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Matthias Weiss (Trigger1984)



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Matthias Weiss wants this item
1:72 ROKAF T-50B (Academy 12555)
ROKAF T-50B Black Eagles
Academy 1:72
201x | Changed decals
26. April, 07:17
Łukasz Gliński Me 2 :)
As far as my research went, it can be bought only from Korea via Ebay
26. April, 07:21
Matthias Weiss Yep, right, or from China via Taobao... :)
26. April, 09:03

March 24, 2020

Matthias Weiss
There seems to be a bug - I tried to delete some items from my wishlist but they are still visible to me. What can I do?
23. March, 14:02
scalemates what items? where are they visible?
23. March, 14:02
scalemates I just tried on my wishlist and it works (not saying something is not wrong)
23. March, 14:04
Matthias Weiss E.g. Miniart 35247, ICM 35638 - I've deleted them from my wishlist but they are still visible there
23. March, 14:08
scalemates ah I see...both are multi-topic articles. Which is likely the issue! checking now
23. March, 14:09
scalemates hmm, for me it worked. I'll check tonight
23. March, 14:10
Matthias Weiss yeah seems the multitopic items are having that problem
23. March, 14:16
Matthias Weiss thx. mate
23. March, 14:16
Matthias Weiss Hello, did you find the problem?
24. March, 22:56

March 21, 2020

Matthias Weiss added a new project.
1:72 Super Etendard (Heller 80360)1:72 AM-39 Exocet (Eduard 672060)1:72 Dessault Etendard IV - Rurka Pitota oraz sondy Angle Of Attack (Master AM-72-130)2+
20. March, 08:15
Łukasz Gliński Interesting. I was thinking of the same combination, but now I'm leaning more towards Academy option...
20. March, 15:28
Matthias Weiss Hi Lukasz,
I've found a Eduard Exocet Missile, now looking for the droptank. Any idea where to find a decent replacement?
21. March, 02:58

March 20, 2020

Matthias Weiss added a new project.
1:72 Breguet 1050 Alizé 1G India (Azur-Frrom FR0031)1:72 Breguet 1050 Alize (Brengun BRL72197)1:72 Breguet 1050 (Montex SM72276)
20. March, 08:12
Łukasz Gliński Interesting, planning to build one in the future too.
20. March, 15:29

March 6, 2020

Matthias Weiss added a new project.
1:72 CAC CA-13 Boomerang (Special Hobby SH72252)1:72 CAC CA-12/13 Boomerang canopy (Pavla Models V72-100)1:72 CAC Boomerang (Yahu Models YMA7274)2+
CAC CA-13 Boomerang
AU Military Royal Australian Air Force (1921-now)
4 Sqn. RAAF QE-H/A46-193 Struth! | Labuan, Borneo ID September 1944
4. March, 23:51
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Matthias Weiss Thx. guys - that came into my mind as well this morning during the 3rd cup of coffee... let's see what I can find.
6. March, 05:31
Matthias Weiss Found one from which I believe it would fit AND there's even a monkey included!
6. March, 05:37
Łukasz Gliński Interesting
6. March, 11:28
Patrick Hagelstein Really interesting! What did you find? Is it a standing or a seated figure?
6. March, 16:25
Patrick Hagelstein See it in your kits list!
6. March, 16:26
wilky Well done
6. March, 20:22
Matthias Weiss Added Pavla Models canopy. I've planned to leave the canopy open so I have to cut it, I better by a spare...
6. March, 22:30
Cuajete Interesting. Following.
6. March, 22:35

February 25, 2020

Matthias Weiss marked this item as tradeable/sellable
1:48 Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA (HpH models 48009L)
Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA Laminate Version (Limited Edition)
HpH models 1:48
EUR 100.00
USD 115.18
25. February, 23:00

February 15, 2020

Matthias Weiss added a new photoalbum.
4 images
View album, image #1
Updated: February 13, 2020
12. February, 15:57
Treehugger I remember buying the kit on eBay, but it was fraud (at least I got my money back except for the currency fee). I also bought the metal barrel, now I only have the metal barrel. :)
12. February, 15:59
Matthias Weiss ???? that sucks... it's a great kit. My second Meng AMX based build, this time got the suspension working. The PE set ist too much for me, will only use it Parti ally like door handles.
12. February, 16:11
Treehugger I can highly recommend this circle cutter for masking tank wheels. It really makes nice cuts if you can take care of the tiny blade (sits half loose inside the cutter and will fall out if you give the circle cutter a slight bump, important to take out the blade for storage, or maybe you could adjust the black to go back in and hope it doesn't fall out by accident when you don't want it to). I was not able to make nice circular patches of masking tape 0.5 mm wide, but I guess such a dimension is more extreme.

So, you can either make a circular patch from masking tape, or, a piece of masking tape with a hole in it, to airbrush the center of the wheel including some raised edges just there where the "green" meets the "rubber black".

Here is a randomly chosen review of the circle cutter I use. I think I've seen other make similar products.
15. February, 08:37
Matthias Weiss Thx. mate, I'm normally painting them without a mask, will have a look at that cutter though
15. February, 10:35

February 13, 2020

Matthias Weiss owns this item
1:35 M1 Predator (MA.S (Macht Staal) )
M1 Predator
MA.S (Macht Staal) 1:35
2020 | New tool
13. February, 08:57
Matthias Weiss owns this item
1:35 M1 Scorpion Light Attach Drone (MA.S (Macht Staal) )
M1 Scorpion Light Attach Drone
MA.S (Macht Staal) 1:35
2020 | New tool
13. February, 08:56

February 12, 2020

Matthias Weiss
Hey folks,
It's been a while since my last entry, roughly 3 years to be specific. I took a break from scale modelling since my wife became pregnant, returning to the hobby now. Glad to be back, really missed that smell of Tamiya Extra Thin... :)
My new project is launched, hope I haven't forgotten all the basics already...
12. February, 16:27
Michael Phillips Welcome back! You will be fine, it's like riding a bike (although you might be a bit wobbly at first :))
12. February, 17:57

January 6, 2020

Matthias Weiss
Can somebody pls. tell me if the figures in that kit can be combined with those like Gecko Models - No. 35GM0013 / MiniArt - No. 35118 / Bronco - No. CB35140 / Riich.Models - No. RV35022 in terms of the uniforms they are wearing. Thx. guys!
1:35 British Army 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun w/Crew (Riich.Models RV35042)
British Army 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun w/Crew
Riich.Models 1:35
2014 | Changed parts
6. January, 06:58


2020-01-06 06:58:02

2012-08-25 06:40:28




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