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Nikolaos Kouzinis (nikolaos)



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Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 9, 2019
18. January 2018 at 15:09:24 Share
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Nikolaos Kouzinis Treehunger the best is to fold the blades as you say but I didnt try it. I will try it in future Your advice is usefull, I ll try to find the tecnique.
5. November at 15:26:50
Erik De Smet I do not think this big helicopter has foldable blades. I have not been any pictures of it
6. November at 11:21:32
Treehugger I am also skeptical, but perhaps they would if they wanted to store this heli in a hangar I am thinking.

I have posed a question about this topic in the subreddit for aviation. I'll keep this thread updated if anyone gives me a good answer about this.
6. November at 12:28:05
Erik De Smet I think there is only a need for foldable rotors for Navy heli's and those who can fit in a large cargo plane. Ronan is the expert ...
6. November at 13:14:19
Clifford Keesler Looking very nice Nikolaos.
8. November at 02:10:31
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cliff
9. November at 06:45:52
Erik De Smet No pictures with moving rotors, Nikolaos ?
14. November at 21:04:28
Nikolaos Kouzinis Erik good evening. I did nt forget to put video with moving rotos. But I have a problem. The wires near the wheel system must be very sort. That make the problem destroy them by the high temperature for the wires fixing with the metallic poles so I decided to cement them with conductive glue but I did nt find yet the glue: So I didnt make any progress.
14. November at 21:19:36
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Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 14, 2019
14. November at 08:41:58 Share
Nikolaos Kouzinis I made a Matchbox ZERO and painted it with Humbrol 129 and AGAMA black satins coated with acrylic satin varnish to withstand the weathering, simple brush strokes. Its glass cockpit is broken and repaired as I could, but the fixing does nt disappeared. The yellow lips are made with yellow tape. And the decals because the model did not exist, are the upper wings from a Japanese RF-4 1/48 and the lower and fuselage made with red tape cut with a diabhete cutter. The color of the glass cockpit needs further corrections but I stuck it out first so I could work it because it divided again in two pieces.
14. November at 09:06:35
Guy Rump After all those issues you've produced a nice model :)
14. November at 17:05:29
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November 13, 2019

Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 12, 2019
12. November at 17:00:48 Share
Nikolaos Kouzinis The old Matchbox kit in 1/72. The decals are from stock from an other same which I have. Paintbrush with acrylics, light ghost grey. flat dark green and light grey. Varnish satin.
12. November at 17:16:02
gorbygould Lovely job Niko.
13. November at 15:41:17
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Gorby. Old time memories!
13. November at 18:10:01
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September 20, 2019

Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 9, 2019
8. March 2018 at 15:29:37 Share
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Nikolaos Kouzinis An-12 BK-PPS in beast team
9. July at 11:16:01
Clifford Keesler Awesome collection of some beautiful aircraft. Well done.
10. July at 18:57:48
Martien Lourens Great collection. Excellent work .3 of you models are still in the box. And 3 months ago I bought the trumpeter 1/72 Tu-160 black jacket. Incredibly large model.
10. July at 20:32:47
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you mates
11. July at 11:39:44
Igor Kondrashenkov Impressive
18. September at 07:47:01
Scott Dutton Nice collection and serious real estate in that scale
18. September at 08:27:37
Bryn Crandell Very nice collection. Impressive when they are all together.
18. September at 19:57:01
Łukasz Gliński Wow, this is huuuuge ;) Wish I had such a collection one day :)
20. September at 10:23:51
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July 17, 2019

July 16, 2019

16. July at 19:18:59 Share

July 11, 2019

11. July at 11:39:06 Share

July 10, 2019

Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
78 images
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Updated: July 8, 2019
17. December 2017 at 11:40:27 Share
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Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Ekki
12. March 2018 at 19:25:09
Nikolaos Kouzinis Second step, the phase 2 with the wooden base and the lights on-off
13. March 2018 at 15:15:25
8. July at 18:41:25
Dutch Nikolaos, that is outstanding work! I like the lights and the Brahmos missiles! I need to do that again to one of my kits. I did a Monogram 1/48 Voodoo using an article in FSM years (30) ago. Excellent painting, masking and markings. Good job! R/ Dutch
9. July at 01:44:13
Erik De Smet I missed this built , but this is an other outstanding model, Nikolaos. And with the same base as your Antonov ?
9. July at 06:54:22
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Dutch and Eric. Yes I use the same base Eric
9. July at 07:44:22
Cuajete Nice job, congrats!
9. July at 21:42:37
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Cuajete
10. July at 12:49:41
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July 9, 2019

Nikolaos Kouzinis and Erik De Smet are now mates.
9. July at 07:43:01 Share

July 8, 2019

18. January at 20:21:13 Share
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Nikolaos Kouzinis Second part c' est finis. A video Follows the work
8. July at 11:04:25
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you to all of you for your patience and the support to me with your opinion following the progress of my work. It takes me six months to finish the active model. So I dedicate this model to all of you.
8. July at 11:14:05
8. July at 11:30:11
8. July at 14:23:43
Nikolaos Kouzinis ...with music. F I N I S H E D
8. July at 14:24:16
Erik De Smet Brilliant, Hurrah for Nikolaos.
8. July at 14:42:45
Holger Kranich Extremly cool, Nikolaos! True craftmanship!
8. July at 14:51:31
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Thomas, Gordon, Eric and Holger.
8. July at 17:34:51
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Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 8, 2019
8. July at 12:32:53 Share
8. July at 12:36:49
gorbygould Fantastic result Nikos!
8. July at 14:19:47
Nikolaos Kouzinis Thank you Gorby
8. July at 14:20:36
8. July at 14:21:43
Nikolaos Kouzinis .....with music
8. July at 14:22:02
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June 13, 2019

Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new project.
Albums: 0
In progress
13. June at 22:04:42 Share
Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new project.
Albums: 0
In progress
13. June at 22:02:39 Share

June 4, 2019

Nikolaos Kouzinis and Bryn Crandell are now mates.
4. June at 20:51:48 Share

March 4, 2019

4. March at 22:53:33 Share

January 14, 2019

Nikolaos Kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 14, 2019
8. January at 15:27:21 Share


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