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Alex K
added a new photoalbum.
All comments (23) » 51 27 June 2021, 22:47
Roland Sachsenhofer
This is a wonderful project-idea, great!
13 February, 06:30
Kyriakos Vafiadis
Wow! Interesting idea and beautiful implementation!!!!
20 June, 20:10

February 20, 2023

Alex K
added a new project.
4 5 June 2022, 17:35
Ozcan Ertem
Alex what an interesting topic. A very close friend of mine, used to be a crazy plastic modeller, now turned into an aviation historian, currently owns a genuine logbook of a German WW1 pilot flying on behalf of Ottomans at Gallipoli campaign in 1915. The pilot's family donated the book to my friend. I can get you two connected if you need further information about that era, airplanes, pictures, even dogfight details. My email is ozcanertem@gmail.com
19 February, 19:06
Живко Джаков
YES. Interesting theme for a model. I won't repeat myself. In addition, I also became interested in aviation history along with the models. Apparently not an atypical occurrence in the hobby. 🙂
19 February, 21:30
Ozcan Ertem
Certainly Живко Джаков. Especially if you are interested in early airplanes, nothing comes without researching.
20 February, 07:57

February 13, 2023

Alex K
added a new photoalbum.
17 5 February, 10:18
Ozcan Ertem
An airplane I had a chance to touch at civilian registration in Turkey. Always loved it. Was not aware of the kit. I liked your model. It looks beautiful with Greek insignia and flag.
13 February, 05:04
Живко Джаков
Alex, not only modelers from Greece are interested in the topic. I'm on the lookout for interesting planes from all over the Balkans. For now, apart from Bulgaria, I have Greek and Romanian planes.
13 February, 10:29
Alex K
Thanks everyone for taking the time to like or comment on this child(ish) effort, despite the very poor quality of both the built model and the supposed "photos"... much appreciated!
@ Ozcan: Glad we share the love for Piper's high-wing classic! It's my all-time favorite aircraft, in fact my first ever flight (even before any flight on an airliner) was in a Super Cub; altogether I had 3 short flights in two L-21B Super Cubs (glider tugs at the Athens Gliding Club) and one in a (WWII vintage) J-3/L-4 Cub, later in France... Re the Airmodel vacform kit, it was the only one available back in the '90s for a Super Cub in 1:72 - we nowadays have the KP injection Super Cubs - and I happen to know that we will surely soon see a much better built Greek Super Cub on Scalemates...
@ Jivko: Similarly, I'm happy (and I have already noticed) our common interest for planes from all over the Balkans! 👍... For my part, I have already built 2... no, 3 Bulgarian... 2 Yugoslav... and 1 Turkish (plus a 2nd in progress... the 3rd Turkish will be surely an L-4). In a way, I was inspired for this by some Latin American modelers here on Scalemates (for instance: ajuradovb - but there are others too), who have an interest for aircraft from the entire Central/South American subcontinent - and I thought, shouldn't we have perhaps a similar approach for the Balkan countries? I think our respective "collections" reflect this common interest of ours... I'll PM you back for the aircraft you are interested in.
Cheers, mates!
13 February, 19:03

October 9, 2022

Alex K
completed this item
25pdr Field Gun & Quad Vintage Classics
Airfix 1:76
A01305V 2018 New box Multi-topic (2)
9 October 2022, 00:29


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