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nikolaos kouzinis and Ben M are now mates.
09. November at 11:13:55 Share

November 08, 2018

03. April at 21:00:37 Share
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Cuajete Nice work. Congrats!
02. October at 09:04:23
02. October at 09:43:18
Dimitri Sambanis Νικόλα είσαι αστέρι!
03. October at 12:21:11
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Dimitri Πενια τεχναις κατεργαζεται
03. October at 18:22:24
Greg Baker I can't believe I'm just finding this now. Great work nikolaos! I'm reviewing carefully what you did so I can steal your good ideas!
07. November at 23:25:10
nikolaos kouzinis Thanks Greg
08. November at 12:41:26
Ben M Thank you for the tutorial, I learned a lot from you.
08. November at 17:58:12
nikolaos kouzinis We must share between the mates the problems which some of them solved, during the modelling work or some of them we could nt solved. That is the experience value Ben and some mates will try to play with their fantasy and will give to the other solutions. Thank you.
08. November at 18:55:59
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nikolaos kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 08, 2018
08. November at 12:52:49 Share
nikolaos kouzinis It is an old kit. It has nt plastic windows for the recce fotos holes from factory so I used zelatins from mobile phones. It wants only the pitot tubes for finish. I put a led inside with a battery 12v /23A under the black base . I put small pieces of metal on base. When the wheels contuct the metalls the led will turn on. Down of the wheels there are small pieces of metal as poles for the led
08. November at 13:07:31
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nikolaos kouzinis and Greg Baker are now mates.
08. November at 12:42:47 Share

September 10, 2018

10. September at 15:11:04 Share
nikolaos kouzinis Ι make for first time a diorama with sea. I used plaster of art and coloured with acrylics prussian blue white black ultramarine blue and pthalo blue. The colours are for mediterranean quality of sea colour. Please say me your opinion . I want strong critique if something is no correct!!!! I 'll put silikonne and wood cement for waves
10. September at 15:17:58
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May 12, 2018

11. May at 11:45:50 Share
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Peter de Bruin In that case I say mercury? :)
11. May at 18:34:50
Alex TOW?
11. May at 18:39:26
11. May at 18:57:17
Augie Titan
11. May at 20:25:46
Julian Herrero aka Yuri Nike Hercules first stage solid boosters ,,,, which is the price btw?
12. May at 14:13:44
12. May at 14:43:31
nikolaos kouzinis Yes it is first stage solid booster Nike-Hercules . I ll give you the plans for scratching (this is the price)
12. May at 18:44:58
Donald Dickson II This looks to be interesting!
12. May at 18:46:24
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March 27, 2018

nikolaos kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
27. March at 22:52:56 Share
nikolaos kouzinis Note; - Lockheed C-141A Starlifter 67-0021, of the 438th MAW, is seen here in an experimental two-tone grey camouflage scheme. This was applied to a few aircraft in 1979-80. The exact colours used are not known, but were possibly Compass Ghost Gray and standard Gray. The scheme was short-lived, being dropped in favour of the tactical Éuropean One' finish.
27. March at 22:57:56
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March 13, 2018

nikolaos kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
77 images
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Updated: March 08, 2018
17. December 2017 at 11:40:27 Share
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Cuajete Well donde, Nikolaos. Congratulations!
In pic 70, the Blinder is from Italeri/Esci or from Modelsvit? Thanks!
08. March at 20:01:54
nikolaos kouzinis From Esci Cuajete. There is on my wall if you want more pictures
08. March at 20:46:08
Martien Lourens Fantastic work
08. March at 22:48:57
Clifford Keesler Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
09. March at 01:06:25
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you guys
09. March at 09:08:14
Ekki Excellent work!
09. March at 17:37:34
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Ekki
12. March at 19:25:09
nikolaos kouzinis Second step, the phase 2 with the wooden base and the lights on-off
13. March at 15:15:25
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March 12, 2018

nikolaos kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 12, 2017
21. November 2017 at 18:49:24 Share
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Clifford Keesler Very very nice.
09. March at 01:07:02
Clifford Keesler Maybe they copied our J-79? LOL.
09. March at 01:08:52
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Clifford
09. March at 09:07:40
Erik Leijdens Nice work Nikolaos!
09. March at 09:12:14
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Eric
09. March at 14:03:45
Julian Herrero aka Yuri Impressive video Maciej ,,, thanks fro sharing
10. March at 18:24:06
Julian Herrero aka Yuri And ..... good work Nikolaos
10. March at 18:24:22
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you julian
12. March at 19:25:24
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March 11, 2018

nikolaos kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 08, 2018
08. March at 15:29:37 Share
Stephan Ryll Nice collection
08. March at 19:03:28
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Stephan
08. March at 21:10:04
Martien Lourens Very nice collection. Nice work
08. March at 22:40:05
Clifford Keesler I love Russian Aircraft, too bad the kits are so expensive.
09. March at 01:10:07
nikolaos kouzinis When I find second hand kits I buy them because as you say the kits with russian aircraft are expensive
09. March at 09:07:04
Erik Leijdens Nice trio Nikolaos. All in 1/72?
09. March at 09:13:20
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Eric. The TU-95 Bear is in 1:100. The other 1:72.
09. March at 14:03:11
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Martien , too
09. March at 14:05:55
Eric RENOUX Great !!!
09. March at 14:13:03
Konrad Limmer Very nice!
09. March at 15:16:46
gorbygould Excellent job Nikolaos! I've always been fascinated with these Soviet Monsters.
09. March at 17:54:47
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Eric Konrad, Gorby
11. March at 20:05:26
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March 09, 2018

nikolaos kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 14, 2018
14. February at 19:03:56 Share
14. February at 19:05:00
nikolaos kouzinis Subtitles: The kit of AMTECH is agood choice kit. It is big model 58 cm length. It has good decals. The floor is big and kit gives choise for three EC-135 versions. It has double choice version of engines and the interior is pure. It costs in Marketplace Modelclub 27 euro and the price is very good. It has also thin plastic which is the quality for such a big aircraft This kit is second hand.
14. February at 20:05:59
Gordon Sørensen Looks big! What are you going to motorize on this one?
15. February at 02:57:54
nikolaos kouzinis Ha ha ha. This Gordon I "ll try to make jamming to mother-in-low!!!!!!
15. February at 12:20:39
Cuajete Following!
08. March at 20:58:44
nikolaos kouzinis And that is a huge aircraft. I dont know where I put all that beasts. My wife will dιvorce me!!!!
08. March at 21:06:44
Clifford Keesler Awesome. I built the AMT one years and years ago.
09. March at 01:17:39
nikolaos kouzinis It s an interest aircraft kit
09. March at 09:05:09
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March 08, 2018

nikolaos kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 18, 2018
18. January at 15:09:24 Share
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Björn Leichsenring What a monster.
18. January at 19:59:26
Dimitri Sambanis Αντε και Καλή Αρχή!
18. January at 20:06:51
nikolaos kouzinis Ευχαριστω Δημητρη
18. January at 20:10:07
Mike Daniels I'll follow along if thats ok. Curious about Zvezda. Dont see many of them in the UK. From what I have seen on SM they look terrific.
18. January at 23:14:48
nikolaos kouzinis Thank you Mike
19. January at 08:13:27
Julian Herrero aka Yuri This must be HUGE !!!
20. January at 07:04:39
Cuajete Following.
08. March at 20:59:31
nikolaos kouzinis Yes is the next for construction
08. March at 21:00:36
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January 18, 2018

nikolaos kouzinis added a new photoalbum.
1 images
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Updated: January 12, 2018
12. January at 08:49:51 Share
Dimitri Sambanis Ποτε τα εβγαλε ο Καλφακης αυτά?
18. January at 20:07:32
nikolaos kouzinis Τα εχει απο καιρο νομιζω Δημητρη γιατι εχω μια ιδια κοπια εδω και 4 χρονια
18. January at 20:09:43
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