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Alex K added a new photoalbum.
24 | 27. June, 22:47
Ben M
This is fun! Needs figures…
27. June, 23:55
Indeed ........
28. June, 08:01
Bruce Huxtable
Neat 🙂
28. June, 08:03
Alex K
Thank you all, gentlemen, for the interest, comments, likes (and again apologies for the crappy pics of the model). Yes, the plan is to add 1 or 2 figures, I've set my mind on which ones and I'm gonna order them soon - after they arrive, I'll try to take some better photos.
28. June, 17:38
John Thomas
Very cool project
11. September, 23:47
Alex K
Thanks for the comment, John, and the likes, gentlemen - I'm glad you found the idea interesting! Perhaps a better modeler than me could make something really good out of it - maybe in 1:35...
12. September, 19:06
A great idea! Love it
27. September, 20:38
Bruce Huxtable
Definately adding the true spirit of summer in the south of France 🙂 The figures really add lots.
27. September, 21:38
Villiers de Vos
A very good representation.
27. September, 22:14
Alex K
Thanks again, gentlemen - Jørgen, Bruce, Villiers, I feel a bit awkward with this thing and terrible pics appearing again in the newsfeed - but I'm glad the whole idea caught your eye - cheers, mates!
28. September, 00:45
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, that's cool, love it, got hooked too 👍
3 more pics: http://www.ewillys.com/2013/02/24/the-women-of-seeps/
28. September, 12:23
Alex K
😄 My turn to say wow - thank you Łukasz, I hadn't seen those extra 3 pics!!! And now, for anyone interested, we have definitive markings for at least one seep: 4501-BA8 = NICE 956 = Arromanches I, while Arromanches IV = 3499-BA8...
28. September, 17:43

September 13, 2021

Alex K added a new project.
5 | 4. July, 00:13
Łukasz Gliński
Very interesting
5. July, 11:19
Do you have photos of the interior? Great project.
13. July, 19:18
Alex K
Łukasz, Kret, thank you very much for your interest, gentlemen. Kret, no, unfortunately not, this is the only photo known to me, along with its verso, with a hand-written dedication dated 1946 - it appeared on an eBay auction ages ago. My understanding is that this was just a utility vehicle (not an ambulance), so I won't bother particularly with the interior. Hopefully, more Red Cross vehicles from the 1940s in Greece (GMC, CMP...) will be added in this collection.
13. July, 23:08
Major Flannel
Watching with great interest. Should be a fun and educational journey for you.
11. September, 07:39
Alex K
Thank you, Major - let's see how this turns out... especially as I have plans for more Tillies!
11. September, 17:39
I'm curious to see the differences between ACE's Tilly and Airfix's one.
12. September, 17:59
Alex K
Me too, Cuajete - I still have to purchase the Airfix RAF vehicle set. They are of course different vehicles: the Ace kit offers the Austin Tilly (the one offered by Tamiya in 1:35 and 1:48), whereas Airfix's is the Standard Tilly. For now, all I can say is that Ace's is a short-run kit: soft plastic, no small amount of cleaning needed etc. I am NOT complaining, I'm glad there are kits of such subjects available in 1:72 - all I'm saying is that perhaps I should have waited a bit, gaining experience with more mainstream kits, before tackling this.
12. September, 19:11
Łukasz Gliński
Working on Airfix Tilly from time to time and well it has nice details, but it's bit complicated if you ask me. What mean in particular, are the windows and door masking. Still probably better than ACE 😉
13. September, 07:57
Fantastic... I thought the Tillys from Airfix and ACE were the same. I didn't notice it. Here I can see the differences between both models (This not are these kits):


Łukasz, many thanks for your information 👍
13. September, 08:20
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks for comparison pic Señor 😉 The ACE one is not that handsome, I'm gonna stick to Airfix 🙂
13. September, 09:47
I already have both, Łukasz 😄
13. September, 17:47

September 8, 2021

Alex K started this item
1:72 Tilly 10HP (ACE 72500)
British Light Utility Car
Tilly 10HP
ACE 1:72
72500 2013 | New tool
28. August, 21:53
Major Flannel
Very very nice : D
8. September, 16:24

June 28, 2021

Alex K added a new project.
1:72 M3 Half Track & 1/4ton Amphibian Vehicle (Academy 13408)1:72 Modern lady at beach laying 1 (REEDOAK RRC720151)1:87 Motorbootführer und Insassen (Preiser 10426)
10 | 24. August 2020, 21:57
Robert Podkoński
Some photos, please!
27. June, 22:10
Alex K
😄 Hi Robert, thanks for noticing this very summer-mood project. I uploaded in a photoalbum the relevant photos of the originals that inspired the build... Please ignore the crappy webcam pics (I wont dignify them by calling them "photos") I also posted, just to show that, well, I've more or less built the thing... In any case, my built models are not yet to Scalemates standards... And, in this case, I still have to order a couple of figures before the project is really completed. Anyway - there, you have it - thanks for the interest!
27. June, 22:55
Robert Podkoński
Come on, Alex. Nothing to be shy of - I know the model and you have really done a good job (I wonder how you managed with the title below windscreen and these headlights - really looking the part). I must say I sorry now I already built and painted my model of GPA in military guise... You inspired me to find another kit 😄
28. June, 06:30
Alex K
Thank you, Robert, you are too kind! The registration plates and the name below windscreen ("Arromanches IV" - a joke on the French aircraft carrier?) were custom decals made by SCM Brand: LM Decals GR (surely available, if anyone is interested). Regarding the oversized (civilian?) headlights, there may have been more elegant ways, but I just used cut-down pieces of F-5 wingtip tanks, filled with Clearfix. I also scratched a little foldable ladder, in the back, which I think enabled swimmers to climb back to the vessel... Vehicles in 1:72 are new to me and I'm still learning - thank again, everyone, for the likes and support!
28. June, 17:45
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic. Thanks for your explanations and suggestions Alex...I am sure I will have one on my shelf one day.
28. June, 19:43

June 26, 2021

Alex K added a new project.
2 | 26. June, 23:05
Alex K started this item
26. June, 23:03

June 20, 2021

Alex K completed this item
20. June, 19:28

June 19, 2021

Alex K added a new project.
2 | 19. June, 15:52

June 13, 2021

Alex K completed this item
13. June, 17:41

January 12, 2021

Alex K started this item
12. January, 01:12

November 15, 2020

Alex K added a new project.
1:72 Supermarine Spitfire VB/C Tropical (PM Model PM-101)
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V
TR Military Hava Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı (Turkish Air Force Command 1944-1949)
7 | 15. November 2020, 01:00

November 14, 2020

Alex K started this item
14. November 2020, 23:16


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