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Fighting 84
Michael Phillips (Fighting 84)

Hasegawa F-14B Tomcat - Completed!



1:48 F-14B Tomcat 'VF-103 Jolly Rogers' (Hasegawa 09335)1:48 Jolly Rogers Bone Supremacy (Fightertown Decals 48073)1:48 F-14 Alfa probe & Angle Of Attack probe (Master AM-48-007)4+
Grumman F-14B Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-103 Jolly Rogers 163224/AA 102
1998 - USS Dwight D. Eisenhower


54 | 6. September 2020, 18:51
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Michael Phillips
Well, she is all done! Actually started this last year in June, but it was on hold for most of that time. Rushed through to the end on this one, but still very happy with the result. Now it is on to my next project, another Navy aircraft, but not quite as pointy... ;)
6. September 2020, 19:26
Roland Gunslinger
Thats a beautiful cat! The colors and surface are perfect. Impressive build Congrats!
6. September 2020, 19:30
Jos Jansen
Really a cool Jolly Rogers cat :) , beautiful that raw and perfect weathered version in different shades of gray ... this great F-14 has taken the GB to a different level, that of masterful works of art! I look forward to your follow-up projects Michael, like Slavo you are masters of modeling!
6. September 2020, 19:31
Really excellent work Michael! I like the uneven and unregular weathering and all the detailwork. Very nice paintwork as well, especially on the nozzles. Only thing missing for me would be a few pictures of the underside.
6. September 2020, 19:34
Thomas Bischoff
What a great paint job - a real stunner! IThe low viz camo suits this cat well.
6. September 2020, 19:36
Nice. I think this might also be my favorite F-14 paint scheme.
6. September 2020, 19:49
Nathan Dempsey
Besides the awesome paint & decal work, I think you captured the F-14's menacing elegance.
6. September 2020, 21:37
Slavo Hazucha
They don't make them like this anymore - and what a pity it is, when one sees the beautiful recreation of the days when US service aircraft proudly wore color & heraldry...

A great take on the Tomcat GB with a masterfully good measure for surface treatment - a paler panel here & there + just the right amount of dirt & shadow - present, but contained not to steal the show from the main cast in the form of the seriously cool execution of the Jolly Rogers colors & markings! And another for some really great photo perspectives, particularly the top-views really call back the best days of aviation ;)
6. September 2020, 22:07
James C
It's a real beauty Michael... congratulations on completing an inspiring work of art
6. September 2020, 23:22
Craftsmanship at its best.
7. September 2020, 07:40
that is certainly a beautiful Cat, congrats Michael, she is fantastic
7. September 2020, 07:44
Sergej I
Beautiful! I love the panel-weathering and black variations...
7. September 2020, 17:42
Clifford Keesler
A masterpiece as always sir, extremely well done.
7. September 2020, 23:41
Michael Phillips
Thanks Roland, Jos, Alexander, Thomas, Treehugger, Nathan, Slavo, James, Neuling, Spanjaard, Sergej, and Clifford! All of your kind words mean a lot to me! It was great having you all along for the ride as well, I find it to be inspirational and keeps me moving and motivated.
8. September 2020, 17:12
Casey Rupley
Absolutely beautiful work. Nicely done! My favorite plane, and favorite Navy squadron. I have a dream of doing all the Jolly Rogers in 48 scale. I have the Tomcat and Hornet done. Long way to go I suppose. Anyway, great job!
18. September 2020, 04:47
Dominik Weitzer
b e a u t i f u l !
18. September 2020, 08:41
Well done Michael, a truly piece of art!
18. September 2020, 13:56
Michael Phillips
Thanks Casey, Dominik, and Micky!

Casey, you should post up your Victory Super Hornet and Tomcat on your page, I would love to see them! Oh, and BTW, the Tomcat and Jolly Rogers are also my favorite aircraft and squadron, respectively. :) I too want to do each aircraft from Jolly Rogers history, a long way to go as well.
18. September 2020, 17:26
Casey Rupley
Will do! I just got a photo booth yesterday, so I'm finally able to take good pictures. I'll shoot those two next.
18. September 2020, 17:37
Famtastic work michael Really like the way how you treated the black parts and made them blend perfectly into the whole low-vis-picture, such a cool jet!
19. September 2020, 08:19
Nice work
19. September 2020, 18:12
Michael Phillips
Thanks Daniel and John, I appreciate the kind words!
24. September 2020, 05:01
Ali Yulianto
Superb cat Michael What are the things to watch out for Hasegawa's F-14? I'm about to start building mine soon.
24. September 2020, 05:33
Michael Hickey
Bloody Beautiful Cat, well done.
24. September 2020, 06:48
Michael Phillips
Thanks Ali and Michael!

Ali, as per my experience with Hasegawa Tomcats, there are ways to build this monster of a kit with very little putty and above average fit. Do not follow the order of the instructions in these instances:

1 - Cut out the entire rear bulkhead of the assembled forward fuselage. Then attach the forward fuselage to ONLY the upper rear pancake fuselage. Even then the fit is not perfect, but it is much worse if you do it as the instructions would have you do.

2 - Attach the intake trunking to the lower pancake after ramp installation, but without the intake/turbine face sub-assembly attached.

3 - Install the intake/turbine face sub-assembly from the top of the lower pancake into the intake trunking.

4 - Attach top of beaver tail to top pancake.

5 - Attach bottom of beaver tail to bottom pancake.

6 - Join forward fuselage/upper pancake to lower pancake.

Following these steps will give you the best fit opportunity. This is my third Hasegawa Tomcat and they seem to get easier as I go. I was actually afraid of this kit when I started my first one after reading horror stories online. But they aren't so bad once you figure out the tricks.
24. September 2020, 18:05
Ali Yulianto
Great! Thanks a lot for the advice Michael. Yeah, I heard it's one of the kit that can bite you back if you are not careful :D
25. September 2020, 00:58
Chris Church
25. September 2020, 02:31
Michael Phillips
Thanks Chris!

No prob Ali, always glad to help. Yeah, it can be quite the bear of a kit, and really it still is with the build tricks. I look forward to seeing you build yours!
25. September 2020, 20:30
Daniel Klink
Beautiful result
25. September 2020, 20:32
Clifford Keesler
Yours is excellent Michael, mine sucks. I do not know what I did or am doing wrong, but every time I try to use Tamiya X-22 for a clear coat, it turns white not clear, Luckly a coat of future after sanding cured that mess. Then the first decal off the sheet for the vertical fin cracked in half. I swear if I did not have so much time and money invested in the damn thing it would fly into the wall. Whew rant over. LOL. I am getting the AMK F-14D.
26. September 2020, 01:00
Donald Dickson II
Wowzers!!!! Looks great!
26. September 2020, 01:32
Christian Bruer
26. September 2020, 07:23
Michael Phillips
Thanks Daniel, Clifford, Donald, and Christian!

Sounds like you are having a hell of a time with your Tomcat Clifford. Just gotta keep plugging away!
27. September 2020, 04:39
Clifford Keesler
I am feeling better about it now, finally got the decal problem solved, and things are looking up. The secret to the decal problem was just let them soak until they are just about ready to float off the backing on their own, then they slide right off and lay down fine. No cracking. I will try and get some new pictures up soon.
28. September 2020, 00:54
Michael Phillips
I'm glad to hear that Clifford. I look forward to seeing the pics!
29. September 2020, 02:40
Helmut Fraundorfer
Respect, that looks absolutely amazing man! May I ask what dull coat you use for your models? Incredible finish!
29. September 2020, 06:09
Jasper Breur
She turned out fantastic, absolutely incredible work!
29. September 2020, 09:52
Michael Phillips
Thanks Helmut and Jasper!

Helmut, I make my own final flat coat using Future and Tamiya X-21 Flat Base. I mix approximately 6 parts future to 1 part X-21 for most finishes. I can control how flat it is buy altering the ratio, and have used anywhere from 4:1 to 10:1 depending on how flat or satin/semi-gloss I want it to be.

I make batches of my 6:1 mix using pipettes, usually 12 full pipettes of Future and 2 full pipettes of X-21 will mostly fill the empty Tamiya paint jar I keep it in. That's usually enough to do at least a half dozen 1/48 models.
29. September 2020, 19:24
Clifford Keesler
Cool formula, I will have to give that a try.
29. September 2020, 21:30
Helmut Fraundorfer
Thank you for sharing the recipy @Michael Phillips! I would have never guessed there was future in it as there is absolutely NO sign of gloss or semi gloss in the finish. Anyway great stuff man, love it!
30. September 2020, 05:35
Michael Phillips
Thanks Helmut and you are welcome. If you and Clifford have any other questions about how I do this, let me know.

Also, once I pour it into the airbrush cup, I do also add a little Mr Color Levelling Thinner to the mix, even though it is not actually necessary to do so. Also, I crank up the air pressure on my airbrush a bit as well, to usually 30psi and spray light coats. I can see the flattening happening by looking at the area I am painting at an angle watching the light glare of the gloss disappear.
2. October 2020, 00:21
Patrick Hagelstein
So clean, yet so subtly grimy... Amazing work!
14. October 2020, 01:31
Michael Phillips
Thanks Patrick, I appreciate the kind words!
14. October 2020, 14:50
Maciej Bellos
That is a beautiful mean looking cat!
28. December 2020, 13:38
Very accurate depiction. Beautiful paint work!
28. December 2020, 13:51
Clifford Keesler
Excellent Cat.
4. January, 01:40
Gareth Windsor
Very nicely done Michael.
4. January, 02:41
Sergej I
Nice one!
4. January, 22:53
Michael Phillips
Thanks Maciej, Dutch, Clifford, Gareth, and Sergej! I really appreciate the kind words. Fear the Bones!
5. January, 03:18

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