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Tom ...
wants this item
Brough Superior SS100
Model Factory Hiro (MFH) 1:9
K-485 2015 New tool
22 November, 04:00

October 5, 2022

Tom ...
added a new photoalbum.
AiP: The Mole
3 images
View album, image #2
Trying some pre-shading
Project: AiP: The Mole
1:72 The Mole (AiP AIP10007)
All comments (7) » 10 25 July, 03:30
Bob Hall
Loved that show !
4 October, 23:33
Villiers de Vos
Nice paint work.
5 October, 04:14

July 25, 2022

Tom ...
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (42) » 22 24 April, 18:38
Tom ...
Thanks all. Much appreciated! On to the next build 🙂
25 July, 06:57
Markus Antonius
Nice and clean build!
25 July, 07:57

July 24, 2022

Tom ...
added a new project.
3 images
In progress
1:72 The Mole (AiP AIP10007)
2 24 July, 05:01
24 July, 08:09
I love the Thunderbirds but this machine always annoyed the hell outta me.
Where does the spoil go?
24 July, 08:11

April 20, 2022

Tom ...
added a new project.
14 images
1:12 Monkey 125 (Tamiya 14134)
2 20 April, 22:25

April 16, 2022

Tom ...
added a new photoalbum.
Moebius: Invisible Man - WIP
3 images
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Initial prime coat. Tried out the PS-290 and was literally blown away by it. Seams came out well. Thinking of using Mr S...
1:8 The Invisible Man (Moebius Models 903)
All comments (7) » 6 4 April, 02:09
Tom ...
Finally tried out the new PS-290 for the initial priming phase and it's everything I thought it would be. Absolutely fantastic.

Here are some initial observations:

1. Going to take some getting used to. It is very different from the brushes I've used before. There is a lot air coming out and has a completely different feel. A whole new step up in airbrushing for me.

2. So glad I upgraded the compressor. Only used the fan cap so far but it feels like it needs a solid 30 PSI and maybe more. Was using Tamiya's lacquer primer thinned with Mr Color leveling thinner which together is very thin and it went on like a dream.

3. On the down side, the amount of air coming out also causes any dust or hairs nearby to be blown up into the paint work so going to have to work harder to keep the environment clear of such things. Annoying.

4. Did I mention a lot of air comes out? Oy Vey!

Looking forward to mastering this brush. It is going to make priming and clear coating so much better.

As for the model: I'm happy with the removal of the seam lines from the coat and pants. Thinking of doing another prime coat using Mr Surfacer 500, hoping it adds a mild texture that looks more like cloth... we'll see.
13 April, 05:13
Greg Baker
This is so neat. I have a few resin figures I'd like to tackle someday soon, so this is informative.
16 April, 15:06

April 7, 2022

Tom ...
and Marvel are now mates.
7 April, 18:06

April 5, 2022

Tom ...
added a new photoalbum.
This and That
15 images
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Upgraded compressor to a 1 gallon 1.6 CFM @ 40 PSI. Added a water-trap regulator at bench level which I really like. Noi...
All comments (78) » 11 31 October 2019, 04:51
Tom ...
Bill, I've got Mr Surfacer 500 and 1500 which I need to try out. I was mostly interest in the 500 as a filling primer but have not had a reason to use it so far.

At present I'm using Tamiya's Surfacer exclusively and I love it. I used to prime with Stynylrez but prefer solvent based primers now. However, stynylrez is the best water based primer around and I still use the black primer as a base paint. The stuff goes on so easily, with great coverage and self levels like a champ!

Looking forward to seeing how the PS-290 performs... need to start or resume a build...
3 April, 22:15
Mr Leveller is the Mutts Nuts, for Tamiya. I'm glad that things are going your way mate. Just remember, it's not a race, and the learning process can still trick the best of us! But you will find, that you now have another weapon in your arsenal, and it's amazing how much control you have, as opposed to rattle cans. Consider yourself a heart surgeon, as opposed to a decorator? It's a pretty good analogy mate. Slowly and steadily, low pressure and light coats. I also recommend that you look into Alclad Microfiber cloth. It's a fancy grit paper, that lasts a long time. Excellent for wet sanding, between coats, on car/truck/boat bodies 😉
5 April, 21:52

April 3, 2022

Tom ...
added a new project.
3 images
In progress
1:8 The Invisible Man (Moebius Models 903)
1 3 April, 22:44

February 24, 2022

Tom ...
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (6) » 15 20 February, 23:15
Tom ...
Thansk, guys. I asked the wifey what model she'd like me to make for her and she said a Vespa so there we have it. Wish I had done a build log. Not a bad kit except for hiding the seam line where the body's two halves join.
22 February, 16:04
Bobby Thumbs
excellent work
24 February, 10:23

February 20, 2022

Tom ...
added a new project.
6 images
1:9 Vespa 125 "Primavera" (Italeri 4633)
1 20 February, 23:12

January 28, 2022

Tom ...
I'm currently in Valencia, Spain for the next few days. Any recommended hobby stores I should checkout?
27 January, 23:30
David R. Meizoso
Hi, Tom. Check these:
-Pieza a Pieza, piezaapieza.net/

Haven't been there myself but they seem to have plenty of models.

28 January, 00:27
Tom ...
Thanks, David. I'm very close to Gimenez so will definitely visit there.
28 January, 07:51

January 22, 2022

Tom ...
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (35) » 31 20 March 2019, 04:13
Lovely build! 👍
21 January, 10:34
Rui S
Oh yhea, I Like it... 👍
22 January, 17:57


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