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Neuling (Neuling)


Lost in France

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1:35 155mm Howitzer M1A1 (Bronco CB35073)1:35 US White 666 Cargo Truck (Hard Top) (HobbyBoss 83801)1+


25 | 24. June, 09:43
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Fascinating. If I could make a suggestion, I would consider adding some dust or fine sand on the stoneworks, it seems all very clean even with traffic going over that area. I wish I one day can get to make something like this myself. :)
24. June, 10:42
Great scene and superb built and painting of the kits! Second Treehugger´s suggestion to add more dirt and dust to the road. What materials did you used for the wall and the gate? Really like wear and tear of the gate and the commercial signs :)
24. June, 13:24
Jan Bissinger
Fantastic build, I really like this diorama. Your photography is also excellent, I feel as if I'm there!
24. June, 13:58
Zach Wilson
I don't know how you did the peeling paint but it looks great
24. June, 14:06
Tom Betterton
One of the best I have ever seen. May I ask what kit is that canon?
24. June, 17:01
Alex K
Apologies for not commenting on the vehicles etc - can I just say that I'm in AWE with pic 8?
24. June, 19:03
James C
Another incredibly life-like WW2 scene.
You have an amazing talent for creating these diorama's Neuling, and once again, great photography as well.
24. June, 19:31
Yeah... each new diorama is better than the previous one.
24. June, 20:48
Rui S
Great work and dio, as usual. The weathering on the gates and road signs is excellent
24. June, 21:16
Stop posting reference pictures , this site is for models and dioramas..... you have been warned
Seriously, i love your work, but picture 8 is simply amazing beyond my wildest dreams. The rest is amazing and I love it, but how you did that door and signing??? My respect and admiration
24. June, 21:20
Thank you mates! - Treehugger and coporado: Good idea you had! I think Caen indeed had to cope with quite a lot of rubbish after the Germans were bombed out of town by Allied aircraft. Coporado, Zach and Spanjaard: For the gate I used a resin kit "Old Factory Gate" by Reality in Scale. I sprayed "NATO Brown", applied chipping fluid, then sprayed grey. Then I scratched part of the grey paint away and added some rust pigments. Trial and error and a little luck. - Tom: The howitzer is the BRONCO kit No. CB-35073. - Olivier the inspiration for this dio came from your White 666 Truck build ("Firepower to the front").
25. June, 14:32
Alexander G.
Really amazing work, the more you browse the pictures the more you find. Again, beautiful photography, great lighting
25. June, 17:26
Ah ha Neuling, you make me proud. Having inspired a master of diorama will make a new line on my c.v.
But your choice of a bigger gun is a good idea and, of course, the attention to details and the quality of your paintwork is just from another dimension.
25. June, 20:13
Whatever you do Neuling, don't crossover into the realm of Sci-fi, I don't think I could handle it... :D
25. June, 22:33
Thanks Alexander, Olivier and JD! - Olivier it´s a pity you slowed down your modelling activities! - JD don´t worry, I leave the future to the proven specialists! I´m a man of the past.
27. June, 10:33
I spend too much time looking at what talented people like you produce...
27. June, 11:42
27. June, 12:45
Merci Olivier et Cristian!
29. June, 09:34
Gastón Emilio
Great diorama.
15. July, 19:26
Thank you Gastón!
18. July, 18:21
Thomas Kirschbaum
However great
18. July, 20:59
Mirko Römer
What a sight to behold! And what an output, my highest respect!
18. July, 21:40
Thanks Thomas and Mirko!
21. July, 09:43
26. July, 19:09
Merci beaucoup Christophe!
29. July, 15:27
Jean-Michel Tilquin
How did I miss this one? A masterpiece in all aspects again... and the kind of subjects I like. Congrats again, Neuling!
14. September, 09:31
Merci Jean-Michel! I guess we´re "brothers in arms".
14. September, 15:49
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Oh, that's a compliment, for sure...
14. September, 18:47
Dominik Weitzer
another masterpiece - and awesome Pictures
15. September, 07:26
Thanks for your comments, Jean-Michel and Dominik!
16. September, 06:09
Christian W
I like your dioramas. Great work again! Your pictures are awesome! I like to go on an expedition to discover all the details.
One little thing: Maybe you can make the standing areas for the tires even more bulky or a little more flat. That would show how heavy the vehicles are.
16. September, 12:54
Daniel Klink
Fully agree with dominik, Fantastic
16. September, 13:06
It's amazing how you always manage to get the photos of your dioramas looking so realistic.
16. September, 15:02
Slavo Hazucha
Another postcard/time-capsule diorama... capturing the "true essence of 20th century warfare" - moving things & men from somewhere to somewhere else, hopefully to the right place & waiting there...

While the gun & vehicles display the usual degree of excellence, I really like the silent hero of this scene (ok, probably not so silent once moved... :) ) - the rusty door on the side - the rust & layers of peeling paint look just 100% true & natural. I´m totally not in the Diorama business, but really rejoice when I see techniques like these
16. September, 15:14
Nathan Dempsey
Absolutely beautiful work and photography. I really love the work you do with the tires of each build.
16. September, 15:40
Thank you mates for your kind comments and feedback! - Christian, your proposal is well justified. Normally I try to avoid buying expensive aftermarket products when the oob wheels are fairly good, which mostly is the case. So what would you suggest to" flatten" the tires? Maybe sanding or cutting off the wheel underside? - Slavo, you got it with pinpoint accuracy: Die Aufbereitung des Metalltores hat mich beim Basteln dieses Dioramas am meisten "gepackt"!
17. September, 16:29
I think some people (a long time ago before we had resin kits for almost evrything) were heating very gently the plastic to try to get that effect (pushing them a bit against a hard surface once warm)
but maybe it was for smaller wheels like 1/72 airplanes or something like that
Of course, try with some old piece of kit that is worth nothing before doing it with the wheels of a good kit ;)
i have NOT tried myself.
17. September, 20:51
Another masterpiece Neuling. You have the ability and skill to put life in your dioramas. And the pics are pro as usual!
18. September, 13:59
Christian W
@Neuling ... Man, ich kann ja deutsch schreiben. Fällt mir schwer in Englisch. Sorry for the others, really!
Ich habe das bei meiner CH auf der Herdplatte gemacht. Alufolie auf die heiße Platte und die Reifen drauf gedrückt. Das müsste gut funktionieren. Sie werden wahrscheinlich nicht so bauchig wie in Realität, aber zumindest wird die Auflagefläche größer. Dann scheint nicht so fiel Licht durch. Bei der CH in 1/48 war ich zufrieden. Die sind auch recht klein. Ob es bei größeren Reifen auch so gut geht und akzeptabel ausschaut, weiß ich nicht. Bin Militärbaufasziniert aber sonst nicht so mein Gebiet.
Teure Zurüstteille würde ich auch nicht kaufen.
18. September, 18:06
Spanjaard, Micky and Christian: thank you! - I`m going to experiment with heat on some old wheels out of the scrapbox. Your proposals are good. Vielen Dank!
18. September, 20:17
@Christian W, Könntest Du CH übersetzen ?
18. September, 20:57
Christian W
Ich meine damit speziell den Transporthubschrauber CH-53. Ich baute den in 1/48.
20. September, 13:01

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