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Daniel Klink (Springbank)


Mitsubishi G4M2E Betty + Ohka

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This album is attached to project Mitsubishi G4M2E Betty.

Albums: 1 with 37 images
In progress
1:72 Mitsubishi G4M2E Type 1 Attack Bomber (Betty) Model 24 Tei w/MXY7 Ohka Model 11 (Hasegawa 00550)1:72 G4M2 Betty + Ohka (Eduard CX044)
Mitsubishi G4M2E Betty
JP Military Dai-Nippon Teikoku Kaigun Kōkū tai (Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service 1912-1945)
721 Naval Flying Group, 708 Attack Sqn. 721-05 | World War 2|Pacific War - Kagoshima Kanoya AB April 1945


18. March at 21:52:10 Share
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Daniel Klink Just noticed that i never built one of those by now :)
Time to give it a go
21. June at 21:00:02
Guy Rump Following with interest, I've got one of these in my stash :)
21. June at 21:05:00
James C I'm in. I have the Tamiya kit in 1/48 scale.
21. June at 21:06:30
David Januska Well another Japanese bird from Daniel. Very interesting for me. There is also one in my stash. So I'll take a seat.
22. June at 05:32:44
David Januska What is the next fuselage on the fourth picture? Another interesting project? Very promiaing so far .
22. June at 05:35:59
Daniel Klink Hi and welcome mates, a lot of transparent parts to mask await you guy and James :)
Got the 48 tamiya too but that one will be done in the future!
@David welcome and in pic 4 you can see the fuselage of the ki.109 by Hasegawa
Mitsubishi Ki.109 Interceptor | Album by Springbank (1:72)
Cheers Daniel
22. June at 08:01:07
David Januska Thanks Daniel. Ki-109 was made from Hiryu bomber?
22. June at 19:47:06
Daniel Klink Hi David! Yes they developed it from the Hiryu..But it was not successful anyway
22. June at 21:11:38
Rick Corts Bit late but will follow!
6. July at 15:43:00
Daniel Klink Welcome Rick, glad you found it !
and while Peggy waits for her Make up, Betty gets her fuselage setup :)
8. July at 15:30:33
Agustin Prellezo Following. I am a fan of wwii japanese planes.
10. July at 14:10:34
Daniel Klink Welcome Agustin Me too as you can see :)
19. July at 11:45:44
Daniel Klink Hm, the fit of the Cowlings and nacelles could have been better.. Well still some work to do.
It is just a test fit but you see it clearly even without primer.. :)
Also did some sanding and rescribing of wrong fuselage panels by HAsegawa
21. July at 21:03:40
Cuajete Following one more time, Daniel ;)
27. July at 22:33:36
Daniel Klink Welcome mate, and i hope i will bring this to a good result :)
28. July at 18:18:55
Cuajete I'm sure of it, Daniel ;)
28. July at 22:34:17
Roberto Rocat I'm in, of course. I, too, love these Japanes aircraft!
29. July at 16:33:09
Dave Flitton Watching
29. July at 16:55:44
Daniel Klink Welcome DAve and Roberto, take a seat and happy to have you here

29. July at 19:54:57
Slavo Hazucha Cookies, brownies or cup-cakes, count me in! ;)
29. July at 20:15:34
Daniel Klink Welcome Slavo, all those window and interior stuff with japanese planes could really be troublesome during building.. :) Especially you have to glue the clearparts before fixing to the fuselage. But in the end i love those flying Greenhouses :)
31. July at 16:44:22
Daniel Klink Just another masking orgy :)
3. August at 18:08:17
James C That's some very tidy masking work Daniel!
3. August at 20:49:40
Daniel Klink Thank you JAmes.. and still a lot of badges to do.. But end is in sight :)
3. August at 21:36:48
Stephan Ryll Oh masking time Daniel - looking good
4. August at 06:16:11
Treehugger That is a fair amount of canopy masking. :) I've noticed that some people use 'Parrafilm M' for masking canopies, have you ever tried that Daniel? (They stretch it sideways, one way, then lay and push it onto the canopy parts, apparently slightly adhesive that way, then they cut away excess with a sharp blade).

I ordered some of the stuff recently so I will get to try it out, otherwise I am used to using Tamiya masking tape.
4. August at 12:29:34
Slavo Hazucha That's a black belt in masking-ikebana... Quick count & some man-math indicate there must be around 40 of them total... in 72-scale...!
4. August at 12:38:48
Daniel Klink Thank you very much Guys
@Treehugger yap tried it but for me the pre cut Eduard stuff works best . If it is not available for a kit i will do the Parafilm thing.
@Slavo it is finished and the "Load" is fixed together and masked to..
4. August at 20:01:12
Daniel Klink Next step was business as usual the black and white preshading..
7. August at 16:01:24
bughunter Your planes could not have been built on an assembly line, the bearings of that line would be glowing! Impressive progress
7. August at 17:29:03
Daniel Klink Thank you Frank First layers of grey green nd IJN Black green added
7. August at 18:56:05
James C Nice start to on the paint Daniel. I can already see that this is going to be another superb looking paint scheme.
7. August at 19:26:44
Slavo Hazucha The green perfectly accentuates the cucumber-shaped form of the rear fuselage end... ;) ;)
7. August at 19:43:13
Daniel Klink Thank you James for the encouraging words.. I hope it will do so in the end :)
@Slavo !LOL yes but in fact it is abit darker than the pics show.. but nevertheless good point :)
7. August at 20:44:07
Stephan Ryll Comming along nicely Daniel
8. August at 14:59:10
Greg Baker Oh, I've been looking at this kit in 1/144... sign me up to see how the master tackles it.
8. August at 15:24:27
Daniel Klink Thank you so much guys for the encouraging and nice comments..
@Greg your words are making me blush... :)
In 1/144 is the old ArII or LS kit ... I think Academy got also one
8. August at 22:13:39
Daniel Klink Nearly finished the green cigar :)
9. August at 10:37:47
Soeren . Fantastic work Daniel:
Bought this kit a few days ago again to build it with the Ohka.
Sadly Tamiya has no G4M2E in 48... :(
9. August at 10:57:45
Daniel Klink Thank you Soeren! Still a nice kit ! But many transparent parts
9. August at 11:32:34
Soeren . It is indeed and yeah its a lot of work even with masks - took me quite a time on my Ginga :)
9. August at 12:00:09
Łukasz Gliński I'm bit late, but will follow
9. August at 13:44:23
James C Gosh you nailed the paint work again Daniel. Looking fantastic!
9. August at 20:15:27
Daniel Klink Welcome Lukasz,,, perfect timing
Thank you James for your very kind words.. Love to hear this
9. August at 21:26:06
Clifford Keesler Very nice Daniel.
9. August at 21:29:59
Spanjaard looking really good
10. August at 08:54:53
Stephan Ryll Very nice result Daniel
10. August at 09:40:17
Slavo Hazucha Really lookin great with the colors on The glasshouse also turned out superb, earns you the official title of 'Tape-i-do Sensei' ;)
10. August at 09:56:08
Guy Rump Looking great Daniel. :) What yellow paint do you use on your Japanese aircraft?
10. August at 13:41:18
Cuajete Fantastic progress, Daniel.
10. August at 22:14:48
Daniel Klink Thank you so much gentlemen for your kind and encouraging words...
@Slavo "LOL" and a big Bow
@Guy this time i used the decals, though i said i will never do it again last time with a Hasegawa kit :)
Antenna and wire added just a few things like a bit of washing and acentuating to do
11. August at 20:19:22
Stephan Ryll Very nice detail Daniel :) looking very good
12. August at 15:08:51
Daniel Klink Thank you Stephan a bit annoying is the fact that the aircraft fin and rudder spread and now there is a small gap visible. I heard a rather silent crack too. Now i will try to fix it with tamiya extra thin
13. August at 10:23:19
Rick Corts Looks great so far Daniel!
15. August at 12:10:16
Daniel Klink Hi Rick, Thank you mate for your nice wors
23. August at 14:35:45
bughunter "Betty" sounds like a nice woman - so this one is a nice plane
29. August at 09:55:58
Daniel Klink Hi Frank, the lady was nice plane which easily caught fire when approached her :)
24. September at 09:40:13
David Januska Hi Daniel, nice photos of a nice result. Did you use some "rusty" washes or something similar for your finishing? I think it is visible on the tail part of the plane and near upper turret on the last picture.
Thanks David
24. September at 13:16:57
Daniel Klink Hi David, yes i uses some umbra mixed with rust pigments as a filter there.
Well watched
27. September at 09:30:22
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