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Navy Bird
Bill Gilman (Navy Bird)


Fairey Firefly FR.1 & TT.4 (Special Hobby)

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A fanciful flight of Fairey Fireflies!



This album is attached to project Fairey Firefly FR.1 & TT.4.

Albums: 1 with 149 images
1:72 Fairey Firefly FR.Mk.I "ASH Radar" (Special Hobby SH72195)1:72 Fairey Firefly TT. Mk.4 (Special Hobby SH72066)3+


31. August 2015 at 02:31:52 Share
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Bill Gilman Hi mates, finally some photos from my new project - A Fanciful Flock of Fairey Fireflies! Both FR.1 and TT.4 varieties - enjoy and don't ask any difficult questions! :) :) :)
31. August 2015 at 02:55:45
Alan Rush Hi Bill. No difficult questions but just wanted to compliment you on your work on the resin cockpit. Looks great. :)
31. August 2015 at 03:18:50
Pierre-Christian Baudru Ni start, I will follow your build ! Cheers.
31. August 2015 at 05:42:47
Gordon Sørensen Nice cockpit detail Bill!
31. August 2015 at 18:06:27
Soeren . Great work Bill! The cockpit looks awesome.
31. August 2015 at 18:14:29
Bill Gilman Thanks, mates. I'll have some more photos soon, as the TT.4 cockpit is nearly completion, as well as the other components that must be put into the fuselage before it gets sealed up.
1. September 2015 at 00:06:29
Guido Haesevoets nice subject(s) again! I'm comfortably seated and watching!

"What day is it today?" Does that qualify as a not too difficult question!? :D
1. September 2015 at 14:25:14
Bill Gilman Well, looking at my avatar, I would think a not too difficult question might be "Why do you think I have this outrageous accent?" :)
1. September 2015 at 18:27:02
Tim Hedworth Very good Bill. What's the idea behind the Flock?
1. September 2015 at 19:48:02
Bill Gilman The idea behind "Flock" is just that I'm building two Fireflies at the same time. Plus, I like the alliteration. :)
1. September 2015 at 21:31:02
Dave Flitton I like!!
1. September 2015 at 23:14:09
Gustavo Antonelli I looks nice, I like it!
2. September 2015 at 00:07:22
Tim Hedworth Fair enough Billy.
2. September 2015 at 17:12:02
Bill Gilman Hi mates! More progress on the Fireflies! I've added several new photos. The biggest change in the project is that I decided to model the TT.4 with the wings folded. Those who have seen folded wings on a Firefly will know that this is one strange looking bird. There is no good aftermarket to help with the wings, so much of this will have to be scratchbuilt. There is a PE set from Airwaves that provides some internal wing structure, but it remains to be seen how accurate it is, and whether it will fit the Special Hobby parts (it's made for the Airfix kit). Cheers, Bill.
24. September 2015 at 00:51:19
Pierre-Christian Baudru Nice progress on them ! Cheers.
24. September 2015 at 04:14:10
Eugen P. Very nice Bill :)
24. September 2015 at 16:04:36
Choppa Nutta nice Bill :)
24. September 2015 at 16:09:44
Guido Haesevoets good to see you back at the bench Bill! looking forward to your future steps on this one!!
24. September 2015 at 18:36:46
Bill Gilman Hello chaps, the Firefly TT.4 is starting to take all of my attention. Making the decision to fold the wings on this model increased the workload by about 200%! There is no aftermarket set for this, so you have to scratch it all. And we all know how much fun it is to scratch build in 1:72 scale - yikes! But I must persevere as I've already cut the wings off. Several new photos have been added to show how crazy I am. Cheers, Bill
29. September 2015 at 23:04:41
Pierre-Christian Baudru Very nice improvements!
30. September 2015 at 09:04:23
Bart Goesaert nice work, really nice work....
30. September 2015 at 11:05:17
Bill Gilman Hi mates! It's been a while since I updated this album. Most of the work that I've done has been to detail the exposed structure of the wings along the fold lines. The Firefly had quite a complex wing fold/lock mechanism that I've tried to duplicate through scratch building, as no aftermarket is available. To be honest, it's more fun this way! Cheers, Bill
24. October 2015 at 01:58:44
Bart Goesaert It's more fun and really looking nice.... Splendid work
24. October 2015 at 05:54:06
Hanno Kleinecke Admiration for this top level scratchbuilt details in this small scale Bill. I would`nt even dare to try something like this without ruining the whole thing beyond recognition. Simply amazing !
24. October 2015 at 05:59:49
Mats Bengtsson It is always a pleasure to follow your work Bill and these Fireflies are no exception. Looks very good so far
24. October 2015 at 10:03:27
Guido Haesevoets inspiring, as always!
24. October 2015 at 20:27:02
Christian Lehmann I missed this completely until today. Great craftmanshi like always Bill.
24. October 2015 at 20:31:32
Kerry COX Bill, What can I say that has not been said already mate.?
Skills and patience by the truck load.
It is obvious that all you touch turns to gold, and this will be yet an other 'nugget'.
Cheers and salute my friend. :)
24. October 2015 at 20:58:06
Gareth Windsor Hi Bill. This is looking great. What paints are you going to use on the top surfaces for the Pacific Fleet markings you have chosen for the FR.1? I have a Seafire MK.XV to build in the same colour scheme.
12. November 2015 at 22:22:30
Clifford Keesler You just do awesome work Bill.
13. November 2015 at 01:07:27
Martien Lourens I follow this with great interest. I have the Dutch version from SH. Your work is very inspiring . If I manage the amazing work you made......I think not. This is high level modelling.
13. November 2015 at 05:50:56
Pierre-Christian Baudru Very good job on the wings ! Do you think you will add some rivets like you can see in the picture of the wing ? It would be great ! Cheers.
13. November 2015 at 07:59:43
Bill Gilman Thanks, mates! I really appreciate your kind comments. :)

I've updated the album with some new pictures showing the progress on the FR.1, which has been painted in the Temperate Sea Scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey over Sky.

Gareth - I used Gunze H74 for Sky, and Colourcoats enamels for the EDSG and DSG. These all represent the paint when new, and I will no doubt do some post shading and pastel work later to show some weathering. The FR.1 aircraft that I'm modelling was pretty new at this point in time (end of WWII) and might not have been heavily weathered. Colourcoats enamels spray beautifully! Can't wait to see your Seafire!

Kerry - if everything I touched turned to gold, I'd be very rich! But I'm just a plebeian like everybody else... :)

Pierre-Christian - Please, no rivets in 1:72 scale, they would be so-o-o-o small. I must preserve my eyesight! :)

Cheers, Bill
16. November 2015 at 18:50:40
Bart Goesaert rivets are manageable in this scale Bill, they take some patience, but... it's mostly between the ears. I have a nutter, which can punch holes ø0.25, that are rounded. I pick them up with a scribing needle and a little saliva, position them correct and with some tamiya ultra thin I fix em provisory, later I apply some very thin CA to fix them permenantly... Included is a picture of a S-125 launching station in 1:72 to which rivets are applied in this way. All by all, it goes faster then you think ;)

17. November 2015 at 08:38:09
Bill Gilman @Gareth - The FAA Museum is on my list for the next time I visit the UK.

@Bart - Rivets that are ø0.25mm in 1:72 scale work out to be ø18mm in real life. Mighty big rivets! :)

To make rivets that are the correct size in 1:72 scale would require that they be very small, maybe ø0.05mm. This is what I was referring to. I think true-to-scale rivets would be virtually invisible in 1:72 scale, but the same is often said about panel lines. Each modeller must decide how crazy he/she wants to be! :)
17. November 2015 at 23:47:50
Guido Haesevoets I agree Bill :)

slowly she comes to life!
17. November 2015 at 23:54:01
Guido Haesevoets Ah, and about the museum, I looked at it during my late summer BoB trip to the UK, but it was just off the area I was doing, so I left it for a future occasion. So, also still on my list. ;)
17. November 2015 at 23:56:31
Stefan Schacht Nice model, I will follow your build! Cheers Stefan
6. January 2016 at 00:20:57
Bill Gilman Thanks mates! I've uploaded some new pictures of the progress on both the FR.1 and the TT.4. Things are starting to look nice, I think. The TT is finally looking like an airplane! :) :)
6. January 2016 at 22:26:21
Bill Gilman Masking the black stripes on the bottom of the TT.4 was fun, but I was lucky to have a mate from Australia who provided drawings and specifications. Most of the stripes will end up on the underside of the wings, but the bottom of the fuselage gives you a good idea of what to expect. Cheers! :)
9. January 2016 at 16:55:14
Bernhard Schrock The diagonal stripes on the underside are the most difficult painting jobs (in my opinion). Bill: you done this excellent!!!
9. January 2016 at 18:11:28
Michel Huijghe Yep I'm Always a fan from Target Tugs.
9. January 2016 at 18:34:39
Clifford Keesler Excellent as always Bill.
9. January 2016 at 21:26:54
Augie Nice bill :)
10. January 2016 at 09:08:33
Thomas Bischoff awesome work here!
10. January 2016 at 10:57:23
MRMLA Damn good choice, Bill! It looks really well! Looking forward to see it completed!
10. January 2016 at 13:05:43
Bill Gilman Hi mates!

I've added the decals to the TT.4, and weathered the aluminium paint with some Gunze H95 Smoke Grey. I hope I didn't overdo it!

The FR.1 has been completed with the addition of the ASH radar pod, arresting hook, boarding step, carburettor intake guards, cannon barrel fairings, rear view mirror, IFF aerial, and the HF mast, aerial wire, and lead in wire. Now I can concentrate on finishing the TT.4.

Cheers, Bill
14. January 2016 at 15:07:02
Soeren . Great and wonderful work Bill. :)
14. January 2016 at 15:16:19
Mike Grant Beautiful work Bill, your paint finishes are amazing
14. January 2016 at 15:17:31
Guido Haesevoets very nice Bill!!
14. January 2016 at 19:52:19
Martien Lourens Awesome build and paintwork, Bill.
14. January 2016 at 22:43:34
Christian Keller Great work Bill, congratulations. :)
15. January 2016 at 05:56:28
Tim Hedworth Gorgeous Billy
15. January 2016 at 17:07:46
Rob van Dodewaard spuperbly build and paintwork very inspirational.Thanks for sharing
15. January 2016 at 17:13:21
Roberto Rocat I like this aircraft so much...Great work!
15. January 2016 at 18:41:03
Erik Houghton Awesome job, Bill. Good to see you producing again.
15. January 2016 at 21:10:48
Urban Gardini Now this build is just a Standard Bill Class - Excellent as usual. I really like to see the magic you do in 1:72 scale.
15. January 2016 at 21:56:28
Bill Gilman I've added a few more pictures to show the progress on the TT.4. I'll get the transfers on the wings today, and then it's just a few more fiddly bits to go. I'm not looking forward to adding the winch - the photoetch supports look evil.
24. January 2016 at 18:23:24
Roland Sachsenhofer Wonderful, adorable builds- great work!
24. January 2016 at 18:48:09
Bill Gilman Lots of progress on the Fairey Firefly target tug! I'm glad I didn't throw out my kid's Lego blocks from 30 years ago. They came in quite handy when making a jig to hold the wings while the glue sets. Check out the new pictures. Cheers, Bill
28. January 2016 at 04:17:48
Bernhard Schrock Great idea with the Lego bricks!!
28. January 2016 at 05:03:52
Michel Huijghe Splendid.
28. January 2016 at 17:54:36
Clifford Keesler Awesome job Bill.
28. January 2016 at 19:43:02
Kerry COX Great result Bill, as always mate. :)
28. January 2016 at 21:42:12
Christian Lehmann The next show stopper from your workbench.
29. January 2016 at 05:25:55
Matthias Weiss Bill is back and there comes the next excellent model!
29. January 2016 at 05:27:50
soheil moghisi Very nice.
29. January 2016 at 06:53:56
Bill Gilman Thanks for everyone's help and inspiration on this one. The project is finished and both Fireflies are now safely in my display case. Please enjoy the photos that I've uploaded of the finished models. Cheers, Bill
5. February 2016 at 20:00:51
Mats Bengtsson Excellent work Bill
5. February 2016 at 20:05:52
Choppa Nutta superb !
5. February 2016 at 20:09:48
Mike Grant Great stuff Bill
6. February 2016 at 00:12:46
6. February 2016 at 06:53:52
Christian Lehmann Brilliant! Especially the one with the folded wings is an eye catcher.
6. February 2016 at 07:27:23
Thomas Bischoff top work
6. February 2016 at 08:46:51
Erik Leijdens Great work Bill!
6. February 2016 at 08:57:20
Soeren . Amazing work
6. February 2016 at 09:07:37
Roland Sachsenhofer Wonderful results Bill!
6. February 2016 at 09:44:47
Erik Houghton Loverly work, Mr. Bill
6. February 2016 at 14:52:56
Bill Gilman Thanks mates! Now if I could only pick the next project from my stash...
6. February 2016 at 16:41:10
MRMLA Simply gorgeous work, Bill! EXCELLENT and my hat down!
6. February 2016 at 18:40:43
6. February 2016 at 18:43:09
Hanno Kleinecke Excellent work Bill !
6. February 2016 at 19:28:14
Guido Haesevoets Absolutely gorgeous pair Bill! Fantastic result!!
6. February 2016 at 20:52:35
arne vd burg Very nice Bill
6. February 2016 at 20:58:06
Bernhard Schrock Two eye catcher!! Well done Bill.
6. February 2016 at 21:13:27
James C Awesome looking Firefly's
6. February 2016 at 21:27:20
7. February 2016 at 08:59:09
Stephan Ryll Excellent
7. February 2016 at 12:33:09
Gareth Windsor BZ's all round Bill. Both aircraft look incredible.
8. February 2016 at 03:27:55
Lee Fogel My goodness that is stunning work!
8. February 2016 at 05:26:06
Roland Sachsenhofer You making me speechless, these are marvelous pieces of modelling art!
8. February 2016 at 05:33:23
Bart Goesaert I agree with the others... very nice models ... superb work...
8. February 2016 at 09:04:23
Gordon Sørensen Great job on the pair of Fireflies Bill!
9. February 2016 at 03:27:27
Ulf Petersen Excellent work on your Fireflies, Bill!
9. February 2016 at 06:28:30
Erik Houghton Awesome work, Bill. What next????
21. February 2016 at 15:09:14
Bill Gilman Thanks mates! Erik, next up is the CMR Sea Venom Mk.53 in RAN markings. I'll have an album up shortly. Cheers, Bill
21. February 2016 at 19:25:01
Larry Cherniak Piling on with the praise a little bit, but I am also inspired by these builds! Hope you don't mind my "R-Click Save" of your TT Mk4 for reference when I build mine (withOUT wing folds). From the silver paint that looks like silver paint to the detailed LG covers, great work!
22. October 2016 at 00:04:59
Eugen P. Ah, a lego-plane :) The folded wings makes it an absolute eyecatcher.
22. October 2016 at 13:39:43
Christian Bruer Excellent work
22. October 2016 at 17:04:38
Lex Jassies Well,... they make a very nice couple!
22. October 2016 at 19:18:29
Jens just wow
I like the school machine very much
22. October 2016 at 19:21:33
Clifford Keesler Awesome, Bill a work of art.
22. October 2016 at 19:44:55
Bill Gilman Thanks mates! It was a lot of fun to scratch build the folding wings, but please remind me not to do it again any time soon! :) :) :)
23. October 2016 at 01:01:43
Kerry COX You always manage to take my breath away Bill.
So much talent and so well done. :)
23. October 2016 at 04:37:15
Bill Gilman Thanks Kerry! :)
24. October 2016 at 01:15:06
Kerry COX Anytime mate. :)
24. October 2016 at 03:14:18
Spanjaard a work of art and a modelling curse (for advance modellers) all in one. amazing.
18. December 2016 at 14:43:53
Bill Gilman Thanks, Spanjaard! Those folding wings were a bit of a curse. :)
18. December 2016 at 15:15:21
Roberto Rocat A real beauty.
18. December 2016 at 15:54:55
Lex Jassies I really feasted on the construction photo serie. And I'm gonna buy some Lego ;)
19. December 2016 at 07:59:13
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