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Bill Newcomer (musclecarfan)



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Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
20. September at 05:43:49 Share
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Bill Newcomer Thanks, I am steadily deflashing the bazilion frame and suspension pieces. My naughty kitty ran off with my front axle and steering link. Fortunately I have a Ford Coke truck to rob parts from.
21. October at 07:23:49
Munkyslut Haaaahaha!!! Kitty runs off with parts!
My boxer dogs do the same tho
21. October at 07:38:44
D. Meer Nice work already, love the lights :)
21. October at 10:58:25
Bob Hall More BOLO's On the Fuzzy Feline Banditos ! I'll Stop them before they make the boarder ! (unless they head North) LOL !!!!!
22. October at 00:40:12
22. October at 00:42:24
Munkyslut Feline Felonies ;)
22. October at 06:53:04
Tim Heimer Being men and all, we should know by now ,,a little pussy can cause a lot of problems.
22. October at 14:55:57
Tim Heimer Looks good! Where did you get the conversion kit for the lights from?
22. October at 14:58:10
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October 21, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
25. September at 05:13:18 Share
Bill Newcomer Started on Freightliner #2. Rectangular headlight conversion done with NO putty. Ripped open all the bags of parts to trim and sort for paint. Ran into a big snag. :( Since I am doing the 1st Freightliner as a triple drive I had planned on mixing and matching wheels and tires with my other truck/trailer kits. It turns out that the Freightliner tires are too big to use with my Coke truck rims. So that leaves me 1 axle worth of rims short. I found an extra set on ebay but the guy wants $25. I got the whole kit for $37 I think. So... I broke down and bought a set of Moebius Big Rig wheels and tires for $17.77 + free shipping. Now I will have a larger batch of spares for my parts box/future builds.
25. September at 05:24:08
Bill Newcomer Engine is complete. After seeing reference pics of the whole thing painted one blah color, I just could not do it.
21. October at 06:39:40
Chris Greathouse Your engines are both very clean and neat. I think I like this gold one over the pink one.
21. October at 06:46:56
Bill Newcomer Thanks, I am starting assembly on the frame. The paint is still a bit tacky though.
21. October at 07:00:08
Munkyslut Fan blade rivets are perfect, details, details!
21. October at 07:20:16
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October 18, 2019

Bill Newcomer owns this item
1:25 1978 Ford 4x4 Pickup (AMT 858/12)
1978 Ford 4x4 Pickup Round 2
AMT 1:25
2018 | Changed box
18. October at 00:03:58 Share
Bill Newcomer Picked up from Hobby Lobby for $17.99 thanks to 40% off coupon. :)
18. October at 00:05:22
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October 15, 2019

Bill Newcomer and Chaz Gordon are now mates.
15. October at 07:32:13 Share

October 14, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
2. April at 06:09:22 Share
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Bob Hall It's OK we'll start the "V8 Blaspheme Club" with 4 charter board members You,Bill,Tim and Me ! LOL !!!!!!!
12. October at 21:30:09
Munkyslut LOL!!!
12. October at 21:45:56
Bill Newcomer Bob How about a Ford 427 Cammer in a 69 Yenko Camaro?
13. October at 06:42:46
Bob Hall Yeah ! That's why I think you just made CEO, "All Hail King Blasphemous the First" ! Hooah,Hooah,Hooah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. October at 18:50:47
Munkyslut Bill for President ;)
13. October at 19:07:44
Bill Newcomer You guys are a riot :)
14. October at 05:06:59
Bill Newcomer Mounted the engine to the poor excuse of a chassis today. Since all my other Chevelles had issues with the air cleaner and the hood, I mounted the engine lower in the front crossmember. Had to trim the header collectors too. (The hazards of kit bashing)
14. October at 05:25:25
Nigel Chapman Been there done that
14. October at 21:24:53
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Bill Newcomer added a new project.
In progress
1:25 White-Freightliner SD/DD (AMT 1046/06)1:25 Great Dane Extendable Flat Bed Trailer (AMT 1111)1+
10. April at 01:57:15 Share
Bill Newcomer Been making slow but steady progress on both Freightliners. Engine(s) painted. assembly of the multiple parts in progress. Cab halves glued together. Painting outdoors becoming less and less likely due to cooler weather. Plan B is hauling my parts and paints 45 minutes drive away to paint them in the shop at work.
14. October at 05:30:46
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October 11, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 26, 2019
19. March at 06:11:55 Share
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Bill Newcomer The cool thing is they FIT!
26. May at 05:28:26
Bill Newcomer The Chevelles are nearly done but not quite off of the bench yet. I had some more modeling motivation so I opened the ElCo again. Started converting car trailer fenders into front inner fenders. Fabbed some gap filler plates for the wheel tubs to the inside of the bed. I was almost done with the 2nd one when I broke it in half. GRRRRRR!
6. September at 07:13:29
Bill Newcomer I have been mostly succeeding in performing 1 task a day on the El Camino while I am building the 2 Freightliners. However, I have run into a snag. It seems I no longer possess the two front spindles for the suspension. No spindles = no front tires. I know I am asking for a needle from a haystack but does anyone have an AMT '68 El Camino that has been parted out? I am hoping to buy the spindles. Otherwise, I will have to spend 3-4 evenings fabricating them from scratch. Thanks
10. October at 04:49:24
Bob Hall You got a pic of what ya need ?
10. October at 09:19:23
Chaz Gordon Coming along nicely
10. October at 11:08:37
Chaz Gordon 1 or 2mm aluminium rivets should work if you drill out the hubs
10. October at 11:10:03
Bozzer A piece of sprue in a cordless drill. The other end in a hole, in a vertical piece of wood. Slow speed and a small flat file, held at just the right tension. That's how I repair broken prop pins on my 1/72 planes.
10. October at 21:55:43
11. October at 00:30:35
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October 5, 2019

Bill Newcomer owns this item
1:25 1970 1/2 Chevy® Camaro Z28® (AMT AMT635L/12)
1970 1/2 Chevy® Camaro Z28®
AMT 1:25
2009 | Changed box
5. October at 06:07:47 Share
Bill Newcomer Impulse purchase today while visiting a hobby store near Mt Hood OR
5. October at 06:13:19
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October 2, 2019

Paul Moore@Bill Newcomer
1:48 Spirit of St. Louis (Revell 85-5244)
Spirit of St. Louis
Revell 1:48
85-5244 (5244)
2005 | New tool
USD 15.00
2. October at 11:44:08 Share

September 30, 2019

Bill Newcomer
Has anyone purchased and used a 3D printer? I see that you can get started for around $200. I am thinking it would be awesome to make things like tires in the exact dimensions/brand I want. Maybe print out model bodies of cars that have never been kitted. 1977 Pontiac Can Am, 1974 Pontiac GTO, Kenworth T2000 etc.
15. August at 03:45:29 Share
Chaz Gordon you'd need a dual extruder for bodies, need to run a bunch of support trees, don't worry, the software does that bit, then you dissolve the support filament in water I think. You can also get rubber filament for some machines. I've got my eye on a Flashforge Dual extruder at £600.
29. September at 22:15:12
Bill Newcomer If you dive in. I would be interested in how your results turn out.
30. September at 04:07:43
H K There was an interesting thread on Track-Link about 3D printing
30. September at 08:38:50
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Bill Newcomer added a new project.
1:25 1969 Corvette Coupe (Revell 85-2866)1:25 Dodge l-700 & '40 Ford Coupe with Flatbed Trailer (Lindberg 73068)1:25 Two Much (AMT/ERTL 21489P)1+
30. August at 06:23:59 Share
Munkyslut This is insane but oh so KOOL!
TV Tommy Ivo built some crazy old skool diggers ;)
30. August at 07:20:16
Dominik Weitzer Interesting! If I remember right, I saw that Tommy Ivo built in scale...somewhere .
1. September at 07:58:49
Bill Newcomer REALLY!?!
1. September at 14:35:11
Dominik Weitzer I must search it...perhaps my mind is making jokes. It is a cool project definitely
2. September at 04:32:58
Dominik Weitzer Here is a link from a German modeller in the ModelCarMag:
2. September at 14:04:11
Munkyslut Holy Twin Engined Digger Batman!!! That thing is insane!
2. September at 15:33:25
Bill Newcomer Well it looks like someone has "been there, done that". Any attempt by me would be inferior.
3. September at 06:40:43
Dominik Weitzer If it has built some one, it is Always a good Referenz! Doesn't matter in that Point - if you want to build it, do it ;) . For own success.
I'm searching the web a lot to get insperations from existing/built models or dioramas. and if i take one for example, it will never come out the same like the one existing model i choosed.
3. September at 06:57:24
Chaz Gordon Do it Bill, the other builder only put one Dragster in the back, I'm mainly intrigued to see how two fit in there.
29. September at 21:46:52
Munkyslut I'm with Chaz, I think you'll eclipse that build with your own
29. September at 21:56:57
Bill Newcomer Thank you guys for the encouragement. I need a few more years of practice to attempt such a feat. In the meantime I have plenty of other projects to look forward to.
30. September at 04:10:00
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September 29, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
26. June at 03:30:29 Share
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Chris Greathouse Thank you... Glue spots are my specialty :( Hopefully this'll help.
26. June at 03:48:46
Nathan Dempsey Nice save there Bill. I've actually used this technique on some damaged aircraft canopies as well. They were small enough to dip the entire part though.
26. June at 03:57:32
Chris Greathouse I didn't see the captions, my bad! And I agree with Nathan, nice save!!
26. June at 04:07:01
Bill Newcomer I suppose I could have dipped it. I have a 3/8" flat brush that lays it on pretty smooth.
26. June at 05:36:46
Dominik Weitzer The same technique I used after the same desaster, but I didn't brushed future. I'll keep that in mind!
What colour you used for tainting?
1. September at 08:12:17
Bill Newcomer The windows came tinted. Kit was very old.
1. September at 14:33:33
Chaz Gordon I have a few 1/24 cars I restored in my teens that had painted glass, not quite so sophisticated then, I rubbed them down with 240 grit wet and dry, then brush painted a heavy coat of Humbrol varnish. They didn't look too bad, kind of gave them a factory bronze tint quality. I've seen the Future technique promoted for when there is a need to sand down defects in Aircraft canopies too
29. September at 22:12:00
Spanjaard i believe dipping is better than painting, in regards to future and clear parts.... but yours looks good anyway.
29. September at 22:40:15
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Bill Newcomer
Be advised that in SPITE of what the package says. This is NOT an RS version. (Note no hideaway headlights)
1:25 '69 Camaro Z/28 RS (Revell 85-1954)
'69 Camaro Z/28 RS
Revell 1:25
29. September at 00:50:18 Share

September 25, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
3. July at 03:38:16 Share
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Bozzer Bill, I'm in the UK buddy, but my Mrs is currently in the USA. I plan on building it after I return from there. I should be back here in the UK at the beginning of November. Just been trying to sort out my flights now and it's chaos, because of the Thomas Cook collapse. I never expected to see that happen! It's affected flights worldwide. I've been trying to figure out how your jig works, but I'm struggling. So the centre wheels are too high? Am I correct?
23. September at 20:40:06
Chaz Gordon Now, that's where a 3D printer would come in handy. either to make a jig, or a whole new part to correct the issue. Now, just to convince the Missus, and find somewhere to put one.........
23. September at 20:56:37
Bozzer Lol Chaz, that's where I landed lucky. My Mrs loves the hobby too, so when I get to the states full time, we are getting one. There's no point getting one in the UK because the voltage is different and I don't wanna risk breaking it in the move. Only I can find a woman who likes to build models, but on another continent lol
23. September at 21:07:43
Chaz Gordon Nice. My other half is very Arty, does a lot of clay and painting, so at least we don't have any issues over the volume of space taken up by my Hobby. Although I have to hide some of the good stuff to stop it suddenly appearing in her tool box. Not to mention "Glittergate"
23. September at 21:46:00
Bill Newcomer Bozzer, The way it works is you glue the front and rear axle housings to the leaf springs as you would normally. Pre-build the center axle housing. Use the metal rods to hold the two subassemblies in the same plane. Make spacers to fill in the gaps like I did or just goober glue it in place. Once dried/cured, slide the rods out and install the wheels. They should all now touch the ground.
24. September at 04:19:59
Bozzer Awesome Bill, thanks for clearing that up. The I beam that you have cut and clamped, what was that for?
24. September at 09:09:30
Bozzer Sorry Bill, I think ive sussed it! That's what you used to pack the gap, your shim?
24. September at 09:12:46
Bill Newcomer Correct. The clamped pieces brought the flanges closer to be a spacer between the axle tube and the spring perch.
25. September at 05:27:55
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September 24, 2019

Bill Newcomer started this item
1:25 White-Freightliner SD/DD (AMT 1046/06)
White-Freightliner SD/DD Truck Tractor 2 in 1 kit
AMT 1:25
2017 | Changed parts
24. September at 04:33:39 Share
Bill Newcomer started this item
1:25 White-Freightliner SD/DD (AMT 1046/06)
White-Freightliner SD/DD Truck Tractor 2 in 1 kit
AMT 1:25
2017 | Changed parts
24. September at 04:33:32 Share

September 17, 2019

2. April at 06:15:56 Share
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Tim Heimer Well, that's the brand, I've only seen the hot dog shaped ones. I've learned something new! LOL
22. August at 17:53:07
Bill Newcomer You are right. Cherry Bomb mufflers were the inspiration. But now it is kind of a signature detail that brighten ups the boring bottom of the car.
23. August at 01:30:09
Bill Newcomer Add another Chevelle to the DONE column. I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. Probably my BEST paint job EVER.
16. September at 05:26:57
Slavo Hazucha The blue & silver stripes make an excellent match, worthy of the trials of direct sunlight - top finish
16. September at 09:41:08
Tim Heimer That my friend is sweet looking!!! NICE :)
16. September at 12:57:32
Munkyslut Ditto!!!!
16. September at 14:23:39
Dominik Weitzer thats a good looking Chevelle! Bravo!
16. September at 15:19:23
Bill Newcomer Thank you Gentlemen. :)
17. September at 02:02:27
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September 12, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
9. June at 04:39:44 Share
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Bill Newcomer Bob and Chris, Thanks. I am pretty happy with it. Next up, the Freightliner TD. (The KW in the pics is just a place holder)
12. September at 08:33:49
Tim Heimer Really? I like the red, white & blue! It kind of punches the American Muscle car theme. Nice work by the way. LOL
12. September at 14:37:07
Bill Newcomer Thank you Tim. I like patriotic colors.
12. September at 15:30:07
Nigel Chapman Very neat and tidy. Thee wooden deck sets it off nicely
12. September at 15:55:31
James C Very cool Bill
12. September at 18:19:56
Munkyslut That's awesome Bill, the loading deck is just perfect size for the cars, well done mate ;)
12. September at 18:25:50
Chris Greathouse When are you going to break out that FLD truck in your stash? That looks epic :D
12. September at 19:40:25
Bill Newcomer Nigel, James and Munkyslut, Thanks. Chris, the FLD will not be built until I am ready to tackle the Revell car transporters. Next up is both White-Freightliner COEs. (Modified and built differently). I'll start them after this weekend. My son is getting married.
12. September at 20:17:52
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September 8, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
2. April at 05:51:01 Share
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Bill Newcomer Thank you for the compliments. However, I cannot take credit for the paint as it was pre-painted.
7. September at 17:11:19
James C That's a stunner Bill. The black with red interior is awesome and the white racing stripes tie it all together perfectly.
I love the chrome trim you've done on the wheel arches as well. That looks to have been a challenge getting them so thin and even.
Very cool!
7. September at 17:32:16
Bob Hall What else can we say ? Another Masterpiece !
7. September at 17:38:09
Neuling Sehr schönes Automobil!
7. September at 18:34:34
Bill Newcomer James, I am afraid I cannot take credit for the wheel arches either. Those also came pre-painted. Wheel arches are trimmed chrome in most of my builds. Over the years I have progressed from silver enamel to silver Sharpie to BMF and now Molotow chrome. BMF looks the best but Molotow is easier.
7. September at 20:32:28
James C Ahh well, what you've done still looks great anyway mate. ;)
7. September at 20:37:35
Slavo Hazucha Finished in style - the exterior pics look great, good choice of light conditions for the pics too!
8. September at 06:36:55
Bill Newcomer Slavo thanks. Outdoors, just before sunset. (After I get off work)
8. September at 06:59:13
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September 5, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new project.
In progress
1:25 White-Freightliner SD/DD (AMT 1046/06)1:25 Lowboy (AMT 31184)1+
28. March at 06:22:05 Share
Bill Newcomer With the lowboy trailer and Chevelles nearing completion, I unsealed both of my White-Freightliner kits. I was brainstorming how to kitbash the needed rims, tires axles with the inventory of kits I have. I think I have a plan. I am a little disappointed with the fact that the frame rails for the day cab version are not included. I am guessing one is supposed to shorten the DD frame. The kit(s) come with inline 6 cylinder engines. I am contemplating swapping in the V8 from the Ford Coca Cola truck I am parting out. What do you think?
30. August at 05:54:14
Bill Newcomer Next up on the bench...
30. August at 06:34:50
Munkyslut Hi Bill, I'd go for the V8, to be honest only because I thought that's what they had in them.
Were they 2 stroke Detroit Diesels?
30. August at 07:17:06
Bill Newcomer I do not know about the 2 stroke but I think the kit(s) have 6 cylinder Cummings diesels.
30. August at 07:18:59
Bill Newcomer Just placed my order from Auslowe. I will now be able to convert to rectangular head lights. YAY
5. September at 07:34:24
Munkyslut I'm confused already Bill!
All those tractor units shown have quad round headlights
5. September at 10:15:29
Bill Newcomer Mine will not. I want the rectangle ones.
5. September at 14:25:12
Munkyslut Gotcha! I thought it was as simple as that
5. September at 18:26:01
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August 29, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new project.
In progress
1:25 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (AMT/ERTL 31790)1:25 1970 Chevelle SS 396 (AMT 31217)2+
16. March at 21:35:22 Share
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Bob Hall You'll like it,dries fast and can sand smooth and with a good clear coat, looks like it just came off the GM assembly line floor, factory finish !
25. March at 07:47:40
Bill Newcomer Thanks. I am still fine tuning the bodies. After that I have to wait for low humidity to spray.
25. March at 08:03:15
Tim Heimer Looking good Bill! And I thought I was nuts doing 4 1/16 scales at the same time! LOL!
25. July at 15:12:27
Bill Newcomer Tim, Thanks. I have made some progress and actually have the red one done. The black one only needs wheels and tires. The blue one is also nearly finished. The brown one is waiting on me to print the decals for the valve covers to match my buddy's. The El Camino is in limbo. I have been completely exhausting myself over the last 2 months painting my house and custom fitting the interior of my work van. I think about building frequently but just do not have the energy after work.
26. July at 03:27:50
Tim Heimer Bill, we've all been there. Take your time.
26. July at 12:49:16
Bill Newcomer Making final approach on the Chevelles. The black one only needs the wheels and tires glued on, both the blue and brown ones got their rear bumpers attached. Next is chassis for blue and valve cover decals for the brown.
28. August at 07:32:56
Munkyslut You've been busy Bill!!!! A house repaint AND a van kitting out? I've broken out in a sweat just thinking about it.....
Looking forward to the Chevy quintet, nothing makes a Mopar Guy pay attention like an SS454 ;)
BMW think they're clever squeezing 430 horses out of their latest M3, Chevy we're knocking out 450 horses nearly 50 years ago.....
28. August at 08:52:11
Bill Newcomer Thanks buddy. Both of those major projects are nearly complete. On the HP front, lots of cubic inches helps. They fact that they cam make over 1000hp from a 4 cylinder boggles the mind.
29. August at 06:02:53
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August 24, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
2. April at 05:57:42 Share
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Munkyslut He's too short Bob, he cant Reacher the pedals ;)
23. August at 20:34:18
Bob Hall BAZINGA !
23. August at 20:35:02
Munkyslut Joking aside Bill, that's one good looking SS Chevelle
23. August at 20:35:39
Gordon Sørensen Great looking Chevelle, Bill! First thought I had was Jack Reacher too...
23. August at 20:58:53
Bill Newcomer WOW! Thank you all for your compliments! I'm looking forward to finishing the other Chevelles for your viewing pleasure
24. August at 01:35:07
Kerry COX They will be nice to see mate. ;)
24. August at 11:14:02
Chris Greathouse Stunning car!! Great work, and I love the outdoor pictures :D
24. August at 17:47:28
Bill Newcomer Thank you Chris. I try to shoot outdoors so the color is true. My indoor pics are hit and miss,
24. August at 19:13:02
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August 1, 2019

Bill Newcomer wants this item
1:24 The Road Warrior Mad Max 2 (Aoshima 043660)
The Road Warrior Mad Max 2 New Parts (1976 Ford Falcon XB GT)
Aoshima 1:24
2008 | Changed parts
1. August at 07:35:48 Share

July 22, 2019

Bill Newcomer wants this item
1:24 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R KPGC110 (Aoshima 053492)
Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R KPGC110 Mythical Ken & Mary Racing #73
Aoshima 1:24
053492 (48)
2017 | Changed parts
22. July at 04:10:39 Share
Bill Newcomer wants this item
1:24 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC110 Full-Works Version (Fujimi 038032)
Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC110 Full-Works Version
Fujimi 1:24
038032 (ID-136)
2009 | Changed parts
22. July at 04:10:15 Share

July 9, 2019

Bill Newcomer
Nice review and to the point. Definitely has better skills than me.
67 Chevelle SS 396 1:25
67 Chevelle SS 396 Street Burner
Revell 1:25

by Brad Huskinson on Hyperscale

9. July at 07:25:55 Share

July 3, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 1, 2019
1. May at 05:25:06 Share
James C That's a beauty as well Bill!
1. May at 06:24:34
Neuling James is right.
1. May at 06:26:21
Bill Newcomer James and Neuling, Thank you.
1. May at 14:16:14
Nigel Chapman Yeah like it. Cool first car, mine was a beaten up mini !
1. May at 14:44:35
Bill Newcomer Finally got vanity plates done.
2. July at 05:48:04
Munkyslut Engine bay is perfect Bill, that cross-ram intake is period treasure ;)
The American supercar builders, Don Yenko, Motion Performance , Mr.Norm etc make for fascinating reading.
2. July at 07:45:51
Munkyslut Actually I don't think I've ever seen a MrNorm replica, be nice to see a GSS Dart eh Bill?
2. July at 07:50:49
Bill Newcomer Sure, are you planning one?
3. July at 14:24:56
Munkyslut I've been looking on the search feature on here Bill, I found one.......
3. July at 20:36:08
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July 2, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 23, 2019
23. April at 06:43:38 Share
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wilky It's hard to do those high speeds these days.
The cars will do it easily but not getting caught is the problem
25. April at 07:17:48
Jason Gardiner Your Barracuda came out a lot better than my attempt at one years ago. Very nice work!
25. April at 08:58:26
Bill Newcomer Wilky, Yes. it make for a very expensive problem. Jason, Thank you very much.
25. April at 14:01:39
Tim Heimer Don't know how I missed this but I like it! Nice work Bill!
29. June at 19:26:51
Munkyslut That's very nice, hockey stripes and AAR stripes are so much nicer than billboards, they are just too big & blocky for me, although white ones tend to look ok, especially on B5 blue.
The stance is spot on, you got that just perfect!
Front end looks good, did you have to do work?
29. June at 20:34:37
Bill Newcomer I agree on the billboard decals. It is just TOO much. I did attempt them because that is what a '71 is SUPPOSED to have. Read the description for info about the hockey stick decals and the grille.
30. June at 00:54:01
Christopher Mullins I love Hemi Cudas, my dream car. Could never afford the gas for it in Germany though
1. July at 19:11:15
Bill Newcomer One of my dream cars too. If I won the lottery I would buy/build one of these.
2. July at 05:50:08
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June 30, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: June 4, 2019
4. June at 07:16:00 Share
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Chris Greathouse That's a cool tool for a scale auto shop :) It's amazing how much stuff is made for scale.
30. June at 01:54:03
Bill Newcomer I know and a lot of it is already prepainted
30. June at 02:01:24
Bob Hall Anything I should be keeping an eye out for, your looking for, for you garage ?
30. June at 02:22:48
Bill Newcomer Bob and Chris, thanks for the offers. What I need is the actual garage. I think I am going to get some 1/4" foamboard from Hobby Lobby. I think I will go for 4 bays as I have 3 lifts. But I am getting ahead of myself. I have 4 Chevelles, a Lowboy and an unstarted Freightliner to finish first.
30. June at 07:26:44
Bob Hall You going for the home gearhead garage or a full service hot rod garage dio ?
30. June at 08:01:01
Bill Newcomer A well equipped home hobby garage. It has to fit in my display case and be open enough to be photo studio. One thing I would need is a "Garage refrigerator" to put speed parts stickers (decals).
30. June at 14:07:37
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June 28, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: June 28, 2019
24. June at 06:23:10 Share
Bill Newcomer Meticulously detailed all the trailer rims for the doubles and lowboy today.
24. June at 06:25:11
Chris Greathouse Wow.. they look good! How many projects do you have going one at once?
24. June at 06:31:38
Bill Newcomer By priority, The lowboy trailer, (2) 70 Chevelles, (2) 72 Chevelles, (1) struggling 70 El Camino. The doubles trailer is open to only do the wheels and tires. Next up will be a White Freightliner COE converted to triple drive then my garage diorama. But not until the 4 Chevelles are done. I have a policy of, if a part is painted one day it is NOT glued the same day and, if two parts are glued together one day they are not touched until the next day. ie it takes a MINIMUM of 4 days to glue on car tires.
24. June at 07:48:30
Bill Newcomer Finally finished the lowboy rims to be used on the doubles trailer(s). They turned out very nice.
28. June at 07:10:07
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June 6, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
2. May at 05:54:28 Share
Bill Newcomer Gentlemen, start your engines!!
2. May at 05:58:11
Bob Hall A GM Rodeo ! That's A LOT of Horse Power ! HOOAH !
2. May at 06:00:06
Bill Newcomer Just about a competitive tractor puller worth. :)
2. May at 06:11:20
Bill Newcomer After buying 25 distributors on ebay for $25, I found I already have the materials to make my own. (So I did). I can even put boots on the "spark plugs".
30. May at 04:49:06
Bill Newcomer 4 engines 90% complete. Have 1 of the exhaust attached to the head on each. All that is left is the other side exhaust and spark plug wires. Picked up some red heat shrink today for spark plug boots.
6. June at 06:32:32
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May 31, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new project.
31. May at 00:23:43 Share
Bill Newcomer It took me half an hour on google to find this pic
31. May at 00:44:21
Treehugger Ooh. How would you add the chrome for the large areas? Foil?
31. May at 06:23:32
Bill Newcomer The trailer comes chromed :)
31. May at 07:42:16
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May 30, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 29, 2019
11. March at 06:11:24 Share
Munkyslut Ahh they are perfect! Even the centre caps are spot on, thanks Bill!
Now where do I get em from? Modelhaus has long since gone.
29. May at 07:37:50
Bill Newcomer You get them from me. What is your address and which ones do you want.
29. May at 14:02:10
Munkyslut Ah that's great thanks, I need just one set of 4 wheels & tyres just like on that lovely Challenger ragtop please. I'll message you my address
29. May at 16:02:49
James C Gorgeous looking Challenger mate.
29. May at 18:57:15
Bill Newcomer Thanks James. It was an enjoyable build.
30. May at 03:40:22
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Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
27. May at 20:17:36 Share
Bill Newcomer Finally scrounged up the photos to make an album of this project.
27. May at 20:52:39
Bob Hall I Think I've pulled this truck over out side El Paso ! LOL!
29. May at 05:49:09
Bill Newcomer Did you send it to the impound lot?
29. May at 05:59:50
Bob Hall Undisclosed Location ! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!
29. May at 06:00:33
Chris Greathouse Great display of vehicles and trailers! Very nice.
29. May at 06:04:11
Bill Newcomer Thank you Chris, Someday I may actually finish the 2nd one.
29. May at 06:12:27
Chris Greathouse I should build a transport trailer. Super space saver for 5 cars. And I need a trailer for all my trucks... When my bank catches a glimpse of money, I should get one.
29. May at 06:17:36
Bill Newcomer Yes, You can put 1 semi and 5 cars in the space of 4 cars. In fact virtually all of my semi builds will be for the transporting of cars.
29. May at 06:21:40
James C That looks fantastic mate.
29. May at 19:09:37
Bill Newcomer Thank you James. I enjoyed customizing the trailers with the stars and BMF.
30. May at 02:47:12
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May 29, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 11, 2019
11. March at 06:57:28 Share
Bob Hall This is awesome ! Using your's as a reference ! I was relieved to see I share the same issue with you, the yellow hood stripe is a different shade of yellow and has that "just doesn't like right" vibe, but still looks great ! The Buick was probably the most over looked and forgotten of the Muscle cars ! Awesome build Bill !
2. May at 05:47:52
Bill Newcomer Thanks Robert. I nailed the stance on this one. I just wish I had the talent to paint the headlight frames body color yellow.
2. May at 06:15:01
Bob Hall I did paint mine with a fine tip brush, thinned down spray paint over the chrome.
2. May at 06:16:44
Bill Newcomer I am not quite confident to do that yet. If I tried I would use BMF as a mask and spray it.
2. May at 06:18:24
James C Very cool!
2. May at 06:19:47
Bob Hall [img1]
2. May at 06:31:11
Bill Newcomer Very nice. Did you do the hood scoop inserts?
2. May at 06:33:20
Bob Hall I was going too, still on the fence on that.
2. May at 06:34:44
Allan Gage I have my best luck on headlight surrounds with liquid mask (Elmer's glue) brush it on thick two or three coats, let it dry to clear and happiness. As an added bonus the surface tension seems to pull the liquid to the nearest edge making pretty nice lines and it comes off in one piece.
2. May at 12:28:18
Tim Heimer Very cool looking! Nice!
2. May at 13:01:26
Bob Hall Finished My Buick, Seeing yours really helped quite a bit !
29. May at 05:51:19
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May 28, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 2 images
1:25 Kenworth W900 (Revell 85-1507)1:25 Two 27Ft Exterior Post Doubles Vans (AMT 38684)
28. May at 07:06:12 Share

May 24, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new project.
24. May at 06:47:10 Share
Bill Newcomer 2nd of 2 Nostalgic Dragster Transporters
24. May at 06:53:13
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Bill Newcomer added a new project.
24. May at 06:39:53 Share
Bill Newcomer Future project with sponsorship TBD
24. May at 06:46:15
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May 22, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new project.
22. May at 06:35:29 Share

May 21, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new project.
21. May at 03:26:26 Share

May 20, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new project.
20. May at 05:59:38 Share
Bill Newcomer Someone else thought of this first but I want to do this.
20. May at 06:05:04
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May 19, 2019

Bill Newcomer wants this item
1:25 GMC Jimmy (AMT T213)
GMC Jimmy
AMT 1:25
19. May at 06:03:46 Share

May 18, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 15, 2019
15. April at 02:10:19 Share
View full thread (15 Comments)
Chris Greathouse Hubba Hubba! *cat whistles* That cabinet is FIRE! If only I had the space... But you know I just make my own space :P
17. May at 06:23:50
Bill Newcomer I saw that. You just have to do what you can as time and money allow.
17. May at 06:26:29
Chris Greathouse What is the red truck and trailer combo on the 3rd shelf? It looks old school and funky... and like it needs to be on my shelf instead :P
17. May at 06:26:56
Bill Newcomer The truck is the only die cast I have (it was a gift), It is a COE with sort of a roll back. It is a placeholder for when I finally finish the 2nd Kenworth T600. The trailer is an AMT 5 car hauler that has been gussied up and slightly modified.
17. May at 06:30:32
Chris Greathouse Very cool truck!! Down low and dope.
17. May at 06:41:52
Bill Newcomer Thanks, though I cannot take any credit for it.
17. May at 06:45:07
Bob Hall That cabinet is Awesome ! Looking Great Bill !
17. May at 08:09:52
Bill Newcomer Thank you Bob. I am a happy camper. With the new shelves I am only at about 35% capacity. The next step is finding (or making) some acrylic risers but I need to build a lot of semis first.
18. May at 00:38:50
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May 15, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 14, 2019
14. May at 05:58:03 Share
James C Nice score! The Super Bee looks pretty cool in Silver as well
14. May at 06:32:58
Bill Newcomer James, Thanks. When I built it I was kind of surprised as well. Silver wasn't as popular back in the day as it is now. I drive 36,000 a year for work and 80% of the cars are white, black or silver/gray.
14. May at 14:40:48
James C Are you going to finish it?
14. May at 18:33:28
Bill Newcomer James, No. The intention was to build JUST the body so that someone else can turn it into a slot car. Actually the photos are from him as I forgot to take pics when I was done.
15. May at 00:12:17
Bob Hall I drive a Black AND White car everyday ! LOL !!
15. May at 00:53:46
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May 12, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 12, 2019
12. May at 02:47:10 Share
Bill Newcomer I finally got my Grand Prix back together. Check out the 1:1 I currently have in the garage.
12. May at 03:01:20
Bob Hall Now that is a sweet machine !
12. May at 04:45:45
Tim Heimer Awesome car! Great to have a Pontiac mate here!
12. May at 05:03:46
Bill Newcomer Robert and Tim, Thanks I really love my car. I just spent couple of hours in an empty parking lot cranking the stereo. My wife won't let do it in the garage as it bothers the neighbors even with the car windows shut and the garage door closed.
12. May at 07:14:27
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May 11, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 3, 2019
3. May at 05:55:10 Share
Bill Newcomer My first Pro touring attempt.
3. May at 06:00:37
Thomas Kirschbaum Horny car; -); beautyful Work
3. May at 06:26:07
Bob Hall Love it ! Black & Gold, Killer Combo Color !
3. May at 07:59:00
Bill Newcomer Thomas and Robert, Thank you very much. Black and gold is one of my favorite combos. I have a future album where it will abundantly clear.
3. May at 14:19:04
James C The gold rims look very cool against that black body. Another great looking build mate.
3. May at 19:59:38
Bill Newcomer Thank you James. :)
4. May at 03:40:09
Nigel Chapman Nice - Those wheels look the business and are very different to what you you usually see.
10. May at 15:29:51
Bill Newcomer Nigel, Thanks. When I built it they were the only ones available for what I was attempting. They have kind of grown on me.
11. May at 00:17:54
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May 6, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
View album606250
Updated: May 6, 2019
6. May at 04:47:43 Share
Bill Newcomer I bet you have never seen this kit.
6. May at 05:10:30
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May 2, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 14, 2019
14. April at 06:28:04 Share
View full thread (21 Comments)
Bill Newcomer Are you retired or still working for a living?
2. May at 06:16:35
Bob Hall Retired from the Army, now a Trooper.
2. May at 06:17:44
Bill Newcomer As in fully employed Trooper? (explains the guns)
2. May at 06:19:10
Bob Hall Yes, But I'm From Texas ! That explains the guns ! LOL !
2. May at 06:27:33
Chris Greathouse Damn... I'ma need to see some permits there :P That's cool though... and I wish we had a flea market in our area that's be cool if someone was selling cheap plastic... and Bill Oh my god, I know what you mean by sticker shock.... I started the hobby using a new Credit Card set for just this hobby in March of last year, since then it's been about $3700 ($1150 on 56 kits)...
2. May at 07:22:32
Bob Hall [img1]
2. May at 07:25:16
Nigel Chapman I'm with Robert on the multiple hobbies. When I was younger I was collecting Matchbox diecasts, 1 87 scale model trucks and kits from Europe and 1 25 kits besides music cd's and books!!
Then there was the small fortune I spent buying film and developing pictures (who remembers doing that?).
Two boys and one divorce later I now have some money to spend but only on the 1 25 kits.
Searching for kits is part of the fun so I'm always on the look out at car, semi-truck and vintage vehicle shows, car boot sales, jumble sales even model railway shows.
2. May at 15:15:34
Bill Newcomer For me it has been LHS, ebay and the occasional model show (best variety and bargains) Walmart was good when they used to sell them. Never had the free time for flea markets. 50-60 hour weeks during the summer and car shows.
2. May at 15:27:08
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2. May at 06:02:51 Share
View full thread (13 Comments)
Bob Hall I spay it over the decals and use it as a sealant, doesn't hurt them at all.
2. May at 06:25:38
Bill Newcomer That is good to know. Have you tried on any custom decals you have printed?
2. May at 06:26:55
Bob Hall yes, and Revell and AMT decals. never had an issue ever.
2. May at 06:28:58
Bill Newcomer OK thanks.
2. May at 06:33:56
Bob Hall [img1]
2. May at 06:36:08
Bob Hall Go's on smooth and you can't see the decal edge lines.
2. May at 06:37:19
Bill Newcomer Likely to keep them from drying out and flaking off too.
2. May at 06:41:09
Bob Hall Exactly what I was going for, I remember as a kid when the car would get old and that would happen and it looked like crap. This stuff is a god send in my eyes !
2. May at 06:43:48
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April 29, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 29, 2019
29. April at 02:21:22 Share
Bill Newcomer This is my 1969 Torino built to emulate my next door neighbor's car when I was in Jr. High
29. April at 02:29:05
Chris Greathouse Vroooooooooom.....
29. April at 02:42:52
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April 28, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 28, 2019
28. April at 04:17:56 Share
Mike Painter NICE! I don't have this one yet. Good Save
28. April at 04:24:38
Bill Newcomer When is the last time you saw one in person?
28. April at 04:28:27
Mike Painter lol never
28. April at 04:32:51
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April 27, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 27, 2019
27. April at 02:31:51 Share
Bill Newcomer This is my Hurst Olds. I have a classmate from grade school who eventually owned one of these beauties.
27. April at 07:05:18
27. April at 08:27:20
James C Now that is eye candy!
27. April at 08:39:48
Treehugger Interesting paint job. :) I like it. Sort of a 70's vibe to it I would think.
27. April at 09:02:52
Munkyslut That's excellent! Amazing patience to get those wheels right, you nailed it perfectly though!
Hurst cars are just so cool
27. April at 09:49:40
Bill Newcomer Munkyslut, I am a really big fan of the Hurst car too. I have at least 2 more in the pipeline.
27. April at 16:41:55
Cliff Jones That looks just swell, Bill. Congratulations!
27. April at 17:57:27
Bill Newcomer Thanks Cliff. It was a very quality kit.
27. April at 18:03:48
Bob Hall That's a Beauty ! It Just screams "Crazy Insurance Rate" ! LOL ! Gorgeous Olds !
27. April at 19:23:26
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April 25, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 25, 2019
25. April at 06:17:51 Share
Bill Newcomer This is the first "Race car" I have built.
25. April at 06:35:56
Bob Hall Man! That's one Beautiful Beast !
25. April at 06:37:07
James C Nice!... love the colour too.
25. April at 07:03:04
Bill Newcomer My computer makes it look red-ish. The color is actually Testors Competition Orange. Which is about the same color as the fruit.
25. April at 07:05:24
James C Looks like bright fire engine red on mine, although pic# 2 is definitely more orange.
25. April at 07:07:52
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April 21, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 11, 2019
11. March at 05:36:18 Share
James C That's awesome!
11. March at 05:57:28
Bill Newcomer Thank you sir.
11. March at 14:15:32
John E Beautiful work!
11. March at 17:06:05
Mike Thomas "Came out pretty well" he says. That is an understatement, my friend. Looks awesome!
12. March at 00:01:46
James C Many thanks for taking the tame to reshoot the engine bay (It looks fantastic btw). Really appreciated!
21. April at 20:48:57
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Bill Newcomer
GRRRRR!!!! I just opened my SEALED AMT 1:25 Doubles trailer kit. I bought the kit in 2008 when it was reissued. After a quick inventory, they shorted me one axle worth of rims. I have enough parts to build 2 dollies but not enough rims to build even one. (I do have enough tires and axles and brake drums. Just not the rims). Does any one have any 1:25 AMT rims to spare? I do not have enough of a parts box to make up the deficit. Chrome would be nice but absolutely necessary. Anyone?
21. April at 03:42:53 Share
Treehugger Could you scratch build it with styrene? Not sure what these parts look like.
21. April at 08:12:29
Augie Or with some putty make a mould ?
21. April at 09:36:51
Bill Newcomer Neither would give adequate results based on my skill and/or resources. I will likely rob some from another kit until I have some extras.
21. April at 20:13:49
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April 14, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 14, 2019
14. April at 06:36:37 Share
Bill Newcomer Good deals today at SABA show in Portland, OR
14. April at 06:42:41
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March 25, 2019

Bill Newcomer owns this item
1:25 Great Dane Extendable Flat Bed Trailer (AMT 1111)
Great Dane Extendable Flat Bed Trailer
AMT 1:25
1111 (1111/06)
2018 | Changed box
25. March at 05:23:35 Share
Bill Newcomer Picked this up at my LHS for only $3 more than the cheapest one on ebay. (support your local economy)
25. March at 05:35:57
wilky All my LHSs have closed.
I get the odd kit from other Scalemates but without ebay I can't get the kits I want.
Sad thing is that all the LHSs never woke up to the fact that Australians mostly want Australian topics.
They would be out the door in no time and what is foreign stuff to us would just sit on the shelf.
So it's up to the store owner to follow the market to remain successful.
I always prefer to go to an LHS and I really miss them but so many times I would walk in the door with the cash and then walk back out still with the cash because the kits I wanted had already sold out
I'm not going to buy kits of aircraft I'm not interested in
25. March at 07:27:09
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Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 25, 2019
25. March at 05:53:19 Share

March 23, 2019

Bill Newcomer added Tammie's Hobbies to his list of favorite shops
23. March at 03:20:45 Share
Bill Newcomer added Trump’s Hobbies to his list of favorite shops
23. March at 03:20:30 Share
Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 23, 2019
23. March at 03:01:02 Share
Chris Greathouse Nice ride!!
23. March at 03:05:59
Bill Newcomer Thanks. I actually won my class in its first model contest
23. March at 03:09:41
Chris Greathouse That's awesome, congrats!
23. March at 03:11:16
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March 16, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 11, 2019
11. March at 05:59:28 Share
Bill Newcomer I spent a lot of time in the 1:1 of this car. NEVER got beat in a street race. A Chevelle with 4.88 rear gears ALMOST got him.
14. March at 01:21:02
Andy W. An absolute beauty, the same as your other builds
15. March at 12:32:22
Bill Newcomer Thank you very much. This is one of my best.
16. March at 05:15:47
John E Super nice. Great paint job and engine detail. I wanted this car when I was 16.
16. March at 06:00:47
Munkyslut Very nice job, love the orange box, & my Challenger never gets beaten either
16. March at 07:48:37
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March 14, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 14, 2019
14. March at 00:33:49 Share
Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 13, 2019
13. March at 05:31:01 Share
Bob Hall Wicked !
13. March at 06:20:08
James C What a beauty! Love the colour to
13. March at 18:28:30
Tim Heimer Awesome! Nice work! Looks great!
13. March at 22:28:55
13. March at 23:16:46
JOHN THOMAS nice work
14. March at 00:17:27
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March 13, 2019

Bill Newcomer and James C are now mates.
13. March at 06:07:07 Share
Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 11, 2019
11. March at 07:06:56 Share
Stephan H. I totally share your cousins enthusiasm for late 60s cougars. That shape combined with the hidden headlights is my personal highlight when it comes to muscle car design (maybe with a 67 camaro RS next in line). Your model looks as good as the many others you present here. Nice overall build quality level . I also build a yellow eliminator from this kit few years ago:
1969 Cougar Eliminator (AMT/ERTL 6960, 1:25)
But I could not save the black stripes. Still it will be in the cabinet front row for good.

1:25 1969 Cougar Eliminator (AMT/ERTL 6960)
12. March at 12:27:51
Bill Newcomer I too am a big fan of hidden headlights. Especially '68 Chargers and '69 Camaro RS
13. March at 00:41:54
Bob Hall The 67 was the Crown Jewel of Cougars ! this is beautiful
13. March at 02:57:18
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March 12, 2019

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
12. March at 01:45:02 Share
Bob Hall I think I found my new best friend !

12. March at 02:21:54
Bill Newcomer You may have seen it during editing. Take another look if you have time.
12. March at 02:54:51
James C Very nice work.
12. March at 03:11:17
Bob Hall That is one beautiful Mopar Rainbow ! BRAVO !
12. March at 05:21:15
Stephan H. Awesome collection! love it
12. March at 10:56:30
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Bill Newcomer wants this item
1:24 Garage & Tool (Fujimi 11635)
Garage & Tool
Fujimi 1:24
12. March at 04:35:06 Share
Bill Newcomer wants this item
1:24 Garage & Tools : Garage (Fujimi FJ11031)
Garage & Tools : Garage
Fujimi 1:24
2000 | New tool
12. March at 04:35:03 Share


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