilled with Revell's molding quality. Certainly not a Bandai Star Wars kit.
14 January, 20:10
Łukasz Gliński
That looks nice, joining.
14 January, 20:11
Pierre Vauthier
awsome !
14 January, 21:03
Looking good
14 January, 21:09
Ricardo Reis
Nice build, I think I'll follow. 🙂
15 January, 20:55
Looks great. Seems to be a fun kit. 🙂
15 January, 21:07
Chris T. An
Thank you all for watching. Now I have improved all the problem areas, and it was less work than expected. So in conclusion I must say that the kit is really cool, I'm enjoying the build.

Next steps are adding more battle damage and some small surface damages before painting the hull.
16 January, 12:59
Gary Kitchen
Chris loving your build so far. A notch above mine for sure. Have you dry fitted the top d bottom of the hull yet? Im seeing some resistance and wondering if the cockpit is too high, although can't get it any lower.
16 January, 22:41
Chris T. An
Thanks for your praise, Gary. In fact, I haven't put the top on yet including the interior block. You're scaring me now. Today or tomorrow I will probably be ready to test it. I will report back.
17 January, 10:39
Gareth Burge
Looks great so far Chris, definitely keen to see how this goes. Loving the wee Grogu figures...can I ask where you sourced them from?
17 January, 11:11
Chris T. An
Thank you Gareth. A good friend of mine printed the figures and he told me that he got the files from Thingiverse for free.
17 January, 12:31
Pierre Vauthier
my problem is : I just bought one for my christmass tree 🙂 and now I really do not know how my skills is not at your level and I still want to do something worth seeing for everyone ! I need an orginal idea for this kit 🙂 congrat it is really amazing detailling
17 January, 15:45
Chris T. An
So Gary, I had no bigger problems with putting the parts together. Some putty and sanding will be required but the cockpit height is ok. Maybe the Mando figure is too tall. I did not use it inside the cockpit.
@Pierre: please don't give a damn about my abilities. I also only boil with water and patience is probably the biggest challenge. The metallic paint job already makes me feel sick. I've seen great finishes on the Razor Crest with LED lights and so on... that I will never be able to achieve. So don't worry, just do it.
17 January, 21:00
I wouldn't waste my money on any revel kit.
20 January, 17:40


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