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Clifford Keesler (stormrider509)


Monogram's RF-101B Voodoo

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Another total re-scribe. This is a very nice older kit.



This album is attached to project Monogram RF-101B Voodoo.

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1:48 RF-101B Recon Voodoo (Monogram 5818)1:48 RF-101B Voodoo - Pitot Tube (Master AM-48-042)4+


4. September 2019, 00:45 Share
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Nathan Dempsey Very nice Clifford. Going to be a nice one.
4. September 2019, 00:53
Maciej Bellos Picked up a seat.
4. September 2019, 03:25
Clifford Keesler Thank you Nathan and James. Welcome Maciej. @ James, it sure goes together easier than the Kitty Hawk, and the cockpit is much more detailed. But I would say on surface details the KH wins.
4. September 2019, 23:02
Clifford Keesler Finally got all of the re-scribing done, had to wait on a new Tamiya scribing tool, as I wore the other one out. Now I can get on with building this beast. Have to be ready for the GB. LOL.
10. September 2019, 00:44
Stephan Ryll Looking good Clifford
10. September 2019, 04:45
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Stephan.
11. September 2019, 01:59
Michael Hickey Nice re-scribing there mate.
11. September 2019, 02:13
Donald Dickson II Grabbing a seat.
11. September 2019, 03:49
Bryn Crandell Watching with curiousity.
11. September 2019, 11:54
Clifford Keesler Thank you much Michael. Welcome Donald and Bryn. I got the intakes and wheel wells painted today and cockpit installed. I will get some pictures up tomorrow,
12. September 2019, 00:00
Michael Phillips Watching! You are a braver man than me... Rescribing full models is just not for me. Much props to you Clifford!
12. September 2019, 03:06
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Michael.
12. September 2019, 21:19
Clifford Keesler Speed brake wells will be painted red.
12. September 2019, 21:31
Nathan Dempsey I do like the Monogram cockpits. So much more busy than most kits.
12. September 2019, 23:31
Augie Love it so far.. will be superb, better than my desert one.
12. September 2019, 23:33
Gareth Windsor Looking good Clifford. You're pretty good at scribing now! I got to see a real Voodoo at the Canadian Airforce Museum this year, they are quite an impressive beast.
13. September 2019, 03:25
Clifford Keesler @ Nathan, yes Monogram kits usually have very good detail. Thank you very much Augie and Gareth. @ Gareth, my re-scribing skills are coming along slowly. LOL. My dad worked on F-101's at Tyndall AFB FLA. so I got to see them quite often, they were very impressive. I hit one with an Estes model rocket once, We used to fly our Model rockets from the ball field at the elementary school just up the street from my house, of course this was on the approach path to Tyndall's runway. I was flying a 2 stage Nike Hercules rocket and just happened to launch it as a flight of 2 101's flew over. It bounced off of the belly. I was afraid I might of "shot it down" LOL. but it flew on no damage done.
13. September 2019, 18:51
Maciej Bellos So you mastered basic anti aircraft skills at a very young age!!! LOL
13. September 2019, 19:02
Gareth Windsor Now that story could make an interesting diorama Clifford lol. Where does one find a 1:48 child with a look of "OH SHIT" on his face?
14. September 2019, 02:37
Clifford Keesler That is a good question. LOL.@ Maciej, sure did. LOL.
16. September 2019, 00:43
Nathan Dempsey Looks like more progress Clifford. This is making me want to crack open one of my Voodoo kits. :)
17. September 2019, 02:28
Bryn Crandell Rescribing this beast could be an act of lunacy. Although we will all do it sometimne in our modeling careers.
17. September 2019, 11:44
Jos Jansen How could I missed this...following!
17. September 2019, 14:54
Donald Dickson II Bryn, nope! I will only rescribe to the extent I absolutely have to. I am perfectly fine with raised lines.
17. September 2019, 23:45
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Nathan, Bryn, Jos and Donald. @Bryn, yea I guess I am a lunatic. LOL. Hope to start painting it tomorrow, have been down with the ole "stomach flu" the last couple of days. Yuk. Feeling better now.
20. September 2019, 00:07
Michael Hickey Well done with all that scribing Cliffy, looking forward to see some colour on her, and don't let that stomach bug knock you about to much. ;)
20. September 2019, 02:53
Clifford Keesler Thank you Michael. Feeling much better today. I got the marble coat on today, and some work done on the second "Dark Vark".
20. September 2019, 22:47
Clifford Keesler Kind of looks like a bloody Dalmiation. LOL.
20. September 2019, 22:57
Stephan Ryll Very nice progress Clifford
21. September 2019, 08:02
Nathan Dempsey Nice preshade Clifford. That should make the camo very convincing.
21. September 2019, 15:50
Sergej I *grabs seat* - Great progress so far :)
Clifford, please record different stages of camo, due to my eternal doubt whether to go light-towards-dark or no overlapping - matching the borders...
21. September 2019, 17:32
Clifford Keesler Thank you Sergej I, I will do that. Hope to get the belly done today.
22. September 2019, 16:05
Clifford Keesler I got the belly painted, but found a couple of places where the putty had shrunk, so had to apply more putty. Will sand it and re-spray those areas tomorrow hopefully.
23. September 2019, 01:02
Bernd Korte Comes along very nicely!
24. September 2019, 06:59
Erik Leijdens Great work there mate. Respect for your scribing work!
24. September 2019, 07:01
Nikolaos Kouzinis Nice job Cliff
24. September 2019, 18:11
Stephan Ryll Looking very good Clifford
24. September 2019, 18:47
Bryn Crandell Paint work is coming along nicely. The rescribing really does make a difference.
25. September 2019, 14:55
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Bernd,Erik, Nikolaos, Stephan, Bryn and James. I am flattered by your kind words. I am going to start the topside this evening.
26. September 2019, 21:15
Clifford Keesler Tan Camo applied, tomorrow the greens.
27. September 2019, 00:03
Jos Jansen Beautiful colors Clifford, superb work
28. September 2019, 07:25
Konrad Limmer Very nice Clifford ! The camo strikes !
28. September 2019, 07:27
Stephan Ryll Very nice camo Clifford
28. September 2019, 07:49
Augie Wow, thats a stunner Clifford!
28. September 2019, 09:27
Nathan Dempsey Oh man that looks nice Clifford!
28. September 2019, 12:31
Donald Dickson II Awesomeness as always.
28. September 2019, 14:06
Maciej Bellos Wow Clifford! I like her a lot! Well done mate!
28. September 2019, 17:10
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Jos, Konrad, Stephan, Augie, Nathan, Donald and Maciej. You all flatter me with your kind words. I am glad you like. I got the exhausht shielding painted yesterday. Trying to get it finished so I can start on the Group Build. It starts tomorrow does it not?.
29. September 2019, 23:15
Nathan Dempsey I believe its Tuesday, but I don't know if I can stare at those boxes all day tomorrow.

Are you using the kit decals on this one?
30. September 2019, 01:21
Clifford Keesler Yes, I am going to use the kit decals. There is not a lot of options for the RF-101B, it was only operated by one unit. The 192 TRS.
1. October 2019, 02:11
Donald Dickson II Yep, out of Tan Son Nhut. Two of them will be part of my diorama project. Hopefully I will get that going in the next couple months.

Tan Son Nhut Jan 1967 | Album by smokeriderdon (1:72)
1. October 2019, 03:04
Slavo Hazucha Great job Clifford - while I go full Primadonna for the new & refined, you have no issues tackling those more vintage & difficult of kits... ;) Looking good with colors up, I´m happy I made it to the thread for the final treatment steps!
1. October 2019, 11:15
Clifford Keesler Thank you Donald and Slavo. Your kind words mean a lot. Hopefully I will get it finished soon. The Group build is on and I have F-5's and F-18's stacked up in the corner of the work room, as well as a Viper and an A-4.
1. October 2019, 23:44
Donald Dickson II I have too much I want to wrap up to get involved in that group build. Plus the aggressor stuff just doesnt pique my interest a lot.

Regardless, I am definitely anticipating the finish on this one.
1. October 2019, 23:59
Clifford Keesler All of the decals are on, they snugged down nicely with micro-sol. I will apply the next gloss coat tomorrow, and then it is on to weathering. Finished up the small bits also.
3. October 2019, 01:45
Donald Dickson II Where are the pictures?????? Must have pictures!!!!!! ;)
3. October 2019, 02:49
Clifford Keesler Coming up sir.
3. October 2019, 21:27
Augie damn thats looking good!
3. October 2019, 23:08
Nathan Dempsey I agree! Can't wait to see this one complete.
3. October 2019, 23:11
Tim Heimer I agree with Augie!
3. October 2019, 23:25
Stephan Ryll Very good looking Voodoo Clifford
4. October 2019, 07:43
Clifford Keesler Thank you Augie, Nathan, Tim and Stephan. I am glad you all like it. I got the wash on and off today and the Matt coat applied.
4. October 2019, 21:49
Erik Leijdens Great work so far Clifford!!
4. October 2019, 22:02
Clifford Keesler Thanks Erik. Hopefully I will get it finished soon.
4. October 2019, 22:12
Nathan Dempsey Oh now that is really nice with the Matt finish!
4. October 2019, 22:48
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Nathan. I need to do some minor touch up painting on the fwd. windscreen frame. Other than that I am happy with the way it is looking. My next 101 will be the KH RF-101C. Then I will have to try the "B" also. It never stops does it.
4. October 2019, 23:42
Nathan Dempsey I'm going to have to buy another of those kits because I want to do a NMF C-model and a camo G-model.
4. October 2019, 23:45
Slavo Hazucha Top job on the surface and panel lining Clifford! The details & colors below are also pretty cool - It's great to follow your takes on the less common types & eras of aviation
5. October 2019, 09:11
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Nathan and Slavo. @ Slavo, I guess I'm a sucker for 50 and 60's era jets. I grew up around them, with my father being career Air Force. I got up close and personal with quite a few of them. LOL.
6. October 2019, 00:45
Stefan Schacht very nice, count me in
6. October 2019, 09:28
Gareth Windsor Turning into another beautiful build Clifford.
6. October 2019, 14:59
Clifford Keesler Welcome Stefan. Thank you very much Gareth.
8. October 2019, 19:11
Clifford Keesler Maybe will finish this one up this week. LOL.
8. October 2019, 19:35
Stephan Ryll Looking very good Clifford
8. October 2019, 19:37
Sergej I Awesome, great camo and very realistic weathering of the bottom side!
8. October 2019, 19:48
Slavo Hazucha Very nice looking white belly Clifford!
9. October 2019, 08:27
Treehugger I like it a lot, maybe it is the camo and the diffused edges on the camo. :) I also vaguely remember building this kit as a kid.
9. October 2019, 09:01
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Stephan, Sergej, Slavo and Treehugger. I am flattered by your kind words.@ Treehugger, I have built quite a few Monogram F-101B's but this is my first RF-101B. It has been fun building it.
10. October 2019, 01:38
Clifford Keesler This one is finished! finally. Pic's coming tomorrow.
18. October 2019, 00:28
Nathan Dempsey Oooh I can't wait!
18. October 2019, 00:29
Clifford Keesler I'll try not to disappoint you. LOL.
18. October 2019, 00:32
Nathan Dempsey That's a beauty Clifford :)
18. October 2019, 22:52
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Nathan, I am glad you like it.
18. October 2019, 23:00
Nathan Dempsey I don't know if I'll have the guts to rescribe mine, but when I build it I hope it comes out looking as nice as yours.
18. October 2019, 23:29
Augie really nice Clifford :) well done buddy
18. October 2019, 23:40
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Augie. @Nathan, I'll bet yours turns out better.
19. October 2019, 03:04
Treehugger Q: How did you airbrush on the camo to get the diffuse edges?
19. October 2019, 05:57
Stephan Ryll Very nice work Clifford
19. October 2019, 06:37
Donald Dickson II Looks great sir! Another awesome build in the books.
19. October 2019, 22:04
Clifford Keesler Thank you very Stephan and Donald. @ Treehugger, believe it or not I sprayed the camo freehand with the airbrush. That is how I get the diffuse edges.
20. October 2019, 00:59
Bryn Crandell Superb looking voodoo. Well done sir. I want to get my freehand skills that good with the airbrush.
21. October 2019, 15:46
Clifford Keesler Thank you very much Bryn, I am flattered. I have only been airbrushing about 2 years I think. It took me along time to give up "the old hairy stick" Air Brushes scared the willies out of me. I use a .02 needle and about 10-15psi to get the effects I like. And the airbrush I use the most is the 25.00 Master Air Brush I bought first. I have 4 Iwata's and one I have never used, and the others I use rarely. I have 1 Iwata that I use for nothing but Lacquers, So anything I paint Metalizer, I use that brush. I don't do many NMF finishes, they still scare me to death. LOL.
23. October 2019, 01:54
Bryn Crandell I follow the same techniques. I have a Paasche H, 2 Paasche VLs, a Badger Partiot and an Aztec. I use the Aztec for spraying Future primarily. I have one of the VLs dedicaed to NMFs. Otherwise I bounce between the others.
24. October 2019, 11:53
Clifford Keesler Cool. I really need to use my other one's more. I forgot I also have 2 badgers, I stuck them in this minature plastic trash can I have and stuck them on the shelf. I bought them to use on the NMF's as they are easier to clean but I have to use my big compressor with them, as they use different size connectors, and I have only been able to find the adapters that fit my bigger compressor.
24. October 2019, 14:35

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