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Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
12 | 18. June 2020, 10:33
Alec K
Awesome! I like those montage photos 👍
26. June 2020, 13:08
Lovely grime. 🙂 Is that perhaps pigments?
26. June 2020, 13:48
Chris T. An
Yes, it is a mix of pigments and dry brushing. I know it would have been better to make a real entry into the earth's atmosphere for the grime effects, but I had no booster rockets to get up into space. ;)
27. June 2020, 06:14
27. June 2020, 06:29
Alec K
😄 😄 😄. Yeah, but that would no longer qualify as modeling...
27. June 2020, 14:06
nice paintjob and cool pictures
15. September 2020, 11:24
Very good job! How did you solve the TPM? I'm just starting with this one, and not sure how to approach it. Your looks perfect!
8. June, 08:32
Sehe ich jetzt erst, tolle Arbeit und schöne Bilder 😎
8. June, 08:59
Chris T. An
Thank you all. I made a build review in a German community, there you can find some hints on my method to make the TPM surface:
8. June, 16:54
thanks for the extra info!
8. June, 19:01

April 18, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
22 | 28. March, 13:29
Stefan Schacht
nice start, count me in.
28. March, 18:17
Nice one, I plan to do the same kit in the near future. And I agree, the contrast dark/light gray looks a bit too strong for my taste. Not sure if the light gray is too light, IIRC the F-22 are quite dark.
30. March, 16:13
Actually, the contrast can be quite strong, as I realised after a short web search...
30. March, 16:15
Chris T. An
Yes, that is what I noticed when searching for photos: it depends on the light, so sometimes the contrast is strong, sometimes less. But I will not mind that anymore now, it is done an it will look different when it is completed and set to better photo lights.
30. March, 17:09
John Thomas
Nice work
30. March, 17:35
Looking great 👍
2. April, 18:53
Agreed looks very nice already. 👍
2. April, 21:31
Chris T. An
Thank you. I finished the model today and will now take some final pictures.

I found it difficult to get the surface as you can see it in many photos: probably around 30 different shades of gray and silver, depending on the incidence of light and the age of the machine. You could certainly put a lot more work into it, but that's enough for me for now.

If you look at the photos on the Internet, every jet looks somehow different. So there is not so much you can do wrong.😉
5. April, 12:45
True, the newer birds looks relatively clean and well maintained while some older ones look heavily bleached and seem to have multiple surface panels exchanged. Awaiting the final reveal. 🙂
5. April, 13:04
Scot R
I think your model turned out great. The transformation of the intakes and cockpit were amazing. Congrats.
17. April, 01:45
Somehow actually missed the final reveal, but wow, looks awesome! 👍👍 For the last picture I thought it was this way on the internet and not your model with a background, as your model fit so seamlessly with it's style. 👍
17. April, 09:32

April 13, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
44 | 17. March, 16:35
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Harry Eder
Very nice result! 👍
26. March, 11:20
Rui S
I agree, beautiful build 👍
28. March, 15:30
Just browsing albums again.. . Came across this beautiful build. Absolutely love it! 👍
2. April, 16:23
Weathering turned out awesome, as did the paintjob. 👍👍 Also like the presentation with the mirroring surface - great work!
13. April, 15:20
Chris T. An
Thanks for all your positiv words. So I made one new picture with both mistakes corrected. Must be enough. 😉

I tried the mirroring presentation for the first time and it is easy to do: just put the object on a simple glass screen from a picture frame and choose a flat angle when taking the photos.
13. April, 20:20

April 8, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
25 | 28. August 2020, 05:39
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Ohh, now it doesn't look so over-weathered. Certainly due to the lighting, but I like it much better now. 👍
9. September 2020, 20:00
Chris T. An
Thank you. This new pictures with 5400k lights show much better the real brightness. The building process pictures are taken with a smartphone camera under bad light conditions so that it seems to be too dark. I guess I need better lights on my workspace to see the real colors while building and not only when I take final pictures. 🤔😉
11. September 2020, 12:10
I have the same problem, I use a small and rather cheap camera for wip pictures but a much more elaborate camera and the help of natural sunlight for good lighting for the final pictures.
11. September 2020, 14:09
Rui S
Excellent work 👍
14. March, 11:05
Fantastic result. Very nice decoration.
I like pics 26 and 37 especially.
8. April, 18:47

April 7, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #26
So this is the last photo editing. Should be enough.
31 | 18. June 2020, 09:16
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Rui S
Great work and presentation 👍
26. February, 19:08
Wow! Excellent! Your photo editing skills really take everything to the next level! What software did you use?
26. February, 19:55
Chris T. An
JD as I said in another post it is a 20 year old software: "Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.0". I never used other software and so I got to know all the tricks and utilities during the years. If you know your software, you can do the same or better with others like Photoshop etc. I nearly finished the last photo editing with Mando in the background and cannon fire - and I like it most. I will upload it soon.
26. February, 21:31
Black Baron
Nice work!
26. February, 21:46
Choppa Nutta
Liking the latest photos !! 😄
Now if you could just do a stop frame animation that would be extra cool !! 😄 😄 😄
27. February, 13:32

March 29, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
17 | 10. March, 20:34
Oh great, you're going to make me want this one now.. I have passed it by many times. Maybe I'll finally pick one up after watching you take it to the next level. 👍
11. March, 00:23
Interesting, I'm in 👍
11. March, 05:07
Sy Bar
Watching with interest
11. March, 08:19
wow. that is an improvement! fantastic job
11. March, 14:37
Chris T. An
Thank you all. I am sorry I have no further pictures of the building process. But I have final pictures now. Maybe I will add some edited photos later when I found time to do it with Paint Shop.
11. March, 14:39
Speed build😉
The result is great, well done, the paint job looks good 👍
11. March, 15:03
Konrad Limmer
Very cool!
11. March, 15:04
11. March, 15:57
I love it!
11. March, 16:32
Great job! See, I told y'all they weren't toys😉
11. March, 18:26
Rui S
I agree, Very well done & great presentation 👍
12. March, 20:21
Johnny B
Wow! AMAZING work! I agree with JD --- have bypassed this kit many a time, but your awesome work makes me want to build and paint one!
29. March, 02:20

March 28, 2021

Chris T. An will attend
28. March, 13:37

March 26, 2021

Chris T. An added a new project.
26. March, 16:30

March 14, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
8 | 18. June 2020, 12:45
very nice!
8. September 2020, 14:44
Stefan Fraundorfer
Great photos of a superbly built and painted model.
8. September 2020, 17:41
And again, very nice pictures😎
13. March, 16:53
Rui S
Excellent 👍
14. March, 11:24
James C
That's awesome. Love the pictures as well👍
14. March, 17:10
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
18 | 15. November 2020, 14:26
Nice model!
15. November 2020, 15:30
Well done, (9 paintjob 👍
15. November 2020, 17:09
Roman Modelar
nice small SW ship
23. November 2020, 09:40
Chris T. An
Thank you guys.😉
3. December 2020, 15:35
I just picked up this kit, great job!
4. December 2020, 08:14
Martin Oostrom
Outstanding work!
4. December 2020, 14:59
Dash Rendar
Very cheap kit, bought 5 of these for 3 bucks. You did quite an outstanding job on it. Very well done.
13. March, 11:43
Rui S
Great collection 👍
14. March, 11:26
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
21 | 15. September 2020, 09:48
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Chris T. An
Thank you guys. @ Tim: where are the pics of your AT-AT? I could not find them until now... Would like to see it. ;)
21. February, 16:24
Exelent work😎
21. February, 16:30
Two thumbs up for originality 👍 👍
21. February, 21:39
Tim van Dooremalen
@Chris; thanks for the reminder; still have to make som pictures of it.
22. February, 16:00
Rui S
Another beauty 👍
14. March, 11:26

March 13, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
6 | 18. June 2020, 12:49
I like your action shots😎
13. March, 16:54
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
9 | 18. June 2020, 12:33
Schöne Arbeit, beim letzten Bild dachte ich, wie ich schauen würde, wenn der an der Bergstation vorbei schweben würde 😄
13. March, 06:25
Terrific work Chris! I really like it 👍
13. March, 06:36
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #16
You have to be careful with the cannons in the lower deck. If they are not well glued and you can get hold of them durin...
20 | 18. January, 14:16
Dominik Weitzer
wow! that looks really good!
18. January, 14:57
I have no idea about ship modeling, but this looks really awesome 👍 Tempting to build one myself some time ..
18. January, 16:30
Looks like fun! 🙂 Would you recommend this kit, or it is a little bit troublesome like a lot of kits?

I have a work-in-progress French Frigate Acheron in 1:200 scale on the side, and luckily I am mostly done cleaning up and correcting the numerous cannon openings on the sides.
18. January, 16:55
I'll looking
18. January, 17:19
David Taylor
Looking good Chris.
18. January, 17:44
Love it! 👍
19. January, 01:08
Chris T. An
Thank you mates. @Treehugger: I have edited the pictures with some comments. The kit is good so far I think, no bigger issues. But I must say that I have no comparison with other kits because it's my first ship.
20. January, 09:04
A lot of ship kits are reboxing of much older kits, and the mold quality or the detailing or accuracy (symmetry) isn't good, or that was my experience with a paticular kit that was old. 🙂
20. January, 09:21
Pierre Vauthier
super cool following
20. January, 09:45
Stefan Fraundorfer
I built the Black Pearl myself and I know how much work it takes. I'm excited about the way you build her and look forward to more pictures.
13. March, 09:19

March 12, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #6
The final result. Of course, this picture is edited.
13 | 26. February, 14:21
from a toy to a very nice model. congratulations
26. February, 14:45
Excellent job Chris! I have this kit too. It's not a toy, it's a model kit. It says so on the box 😛 I have several Revell snap kits, and they not only have great details, but lights and sound effects, and after painting and weathering they turn out awesome.
26. February, 23:36
Rui S
The picture is edited and I get to try and see if this is an image from a film. Is there a 1:144 model in there??? :o
26. February, 23:38
WOW, this is a good example what is possible with the toy like Revell kits if an expert work with it😎
27. February, 07:24
Great job! Beautifully coloured and weathered. Looks beat up like a Rebel fighter should look like. 👍
27. February, 07:48
Very nice model and the flight photo is lovely.
27. February, 12:36

February 26, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
26. February, 15:45
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
2 | 26. February, 15:14
Not nice!???????? :o
That looks fantastic to me - better than I can manage after practising for five years.
26. February, 15:37

February 17, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
17 | 10. January, 14:35
10. January, 15:41
10. January, 18:52
Super cool! Kitbashing at its finest! I wonder what the backstory is, and who the mysterious character is...
10. January, 20:42
Konrad Limmer
Stunning absolutely cool!!
10. January, 21:14
Roman Modelar
great idea and realization 👍
11. January, 13:59
Chris T. An
Thank you very much, I am happy if you like it. On Friday the Trooper figure finally came, which I was able to finish over the weekend. It's a 3.75" (9.5cm) Tie Fighter Pilot from Hasbro, which I have completely repainted. So I still have to practice painting figures, this is one of my first. I'm glad I don't had to paint the face.
The movable joints of the legs are filled with a spatula. I also built a spacious bag for the bike out of cardboard and wet toilet paper.

The story behind the scene is that a local from Tatooine stole the uniform of a fallen trooper after the fall of the empire and repainted it to match the landscape in order to camouflage himself a little from militant groups and looters. The Speeder Bike is his own construction from various cannibalized war materials. And so he now drives as a courier across the dusty planet... Please see the new album pictures.
17. January, 18:20
Konrad Limmer
I Love it!!!
Absolutely cool 👍!
17. January, 18:35
totally cool. fantastic job!
18. January, 12:11
😎 build, great job in painting 👍
18. January, 13:12
Dash Rendar
Very nice! Lovely build.
17. February, 10:47
Very😎, with rider now 👍
17. February, 11:11

February 11, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
17 | 3. February, 16:44
View full thread (27 Comments)
A hour for 3 photos is actually pretty good. They definitely give you a good impression of how it would look like in the movies. Very cool.
8. February, 19:02
When I look at picture 22 I can hear the Star Trek theme in my head.
8. February, 19:04
Chaz Gordon
JD, someone posted on three threads I had been involved in, I was therefore summoned.

Or alternatively, I got made redundant and was gearing up to ride out the end of the pandemic making models. Unexpectedly, I landed a better job, closer to home, in 4 days. Still no idea how that happened.
11. February, 03:48
Beetlejuice! 😛 Congrats on your Player1 upgrade achievement. 👍 The Force works in mysterious ways..
11. February, 04:46
Now it's up to you to call upon the great and powerful Szwarc...
11. February, 07:27

January 26, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
7 | 23. June 2020, 13:25
Alec K
Cool project 👍
23. June 2020, 18:11
Kitbashing cool spaceships? HELL YEAH!
23. June 2020, 18:26
Chaz Gordon
Is that the nose of a Dodge Viper I detect? And engines by Vallejo?
23. June 2020, 19:44
Greg Baker
oh, very cool!
24. June 2020, 01:50
That's😎, need time to find out😉
24. June 2020, 05:20
I see tome tank road wheels and drive sprockets... 🤔
24. June 2020, 05:23
Chris T. An
Dodge Viper and color bottles is correct. Also the tank parts: it is a FlakPz Gepard. This project was pure fun and my first kitbashing. I learned a lot about different materials, washing effects and my airbrush. Some of you may also detect a submarine.
24. June 2020, 13:18
Chaz Gordon
Was wondering if a sub, or an aircraft fuselage .
24. June 2020, 14:59
Man I have a huge box of greeblies I've been collecting to do just such a project someday...
24. June 2020, 20:01
Very nice original work.
26. June 2020, 01:35
Hell yeah, that's cool! 😄
25. January, 11:13
Roman Modelar
nice work and creativity, like it 👍
26. January, 21:01
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #3
5 | 25. June 2020, 13:25
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
4 | 28. June 2020, 19:46
Es-haq Khosravi
Really cool!
28. June 2020, 21:09
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
6 | 18. July 2020, 09:38
Great work. I built the RAF version a while ago.
25. January, 12:57
Marco Preto
Nice model! I've also build a RAF bird a year or so ago. This Revell kit is quite nice and trouble free (a perfect model for someone trying out 1:144 scale)!


Instagram: @marco_a_c_preto
25. January, 15:35
Chris T. An
Thanks to both of you. And you're absolutely right: the Revell kit is very good and easy to assemble. No dramatic issues. Good details. Lots of decals. Very cheap to get. Perfect!
26. January, 15:03

January 21, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
5 | 24. June 2020, 19:17
Łukasz Gliński
It's as nice as its scale is odd😉
21. January, 21:24

January 9, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #2
And this is the final result. The kit is old and not very detailed. I added some small things but I didn't want to put t...
5 | 2. January, 12:07
Very cool idea. Nice results.
6. January, 00:10
Beautiful paint scheme, I love it! I wish more modelers would have the courage/creativity to try semi-realistic/fictional schemes
7. January, 23:17
9. January, 17:43

January 4, 2021

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
9 | 29. December 2020, 15:30
Nice painting job and weathering in engine. Following.
29. December 2020, 21:04
29. December 2020, 22:25
Well done so far.
30. December 2020, 19:04
Painting job and weathering looks great!
3. January, 09:12
Jan Peters
Beautifull work!
3. January, 18:29
Fantastic result. Very nice weathering effect. Congrats!
3. January, 18:48
Chris T. An
Thank you guys. ;)
4. January, 13:54

December 29, 2020

Chris T. An added a new project.
1:72 Vought F4U-1A Corsair (Revell 03983)
Vought F4U-1A Corsair
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-17 Jolly Rogers 3 (Frederick John Streig)
February 1944 - Bougainville SB
1 | 29. December 2020, 15:21

December 10, 2020

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
18 | 8. December 2020, 20:22
Very appealing result you achieved here!👍
9. December 2020, 07:48
Markus Antonius
If it looks good, it is good! Looks convincing and decent to me!
9. December 2020, 09:38
Neil Patrick
Very good work. Not often we see the aerial connector to the fuselage included. Great mottling too IMHO. :)
9. December 2020, 10:08
Excellent result! I thought it was at least 1/48.
9. December 2020, 16:33
Guy Rump
I agree with all of the above 🙂
9. December 2020, 17:29
Dave Flitton
Very nice!! I like the paint!
9. December 2020, 23:22
i do not agree Chris, looks good in the showcase? no. I am sure it looks simply fantastic!!very nice job
9. December 2020, 23:35
Chris T. An
Thank you guys. Then I hope that the Fw190 will soon be just as pretty and that it can join the Bf109 in the showcase.
10. December 2020, 11:26

November 27, 2020

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
17 | 23. November 2020, 10:23
Thomas K.
Passt :), 👍
23. November 2020, 12:06
Whiskey Actual
That's some of the most realistic grass I've ever seen in a diorama. Amazing work
23. November 2020, 15:29
Chris T. An
Thank you guys. ????
26. November 2020, 18:03
Very good diorama. I would like to see more GDR ordnance on scalemates.
27. November 2020, 09:01
1/72? wow, that is amazing result
27. November 2020, 09:11
Tom B.
Very cool one 👍 Looks really realistic
27. November 2020, 18:42

November 15, 2020

Chris T. An added a new project.
1:58 Star Wars Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (Revell 03606)
1 | 15. November 2020, 14:17

October 28, 2020

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
9 | 18. June 2020, 12:58
Frank Krüger
I like your Leo !!!! Nice camouflage, realistic aging and REALLY dirty! Like in real life !!! :)
18. June 2020, 15:11
Rui S
I agree with Frank, good work 👍
19. June 2020, 18:56
And nice photos! 🙂 Looks like a nice light setup, with light coming from all directions as if there was a slight overcast.
18. October 2020, 09:40
I like picture no. 5. 👍
18. October 2020, 10:13
Chris T. An
Thanks to you all. I have spent some money on a simple soft box LED light and a white photo cloth. So the pictures look much better compared with standard lights and lamps. I'm nowhere near a good photographer.😉
23. October 2020, 11:08
Rui S
Looks good, can you show us your soft box LED light and a white photo cloth?😎
23. October 2020, 11:46
Rui S
Thx for the attention and info 👍
28. October 2020, 12:52

October 19, 2020

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #2
3 | 19. October 2020, 17:13
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #6
Project: T-55 AM2B NVA
1:72 T-55 AM/AM2B (Revell 03306)
9 | 18. October 2020, 11:25
Łukasz Gliński
Very nice 👍
18. October 2020, 11:52
Zsolt Czegle
Great work! 👍
18. October 2020, 15:30
Good small scale build!
19. October 2020, 06:56
Thomas K.
This is never a Leopard 1 A5! ;)
19. October 2020, 15:17
Chris T. An
Thomas, you are right, I copied the wrong text from the Project. So I have corrected it now. Thanks for your hint.😉
19. October 2020, 16:21

October 14, 2020

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
15 | 14. July 2020, 13:53
View full thread (22 Comments)
Chris T. An
You mean the armament (missiles)? Yes, they are OOB. I just added some cables in the landing gear bay and worked in rivets.
4. September 2020, 11:05
4. September 2020, 11:45
Mathijs Beenhakker
Christian, Maybe UHU has some solvents in itself and please be careful...and maybe a cheaper and solvent free option would be "DAS clay"
4. September 2020, 12:45
Faraz Anwar
Excellent finish! Never thought this kit could look that good. You have good construction skills.
16. September 2020, 19:26
Chris T. An
Thank you all for your praise.
14. October 2020, 15:32

September 28, 2020

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
8 | 24. June 2020, 21:23
View full thread (13 Comments)
Chris T. An
Thanks guys. @ JD: please post your Mad Max Cars! Yes, you can! There are a lot of fans out there.
25. June 2020, 13:31
Oh, alright...
25. June 2020, 19:36
Mike Szwarc
Great design, well executed!! 👍 👍 👍
25. July 2020, 14:17
Rui S
I agree. Nice diferent models 👍
25. July 2020, 21:51
Tim van Dooremalen
Really nice model, love it!
28. September 2020, 16:46

July 18, 2020

Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
1 | 24. June 2020, 19:37


2020-07-18 13:25:24

2020-06-18 09:02:05



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