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Academy MH-53E Sea Dragon - Completed!


31 | 31. July 2020, 00:45
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Michael Phillips
All done with this one!

It was quite a big project that was very challenging yet super rewarding. I am very happy with how this turned out. I took me a long time (for me) to build this, but in the end Helos became a little less difficult for me. 🙂

Oh, and I learned something I thought I would share with everyone. If you build this model with folded rotors but non-folded tail, PUT WEIGHT IN THE SPONSONS NEAR FRONT. It is a tail sitter in the configuration. I had to put two lead fishing weights in the cargo area on blue tac (all painted black to reduce visibility LOL) to get it to not tail-sit.

Hope you all like!
31. July 2020, 00:59
Joseph Russo
A very nice build I have always loved CH-53s, must be a big bird on the shelf
31. July 2020, 01:26
Great job! I love the panel shading, the way the stickers are weathered and the details on the rotor.
31. July 2020, 01:39
Nathan Dempsey
That's some beautiful work Michael. You've captured the used but well maintained look of this massive chopper.
31. July 2020, 02:27
31. July 2020, 02:31
James C
Fantastic result Michael. It looks awesome! 👍👍👍
31. July 2020, 02:31
Clifford Keesler
Just plain stunning. Congrats on a job very well done.
31. July 2020, 03:36
Konrad Limmer
Amazing work Michael👍!
It looks fantastic!!!
31. July 2020, 04:29
Aart Van vuure
Nice work!!
31. July 2020, 08:40
Melgg Lütschg
A real eyecatcher! Congrats! Just perfect! 👍
31. July 2020, 08:45
Awesome result overall! All the effort you put into it really shows well and I'm sure this was a helpful learning experience with all the small difficulties you've overcome! 👍 👍
31. July 2020, 09:43
Murad ÖZER
31. July 2020, 11:33
Soeren .
Fantastic and awesome looking work!
31. July 2020, 11:36
Slavo Hazucha
Turned out quite amazing! 👍

The combination of the seriously impressive machine and dark scheme works on the model just as it does on the original, in this instance the pictures on the dark background may make one or the other detail "shine less", but they contribute greatly to the mean "Nolan-Batman Trilogy" appeal of the whole thing...

Great build- & paint-job, weathering just fine for the purpose, the lures of overdoing it successfully resisted 🙂 Looks just right & perfect sitting there 👍

Last but not least the retracted rotor blades look just perfect, I think this config may be the better-looking one for this already huge helicopter... & to stay tuned on the Film-comparison wave, pics 27 & 29 definitely look like "Predator dreads"...😉 Cool
31. July 2020, 12:06
Very nice and nice photos. Though, I would suggest starting the the best/most interesting photo, and I would prefer to see such models from a person's perspective, but maybe that is just me. I think photo 20 would be the best to show first imho.
31. July 2020, 12:08
Michael Phillips
Thanks Joseph, surfdude, Nathan, Donald, James, Clifford, Konrad, Aart, Melchior, Alexander, Murad, Soeren, Slavo, and Treehugger! Your kind words really are appreciated. Gives me motivation to get going with my next project. It has been great having you all along for the ride as I tackled this beast, through the ups and downs and all of the challenges encountered. 🙂

Slavo, sometimes I find myself struggling with artistic vision vs detail clarity when taking pics. LOL. I really like using black backgrounds, even though I know they are not the best for photographing models especially dark ones.

I always have a hard time deciding what photo to use as the #1 photo, and will usually change it 3 or 4 times over the course of a couple of days before I decide on one that will remain in that position. So who knows, maybe #20 will end up #1. 🙂
31. July 2020, 15:06
Roland Gunslinger
Beautiful result! Looks great 👍
31. July 2020, 15:14
Jos Jansen
That is absolutely a masterpiece Michael, the black background gives this dark CH-53 an unsurreal look ... just awesome! 👍
31. July 2020, 21:50
Chris Church
This is outstanding work. Truly stunning . Very well done.
1. August 2020, 00:36
Michael Phillips
Thanks Roland, Jos, and Chris! It motivates me to keep going when I hear such complimentary comments. Thank you all!
1. August 2020, 02:38
What a stunning result! saved the best for last, the rotor head+blades. Makes it look like a living thing - and something pretty mean&evil😉 very cool looking bad ass chopper Michael!
3. August 2020, 06:53
Erik Leijdens
Amazing work as always Michael. What a mean looking machine!
3. August 2020, 07:36
Patrick Hagelstein
Standard remark to a Michael Philips build:................................................................................................................................................................................................

Just speechless.... 👍
3. August 2020, 16:49
Michael Phillips
Thanks Daniel, Erik, and Patrick! Your comments really brought a smile to my face!

4. August 2020, 16:31
Andy W.
Amazing build, it looks fantastic. Chapeau
4. August 2020, 18:10
as always, fantastic
5. August 2020, 08:18
Michał Karczewski
Awesome model
5. August 2020, 09:14
Rui S
I agree with all above 👍 It has an exquisite patina. Very well done all around 👍
5. August 2020, 10:47
Michael Phillips
Thanks Andy, Spanjaard, Michal, and Rui! I appreciate you all taking the time to comment on my project!
5. August 2020, 18:48
Andy W.
Hi Michael,
your projects are always worth all the taken time. Especially because I've started this beast by myself months ago, but more than open up the meshes and applying the corresponding photoetch-parts isn't done by now. Your builds are always very inspirational
9. August 2020, 09:05
Bernhard Schrock
Micheal; you done an excellent work. Very realistic finish and in each picture one can see the pure power of this Heli. Chapeau.
9. August 2020, 14:26
I suspect someone likes the dutch angle. 🙂
9. August 2020, 15:52
Michael Phillips
Thanks Andy and Bernhard, I am truly humbled by your kind words. Inspiring others through my work is the best compliment one can receive.

Treehugger, I actually had to look up "Dutch Angle" because I did not recognize the term, and sure enough, yep, looks like someone (me LOL) does like using the Dutch Angle. LOL
10. August 2020, 18:14
Very beautiful work! The way you photographed it gave a very distinguished look.
11. August 2020, 08:40
Michael Phillips
Thanks Neuling for taking the time to comment, I appreciate the kind words!
12. August 2020, 14:45
Casey Rupley
Following you now. Impressive portfolio!
18. September 2020, 04:54
Rui S
@Casey, you are completely right, well observed.😎
@Michael, What an amazingly done model collection 👍
18. September 2020, 10:48
Michael Phillips
Thanks Casey and Rui, I truly appreciate the kind words and glad you like my collection!
18. September 2020, 17:24


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