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Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
10 | 4. September 2020, 11:19
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Gary Dahlström
Getting close to final hookup and dropping the torso onto the pants. Will be calling Moebius in a bit to ask about sending me those missing bits.
28. September 2020, 13:10
28. September 2020, 14:22
Gary Dahlström
B9 as a Wrigley pitch man:
Youtube Video


Gotta figure what to do about those claw retainer parts; if Moebius can't supply what's missing I'll have to make a pair from the ones i have. Annoying. Hence I haven't mounted the arms yet. A few more details and some touch up before setting him in the corner of my workbench to await arms.

Best to All!
29. September 2020, 12:45
Tom ...
Ha, looks and sounds brilliant! Exceptional work, Gary!
29. September 2020, 23:30
Gary Dahlström
So it's been a few days, and still nothing from Moebius customer support. I'm thinking of just calling Pegasus Hobbies, who now owns Moebius. Anyone have a similar experience with this company?
30. September 2020, 19:55
Daniel Klink
30. September 2020, 20:22
Gary Dahlström
Thanks Daniel, but it can't hold a candle to that awesome Heinkel you're working on. I gotta go make a witty comment on that thread...
For me, this is just an interesting appliance for my workbench. There are a few seams and details that frankly I'm not going to chase - it's going to live on my bench, a high traffic area, and is really just for me to catch up on the BBC or listen to old radio shows while I build. I really want to get on to my next project.

I just had a *really* interesting interaction with Moebius CS. I'll spare the details, but yeah, they're gonna step up & send out a pair of claw retainers.

I'm trying to assemble some audio from the LiS TOS for a demo video. Not surprisingly, there is an Alexa skill devoted to Dr. Smith's insults directed at the B9; sadly, no similar skill exists for the robot's own sarcastic retorts.

Best to All...
30. September 2020, 21:52
Gary Dahlström
Quick update - Missing parts otw from Moebius. Been sidelined with another eyelid thing, getting it cut tomorrow; hopefully vision in that eye will improve quickly. I did start the AMT American LaFrance Aero Chief kit. Will post progress in another thread.

7. October 2020, 22:10

September 25, 2020

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25. September 2020, 14:05
Gary Dahlström started this item
25. September 2020, 14:05
Gary Dahlström started this item
25. September 2020, 14:05
Gary Dahlström added a new project.
25. September 2020, 14:04

September 15, 2020

Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
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Project: Klingon BoP
1:350 Klingon Bird-of-Prey (AMT 949)
24 | 30. July 2020, 11:17
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Gary Dahlström
Sorry for the portrait aspect of the video... I just wanted some quick documentation before it fell off the bench or something. ;)
9. September 2020, 13:55
Gary Dahlström
To my relief the completed model is actually quite sturdy and has made it's way to safer quarters. Added a few pics but I will probably wait til nightfall to put up a few more and some video.

Alec - the document I hope to produce will be a primer on getting LED projects like this done; I'll use the BoP as an example but keeping an eye toward making the text applicable to any kit.
9. September 2020, 17:32
Alec K
Sounds great - thank you
9. September 2020, 17:45
Gary Dahlström
Just got a good look at the teaser pic i chose; I don't think that Bel-Air stands a chance.
9. September 2020, 18:47
Gary Dahlström
I've been all-consumed by a project at work, and realized I had been remiss in posting a few pics of the finished model. I'll try to put up a video tonight of the LED effects. My poor B9 project sits lonely on my bench; with luck I'll be back to a normal routine tomorrow. I look forward to catching up and seeing what everyone has been working on.
Best to All!
14. September 2020, 17:19
Nathan Dempsey
Some fine work Gary :)
14. September 2020, 17:49
Gary Dahlström
Thanks Nathan - it was a technically challenging build. I'm just hoping to be able to forget about work and get my routine back to normal perhaps by spending some time at my bench this evening. Haven't forgotten about assembling my notes in a DIY doc. Cheers!
14. September 2020, 20:08
Slavo Hazucha
Looks really great in plain daylight too! Some well-applied signature Qo´noS weathering
15. September 2020, 16:11

August 30, 2020

Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
7 | 10. July 2020, 16:24
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Daniel Klink
What a beuty.. that rigging work wow!
Really looking majestic
22. August 2020, 20:57
Gary Dahlström
Thanks, Daniel - this was my first build when i finally bought a home nearly 20 years ago, and was able to set up a makeshift 'shop. It still looks as good to this day; the secret was running each rigging line thru some warm beeswax before installation. I believe this prevented the lines sagging over time.

Thanks again for the kind words. I've been so wrapped up in my current project I really need to put down the airbrush & mix up a strong cocktail with the intent of spending some time surveying and commenting on of the other handsome work going on here.
22. August 2020, 22:37
Alec K
A beauty
25. August 2020, 03:03
Mike Szwarc
I was given this kit as a kid. I believe I painted the upper deck, and that was it. It's nice to see one finished!
26. August 2020, 12:31
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice work on Old Ironsides!
26. August 2020, 13:49
Where did the rigging instructions come from? The kit box? It looks really elaborate and nice.
30. August 2020, 14:03
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, how long did the rigging take? :o
30. August 2020, 19:38
Gary Dahlström
I still have the instructions for this kit. If memory serves me, there were two large sheets, one for running and one for standing rigging. Each line was numbered. I copied 1:1 those sheets and just kept track with a highlighter. The real challenge is mid-deck and getting them anchored to the appropriate belaying pin there. It's a three-hand job. In total it took about two weeks of evenings. It looks like I used the stock plastic ratlines instead of weaving them by hand.
30. August 2020, 21:32

August 26, 2020

Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
2 | 10. July 2020, 19:13
Two kinds of people in the world: Those who build model ships (and other things) and those who build model ships with lights and sound systems; never seen this done before, it looks superb! Good job, truly pro.
26. August 2020, 12:18
Gary Dahlström
Appreciate the kind words. I like to fire it up occasionally and scare the crap out of the wife when she walks by. The soundtrack of ghostly pirate phrases is a riot, and is an annoying 10 minutes long. I really want to get back to finishing the ratlines and running rigging with sails. I had an eye condition last year, a chalazion (sic), and it blurred the vision in one eye for a good three months before I had it cut out. The weaving of the ratlines requires depth perception, so I just shelved it at the time. Eye is better, and I know how to take care of those chalazions early on so they don't get out of hand. Nothing worse for a modeler then an blurry eye.

That Heller Victory kit is a real gem, a good year's worth of work for anyone silly enough to start it. I like my version, but it's would be a handsome kit built as it should be.
26. August 2020, 12:42
Slavo Hazucha
Ah, this wakes sweet memories... I built this kit once in the 20´th century... Had the 80´s box version, plastic came in all imaginable colors and questionable values vacuform sails were included too... :)

As you say, it was a nice kit, the positive details working well in most situations... not sure it took a full year, but it was several months for sure.

Your version looks (and works) great.
26. August 2020, 13:48
Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
2 | 21. July 2020, 17:07
Interesting, and nicely done. I had no idea there was a wooden kit for this subject.

This was called a 'longship' (translated to English), it had a shallow keel for shallow waters and iirc could twist on the ocean waves (but I might be wrong about the latter). I honestly don't know how many variants there might have been, presumably there must have been a few different ones.
21. July 2020, 17:22
Gary Dahlström
Yes, I believe on oceangoing longboats the lapstrake planks were fastened to the hull using some kind of flexible root. After I completed the hull the bow and stern would easily flex an inch or so off-center, even though I nailed those planks down to the bulkheads. You had to have brass cannonballs to ride this thing out onto the North Atlantic. To the Swedish Vikings headed east, the longship was more of a river vessel, light enough for portage between rivers or around obstacles. Carrying a boat always seemed counter-intuitive to me, but ya do what ya gotta do.
If you had some status in the community, the ship was also your coffin.
21. July 2020, 17:52
Nice bit of history; I had a chance to visit the Viking museum in Denmark in the 80s and saw the genius and the labor involved in this ship. Building it as you did in wood is seriously impressive, also making the castings.
26. August 2020, 12:25

August 25, 2020

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25. August 2020, 17:42

August 23, 2020

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23. August 2020, 22:22

August 21, 2020

Gary Dahlström
Today I was looking forward to the arrival of my first Tankraft cutting mat, the Sherman flavor. When the package arrived it looked like it had been used as a Klingon doormat. I took a few pics of the packaging, and opened it up. Sure enough, one corner had been folded up. :(

I sent off an email to Tankraft, and immediately they arranged for shipment of a replacement. No questions. I have noticed that the major carriers are abusing parcels at an alarming rate, and almost every item they've delivered to me over the past few months has been violated in some way.

If you haven't bought one of these mats, they really are super nice, and you should buy one right now! Get a tee shirt while you're at it. Good customer service deserves brisk business.

21. August 2020, 19:10

July 29, 2020

Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
16 | 12. July 2020, 01:39
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Gary Dahlström
Three ideas, yeah that's it, three.
27. July 2020, 14:14
Paul Juliano
Where can I get that 1:1 scale cat?
27. July 2020, 14:54
Gary Dahlström
@Paul - The kit is discontinued, but Round2 might reissue it.
27. July 2020, 15:11
Gary Dahlström
I think I'm more or less done here, at least with the model. I have to make a hobby store run to pick up a few things to make an appropriate base, so I'll save that for the weekend. Still not sure of the context for the base. I may turn over the finished product to my son, and let him display it in his room. All in all the kit was an '8' on the fun scale.
28. July 2020, 13:33
Nathan Dempsey
Looks like it came out great. The furry supervisors have done well.
28. July 2020, 20:19
Lovely finish!
29. July 2020, 01:16
Paul Juliano
Wow, very nice work!
29. July 2020, 12:41
Gary Dahlström
Thank you gentlemen. My son is excited about putting this up on his dresser; it's nice when the kids appreciate my efforts. I'm going to work on a modest display base over the weekend. My shop is upside down digging out electronic bits to light my Bird of Prey project. Cheers!
29. July 2020, 13:01

July 28, 2020

Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
1 | 23. July 2020, 22:44
bird of prey :)
23. July 2020, 22:49
Gary Dahlström
I can't decide which kit to start after the S-tank is complete. On the BoP I'd like to do a DIY lighting scheme. With the B9, I'm thinking DIY upgrades again, supported by a Raspberry Pi for LEDs and sound. Votes will be considered, as I intend to document the build, with particular attention to the custom lighting scheme. The price for the aftermarket LED kits on both are extravagant, and plug n'play takes a little bit of the pride out of it all. Vote in the comments. Cheers!
23. July 2020, 22:49
Gary Dahlström
@Spanjaard - ur quick; you must have a Trek bias. Vote noted.
23. July 2020, 22:51
your cats vote too? one of them seem be supporting the bird of prey too ;)
23. July 2020, 22:52
Gary Dahlström
That's just the Shop Boss eyeballing me for dreaming about future projects instead of working on the Stridsvagen. I need to post some new pics of that too. I have a few PE tie downs left, all the jerry-can PE, and one more round of clearcoat, touchup, and weathering/rust. I'm thinking about 10 hours left on that, but I can get weird near the end of a project, prolonging the end like an inevitable breakup.
23. July 2020, 23:15
Hey Gary, let the Cat pick. I like the Robot
24. July 2020, 00:09
Ben M
Can't lose with these choices
24. July 2020, 00:32
C'mon you HAVE to do Robby! Who else has one? Besides we have just seen yet another another Bird of Prey recently.. :(
ROBBY! ROBBY! ROBBY! (That counts as 3 votes) :D
24. July 2020, 05:47
Helmut Fraundorfer
Love the fact your cat is giving you company in the hobby room. Wish mine would too but instead he just shows up when he wants to be fed. I vote for the robot as it is very different to the majority of models shown here.
24. July 2020, 05:50
Torsten Wendt
B9 of course
25. July 2020, 06:35
Gary Dahlström
I'm finishing up the S-tank, so it's time to move on. I think I'll crack open both the BoP and the B9 kits, and examine them more closely with an eye towards illuminating them. The BoP will be an easier circuit, and I'm still thinking of incorporating a Pi or Arduino on the B9; I also want to get the aftermarket PE and glass dome. I'll post an album for each kit opening. It's not my usual SOP, but I may work both in parallel, sorting out the technical details on the B9 while getting the BoP done.
In a perfect scenario, the B9 would respond to nearby movement with a classic "Danger Will Robinson!" phrase or some such audio clip(s), and the chest LED light in sync with the syllables, as in the show. Needless to say, if any of these high hopes threaten to take the fun out of it then it's path-of-least-resistance. Feedback is welcome; should I aim high, or be content with minimizing the light and sound show with a more conventional build?
Time make dinner and then open a box (or two). Best to All.
28. July 2020, 18:31

July 18, 2020

Gary Dahlström added a new project.
68 images
1:350 Klingon Bird-of-Prey (AMT 949)
3 | 17. July 2020, 14:27
nuqDaq 'oH tach'e'? quSDaq ba'lu''a'? Dochvetlh vIneH! nuqjatlh? Hab SoSlI' Quch!
Figure that one out! :D
18. July 2020, 01:19
Check this out, it might help with your DIY lighting circuit:

18. July 2020, 02:32
Gary Dahlström
Thanks for the link! Looks informative, and will save me a lot of design time. I did a DIY lighting scheme on the Polar Lights Enterprise about 13 years ago. It still sits on my son's bookshelf, powered nearly constantly all that time and all the LEDs still lite/blink. I should post a pic sometime. Really looking forward to this build, but right now focused on the S-tank. I also just picked up the Moebius LIS B9 robot. I'll probably make that a winter project, so I'll be on a bit of a sci-fi spree. If you want to see more DIY lighting, check out my 1:100 pirate ship. I really gotta get that back on the bench for some final rigging in time for Halloween.
@JD - LOL. qut na' HInob!
18. July 2020, 13:53
LEDs are solid-state diodes and should last indefinitely provided the current rating isn't exceeded.
18. July 2020, 17:37
Gary Dahlström
The wife and I have our 19th anniversary next week, but I thought ahead re: a gift. Since we met in San Francisco, I decided to build her a cable car. After locating a Testors (Hawk) kit fresh from 1986, I commenced work. In order to document how long the build took I set up a time lapse rig. This way I could mention to the wife, in an offhand way, how much time was "invested" in her gift this year. Answer: 34.3 hours, not including airbrush trigger time. Since I have the photos, what the heck - here it is compressed to about 90 seconds:
Youtube Video


1 | 18. July 2020, 14:15
Łukasz Gliński
That's an unusual topic, would be cool to see the pics of the finished job though
18. July 2020, 17:20

July 17, 2020

Gary Dahlström owns this item
17. July 2020, 14:34

July 12, 2020

Gary Dahlström added a new project.
1:35 Sweden Strv 103C MBT (Trumpeter 00310)1:35 Strv.103 S-Tank (Eduard 35538)1:35 Strv.103 S-Tank additional set (Eduard 35544)1+
Stridsvagn 103C
SE Military Armén (Swedish Army 1521-now)
Dark Green, Light Green, Black grey, Sand Brown
12. July 2020, 01:23
Gary Dahlström
Just finished the last of the PE, and applied the basecoat. Camo and weathering next.
12. July 2020, 01:36
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12. July 2020, 01:25
Gary Dahlström started this item
12. July 2020, 01:24

July 11, 2020

Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
2 | 10. July 2020, 23:35
10. July 2020, 23:39
Gary Dahlström
You sir, owe me a new keyboard...
10. July 2020, 23:41
Nathan Dempsey
Nice work Gary.

Nice reply Bob. You owe me the 5 minutes it took me to clean my phone screen.
11. July 2020, 00:43
Bob Hall
Sorry Guys, couldn't resist !
11. July 2020, 01:35

July 10, 2020

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10. July 2020, 22:15
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10. July 2020, 19:56
Gary Dahlström added a new photoalbum.
3 | 10. July 2020, 16:03
Impressive size, and I guess a clean build. :)
10. July 2020, 17:09
Beautiful job
10. July 2020, 18:29
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10. July 2020, 13:34
Gary Dahlström completed this item
10. July 2020, 13:33
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10. July 2020, 12:54

July 9, 2020

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9. July 2020, 11:59
9. July 2020, 14:21
Gerald Willing
Hello Welcome here Gentleman :)
9. July 2020, 22:06


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