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Bill Newcomer (musclecarfan)


Freightliner COE triple drive

75th Anniversary White Freightliner kit converted to triple drive. Other changes include rectangular headlights, scratch built headache rack and tail light bar. Used both kit and home made decals on modified paint scheme. It took 5-6 months but turned out pretty well.

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1:25 White-Freightliner SD/DD (AMT 1046/06)1:25 Lowboy (AMT 31184)1+


20. September 2019, 05:43
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Bill Newcomer Officially started the tractor for the lowboy. Just carved out the hole for the 1st of 4 headlight buckets.
20. September 2019, 05:48
Chris Greathouse I'm on for the ride!
20. September 2019, 06:06
Bryn Crandell This will be an interesting build.
20. September 2019, 12:18
Bill Newcomer Halfway done with the carving and filing to make rectangular headlight conversion a reality. Opened up the lower grille vent too.
23. September 2019, 06:33
Bill Newcomer Engine assembly begins. One is going to be painted gold. The other one I am seriously considering it to be painted PINK.
29. September 2019, 00:47
Chris Greathouse What's with the Coke Cola truck in this project inventory?
29. September 2019, 01:18
Bill Newcomer The Coke truck is being parted out since I do not desire to build it. Various items will be used from it for mods to other builds. I was going to use its longer frame for the triple drive on the Freightliner but I have an alternate plan. I was going to use the wheels and tires but I bought the Moebius Big Rig set to make up what I need. I thought about using the Ford V8 but it looked like too much of a hassle. So actually now it does not need to be part of this project. Thanks.
29. September 2019, 05:40
Bill Newcomer Thanks to warnings from my mates, I am test fitting everything before painting. I did not like the fit of the windows so I have removed a big chunk from the top to facilitate a tighter fit on the side windows.
12. October 2019, 06:08
Bill Newcomer Engine complete. Another submission to the engine blasphemy club.
21. October 2019, 06:41
Chris Greathouse I think it's a beauty of an engine.
21. October 2019, 06:43
Bill Newcomer Thanks Chris the truck is to be red and white. So I went artistic and combined the two for the engine.
21. October 2019, 07:01
Munkyslut Square quad lights mod was definitely worth the effort Bill, looks very sharp.
Motor looks awesome!
21. October 2019, 07:16
Bill Newcomer Thanks, I am steadily deflashing the bazilion frame and suspension pieces. My naughty kitty ran off with my front axle and steering link. Fortunately I have a Ford Coke truck to rob parts from.
21. October 2019, 07:23
Munkyslut Haaaahaha!!! Kitty runs off with parts!
My boxer dogs do the same tho
21. October 2019, 07:38
Danny Meer Nice work already, love the lights :)
21. October 2019, 10:58
Bob Hall More BOLO's On the Fuzzy Feline Banditos ! I'll Stop them before they make the boarder ! (unless they head North) LOL !!!!!
22. October 2019, 00:40
22. October 2019, 00:42
Munkyslut Feline Felonies ;)
22. October 2019, 06:53
Tim Heimer Being men and all, we should know by now ,,a little pussy can cause a lot of problems.
22. October 2019, 14:55
Tim Heimer Looks good! Where did you get the conversion kit for the lights from?
22. October 2019, 14:58
Bill Newcomer Tim from I was THIS close to buying a 3D printer to make them.
23. October 2019, 00:52
Tim Heimer I had a feeling it was from them! LOL! I've used them in the past but haven't been on their site in quite a while! TY!
23. October 2019, 04:20
Chaz Gordon Well, I guess October is the appropriate time for PINK. Going to put a Moustache on it next month?
23. October 2019, 04:33
Bill Newcomer Tim, I bought a whole bunch of goodies from them. I just need to build faster to utilize them.
23. October 2019, 06:43
Martin Oostrom Hear hear. It seems every time I have finished two kits, three more have found their way to the stash. If only I had the time...
23. October 2019, 07:01
Bill Newcomer Yep, I have been buying them faster than I can build them. However, I am approaching owning 99% of what is out there that I want.
24. October 2019, 02:44
24. October 2019, 02:51
Bill Newcomer $300!!!!! OUCH!
24. October 2019, 06:07
Bob Hall I Know Right ! 99% still in a holding pattern huh ! LOL !
24. October 2019, 06:27
Chris Greathouse What's the point of $300 for that kit? The parts are sealed but the box is open. Is that a special kit?
24. October 2019, 07:15
Bill Newcomer Chris, Issued in 1969 and NEVER reissued.
24. October 2019, 07:21
Bob Hall Just an old one and only time issued rare kit from 1969
24. October 2019, 07:22
Martin Oostrom The moment you open it, it's value decreases by 150% :D
24. October 2019, 07:38
Bill Newcomer Body in white base color. Frame cut up pending exact measurement for extended length.
30. October 2019, 00:19
Bozzer Am I too late? I wanna see the triple drive setup. Awesome work so far Bill!
30. October 2019, 00:54
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, you are not too late. I need to pre-assemble the day cab dual drive first. From that I can learn the spacing to know where and how much to extend the frame so it looks right. (also be able to use the driveshafts without modifyng them.)
30. October 2019, 01:14
Bill Newcomer Spent yesterday and today making a custom tail light bar from scratch. I have to wait for the weather before I can paint it.
23. December 2019, 05:06
Bill Newcomer Just posted the above 22 DEC and it shows up dated 29 OCT. Hmmmm.
23. December 2019, 06:38
Bill Newcomer Making slow progress. Prepped parts for painting. Assembled a few parts to the frame.
30. December 2019, 04:59
Chris Greathouse Getting closer, I see. All your bits are waiting in the booth.
30. December 2019, 05:00
Bill Newcomer Yes, currently frustrated with too high of humidity.
30. December 2019, 05:04
Tim Heimer I don't know which is worse, the carpet monster or mother nature?
30. December 2019, 14:22
Bill Newcomer Weather is temporary. Carpet Monster sometimes is not. Then there is my kitty who steals parts to never be seen again.
30. December 2019, 15:08
Bill Newcomer Finally got to paint today. Frame primed, cab got base coat, misc parts colored.
4. January, 03:02
Chris Greathouse Yay for paint :)
4. January, 03:09
Bill Newcomer Worked on it some this weekend. Frame drying, interior started, grilles blacked out.
6. January, 06:16
Bill Newcomer Cab paint dry enough to handle masking for 2nd color. Challenge: Mask the cab perfectly so that the thin black stripes have the different colors on each side with no peeking. Took the decal sheet and copied it on my printer/copier. Cut out the front curved decals right through the middle of the stripe. Laid off-brand BMF (with too thick of adhesive) onto body. Scotch taped paper copy of stripes over (fake) BMF. Cut said BMF with hobby knife to leave exactly the mask required to separate the colors. On the straight lines, I used Parafilm to mask the sides and back of cab due to its SUPERIOR masking properties. I will finish masking tomorrow.
11. January, 08:53
Bill Newcomer Cab fully masked for red. Interior nearly complete.
12. January, 01:51
Tom ... I'm all turned around. How many builds are you doing? :)

I do like the photo of the paint booth in pristine condition... oh well.
12. January, 03:44
Chris Greathouse Nice dash!
12. January, 05:01
Bill Newcomer Tom, I am just working on just the two Freightliners. The El Camino has kind of stalled until the semis are nearly done.
12. January, 20:00
Bill Newcomer Interior is finished. Just masked it to paint the bottom. Still waiting for the weather to dry up.
21. January, 05:34
Danny Meer Interior looking very nice!
21. January, 05:57
Tom ... very sharp and clean!
21. January, 06:57
Chris Greathouse Interior tub looks great!
21. January, 07:27
Bill Newcomer Thanks guys. It is just kind of a shame that no one will really ever see it again once the model is built.
22. January, 06:13
Tom ... Too true!
22. January, 06:24
Bozzer I left my bunk as was. Unless you open up the back, it's never seen. It's a shame really.
22. January, 07:02
Bill Newcomer I saw in the instructions that if you installed the "curtain" the bed is compeltely blocked visually. I came up with plan B to show it. I am moving the curtain to the back wall and taking the 2nd unused curtain from the other kit and using pieces of it on either side. That way the walls appear upholstered and the bed can be seen.
24. January, 03:53
Tom ... Are those satin sheets???!!
24. January, 04:16
Patrick Hagelstein Yeah, I don't know how you did those sheets but they look awesome!
24. January, 04:29
Bill Newcomer Satin? No, enamel. 3/8" fan brush, laid heavy and not brushed with too many strokes.
25. January, 07:58
Patrick Hagelstein Really cool!
25. January, 15:03
Chris Greathouse That's what I do with my wood grain dashboards. Uneven brush strokes, turns out really well, like your blanket :D
25. January, 18:16
Bill Newcomer Hopefully painting cab and chassis today.
25. January, 22:03
Bill Newcomer Cab and frame and misc parts painted. No complaints from wife about fumes. :)
26. January, 00:54
26. January, 04:12
Bozzer Keep at it Bill.
26. January, 06:53
Bill Newcomer Most of the painting is done. "Some assembly required"
31. January, 07:01
Bozzer Looking forward to seeing the axle configuration.
31. January, 07:13
Tim Heimer Looking good!
1. February, 01:21
Bill Newcomer Been working on the decals. Kit stripes applied. Door and tank decals artworked and printed.
17. February, 02:31
William O. Mighty fine sir, mighty fine! Following with enthusiasm :).
17. February, 02:54
Tim Heimer NICE! Looks good!
17. February, 03:20
Chris Greathouse That cab is awesome!
17. February, 04:03
Mark Boots That red..beautiful. Very nice.
17. February, 05:31
Bill Newcomer Thanks guys. So far so good. Need to spray some clear gloss to my freshly minted decals. Once they are applied, I can coat the cab(s) in Future. Then I can paint the window frames and interior walls.
17. February, 07:43
Munkyslut Beautiful work as always Bill, you definitely know your reds ;)
17. February, 08:30
Bozzer That's just beautiful Bill mate! Keep taking your time and it's gonna be a stunner! Hat off to you sir!!!
17. February, 16:35
Bill Newcomer Munky thanks. The red was just a lucky choice at the auto parts store.
18. February, 07:26
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, Thanks, I have been very diligent on this one to get the best result I can muster.
18. February, 07:27
Tim Heimer Bill, It shows!
18. February, 14:41
Dominik Weitzer uh wow! awesome Colors! That Looks great!!
18. February, 15:34
Bill Newcomer Thanks Tim and Dominik. No pics but I made a little progress this weekend. Cab has been fully decaled and clearcoated with Future. Chassis has fuel tanks mounted and I started on the modified exhaust stacks. Worked on the mirrors. OMG! the pieces are so wimpy they are going to be very fragile. They should have made them one, maybe two pieces.
24. February, 08:17
Bozzer Bill, them mirrors killed my enthusiasm for this kit. 3 bloody times I had to repair them! My metal grab rails were bent too, so they became a chore! Then there's the raised rivets on the roof, where the running lights go. Needless to say, I'll get round to it, eventually.
25. February, 01:36
Bill Newcomer I am part way through mirror assembly. Fortunately all my grab rails are straight. The pads that get attached to the body have different shapes based on where the were on the sprue. I have one pair and two oddies from each kit. Thanks for the warning on the roof lights.
25. February, 03:12
Tim Heimer I have same kit, thanks for the heads up!
25. February, 04:04
Chris Greathouse You're making my White Freightliner look like crap compared to yours :P ... beautiful mate!
25. February, 05:11
Bob Hall Yes, Very Beautiful, I'd still pull it over ! LOL !
25. February, 05:56
Bill Newcomer Just got bumper glued to the frame and test fit cab. (so they are straight)
27. February, 07:02
Tim Heimer Looking good!
27. February, 14:27
Bill Newcomer Thanks Tim. I have another tip for you. The cab is supposed to tilt forward on fragile pins at the bottom of the grille and small holes in the frame rails. I suggest you slot the top of the holes so that the pins slide down into them instead of prying the frame rails numerous times for test fittings.
27. February, 15:21
Tim Heimer Nice to know, thanks!
27. February, 16:32
27. February, 17:43
Bill Newcomer It has been slow going but I have been making progress. Today I decided to tackle fabricating a headache rack. The lowboy trailer had some hexagonal sprue that I though would be good for the perimeter. The backplane is from the cargo box sides from a Coke truck being parted out. I found the style rack I wanted on Google and the Mfr actually had a pdf of the drawing with dimensions for it! I can make the proportions correct. I had to first create a miniature miter box in order to make perfect 22.5 degree cuts. That way I get the 45 degree corners it should have. I cut the backplane out taking care to take advantage of the rivets in the piece. I now have to obtain some .250" x .125" I-beam from evergreen or plastruct to continue.
15. March, 05:16
Munkyslut Great work Bill! Your plans are interesting, I love to see a bit of working it out on paper
15. March, 08:50
Tim Heimer So this headache rack isn't causing you a headache? Great to hear that!
15. March, 13:40
William O. Really great work sir! Thoroughly enjoying the build :D.
15. March, 19:15
Bill Newcomer Munky, they make it very easy. In the drawing the real world dimensions are already in inches. For 1/25th scale I simply divide any dimension by 25 to get my SCALE dimension. My dial calipers help me get them measured to .001 of an inch.
15. March, 23:08
Chris Greathouse Wow nice chain rack.
16. March, 06:59
Bill Newcomer Thanks Chris. It came together pretty easy.
16. March, 07:50
Dominik Weitzer Uh, thats a really cool build. The engine Really? Thats outstanding
16. March, 13:59
Bill Newcomer Pink came about due to research yielding some sort blah yellowish tan to be actually correct. Everything on the engine was to be that color. My artistic side couldn't cope with that so i mixed red and white and got pink. I made all the add on pieces different colors for visual contrast. The idea was to make it eye catching. It obviously is not correct but I follow enough rules in daily life, call it being rebellious if nothing else.
17. March, 06:50
Munkyslut I like your style Bill! Your colour choices reminded me of those cutaway technical illustrations, very cool 8)
17. March, 07:30
Tim Heimer The truth is bill got jealous of Munkys panther car!!
17. March, 14:21
John D Nice work Bill, I like that tire trick with the backing rod and your printed decals, I must have a go at that
30. March, 05:37
Bill Newcomer John, Thank you. The tire trick is so easy. The decals just take lots of trial and error. Hint: ALWAYS print on paper to be sure the size is to your liking.
30. March, 23:22
Matthew Stec Looks great.
30. March, 23:23
Bill Newcomer Hi to all of you that may be following. I have FINALLY finished the chassis. I hope you enjoy the pics.
30. March, 23:24
Tim Heimer Looks awesome but that chrome 5th wheel needs some black grease!
31. March, 01:34
Bill Newcomer Tim, I know but real grease is such a dust magnet. Besides, I like the "Bling" factor.
31. March, 01:55
Bozzer Bill, vaseline painted black ;)
31. March, 02:36
Chris Greathouse Very cool chassis! The triple is awesome!
31. March, 03:05
Bill Newcomer Thank you Chris!
31. March, 03:08
Mark Boots love it!
31. March, 03:42
Munkyslut This is just awesome Bill !!!
Triple drive deserves triple exclamation ;)
31. March, 06:28
Bill Newcomer Thank you Mark and Munky, :)
31. March, 13:50
Bozzer Bill, did you fit a half shaft, between all the axles? I'm just curious to see the setup? I plan on doing a triple drive, at some point. I have recently acquired some extra axles.
31. March, 15:55
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, I guess a picture is in order. Standby....
31. March, 22:12
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, I added a pic (#46) to the album. I tried my darndest to extend the frame AND mount the axles such that I would not have to modify the driveshafts. The instructions were kind of vague on whether the pinions are up high or down low. It seems I ended up with a little of both.
31. March, 22:41
Brandon H What a truck!
31. March, 23:45
Bill Newcomer Brandon, Thanks. I can't wait to finish applying all the chrome bits to the cab. Because that is all that is left to do.
1. April, 00:34
Bozzer Bill, you're a god and a legend dude! Seriously, thanks for the picture! That couldn't be any more clearer! When I clear the backlog of kits I have, I'm gonna do some detail work and also some scratchbuilt trailers. I'll happily share it with you guys. I think you'll like some of my ideas. I'll take some pictures of the stages and maybe some of you will attempt it? Thanks again buddy, really appreciate the trouble that you went to
1. April, 03:23
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, Scratch built trailers? That sounds ambitious. I work on my models a little bit most days and just the mods on kits is very time consuming to me.
1. April, 04:32
Bozzer Bill, I'm self employed and I've been in self isolation for 2 weeks. I've just been told that the hospital I was working at, are closing all works until this is all over. I now have a lot of time on my hands, indefinitely. I was supposed to leave the UK for 2 weeks in the states, on Tuesday, but everything is locked down. Only thing I can do now, is modelling and keep abreast with the news. Good job I have a fair stash of kits and supplies!
1. April, 05:25
John D It's obvious you were a watch maker in a past life, very tidy build
1. April, 06:45
Dominik Weitzer gooood loking so far! nice work!
1. April, 10:57
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, Sorry for your being out of work and missing a trip. Enjoy the break and stay healthy. :)
1. April, 13:56
Bill Newcomer John and Dominik, Thank you, while I have never been a watch maker, I have always had an above average attention to detail problem. (That is why the cab is taking so long.)
1. April, 13:57
Chaz Gordon Just waiting for the promised slow down to kick in. We're all working from home and my biggest customer is directly linked to supporting the NHS, so we've been twice as busy as usual. Amazing work on that Chassis
1. April, 15:58
Bill Newcomer Chaz, Thank you. My job is semi-essential so we are still working in the field. I did have the day off today though. (Started my next project with the free time)
2. April, 06:36
Bryn Crandell I am essential as well. Working from home this week and back in the office next. I'll do this schedule until the DoD puts us back into normal status. My home office is in my hobby room so it is so tempting to play hookie from work and work on models. LOL
3. April, 15:23
Chaz Gordon I'm not actually supposed to be doing support cases, I'm supposed to be managing the team, but I have a caseload left over from helping my guys keep their heads above water when everyone suddenly wanted us to set up their IT for working remotely. When I get that cleared next week, I won't need a second keyboard, so I can put up a cutting mat on my desk where that goes and "Multi-task". I have a stack of trucks to renovate and build, so I'm tempted to bust one out.
4. April, 01:11
4. April, 01:40
Chris Greathouse ^ ditto! Build it! The T142M looks cool :)
4. April, 11:59
Chaz Gordon Hmmmm, That's tempting, the Chassis was started 25 years ago and needs some resto work, but I have an unstarted chassis from the Scania Wrecker, so I can cast a couple of replacement items.
4. April, 15:31
Bill Newcomer Well I got brave and made the mods needed to the nearly finished cab. Precision rotary cutting on one side and step replacement and relocation on the other side. Both operations went pretty well. Touch up paint and 6 more parts and I will be done!
9. April, 04:58
Bill Newcomer Well gents, it is finally done. I had to rush the pics as I was losing my daylight. Comments welcome.
21. April, 03:34
Bob Hall Another glorious masterpiece Bill !
21. April, 04:46
Martin Oostrom She is a beauty! The red and white dress brings her to life. Great job
21. April, 05:36
Chris Greathouse Beautiful, and a beast too, very cool!!! I love the sunset photos :D
21. April, 08:19
Bill Newcomer Thanks guys. :) A bit more light would have helped my camera do better.
21. April, 14:41
Munkyslut That's just awesome Bill, you are the Master!
21. April, 17:04
Thomas Kirschbaum looks great! i like the "big heavy duty truck!" :)
21. April, 17:20
Tim Heimer Another fine piece for your collection! Nicely done!
21. April, 17:26
Brandon H Whoa! Masterfully done!
21. April, 19:46
Bill Newcomer Thank you everyone. Now I can start my diorama in earnest.
22. April, 01:08
Zach Wilson looks excellent
22. April, 04:23
John D Slick rig Bill, well done, low loader definitely requires a large display area
22. April, 05:02
Bill Newcomer Thank you Zach. John, fortunately it fits in my display case with room to spare.
22. April, 05:23
Bozzer You aced it Bill! I gotta admire your dedication to these two kits. I also love the way the sun shines off the rivets on the roof. Maybe my nostalgic side is more awake today? So with these babies in the bag, what's next? And thank you for taking us on this memorable freightliner journey :)
22. April, 22:53
Chaz Gordon Looks awesome with the trailer on, perhaps it could do with something like this on it Bulldozer (AMT/ERTL 31769, 1:24)

1:24 Bulldozer (AMT/ERTL 31769)
22. April, 23:34
Nigel Chapman Wow Bill, love it
22. April, 23:44
Bill Newcomer Chaz, Nice suggestion but not in my wheelhouse. Glad you like it Nigel. :)
23. April, 00:01
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, Now that I have a cargo hauler, I need to make some equipment delivery to my new shop diorama. Hopefully pics this evening.
23. April, 00:02
Mark Boots Looking great Bill. Beautiful.
23. April, 04:19
Bill Newcomer Thank you Mark.
23. April, 06:44
Danny Meer That rig looks amazing Bill, nice job
23. April, 13:58
Bill Newcomer Thank you Danny.
23. April, 14:01

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